Hang Tough Honduras


A sign from a pro-Honduran Government demonstration

Mary O’Grady, in The Wall Street Journal today, wrote about the deplorable tactics being used by the Obama State Dept to pressure the Honduran government to reinstate Zelaya.

Last week the administration took off the gloves and sent a message that it would use everything it has to break the neck of the Honduran democracy. Its bullying might work. But it will never be able to brag about what it has done.

The most recent example of the Obama-style Good Neighbor Policy was the announcement last week that visa services for Hondurans are suspended indefinitely, and that some $135 million in bilateral aid might be cut. But these are only the public examples of its hardball tactics. Much nastier stuff is going on behind the scenes, practiced by a presidency that once promised the American people greater transparency and a less interventionist foreign policy.

To recap, the Honduran military in June executed a Supreme Court arrest warrant against Mr. Zelaya for trying to hold a referendum on whether he should be able to run for a second term. Article 239 of the Honduran constitution states that any president who tries for a second term automatically loses the privilege of his office. By insisting that Mr. Zelaya be returned to power, the U.S. is trying to force Honduras to violate its own constitution.

It is also asking Hondurans to risk the fate of Venezuela. They know how Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez went from being democratically elected the first time, in 1998, to making himself dictator for life. He did it by destroying his country’s institutional checks and balances. When Mr. Zelaya moved to do the same in Honduras, the nation cut him off at the pass.

Former President GW Bush was not popular (to say the least) with the Commie Cool Club of South America. Obama, on the other hand, is eager to be seen as friendly with the likes of Chavez of Venezuela, Castro of Cuba, and Ortega of Nicaragua, and has sided with Zelaya, the enemy of his county’s constitution.

Mr. Obama’s methods are decidedly uncool. Prominent Hondurans, including leading members of the business community, complain that a State Department official has been pressuring them to push the interim government to accept the return of Mr. Zelaya to power.

When I asked the State Department whether it was employing such dirty tricks a spokeswoman would only say the U.S. has been “encouraging all members of civil society to support the San Jose ‘accord'”—which calls for Mr. Zelaya to be restored to power. Perhaps something was lost in the translation but threats to use U.S. power against a small, poor nation hardly qualify as encouragement.

Elsewhere in the region there are reports that U.S. officials have been calling Latin governments to demand that they support the U.S. position. When I asked State whether that was true, a spokeswoman would not answer the question. She would only say that the U.S. is “cooperating with the [Organization of American States] and [Costa Rican President] Oscar Arias to support the San José accord.”

The San Jose accord is bulls**t. Honduras had said from the beginning that Zelaya’s return to power was off the table.

How dare outsiders try to force a country to violate its own constitution.

Freedom lies in being bold.

Hang tough, Honduras.



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Reminder: Tomorrow Whole Foods Buycott

The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition is encouraging buycotts of Whole Foods across the nation, on Sep. 1.

Here’s some information for the KC area:

Whole Foods “Buycott”

Join us and patriots nationwide as we support Whole Foods CEO John Mackey. Mackey has faced opposition and attacks from liberals and unions after his op-ed opposing universal healthcare appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Mackey supports free markets and opposes Obamacare.

Kansas City is joining in the nationwide “buycott” so that as conservatives, we can spend our money at places that support our ideology.

Do your grocery shopping on September 1st at the
Whole Foods store in Kansas City located at 4301 Main Street, Kansas City, MO.
We’re asking people to shop between 6pm-9pm if possible.

More buycotts scheduled:

6 pm in St.Louis, Missouri at the Whole Foods store in Town and Country off Clayton Road
7 pm in Dallas, Texas at the Whole Foods store at 11700 Preston Road in Dallas, Texas

Let’s show our support for Mr. Mackey’s advocacy of free-market health-care reforms.

Thanks to Ginger for the reminder.

One More:

Another buycott is scheduled at the San Antonio Whole Foods Market at the Quarry Market. More info, here.

If anyone knows of any others, please let me know.


