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I’m leaving for the weekend in about a half an hour, although as always, I’ll be taking my laptop with me.

I didn’t have time, today to develop the story I wanted to do about the Obama administration and Israel, but here are some links, that I gathered. You can click away, and connect the dots, yourself.


A recent day in NYC.

Tell me what you think…I’ll see you in a few hours.

Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst #54

Caught on video: shameful cover-up of the crescent-topped Tower of Voices


For three years, the Flight 93 Memorial Project has been relentlessly dishonest, publicly denying damning facts like the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent while making excuses for these facts in private.


Before the 2007 Memorial Project meeting, Project Partner and Flight 93 family member Patrick White was asked by the press about claims that the giant Crescent of Embrace points to Mecca. He said that all of the claims about what is in the design had been thoroughly investigated and been found to be untrue and “preposterous.”

In private conversation at the meeting itself, White acknowledged the Mecca-orientation of the crescent and made excuses for it, arguing that the almost-exact Mecca orientation cannot be seen as a tribute to Islam because the in-exactness of it would be “disrespectful to Islam.”

It is difficult enough to comprehend how Flight 93 family members can know that the giant crescent does indeed point almost exactly at Mecca, as critics are claiming, and still be okay with it. But White and the other Project Partners are going even further. They are knowingly covering up this damning information, and even flat lying to the public about it.

Whatever the explanation, this is what we are up against. Memorial Project participants know that the press will only cover our denunciations of the crescent design in those rare instances where we are able to mount a substantial public protest. Since the press never checks the facts, Project partners just issue whatever denials will get them through that news cycle, no matter how dishonest.

The above video

An example of this shameless misdirection was caught on video at last summer’s Memorial Project meeting. Alec Rawls, who made the trip to Somerset PA along with Tom Burnett Sr. (father of Flight 93 hero Tom Jr.), directed public attention to the crescent-topped Tower of Voices. A full-color advertisement in the Somerset newspaper showed the public what the Memorial Project and the press would not: that the Tower of Voices is topped with an Islamic shaped crescent, soaring in the sky above the symbolic lives of the 40 heroes:

Tower of Voices top

At the meeting, Patrick White castigated Rawls for showing the meeting this artist’s rendering of the crescent topped tower, even as this very same graphic was on display by the Memorial Project itself just outside of the courtroom where the meeting was taking place.

White angrily denounced any suggestion that the approved plans for the memorial were indicative of what would actually be built, clearly implying that the crescent topped tower is no longer part of the planned memorial. Yet White had asserted exactly the opposite just three months earlier, when he and other family members involved with the Memorial Project declared that they would fight to build the design as approved:

Commission Chairman John Reynolds said he anticipated that people who opposed the memorial design would present a petition to throw it out.

But family members yesterday said they will work tirelessly to have the monument completed according to the design by the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

“We’re standing up and saying, ‘Enough.’ We’re proponents of the winning design,” said Patrick White, whose cousin, Louis “Joey” Nacke II, died on Flight 93.

Mr. White said his group rejected any wholesale change to the design but allowed that it would have to be modified as it shifts from paper to reality.

However, Mr. White added, “They’re not going to be changed based upon the idea that someone sees crescents everywhere.”

This was shortly after our blogburst group started hitting hard on the crescent-topped tower, which the Project Partners are known to have been angry about. In effect, White was directly insisting that the Tower would not be changed just because people were upset about its crescent shape.

The press ignored White’s implied denial that the crescent shaped tower will be built

If the crescent shaped tower is actually to be removed, or changed to some other shape, that is a significant concession, and should have been widely reported, at least by the western Pennsylvania press, but it was not mentioned in any newspaper.

Has the blatant Islamic-Supremacist symbolism of the crescent-topped tower actually penetrated the thick skulls of Patrick White and his cohorts? That is doubtful. When they only faced blogosphere pressure over the crescent-topped tower, their response was angry insistence that the design would NOT be altered. The difference in August was that everyone they had to deal with face-to-face had just seen the crescent topped tower in the local newspaper. The difference was exposure.

