Kansas City Tea Party

When I got up this morning, I was honestly hoping that the event had been called off. We’d had about three inches of snow, and more was coming down. It was forecasted to continue  until afternoon. But I’m a die-hard, and so were the 200 or so other hardy souls who made it to the Plaza on this blustery, wintry morning.

The rally started on the Plaza, and proceeded one mile to Senator McCaskill’s office. There were many honks and thumbs ups from the drivers passing by, especially the snowplows!

Here’s where we started – at 47th and JC Nichols:





The woman below traveled all the way from Iowa to be here for this rally:


This one’s one of mine (the poster – not kid, I gave some posters away) Thanks to Reeko for the idea:


Another one of my posters (Reeko’s idea) Hey, I told you I had artistic talent!:


Also mine – there were a few hammer and sickles out there, this morning:


What to do with old Monopoly money:


Everyone had a favorite theme…Fairness Doctrine was this guy’s:



Pithy and to the point:









Rush ain’t the only one saying it:









Let’s face it,  conservatives are the rebels, now:


We were a cheerful bunch, though:




The crowd started the one mile schlep to Claire McCaskill’s office.


Nice one!:


Outside of  McCaskill’s office:


Look at the snow coming down, yo!



I loved the signs – I wanted to get all of them:







This guy ended up with one of my signs – he made sure to tell us he was a LEGAL immigrant:




Those of us who brought shoes dumped them in front of McCaskill’s office. “Walk a mile in our shoes” was the theme.


Another one of mine:




There was a guy with a huge Ronald Reagan cut out, too, that I saw while we were walking to McCaskill’s office, but I never caught up to him, and once we got there, he must have gotten lost in the crowd. I really wanted a pic of that.

I was talking to one of the other protesters while we were walking back to our cars. Both of us expressed how odd it seemed for us to be out on the streets, protesting something. It’s something neither of us had ever fathomed doing in all of our lives – even when Clinton was in office. Conservatives have been agitated like never before. The coming months should be interesting.

There will be many more of these in the future. Watch the blogs, or the facebook page for info on upcoming events.

See Rantings and Ravings for more pix.

See also Kansas Meadowlark for still more pix, and video.


Here’s a close up of Espkc’s creative poster:

More of his pix can be found, here.

By the way:

The final snowfall amount was 6 1/2 inches in my part of the metro.

One More site with pictures from the protest: 980 At Night.


For all the latest on Tea Party events in the KC area, go to Kansas City Tea Party on the Kansas side,  Americans for Prosperity on the Missouri side.

More Tax Day Tea Party info, here.

Free tea party graphics for signs, here, now with designs especially for kids.


Just heard of one more tea party in the Kansas City area:

Lee’s Summit Tea Party

Wednesday April 15, 2009 from 12:00pm – 2:00pm

City Hall of Lees Summit

220 Se Green St
Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64063 Get Directions
If you aren’t happy with the lack of fiscal responsibility in Washington. If you don’t like the accumulation of trillions of dollars of debt to (you)the taxpayer. If you don’t like the size of government and the new power it is attaining each day … Come join us and let your voice be heard. This is a Tax Day TEA Party … TEA is an acronym for Taxed Enough Already. This is a peaceful protest – to let our voices be heard. The event is open to the public from all areas.
I plan on going to all three.

One more in Missouri, sponsored by Americans For Prosperity.

Join AFP activists and me at a taxpayer tea party on April 14th in opposition to wasteful spending at the federal and state levels. Bring your tea bags to “dump,” along with letters to be signed and delivered to Senator McCaskill’s office, and board the U.S.S. Porkulus to stand against reckless spending in Missouri.

We will also be visiting our state legislators to demand that stimulus dollars be used for one-time projects, not recurring programs.

What: AFP Missouri Taxpayer Teaparty
Who: Americans for Prosperity – Missouri
When: Tuesday, April 14, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Where: South Steps, State Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri

Click here to register online.

