Wanted: New Leader Of The Free World


The former leadership spot has been replaced by a “global community organizer”.

Says The Washington Times:

Israel is looking like the new leader of the Free World. The previous leader, the United States, resigned this role last week at the United Nations to take the position of global community organizer. This was made plain by President Obama in his speech, titled “Responsibility for Our Common Future,” in which he heralded “a new chapter of international cooperation.” By contrast, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a blunt and forceful call to action in the central challenge facing free people today. This is the struggle of “civilization against barbarism” being fought by “those who sanctify life against those who glorify death.”

Read the whole thing.

Netanyahu spoke hard truths…Obama apologized, and ingratiated himself.

‘Nuff said.

Meanwhile, look who came out ahead in the Israeli settlements fight:

President Obama, who has met immovable resistance from Israel over his demand for a full freeze on settlements in the West Bank, is largely setting that issue aside as a first step toward restarting Middle East peace talks.

He seems to have been met with immovable resistance from the Honduran government in his demand that Zelaya be reinstated, too. Common denominator?

He was/is wrong in both instances.


Fausta compares Obama’s words at the UN Security council to Sarkozy’s:

Obama: “We must never stop until we see the day when nuclear arms have been banished from the face of the earth.”

Sarkozy: “We live in the real world, not the virtual world. And the real world expects us to take decisions.”

The rest of Sarkozy’s remarks were, well, remarkable:

“Iran since 2005 has flouted five security council resolutions. North Korea has been defying council resolutions since 1993.

“I support the extended hand of the Americans, but what good has proposals for dialogue brought the international community? More uranium enrichment and declarations by the leaders of Iran to wipe a UN member state off the map,” he continued, referring to Israel.

“President Obama dreams of a world without weapons … but right in front of us two countries are doing the exact opposite.

I’m glad not everyone is taken in by Obama’s amazingly consistent smile, and  manipulative speech techniques.

Even borderline crackpots can see through it.

Oh Yeah:

Tangentially related:  I just remembered what a French intel guy, who was interviewed by Jack Wheeler last May, reportedly said of Obama:

“My agency considers him a joke,” he confides.  “Every day there is some fresh lunacy that we cannot believe.  Mr. Bush would often make us angry.  But at this man we just laugh.”

“In truth, it also makes us sad,” he continued.  “French resentment towards America is strong, so being able to laugh at your country feels good.  But it is such a sad and strange thing to see America – America The Great! – do something so crazy as to elect this ridiculous man.”

“There are many people in America who think he isn’t a legitimate president as he wasn’t born in the US and isn’t a natural citizen.  What do you think?” I asked.

He shrugged.  “I wouldn’t know.  I’ve never had reason to make an inquiry.”

“There are a lot of people convinced he is a traitor who hates America and is actively determined to destroy it.  Any opinion on that?”

He didn’t shrug at this.  After a long slow sip of wine, he mused, “I would not go that far.  Many of his actions, however, are very puzzling because they are so counter-productive regarding America’s best interests.  There seems to be a consistent pattern in that direction.”

“What does Sarkozy think of him?”

“Nothing but contempt.”

Chinese Red Flag Flies Over Washington

I missed this on Sunday.

Apparently, Obama made history on September 20th, by allowing the Chinese Communists to raise their flag alongside the American flag, to celebrate the 60 year anniversary of their totalitarian Communist regime. The ceremony was held on the Elipse, across from the White House, by the Chinese Ambassador in a Chinese-only ceremony to be broadcast on Chinese television.


Can you picture Reagan, or Bush, or for that matter, McCain allowing such a thing?

I can’t.

….”we must build new coalitions that bridge old divides”…

I see.

CRS Report: Honduran “Coup” Was Justified


No damn kidding?

David Freddoso  from The Washington Examiner offers highlights from the Congressional Research Service (click here for the pdf), which  bears out what conservative news outlets and blogs have been saying for many months:

The situation in Honduras should not be a cause for concern in Washington.

