There’s really nothing else to say:

“His confident smile and his kind eyes are an inspiration to us all…”

It’s enough to make Kim Jong Il blush…

SNL couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do a better job satirizing Obama worship.

Via Hot Air Headlines: “Whole industries being spawned by Obama cult, now.”  The Washington Post has finally noticed…and finds it all so charming.

I repeat: Arrrrrghhh!!!

Previously at Nice Deb:

This Week’s Creepy Obama Cult Product

Oh Goodie! Just In Time For Christmas

Gift Giving Opportunities For The Upcoming Obama National Holiday

Narcissism Alert: Obama Has His Own Channel

Speaking Of Hubris….

Hat tip: Yuval Levin at The  Corner


It was only a matter of time:


No Black Friday Shopping For Me


What a relief.

My attempt last year was an epic fail. Shopping just ain’t my thing.

We are going to be on the road, today, so I’m escaping the temptation to run out like a maniac and hit all the awesome sales.

I’m going to be more thoughtful and methodical this year in my Christmas shopping, anyway – fewer presents for the kids, but focusing on the “big” things they want…not lots and lots of little things.

When I get home, I guess I’ll take a gander at the ads and see what’s on sale this weekend…but the first thing I’m going to do is put up the beautiful new wreath I bought at a craft show a few weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to put that thing up since I got it.

- Gotta run!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Is this picture “demeaning and racist”?


Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone.


More Turkey Pardoning intrigue for you.

This time it’s President Bush on the hot seat. You see, after the 61 years it’s been in practice, someone has finally figured out that the Thanksgiving tradition of the President pardoning a turkey right before he goes to eat one, is  “a charade”, and by God, he’s called the President out on it:

Questioned about the apparent hypocrisy of the practice, White House spokesman Scott Stanzel was unruffled. “You should try your hand at open mic night at the Laugh Factory,” said Stanzel. He promised he would attend the performance.

The Humane Society isn’t amused:

Humane Society Calls the Tradition ‘Ludicrous’

“This is one of those ludicrous traditions that lays bare many of our contradictions towards animals,” said Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States.


A spokesman for president-elect Barack Obama declined to comment on the matter.

What do you want to bet that the humor impaired Obama ends the practice?

Why The Obama Birth Certificate Issue Is Legitimate

We can add The American Thinker to the growing number of blogs writing about this issue.

Does this Barack Obama birth certificate issue bug you because, although improbable, it’s possible that he’s not a natural born citizen, isn’t eligible to be President under the Constitution, and this issue could be bigger than Watergate — or any other “gate” in history?
Are you afraid that if you were even to raise the subject with your friends that they will think you wear a tinfoil hat, because, the final arbiter of truth in the universe, said so?
Are you with the news media, and after spending so much money to get Barack Obama elected, you’d hate to ruin your investment?
Are you a talk radio host who thinks that if you say the burden of proof needed to demonstrate one is eligible to be Commander in Chief should be at least as high as, oh, say, the level to be eligible for Hawaiian homestead status (see 1.F. below), that you’d be forced to give equal time to someone who disagrees?
Are you a conservative, libertarian, or any conscientious constitutionalist from any ideological side of life, who’s convinced something’s not right, but you’re afraid your reputation might be tarnished because, after all, this could be one big Saul-Alinsky-style set-up, and the joke would be on you?
Fear not!  Joe the Farmer has prepared an outline showing that no matter how this issue is ultimately resolved, you have legitimate concerns, and that Barack Obama should, simply out of respect for the nation he was elected to lead, disclose the sealed vault copy of his birth certificate.

The question not being asked by the holders of power, who dismiss this as a rightwing conspiracy, is what’s the downside of disclosing?  This is a legitimate issue of inquiry because Barack Obama has turned it into one.  The growing number of people who demand an answer in conformance with the Constitution are doing their work; the people’s watchdogs aren’t.


You can read all about Obama’s forged COLB, here.