Video:American Tea Party – Fort Worth

Reeko is the man behind the camera, and he says the tea party was a hoot:

The Magic Money Fairy says: “If you don’t give me all your money, I’ll turn you into a goon!”

You can see Reeko’s other video, from the event, here.

Kansas City Tea Party ON For Tomorrow

We’re expecting significant snow throughout the night. In fact it will be the first significant snow we’ve had all year (thanks a lot, God)…but the KC Tea Party has grown too big to cancel. IT’S ON!

A note from the organizer:


First I would like to thank you all for your support.

The purpose of this protest is against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

or as I call it the CONGRESSIONAL THEFT ACT 2009.


We are here to be heard, we have the constitutional right to peaceful assembly and protest. So let’s have fun with it. There are some basic laws we must follow. We must stay on public property (sidewalks and right of way’s), we must not impede traffic or the vision ability of said traffic at intersections, we must not dispose of trash on the ground.

If you choose to talk to the media here are some suggested talking points or if your here for a different reason then tell them your reason for being here.

1. Broken Promises: The President and the leaders of the House and Senate have violated their solemn promises that the bill would be available for several days of public review prior to voting, so that the American people might have a chance to learn what is in the bill and to make their views known to their elected officials. Act responsibly and repeal the Congressional Theft Act of 2009 and let the American people voice their opinion before you vote or resign your position as our representatives.

2. Damages Our Founding Fathers Philosophies: Bailing out states that have spent irresponsibly by their elected officials at the expense of taxpayers in states that have been fiscally responsible.

3. E-Verify: Removes language to require anyone receiving a contract paid for with funding from the bill to use the government’s E-Verify program in order to ensure taxpayer money is not used to hire illegal workers. In the current job climate these jobs should be reserved for tax paying U.S. citizens and our money should stay in and benefit the U.S. economy.

4. Housing Bail Out: Those of us who both pay our mortgages and pay our taxes, while we are working hard and playing by the rules, there were a lot of irresponsible people spending more than they had and getting in way over their heads, and now those irresponsible people are having to be bailed out by the people that are responsible and playing by the rules.

5. Repeal Of Welfare To Work Program: Repeals the bipartisan and highly successful welfare reforms of 1996 and drastically expands the welfare state. It rewards states for adding people to their welfare rolls, rather than for helping them find gainful employment. Contrary to long-established practice, it will entitle able-bodied adults without children to receive cash assistance and encourages irresponsibility.

Taking personal responsibility and expecting the same of your elected officials, is the message.

Don’t forget to bring an extra pair of RESPONSIBLE SHOES to set on Claires door step. Shoes will be donated at the end of the event.

We have the Constitutional right to peaceful assembly and protest.
The Basics:
1. Stay on public property (sidewalks and right of way’s).
2. Do not impede traffic or the vision ability of said traffic at intersections.
3. Do not block business entry sidewalk or doorways.
4. Do not dispose of trash on the ground.
5. Do not use or return verbal or physical violence towards any person.
6.. Do not bring or use alcohol or illegal drugs during the protest.
7. Do not damage, destroy or sabotage any equipment or property.
8. Do not place yourself in obvious danger.

Sponsored By: Blind Mule and Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

For More Information Contact: KansasCityTeaParty@yahoo.com

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Kansas/Missouri Chapter mcdcofkansas@sbcglobal.net

See Michelle Malkin, Instapundit, and Gateway Pundit to see how Friday’s protests went.


81272084AR049_BOOKEXPO_AMERChristopher Buckley with his fab friends

AKA Obamacans; The American Thinker asks “what are these Republicans thinking, now”?

Like Christopher Buckley:

As for Senator Obama: He has exhibited throughout a “first-class temperament”.
I’ve read Obama’s books, and they are first-rate. He is that rara avis, the politician who writes his own books. Imagine.  …
…having a first-class temperament and a first-class intellect, President Obama will (I pray, secularly) surely understand that traditional left-politics aren’t going to get us out of this pit we’ve dug for ourselves. If he raises taxes and throws up tariff walls and opens the coffers of the DNC to bribe-money from the special interest groups against whom he has (somewhat disingenuously) railed during the campaign trail….
He is, it seems clear enough, what the historical moment seems to be calling for.

