Awesome Pictures Of The Day

Remember the Terrorist Bride captured near Baghdad, earlier this week?

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has more pictures of the blushing bride in his full bridal get-up, as well as the unfortunate mugshots that followed.

The fake bride turned out to be the son of Mahdi Army leader and killer of many Sunnis, Abu-Deraa, now hiding in Iran.
Wow! Transvestites have really been in the news this week!

Alaska Airlines Offers 10% Discount For ‘Certain’ Customers

Joe Blow: Oh…. Seniors?

Alaskan Airlines: Nooooo….

Joe Blow: Students?

Alaskan Airlines: Noooo0…

Joe Blow: Uhhhh….disabled veterans???

Alaskan Airlines: No!

Joe Blow: I give up! What type of ‘certain’ customers get a special discount?!

Alaskan Airlines: Gays! That’s who!

Joe Blow: Wait a minute….gays?

Alaskan Airlines: You heard right!

Joe Blow: Is that fair? I mean….

Alaskan Airlines:

Save 10% off your Holiday travel to Newark/New York City. Purchase your tickets today. This Feature Destination runs through January 6, 2008.

Whether it’s your first flight with us or your 400th, we are thrilled to have you join us. In “Our World”, diversity abounds. From the land of the Midnight Sun to the beaches of Mexico and Miami, from historic Boston to the desert of Palm Springs and Tucson. is a welcoming resource for our LGBT travelers.

Joe Blow: Uhhhhhh…..

Alaskan Airlines:

Upcoming Events
Stay up to date on all the LGBT events where Alaska Airlines flies. Take advantage of our special discounts to many of the events.

Joe Blow: What about me? Do I get any discounts for being…….a Christian, white, male?

Alaskan Airlines: WTF, dude?!

Found via Clayton Cramer’s Blog

Hat tip: Retired Geezer

For Jackstraw: Man Exposes Himself At Mall

Ask, and you shall receive. I’m sick of arguing about religion too.

CNN has a video story about a serial masterbator who calls himself Baseball Playa, and videotapes himself doing his thing at a his favorite shopping center in Glendale, AZ. He then posts the videos on the internet, over 30 so far.

Consumer reactions range from, “disgusting!” to “disgusting!

The police have launched an investigation.

Hat Tip: Crime Scene KC

Muhammad Teddy Bear Update

English School teacher Gilliam Gibbons has been charged with “insulting religion, and inciting hatred”, a crime punishable by up to 40 lashes, and six months in prison.

The British government says the foreign secretary has summoned the Sudanese ambassador to discuss the religious hatred charge against the teacher.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s spokesman, Michael Ellam, said Miliband would discuss the charge of inciting religious hatred against teacher, Gillian Gibbons. The meeting will take place as soon as possible, the Foreign Office said.

An American Muslim group, the American Islamic Congress has strongly denounced the Sudanese Government for jailing the English teacher for naming a teddy bear Muhammad, in a statement, today:

“We denounce this fabricated outrage,” stated Nasser Weddady, the organization’s Civil Rights Outreach Director. “The Sudanese government’s ridiculous case trivializes the feelings of Muslims around the world.”

Earlier today, the Sudanese government charged Gillian Gibbons, a teacher at Unity High School in Khartoum, with insulting religion and inciting hatred for naming a class teddy bear “Muhammad.” She faces up to 40 lashes and six months in prison.

“The sad legacy of the Danish cartoon riots is that we have to speak out immediately when extremists try to provoke clashes over trivial matters,” Weddady explained. “This is not about cultural sensitivities. There is no excuse for someone to be sent to jail and whipped over a teddy bear’s name. Ms. Gibbons needs to be freed at once.”

Jana El-Horr, a Peacebuilding Fellow with the American Islamic Congress, noted that the Sudanese regime is trying to distract attention from the ongoing genocide in Darfur. “Muslims around the world are horrified over the brutal killings in Darfur,” El-Horr explained. “Now the Sudanese regime is trying to rally support by putting on the ‘defender of Islam’ hat. But we won’t be fooled.”