Pathetic: Another Tradition Losing To Political Correctness


Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

When it comes to any American, or religious holiday, there always has to be some turd in the punchbowl trying to ruin everyone’s innocent fun. In this case the turd’s name is Michelle Raheja:

For decades, Claremont kindergartners have celebrated Thanksgiving by dressing up as pilgrims and Native Americans and sharing a feast. But on Tuesday, when the youngsters meet for their turkey and songs, they won’t be wearing their hand-made bonnets, headdresses and fringed vests.

My five year old just did the same thing with his kindergarten class, here in Missouri. He chose to wear his pilgrim’s hat, but he wore his Indian headdress home. There were no fireworks amongst the parents about the costumes. This sort of insane-hyperactive-pc-crapola usually starts on the coasts.

Parents in this quiet university town are sharply divided over what these construction-paper symbols represent: A simple child’s depiction of the traditional (if not wholly accurate) tale of two factions setting aside their differences to give thanks over a shared meal? Or a cartoonish stereotype that would never be allowed of other racial, ethnic or religious groups?

The first one.

“It’s demeaning,” Michelle Raheja, the mother of a kindergartner at Condit Elementary School, wrote to her daughter’s teacher. “I’m sure you can appreciate the inappropriateness of asking children to dress up like slaves (and kind slave masters), or Jews (and friendly Nazis), or members of any other racial minority group who has struggled in our nation’s history.”
No, I can’t really see how it’s any more demeaning or inappropriate for a kid to wear a construction paper Indian headdress, than it is for him to wear a construction paper pilgrim’s hat. They’re both a little silly…but fun, and part of our heritage. On the first Thanksgiving…the pilgrims and the Indians did sit down together to enjoy the harvest. Nobody forced the Indians to do this. They weren’t slaves. They did it in friendship. There was an initial period of peaceful relations between the settlers and the Indians. That’s what we remember, and choose to celebrate on Thanksgiving. Peace, even when it’s not lasting, is worth remembering.

Raheja, whose mother is a Seneca, wrote the letter upon hearing of a four-decade district tradition, where kindergartners at Condit and Mountain View elementary schools take annual turns dressing up and visiting the other school for a Thanksgiving feast. This year, the Mountain View children would have dressed as Native Americans and walked to Condit, whose students would have dressed as Pilgrims.

Sounds quaint, and harmless. Obviously it needs to be stopped, immediately.

Raheja, an English professor at UC Riverside who specializes in Native American literature, said she met with teachers and administrators in hopes that the district could hold a public forum to discuss alternatives that celebrate thankfulness without “dehumanizing” her daughter’s ancestry.
There is nothing to be served by dressing up as a racist stereotype,” she said.

Huh. Not all Native Americans agree:

Kathleen Lucas, a Condit parent who is of Choctaw heritage, said her son — now a first-grader — still wears the vest and feathered headband he made last year to celebrate the holiday.

“My son was so proud,” she said. “In his eyes, he thinks that’s what it looks like to be Indian.”

Is Kathy Lucas a college professor, though? What does she know? She and her kid are probably too ignorant to see how racist and demeaning it all is.

Last week, rumors began to circulate on both campuses that the district was planning to cancel the event, and infuriated parents argued over the matter at a heated school board meeting Thursday. District Supt. David Cash announced at the end of the meeting that the two schools had tentatively decided to hold the event without the costumes, and sent a memo to parents Friday confirming the decision.

But many parents, who are convinced the decision was made before the board meeting, accused administrators of bowing to political correctness.

Among the costume supporters, there is a vein of suspicion that casts Raheja and others opposed to the costumes as agenda-driven elitists. Of the handful of others who spoke with Raheja against the costumes at the board meeting, one teaches at the University of Redlands, one is an instructor at Riverside Community College, and one is a former Pitzer College professor.


Raheja is “using those children as a political platform for herself and her ideas,” Constance Garabedian said as her 5-year-old Mountain View kindergartner happily practiced a song about Native Americans in the background. “I’m not a professor and I’m not a historian, but I can put the dots together.”