Uh huh. More examples follow…I would also add Douglas Kmiec, schmuck of all schmucks for being a pro lifer for Obama.

We can drastically reduce abortions by helping reduce unplanned pregnancies and supporting pregnant women and families that need help.

One of Obama’s first acts in office was to lift the ban on overseas abortion funding, and he’s only getting started. His stated objective is to pass the Freedom of Choice Act.

“What are they thinking, now” part deux:

Jews who voted for Obama, “stunned”.



Another Obama policy move that should thrill pro-life Catholics, like Kmiec:

Taking another step into the abortion debate, the Obama administration Friday will move to rescind a controversial rule that allows health-care workers to deny abortion counseling or other family-planning services if doing so would violate their moral beliefs, according to administration officials.

The rollback of the “conscience rule” comes just two months after the Bush administration announced it last year in one of its final policy initiatives.

Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst #56

Mother of Flight 93 hero calls for “a full and transparent review” of the crescent-shaped memorial

Blogburst logo, petition

For two years, Tom Burnett Sr. has been speaking out against the crescent-shaped memorial to Flight 93. This week Beverly Burnett (mother of Flight 93 hero Tom Burnett Jr.) stepped into the public eye to support her husband, and to make her own appeal for a full investigation:

Today, I am adding my voice for a full and transparent review of the National Park Service and Flight 93 design selection process that produced Crescent of Embrace. Does it have Islamic symbols or doesn’t it? Let’s settle this once and for all.

Why do you think Tom Sr. opposed this design? It is pretty simple; Tom Sr. saw the Islamic symbols and knew those symbols did not belong at the crash site of Flight 93.

Tom Burnett Sr. traveled to Pennsylvania last August to attend the Task Force Meeting to voice his opposition to the memorial design. A Family Board member as well as a commissioner accused Tom Sr. being “just like the Islamic terrorists” that killed our son.

Why didn’t someone speak up and defend Tom Sr.’s right to voice his opinion?

Thanks to The Somerset Daily American for publishing Mrs. Burnett’s complete statement, which she also entered into the record of the most recent Memorial Project meeting. Read the whole thing.

Two other mentions of the memorial controversy in the local PA press this week

In a letter to the editor, a local woman echoed Mrs. Burnett’s sentiment in favor of preserving the site as it is, instead of demolishing the highly regarded Temporary Memorial and radically transforming the landscape, as the Memorial Project intends.

At present the Temporary Memorial looks down over the “field of honor.” Because this temporary memorial is located roughly in the center of the planned half-mile wide crescent, it will be eliminated. Visitors who stand at the location of the Temporary Memorial will no longer look out over the original landscape, but will instead see the crash-site framed between the pincer tips of the giant Islamic-shaped crescent.

They call the crescent a broken circle now, but the unbroken part of the circle, what symbolically remains standing in the wake of 9/11 (originally called the Crescent of Embrace) remains completely unchanged.

Nice words from a local columnist, but no fact-checking

In the area’s second local paper, The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, columnist Ralph Couey offers a very nice tribute to the heroes of Flight 93 in which he mentions Mr. Burnett’s opposition to the planned memorial. Unfortunately, Mr. Couey goes on to describes Mr. Burnett’s opposition as “hopeless intransigence,” and expresses his optimism that it can be gotten past.

Given that newspapers are supposed to get to the truth, one would hope that those who gain the privilege of this public platform would bother to check the facts. If Mr. Burnett is correct in his warnings about Islamic symbolism, then finding a way to get past these objections is like finding a way to sneak a hijacker past gate security. It is a bad thing, not a good thing.