Since the press went on to cover up what we worked so hard to expose, there is no reason to think that the Memorial Project will change the design at all. They managed to sneak their cover-up through one more news cycle, which is all they have ever cared about.

Not that any tweaking of the design could ever make it anything but a terrorist memorial mosque in any case. The Tower, for instance, will still be a year round accurate Islamic prayer-time sundial, regardless of any change to the Tower’s profile. (The Memorial Project knows about this too, and makes utterly dishonest excuses for it.)

Better stand up and fight America, or there WILL be a terrorist memorial mosque on the Flight 93 crash site.

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Stimulus Test: How Stupid And Gullible Are Americans?

According to the Soros funded Americans United For Change, very.

They’re running new radio ads in several cities featuring Rush Limbaugh with the goal of turning GOP votes in favor of Obama’s stimulus plan.

Here is the text of the 60-second ads:

NARRATOR: Listen to what Rush Limbaugh said about President Obama’s Agenda and his Jobs Package.LIMBAUGH: I HOPE HE FAILS!

NARRATOR: The Obama Jobs bill overwhelmingly passed the House…. But not one Republican voted yes. Every Republican member of the House chose to take Rush Limbaugh’s advice. Every Republican voted with Limbaugh….and against creating 4 million new American jobs.

We can understand why a extreme partisan like Rush Limbaugh wants President Obama’s Jobs program to fail….but the Members of Congress elected to represent the citizens in their districts?… that’s another matter.

Now the Obama plan goes to the Senate…. And the question is:

Will our Senator, _____ ,side with Rush Limbaugh too…


NARRATOR: OR will he reject the partisanship and failed economic policies of the past,

and stand up for the people of _____

Bwahahahahaha!  Weak….As, I’m sure they know…Rush wants Obama’s far left goals for America to fail. So do many Americans.

Meanwhile, this haughty Americans United For Change spokeswoman recently appeared on the Neil Caputo show, where she repeatedly dismissed the “red herrings” (what you and I call pork) in the bill:

I’m thinking the fish barriers may be needed for all of those “red herrings”.

Maybe Republicans can make that interview into their own  ad for radio stations in swing states. I think it would be more effective than the anti-Limbaugh drivel.

Nancy Pelosi gave us some great material, too:

These ads just write themselves…come on Republicans!

Hat tip: Hot Air

Cult Watch: 1st Graders Forced To Pledge Allegiance To… Obama?


This is just beyond the pale :

A parent in the Clark County School District of Las Vegas, Henderson area reported today that his son, who is in 1st grade, came home yesterday saying that he didn’t want to go back to school anymore.

When asked why, the boy said that during the Pledge of Allegiance the teacher put up a large image of Obama next to the flag.

Thinking that the boy might be exaggerating, the man asked his son if he was sure, and suggested that by “large” he might mean an 8×10 photo of the president. The boy apparently said “No, it is a large picture of Obama and when we are done, the teacher turns off the image.”

The same thing was not done for President Bush last year.

After investigating this morning, the other parent reported that what the boy said was true.

At least three of the five classrooms have an overhead projector and as the children stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the teacher turns on the classroom overhead and a full body image of Obama, with six U.S. flags behind him, comes up about 4 feet away from the flag that hangs on the wall. The screen is apparently around five feet by six feet.

Huh. I thought libs were all about taking God OUT of the pledge.

Seriously  though, the vice principle has said, he’ll “take care of it”, and another report is due out tomorrow to see how that goes.

I never complained  about this, because it seemed petty….but on inauguration day, at our elementary school, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades were corralled into to library to watch BHO being sworn in, live.

I don’t remember that happening when George Bush was inaugurated in 2000, or 2004. My older kids don’t remember it, either.

Via: Doctor Bulldog and Ronin

Hat tip: Jawa Report


This story is being called a hoax by some in the blogosphere, although it is not at all clear that it is. Geoff tells me that the original post for the story appeared at The Tree of Liberty.