The legal arguments made in the report, which was prepared by Senior Foreign Law Specialist Norma Gutierrez, are quite intricate and based in Honduran law. But the bottom line is this:

  • The Honduran Congress appears to have acted properly in deposing President Manuel Zelaya. Unlike in the United States, the Honduran Congress has the last word when it comes to interpreting the Constitution. Although there is no provision in Honduras’s Constitution for impeachment as such, the body does have powers to disapprove of the president’s official acts, and to replace him in the event that he is incapable of performing his duties. Most importantly, the Congress also has the authority to interpret exactly what that means.
  • The Supreme Court was legally entitled to ask the military to arrest Zelaya. The high court, which is the constitutional venue for trials of the president and other high-ranking officials, also recognized the Congress’s ouster of Zelaya when it referred his case back down to a lower court afterward, on the grounds that he was “no longer a high-ranking government official.”
  • The military did not act properly in forcibly expatriating Zelaya. According to the CRS report and other news stories, Honduran authorities are investigating their decision, which the military justified at the time as a means of preventing bloodshed. In fact, Zelaya should have been given a trial, and if convicted of seeking reelection, he would have lost his citizenship. But he is still a citizen now, and the Constitution forbids the expatriation of Honduran citizens by their government.
  • The proper line of succession was followed after Zelaya’s ouster. Because there was no Vice President in office when Zelaya was removed (he had resigned to run for president), Micheletti was the proper successor, as he had been president of the Congress.

“The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service concluded the removal of former President Zelaya was Constitutional, and we must respect that,” Rep. Aaron Schock said today. “It’s unconscionable the administration would attempt to force Honduras to violate its own Constitution by cutting of foreign aid.”

Not to mention the revocation of hundreds of  Honduran public officials’ visas, including interim President Roberto Micheletti’s, who wasn’t able to attend the U.N. General Assembly, in New York this past week because of it.  And perhaps  most disgraceful of all, is the State Department’s threat to de-legitimize that nation’s upcoming November elections.

Senior officials from the State Department explained the termination of assistance, the revocation of visas, and their position that the Obama administration “would not be able to support the outcome of scheduled elections”  during a teleconference call with newspaper reporters on September 3rd. The justification for their actions were cited as thus:

President Obama has made very clear, the Secretary has made very clear, the international community has been very clear this is about the restoration and the defense of – the collective defense of democracy in the Western Hemisphere. And the San Jose Accord – the second point here is the San Jose Accord, one of the key attributes of that – of the process that President Arias laid out is that it addresses not only the events of June 28th, but also those conditions that contributed to the events of June 28th, and allows a restoration of democratic and constitutional order in a way that addresses the concerns of all involved.
So this really is about our efforts to join with the other countries in the Western Hemisphere in defense of the principles laid out in the Inter-American Democratic Charter. And it has never been about any particular individual, but rather, the duly elected president of a country, and the restoration of democratic order, part of which is his return for the balance of his constitutional term, which ends on January 27, 2010.

The “international community” in that region includes the likes of Venezuela’s Chavez, Cuba’s Castro, Nicaragua’s  Ortega, and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa. Not exactly a reputable crowd to be in agreement with.

As yet another report concludes that Honduras acted constitutionally, will the State Department please stop repeating the demonstrably false assertion that it is interested in the “restoration of democratic and constitutional order”? Because that’s not what this is about, at all.

Hat tip: American Thinker


Report: U.S. To Engage In Joint Military Training Exercises With Venezuela and Nicaragua

Zelaya Claims To Be In Honduras (UPDATE: He’s There)

Video:Democratic Leader Roberto Micheletti tells Greta the truth on the Honduran situation.

Could George Soros Be Behind The Obama Administration’s Disgraceful Treatment Of Honduras?

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Obama “Stands With Democracy”, Defends Leftist Despot/Thug/Drug Trafficker

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Friday News Dump:GITMO To Stay Open For Just A Tad Longer Than Planned

As Michael Goldfarb pummels the Obama administration for its epic failure to close GITMO on schedule, as conspicously promised, I feel the need to remind readers what Obama said just a couple of  days ago at the UN, when he patted himself on the back for announcing that he would close GITMO.

We know the future will be forged by deeds and not simply words. Speeches alone will not solve our problems — it will take persistent action.  For those who question the character and cause of my nation, I ask you to look at the concrete actions we have taken in just nine months.

On my first day in office, I prohibited — without exception or equivocation — the use of torture by the United States of America.  (Applause.)  I ordered the prison at Guantanamo Bay closed, and we are doing the hard work of forging a framework to combat extremism within the rule of law.  Every nation must know: America will live its values, and we will lead by example.

Yea! He congratulates himself for having a plan! One that he’s having a tough time implementing, yet  he offers that dubious “achievement” among other dubious achievements as evidence that the “character and cause of the nation” has improved since the dark days of Bush…..

