Animal Rights Nuts Harrass 11 Year Old For Shooting Monster Pig (UPDATED): Harrassment Claims Possible Hoax

The wild pig, known as “Hogzilla” weighed 1050 pounds when it was shot by the boy last May:

When a 1,000-pound wild hog was shot last year in Alabama, 11-year-old hunter Jamison Stone couldn’t have been happier. But his prize photos of the 9-foot-long boar have continued to cause a stink, one the Stone family can’t seem to shake.

The backlash has only grown worse, with one group calling for the hunters’ prosecution.

“It is unbelievable what my family has been through over the past year,” Mike Stone, Jamison’s father, told the Birmingham News. “It has taken 10 years off my life.”

An online petition has garnered more than 800 signatures from around the world demanding prosecution for what activists are calling animal cruelty, according to the newspaper.

Not surprisingly, some of the Hogzilla sympathizers have seen fit to threaten the young hunter’s life:

“You should see some of the emails and hear some of the calls we have received,” Jamison’s father said. “They are explicit. They tell how they are going to kill my son, like cutting his head off.

“It has had us scared to death … All I did was to take my son on a legal hunting trip.

Animal rights wackos are some of the scarier left wing crazies out there, imo.


Rhonda R Shearer, the New York City organizer who has investigated the incident, has weighed in here, in the comments to clarify her role in the story, which I actually didn’t cover.

In a Birmingham News Article she says the pig suffered a “cruel and painful death,” the result of 16 shots from a low-velocity weapon, nine of which hit the hog.

The Birmingham News also reports that the hog was not in fact, “wild” but was a domestic pig that had been released into the wildlife preserve for the purpose of hunting. This is a legal practice:

That is how preserves maintain a steady supply of hogs for hunters, along with hogs that are born wild.

It should be noted that domestic hogs can be every bit as dangerous as wild hogs. My mother tells a story from her youth about a cousin who lived on a farm and fell into the pig sty. She was —well…I’ll spare you the details, but it wasn’t pretty.


A Web-based petition has drawn 805 signatures from around the world, calling for prosecution in the case. Shearer says she did not initiate the petition but did provide the information that outraged some online readers enough to add their signatures.

County and federal attorney’s offices have investigated the case and declined to bring charges after concluding no laws were broken. The state attorney general’s office said it did not have time to investigate before the statute of limitations ran out.

The enforcement division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries of the Alabama Department and Conservation and Natural Resources also investigated at Shearer’s request and concluded no state conservation laws were broken.

All the stuff she writes about the whole thing being some kind of PR stunt is neither here nor there to me, just an interesting side-note.

The point of this post is that animal rights wackos are threatening and harassing the boy and his family.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

UPDATE: (August 10):

Ms. Shearer notifies me that there is growing evidence that there were never any threats made to Mike Stone and his son:

New evidence indicates that they are no death threats –facts point to its another hoax brought to you by the same guy, Mike Stone, who gave the world fake photos and a fake wildlife adventure in the first place.

I found out that the Birmingham News never called the Birmingham FBI bureau or the Pickens County Sheriff’s dept. to ask if the death threats were real and reported by Stone –before publishing it as a fact.

I will report on my findings soon, but let me give you a hint.
There is no investigation– now in 2008 or before in 2007–by the agencies who would be responsible for following up with threats against his child that so “scared” Mike Stone “to death”. Stone is quoted by the Bham News: “You should see some of the e-mails and hear some of the calls we have received,” he said. “They are explicit. They tell how they are going to kill my son, like cutting his head off. “It has had us scared to death … All I did was to take my son on a legal hunting trip.”

The Sheriff’s dept–who would deal with such reports about such crimes for citizens who live in Pickensville Alabama (like Mike Stone)–have never heard about ANY death threats anywhere in the county–let alone from Mike Stone.

Here is her post about the fauxtography employed to make the pig look bigger than it was.