The petition that Mr. Burnett sponsored along with our blogburst group lists four damning facts about the approved design that can all be verified in a matter of minutes. Can Mr. Couey check just one: that a person standing between the tips of the giant crescent and facing into the center of the crescent will be facing within 2° of Mecca?

The Muslim prayer direction in this animation (qibla) is from the Mecca-direction calculator at Islam.com. (If you have trouble getting their calculator to work–your Java has to be configured correctly–there is another Mecca direction calculator at QiblaLocator.com.)

This Mecca-orientation makes the giant crescent a mihrab, the Mecca-direction indicator around which every mosque is built. Does Mr. Couey really want to see the world’s largest mosque planted on the Flight 93 crash site? It is fine to speak highly of the heroes of Flight 93, but it would be a lot more meaningful if he would honor the Burnett’s urgent appeal for fact-checking by stepping over to a globe and checking this one simple factual claim.

Mr. Couey is not the only one who wants the crescent controversy to go away without caring to know the truth. Sorry, but that is insufficient. Planting a giant Mecca-oriented crescent on the crash-site will dishonor the heroes of Flight 93, and it fails to follow their example. They didn’t just have good intentions. They got the job done, and we have to get the job done too. We can’t be asleep at the wheel while an al Qaeda sympathizing architect hijacks our memorial.

What? Is it just too outlandish to think that the enemy might try to hijack one of our memorials? The same way that it is just too outlandish to think that the enemy might dare to hijack our commercial airliners? Do these people even know what they are memorializing?

But they CAN wake up. All they have to do is actually check the facts. Then they will know. So please Mr. Couey, take the time to check a few facts, then write a second column, reporting your findings. Somebody out there in Somerset needs to start telling the truth. It might as well be you.

To join our blogbursts, just send your blog’s url.

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Obama Introduces Cap And Trade Scheme In New Budget

Obama’s  3.6 trillion dollar budget, (absurdly titled, “A New Era of Responsibility”) released today, includes a new cap and trade program.


President Barack Obama will propose raising new revenue through a greenhouse gas cap and emissions trading scheme when he unveils his first budget on Thursday, US media reported.The budget he will present assumes an emissions trading system will generate revenue by 2012, the Washington Post reported.

Fifteen billion dollars of the money generated would be directed to clean-energy projects, the Post said, citing sources familiar with the document.

Another 60 billion would go to tax credits for lower- and middle-income working families, and the rest to help families, small businesses and communities deal with higher energy costs, the paper reported.

Sounds great – what could go wrong?

Ask Europe:

Set up to price pollution out of existence, carbon trading is pricing it back in. Europe’s carbon markets are in collapse.

Yet the hiss of escaping gas is almost inaudible. There’s no big news headline, nothing sensational for TV viewers to watch; no queues outside banks or missing Texan showmen. You can’t see or hear a market for a pollutant tumble. But at stake is what was supposed to be a central lever in the world’s effort to turn back climate change. Intended to price fossil fuels out of the market, the system is instead turning them into the rational economic choice.

Okay,  maybe we’re going to do it smarter than Europe did. The new era of responsibility is all about creating jobs, right?


The potential costs to America from cap-and-trade are enormous. The Department of Energy estimates that S. 2191, the Warner-Lieberman cap-and-trade proposal, will increase the cost of coal for power generation by between 161% and 413%. DOE estimates GDP losses (see chart) over the 21-year period they forecast, at between $444 billion and $1.308 trillion, with particular damage to the manufacturing sector. (This gives some hope that organized labor will, in a rare occurrence, oppose Democratic leaders on this issue.) Winegarden estimates that this bill could increase unemployment by 2.7% or about 4 million jobs. In fact, companies are already preparing to avoid increased level and volatility of American energy prices by setting up factories and partnerships in countries which won’t be subject to cap-and-trade restrictions…proving with real-world behavior of producers that no carbon-limiting regulation can succeed if it is not universal.

Well, that’s okay because the Stimulus Package will have created new jobs for these people, right?