I missed this video of John Stossel’s interview with John Macky, last week.  It’s definitely worth a watch if you’ve not yet seen it:

Video: TX Rep. Joe Barton: “ObamaCare Dead On Arrival”

TX Congressman Joe Barton, the ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce committee said during his interview on Fox, this morning, that he thinks that Obama has “fumbled the football”, and that the bill is “dead on arrival”.

“If they somehow manage to get the votes and get enough Democrats to walk the plank and commit suicide, in the next Congress, I’ll be chairman Joe Barton of the Energy and Commerce committee, and we’ll repeal it,” Barton said.

Repeal the stimulus bill, too, while you’re at it. I believe a majority of Americans would favor it.

In related news:


46% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. That’s the lowest level of total approval yet measured for Obama. Fifty-three percent (53%) now disapprove.

Hat tip: Real Clear Politics

LOL:CA Democrat Party Sends Out Urgent Fundraising Letter Over “Chilling” Town Hall Video

This gave me my laugh of the day. How humor impaired is the CA Democrat party? Check out what has given them the vapors:

Of course, the commentary accompanying the video on YouTube doesn’t help matters:

Watch Rep. Wally Herger encourage right-wing terrorism by calling a self-proclaimed “proud right-wing terrorist” a “great American” at a recent town hall meeting.

ZOMG! Shocking!

Here’s some of the fund raising letter sent out by the CA Dummicrat party:

Members of Congress around the country have held some heated town hall events this month. But the rhetoric went above and beyond at a recent town hall meeting held by Republican Rep. Wally Herger.
At the meeting in Redding, a man stood up and identified himself as “a proud right-wing terrorist.” Instead of denouncing him, Congressman Herger called the man “a great American.”

That’s outrageous –which is why the California Democratic Party is buying newspaper ads next week in the Mt. Shasta Herald and the Redding Searchlight, demanding that Herger apologize and repudiate right-wing terrorism.

For a scathing and scatological response to these doofuses, see Misha at Anti-Idiotarion Rottweiler.

Some People You Just Can’t Reach…


Here are some  pictures of right wing extremists from tea parties across the nation.

Caution! Chilling material ahead:


Good God, he even has the Timothy McVeigh military style haircut




Yes, you do lady, now put down your sign, and let the CA Dem party catch their breath.


Oh my!

Always on the cutting edge of stupid, MSNBC’s uberdork Keef Olbermann made Rep.  Herger his “Worst Person of the World”, last week, ranting that Herger was bound by oath to uphold the Constitution, dammit!

Start at 2:30:

And if some buffoon in his audience calls himself a terrorist, he is minimally required to remind him what that means…and how many Americans have died at the hands of terrorists, and you have to tell them to shut the hell up until he can come close to living up to what you told everybody in that crowd when that little FASCIST rally started, they have to respect each other’s opinions. (*irony meter explosion*) And if you can’t Congressman Herger, you’re not entitled to serve as Redding’s DOG CATCHER – let alone to be in the House of Representatives.

Congressman Wally (a right wing terrorist is a great American) Herger, of the CA 2nd, today’s Worst Person in the World!!1111!!1!!

They didn’t teach the Constitution at that Ag college he went to, did they?

One more:

Via American Power, here’s a harrowing photo from  one of this weekend’s tea parties in Nevada:


Good grief!!! Could someone who has read the Constitution PLEASE EXPLAIN TO THIS FASCIST that he needs to “shut the hell up” because thousands of Americans have died at the hands of radicals?!