I’m pretty convinced that this Mike Stone character is the shyster, she has been claiming he is, and that should be brought out.

Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst #41

Rally this Saturday: Stop the crescent mosque!

Blogburst logo, petition

Tom Burnett Sr. and Alec Rawls will be in Somerset PA this weekend to condemn the crescent/broken-circle memorial to Flight 93. Here is Alec’s notice about the press conference that he and Mr. Burnett will host after they speak at the public meeting of the Memorial Project Saturday morning:

…Also on the press conference panel will be Diane Gramley, President of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, and the Reverend Ron McRae of Johnstown.

In addition to our own statements, Mr. Burnett will read a statement from Congressman John Kline (R-MN), and Alec Rawls will present statements from Rich Davis, founder of the Chester County Victory Movement, and from the president of Muslims Against Sharia Law.

After answering questions for the press, Mr. Burnett and his co-panelists will host a rally to stop the re-hijacking of Flight 93. Members of our informal Western Pennsylvania Compatriots group (who spoke out at the last public meeting) will be in attendance, and some out of town folks will be coming as well.

And check this out: a big color ad in the local paper:

To inform and invite the local populace, a half-page full-color ad will be running in tomorrow’s edition of the Somerset Daily American. It explains how the original Crescent of Embrace design remains completely intact in the Circle of Embrace redesign, which is explicitly described by the Park Service itself as a “broken” circle. That is exactly how architect Paul Murdoch described his original Crescent design.

All the redesign does is include an extra arc of trees that explicitly represents a broken off part of the circle. The unbroken part of the circle (the crescent), remains exactly as it was. It is still a giant Islamic shaped crescent, still pointing to Mecca , as your colleague Kirk Swauger verified a year ago:

Rawls maintains that the midpoint between the tips of the crescent points almost precisely toward “qibla,” the direction to Mecca, which Muslims are supposed to face for prayer.

His claims seem to be backed up by coordinates for the direction of qibla from Somerset that can be found on When superimposed over the crescent in the memorial design, the midpoint points over the Arctic Circle, through Europe toward Mecca.

Except for Kirk’s verification of the Mecca orientation of the crescent (which was not picked up by any other news organization), reporters have not been bothering to check the facts. When our claim that there are to be 44 inscribed translucent blocks emplaced along the flight path was reported a few months ago, Gordon Felt, President of Families of Flight 93 was quoted denying it, but despite this clear conflict of factual claims, no reporter bothered to simply open up the design drawings and count.

Can reporters actually be shamed into doing their jobs? Doubtful. They seem to regard actually checking the facts as giving some kind of unfair advantage to the side that is right (which they would be happy do do if the right side was THEIR side).

When the press is in this anti-fact-checking mode, their methodology is just to quote each side. We are trying to take advantage of this behavior by having some of our independent supporters use source documents to fact-check our basic claims, then attest in press releases and at the public meeting that they have personally counted the translucent memorial blocks etcetera.

Co-panelist Diane Gramley will be making such declarations for the cameras. Cao (the organizer of these blogbursts) did some checking from source documents this week and has already posted a powerful press release about her findings that Alec will present at the press conference.

Tom Burnett’s attendance should bring national news coverage. If Tom and Alec can direct some of that coverage to our independent fact checking, it might break the media embargo on fact checking, and once we get the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent out as verified national news, the crescent goose will be cooked.

If you want to participate in our fact-checking drive, Alec has a set of fact checking guides, with links to source documents, at Just send him a link to the post or comment in which you attest to your fact-checking results, and he will compile them.

To join our blogbursts, just send your blog’s url.

Stop the Memorial Blogburst

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Rafael Brom: One Musician Who’s Not An Obama Fan

By now, most of us have seen one or two of the music videos dedicated to Obama by musicians such as Will. i. am, Chris Brown, or countless others that litter YouTube. Most feature clips of Obama’s speeches with his trademark cheering crowds interspersed with clips of the artists themselves singing.