The Teddy Bear Outrage comes public perception of Muslims continues to decline, as documented in a recent Pew Forum poll.

“The Muslim world has much more pressing and urgent problems to deal with than a random teddy bear,” Weddady observed. “This ridiculous case has the potential to further tarnish popular perceptions of Muslims. What’s truly offensive here is the action of the Sudanese regime, which only entrenches the perception of Muslims as hyper-sensitive.”

I’d like to see some Muslim groups in other countries follow the AIC’s lead, and strongly condemn this ridiculous ordeal.


Another Muslim group, The Muslim Council of Britain has also expressed outrage:

“This is disgraceful and defies common sense,” said Secretary-General Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari. “There was clearly no intention on the part of the teacher to deliberately insult the Islamic faith.

“The children in Mrs Gibbons’s class and their parents have all testified as to her innocence in this matter. We call upon the Sudanese President, Umar al-Bashir, to intervene in this case without delay to ensure that Mrs Gibbons is freed from this quite shameful ordeal.”

Wednesday’s Hero

Sgt. Antwan L. Walker                                                                                                      
22 years old from Tampa, Florida
2nd Forward Support Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division  
May 18, 2005

Sgt. Antwan Walker was excited about coming home from Iraq to celebrate his 23rd birthday with his family and friends. His mother, Andrea Pringle, was busy planning the party when an Army official unexpectedly came to her house.She said he told her Thursday that her son was killed the previous day by a bomb blast in Ramadi. The Department of Defense hasn’t publicly confirmed his death.

Sgt. Antwan Walker, known as Twan to his friends and family, joined the Army in 2000. Pringle said her son joined to earn money for college.

“Twan had a lot of goals in life,” She said. “He was very ambitious and very smart.”

Sgt. Walker had been in Iraq for about a year. He called his family often but didn’t want to talk about war. Instead, he talked about starting a real estate career and his three children.

“He was such a good dad,” his mother said. “All he wanted to do was make a good life for his kids.”

In April 2005, Walker wanted to talk about the fighting. He told his mother five soldiers he was traveling with were killed. His phone calls became more frequent after that.

Pringle said she had days when she couldn’t eat or sleep because of her worries. But she never forgot to give her son her support.

“I always told him I’m proud and be safe”.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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By Indian Kris Kringle @ 9:31 AM

Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst #8

Mary Bomar’s fraudulent investigation

In April 2006, Park Service Director Mary Bomar ordered an internal investigation into claims that the planned Flight 93 Memorial is actually a terrorist memorial mosque, built abound a giant Mecca-oriented crescent. Bomar’s investigation was a total fraud, concluding, for instance, that it isn’t possible to calculate the orientation of the crescent because the site-plan has not been geo-referenced. (Page 2, PP2 of September 2006 summary report. Page 1 here.)

In fact, the original Crescent of Embrace site-plan was drawn on a topo map that the Memorial Project provided to all participants in the design competition. A topo map is the epitome of a geo-referenced map. North marked on a topo map is true north, which is the only piece of information needed to calculate the orientation of the crescent. Just connect the tips of the crescent, form the perpendicular bisector, and calculate how many degrees it points from north (53.4).

Also known are the crash-site coordinates, which is all that is needed to calculate the direction to Mecca (55.2° clockwise from north). All of this is trivially easy to verify. Just use the Mecca-direction calculator at to get a graphic of the direction to Mecca from the crash site and place it over the crescent site plan:

Giant crescent pointst to Mecca

Somerset PA is ten miles from the crash-site. The “qibla” is the direction to Mecca. Red lines show the orientation of the crescent. The crescent points 1.8° north of Mecca. (Click for larger image.)

