Still Raining

Fourth consecutive day of rain.

I hear there was another car bombing (Hotair has the story), this time at a Scotland airport. I’d say more about that but….uh….I have to go play Monopoly Jr right now.

UPDATE: Other bloggers are linking to this post for UK Bombing updates….I’m so embarrassed….sorry for wasting your time. Go here and here, for more information.

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16 Responses to “Still Raining”

  1. cranky Says:

    Send the rain down to Alabama, we can sure use it.

    Question for you: how do you get the avatar thingy to work?


  2. nicedeb Says:

    I’m not sure I can remember exactly how I did it, but I think you have to go to your dashboard, hit Profile, and go from there.


  3. geoff Says:

    Go to My Account, not the dashboard.


  4. nicedeb Says:

    On mine, you can choose either.

    Good luck!


  5. daveintexas Says:

    I’m mostly unsympathetic to your rain woes.

    Normally I care. Deeply.


  6. Wickedpinto Says:

    Yeah Cranky, you have to look at the subcat’s too.
    “my account” and then you chose the image you upload, then you crop it, and don’t be impatient, because you aren’t loading to YOUR identity, you are loading that image to every place that you have ever posted under that WP account, as well as your own WP account. It takes time for WP to hunt down all the places your avatar should be seen.

    I think it took about 2 days for my avatar to upload everywhere, and it was actually dragged out for a day or two because of my own impatience.


  7. nicedeb Says:

    He’s got it. You can check it out at his site.

    And Dave…you are so cold.


  8. Wickedpinto Says:

    Humid as hell hear, but pleasent but no wind.

    A little rain would be nice to cut the humidity.

    Sides isn’t central texas PACKED with man made reservoires?

    Rains a good thing in the long run, bad in the short, but good in the long.


  9. daveintexas Says:

    Ok, you get some sympathy cause it didn’t rain yesterday and I got to play in the pool. Today looking good also


  10. daveintexas Says:

    oh, by the way, that’s a nice deck


  11. cranky Says:

    I repeat myself but please do send the rain our way. It poured for an hour yesterday but walking on the grass still sounds like you’re walking on crushed glass.


  12. nicedeb Says:

    It sounds like we’re stepping in a giant bowl full of spaghetti, here.


  13. nicedeb Says:

    Thanks, Dave, my husband did the wrought iron railings himself.


  14. nicedeb Says:


    Somebody found my sight by googling “vampire nun joke”.


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