Brigitte Bardot Fined For “Inciting Hatred Against Muslims”

I just noticed the stats on my Brigitte Bardot post from April 15. It’s going through the roof, and I just realized it’s because the decision came down for her Incitement trial, today:

France’s 1960s screen icon Brigitte Bardot received a 15,000-euro (23,000 dollar) fine on Tuesday for inciting hatred against Muslims.

In December 2006, the film star-turned-animal rights activist wrote a letter to France’s then interior minister, current President Nicolas Sarkozy, arguing that Muslims should stun animals before slaughtering them during the Aid al-Kabir holiday.

She outraged anti-racist groups by saying: “I’ve had enough of being led by the nose by this whole population which is destroying us, (and) destroying our country by imposing their ways.”

Bardot, now 73 and suffering from arthritis, was absent from Tuesday’s court hearing in Paris. She wrote to the court saying: “I’m sickened by how (these organisations) are harassing me.”

She added: “I will not shut up until stunning is carried out” on animals before their ritual slaughter.

From the WSJ Law Blog:

French anti-racism laws prevent inciting hatred and discrimination on racial or religious or racial grounds. Bardot had been convicted four times previously for inciting racial hatred.

Bardot’s lawyer, Francois-Xavier Kelidjian, said he would talk to her about the possibility of an appeal. “She is tired of this type of proceedings,” he said. “She has the impression that people want to silence her. She will not be silenced in her defense of animal rights.”

French prosecutors are tired, too. This will be the fifth time Bardot has been fined for inciting racial hatred since 1997. Last month, prosecutor Anne de Fontette told the court she was seeking a tougher sentence than usual, adding: “I am a little tired of prosecuting Mrs. Bardot.”

It’s a sad day for France, when one of its citizens can be convicted of inciting hatred and discrimination just for voicing a valid opinion.

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48 Responses to “Brigitte Bardot Fined For “Inciting Hatred Against Muslims””

  1. Szkeptik Says:

    That last sentence is so true. I don’t see a single bit of racist thought in that line that’s quoted from her letter to Sarkozy. And I can also say, that sadly it does look like Muslims usually get a free ride in issues like this. There are many organisations that are actively abusing the legislative system by sueing anyone for “islamophobia” or “inciting hatred” who sais anything negative about Islam. That – to me at least – amounts to an attack on the right to free speech, which in any decent democratic country should be considered high treason. Nonetheless they usually win, like they have just now. Most annoying is this political correctnes that politicians hide behind. Muslims are members of the society too and this is one country with one set of laws and if they don’t like them then they can get out.

  2. Sanjay Kaul Says:

    I do not wish to die( read ,slaughtered) before my time …..and not wish to be someone else’s breakfast ,lunch or dinner….after I pass away into another world….and I’m sure ,YOU are no different than me.

    But,if that’s the destiny,I have in this life…please allow me to say my humble prayers(of total surrender to the Higher Will)…before I am forced to bow down for the express check out…against my will.

    That’s what Brigitte has been trying to say….nothing more…notghing less….

    Can we not ,please,STAND by her now?

    Please consider….

    Thanks and regards,


  3. bardot hater Says:

    hahahahaahaha bitch. got wat she deserved. u stupid fu*king whore, shes just a fu*king prostitute whose about to die… they shud have thrown her jail for her crazy comments. stupid psycho. looks like all that vulgarity and alcohol finally took a toll on her. she looks like the devil himself

  4. nicedeb Says:

    You sound like him.

  5. Jessica Says:


  6. Jessica Says:

    By the way “Bardot hater”, if bardot should go to jail for this you should probably join her. This woman is speaking her mind just like you are.

  7. Magda Says:

    We will choke on the political correctness one day. It seems like there is no place for the common sense any more :(:(

  8. tony braxton Says:

    I think bridget speaks the truth,,she is not a bad person..but sometimes the truth hurts..she is not a racist in any way..her heart is in the right place tony

  9. Paul.C Says:

    Thank Heaven there are still people in this World like Brigette Bardot!