A request for oversight

Because it is the director’s office that has been covering up the Mecca-orientation of the crescent, oversight can only come from Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne himself. Several people sent letters to Secretary Kempthorne two weeks ago, showing how the giant Mecca-oriented crescent remains completely intact in the so called redesign. But Mr. Kempthorne also needs to know that he is getting bad information from his subordinates in the Park Service.

Thus a request for all readers of this post: if you have a minute, please copy and paste this entire post into an email for Secretary Kempthorne.

We don’t need for the secretary to understand all the terrorist memorializing features in the design, or the numerous proofs of intent that architect Paul Murdoch included so that his accomplishment will be undeniable once it is a fait accompli. It is enough that he be concerned about features that can be readily interpreted as terrorist memorializing, whether they are intended or not. As Congressman Tancredo put it: we need “a new design that will not make the memorial a flashpoint for this kind of controversy and criticism.”

But even getting to the most basic facts about what is in the present design requires getting past Mary Bomar’s fraudulent report, which tries to pretend that there is nothing that can even be interpreted as untoward.

Mary Bomar’s intellectually dishonest “experts”

In addition to claiming that topo maps are not geo referenced, Mary Bomar’s internal investigation cites a small number of academic experts, all of whom spout nothing but the most absurd non sequiturs. One is Dr. Daniel Griffith, professor of “geo-spatial information” at the University of Texas. About Alec Rawls’ analysis of the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent, Dr. Griffith writes:

… Mr. Rawls’s arithmetic calculations appear to be correct … [but] … just because calculations are correct does not make the resulting numbers meaningful.

Dr. Griffith’s point, it seems, is that the mere fact of Mecca orientation does not imply intent. Who said it did? The way Murdoch proves intent is by repeating his Mecca orientations (scroll down to the last section here). But intent is not the only thing that matters. Even without terrorist memorializing intent, it is inappropriate to plant a giant Mecca oriented crescent on the crash site.

The Memorial Project knows this, but it is committed to defending the crescent design, so it keeps using its doubts about intent as an excuse for denying the facts. Dr. Griffith, for instance, is telling every reporter who will listen that there is no such thing as the direction to Mecca. “Anything can point toward Mecca,” he told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, “because the earth is round.” One billion Muslims face Mecca five times a day to pray, and Griffith pretends there is no such thing as facing Mecca!

Of course he knows better. The first thing that Griffith’s report does is calculate the direction to Mecca:

I computed an azimuth value from the Flight 93 crater site to Mecca of roughly 55.20°.

Bomar expert #2

Dr. Kevin Jaques, specialist in Islamic sharia law from the University of Indiana, acknowledges that the Mecca-oriented crescent is similar to the mihrab around which every mosque is built, but says:

…just because something is ‘similar to’ something else does not make it the ‘same’.

Yes, well, similar–very, very similar–is exactly the problem.

Like Daniel Griffith, Mr. Jaques is trying to make hay of the fact that Mecca orientation does not by itself imply intent. So what? Intentional or not, it is unacceptable for the central feature of the Flight 93 memorial to be a geometric match for the central feature of a mosque. Jaques is pretending that the questions he raises about intent somehow make the facts irrelevant.

Professor Jaques also dismisses the likeness between the Mecca-oriented crescent and a traditional Islamic mihrab by noting that lots of religious structures have prayer-direction indicators, not just mosques:

The biggest hole in [Rawls'] argument is that all of the elements he points to are common architectural features that one would find in a church or synagogue. The mihrab originated in pre-Islamic buildings and can be found in temples, churches, and synagogues around the Mediterranean.

This is logic? Because Christian churches are often oriented to the east, that somehow makes it okay to build the Flight 93 memorial around a half-mile wide Mecca oriented crescent? If this is “the biggest hole in [Rawls'] argument,” then there are no holes in Rawls’ argument.

Project spokesmen know the truth, and are lying about it

Memorial Project spokesmen have followed the lead of these academic frauds, using doubts about intent as a pretext for denying the facts. Asked about Rawls’ Mecca orientation claim, Patrick White, vice president of Families of Flight 93, denied it:

Rawls’ claims are untrue and “preposterous,” according to Patrick White, Families of Flight 93 vice president. “We went through in detail all his original claims and came away with nothing.”

