Packages With IED’s Being Delivered In Ontario

Canada Free Press reports that there have been three bomb deliveries in as many weeks, the last one larger and more deadly than the first two.

The package was sent to the residence of John Becker of Guelph, and was confirmed to “contain an explosive device, combustible material and projectiles that, upon opening, would have detonated and killed the person handling the package.”

The first two packages were reported to be approx. 8” x 11”, in bubble-wrapped envelopes with properly-addressed courier receipts attached. They contained a petroleum type fluid.

Members of the public are being asked to exercise caution with unexpected packages or envelopes and should contact police if they are suspicious of the contents.

Anyone with information that may assist Toronto police with their investigation is asked to contact 416-808-3638. Crime Stoppers can be reached—anonymously—by calling 416-222-TIPS,

Police Officials expect more to come.

More on the packages, here. 

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6 Responses to “Packages With IED’s Being Delivered In Ontario”

  1. cranky Says:

    Perpetrators: Scandis or Lutherans?


  2. Nice Deb Says:

    I’m thinking Scandi Lutheran.


  3. Muslihoon Says:

    Don’t forget those sneaky Presbyterians!


  4. eddiebear Says:

    I just read at Newsbusters about ABC crying “ethnic profiling” over the Seattle Ferry deal.

    What’s the odds that is the cry here as well?


  5. Muslihoon Says:

    Thank you, Mr. Bear, for giving me an opportunity to link, yet again, to my blog, wherein I address the issue of “racial” profiling.


  6. Canadian Letter Bomber Caught « Nice Deb Says:

    […] Letter Bomber Caught September 4th, 2007 — nicedeb You may remember this case, as I posted about it a couple of weeks […]


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