Michael Goldfarb at The Weekly Standard summed it all up with biting sarcasm:

The Post‘s report concludes with this: “In coming weeks, officials say, they expect to complete the initial review of all the files of those held at Guantanamo.” They haven’t even reviewed all the files yet! Marc Ambinder offers this delightful spin on twitter: “GTMO was messy, but it’s gonna close, nearly on time. Obama thinks Craig did yoeman’s work on GTMO. If there’s a problem, it’s not that.” Right. Gitmo is going to close real soon — and at no risk to national security — just after Obama brings peace to the Middle East, adds 40 million uninsured to the system for not a penny more than you’re paying today, talks the North Koreans and Iranians into abandoning the pursuit of nuclear weapons, and wins the war in Afghanistan after tying General McChrystal’s hands behind his back.

Hey, it’s all nothing another speech can’t handle. An Obama speech, alone has been known to  raise his poll numbers up five points for an entire  weekend.

An aside: Just how many of Obama’s executive orders is he going to violate?

Hat tip: AoSHQ

Obama Can’t Make Deadline for Closing Gitmo, and He Takes Full Responsibility on Behalf of Bush, Congressional Republicans, and the American People Whose Fault This Is (Bumped)


The Fox News Special Report panel reacts to Obama’s UN speech. As always, Krauthammer is perfect.

El Rushbo Tries Out Green Car On Leno: Algore Hardest Hit


Lol: Worst run time in history, but “It was worth it!!!”

Flashback:Bush’s Final Press Conference – When He Said He Was More Concerned About The Country Than Being Popular

Watch it and weep:

In certain quarters you can be popular by blaming  every middle Eastern problem on Israel….(thank you for not doing that).

Or you can be popular by joining the international criminal court…(Thank you for not doing that).

I guess I could have been popular by accepting Kyoto, which I felt was a flawed treaty….(Thank you for not doing that!)

And in terms of decisions I’ve made to protect the homeland..I wouldn’t worry about popularity. (Thank you!)

What I would worry about is the Constitution, and putting plans in place that make it easier to find out what the enemy is thinking…(the enemy being actual Islamic terrorists, not domestic political opponents)…

The anti-Bush will go along to get along, the best interests of the country be damned. But at least he’s popular…at least with some.

Bush wisely sums up: I’ve heard all that…most people around the world…they respect America….and some of them don’t like me, the writers… I understand that – that’s part of the deal. But I’m more concerned about the country, and how people view the United States of America (what not himself?!) and they view us a s strong, compassionate people who care deeply about the universality of freedom.

Compare to Obama, who shows such implicit hostility to his own country’s pre-eminence in the world, and never tires of regaling foreign audiences with examples of our (not His!) shortcomings and failures, real and imagined.mostly imagined.

Hannah Giles Legal Defense Fund

Right here, in case you’d like to contribute. Yes, it’s legit, says Ace.

Sen. Mike Johanns (R., Neb.) told  National Review Online that O’Keefe and Giles are “unbelievably courageous” for standing up to ACORN:

“Here are a couple of young people who stepped into an ACORN office. The employees in each of the offices that they visited simply had the option to say ‘get the heck out of here, that’s not what our organization is about,’” says Johanns. “It was these young filmmakers, because of their courage, who were able to reveal a whole different side of ACORN. They saw ACORN employees counsel about how to break the law.”

The duo’s videos, says Johanns, “are some of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen in terms of exposing an entity that receives government funds. When I replay the clips today, I still find them shocking. I applaud them for their courage and feel so badly that ACORN decided to let it fly and sue them. Now, ACORN is trying to intimidate them just because they stood up and captured the truth about ACORN’s activities on camera.”

The suit, he adds, is “so typical of ACORN. This is an organization that decided to send missiles in someone else’s direction when the spotlight got too intense. I think that ACORN now has real problems. They’ll have a very difficult time convincing any jury. It comes down to this: The ACORN employees were caught doing things that are just outrageous. They’re going to have to convince the jury that notwithstanding the outrageous behavior, ACORN should be compensated. That argument doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.”

You can read the whole statement at NRO.

The pair really do deserve  a big round of applause.

Video: Netanyahu Asks Ahmadinejad’s UN Audience – “Have You No Shame”?

Three cheers for moral clarity:

Tab-Clearing Thursday Link Dump

Okay, I’m having trouble focusing on any one story, today…there’s almost too much to contend with, and I need to clear some tabs before my computer crashes, so I’m just gonna do a link dump. There’s lot’s of good stuff out there, today.