In fact, Patrick White is fully aware of the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent. At the Memorial Project’s public meeting in July he argued that the almost-exact Mecca orientation of the giant crescent cannot be intended as a tribute to Islam because the inexactness of it would be “disrespectful to Islam.”

Joanne Hanley has done the same:

“Alec Rawls bases all of his conclusions on faulty assumptions,” said Joanne Hanley, the superintendent of the Flight 93 National Memorial. “In addition, the facts are twisted and people are misquoted, all to serve his intended purpose.”

But she too has admitted the Mecca-orientation of the giant crescent, telling Mr. Rawls in a 2006 conference call that she wasn’t concerned about the almost-exact Mecca orientation of the crescent because: “It isn’t exact. That’s one we talked about. It has to be exact.” (Crescent of Betrayal, download 3, page 145.)

These are your subordinates Mr. Kempthorne. Please do not let them get away with this fraud. Congressman Tancredo is demanding answers from Director Bomar and many of us are hoping that you will do the same. There is not much time. Construction on Paul Murdoch’s terrorist memorial mosque is about to begin.


[Your name]

Come and see and

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When Transvestites Attack…

It gets really messy and ugly.

A trio of troublesome transvestites laid siege to a Memphis McDonald’s late Sunday night after an argument at the drive-through window. When they got out of the car and began tapping at the window, the manager ignored them.

Never ignore three hungry and troublesome transvestites…it’s not worth it:

The transvestites allegedly struck the manager with a tire iron, and when he swung back, the drag queens took off their stiletto boots, removed their earrings and prepared to attack. The manager, Albert Bolton, was covered with scratch marks after suspects clawed him with their fingernails.

Bolton grabbed a pot of scalding french-fry grease and hurled it at his attackers. One of the cross-dressers then smacked Bolton with a wet floor sign, sending him to the hospital in an ambulance, WMC-TV reported.


Police are on the lookout for three transvestites in a black car.


Rosetta swears he was nowhere near the scene of the crime.

Anyone buying it?


Okay, I guess Rosetta’s off the hook. The police caught the guys/gals/whatevers. Dan Riehl has pix at his website. I wasn’t even close with my ‘guess-timate’ photo, above.


More Transvestites In The News:

A Scottsdale AZ bar owner settled a yearlong tranny dispute by adding a unisex one-stall bathroom to the bar. Women had been complaining (understandably) when the trannies were using their bathrooms; apparently standing up at the toilets to go “number one”.

I’ll tell you what, that would freak me out.

So the bar owner banned the trannies from his bar, and naturally, they sued.

Thousands of dollars in attorney fees later, a five dollar sign was put on the extra bathroom.

More Related, YEESH: 

These drag queens are getting out of control alright:

French police have detained a 68-year-old man — reported to be a ‘drag queen’ performer — suspected of murdering 18 mainly homosexual men, a judicial source said Wednesday. The murders were committed between 1980 and 2002 in eastern France and the Paris region.

 The victims were killed by a violent blow to the head, followed by multiple stabbings. Each time the bodies were found partly naked, but the victims’ faces were covered up.

“Campy” is not always cool, n’est pas?

Reactions To Annapolis

I’ll just go down the line in ABC order:

Tammy Bruce: The Dangerous Hypocrisy Of Condi Rice 

Jules Crittenden: Peace In Someone else’s Time 

FrontPageMagazine: Palestinians Aggressors, Not Victims

Gateway Pundit:  Olmert Will Announce Division Of Jerusalem Today

“What a sad day for Israel”.

Andrew McCarthy: Farce

NRO Editors: Praying For Handshakes And Empty Words 

Danial Pipes: Accept Israel As The Jewish State? 