Exactamundo. These people get it. And they’re not giving in easily:

The debate is far from over. Some parents plan to send their children to school in costume Tuesday — doubting that administrators will force them to take them off. The following day, some plan to keep their children home, costing the district attendance funds to punish them for modifying the event.

“She’s not going to tell us what we can and cannot wear,” said Dena Murphy, whose 5-year-old son attends Mountain View. “We’re tired of [district officials] cowing down to people. It’s not right.”

I’m not sure what I would have done….I probably would have kept my child home.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

Franken Losing Ground In MN Recount


The St. Paul Pioneer Press, is reporting:

As Minnesota’s recount in the U.S. Senate race marches on, campaign operatives have focused on the color of the ballots being counted.

Are the piles of recounted ballots from red counties, where Republican Sen. Norm Colman might be expected to pick up a few stray votes? Or blue counties, where DFL challenger Al Franken might have the advantage?

But Minneapolis — the biggest, bluest pile of all — is turning that logic on its head. With nearly half of its ballots recounted, the city Franken calls home isn’t doing the candidate any favors. And that could be dimming Franken’s hopes of catching Coleman before the state canvassing board meets Dec. 16.

“Things are clearly moving in the wrong direction for Franken,” said Larry Jacobs, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for the Study of Politics and Governance.

With fewer than half of the ballots counted in Minneapolis, Franken has lost 86 votes, while Coleman has lost just 37. In other words, the city could be blunting any recount advantage Franken might have in the rest of the state as the recount rolls toward its Dec. 5 deadline.


H/T: MN Dems Exposed

This Week’s Creepy Obama Cult Product

Move over Patchouli oil! You have been officially replaced!


“Yes We Can” perfume has been spotted in our finer stores, this shopping season! Better stock up for the Obama fan on your Christmas list….these babies are probably going fast. (I wish I were joking…I’m not).

This product is actually a copycat; a slicker version of this, and this….. and this?!

I was wondering if George Bush ever had his own perfume, so I did some googling. Banana Republic carries a perfume called,  “W”.

Something tells me it’s not meant to be a tribute to our current President, but so what? Get it anyway and give it to your favorite liberal for Christmas.

See here and here for more gift giving ideas for Obama groupie on your list.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

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MN Recount Results Thus Far

Via The MN Sec of State:

Statewide Recount Results for US Senate
Nov. 4 Ballots Cast for Norm Coleman 909114
Nov. 4 Ballots Cast for Al Franken 890899
Recounted Data Totals Percent
RECOUNT Number of Ballots for Coleman (as recounted) 908063 41.95
RECOUNT Number of Ballots for Franken (as recounted) 889891 41.11
RECOUNT Number of All Other Ballots (as recounted) 363852 16.81
RECOUNT COLEMAN and Other Ballots Challenged By FRANKEN 1401 0.06
RECOUNT FRANKEN and Other Ballots Challenged By COLEMAN 1400 0.06

Percentage of Ballots Recounted = 74.18 %

It appears that Al Franken is determined to drag this thing out for as long as he possibly can.


The Star Trib reports that one woman was an election judge in one county, and a Franken observer in another:

At the tables where the U.S. Senate recount is being conducted across the state, workers wear one of two hats: Either they’re a nonpartisan election judge doing the counting, or they’re a volunteer for the candidates, keeping an eye on the counting.

But a woman from Breckenridge wore both hats, on different days in neighboring counties.

For two days last week, Maggie Vertin watched Otter Tail County’s recount in Fergus Falls, volunteering for Al Franken’s campaign. On Saturday, she worked as a Wilkin County election judge in her hometown.

For all the latest on the MN recount, see MN Democrats Exposed.

Comedian Puts “Turkey-Gate” Into Perspective

Thank you Jim Treacher for sharing this:

Can we have more comedians making fun of Palin-bashers, please?


The turkey farmer in the Palin video speaks out:

Don’t mess with my Governor!