The huge economic stimulus package that President Obama signed into law Tuesday will result in “lower wages” for American workers, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


“The reduction in GDP is therefore estimated to be reflected in lower wages rather than lower employment, as workers will be less productive because capital stock is smaller.”

A previous CBO report said that with interest on the debt, the recovery package will cost $1.1 trillion. The Feb. 11 analysis says, “To the extent that people hold their wealth as government bonds rather than in a form that can be used to finance private investment, the increased debt would tend to reduce the stock of productive private capital.”

That’s okay, Obama’s plan calls for almost one trillion in new taxes. That will certainly decrease the debt, (not to mention, employment).

‘Spread the wealth’  is becoming ‘spread the misery’, amazingly fast, isn’t it?

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


Rasmussen asked people if they agreed with Reagan’s assertion: “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

…a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows that the basic views of the American people have not change: 59% of voters still agree with Reagan’s inaugural address statement. Only 28% disagree, and 14% are not sure.

Okay, dammit.

Republicans? Can you start boldly making the case that Obama is an out of control, spending, Socialist maniac. please? There seems to be a huge disconnect between what Obama is doing, and what people perceive him to be doing.  Stop being  such nice guys. We need a forceful and articulate spokesman to start making the case that most Americans already agree with.

Obama: The Anti-Christ Or Hitler?


I should tell you, both interviewees are real guys, because I was confused at first.

I’m leaning toward Hitler.

Archbishop Chaput Warns Of “Spirit Of Adulation” Surrounding Obama


This “spirit of adulation” he speaks of, is the cult worship  many of us in the right wing blogosphere have been pointing out for lo, these many months. The Archbishop focused on Catholics for the purposes of his speech, but it goes without saying that the adulation he’s referring to pertains to all religious, or non religious persuasions.

I keep waiting  for Obama to say something to dissuade his followers from openly worshiping him in this cult-like manner, because it’s ridiculous, and embarrassing, and unseemly, but to no avail. I’ve come to the conclusion that not only is he not bothered by it, he rather enjoys it.

EWTN covered Archbishop Chaput’s trip to Toronto where he gave his speech on how Catholics should live out their faith in the public square:

“President Obama is a man of intelligence and some remarkable gifts. He has a great ability to inspire, as we saw from his very popular visit to Canada just this past week. But whatever his strengths, there’s no way to reinvent his record on abortion and related issues with rosy marketing about unity, hope and change.

Of course, that can change. Some things really do change when a person reaches the White House. Power ennobles some men. It diminishes others. Bad policy ideas can be improved. Good policy ideas can find a way to flourish. But as Catholics, we at least need to be honest with ourselves and each other about the political facts we start with.”
Yet this will be “very hard for Catholics in the United States,” Chaput warned.
According to the archbishop, the political situation for Catholics is difficult to discern because a “spirit of adulation bordering on servility already exists among some of the same Democratic-friendly Catholic writers, scholars, editors and activists who once accused pro-lifers of being too cozy with Republicans. It turns out that Caesar is an equal opportunity employer.”
Looking ahead to the coming months and years, Chaput offered four “simple things” to remember.
“First,” he said, “all political leaders draw their authority from God. We owe no leader any submission or cooperation in the pursuit of grave evil.”
“In fact, we have the duty to change bad laws and resist grave evil in our public life, both by our words and our non-violent actions. The truest respect we can show to civil authority is the witness of our Catholic faith and our moral convictions, without excuses or apologies.”

In a reference to the messianic treatment the Barack Obama received from some Americans during the presidential primaries, Archbishop Chaput delivered his second point: “in democracies, we elect public servants, not messiahs.”

Now that an elevated member of the clergy has mentioned this unseemly adulation, I wonder if Obama will see fit to discourage it.

Obama’s New Spy Chief: NOT Good


‘Chas the Spaz’ Freeman

I’ve been reading more and more about this Charles Freeman character, Obama’s pick to head the National Intelligence Council. Ugh…what a trainwreck this administration is turning out to be.