Unless the Palestinians recognize Israel as “a Jewish state,” Olmert announced on November 11, the Annapolis-related talks would not proceed. “I do not intend to compromise in any way over the issue of the Jewish state. This will be a condition for our recognition of a Palestinian state.”

Smooth Stone:  Saudi Official Rules Out Handshake With  Israelis

Arab States Insist Normalization With Israel Not On The Agenda At Conference

Hamas To “Step Up Attacks After Annapolis

My question is, how do you negotiate with people who aren’t willing to accept Israel as a Jewish state, or even shake an Israeli’s hand?

They should all just pack up and go home.

Dane Cook: “God Bless You”.

My two oldest kids went to see this guy last night at the Sprint Center. My son wanted me to see “The Sneeze” bit, because it’s a hoot.

It’s also indicative of how far into the pop culture  evangelical atheism has reached. You can’t even say, “God bless you” when somebody sneezes, anymore?

British Teacher Faces 40 Lashes In Sudan…

For naming the class Teddybear Muhammad:

A British teacher was arrested for blasphemy in Sudan and could face up to 40 lashes for allowing her class of 7-year-olds to name a teddy bear Muhammad, the school said Monday.

Now the school staff is concerned for her safety.

Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, England, was arrested Sunday after several parents complained to Sudan’s Ministry of Education, Unity director Robert Boulos said.

He said Gibbons had allowed her class to vote on a name for the teddy bear.

“They came up with eight names including Abdullah, Hassan and Muhammad. Then she explained what it meant to vote and asked them to choose the name,” Boulos said.

The children chose Muhammad, a popular boy’s name in the Muslim world but also the named of Islam’s revered prophet.

“This was a completely innocent mistake. Miss Gibbons would have never wanted to insult Islam,” Boulos said.

I think this is what we call a “clash of civilizations”.

Boulos said the school had shut down until January for fear of reprisals.

Enter stage left: Islamic Rageboy and friends.

A spokesman for the British Embassy in Khartoum said embassy staff had visited Gibbons in jail.

“She is in good condition if unsurprisingly shaken up,” an embassy spokesman said.

I doubt they’ll actually go through with the 40 lashes, but whatever the outcome of her case, I suspect they’ve lost a decent, well-meaning teacher.

Michelle Malkin and Dr. Rusty Shackleford are also on the case.

Oh, for crying out loud, Ace has it too?


Ms. Gibbons awaits a ruling today (Nov. 27) from a judge on whether she will be tried on the blasphemy charge.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

Swiftboat Challenge Update

Remember earlier this month, when Texas oilman, T. Boone Pickens offered to pay $1 million to anyone who could disprove a single charge of the Swiftboat Veteran’s For Truth, and Kerry promptly fired off a letter, saying:

“While I am prepared to show they lied on allegation after allegation, you have generously offered to pay one million dollars for just one thing that can be proven false. I am prepared to prove the lie beyond any reasonable doubt.”

He even had the presumption to list the charity Mr. Pickens could send the money to, the Paralyzed Veterans of America. But he sort of neglected to mention where the Swiftboaters lied.

Well, ten days have gone by…

We may as well get used to waiting. It took him a year and a half to release the Standard Form 180 (to himself), so why should we expect any different, here? World class obfuscation like this takes time. And T. Boone Pickens isn’t helping matters. As R. Emmett Tyrrell in The New York Sun points out, today:

Mr. Pickens responded immediately, politely asking to see the journal allegedly maintained by Mr. Kerry in Vietnam and “your military record, specifically your service records for the years 1971–1978, and copies of all movies and tapes made during your service.”

Kerry’s probably in his basement right now, foraging through boxes of old papers, military stuff that didn’t seem important enough at the time to keep close track of…. righhhht.

Tyrrell goes on:

As I said earlier, Mr. Kerry was a shameless ham in Vietnam and he remains one. At this writing, Mr. Kerry has failed even to reply to Mr. Pickens, perhaps with good reason; Mr. Pickens ended his letter by asking Mr. Kerry to make a “commitment.” “If you cannot prove anything in the Swift Boat ads to be untrue … make a one million dollar gift to the charity I am choosing — the Medal of Honor Foundation,” Mr. Pickens wrote.

