Uggghhh: Obama Soap-On-A-Rope

Or Dope-on-a-rope as Moonbattery calls it:


Not sure this was a good idea….

The  product website gushes:

What we’ve all been waiting for — a little hope, and Barack’s the man for the job. We made him purple, because we here at dugshop feel that he’s a true uniter, there are no red or blue states, we’re all purple.

These people are delusional.

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12 Responses to “Uggghhh: Obama Soap-On-A-Rope”

  1. Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur Says:

    I must have one! That would be almost as satisfying as Obama toilet paper!


  2. nicedeb Says:

    I’m blushing at the thought of the comments there would be at Ace’s….


  3. crushliberalism Says:

    The soap figure bears a strong resemblance to Mushmouth on Fat Albert.

    Come to think of it, without a teleprompter, dude sounds like Mushmouth, too. :D


  4. brewha Says:

    when my husband went into the navy several yrs ago people advised him to bring soap on a rope while at boot-camp. you don’t want to lose your soap while in a community shower and have to bend over searching for it.


  5. Sparky Says:

    Imagine 2 horns off the top of the head, and a 666 on its forehead. The Anti-Christ!


  6. di butler Says:

    I swear that is Prince Charles! They must have just used some molds from across the pond. Or the Alfred E. Neuman Mad Magazine guy. I would sue, you know where that thing is going to end up?? In the end, up! That nose will be a Andrew Sullivan anal plug. Yikes!


  7. BigFurHat Says:

    We’ve had the soap over in our store for awhile now.

    It’s called Hope on a Rope.

    The tag line is:

    When the Hope eventually fades you still have the Rope.


  8. nicedeb Says:

    Heh! I saw that!


  9. A carbination divided: Soda populism « Inappropriate Obama Merchandise Says:

    […] now’s my turn.  I’m calling out Nice Deb, a conservative blog which also reports about inappropriate Obama merchandise, but from a right-wing perspective.  Although I don’t know this person, I am prepared to […]


  10. Susie Says:

    I am looking for the Obama dildo… I am sooooooooo in lub with him.

    XOXOXOXOX to Press OB,


  11. 1389AD Says:

    I agree with Sparky.

    That face looks truly demonic.


  12. RE: The President’s “Longstanding Disapproval Of The Use Of His Image For Commercial Purposes” « Nice Deb Says:

    […] used on a whole array of commercial products – to the point where it was frankly creepy and obscene, and I don’t remember the President saying boo about […]


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