  10. Scot Says:

    The very fact that someone can be tried, convicted and fined for “inciting racial hatred” in France proves that free speech doesn’t exist in that country. Firstly, “incitement” means holding one person responsible for the acts of another, which is wrong in and of itself. Secondly, hatred isn’t an act; it’s a thought. The law has no business trying to force people to change their opinions or beliefs. Apparently, in France, not only is there thoughtcrime, but you can be held responsible and punished for someone else’s thoughtcrime!

    Thank God we still have a First Amendment in the U.S.A. Although with creeping political correctness, who knows how long it will be before free speech is banned here, just as it is in France.

  11. mano Says:

    je trouve ke c une insulte pour la nation musulmane, keskelle c de notre religion, RIEN DU TOUT, NADAAA,,.. ALORS JE COMPREN PAS POURKOI ET DOU ELLE SORT C COMMENTAIRE TELLEMENT INUTILE.. JEPSERE KELLE VA BRULER EN ENFER…je croi si quelqu’un aurai insulter sa religion et surtout si c un musulmann … on lui aurai deja couper la tete ….c une vielle follee hysterique toute facon c pas tes commentaire de merde ki va changer quelque chose me fai ni froid ni chaud.. parske je c ke c tout simplement une conne ki parle pour parler et pour lui faire plus de publiciter …jvoi ke la populariter ta manké ..bref ..tu peux parler autant ke tu veux sa va rien changer …les musulmans vont concerire le mondee…INSHA’ALLAH

  12. Kain Says:

    Mano arrête de raconter n’importe quoi, je sais pas si tu sais lire mais elle n’insulte pas une religion dans ses propos, bien qu’elle fasse preuve d’une certaine discrimination et je trouve que c’est trop. Je vois pas pourquoi tu dois monter au créneau comme ça, le droit de l’homme ça existe, pourquoi faire une exception sur les animaux ? Les religions ne sont pas au dessus des lois, et il existe des lois sur la protection des animaux en France. Pratiquer une religion ne donne pas la liberté de passer à travers les lois.
    Et puis, retourne à l’école primaire pour apprendre à écrire, franchement ça craint presque tous tes mots sont mal orthographiés !

  13. nicedeb Says:

    J’ai essayé de traduire ce que dit Mano, mais il n’a pas de sens pour moi.

  14. Kain Says:

    Yes nicedeb, actually as I said almost every word is not spelled correctly, it just gives you a headache trying to understand what it means…anyway it’s just nonsense~

    Scot, the problem in France is that our system is overprotecting in a way that many words or thoughts you might express regarding religion and ethnical origins become taboo. Some people like to take advantage from it, eventually try to make you say things you didn’t say by extrapolating, that’s exactly what our Mano fellow is doing.
    I think you might compare with US regulations regarding sexual harassment, it’s just extreme !

  15. nicedeb Says:

    I know what you’re saying, Kain. A Frenchman once asked me for directions at a mall, and I answered the best I could in French, and he was so appreciative he kissed my hand. I was absolutely charmed, but if he had chosen the wrong American woman to kiss, he may have gotten a very different reception.

  16. Casey Says:

    Brigitte is not a racist. Politicians have no balls. Cruelty to animals belongs in the mideval cultures some people seem to prefer over modern ones. Muslims, but others too.
    Brigitte should be supported, not fined. Protest against mideval practice is the right thing to do. Also for Muslims.

  17. malky Says:

    Wonder what she would think of Palin’s fondness for bloodsports?

  18. geoff Says:

    Who cares? – it’s completely irrelevant to either Ms. Palin or Ms. Bardot.

  19. Rosangela mildner Says:

    Sabe Brigitte Bardot a solução para humanidade
    é exterminar os maus e estabelecer um governo mundial para os justos.
    Mas esse ato só Deus pode e vai realizar
    Daniel 2:44
    e Salmos 37:10,11

    beijo querida
    Ro Mildner

  20. nicedeb Says:


    Brigitte Bardot knows the solution for humanity
    is to exterminate the evil and establish a world government for the righteous.
    But this act only God can and will perform
    Daniel 2:44
    and Psalm 37:10,11

    kiss baby
    Ro Mildner

    God wants to exterminate people and establish a one world government?