Case in point: Gateway Pundit yesterday reported that Freeman  is a big fan of the “very successful” Saudi program to rehabilitate jihadists.

The problem is… The program is not successful– It is a massive failure.
At least 11 grads from the jihadist rehabilitation school are back on the Saudi most wanted list.


The American Thinker has worse news:

For the last dozen years, Freeman, the former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, has been President of the Middle East Policy Council (formally known as the American Arab Affairs Council) a lobbying group for the Arab world. One of the group’s primary functions is to publish a quarterly journal called Middle East Policy. The journal is filled with anti-Israel messages that are beyond even the broadest definition of mainstream of U.S. thinking on the region. As the President of the organization responsible for this vicious and biased journal, the appointment of Freeman as a gatekeeper for U.S. intelligence is a very disturbing matter.

The Chairman of the National Intelligence Council is just like the editor of a journal. He must review, edit, add context to, and decide what to present to the President in terms of good intelligence. Therefore it is reasonable to predict Freeman’s handling of the NIC job by looking at his work as President of MPEC and the journal that is published under his authority, Middle East Policy.

As you are about to see,  the vicious and distorted polemics that have passed through his editorial desk prove that  Freeman is not qualified to be the “editor” of America’s intelligence.

Read on for the vicious and distorted polemics.

The conclusion:

While one can certainly disagree with other views of the middle-east and its problems, the views expressed by the Chas Freeman led MEPC are not within even the broadest mainstream currents of U.S. thinking on the region. It is not merely that the think tank is anti-Israel; the viciousness and contempt of its views, and the openness of MEPC’s bias, make the appointment of Freeman to “edit” the intelligence information of the United States a very disturbing matter.

Moonbattery has more, including Freeman’s disturbing views on China, and Iraq.

None of this is surprising to those of us who did our homework before the election, but it’s horrifying nonetheless.

Cult Website:”What Obama Means To Me”

The site, What Obama Means to Me is the “go to” place to express your gushing praise for the Moonbat Messiah. Moonbattery reports that these stirring mindthoughts are being collected in a book to be  presented to the His Holiness “to stoke his national debt–sized ego”.

This offering captures the tone:

Obama means a new America, I feel he is the best thing that has happened to the country ever. Every time I listen to him I feel hope and I feel tears coming to my eyes…

Aye yi yi.

Unfortunately, though, the website has been breached by non-hope and changy blasphemers. I’m afraid some of the more recent entries don’t reflect the  spirit of this well intentioned effort.


Freepers are spamming the site.





Obama Rhinestone Lapel Pin

Obama Soap-On-A-Rope

A New Addition To The Holy Family

Obama Soda

Obama Victory Plate

President Obama Coloring And Activity Book

Yes We Can Perfume

Obama Model Airplane And More!

Wednesday’s Hero:Spc. Ross A. McGinnis


Spc. Ross A. McGinnis
19 years old from Knox, Pennsylvania
1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division
December 4, 2006


His mission was to patrol the streets of Adhamiyah in northeast Baghdad and find a place to put a 250-kilowatt generator that would provide electricity for more than 100 homes. But it’s a mission he wasn’t able to accomplish.

Shortly after Pfc. McGinnis’s convoy left the compound, and less than a mile from FOB Apache, an insurgent standing on a nearby rooftop threw a grenade into the sixth, and last, Humvee. “Grenade!” yelled McGinnis, who was manning the vehicle’s M2 .50-caliber machine gun. He tried to deflect the grenade but it fell into the Humvee and lodged between the radios.

“McGinnis turned and looked down and realized no one in the truck knew where the grenade was,” said Capt. Michael Baka, his company commander. “He knew everyone had their doors combat-locked and they wouldn’t be able to get out.”