You can view the Crybaby Kerry Clock at The American Spectator.

It keeps tickin’. We keep waitin’.

I’m thinking for a long while.

Hat tip: Lucianne

A Nuclear Attack By Terrorists Is “Inevitable”

We’ve heard this before. We’ve been hearing it for years, actually. But it seems the warnings are becoming more frequent….more urgent.

A NUCLEAR attack by terrorists causing widespread panic, chaos and death is inevitable and will happen soon, a senior Scottish police officer has warned.

Ian Dickinson, who leads the police response to chemical, biological and nuclear threats in Scotland, has painted the bleakest picture yet of the dangers the world now faces.

Efforts to prevent terrorist groups from obtaining materials that could be made into radioactive dirty bombs – or even crude nuclear explosives – are bound to fail, he said. And the result will be horror on an unprecedented scale.

“These materials are undoubtedly out there, and undoubtedly will end up in terrorists’ hands, and undoubtedly will be used by terrorists some time soon,” he declared. “We must plan for failure and prepare for absolute terror.

What a killjoy, eh?

He said: “An incident will continue for days and all the public will see is people dying without reason. What will we do when our children come home from school with blisters on their skin and their parents don’t know what to do?

“What happens if 10 deaths, 50 deaths, 100 deaths start occurring in an unconnected and random way all over the country? The public will be rightly and understandably terrified.”

Casualties caused by radiation, which most people don’t understand, would trigger widespread “panic and fear”, said Dickinson. And the response of the emergency services “would be chaotic” because of a shortage of resource.

Do you have your supply of potassium iodide, yet? Why not?

Dickinson’s nightmare analysis was backed up by Dr Frank Barnaby, a nuclear consultant who used to work at the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire. “The amazing thing is that this hasn’t happened already,” he told the Sunday Herald.

We should expect it any minute. It’s an obvious thing for a terrorist to do. A primitive nuclear explosion would simply eliminate the centre of a city like Glasgow or Edinburgh.”

The Edinburgh conference heard a series of other warnings about the risks of radioactive materials being stolen and used to cause devastation.

“As the terrorists look for the next spectacular attack, we know that al-Qaeda in Iraq is calling on nuclear scientists to join in the jihad,” said William Nye, director of counter-terrorism and intelligence at the Home Office in London.

Richard Hoskins, from the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Office of Nuclear Security in Vienna, revealed that there had been 1266 confirmed incidents in which radioactive materials had been stolen or lost around the world since 1993.

Oh, and have a happy Monday.

Hat tips to: Atlas Shrugs

and National Terror Alert

Environmental Wackos Refuse To Breed

The Daily Mail recently ran a piece about the growing trend of young women who are having abortions, and being sterilized in order to reduce their “carbon footprint”:

Had Toni Vernelli gone ahead with her pregnancy ten years ago, she would know at first hand what it is like to cradle her own baby, to have a pair of innocent eyes gazing up at her with unconditional love, to feel a little hand slipping into hers – and a voice calling her Mummy.

But the very thought makes her shudder with horror.

Because when Toni terminated her pregnancy, she did so in the firm belief she was helping to save the planet.

Incredibly, so determined was she that the terrible “mistake” of pregnancy should never happen again, that she begged the doctor who performed the abortion to sterilise her at the same time.

He refused, but Toni – who works for an environmental charity – “relentlessly hunted down a doctor who would perform the irreversible surgery.

Finally, eight years ago, Toni got her way.

Incredibly, instead of mourning the loss of a family that never was, her boyfriend (now husband) presented her with a congratulations card.

Now, you tell me? Should people like this procreate, anyway? Those of us who love, and value children are the ones who should be having them, and raising them.

While some might think it strange to celebrate the reversal of nature and denial of motherhood, Toni relishes her decision with an almost religious zeal.