  21. Rosangela mildner Says:

    Esse mundo necessita de um governo justo
    Onde todas as pessoas sejam tratada com dignidade
    Humanos não pode estabelecer a ordem mundial
    Só um ser celestial pode
    E esse será o filho de Jeová Jesus Cristo
    Tudo que esta acontecendo hoje é sinal da vinda desse
    governo mundial

    Mateus 7:3-24
    Ro Mildner

  22. Rosangela mildner Says:

    Sabe querida agora vejo sua real beleza
    a interior.
    Aproveite esse momento ele e só seu
    um beijo
    Não posso falar seu idioma é uma pena

    um beijo querida

  23. kiki Says:

    Bonjour !!
    Brigitte Bardot est une visionnaire de ce qui nous pends au nez !!dans le futur c´est tout …
    On attaque Brigitte “pour sa liberté de parole ! et on la fait PAYER pour cette raison !!
    (sans vouloir rappeler toutes les guerres de religions !! )
    c´est bien simple la France ,grand Pays de toutes les libertés a force de vouloir plaire a tout le monde ….???ne ce plaît plus a, elle même
    et ce tire ELLE-MÊME une balle dans le pied !!
    On demande toujours la tolérance a la France !!!!!
    Ça aussi c´est la liberté ON NE RETIENS PERSONNE !!
    Quand on part d´un pays c´est pour cause de FAIM ET DE LIBERTÉ …..
    LA FRANCE . OFFRE LE PAIN ,LA LIBERTÉ ,L´ECOLE = ÉGALIT´DES CHANCES POUR TOUS ! A VOUS D´EN FAIRE VOTRE ARME DE BATAILLE !!ET RÉUSSIR VOTRE RÊVE c´est comme ca dans tous les Pays d´EUROPE ! travail ..travail…et re-travail rien ne tombe du ciel tout cuit !!!
    merci a vous .

  24. Rosangela Mildner Says:

    Oi querida só queria te desejar um lindo dia!
    Um beijo

  25. JC Says:

    This is what happens without a first amendment and is typical of what happens in continental Europe as a whole. In Germany it’s even worse where making such remarks could get you 3-5 years in prison. There is no free speech there and there never has been. This is just one example of a very serious problem in Europe. It’s sad the country that produced Voltaire behaves in such a disgraceful way.

  26. Cotton. Says:

    Let’s all hope that a stun gun isn’t used on Bardot Hater before he/she dies! haha.

    Let Bardot Hater feel every bit of the searing pain and agony the animals do!

  27. nicedeb Says:

    unintentional irony – my favorite kind.

  28. highschool student Says:

    I too am sick of these non christian assholes pushing U.S. christians around. We have a belief system beased on an events that really happened. Jesus Christ’ s story is told in history books, on the history and most importantly in the Bible. What sickens me is that those nonchristian people come into America wantong us to accomadate to their standards. I DON’T THINK SO. Jesus is the foundation of my life. He died for me and took the punishment for my sins to give me life.
    I gave out Christmas cards with a little scripture message on them to my teachers and I was written up and almost suspended from school for it. This is rediculous. Enough is enough. All non christians just shut your ass up and GET THE HELL BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM, NOW!!!

  29. 7HEAVENS Says:

    Dear highschool student,

    You must read the Qur’an, it will change you forever. Read the truth about Islam in Mohammed’s own words and you will never be the same again. Jesus said the truth will set you free. Compare the Life of Christ to that of Mohammed (in the Hadith) and God’s truth will be revealed to you.

  30. Paul C Says:

    And so the face of religious fanaticism raises its repulsive face yet again. How many more wars? How many more people’s lives destroyed by blind, ignorant faith? You really haven’t got a clue have you?
    Well said Bridgette, a voice of reason against the deluded puppets.

  31. Roshea1956 Says:

    she is NO RACIST for standing up against Muslims for her way of life and country. Muslims and anyone else just don’t mix they need to stay in their own back yard & there won’t be any trouble.

  32. tommy mc donnell Says:

    the problem is the politicans who pass these crazy laws. the purpose of political correctness is to take your freedom away not to protect anyone. thanks to PC it is now a crime to do or say things that people were always able to do in a free country. PC is another tactic of the dictator.

  33. HG White Says:

    “Bardot Hater” is as sick as the religion he must belong to. No decent religious organisation will condone his filthy hatefull foul language and if anyone is going to hell he will be ahead of the rest. Rot in hell yourself you horrible existance because no Human Being would write something as nasty as you have. He is a lower class of being than the animals he obviously also slays.