You can start with Peter Wehner at Commentary, who dissects Obama’s deplorable U.N. speech, concluding:

There is more to be said about the Obama speech—including the president’s tiresome pretense that he and he alone will lead the world out of its cul-de-sac, where “we bicker about outdated grievances.” But I cannot escape a depressing thought, one I hope is proved to be wrong over time: that Barack Obama, even though he is the leader of America, is constantly placing himself above it. His criticisms of our country are now part of a troubling routine, so much so that Obama is now winning the applause of people who genuinely hate America (like Fidel Castro, who complimented Obama for his “brave gesture” and “courage” in criticizing the United States at the UN).

Obama not only fails to strongly defend the United States; he is actually adding brush strokes to a portrait of our country that diminishes its achievements and standing. He seems unable or unwilling to speak out—in a heartfelt and passionate way—on its behalf. He is, of course, too clever not to ever say a word of praise for America; no, this sophisticated wordsmith and smooth politician, this cool customer ever in search of The Golden Mean, can speak in both text and subtext. He says just enough to deny the charge that he is not a strong defender of the country he leads. But by now we’re on to the game.

No one believes America’s history is pristine; we are all familiar with the catalogue of our own sins, beginning with slavery. Other presidents have recognized them, and a few have given voice to them. But it was done in the context of a reverence for America—for what it has been and stands for, for what it is and can be. Think of the words of George Washington, who said of America, “I was summoned by my Country, whose voice I can never hear but with veneration and love.” That is a noble sentiment from a man whose love of country knew no bounds. They are also words that I cannot imagine President Obama saying, at least with conviction. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like his country or admire things about it; it means that he has yet to really speak out for it. And it means that he has shown, so far at least, that he is more interested in advancing his interests than in speaking on behalf of the nation that elected him. There are enough critics of America in the world; we don’t need to add America’s president to that list.

Perhaps Mr. Obama will come to understand that there is a problem when the president of the United States—an “inestimable jewel,” Lincoln called her—has harsher things to say about his own country than he does about many of the worst regimes on Earth.

It is all quite disturbing, and to have to say this about an American president almost makes me sick.

Read the whole thing.


OMG, have you been hearing about Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar”? Not good!:

President Obama’s “safe schools czar” is a former schoolteacher who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report an underage student who told him he was having sex with older men.

Conservatives are up in arms about the appointment of Kevin Jennings, Obama’s director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, saying he is too radical for the job.

This is the kind of person you want no where near the education system, yet there he is! A friggin’ Czar in charge of keeping schools safe?! But nothing about this administration surprises me anymore.


The American Thinker: The Soros/Axelrod Axis? (why the question mark)?

There is no proof, but there certainly is reason to suspect that Soros also has been working in cahoots with David Axelrod, Obama’s former campaign strategist and now his numero uno domestic policy adviser. Soros has expertise in influencing our nation’s foreign policy by forming faux astroturf groups that operate under the guise of being independent. Soros, the hedge fund billionaire, is one of the world’s most astute investors. He has mastered the art and science of politics and invests in a panoply of think tanks, 527 groups, politicians, astroturf groups, and the Democratic Party to provide himself with the tools to influence our nation’s policies. In this administration , he may have reached the pinnacle of his power. Now many of his groups are starting to look like tools the White House is using to drive policy.


Obama’s Speeches– Obama Mentions Self Nearly 1,200 Times!

Yeah, some guy has clocked how many times Obama has referred to himself in just 41 speeches so far this year, not including this week’s big speech at the United Nations.


Obama and ACORN: A Love Story

You know how this one goes, by now…but Candace de Russy at PJ Media has a good synopsis up, just to punctuate the risibility of Obama’s attempts to distance himself from ACORN.


Prez Comes Across As A Gullible Sap

Rich Lowry has been on a roll, lately,  pulling no punches:

President Obama yesterday did his best impression of a high-school soph omore participating in his first Model UN meeting, retailing pious clichés he learned from his pony-tailed social studies teacher.

Even Woodrow Wilson might have blanched at the mushy-headed exhortations to world peace and collective action better suited to a college dorm-room bull session or a holiday-season Coca-Cola commercial.

“No nation can or should try to dominate another nation,” Obama intoned. “No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed. No balance of power among nations will hold.”

