White House Not Releasing Scare Force One Photos

Imagine that.


$328,835 for an Air Force One/NYC photo op, and no photos to show for it. You’d almost think that the  incident from last week, which scared the bejesus out of many unlucky New Yorkers, was something other than just a photo op.

You might also wonder why photos of  Air Force One buzzing around the Empire State Building is considered classified information, but photos from Abu Ghraib, and CIA memos about our interrogation techniques are not.

Oh well, never mind that…. The whole thing is just such a hoot!

Hat tip: Drew at AoSHQ

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3 Responses to “White House Not Releasing Scare Force One Photos”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Loud Talker has a piece on this crap. Short answer, “it’s CLASSIFIED”, pursuant to an Executive Order. Of course, as LT states, there is no evidence the release or declassification of this information would endanger anyone but TheOne hisownself.

    Dig it, yo?


  2. 7HEAVENS Says:

    Yo Mofo, Da bro got da right, HE WON, so Fuck YOU!


  3. 7HEAVENS Says:

    Pardon me Deb, I’ve been blogging on AoSHQ too log!


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