From there, he says,  “the story went to, and was finally picked up by News Blaze, which is just a blog. The News Blaze fellow promised an update the next day and didn’t deliver, so it’s possible that the story is fabricated. If Ed Driscoll’s unsourced claim that Clark Country officials have checked with all schools in their jurisdiction is true, then that conflicts directly with News Blaze’s claim that they talked to the VP”.

In the meantime, The New Blaze has updated its post with this:

Update Jan 29th: The teachers at the school today talked to the children about flag etiquette and the meaning of the flag and why the pledge is said. The lights were left on, so the flag could be clearly seen and the children were told that they should face towards and look at the flag. The parent spoke to the Principal and the child’s teacher. The Principal said they would not show the image of the president at the same time as the pledge tomorrow. The Principal apologized for causing offense. The parent and Principal and teacher left on good terms.

I’ve emailed The New Blaze to see if they can provide  more specifics, like the name of the school, and the name of the Principle the parents spoke to.

There are definitely a lot of Internet rumors out there,  concerning Obama, so you do have to be careful.  Another  that has come out recently, is this one, which has been picked up by many blogs, and is almost certainly a hoax.

The problem with wild stories about BHO and his followers…is you just can’t dismiss them out of hand because so many horrendous rumors have turned out to be true.

Who would have ever believed that American children would be trained to sing songs of praise to Obama while he was still a candidate, or that 15 pages would already be devoted to him in middle school history books. Not to mention the absolutely startling numbers of products glorifying his name appearing all over America. Who would ever have believed that American flags with his face printed on them would be de rigueur at the inauguration? Or that the benediction at his inauguration would turn out to be a race-baiting mother goose rhyme? I feel like I’ve been conditioned to expect  mind-numbed cultlike Obama worship at every turn.

I’ve stopped being appalled, and have come to expect it.


Alan Gray, the Editor in Chief of NewsBlaze emailed me back with this message:

Hello Debra.

The name of the school was purposely not given out,
in order to give this a chance to be resolved without causing a major issue
and so the school would not be inundated with calls.

The Principal has stopped the simultaneous display of the image and the reciting of the Pledge
and apologized for the problem it caused.

He also enclosed his update which I already posted, above.

I am inclined to believe that the school made an honest mistake, and corrected it. The persons involved didn’t want it to become a huge national story, and it didn’t.

Incidentally, the photo above is a picture of Obama standing in front of some flags. It was never meant to be taken as the picture being used in the classrooms.



Here is the conclusion to the story, as given by the source.

The school only wanted to honor Obama. Did this same school honor President Bush in the same way?

Google Corrects Obama “Miserable Failure” Search Algorithm

Via The American Thinker, Google explains:

Though the spirit of change may be in the air in Washington, some things apparently stay the same. Yes, the old online prank called “Googlebombing” returned for a brief while recently, when Google searches for the words words [failure] and [cheerful achievement] returned President Obama’s biography as the top result.
You may remember this issue from a few years ago, when the query [miserable failure] led to the biography of President Bush. For some reason, all those links pointing to the Bush bio were redirected to Obama’s. Some people have asked in the past whether these results are a sign of political bias on Google’s part, and we’ve explained that this isn’t the case.
Rather than edit these prank results by hand, we developed an algorithm a few years ago to detect Googlebombs. We tend not to run it all the time, because it takes some computing power to process our entire web index and because true Googlebombs are quite rare (we joke around the Googleplex that more articles have been written about Googlebombs than there are actual examples of Googlebombs).
After we became aware of this latest Googlebomb, we re-ran our algorithm and it detected the Googlebomb for [cheerful achievement] as well as for [failure]. As a result, those search queries now return discussion about the Googlebombs rather than the original pages that were returned.

Kudos to Google for springing into action so quickly. These childish internet pranks are ridiculous; just ask George W. Bush, who endured the prank for six and a half years before Google decided to re-run their algorithm.

Hat tip: Moonbattery

Video: Protesters Greet Bill Ayers With “Go To Hell” At St. Mary’s College

What in God’s name was Bill Ayers doing at a Catholic college? What possible benefit could there be to subjecting young, impressionable minds to Ayers’ dishonest self-apologia?