Has an American president ever expressed such implicit hostility toward his own nation’s pre-eminence in world affairs? Or so relished in recalling its failings, or so readily elevated himself and his own virtues over those of his country?

Have you seen this, yet?:

Czech President:U.N. climate meeting was propaganda:

Czech President Vaclav Klaus sharply criticized a U.N. meeting on climate change on Tuesday at which U.S. President Barack Obama was among the top speakers, describing it as propagandistic and undignified.

“It was sad and it was frustrating,” said Klaus, one of the world’s most vocal skeptics on the topic of global warming.

“It’s a propagandistic exercise where 13-year-old girls from some far-away country perform a pre-rehearsed poem,” he said. “It’s simply not dignified.”

Love it.

Ace has a related story:

The Dog Ate My Global Warming Evidence: Having Refused to Disclose Temperature Records for Years, UN’s Climate Research Unit Now Claims Its Evidence of Warming Was Just Lost

Sound like a joke? It’s not a joke…

Neither is this:

Obama’s Policies Would Redistribute Nearly $1 Trillion in Wealth Every Year

By 2012, nearly $1 trillion from the top 30 percent of American families will be redistributed among the bottom 70 percent if Obama’s proposals on taxes, health care, and climate change become law, according to the Tax Foundation.


This one is sobering, but not groundbreaking to those of us who have been paying attention:

Mark Tapscott: Beware the Stalin in progressive hearts:

Consider: Nowhere does the Constitution grant Congress authority to require every American to buy a particular private service or product on pain of forfeiture of a significant portion of their wealth. Yet, every version of Obamacare currently being discussed in Congress requires just that.

Forcing all of us to buy officially approved health insurance is essential to a functioning government-run system. As Obama told Congress, “many of insurance reforms we seek – especially requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions – cannot be achieved” without the individual mandate.

Why? Because the politicians and bureaucrats who will manage the government-run health care program know that, without the force of government behind them, they won’t be able to make the rest of us do what they tell us to do.

Once the power is granted, the question becomes how severe will the enforcement be. Fines will suffice, for Obamacare, for now. For Stalin, the first choice was usually the Gulag, or a bullet. It’s just a matter of degree.

But that is what government always does as it becomes more costly, intrusive and intolerant of dissent. As if to drive the point home, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a gag order this week telling all private companies participating in the Medicare Advantage program to shut up. Violators would face fines and jail time. Forget the First Amendment.

The gag order was issued after Humana Corp. sent a letter to its policyholders who participate in Medicare Advantage telling them the facts about Obamacare’s effect on the program. The companies were ordered “to end immediately all such mailings to beneficiaries and to remove any related materials directed to Medicare enrollees from your website.”

The bureaucrats added this blunt threat: “Please be advised that we take this matter very seriously and, based upon the findings of our investigation, will pursue compliance and enforcement actions. ….”

Those, my friends, are the words of soft tyranny. How much longer before it becomes a hard tyranny?

One more from Ace:

Treasury Dept. IG Launches Investigation of ACORN for Impermissible Partisan Activities
Synchronicity: WH Moves to Obscure Ties Between ACORN and Big Labor

Another sobering read from Michael Ledeen:

Is Obama Naïve?

I don’t think so. I think that he rather likes tyrants and dislikes America. I think he’d like to be more powerful, I think he is trying to get control over as much of our lives as he can, so that he can put an end to the annoying tumult of our public life. As when he said (about health care) to the Congress, “Okay, you’ve talked enough, now it’s time to do the right thing (my thing).” And he’s trying to end American power in the outside world. He’s saying “I’m going to stop us, before we kill again.”

Report: U.S. To Engage In Joint Military Training Exercises With Venezuela and Nicaragua

Honduran blogger, Gerardo Paredes tipped me to this story in a Nicaraguan newspaper, La Prensa, today:


The Parliament today authorized the entrance of troops, ships and airships of the Armed Forces of the United States and Venezuela, to participate in an interchange of experience in this country with humanitarian aims, informed legislative sources today. The entrance of the American and Venezuelan military was proposed by the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, with character urgent, and approved today in the plenary session by 63 of the 92 deputies before the National Assembly, needed the president the Legislative one, the sandinista René Núñez.

