My Patriotic Christmas Tree

I started this tree, located upstairs in the loft, in December of 2001:



I made this patriotic snowman for xmas 2001.   Anything  works, as long as it’s red, white and blue


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6 Responses to “My Patriotic Christmas Tree”

  1. forged rite Says:

    Do you guys use a fake or a real tree? I was always a diehard real tree guy, but a few years ago i looked at the fake trees at Home Depot and they looked great so i got one and have used it ever since. Our ornaments are a hodgepodge of family stuff (like things nieces and nephews etc. make in school), stuff people have given us and stuff we’ve picked up over the years, no real theme. I’ve actually got lights that were made in the 70’s but they’re probably a fire hazard so i don’t use them.


  2. Wayne Says:

    I’ve linked to your post from What Christmas traditions do you want to keep?

    That is a good tree.


  3. nicedeb Says:

    Thanks, Wayne!

    Forged, all my trees are fake.

    This is the third one I’ve posted. My living room tree is our hodgepodge tree. I have so many ornaments, I’ve had to add more trees.


  4. iamfelix Says:

    I love all your decorations! Multiple trees are the bomb. I keep saying I’m going to do that, and then I don’t. I need some Noël-y motivation (maybe if I keep lookin’ at your pix). Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  5. nicedeb Says:

    Thanks, and merry Christmas to you and yours, too, Iamfelix!


  6. CatHouse Chat Says:

    Welcome to the Carnival of Christmas, 2008!…

    “ Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” It is truly an honor and a joy to be able to host this wonderful Carnival again. I had so much fun last year that I pretty much badgered poor Adam Graham into letting me do……


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