Enter Rafael Brom, a Catholic artist and musician from Czechoslovakia, who emigrated to the United States in 1979:

Upon arriving in the United States, Rafael worked for several energy companies as a graphics illustrator. He dedicated his free time to music, painting, illustrations and helping his father publishing books.

Rafael moved to Los Angeles, California in 1984. While there, he established his own record label, Cosmotone Records. He also started Publishing Company Cosmotone Music (ASCAP) and a distribution company, Center for the Queen of Peace. He then released 3 more albums, ‘Padre Pio’ (Lord Hamilton) This recording is now included on ‘Dance for Padre Pio’, ‘Peace of Heart’, and ‘The Sounds of Heaven’. In Los Angeles, Rafael was involved in numerous charitable activities with his friends of Medjugorje, Marian and Pro-Life Movements, and Padre Pio Prayer Groups and Priests. He opened two Catholic bookstores and for seven years organized big screen presentations on Medjugorje and other Marian Apparitions in Pasadena, California. These influenced the lives of countless people.

On Padre Pio’s birthday, May 25th, 1988, Rafael became a U.S. citizen in a touching naturalization ceremony in Los Angeles, California. In 1992, he moved to Sugar Land, Texas, where he released 7 more albums. They were ‘Dance for Padre Pio’ (which contained his first two 12″ vinyl albums), ‘True Measure of Love’, ‘Music for Peace of Mind’, ‘The Christmas Songs’, and ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Upon the request of Hollywood film director Kurt James Stefka, Rafael composed and performed an original score for Kurt’s short TV movie, ‘Crossroads of the World’.

While living in Sugar Land, Rafael developed and designed a new distribution and publishing company, This is now the largest Roman Catholic Marian Pro-Life resource web site on the Internet. This company distributes and publishes some of the world’s finest Catholic and Christian videos, books, music, and church supplies.

Rafael came up with the idea for a Catholic theme park in 1984. Marianland was soon built in the United States. is also a licensed representative of award-winning British film director, J. Paddy Nolan. They have distributed Nolan’s documentary videos on Padre Pio, Sr. Faustina, and Medjugorje.

The year 2000 saw all of Rafael’s albums remastered for CD duplication and mp3 release. This was done by music and sound guru, Colin Kennedy, of Tortuga Music in Glendale, California. Rafael has since released two new albums, ‘Angelophany’ and ‘All My Love To You, Jesus’. Rafael released his ‘Rafael Brom Unplugged’ DVD in 2004. In 2005, Rafael moved to League City, Texas, where he is continuing his ministries. In 2007, Rafael released hit record album “Life is Good, Enjoy It While You Can”. Rafael’s hobbies include tennis, sailing, soccer, movies, books, paintings, arts, and music.

Another hobby? Exposing the Obamessiah for what he is…in song, mocking the style of the pro-Obama videos.

Check out the cover to his latest album, “Change”:


I’ll tell you what…I thought I was pretty hardcore when it comes to pointing out Obama’s Marxist tendencies, but this guy is like me on steroids:

All of the songs on the album have the sounds of ebullient crowds cheering…much like you would see in a pro Obama video, except with images of communist dictators and tyrants interspersed with the shots of Obama.

Here is his MySpace page. Here’s another one of his websites.

I spent some time today, checking out the guy’s bio, and some of his work, like:

Interesting guy…I like him.

Thanks to Moonbattery for posting that creepy album cover.

McCain’s POW Cellmate Speaks Out On McCain’s Heroism

Wednesday’s Hero: Lt. Thomas M. Martin

1st. Lt. Thomas M. Martin
27 years old from Ward, Arkansas
C Troop, 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division
October 14, 2007

An Eagle Scout, Thomas M. Martin took on cleaning up an old red train caboose as a service project. “He remodeled it to make it where people could go inside. If you saw it before and looked in it after he was through – it was daylight and dark”, said his former principal, Robert Martin, who is no relation. “Tom was involved in Key Club, German Club and band, making All-Region Band his sophomore year”, said Robert Martin. “He was a wonderful young man. Those that knew him knew he was funny and outgoing.”