Instead of jumping out of the truck to save his own life, like he had been trained to do, McGinnis threw his back against the radio mount, smothering the explosive with his body. The grenade exploded just as Pfc. McGinnis covered it. The blast filled the vehicle with black smoke and debris and blew the driver’s door and right passenger’s door wide open and blew the machine gun off its mount. The explosion hit McGinnis on his sides and his lower back, under his vest. He was killed instantly.
The other four soldiers in the Humvee suffered relatively minor injuries.

On the morning of December 4, 2006, before his convoy had left, Cpt. Baka has signed a waver promoting Pfc. McGinnis to Specialist and he was posthumously promoted to E-4.

For his heroic actions on that day, McGinnis was awarded the Silver Star and was nominated for a Medal of Honor which he received on June 2, 2008.

All Information Was Found On And Copied From MilitaryCity.com

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you can go here.

By Christopher Right Wing & Right Minded.


KC Teaparty This Saturday



I’ve got the poster board, and markers. I’ve even got a little artistic ability… but I need some good ideas for posters. Help a blogger out! The winners will get to see their brilliant visions in action, on a major medium small blog.


Pajamas Media has a  list of Tea Parties around the nation. Check and see if there’s one scheduled near you.

Thanks, Reeko

Mexico In turmoil, Texas On Alert

Texas state Senator Dan Patrick (R) told Fox News that Texas has gone on alert for the first time in modern history over concerns of violence spilling into the U.S.:

Faultline USA reported:

According to Lockernome.com:

• 100’s of PRO-DRUG CARTEL Mexicans were blocking the entrance to the United States, yesterday and today, banging cars, shouting and holding signs. 10 people were killed Wed. and 12 more yesterday at the border (5 of which were children!!!)
• Mexico is breaking out in Civil War in the western part of the border and they expect it to spread the entire border with no end in sight.
• The National Guard will be activated as the scenario worsens and is on Alert now and will remain so until (and IF) Washington does something to end the danger on the border
Patrick has been in touch with DC and as yet, they have not responded.

Right Wing Sparkle mentioned these startling events at her blog a few days ago, advising folks to be on guard.

Video:The Heartbreaking End To The NYU Student Occupation

Allahpundit says the final moments of the student standoff, (background here)  falls “far over the line into self-parody” ……he’s right:

A commenter at NYU Local sums it all up, nicely:

‘You guys are all corporationey, and we’re using consensus and sweet kaffiyehs to overturn the power structure through consensus and a rejection of non-consensus and brutality. The revolution will be televised via my iphone! Also, Gaza.

Don’t touch me!’

Thanks for making my night…

Ace has more on the moonbat behind the camera.

11 States Declare Sovereignty UPDATE: Now Up To 30 28

“Yes we can!” just turned into Je refuse! in 11 states that have insisted upon the right to refuse federal dollars they believe would be an infringement  upon state rights:

State governors — looking down the gun barrel of long-term spending forced on them by the Obama “stimulus” plan — are saying they will refuse to take the money.  This is a Constitutional confrontation between the federal government and the states unlike any in our time.

In the first five weeks of his presidency, Barack Obama has acted so rashly that at least 11 states have decided that his brand of “hope” equates to an intolerable expansion of the federal government’s authority over the states. These states — Washington, New Hampshire, Arizona, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, California, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas — have passed resolutions reminding Obama that the 10th Amendment protects the rights of the states, which are the rights of the people, by limiting the power of the federal government. These resolutions call on Obama to “cease and desist” from his reckless government expansion and also indicate that federal laws and regulations implemented in violation of the 10th Amendment can be nullified by the states.

More at Human Events.

Previously at Nice Deb:

Eight States Introduce Resolutions Declaring State Sovereignty

Hat tip: Reeko

UPDATE (Feb 26):

The number of states who are reaffirming their right to sovereignty as stated in the 10th Amendment has now swelled to 30 states.

UPDATE (April 6):

Since that last link is no longer operational, I decided to update with a new link to a story from March 27,  in The Christian Science Monitor which claims the number up to 27 states with sovereignty bills.

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