A Shot Across The Bow: A Reclamation Of Independence


Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere

Free Citizen of the United States of America,

August 29, 2009

WHEN IN THE GENERATIONS  SUCCEEDING the one that pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to usher in the birth of the world’s only truly free nation, Liberty’s Progeny incrementally ceded their birthright to the government conceived and designed to serve a free people, and not be its servant, this generation is awakening to the terrible mistake that we, and our ancestors allowed to happen.  Charged with the terrible knowledge that comes with opened eyes, we now take up the long abdicated duty to rouse our fellow citizens and actively wrest the power and the liberties that have been progressively talked, cajoled, threatened, wheedled, and extorted from us, not only by those who ostensibly served us, but by their supporters and enablers who, by accident or design, saw fit to usurp and disdain such freedoms, that they might be withheld, and where impossible to withhold, might be condemned, until a corrosive contempt for these liberties, wrapped in velvet gloves, might so suffocate the circulation of them that this nation, conceived in liberty and the providence of a wise and benevolent creator, might indeed perish from the earth, plunging the rightful heirs of a proud and noble heritage in the the darkened waters of chaos, despair, and evil that surround them, a dank deluge that even today, other human beings actively seek to escape from in the inspiring embrace of this blessed and free country.

We, the awakened and aware, freely accept the charge that the architects of this republic passed on to us over two centuries before, in the hope that all who partook in the blessings made possible by nation they created would somberly undertake the duties of citizens, and so appropriately train themselves in virtue, and educate themselves in the workings of the precepts and ideals set forth in their foundational documents that they would possess enough wisdom to recognize that not all threats to our freedom would come from without our ranks, the knowledge to recognize that not every chain and shackle menacing us will immediately appear to be what it actually is, and the humilitynot to assume that the ingenuity and innovation that has been the hallmark of American success has been the product of man alone.

To this end, we hereby identify and reclaim our independence from the tools used to slowly enslave a free people and usurp the freedoms that we could not be persuaded to freely give up, or voluntarily suppress the free exercise of on our own:

Read the seven terms of the Reclamation by the author, here.

Video:Dick Cheney On Fox News Sunday

In case you missed this earlier this morning:

“Global Healer”, Obama To Cut Off Aid To Poor, Democratic Country

If you thought, as I did, that the Obama administration was backing off its threats to punish the tiny nation of Honduras for ousting would be dictator, Manuel Zelaya, you would be wrong. The Obama administration is dead set against taking any actions that don’t shock and demoralize the senses of freedom loving people everywhere.

Hans Bader of The Examiner reports:

The Obama Administration is about to cut off humanitarian aid to Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Earlier, the Obama Administration blocked travel to the United States by the people of Honduras.

Both actions are foolish responses to a recent ruling by the supreme court of Honduras refusing to approve the return to power of the country’s bullying ex-president and would-be dictator, Mel Zelaya. Zelaya was earlier arrested by soldiers acting on orders of the Honduras Supreme Court, replaced by his country’s Congress with a civilian successor, and forced into exile. Zelaya’s removal came after he systematically abused his powers: he sought to circumvent constitutional term limits, used mobs to intimidate his critics, threatened public employees with termination if they refused to help him violate the Constitution, engaged in massive corruption, illegally cut off public funds to local governments whose leaders refused to back his quest for more power, denied basic government services to his critics, refused to enforce dozens of laws passed by Congress, and spent the country into virtual bankruptcy, refusing to submit a budget so that he could illegally spend public funds on his cronies.

State Department lawyers, who are not experts on Honduran law, plan to declare the ex-president’s removal a “military coup” to justify cutting off aid, even though Honduras has a civilian president, and the ex-president was lawfully removed from office (although his subsequent exile may technically have violated Honduran law).

Journalists nonsensically refer to Honduras’s removal of its ex-president as a “coup” even while admitting that it was ordered by the country’s supreme court. But if it was legal, by definition, it cannot be a coup, since a coup is defined as “the unconstitutional overthrow of a legitimate government by a small group.”

The ex-president’s removal was perfectly constitutional, say many lawyers and foreign policy experts, including attorneys Octavio Sanchez, Miguel Estrada, and Dan Miller, former Assistant Secretary of State Kim Holmes, Stanford’s William Ratliff, and the Wall Street Journal’s Mary Anastasia O’Grady.

Even as Obama’s actions are supported by his ideological brethren, the Cuban communist dictator Castro and the Venezuelan socialist dictator Chavez, they have not shown him any love for throwing Honduras under the bus:

The dictators Castro and Chavez continue to attack and oppose the United States at every turn, and oppose all of its Latin American initiatives, like its plans for bases in Colombia to fight drug trafficking. Obama has received nothing in exchange for his appeasement of Latin America’s left.