Lt. Martin died in Al Busayifi, Iraq of wounds sustained from small-arms fire when insurgents attacked his unit during combat operations. He enlisted in the Army in 1998 after graduating high school and served in Korea before accepting an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, graduating in 2005.

“He was very polite and respectful. I can’t think of him ever overreacting; he had a wonderful, good-natured personality”, said Pat Hagge, a family friend. “It’s a terrible tragedy; he was a great young man.”

Lt. Thomas Martin is survived by his parents, Edmund and Candis.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

By Indian Chris, Right Wing & Right Minded

Criminals For Obama

I sense that a new list of questionable Obama endorsements is in order (to add to my reds, and radicals lists), as a new brand of Obama supporter appears to be coming to the fore. A murderer, two petty criminals, a notorious celeb under indictment for murder, and a rapper who glorifies criminal behavior have all openly endorsed Obama.

Here are a couple of Obama fans, noticed by Van Helsing at Moonbattery:

The men were arrested for prostitution related charges.

Dale Lee Bishop was executed last week for his part in a claw-hammer homicide in 1998. Just before his execution, he took the opportunity to endorse Obama:

“For those who oppose the death penalty and want to see it end, our best bet is to vote for Barack Obama because his supporters have been working behind the scenes to end this practice,” Bishop said.

Phil Spector:

Today The Times’ eagle-eyed Harriet Ryan spotted Phil Spector, the famous rock entrepreneur and infamous date, showing up for a court hearing in Los Angeles wearing a very obvious “Barack Obama Rocks” pin.

And now Ludacris, whose music is on Obama’s ipod playlist, has just released a song that endorses Obama:

In fairness, Obama has castigated this song, which he calls, “outrageously offensive”.

Now, it’s no surprise that the criminal element supports the Democrat candidate. That always seems to be the case, which is why we often see Democrats introducing bills that would restore the right to vote for felons.

In Florida, felons who have completed their sentences can apply to have their voting rights restored. 2008 will be the first election effected by this change in policy, and now Obama has to walk the tightrope of mobilizing these new, potential voters, while at the same time appealing to voters across racial lines.

UPDATE (August 8):

Kwame M. Kilpatrick

Detroit Mayor and Michigan Superdelegate Kwame M. Kilpatrick endorsed Obama in June:

“I enthusiastically pledge my support to Senator Barack Obama, who will bring much needed hope, change and leadership to take our country in a new direction,” the mayor said in a prepared statement. “I will work hard to ensure he will be victorious in November.”

Isn’t that special? Obama “will bring much needed hope, change and leadership”. Did he really have to prepare that statement? I think I could have winged that.


Kilpatrick was indicted on twelve criminal counts including perjury and obstruction of justice back in April.

More recently, (today) he was charged with two felony counts of assaulting police officers.

Here’s Obama’s spirited endorsement of Kilpatrick:

“And so I’m grateful to call him a friend and a colleague. And I’m looking forward to a lengthy collaboration in terms of making sure that Detroit does well in the future.”

UPDATE (August 14):

The Tennessee GOP’s new video shining a spotlight in the Obama/Kilpatrick “collaboration”:

UPDATE (Sept. 12):

Rapper Kanye West, a big supporter of Obama was recently arrested after smashing a photographer’s camera during a row at LAX.

IOC Lifts Olympic Ban On Iraqi Athletes

Unfortunately, this decision came too late to help five of the seven athletes effected by the ban:

Two Iraqi athletes will be allowed to participate in the Beijing Olympics after a last-minute pledge by the Iraqi government Tuesday not to interfere politically in the country’s Olympic movement.


“We look forward to seeing the Iraqi flag in Beijing,” the president of the international committee, Jacques Rogge, said in a statement.