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Justice Is Served: Holy Land Foundation Found Guilty On All Counts

Wow. This is great, and unexpected news. I had lost track of this story since I blogged about the mistrial last year.

The Holy Land Foundation, the largest Islamic charity in the US, was found guilty of funneling over $12 million to Hamas today.
The Dallas Morning News reported:
A jury on Monday determined that the Holy Land Foundation and five men who worked with the Muslim charity were guilty of three dozen counts related to the illegal funneling of at least $12 million to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

The unanimous verdicts are a complete victory for the government, which streamlined its case after a mistrial last year, and worked hard to carefully educate jurors on the complex evidence presented in the massive case. Guilty verdicts were read on 108 separate charges.

The prosecution victory is also a major one for the administration of President George Bush, whose efforts at fighting terrorism financing in court have been troubled, even though the flow of funds seems to be effectively shut down.

The original trial was declared a mistrial,  after the jury deadlocked. One moonbat juror reportedly “ran roughshod over most other panelists, whose intellectual abilities he has criticized.” Among other things, Neal has gone on record to say that he didn’t even think the defense needed to stand up and present a case; that the prosecution case was “a waste of time;” that the case was only about George Bush. “

I wasn’t holding out much hope for the new trial, so I’m pleasantly surprised.

Hat tip: Israpundit

An Obama Groupie Speaks


This op-ed in The San Francisco Chronicle is everything we’ve come to expect from the Obama cultist, and more.  The author, Molly Sweeny is a sophomore working toward a triple major in political science at UC Davis. What makes her idol worship even more disturbing, is that she would like, upon graduation, to be a ‘war-zone correspondent and analyst of terrorist activities’.

For the first time in my life, I feel as if someone stands for me and my ideals, understands my hardships and wants to make my life and the lives of my generation better than those of our parents.

“For the first time in my life…” – where have we heard that, before?

Barack Obama gives me hope that when I graduate from college, I will have a job and a place to start my life where I don’t have to worry about not having enough money to eat or repay my school debts.

Obama will put her to work, alright; “repairing our crumbling roads and bridges”, or perhaps building a wind-farm.

Obama understands the importance of my education, and wants to help ensure that I can receive that education, thus bettering myself and bettering America.

I don’t get it. The woman is a sophomore. What has Obama done for her to get her that far?

Obama wants to make sure that kids aren’t starving in our towns and cities; that men, women, children and teenagers have access to health care and don’t succumb to treatable illnesses because of lack of health insurance. Obama believes in life lived without fear.

Bush was all for starving children in our towns and cities, the cad. And he wasn’t happy unless people were living in fear of “succumbing to treatable illnesses”.

Obama wants the world to once again look at America with awe at our grandeur, and at the freedoms we enjoy; to have the world see us as a place of new ideas, a beacon of hope shining from our borders because of our faith in ourselves and our faith in the good of the world. Obama wants to replace the dark hallows of the world, which have been sucked dry of faith, with the resoluteness of righting the wrongs and atoning for the atrocities committed by humans upon fellow humans.

I suspect that when she says “freedoms”, she means her freedom to have an abortion. Economic freedom, free speech, right to bear arms…not so much.

Obama understands the environmental crisis, and wants to lead us into doing what we can to preserve the world and undo as much damage as we can. He wants to create a world for our children and our children’s children, a world where the air is crisp and the snow is still magical.

There is no “environmental crisis”, and snow has never been magical.

Obama lights a fire in my heart because he embodies what this country can be, not what it is; because he battles for morality and strives to pick up those who have fallen and can find no support. He fights for the people, all of the people – those like you and those like me. He fights for who I want to be and fights for the people who never knew they could be anything.

Obama understands my life, where I have been and where I am going. He is a real man, a man of good conscience and good character; a man I could turn to as a friend, a brother or a father. He is a guiding light in our country where the light has dimmed, and the people’s inspiration has wilted. He brings back the joy, and the hope of America. He does not discriminate against that which is not like him or that which he doesn’t understand. With an open mind and an open heart, he has a plan for where we are going. He is willing to take our weary bones and souls and put new life into them to create a place that can grow, prosper and renew.