Melanie Morgan lead a large, rambunctious protest outside of the college:

“People aren’t perfect”? Oh honey…….

Shame on St. Mary’s college.

The Crap Sandwich Passes

Well, the Dems managed to write a stimulus plan laden with so much pork, and stealth welfare, they totally united the Republican party against it – quite a feat, really. Not one Republican in the House voted for the Democrat’s “shit sandwich”. The Dems own it now, and it’s destined to fail, because there was actually,very little  stimulus in the stupid thing.

Not that it matters, now, but hundreds of economists have called Obama a liar in newspaper ads:

President Obama says that “economists from across the political spectrum agree” on the need for massive government spending to stimulate the economy. In fact, many economists disagree. Hundreds of them, including Nobel laureates and other prominent scholars, have signed a statement that the Cato Institute has placed in major newspapers across the United States.

The  bill actually seems designed to consolidate Democrat power. They are digging in, just like I thought they would. That’s what the ACORN money is for. That’s what the Welfare and Medicaid redistribution is for. They’re buying votes.


Never mind the P.O.S video I previously posted…. I discovered (thank you Geoff) that was an old video from 2007, and the P.O.S. was killed. We’re not going to be so lucky, with the next P.O.S. amnesty bill that comes down the pike, I fear.


Speaking of Geoff…

Obama gets a C- from Fred Barnes on his bipartisanship efforts.

I don’t know…I think the fact that he and the Dems couldn’t even be bothered to remove the useless pork, and the *eff-you* to Republicans in the form of ACORN funding, and the fact that he got 0% of the Republicans to vote for the crap sandwich, earns him an F-, but maybe that’s just me.


Senate Republicans take heed:

A new Rassmussen Report report shows public support for hyper-partisan Democrat stimulus package has fallen to 42%. Republicans overwhelmingly oppose the bill.


Credit where it’s due: Michelle Malkin thanks the House Republicans for taking a stand.


Utterly predictable:

MoveOn. org, Service Employees International Union(SEIU), and other leftist/marxist groups will be running ads targeting Republicans to support Obama’s stimulus pkg.

Sign The ‘Stand Strong For Rush’ Petition

Democrats in Congress have worked themselves into a tizzy because Rush Limbaugh recently stated that he wants Obama to fail. That may have been inartfully put, but the fact of the matter is,  many Americans agree with Rush, because they believe that Obama’s policies will be bad for America.

Democrats  have called Rush’s words, “outrageous”, and have distorted them on the DCCC website:

“Last week, Rush Limbaugh actually said that he “hopes” President Obama fails to meet America’s challenges”.

They’ve started a petition to condemn Rush which they no doubt hope will be the impetus to to implement a “Hush Rush” type of Fairness Doctrine bill some time down the road.

Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters, says:

The war for freedom of speech has officially begun, America.

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Rush responded:

“I am greatly puzzled. Why would the Democrats petition against me if I am doing such terrible damage to the GOP? Click here to send messages of love, hope and change TO ME via this petition!”

The Rush Limbaugh Show website has linked to the DCCC website and Rush has asked his listeners to tell the DCCC to stop distorting his words. Frankly, I don’t trust the DCCC to keep a record of the “reverse petition” comments.

That’s why I started this petition, which I encourage all supporters of free speech to sign. I will forward the results to  Congress to counteract their “Hush Rush” efforts.

Ahmadinejad: Obama Should Apologize For US ‘Crimes’

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appears to be testing our new President:

The hardline leader also called on Washington to withdraw its troops from across the world as a proof of Mr Obama’s commitment to change.

“You were standing against the Iranian people in the past 60 years,” Mr Ahmadinejad said during an address in the western region of Khermenshah that was broadcast by state television.

“Those who speak of change must apologise to the Iranian people and try to repair their past bad acts and the crimes they committed against Iran.”

As to the troops, he said he expected two kinds of “deep and fundamental” change.