  34. Bardot Brigitte Photos | Trends Pics Says:

    [...] on my Brigitte Bardot post [...]

  35. Otto Barreth Says:

    We shall all die, but would you choose to be cut in your throat
    while your see your own blood is slowly running out??
    Brigit Bardot has imagination and empati, also for animals.

  36. Richard Says:

    Ms Bardot is not speaking against a religion. She is simply asking that animals be slaughtered more mercifully. If the Muslim influence continues to grow we might be asking that all of us are stunned before we are slaughtered as well.

  37. Mat Says:


    Ha, ha, ha ! That was funny.
    Let’s keep in mind that only fanatically religious people do the act of “slaughtering”. This includes fanatic Muslims, as well as fanatic Christians (think of KKK). Fundamentalism is what we should fight, not Islam or any other religion. Let’s pick our enemies carefully.

  38. Yasmin Says:

    The way the Muslims end the life of the sheep they chose to on Aid they do it quickly on the neck with a sharp knife. They don’t feel anything, she really needs to learn about the religion before she decides to voice her uneducated opinion.
    Remember what she said was an opinion, what I said is a FACT.

  39. Yasmin Says:

    Her freaking opionion and all you who agree with that douchebag can voice your opinions all you want
    But you can never prevent the Muslims carry out their tradition they way they do. I know this was three years ago but still now they have banned burqas in France, now Burqas are not in Islam but head scarfs, if headscarfs are banned that is more discriminatory that banning Burqas
    You want your freedom of speech? Is that it? How about these Muslims being fined for wearing traditional Arab clothing? Ffs I have no idea what’s wrong with you people!

  40. Project Orion Says:

    Orion says Yasmin doesn’t appear to have a command of the Basic English Language. Stop spouting rubbish my friend and go back to school and learn how to string a sentence together. Then people might take you a little more seriously.

  41. Don Pelayo Says:

    I dont get it :) , why would muslins want to live among people who dont care about them ? , I certainly dont care to live any place where muslins originated. if their culture is so good and Ala is so merciful keep it to your self and where it belongs in North africa.

  42. Bev Says:

    I applaud what she is doing. There is way too much cruelty towards animals in the world…and she is passionate about stopping it. Good for you Ms. Bardot…..GOOD FOR YOU.

  43. otto barreth Says:

    Bravo madame

  44. steve Lloyd Says:

    Bravo! For Ms. Bardot! She’s merely voicing a fed-up world opinion about poor, picked on IslamicS
    . Wah, indeed! Good job, Brigitte! Lloyd, Vegas, USA

  45. Anonymous Says:

    A long, long time ago people came to America because they loved, and longed to be an American. They did not come here to change America but to become an American. Anyone was welcomed. It was rough journeys, staying on Ellis Island, ports, etc. If they were sick, they had to stay on Ellis Island, when they were well, they were allowed to enter this beloved Country, so they could have a better life. Many studied the English language before hand as they wanted so much to be an American. They came here by the law and were proud to do. Some didn’t make it but they died trying. They didn’t bring hatred or bigotry with them, but the love for this country and a desire to become a part of this Country! They gave up a lot and worked hard. This country was founded on God. Our Government was founded on God. One Nation Under God! I prayed in School … Do they today? The Ten Commandments taken out of the courtroom. Remember, The Tower of Balboa?! All the fighting.
    Torture of any kind is cruel. I don’t know Ms. Bridgette Bardot. She had empathy for the animals. That is what I sense. I wasn’t there
    In the beginning we were suppose to live off the Garden God created. What happened? Sin!
    It was so nice when I was young. We didn’t have a lot but it was a nicer place.

  46. Denise Rozanski Says:

    I agree with her 100%. And why is she being prosecuted for voicing her opinion? She is only trying to protect the animals and also the dignity of France. People should stand behind her.

  47. R Davis Says:

    Go for it Brigitte. Although most of the Muslim’s are peaceful people, It’s time that they stand up for their true beliefs and rally against the radicals and dictators that control their freedoms. Hopefully the current overthrow of Iraq, Lybia, Egypt, and current revolution in Syria is the start of the Muslim world joining the free world in a democratic free society. Bob D

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