MN Recount Results Thus Far

Via The MN Sec of State:

Statewide Recount Results for US Senate
Nov. 4 Ballots Cast for Norm Coleman 909114
Nov. 4 Ballots Cast for Al Franken 890899
Recounted Data Totals Percent
RECOUNT Number of Ballots for Coleman (as recounted) 908063 41.95
RECOUNT Number of Ballots for Franken (as recounted) 889891 41.11
RECOUNT Number of All Other Ballots (as recounted) 363852 16.81
RECOUNT COLEMAN and Other Ballots Challenged By FRANKEN 1401 0.06
RECOUNT FRANKEN and Other Ballots Challenged By COLEMAN 1400 0.06

Percentage of Ballots Recounted = 74.18 %

It appears that Al Franken is determined to drag this thing out for as long as he possibly can.


The Star Trib reports that one woman was an election judge in one county, and a Franken observer in another:

At the tables where the U.S. Senate recount is being conducted across the state, workers wear one of two hats: Either they’re a nonpartisan election judge doing the counting, or they’re a volunteer for the candidates, keeping an eye on the counting.

But a woman from Breckenridge wore both hats, on different days in neighboring counties.

For two days last week, Maggie Vertin watched Otter Tail County’s recount in Fergus Falls, volunteering for Al Franken’s campaign. On Saturday, she worked as a Wilkin County election judge in her hometown.

For all the latest on the MN recount, see MN Democrats Exposed.

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One Response to “MN Recount Results Thus Far”

  1. Steven W. Says:

    Does this count include the dead & illegal alien vote? ;)


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