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Obama “Stands With Democracy”, Defends Leftist Despot/Thug/Drug Trafficker

Honduran Military Ordered To Turn Back Zelaya’s jet

Sunday Funny


Not that under Obama, the CIA would be allowed to do such a thing.

Via Don Surber, who offers commentary on the Washington Post article that finally admitted the obvious; that the “torture” worked.

Claim:ObamaCare *Opponents Duped Into Signing Pro-ObamaCare Petition At Denver OFA Rally

This is beyond the pale. Obama’s thugs are out of control. The OFA Bus tour, I blogged about on Thursday landed in Denver for a rally at a local high school, which the Obots in charge kept under tight control. Photojournalist, and Denver blogger, El Marco was there, and took some pictures. Get a load of the signs they passed out:

astroturf signs

Notice how the hard working Obot astroturfers created their own masterpieces to mimic the hand made signs the tea party crowd use. Their signs had unique and clever slogans such as “health care for all humanity” and “We need health care”. The one on top of the pile actually says, “Organizing for America rally”.

The few legit hand made pro Obama Care signs tended to look like this:

astroturf pothead

Here’s your real grassroots

El Marco says there were 400-500 Obamacare supporters. Sign carrying dissenters numbered around 40. The anti-ObamaCare protesters were hounded and bullied. These two women were treated like dangerous  right wing extremists, and forced to stand behind a fence, under constant guard:

antiobamacare protesters ejected

Here is an email forwarded to El Marco, which echoed what another person had told him about the duplicitous petition :

“I just returned from a rally for health care reform held at North High School in Denver. As Erin and I were entering the staging area we were approached by people carrying clipboards. We were told we could not enter without signing our name and address on the form. I asked why they needed this information and was told they must know who was entering the area.This was a tax payer supported high school property hosting public speakers and I was being denied entry unless the clipboard form was completed. I was very uncomfortable with this request and remained outside the chain link fence to listen to the speakers. The first speaker was my very own repesentative, Ed Permutter who thanked all who had signed the clipboard form and stated that all these signatures would go on to to Washington showing support of the Obama Health Care Plan. I could not believe what I heard. Never was it stated that this form was a support of the health care plan. I just wonder how many people were dooped into signing this when they do not support the bill or do not know enough about it to make a decision.People carrying signs supporting the bill were permitted entry with their signs, those opposing had to remain outside.

Whether you support this bill or not please ask yourself……do I live in a free country where all are welcome to a public forum without restriction? Can a petition obtained with deception go onto Washington in support of a bill that no one can understand? Do our elected officials respect the wants of the people or are they ramming their agenda down our throats?”

In some third world countries this is a common union scam tactic. Invite workers to a meeting, sign a book at the door and they are trapped into the union without ever being asked if they wanted to join. When enough workers are signed in their employer is shoved aside and the union sets up shop. Very sneaky.

I asked El Marco if he could verify this story, he replied:

I can tell you that I heard people being told that they were signing for security reasons. That’s what I was told when I signed in. The worker that signed me in didn’t look at what I wrote or they might have said “Pravda? That’s from Russia”, if they knew anything at all about geopolitics.
I had no idea from my conversations and constant jostling from green shirts that the information was to be added to any list to be sent to Washington, but it was stated clearly that no one was allowed in who did not fill in the clipboard form. It was only after I got home and was preparing this post that I received an email stating that Ed Perlmutter told the crowd that the list would be sent to Washington, and all the names would be included on a list of supporters of Obamacare. So the clear fact is that anyone who wanted to hear the Congressman at the local high school in Denver on Friday whether they agreed with the policy or not is now included on a list of supporters of the policy. It’s exactly what I have seen going on in third world countries.
I don’t have a transcript, and wasn’t listening to Perlmutter, so I have to rely on the email testimony of the Prager listener whose email I quoted. I do believe her to be a person who does not exaggerate nor lie, so I am pretty sure she is a reliable source.