“Meet people, talk to them with respect and put an end to the expansionist policies. If you talk about change it must put an end to the US military presence in the world, withdraw your troops and take them back inside your borders.”

Mr Ahmadinejad said the advocates of change must “stop supporting the Zionists, outlaws and criminals”.

He called on the United States to “stop interfering in other people’s affairs”.

Perhaps Mahmoud senses weakness… Obama has promised to meet with him, a brutal tyrant, without preconditions. And Obama stated in his interview with al-Arabiya that he would “start by listening, because all too often the United States starts by dictating,” and he called for a new partnership in the Muslim world “based on mutual respect and mutual interest.”

Whether he meant to or not, he implied an apology was in order when he stated that the U.S. had made mistakes in the past but “that the same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago, there’s no reason why we can’t restore that.”

Meanwhile, Obama has quietly made missile defense concessions to Russia. How do we know? McKittrick, of Closing Velocity, an executive at the Missile Defense Agency, read about it in the paper:

Russia has dropped plans to install missiles near Poland after the Obama administration signalled a change in US attitude to the region, a Moscow military official has reportedly said.

The official suggested that Mr Obama’s White House had made clear it would not prioritise executing the Bush administration’s plan to install a missile defence shield in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Peace through strength concessions. Hey, it’s always worked, before, right?

I’m so glad the world loves us, now.


McKitterick informs me that he’s an exec with a co. that works for the MDA, not with the MDA itself.


Peace, love, and unicorns Obama is staying true to his word:

Officials of Barack Obama‘s administration have drafted a letter to Iran from the president aimed at unfreezing US-Iranian relations and opening the way for face-to-face talks, the Guardian has learned.

The US state department has been working on drafts of the letter since Obama was elected on 4 November last year. It is in reply to a lengthy letter of congratulations sent by the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on 6 November.

Diplomats said Obama’s letter would be a symbolic gesture to mark a change in tone from the hostile one adopted by the Bush administration, which portrayed Iran as part of an “axis of evil”.

It would be intended to allay the ­suspicions of Iran’s leaders and pave the way for Obama to engage them directly, a break with past policy.

Obama Has An Egg Of Power In The Oval Office

Do unicorns lay eggs? They must:

eggofpowerHere’s what Michelle Malkin found out about this stunning work of craftsmanship:

The wooden sculpture that Barack Obama has brought into the Oval Office combines African tribal tradition with a poignant message. Obtained on a 2006 visit to his ancestral Kenya, the “Egg of Power” symbolizes the fragility of chiefly power: According to an ancient proverb, power is like an egg; if it’s held too tightly, it breaks, and if it’s held too loosely, it will slip from grasp.

Hmmm…He obtained “the egg of power” back in 2006.  Hubris?

It’s a good thing the egg of power is made of wood, because if Obama, and the rest of the Dems go after talk radio, the way they’re signaling they will, a non-symbolic egg of power would make a big, huge mess in the oval office, and we can’t have that.

Incidentally, in case you’re wondering…yes, of course, for a small fee, ($100.00) you can have one too.

Also seen at Michelle Malkin’s is a pocket sized “little blue book” (reminiscent of Mao’s Little Red Book) filled with Obama’s most inspiring quotes on sale for a mere $49.50.

Printed in a size that easily fits into pocket or purse, this book is an anthology of quotations borrowed from Barack Obama’s speeches and writings. POCKET OBAMA serves as a reminder of the amazing power of oratory and the remarkable ability of this man to move people with his words. His superb and captivating oratory style has earned comparisons to John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and this historic collection presents words that catapulted his remarkable rise to the American Presidency. It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times.

That last bit, I *think* is a joke…

More awesome Obama items:

Disturbing!: Chia Obama



Obama Rhinestone Lapel Pin

Obama Soap-On-A-Rope

A New Addition To The Holy Family

Obama Soda

Obama Victory Plate

President Obama Coloring And Activity Book

Yes We Can Perfume

Obama Model Airplane And More!

Obama Won’t Compromise on “Tax Cuts”

Bad news.