This poor child needs to be de-programmed. This is what happens when a mind, incapable of critical thought, and devoid of original ideas is hit with a massive propaganda campaign. It’s beyond sad that institutions of higher learning are producing specimens like this. She probably won’t be right in the head until she’s been out of college for a good many years, but she may never recover fully.

I voted for Obama because I believe in him, and because he believes in me and in this country.

No ma’am. He does NOT believe in this country. In fact, he’s on record as saying that our constitution is “fatally flawed”.  He has promised to fundamentally “change” this country in a way that has his anti-American, Communist cronies in Chicago rubbing their hands together in delighted anticipation.

He will fight for my rights as a woman and fight for the rights of men. He will fight for the old and for the young. He will fight for those who have everything, for those with nothing and for everyone in between.

If you mean “my rights as a woman” to mean: expanding the right to abortion even to the point of infanticide, then yes, you are correct. As he has proven in the Illinois legislature, he will fight for that. But other than that, you should expect to see our rights receding like the oceans.

Obama understands the world in which we live.

THIS Obama?

He wants me to have control over my body, and will not dictate what I do or to whom I am accountable.

Kinda figured abortion was important to her.

He wants us all to succeed and to grow as people. He will not impinge upon my rights; instead he will fight for my rights, and fight to give Americans more rights.

Like the right to run a business as you (not the government) see fit, the right to free speech, and the right to bear arms?

Barack Obama makes me proud to be an American. He reignited the hope in our hearts, opened our minds and is ready to lead us into the bountiful future with an unwavering hand.

Our? Speak for yourself.

Can we change the voting age to, say…….35?

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Catholic Members Of Congress Who Vote For FOCA May Face Automatic Excommunication

Heads up Pelosi, Dodd, Kennedy, Kerry, Kucinich, et al.

CNS News  reports:

At a press conference at the fall meeting of the USCCB held in Baltimore last week, asked Cardinal George if the language in the Catholic Catechism that says “formal cooperation” in abortion incurs the penalty of excommunication would apply to a Catholic member of Congress voting for FOCA.

“The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense and the church attaches the canonical penalty of excommunication to this crime against human life,” asked.

“If openly Catholic politicians vote for this Freedom of Choice Act, which would pretty much allow unfettered access to abortion in the United States, would it be an automatic grounds for excommunication? But even if it’s not automatic … could you just explain the process of the excommunication?” added.

“The excommunication is automatic if that act is in fact formal cooperation, and that is precisely what would have to be discussed once you would see the terms of the act itself,” responded George.

Of course the Catholic Church is always exceedingly careful in all its deliberations:

“The categories in moral theology about cooperating in evil, which make you complicit in the evil even though you don’t do it yourself, are material cooperation, which is usually remote and therefore doesn’t involve you in the moral action except in a very auxiliary and minor way, and formal cooperation, which would involve you even though you are not doing it, in the way that makes you culpable,” said George.

“So we would have to take a look at each case, and at each law, to determine whether or not the cooperation is material or formal. We’ve never done that,” he added.

I think it’s time to start.

Fr. Frank Pavone of the Priests for Life told “Any legislator who would vote for such an extreme piece of pro-abortion legislation [FOCA], and any executive who would sign it or judge who would uphold it, or even a citizen who would lobby in any way in favor of it, would be committing a serious sin, objectively speaking. It is cooperation with evil in a totally unjustified way.”

See Deal Hudson for more arguments in favor of excommunication.

H/T: American Papist

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Happy V-I Day!


Celebrate! Kiss a soldier, today. The war IS over.

Don’t believe me? It’s in the paper, Yo!

Somebody has to write this. The United States has won the war in Iraq.

I’m compelled to proclaim victory because, these days, winning wars has become politically incorrect in Western societies. So much so that some political leaders opposed to the war refuse to recognize the definition of victory or to utter the word.

