La Raza Pulls Its KC Convention Over Minuteman Member Controversy

I’ve written about this whole dealio, here, and here.

Newly elected Mayor Funkhouser appointed 73 year old Frances Semler, a Minuteman member, to the KC Board of Parks and Recreation back in June.

This caused the Kansas City Council to throw a hissy fit, voting to call for Ms. Semler to immediately resign. In their resolution, the council said that if she did not do so within a week, then Funkhouser should recommend the council remove her.

Which I thought was mighty haughty of them.

There seemed to be a willful misunderstanding and mischaracterization of what The Minuteman Project was, who they were, and what they did. They were called a hate group, a vigilante group, and an extremist group, “far outside the extreme”. (?!)

“This is one step from the KKK,” one City Council member even said.

Mayor Funkhouser stood by Ms. Semler.

His approval rating in June was 59%.

Enter La Raza, ( The Race), in August, who had chosen Kansas City for their 2009 convention. Thanks to the hysteria of the city council, they caught wind of Ms. Semler’s Minuteman status, and they threatened to cancel unless Mayor Funkhouser made her step down. The City stood to lose more than $5 million in revenue, if this happened.

Mayor Funkhouser stood by Ms. Semler.

His approval rating in September was 67%

Today, La Raza voted to yank its convention from Kansas City in protest of Frances Semler’s appointment to the Parks Board.

When asked by a Kansas City KMBC channel 9 news reporter if he was concerned about his future as mayor, in light of this development, Funkhouser said, “No”.

UPDATE 10/21:

Just thought you’d like to know that the commenters in the comment section of the KC Star website overwhelmingly support “Funk”.

Muslims Against Sharia Poll

Our friends at Muslims Against Sharia are conducting an online poll:

Does Islam Need To Be Reformed?

I urge you all to go answer the poll question, but do your homework. They want to know what people think about their own ideas for reform.

There’s a section for Muslims, or non-Muslims to respond.

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