The decision comes too late for five members of Iraq’s seven-person team, because the registration deadline for their sports has passed. The other two athletes — Dana Hussein, a sprinter, and Haider Nasir, a discus thrower — will compete in Beijing because track-and-field events have a later registration.

I wrote about the banned Iraqi athletes, here, last week. It’s really a shame that nothing can be done about the remaining five, who still can’t participate, after training so hard.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Beware Of Charismatic Men Who Preach Change: The Video

This letter, written to the Richmond Times Dispatch by a Cuban refuge named Manuel Alvarez Jr has made the rounds of the internet, and has now been made into a YouTube video. Via Barticles Blog, I bring you:

Hat tip: Kat from Cathouse Chat

Joker caught Stealing Batman Posters

What possesses people to do stuff like this?

Police in Michigan have arrested a man who they say tried to steal posters and other items related to the new Batman movie from a cinema lobby while dressed up as the Joker.

The guy is probably an Emo, mark my words….only an Emo would do something like this, and get caught so easily:

( Detective) Mohney says officers who were dispatched early Sunday to the theater arrived to find employees restraining a man wearing a purple suit, a green wig and face paint in the style of Batman’s nemesis in “The Dark Knight.”

The 20-year-old  has been booked for investigation of larceny and malicious destruction of property.

Life is so unfair.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

Did Fox News Receive Talking Points From The White House?

Scott McClellan says yes, O’Reilly says no. You decide:

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit, who thinks McClellan may be used in an October surprise.

Another Commie For Obamie

Accuracy In Media has discovered yet more evidence of communist backing for the candidate:

The latest to emerge publicly in Obama’s camp is Joelle Fishman, the chairman of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) Political Action Commission. In a column titled, “Big political shifts are underway,” Fishman says that Obama could lead “a landslide defeat of the Republican ultra-right” this November and that he is “ready to listen” to the “left and progressive voters” backing him. Fishman makes it clear that the CPUSA is part of this coalition.

Meanwhile, admitted CPUSA member Alan Maki, writing on the official Barack Obama website, in the “community blogs” section under an “Obama 08” banner, has mentioned the unmentionable. That is the role of CPUSA member Frank Marshall Davis in mentoring Obama during his formative high school years in Hawaii.

Oops. That was supposed to be a secret, I think.

Although fine print at the bottom of the page says that “Content on blogs in My.BarackObama represents the opinions of community members and in no way should be interpreted as endorsed or approved by the campaign,” the information provided by Maki is deadly confirmation that a hard-core CPUSA member played a key role in helping raise Obama. It is a story that most media, including some “conservative” news outlets, have shied away from.

Well, this conservative hasn’t shied away from it. I’m hoping that as we get closer to the election, interest in Obama’s communist mentor will increase. But don’t expect any help in spreading the word, from Drudge:

While Obama’s far-left support seems to be worthy of news and comment, Matt Drudge of Drudge Report fame has just rejected two paid ads submitted by my group America’s Survival, Inc. about the influence that CPUSA member Davis exerted over a young Obama. The ads featured a photo of Davis and a communist hammer and sickle. They asked, “Who is this man?,” and urged viewers to click to “Meet the mysterious Red Mentor” so they could be directed to two reports on the subject. The ads were “too controversial,” Drudge’s representative told me.

A recent article in Politico suggested Drudge was moving into the Obama camp. Matt Drudge, the article said, has been “trumpeting Obama’s victories and shrugging at his scandals.” The rejection of my ads is proof of that.

Well, with or without Drudge’s help, Obama’s commie connections are going to come back to haunt him. It’s starting already…right on his own website’s blogs.

Hat tip: CFP


Some interesting behind the scenes intrigue is chronicled by Cliff Kincaid at CFP:

This unusual debate, which is taking place on Obama’s official website, raises the question once again as to why Obama has not been asked by the major media about this relationship. Davis was identified as a Communist Party member by various investigative committees and acknowledged his party membership in a private letter obtained by John Edgar Tidwell, who was sympathetic to Davis and edited his books.