More than five years after the invasion, I still come across people who say they don’t know what victory in Iraq means. That’s on purpose. Feigning ignorance allows them to deny the obvious political and military progress that has been made and continues to be made each day.

The truth is, President Bush has been consistent in defining victory. Bottom line, it’s leaving behind a functional and democratic Iraq capable of defending itself from internal and external threats. Iraq is on an irreversible path to meeting those goals. Even Bush has raised the specter of “time horizons” for troop withdrawal. Previously, the president eschewed timelines, maintaining that troop reduction would be dictated by conditions on the ground. Security has improved so much in the past 18 months that Bush is not only open to troop withdrawals, American forces in Iraq could actually dip below 100,000 by the end of this year, down from approximately 140,000 today.

The reason for victory is simple — the 30,000-troop surge that began in early 2007 and concluded less than a month ago has worked. The security it provided has allowed for consistent, if glacial, political progress and maturation of Iraqi national and local governance. Decreasing violence has allowed momentum in the reconstruction and redevelopment of the nation’s long-neglected and deteriorating infrastructure.

Of particular interest to Americans is Iraqi oil production. Iraq is producing approximately 2.5 million barrels a day, a tad more than its peak under Saddam’s reign. Of that, 1.7 million barrels are exported. Production is expected to reach 3 million barrels, possibly by the end of 2008. The consistently increasing output is good news for the pinched American motorist, but it’s great news for the Iraqi soldier.

Why November 22?

Several people have written in to ask what is significant about November 22; why was it chosen as the date for VI Day? The answer is: There’s nothing militarily significant about this day. There are no major events related to the Iraq War that happened on November 22. It’s just a convenient day, chosen essentially at random. Some date must be chosen, and this is just as good as any other, since there is no actual distinct date of surrender or of the war’s self-evident cessation.

Others have written in to ask: Won’t VI Day conflict with the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, which happened on November 22, 1963? Well, I suppose it might, to those who mark that anniversary. But Victory in Iraq Day is not intended to be an annual holiday, celebrated on November 22 forevermore into the future; it’s a one-time only event, a declaration right now that the war is over right now. Not every end-of-a-war day becomes a national holiday. In fact, only November 11, Armistice Day for WWI, is still remembered as a national holiday (now called Veterans’ Day). Does anyone in America still throw a party on May 7 or 8, the days on which the Nazis surrendered, known as VE Day? Not that I now of. And the day on which WWII finally, totally came to an end was August 15, VJ Day, on which Japan surrendered. Yet there is no national holiday on August 15. And I’d wager that 95% of Americans couldn’t even tell you why August 15 was historically significant.

Considering all this, that even the victory in WWII did not become an annual holiday, it’s almost certain that VI Day will not become an annual holiday either — and thus will not conflict with any annual services marking Kennedy’s assassination. VI Day is a one-time only celebration.—Zombietime

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Kenyan Ambassador: Obama’s Birthplace “Already Well Known In Kenya”

I wasn’t going to say any more about the Obama birth certificate controversy, but I found this intriguing.

Mike in the Morning, a radio talk show out of Detroit MI, (of all places!), decided to call the Kenyan embassy a little over a week ago, and talk about the reaction in Kenya to Obama’s victory in the 2008 Presidential election. I think it was meant to be a light hearted interview…it doesn’t seem like they went into this with the intention of making headlines. They started off talking to a secretary, but were eventually patched through to the Kenyan Ambassador, H.E. Peter Ogego. The pertinent part of the audio starts at 2:35:

My impression is that the question about Obama’s birthplace was meant as a joke… not to be taken seriously. But His Excellency Peter Ogego answered it seriously, and frankly.

A few things to consider in case you’re thinking this was some sort of prank:

1. The audio of this conversation (the first part of the call can be heard, here) is posted at the WRIF radio station’s website.  I doubt the station would put its reputation and FCC radio license on the line for a hoax.

