Scary Mugshot

If this picture doesn’t give you what Ace likes to call the “shivering douche-chills”, then I don’t know what will.

James Hart at Crime Scene KC wouldn’t even post it because he didn’t want to be responsible for any cases of hysterical blindness.

But here at Nice Deb, we don’t really have such admirable scruples, so there ya go.

I’m not even gonna tell you what he did…you can go to Crime Scene KC and read all about it if you really want to know. (It ain’t pretty).

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10 Responses to “Scary Mugshot”

  1. Beth Says:

    OMFG…I had to scroll down because that dude is scary. EEK. I don’t even know what the story is about because I can’t look!


  2. Beth Says:

    Jesus. I just looked again to be sure it was as bad as I thought. WORSE!


  3. forged rite Says:

    Prosecutor – So why did you run over your wife?

    Defendant – We just didn’t see things eye to eye.


  4. XBradTC Says:

    Had a roomie once with that wandering eye thing. Creepy as hell.


  5. captkidney Says:

    Hey, it’s Mad Eye Moody!


  6. Dave in Texas Says:

    Marty Feldman’s half brother?


  7. Rosetta Says:

    What are you looking at?


  8. doubleplusundead Says:

    I wondered about where that guy was after Young Frankenstein…


  9. Barry in CO Says:

    This guy has popped his glass eye out for bar bets more than a few times.


  10. Anonymous Says:

    no sir you have to look at the camera …sir


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