Obama may have had the family planning pork removed from the stimulus bill, but he’s adamant that the welfare spending is non-negotiable. The “tax cuts” in dispute are being described by Republicans as “welfare through the tax code”.

In the meeting, Obama acknowledged a fundamental divide between Republicans and Democrats on the issue of a tax rebates for people at the lowest income level – Republicans complain that tax cuts for people who don’t pay income taxes amounts to “welfare through the tax code.”

House Republicans pelted Obama for more than 30 minutes with questions about deficits, taxes and spending, according to sources inside the private meeting. Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), won applause from his GOP colleagues when he asked the president whether he would promise that the stimulus would not be an excuse to raise taxes or increase spending. Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), asked Obama for common ground on taxes in the $825 billion package – and was rejected.

This is the redistribution that was promised. We can’t say we weren’t warned.

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton Sounding Surprisingly Hawkish

I like what I’m hearing:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday that Israel had a right to defend itself and that Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza on the Jewish state could not go unanswered.

Clinton spoke as a fragile ceasefire ruptured between Israel and Hamas-ruled Gaza on the same day as President Barack Obama‘s special envoy George Mitchell arrived in the region to try and shore up the truce.

“We support Israel’s right to self-defense. The (Palestinian) rocket barrages which are getting closer and closer to populated areas (in Israel) cannot go unanswered,” Clinton said in her first news conference at the State Department.

The top U.S. diplomat, whose comments may be seen by some as giving Israel a green light to once again pound Gaza, accused Hamas of “offensive” action against the Israeli Defense Forces on the border.

“It is regrettable that the Hamas leadership apparently believes that it is in their interest to provoke the right of self-defense instead of building a better future for the people of Gaza,” said Clinton.

She’s sounding tougher than Condoleezza Rice, in fact, who through the years often called for “Israeli restraint”, and when the latest hostilities erupted, called for an immediate ceasefire. When the Ceasefire Resolution was brought to a vote at the UN Security Council, she abstained, explaining that,  “Washington agreed with the text and goals of the resolution but added: “The United States thought it important to see the outcomes of the Egyptian mediation efforts in order to see what this resolution might have been supporting.”

Hat tip: Lucianne

The Bush Twins’ Sweet Letter To The Obama girls

NBC’s Today Show decided to show the Bush family in a good light, once they were safely out of the White House. See if you can watch this without getting choked up:

Hat tip: Flopping Aces where you can view one last pictorial tribute of the Bush girls.

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Support The Obama-Limbaugh Bipartisan Stimulus Plan


This sounds good to me…if only there was a chance of Obama adopting the plan:

This does not have to be a divisive issue. It does not have to be in any way, shape, manner, or form a divisive issue.  So I have a proposal.  As has been noted, elections have consequences. President Obama in the meeting on Friday with House and Senate Republican leaders, Eric Cantor from Virginia in the House proposed a moderate tax cut plan. Obama said, Well, you know, “I won.” I’m going to trump you on that.  We’re not going to do that. Well, where’s the bipartisanship, President Obama?  There is no bipartisanship in President Obama’s plan.  President Obama’s definition of bipartisanship is when Republicans cave and agree with his plan so he can then claim it’s bipartisan.  But he’s not compromising on anything, here.

Mine is a genuine compromise.  So let’s look at how the vote came out, shall we?  Fifty-three percent of voters in this country — we’ll say, for the sake of this proposal, 53% of Americans — voted for Obama.  Forty-six percent voted for Senator McCain, and 1% voted for wackos.  Let’s give the remaining 1% to President Obama, so let’s say that 54% voted for President Obama and 46% voted for Senator McCain.  As a way to bring the country together and at the same time determine the most effective way to deal with recessions, under the Obama-Limbaugh Stimulus Plan of 2009, $540 billion of the one trillion will be spent on infrastructure as defined by President Obama and the Democrats.

So the Obama voters get to have the public works jobs, and funding for  abortions, ACORN, and crappy cars.

The remaining $460 billion, or 46% that voted for Senator McCain, will be directed towards tax cuts, as determined by me.