“Having children is selfish. It’s all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet,” says Toni, 35.

The temperature of the planet may rise a degree or two in the coming decades, so she thinks it’s her duty destroy any chance she has of bringing life into the world?

There’s no vocation more natural and fulfilling to a woman, than motherhood, unless you’re a moonbat. Then it’s an anathema to everything you find holy. People are the enemy of Gaia. Babies are baaaad polluters.

Toni’s not alone. There are tons of women just like her…the article goes on to chronicle another ‘childless to save the planet’ couple. You can multiply these couples by thousands, I’ll bet; perhaps hundreds of thousands of couples…lefty moonbat couples who are not having children to save the earth.

When I put my Political Pundit Hat on, I say, “That’s a good thing!”

But my Catholic Conscience says, “What a terrible waste.”

Hat tip: Right Truth

The MSM And The Pope On The Iraq War

When I saw the headline at Hotair, Pope: End The War, I thought, “uh-oh, what’s Up”?  The link took me to the MSNBC article, Pope Calls For End Of Iraq War, Makes Cardinals.

The implication, based on that headline, is that the Pope is calling for the U.S. to leave.

He isn’t.

I don’t want to pick on MSNBC, because my google search produced many more examples of this.

You have to read the whole article to see that the Pope does no such thing. He simple prays for the same thing millions of Catholics pray for every week at Mass:

“Let us together reaffirm the solidarity of the whole Church with the Christians of that beloved land and invoke from the merciful God the coming of longed-for reconciliation and peace for all the peoples involved (in the conflict),” he said in his homily.

Of course, we all pray for peace, but peace through reconciliation is not what I think those headlines were implying. The implication was: The U.S. needs to get the hell out of there.

The Middle East Times had it right with Pope Voices ‘Closeness’ to Iraqis:

“I think now with affection of communities entrusted to your care and, especially, to those most tried by suffering, challenges and difficulties of various kinds,” he said.

“Among them, how can one not turn one’s gaze with apprehension and affection, in this moment of joy, to the dear Christian communities in Iraq?” he asked, drawing loud applause from the prelates assembled in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

These brothers and sisters of the faith are experiencing in the flesh the dramatic consequences of a lasting conflict and live in a fragile and delicate political situation,” he said.

If you’re trying to find some big infallible statement about the Iraq War being unjust, and the U.S. needing to leave immediately, you’ll just have to look elsewhere.

Nice try, MSM.

 Photo: (AFP Christophe Simon)

“Holy Damnation!” says Jim Hoft, of Gateway Pundit, who says even the Pope isn’t safe from the MSM’s bias, and has more on the new Iraqi Cardinal.

Black Friday Shopping (UPDATED)

I hate to shop.

I know I’m not the only one. I hear women all the time, say that they hate to shop….but I really, really hate it. I feel uneasy spending money on stuff we don’t *have* to have. I don’t enjoy the pressure of making the decisions on big ticket items. I tend to buy groceries and sundries, when I have to be out, anyway….picking my son up from pre-school, or the girls from dance class, and then I do it as quickly and efficiently as I can. I never go shopping just for “the fun of it”.

To me, shopping just isn’t fun.

So why would someone like me, be actually contemplating hitting some of the big sales on the busiest shopping day of the year? The one where, everyone knows, the “early bird gets the worm”, and I ain’t no early bird?

Which means that by the time I get my sorry ass out there to hit the earlybird sales (with one or two kids in tow, who begged to come), the sales are going to be about a half an hour away from expiring, and I’ll have about 5 stores to hit, and dammit, most the hottest items are going to be already gone.

Can someone tell me why I do this every year?

This year’s going to be different. I plan to get up earlier, and if no-one else is ready, that’s tough toenails. And I’m gonna keep the number of targeted stores to a realistic minimum…maybe 3…or 4. I’m not gonna buy crap for the kids just because it’s on sale, if they don’t really need, or want it. 