2. That sure sounds like H.E. Peter Ogego’s voice. Compare here.

3. Listen to the genuine surprise of the talk show hosts after the call.

The only argument that detractors can convincingly make, is that the Ambassador and most, if not all of Kenya’s citizen’s, including Obama’s Kenyan grandmother, (who claims to have witnessed his birth), are mistaken about this.

WND reports:

“At least two of his relatives in Kenya claim to have been present at his birth in Mombasa, Kenya. In addition, the Obama machine has scoffed at requests to see the form of the Hawaiian birth certificate that includes the specific hospital in which the delivery took place. The form released by the campaign does not include that information, leading to suspicions Obama might have been one of the foreign-born babies of the 1960s who were, nonetheless, provided birth certificates by the state of Hawaii.”


“Hawaii Revised Statute 338-178 allows registration of birth in Hawaii for a child that was born outside of Hawaii to parents who, for a year preceding the child’s birth, claimed Hawaii as their place of residence,” the document said. “The only way to know where Senator Obama was actually born is to view Senator Obama’s original birth certificate from 1961 that shows the name of the hospital and the name and signature of the doctor that delivered him.”

The Supremes will also be reviewing one of the citizenship cases on December 5th.

Alan Keyes, who was a candidate for President in the 2008 race, has filed a CA court petition regarding Obama’s eligibility.

To be honest, until now, I’ve been pretty convinced that Obama was born in Hawaii, but that there were still some legitimate questions about his citizenship because of the years he was a citizen of Indoniesia. Now I’m reconsidering my earlier assessment.

I guess this makes me a “truther”, or “fringe” blogger. But until Obama produces that vault birth certificate, I will question his eligibility. Aren’t we still a nation of laws?


Political Pistachio had an interesting discussion on his Blog Radio show about the total media blackout on this story.



To: Electoral College, Congress of the United States, Federal Elections Commission, U.S. Supreme Court, President of the United States, other controlling legal authorities
To sign the petition, click here.


To reiterate:

Currently being considered by the SCOTUS:

Docket # 08570 Phillip Berg (aka Nut Job) V. State of Pa.

Concerning Eligibilty of Obama…..Defendants ordered to respond by Dec 1st……Waived right to respond 11-18…..Justice Souter. Now Judge asked for response and got a Legal Non-response?

Docket # 08-A407 Leo Donofrio V. State of NJ

Concerning Eligibility of Obama again…..This case has been set for “Conference” on Dec 5,2008 Justice Clarence Thomas.

Thanks to LaptoLizard

You would think that the media would be just a teensy bit interested in this.

UPDATE III (Nov. 24):

Via Atlas Shrugs, Alan Keyes’ Lawyer, Orly Taitz, has issued the following statement:

    We need to write to all the governmental official listed in the attachments, including pres Bush, that due to the fact that Mr. Obama refused to provide proof of eligibility (Hawaii allows to issue birth certificates to children of Hawaiian residents, that are born abroad, and issue them based on a statement of one realtive only) , he cannot be certified as President and he cannot receive National Security CIA briefings.

    We believe all the Secretaries of State should give Mr. Obama 24 hours to sign the consent for release of any and all documents, verifying his eligibility, including, but not limited to a certified copy of his original birth certificate with the name and the signature of the doctor and the name of the hospital, certified copy of the birthing records from the hospital noted in the birth certificate, any and all passports with all the immigration stamps, application and registration forms from Columbia university, Harvard college, Occidental College and the schools in Indonesia, that Mr. Obama attended; and official response from the Governments of Great Britain, Kenya and Indonesia in regards to Mr. Obama’s citizenship status in those countries. If Mr. Obama refuses to provide such consent, or if the consent is provided, but the documents show him to be ineligible, no Secretary of State and no Governor of State has any legal right to sign the Certificate of Ascertainment, no Elector has any legal right to sign a certificate of vote, since doing so will constitute aiding and abetting fraud in voting and punishable by up to 3 years in jail (California election code 18500) and similarly punishable by corresponding statutes in other states of the union, it possibly can be viewed as aiding and abeting commission of treason.