On one side of this debate is somebody claiming to be the son of Davis. On the other side is Alan Maki, a political activist and union organizer with a long history of involvement in left-wing causes. Indeed, Maki confirms that he has been a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and was a communist decades ago when he was in the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

Although he doesn’t support Obama because of his ties to Big Business, Maki wrote a blog on the Obama website stating that he was grateful to Obama for bringing Davis to his attention, and that he, Maki, regarded Davis as his mentor, too. Maki announced establishment of a “Frank Marshall Davis Roundtable for Change” and invited Obama supporters to join it.

Maki did his homework, which is more than most of our own media have done, and he obtained Davis’s books. It is absolutely clear, Maki stated, that Davis was a communist.

Somebody claiming to be the son of Davis has already made an appearance in the comments, here, today. Cliff Kincaid goes on:

Sounding authoritative, this Mark Davis character has declared that Frank Marshall Davis “was not a communist,” was not Obama’s “mentor,” and that his influence over Obama has been “exaggerated.” However, he does contend that Obama did have “respect for Davis’s social insight” and showed “good will” toward him. Coming from someone claiming to be Davis’s son, these assertions might appear to hold some weight.

It is important to note that there is no denial that “Frank” was Frank Marshall Davis. The main question, it seems, is how much influence he exerted over Obama, and how much of a card-carrying communist he actually was.

Lately, this same “Mark” has gone further, appearing to embrace suggestions that it is somehow “defamation” to accuse Davis of being a communist, even though reports from various committees and investigations identified him as such and Davis admitted it in the private letter cited by Tidwell. This is apparently a tactic to try to prevent people from delving too deeply into the Obama-Davis relationship.

More investigations must and will be done, not only in regard to Davis but also those in Hawaii and elsewhere who continue to cover up for him. Indeed, the attacks on AIM for publicizing the Obama-Davis link appear designed to protect associates of Davis from scrutiny. If this is the intention, the tactic has backfired.

Stay tuned.

Change We Can Believe In

Obama/Craig ’08?

Oh, hell yes, Obama can have him:

Believe it or not, this is not a photoshop. A button manufacturer used a picture of the wrong Idaho Larry:

Thanks to a goof by political button manufacturer, it was Craig’s face sharing a campaign button with Obama instead of Democratic candidate Larry LaRocco.

Craig is not seeking re-election following his arrest in a Minnesota airport restroom sex sting.

The buttons weren’t ordered by the LaRocco campaign, said Dean Ferguson, LaRocco’s communications director. They appear to have been produced by a commercial firm that makes campaign memorabilia involving Democratic races around the country, he said.

Those things should do well on Ebay.

Hat tip: Jody

Tony Melendez’s Great Feet

I had never heard of this guy, but maybe some of you guitar aficionados have. He once played the guitar for Pope John Paul II….with his toes.

Watch this video, if you love triumph of the spirit type stories:

Hat tip: My Hubby

Granny Gets Her Freak On

McCain’s VP List

Sources say: The list has been whittled down to six contenders:

  • Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty;
  • Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell;
  • Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney;
  • Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin;
  • U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn; and
  • Former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge.
  • As I’ve been saying, Sarah Palin is the “wow” candidate out of that group. She has what McCain needs to spice up his campaign.

    Sources familiar with the Republican’s VP search process list Pawlenty and Romney as the odds-on favorites but said there was some preference to pick a woman or minority as McCain’s running mate. That would mean Powell, Palin, the 44-year-old Alaska governor, or former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina.

    Lieberman, Ridge, Powell and Palin are considered more wild-card picks than Pawlenty and Romney, according to sources familiar with the McCain search.

    Well, I hope he listens to Newt’s advice, and doesn’t go for one of “the boring white guys”. Boring is not the way to go, this year. McCain needs to go wild!

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