And I’m gonna keep a positive attitude…cup half full…cup half full…this is going to be fun.


UPDATE: (Friday evening).

Okay, here’s how it went down:

I was ready to get out there at 9:30, but my husband had to make an emergency trip to Lowe’s for some more tile, (we’re tiling the whole upstairs, as well as the kitchen —but not the bedrooms). So it was more like 10:30 when I got out there.

First stop – Kohl’s

I scoped the ads, yesterday at my sister’s house. Kohl’s had some killer sales; that one was at the top of my list. My twelve year old and I were heading for the shoe department when we discovered to our horror — a line — a line so long, you couldn’t see where it ended. It just kept winding, and winding around the store — even if I wanted at some point to get in this line, I wouldn’t be able to find the end, because, I swear to God…it went on forever.

Nice Deb doesn’t like lines.

We continued to look at boots, but at this point, I knew we were only going through the motions. No way was I going to wait in a line that long, I don’t care how good the sale is.

They had area rugs on sale, too, and I scoped them out, because they were going to be on sale all weekend, *I think* and I needed a nice area rug for my newly tiled living room.

Then I had to make an emergency trip to the bathroom. That was the only action taken at Kohls, this morning, because we had to skedaddle and get to Jo Ann’s for their earlybird sale that ended at noon. They had a pre-lit 7 1/2 ft. tree for only $29.98. Can you believe that? OMG, I can buy a new tree every year, at that price! I kinda do that, anyway, but that’s another story.

So we’re heading out there, and my cell phone rings — it’s my husband —we need to come back to the house because “the boys” need the boxes of tile still in the back of my van. So I have to run back home, and drop those off, and then head for Jo Ann’s. (Have you figured out how this one ends, yet)?

So I get to the shopping center where Jo Ann’s is supposed to be, and it’s not there…where the hell did Jo Ann’s go? Did it move? And here, I start to doubt myself…maybe this isn’t where Jo Ann’s is…I only come here once in a blue moon…What the hell?!

So I turn the car around and head in the opposite direction toward Old Time Pottery, and Toys R Us, two more on my list. I try to find Jo Ann’s using my GPS — I still have a few minutes left, dammit. Barbara (my GPS) says I’m going in the right direction, which baffles me, but I can make it if the traffic lights go my way, but no, suddenly we run into road construction issues, and the four way has to merge to a two way, slowing us down….tick tick tick….12:00 comes and goes. I have to give up on Jo Ann’s. It must have moved, by the way…no way was it there the last time I went!

Okay, the kiddo and I are hungry, so we stop at Steak and shake for some eats. It’s close to one in the afternoon, and so far, my Black Friday shopping has only produced two pit stops.

Old Time pottery was next. I didn’t even have to look too closely at their ad, because there’s always tons of good stuff, there.  Oh, by the way….Are we supposed to be boycotting China? Because if we are, I’m in big trouble. Pretty much everything there is made in China.

I find a 5’x8′  area rug that I think will go well in the living room, on sale for $28.00. You heard me, 28 bucks! Not bad. I also got a 7 1/2′ tree for $39.00, ten dollars more and not pre-lit, but oh well. I needed a fatter tree for the living room. The kids all thought the last one was too skinny. I bought a bunch of other Xmas related stuff, too, and a 15 piece knife set in a wood block, for $5.00. I didn’t even need it, but wow, five bucks!

My 12 year old wanted to go to the mall because the jacket she’s had her eyes on at Delia’s was on sale. We gave her money last week, to buy some items that she needed at the mall, and she came home without the jacket because she couldn’t afford the jacket and the shoes she picked out with the money we gave her. Now, she could afford the jacket.

We hit a few stores… I bought a couple of blouses for myself at Sears. My husband kept calling because he wanted to check in at the motel we’re staying at tonight, because our whole upstairs is freshly tiled, and can’t be walked on. So, we called it a day, and headed for home.

I didn’t buy any toys.

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