The Congress authorized the entrance of the 10 military of the special forces of the United States to participate in a joint training with the commando of special operations of the Army of Nicaragua of the 1 of October to the 31 of next December, indicated by its side the first secretary of the Assembly, the liberal Navarrese Wilfredo opponent. Also it ratified the entrance of ship USWEST of the Navy of the United States to participate in an interchange of training with personnel of the Naval Force of the Army, from the 5 to the 30 of next November, indicated. Also, it authorized the entrance of the five military of the naval school of the United States to participate in a training interchange. The Parliament also authorized the entrance, of rotating form, of the 30 military, ships and airships of the Air Force of the Army of Venezuela to participate in an exercise of training interchange in operations of humanitarian aid with personnel of the Army of Nicaragua of the 1 of November from 2009 to the 10 of April of 2010.

Is it standard procedure for the U.S. military to conduct military operations in countries that are hostile to the United States? Is this an ominous sign for Honduras, and Columbia?

Someone with military knowledge please clue me in.

Chavez recently boasted of the Russian missiles it has procured from Russia:

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has announced that the country will soon take delivery of Russian missiles with a range of 300km (185 miles).

Returning from a 10-day tour of Africa, Asia and Europe, including Russia, Mr Chavez is also planning to buy Russian T-72 and T-90 tanks.

“Soon some little rockets are going to be arriving… and they don’t fail,” he announced at the presidential palace.


Venezuela is involved in a long-running diplomatic stand-off with neighbouring Colombia, over the latter’s plans to allow US troops greater access to its military bases.

A year ago,  September 2008, Moscow sent ships to the Caribbean to engage in joint exercises with the Venezuelan Navy, which was seen as “one of Russia’s most provocative exercises in the Western Hemisphere since the Soviet Union supported Marxist guerrillas in Nicaragua and El Salvador”.

In his weekly television address, President Chavez of Venezuela said: “Russia’s naval fleet is welcome here. If it’s possible, we’ll stage an exercise in our Caribbean waters.” Anticipating criticism from Washington, he taunted his northern neighbor, saying, “Go ahead and squeal, Yankees.”

Despite Mr. Chavez’s tough rhetoric, the Venezuelan leader has suffered some setbacks in the last year, among them the weakening of the FARC, the Colombian Marxist rebel group that Mr. Chavez has supported.

Nonetheless, the Venezuelan government, flush with cash from its petroleum exports, has indicated that it is seeking to purchase Russian submarines.

The announcement of the military exercises comes as the Bush administration is navigating its response to Russia’s invasion of Georgia, a former Soviet republic that hosts a small American military base.

Over the weekend, Vice President Cheney had particularly harsh words for Russia, calling the recent invasion an “affront to the standards of the civilized world.”

Now we’re conducting military exercises with Chavez and Ortega? Like Obama said in his UN speech, we’re forming new coalitions…


Paraguay rejects U.S. military co-operation deal


A friend who is former Air Force  emails:

my own prelim assessment is, yes, the US does participate in some exercises with just about all the countries of the S. Hemisphere. in fact we just finished PANAMAX 2009 – which is our annual protect-the-canal ex with about 21 countries. very interestingly, this year’s total was officially 20. guess who was uninvited?  and here is a curious slam on Honduras from the extremely Leftist COHA group:

the more ominous aspect is that the Nicaraguan press release (i assume its from Nic?) mentions two separate things:  first there will be 10 SF ops allowed in (thats an A-team!) for “training” ahead of an unknown US navy ship later (there is no “USWEST” ship) during the joint Venezuelan “humanitarian” training ex.  THAT is what is very bad mojo.
My source says responses to his request for opinions in the military community are mostly of the “nothing to see here move along”  variety.

However  his own opinion is that this might be a sort of “gunboat diplomacy against Honduras”.

I don’t know. Having no background with the military, myself, it seemed strange that we would be conducting military exercises with anti-American countries.

Remember The Good ‘Ol Days…

…when the thugs of the world hated our President?

Oh, how the world hated G.W. Bush. Lefties reminded us of that nearly every single day. The Imperialistic policies of King George had reduced our standing in the world. Bla bla bla…emote emote emote.

Standing with whom?

These d-bags?

Moammar Kadafi:

We are content and happy if Obama can stay forever as the president of the United States.”

Fidel Castro:

That admission of America’s past errors “was without a doubt a brave gesture,” Castro wrote in comments published by Cuban state-media Wednesday.

“It would only be fair to recognize that no other United States president would have had the courage to say what he said,”

Hugo Chavez no longer smelling sulfur, last June:

“Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right,” Chavez joked on a live television broadcast.