I wouldn’t be surprised, as the Health Care Insurance Now people are a very shady, and dishonest bunch. Take a look at this unbelievable  post from their website, dated August 10th.

Bus #3 to Senator Specter Town Hall in Kittanning (Let’s Get It Done)

The battle for health care reform is heating up. Right wing opponents of the bill, backed by millions of dollars from insurance companies, are packing Congressional Town Hall meetings around the country to disrupt them and tell atrocious lies about the legislation
We have to fight back! We need you to come out to Senator Arlen Specter’s Town Hall in Kittanning on Thursday Aug 13th in Kittanning.

This is one of three buses running from the Pittsburgh area to the event. You must be at the bus by 10:30 am to hold your spot.

That these ACORN funded astroturfers would be promoting and signing people up to go on a 43+ mile bus trip to a town hall,  while accusing real grassroots folks who actually drive themselves, and make their own signs (imagine that!) of being “backed by millions of dollars from the insurance companies”,  is risible.

Go to El Marco’s blog for the entire story, and lots more pictures.


Meanwhile at another pro-ObamaCare rally in Raleigh, NC:

obot_bus_6Is that an SEIU shirt, I see?

The pro-healthcare crowd was several hundred strong, and for good reason – they arrived in at least three and possibly 4 full-sized tour buses (see pics below). One of the buses came in from Wilmington, which is a couple of hours away, and while I have no idea where the others came from, they sure as hell weren’t from around here.

*Correction: Title of post originally said Obamacare Supporters Duped. Yikes, no. Not what I meant to say.


A commenter at El Marco’s offered more evidence of the duplicitous nature of  of the OFA crowd:

What should also be mentioned is that the location was changed at the last minute from the Aurauria campus to this high school. It was only the determination of the anti obamacare activists who were on top of this fact that any of our counterdemonstrators showed up at all.

The late breaking news on the OFA website the night before was noticed by one of the freedom groups and he alerted as many people as he could. No doubt, many showed up to protest at the other location and never knew of the change.

Absolutely pathetic…

Video:Obama’s Czars

Brought to you by the Blogfather, himself:

Complete list of Czars, here.

Hat tip: Moonbattery

Video:Sacramento Tea Party August 28

The first stop on the Tea Party Express was a great success with over 5000 people. I always enjoy the signs:

Kimberly Dvorak, writing for The Examiner reports:

Kicking off the patriotic ceremony was a dramatic tribute to the veterans and those serving in the military –Americanism was in the air. Thousands of tea-party attendees stood at the steps of the California state capital, each with their own reasons for taking time from their day to listen and learn.

Key Note Speaker, Mark Meckler, national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots explained that this event was not about any single event, but a culmination of issues that threaten California’s very existence.

He explained that third generation families of truckers, loggers and farmers are going out of business because of California’s strangling regulations. “I’m very concerned and wanted to bring everyone together. There is just too much government and they need to get out of the way.”

Neil Cavuto covered the tea party for Fox:

Much much more at the Tea Party Express website.


Love this CNN interview of the tea party express’s Mark Williams:

Nicely done, Mark.

Joker Poster Deemed Illegal Outside Of Jim Moran’s Town Hall

The cop tells him, that because he’s on school grounds, if he puts the sign back up after he’s been told to keep it down, he’ll be charged with trespassing, or “anything I want to charge you with”:

I don’t know if  the law that’s being unevenly applied here, is against “incitement”, or something else. The helpful Obot  suggested that the first amendment is applied differently on school grounds, than anywhere else.

My husband said the guy should have let himself get arrested, and had the case thrown out of court. I don’t know if that would have been worth the trouble.

This seems to me like an  infringement on free speech.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


“Country lawyer”, BlackisWhite Imperial Consigliere has weighed in at his blog, Taxes, Stupidity and Death.