    This has to be forwarded to all the media outlets. We need to write to the media, that American citizens are reasonably relying on them to provide them with information in regards to such issues of National Importance. Refusal by Media to publish information in regards to Mr. Obama’s status as a British Citizen by birth and other issues relating to his lack of eligibility to be the President of the US, is de facto aiding and abetting commission of fraud in voting and elections (see above).

    I believe we should contact all sponsors and all advertisers and all citizens that believe in the Constitution of this country an demand that they boycott all the media outlets that refuse to air this information that is akin to a Constitutional crisis. We should start a recall of all the Governors and Secretaries of States that sign the certificates of Ascertainment without proof of eligibility. No member of US military can be expected to risk his life under orders of a Commander in Chief, who was not willing to produce proof of his eligibility for office, no order or law signed by somebody, who was not proven to be eligible will be valid. We have to stop this constitutional crisis.

Orly Taitz DDS Esq

UPDATE (November 28):

WND took the initiative to call the Kenyan Ambassador, H.E. Peter Ogego. He claims that his words were “misquoted and edited” for the radio program. But they couldn’t have been edited because the interview ran live, and he wasn’t misquoted either. He said what he said.

Clark: “We want to congratulate you on Barack Obama, our new president, and you must be very proud.”

Ogego: “We are. We are. We are also proud of the U.S. for having made history as well.”

Fellhauer: “One more quick question, President-elect Obama’s birthplace over in Kenya, is that going to be a national spot to go visit, where he was born?”

Ogego: “It’s already an attraction. His paternal grandmother is still alive.”

Fellhauer: “His birthplace, they’ll put up a marker there?”

Ogego: “It would depend on the government. It’s already well known.”

So now Ogego is saying the hosts misquoted and edited the audio recording of his comments.

“I’m already infuriated by the whole thing,” he said. “The radio itself had a cynicism to it. I didn’t mind that, but to misquote me is unacceptable. They are circulating misinformation regarding Mr. Obama’s birthplace.”

However, WRIF’s Mike Clark told WND the show never manipulated the audio recording in anyway.

“I can assure you that nothing was edited or stated out of context,” he said.

Nonetheless, Ogego insisted he was speaking about Barack Obama Sr., and not President-elect Obama.

“They asked me about Obama’s father, not Obama,” Ogego said with a raised voice. “This is common-sense knowledge. Nobody is fooling anybody.”

But Clark said Ogego’s claim that he was speaking about Barack Obama Sr. doesn’t add up.

“If you listen to the call in its entirety, you will find it was very obvious we were all talking about President-elect Barack Obama and not his father,” Clark said. “So, the idea that he thought we were talking about his father seems a little farfetched to me.”

Clark said Ogego’s statement that Obama’s Kenyan birthplace was already an attraction caught them off guard.

“The point is, we expected him to say, ‘No. Obama was not born in Kenya, but there is an attraction to honor his father.’ I would have thought that would have been the answer if anything,” he said.

Curiouser and curiouser.

UPDATE (December 21):

Kenyan Government Issues Gag Order On Obama’s Kenyan Family.

The government has blocked Kenyan members of President-elect Barrack Obama’s extended family from talking to the media. Family members will have to ask permission from government before issuing making any statement concerning Obama. The government will also vet all those seeking information about the family.

“We are doing this because we want to ensure better flow of information.

The Bush Snub That Wasn’t

When I saw the Bush snub story, yesterday, I suspected that we weren’t being treated to the whole story, and I was right. I’m only posting CNN’s correction because this story went viral, yesterday, and the schadenfreude on the left was palpable.

Turns out all of the world’s leaders don’t hate President Bush, after all. Even Angela Merkel, who was once grievously molested by Bush, shook hands warmly with the President.

Ed Morrissey asks an obvious question:

So where does this leave Rick Sanchez? How does a show host recover from having his own network rip apart his reporting as puerile and uninformed? Move to MS-NBC, where those qualities have value?

Sounds about right.

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