Syrian President Bashar Assad in a July 4th telegram:

“The values that were adopted by President Obama during his election campaign and after he was elected president are values that the world needs today,” Assad said in the telegram that was carried by state-run news agency SANA.

“It is very important to adopt the principle of dialogue in relations with countries based on respect and mutual interest,” Assad said.

Why did I feel more secure when our enemies feared and loathed our President?

Diplomats From 11 Countries Walk Out On Ahmadinejad’s Speech

I would call the guy  a b.s. artist, but that would do  a great disservice to b.s. artists.

Hot Air Reports:

The eleven, according to a European source: Argentina, Australia, Britain, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand … and the United States. I assume our guys wouldn’t have bolted without the White House’s approval, so kudos to The One for showing a bit of principle.

Honestly, I chalk it up to “me too-ism” more than principle, myself. After all, Obama wants to meet with this guy still, doesn’t he? At any rate, we do know that it was Canada, not the United States that lead the way on this one.

Greta interviewed a Canadian diplomat who walked out, tonight:

Video:Rep. Thaddeus McCotter Comments On Obama’s Appeasement

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A Reason Why So Many Parents Were Nervous About Obama’s Speech To School Children (UPDATED)

A thousand word essay could not convey what this chilling video does in two and a half minutes:

It was the bizarre instruction guidelines that teachers were encouraged to use, coupled with the very real possibility that some pro-Obama teachers, like this one,  would abuse their power with a captive audience, that had parents so creeped out.

This video appeared on YouTube on September 6, two days before Obama’s speech.

Hat tip Gay Patriot on Twitter


Via Guy Benson at The Corner:


Political Sloganeering- “Equal work gets equal pay!”

Obama/Jesus comparisons- “Red and yellow; black and white…they are equal in his sight.”  (Him being Obama).  These lyrics may sound familiar to Sunday school alumni.

Forced fawning- “Hello Mr. President, we honor you today! …  Hooray Mr. President, you are number one!”

I’m sitting here trying to figure out why this egregious video sat in obscurity at YouTube for two full weeks.

There’s still no word on when or where the video was actually shot.

If I were one of those kids’ parents, I’d be so steamed.


Michelle Malkin has identified the school, and the cult leader responsible for this Obamanation.

Exurban League posted the letter from the elementary school to parents about the video.

John Bolton: “Israel’s On The Chopping Block”

Here’s John Bolton’s remarks earlier today on Fox with Megyn Kelly, reacting to Obama’s horrendous UN speech:

The Corner has excerpts from Bolton’s sobering response:

“It was a very naïve, Wilsonian speech, and very revealing of Obama’s foreign policy,” says Bolton. “Overall, it was so apologetic for the actions of prior administrations, in an effort to distance Obama from them, that it became yet another symbol of American weakness in the wake of the president’s decision to abandon missile sites in Poland and the Czech Republic, and his recent manifest hesitation over what to do in Afghanistan.”

Drew M at AoSHQ quipped:

The Obama administration reminds me of this quote from The Hunt for Red October, “This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it. “

POWIP says:

Israelis? Get your things together,’cuz the bus is coming

Obama spoke of  new coalitions being formed…God help us, yes indeed- there are, and not for the good of humanity, either.

Related reading:

Nile Gardiner at The UK Telegraph:

The UN loves Barack Obama because he is weak

It is natural that much of the UN will embrace an American president who declines to offer strong American leadership. A president who engages dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez will naturally gain respect from the leaders of the more than 100 members of the United Nations who are currently designated as “partly free” or “not free” by respected watchdog Freedom House.

The UN is not a club of democracies – who still remain a minority within its membership – it is a vast melting pot of free societies, socialist regimes and outright tyrannies. Obama’s clear lack of interest in human rights issues is a big seller at the UN, where at least half its members have poor human rights records.

The president scores highly at the UN for refusing to project American values and military might on the world stage, with rare exceptions like the war against the Taliban. His appeasement of Iran, his bullying of Israel, his surrender to Moscow, his call for a nuclear free world, his siding with Marxists in Honduras, his talk of a climate change deal, have all won him plaudits in the large number of UN member states where US foreign policy has traditionally been viewed with contempt.

Simply put, Barack Obama is loved at the UN because he largely fails to advance real American leadership. This is a dangerous strategy of decline that will weaken US power and make her far more vulnerable to attack.

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