As to Officer Cheeks:  If you’re going to allow political signs that are just writing, and not ones with pictures and text, prepare to get sued.  The only possible reason to single this sign out for disparate treatment would be if it was obscene or pornographic, and even then, if you were dealing with someone who knows more about the law then you obviously do, Officer You-Can’t-Bring-That-Sign-Or-I’ll-Arrest-You-For-Trespassing, they might just let you arrest them and then sue you for violating their civil liberties.


Video: “This used to be America!” “It ain’t no more, okay?”

Allahpundit makes the good point that Claire McCaskill got away with imposing a no sign rule at her town hall because it was on public property, but questions why the officer was able to  distinguish between signs with images on them and signs that were text-only, the same point addressed by BlackisWhite.

Read comments for more legal analysis.

Nuclear Proliferator A.Q. Khan Now A Free Man – No Restrictions On Movement

a q khan

The war on terror is dead, just like they say.

The Hindu reports:

In an interim ruling on a petition from A.Q. Khan, the Lahore High Court ruled on Friday that no restrictions should be placed on the movement of the top scientist who was freed from a five-year house arrest earlier this year.

The development is likely to send ripples of worry across the international community that remains concerned at Dr. Khan’s involvement in nuclear proliferation.

Khan’s  position at Urenco, a Dutch-based company making components for the nuclear industry, in the 1970s made him an extraordinarily valuable figure in Pakistan.

Pakistan was an unstable state that had suffered the crushing humilitation of losing half its territority – now Bangladesh – in an Indian-backed revolt in 1973.

When Dr Khan returned with his Dutch wife, Hendrina, with blueprints for centrifuges – the highly engineered machines that refine uranium, an essential ingredient for a nuclear bomb. A grateful government backed his every demand.

Khan Research Laboratories had free rein to establish a clandestine procurement network around the world. Dubai became his trading hub for centrifuge parts manufactured in Malaysia, machine tools and training sourced in Europe, South African manufacturing skills and electrical parts from Turkey.

As the programme grew the trade became a two-way flow, and highly lucrative. Investigators eventually called it the nuclear Walmart.

Dr Khan’s first customer was Iran in 1987 but he also dealt with North Korea, Iraq and Libya.

The scientist was detained in December 2003 and admitted on television in early 2004 sole responsibility for operating a network that spread nuclear weapons technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya. He has since repeatedly retracted that statement.

So he’s nuclear proliferator, and liar, and now he walks a free man.

Obama’s Tripling Of National Debt In Pictures

The Foundry does it again:


More at The Heritage Foundation:

The White House brags that it will cut the deficit in half by 2013. The President does not mention that the deficit has nearly quadrupled this year. Merely cutting it half from that bloated level would still leave budget deficits twice as high as under President Bush. Furthermore, three upcoming developments–the end of the recession, the troop pullout in Iraq, and the phase-out of the supposedly temporary “stimulus” spending–would, by themselves, cut the budget deficit in half.


Time to Stop Digging

The new budget spending estimates are alarming and absolutely unsustainable–and are the true cause of these appalling levels of deficit and debt. President Obama has proposed massive tax increases that still cannot keep up with the historic spending increases he has proposed. The result will be highest level of spending–and debt–in American history. Within a decade, Washington would have to spend nearly $800 billion annually just to pay the interest on the national debt.

In this budget context, the President’s and Congress’s brazen proposals to create a $1 trillion health care entitlement are reckless and unaffordable. Lawmakers should focus on capping federal spending, restraining entitlements, and eliminating wasteful and lower-priority programs.

Yes, of course that’s what liberal Dems *would* be doing if their goal was actually to strengthen the economy.

Snark alert @ Ace of Spades HQ:

Obama’s $9.05 Trillion Deficit Actually Depends on Stunning Growth to Stay at that “Low” Level

Peak growth in the last expansion? 3.6%.

Obama’s glide path to fiscal responsibility — where we merely run nearly a trillion dollars in deficits every single year — relies upon the assumption we’ll rocket to 3.8% growth by 2011 and then in excess of 4% growth for three years running, 2012-2014.