These tax cuts will consist primarily of capital gains tax cuts and corporate tax rate cuts.  So Obama gets $540 billion to spend his way.  The other people of this country who did not vote for his way get $460 billion spent the way they would like it spent.  This is bipartisanship! This is how bipartisanship really works.  Okay, Obama wins by a 54-46 majority, so he gets 54% of the trillion bucks.  Spend it his way.  We get 46% of the trillion bucks to spend our way, and then we compare. Then we see which stimulus actually works and works the fastest, and I will guarantee you that if this plan is adopted, just the announcement that $460 billion will go toward paying for tax cuts, capital gains, and corporate tax rates — we could throw in some personal income tax rate reduction in order to make sure that the voters don’t think it’s all about helping the big guys.  But we need jobs, do we not?

Who hires people?  Businesses!  Businesses need tax cuts.  The US corporate tax rate is obscene.  It is the highest of all industrialized nations.  It’s 35%.  Cut it.  Cut it in half.  Make the capital gains rate go away for three months, and then get out of the way to see what happens on Wall Street.  And once Wall Street starts ticking up 500 points a day, you watch what happens to the rest of the private sector.  It will follow right along.  This would ensure a bipartisan compromise bill, as Democrats have said that they’re always about. It would satisfy the American people’s wishes, as polls currently note; and it would also serve as a test, going forward, as to which approach best stimulates the growth of jobs — and it can be measured side by side.  It could be determined where the new jobs are coming from.

Of course, this plan would defeat the Democrats’ purpose…which isn’t to stimulate the economy at all, but to consolidate power.

Rush, who has received a lot of heat, even from some conservatives for saying that he doesn’t want Obama to succeed, just asked a brilliant exit question: Does Obama want conservatives to succeed?

Blago Releases 43 Subpoenas

After fighting to keep them secret, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s administration released 43  federal subpoenas on Friday, January 23, 2009 .

On December 8, 2008, the day before Blago was arrested on public corruption charges, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s office “sought ‘any and all documents, including notes, calendars, lists, correspondence, communications, logs, records, or other data, relating in any way to any of the following individuals and/or entities’”

Doug Ross calls it:

A veritable “who’s who” of Obama staffers, surrogates and affiliates were among those served with subpoenas. Put simply, within one week of President Barack Obama’s administration taking office, it is already under significant legal scrutiny that will — at a minimum — take precious time away from dealing with the country’s monumental economic and foreign policy challenges.

Among those served with subpoenas were:

*David Axelrod, Obama’s “Karl Rove” and the biggest surprise on the list. Obama’s team issued a report in December that said his staff had no “inappropriate contact” with Blago, so the inclusion of Axelrod is a bit of a shock.

*Valerie Jarrett, Blago’s “Senate Candidate 1″, a real estate management executive and political hack of the first order. Her ties to failed and fraudulent real estate deals in Chicago were the subject of numerous investigations and should have instantly disqualified her for any public office.

Rahm Emanuel was already deeply involved in the case with some reports describing as many as 21 conversations with Blago’s office during the period in question.

Tony Rezko, Obama’s first advocate, fundraiser and adviser, was convicted last year on numerous charges related to kickbacks, and is now awaiting sentencing. Rezko is “cooperating with authorities, FBI Agent Daniel Cain said in an affidavit.”

Here’s the rest on the list:

• Patricia Blagojevich, first lady
• River Realty, her former employer
• Friends of Blagojevich, the governor’s campaign committee
• Citizens for Blagojevich, his former committee
• Robert Blagojevich, the governor’s brother and campaign chairman
• Christopher Kelly, former adviser and fundraiser for governor
• Alonzo Monk, former Blagojevich chief of staff, now a lobbyist
• Milan Petrovic, lobbyist and campaign fundraiser
• John Wyma, former Blagojevich adviser, now a lobbyist
• Paul Rosenfeld, lobbyist
• J.B. Pritzker, wealthy Chicagoan whom Blagojevich might have considered to replace Obama in U.S. Senate
• Gery Chico, former Chicago school board president and one-time U.S. Senate candidate
• Doug Scofield, former Blagojevich adviser, now a consultant
• Scofield Communications
• Service Employees International Union
• Tom Balanoff, SEIU Illinois president
• Change to Win, an SEIU-affiliated activist group
• Sam Zell, owner of the Chicago Tribune
• Nils Larsen, an adviser to Zell
• The Chicago Tribune
• The Tribune Co., the newspaper’s parent company
• Michael Vondra, owner of asphalt and construction companies
• Gerald Krozel, vice president of a concrete company
• John Johnston, president of Balmoral Park racetrack
• Fred Yang, Washington, D.C.-based Blagojevich consultant
• Garin Hart Yang Research Group, Yang’s firm
• William Knapp, Washington, D.C.-based Blagojevich consultant
• Squire, Knapp & Dunn, Knapp’s firm
• Doug Sosnick, political consultant

Of special interest to me are the SEIU supoenas.

A quick primer: Former SDS radical Wade Rathke started ACORN, ( also under federal investigation) and SEIU Local 100. As you may know, the Weather Underground is an offshoot of the SDS, and Barack Obama is chummy with former Weather Underground leader, Bill Ayers. I suspect that Ayers and Rathke know each other fromtheir SDS days.

Marc Ambinder reported in September ’07 that Obama’s relationship with the SEIU was “close”:

SEIU’s members are temperamentally suited to Obama; he is a longtime friend of Chicago’s SEIU Local 880 and worked closely with the union as an organizer and later as a state legislator.

The Next Right reported on the  SEIU/ACORN/Obama connections last October:

Some coincidences are just too rich that you have to start drawing conclusions. Here are four facts that suggest that there might be a line between them:

  • Dale Rathke (Wade’s brother) embezzled money from ACORN totalling about $950k. Apparently, commitments have been made to return about $210k, for a total of $740k still missing.
  • Barack Obama’s campaign paid ACORN, via a political consulting affiliate, $830k, but ACORN says that they only received $80, leaving $750k unaccounted for.
  • Dale Rathke embezzled this money in the period of 1999-2000, when Barack Obama was running for US Congress with the backing of SEIU Local 880 and ACORN. SEIU Local 880 is basically ACORN controlled. Rathke even filed the LM-2 form with the Department of Labor in 2000, signing it as “Treasurer”, which I have previously written about.
  • Obama, ACORN, SEIU 880, and Rep. Danny Davis, appeared to act together in a number of local political engagements.

Here’s my question: Did SEIU Local 880 and/or ACORN use some or all of that embezzled money to fund operations for Obama’s Congressional race in 1999 and 2000?

The Service Employees International Union apparently acted as the intermediary between Blagojevich and the Obama camp.

The intermediary contact  has been identified as the subpoenaed Tom Balanoff:

Tom Balanoff  knows Obama from way back. Balanoff himself explains that he first met Obama in 1993 when Obama was just out of Harvard Law School. Balanoff’s cousins on the south side of Chicago introduced Obama to Balanoff. Balanoff says they met Obama while Obama was a community organizer there in the mid-1980s.

The Balanoff family – including now a judge, politicians, and lawyers – was deeply immersed in the anti-machine wing of Democratic party politics. The Balanoffs would have been critical allies for a young Obama, who was thinking of attempting to duplicate the successful mayoral campaign of his late hero, Harold Washington.

The Balanoffs had close ties to independent black activists, likely a result of their long association with the Communist Party that had such an important presence in black south side Chicago. They were one of the few prominent ethnic families to back Harold Washington, himself once a labor lawyer in Chicago with links to the CP.

This introduction led to a close relationship between Balanoff and Obama as Obama began his rise to political prominence. Balanoff spoke on Obama’s behalf at the Democratic National Convention and was instrumental in securing SEIU’s endorsement over the more clearly pro-union John Edwards during the campaign itself.


Doug Ross @ Journal makes a correction:

Blago’s communications with Axelrod, Jarrett, et. al. were the subject of subpoenas, not the parties themselves.

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