Infamous Paint Huffer Nabbed Again!

You all know Patrick Tribett from his famous TSG mugshot:

What you may not know, is the man’s paint huffing has been extremely prolific, even after his embarrassing predilection received national attention.

WTOV 9 out of Steubinville, OH is reporting that Mr. Tribitt has a history of paint huffing, (and getting caught) going back to 1998. His latest arrest last Monday for public intoxication was at least the fifth time he’s been caught huffing paint.

Summer seems to be a bad time for him. He was arrested twice in two weeks in June of ’06. Officers say, “Tribett looked right at them but continued huffing”.

He was also arrested in July of ’05, (TSG mugshot), and on similar charges in 1998.

paint huffer

I think I’ll file this one in Sad But True.

UPDATE: (Feb. 25, 2008):

Oh my! Somehow I missed this last October. I’m posting it today because it’s really tickled my funny bone.

Presenting the “Gold Paint Huffer” Halloween costume:

LOL! He got the glazed look in his eyes, lopsided mouth…he’s really selling it.

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21 Responses to “Infamous Paint Huffer Nabbed Again!”

  1. PattyAnn Says:

    Is it always gold metallic paint? Is he racist?


  2. nicedeb Says:

    Yeah, he seems to have a penchant for gold paint.

    He must figure that metallics look a little “classier” around the mouth than the flat paints.


  3. Muslihoon Says:

    Please to explain me: is applying paint to one’s person part of the process of sniffing or huffing said paint?


  4. PattyAnn Says:

    Muslihoon, getting the paint around the mouth/nose is just a byproduct of the *huffing*
    Inhalant abuse, commonly called huffing, is the purposeful inhalation of chemical vapors to achieve an altered mental or physical state, which for most abusers is a euphoric effect. Abusers inhale vapors emitted from a wide range of substances. In fact, chemical vapors used as inhalants can Silver and gold spray paint are particularly popular among inhalant found in over 1,000 common household products. There are several general categories for substances that may be used as inhalants:

    Common aerosols include paint, deodorant, hair products, cooking products, and fabric protector. Silver and gold spray paint are particularly popular among inhalant abusers.
    Common aerosols include paint, deodorant, hair products, cooking products, and fabric protector.


  5. PattyAnn Says:

    I didn’t do my linking very well, but evidently silver and gold paints are believed to contain more of the chemicals they want to huff.


  6. nicedeb Says:

    Ahhhhh, there goes MY theory.


  7. PattyAnn Says:

    Deb, fashion-wise, silver and gold go with everything—even plaid.


  8. cranky Says:

    Bart ought to make a prediction about this one’s life expectancy now. We can be pretty bold and predict he won’t make it to Charles Lane’s age.


  9. Burl Ives Says:

    Sil-ver and Gold, Sil-Ver and Gooooold



  10. kristin's at work Says:

    Bling bling baby…
    maybe he thinks he’ll raise his net worth inhailing all that bling.
    Good job guy…


  11. nicedeb Says:

    Har, kristin!

    Glad you stopped by.


  12. Rosetta Says:

    Burl Ives Says:
    July, 24, 2007 at 1:08 pm
    Sil-ver and Gold, Sil-Ver and Gooooold


    Hahahaha! Good one Burl.

    Since “huffing” Sherwin-Williams isn’t a kind of cocktail, I’m not familiar. My first question is, why bother with the paint?

    Why would someone snort paint rather than do shots of Jaegermeister for example? Is the high that different or that much better?

    What the hell.


  13. mesablue Says:

    At least it’s not Jenkem.


  14. Rosetta Says:

    I had to look that one up.

    Jenkem. Yikes.


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  16. Jamey Says:

    He wasn’t huffing paint. He was going to a costume party dressed up like an Oscar, but ran out of paint.


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  19. who+dares+wings Says:

    The kick for paint huffers, especially those who do silver exclusively, is being ushered on waves of cascading consciousness into the sidereal pleasure palace of “Hector” the aerosol silver paint spirit. Ask any huffer about it and they will tell you that being with Hector outside the the circles of time feels just like this hym sounds:


  20. ladini Says:

    The gold betrays his hidden reason for huffing: a highly repressed desire for all things shiny, glittery ….and gay…


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