For Jackstraw: Man Exposes Himself At Mall

Ask, and you shall receive. I’m sick of arguing about religion too.

CNN has a video story about a serial masterbator who calls himself Baseball Playa, and videotapes himself doing his thing at a his favorite shopping center in Glendale, AZ. He then posts the videos on the internet, over 30 so far.

Consumer reactions range from, “disgusting!” to “disgusting!

The police have launched an investigation.

Hat Tip: Crime Scene KC

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8 Responses to “For Jackstraw: Man Exposes Himself At Mall”

  1. pajama momma Says:

    Baseball Playa
    Um, it’s not baseball that he’s playing.


  2. Rosetta Says:

    Pocketpool Playa


  3. nicedeb Says:

    People are already starting to google “masterbator Glendale Shopping Mall”

    There is a DEMAND for this story.!


  4. JackStraw Says:

    Great, and people will think that I wanted a story about a serial dolphin flogger.

    Moral of the story…. do not antagonize Deb on issues of faith.


  5. PattyAnn Says:

    NiceDeb’s found wickedpinto!


  6. Nice Deb Beat Me To This Story « eddiebear Says:

    […] Nice Deb Beat Me To This Story Jump to Comments But some dude in a shopping mall has been doing some naughty things. […]


  7. Dave in Texas Says:

    We must not judge Baseball Playa.

    Nor must we get too close.


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