And based on those rosy projections, we’ll merely run a $905 billion deficit every year. If it’s lower than that — which, of course, it will be — then the deficits will be… who knows. It’s not real money anymore anyway. It’s just ZimbabweBucks.

Why The Obama Justice Dept is reopening Controversial CIA Abuse Case

A few days ago, I asked why the Obama Justice Dept. was reopening the CIA abuse case. I wondered what they had to gain from investigating the people who kept us safe for eight years when  an overwhelmingly majority of Americans disapprove of it. There were some good suggestions in the comments. Jackstraw hinted ominously:

Hillary Clinton came out the other day and explicitly endorsed the world court and bemoaned the fact that the US is not a player in it … yet.

Today, in an NRO piece, Andrew McCarthy elaborated:

I believe the explanation lies in the Obama administration’s fondness for transnationalism, a doctrine of post-sovereign globalism in which America is seen as owing its principal allegiance to the international legal order rather than to our own Constitution and national interests.

Recall that the president chose to install former Yale Law School dean Harold Koh as his State Department’s legal adviser. Koh is the country’s leading proponent of transnationalism. He is now a major player in the administration’s deliberations over international law and cooperation. Naturally, membership in the International Criminal Court, which the United States has resisted joining, is high on Koh’s agenda. The ICC claims worldwide jurisdiction, even over nations that do not ratify its enabling treaty, notwithstanding that sovereign consent to jurisdiction is a bedrock principle of international law.

As a result, there have always been serious concerns that the ICC could investigate and try to indict American political, military, and intelligence officials for actions taken in defense of our country. Here it’s crucial to bear in mind that the United States (or at least the pre-Obama United States) has not seen eye-to-eye with Europe on significant national-security matters. European nations, for example, have accepted the 1977 Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions, while the United States has rejected it. Protocol I extends protections to terrorists and imposes an exacting legal regime on combat operations, relying on such concepts as “proportional” use of force and rigorous distinction between military and civilian targets. That is, Protocol I potentially converts traditional combat operations into war crimes. Similarly, though the U.S. accepted the torture provisions of the U.N. Convention Against Torture (UNCAT), our nation rejected the UNCAT’s placing of “cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment” on a par with torture. By contrast, Europe generally accepts the UNCAT in toto.

As long as we haven’t ratified a couple of bad human-rights treaties, why should we care that Europe considers them binding? Because of the monstrosity known as “customary international law,” of which Koh is a major proponent. This theory holds that once new legal principles gain broad acceptance among nations and international organizations, they somehow transmogrify into binding law, even for nations that haven’t agreed to them. That is, the judgment of the “international community” (meaning, the judgment of left-wing academics and human-rights activists who hold sway at the U.N. and the European Union) supersedes the standards our citizens have adopted democratically. It is standard fare among transnational progressives to claim that Protocol I is now binding on the United States and that what they define as cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment is “tantamount to torture.”

This is exactly why so many of us so objected to the nomination of Harold Koh to his powerful position in the State Dept.

The depressing conclusion:

Foreign charges would result in the issuance of international arrest warrants. They won’t be executed in the United States — even this administration is probably not brazen enough to try that. But the warrants will go out to police agencies all over the world. If the indicted American officials want to travel outside the U.S., they will need to worry about the possibility of arrest, detention, and transfer to third countries for prosecution. Have a look at this 2007 interview of CCR president Michael Ratner. See how he brags that his European gambit is “making the world smaller” for Rumsfeld — creating a hostile legal climate in which a former U.S. defense secretary may have to avoid, for instance, attending conferences in NATO countries.

The Left will get its reckoning. Obama and Holder will be able to take credit with their supporters for making it happen. But because the administration’s allies in the antiwar bar and the international Left will do the dirty work of getting charges filed, the American media will help Obama avoid domestic political accountability. Meanwhile, Americans who sought to protect our nation from barbarians will be harassed and framed as war criminals. And protecting the United States will have become an actionable violation of international law.

Disgraceful and despicable.

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