Mark Levin Shreds ObamaCare

Mark Levin went on quite tear, yesterday about the ObamaCare bill, addressing Obama directly; “Your health care bill stinks, just as we said it did. As a matter of fact, your health care bill is a fraud”. Listen and weep:

Hat tip: Doug Ross, who has the entire transcript.


In case that didn’t give you your Mark Levin fix for the day, there’s also this:

Mark explains why Obama’s announcement of opening up new areas for drilling is really a facade, a way to get cap-n-trade votes. He explains that this simply puts the ball in the dept. of interior’s court, and the guy who runs that wants nothing to do with drilling.

*GASP* Democrats Used Targets on Maps, Too!

Paul Krugman said of Sarah palin’s target map which she posted on her Facebook page:

All of this goes far beyond politics as usual…you’ll search in vain for anything comparably menacing, anything that even hinted at an appeal to violence, from members of Congress, let alone senior party officials….to find anything like what we’re seeing now you have to go back to the last time a Democrat was president.

The ladies on The View condemned the violent imagery, as well, with Joy Behar wheezing, “it looks like an “Al Qaeda Christmas card!…”

Verum Serum has discovered, as shocking and dismaying as it is,  that Democrats have used a “menacing” target Strategy map, too.  This one even uses  blatant militaristic language –  “behind enemy lines”, the horror!:

I have an idea for Republicans and Democrats. Instead of the super-scary, menacing graphics, how about something a bit kinder and gentler…. something that won’t inspire violence from the populous…

For the Dems, I suggest something along these lines:

For Republicans, how about this?:

Let’s hope and pray they take my advice. Together we can put an end to menacing imagery on maps.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

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Kudos To Bill O’Reilly

I know…Bill O’Reilly? But credit where credit is due:

O’Reilly Pays Legal Bill for Fallen Marine’s Father:

No. 1 cable news host Bill O’Reilly said Tuesday that he will personally write a check to cover $16,500 in legal costs for the father of a fallen U.S. Marine who sued the members of a church who picketed his son’s funeral.

According to news reports, the members of the Westboro Baptist Church, located in Topeka, Kan., believe that God is punishing the United States because of its acceptance of gay people. The church garners attention for its views by protesting high-profile funerals.

On March 3, 2006, Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew A. Snyder died in a non-combat related vehicle accident in Al Anbar province in Iraq.

“He was a hero and he was the love of my life,” said Albert Snyder, Matthew’s grieving father.

Here he is talking about the case with Fox News legal experts, Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle,  last night on his show:

Hat tip: Sondra K via Moonbattery.


I have to say Kudos to Bill O’Reilly, also, for his handling of the current *racist tea party* meme that’s all the rage in Washington right now. After watching too many hosts passively accept the charges of racism against the March 20th DC protesters, I implored news hosts to please ask for evidence before accepting the charge.  He’s been doing just that, (not that he cares what I have to say)  in fact nailing Al Sharpton earlier this week:

SHARPTON: Bill, you cannot deny there are some racial components in this.

O’REILLY: Hold it. Hold it.

SHARPTON: Does that make everybody a Tea Party racist? I don’t think…

O’REILLY: I am going to deny that. Here is what I’m going to deny. I’m going to deny that the Tea Party platform, the movement itself is based on race at all. It isn’t. What happens is, in any organization, including your own, you have nuts. You have loons. People who take it way too far who may be racist themselves. You cannot demonize any organization by the actions of a few in a demonstration. That’s insane.

SHARPTON: I don’t think you can do that. But I think that if we were to sit here and say that in the Tea Party that there is not some leaves in that tea bag that are racist.

O’REILLY: Well, then, you’ve got to prove, you’ve got to make that — you’ve got to prove it. You have got to prove it.

SHARPTON: People standing outside of Congress using the n-word.

O’REILLY: How do you know they did that?

SHARPTON: I have seen the tape.

O’REILLY: There is no tape. There is no tape with the n-word on it. There’s no way. Let’s be clear. There is no tape.

And here he is again with Alan Colmes, last night.

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In Case You Were Wondering What A Rent-a-Mob Looks Like

Andrew Breitbart delivers.

Someone needs to call Eric Boehlert on his pager, STAT,  and let him know that Andrew Breitbart got his facts wrong re Harry Reid’s “negro dialect” comment. Breitbart made a factual error while the throng of union thugs surrounded him, shouted in his face, (with one threatening  him, and another spewing forth a 3/4 full mouth of saltine crackers), BEHOLD: Reid didn’t say that Obama had a negro dialect, he boasted that he didn’t have one, (thus, making him more electable). Get it right, Breitbart!

You can watch the other video, which shows the egg-wielding eggman, at Big Government.

Hat tip: Frugal Cafe.

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Jesse Walker’s theme song?


Obama’s Broken Promises and America’s Growing Anger

House Republican Leader, John Boehner has one of the better Republican blogs in Congress. You should check it out once in awhile. In his latest post, he feigned surprise that Obama is admitting that ObamaCare will not cut costs, as promised:

More Employers Report Squeeze From ObamaCare’s Job-Killing Tax Increases and Health Care Cost Hikes

Washington, Mar 30 - With his new health care law already hurting our economy, President Obama now admits ObamaCare is not cutting costs like he repeatedly promised it would.  Apparently, the federal government is spending a trillion dollars, raising taxes, cutting Medicare, and imposing job-killing mandates for a “first step” that will require “further adjustments.”  Tell that to the employers, workers, and small businesses who are watching ObamaCare take money out of their pockets.

We’ve seen this presidential switcheroo before: when it became clear the trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ wasn’t working, the President claimed it was never about creating jobs anyway.  For the American people, who have always considered lowering costs to be their highest health care priority, ObamaCare is fast becoming just another Washington program that overspends and underdelivers.  That’s why we need to repeal this government takeover of health care and replace it with reforms focused first on lowering costs and protecting American jobs.

According to a new USA Today/Gallup poll, a majority of Americans say ObamaCare is “too costly”:

“Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the health care overhaul signed into law last week costs too much and expands the government’s role in health care too far, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, underscoring an uphill selling job ahead for President Obama and congressional Democrats.  Those surveyed are inclined to fear that the massive legislation will increase their costs and hurt the quality of health care their families receive…”

Yes, a growing number of people are wising up and realizing that virtually every promise Obama makes has an expiration date, as Jim Geraghty so painstakingly cataloged, here..

James P. Gannon at the American Spectator writes eloquently of America’s Quiet Anger:

There is a quiet anger boiling in America.

It is the anger of millions of hard-working citizens who pay their bills, send in their income taxes, maintain their homes and repay their mortgage loans — and see their government reward those who do not.

It is the anger of small town and Middle American folks who have never been to Manhattan, who put their savings in a community bank and borrow from a local credit union, who watch Washington lawmakers and presidents of both parties hand billions in taxpayer bailouts to the reckless Wall Street titans who brought down the economy in 2008.

It is the fury of the voiceless, the powerless, the ordinary nobodies of Flyover Country who are ridiculed, preached to, satirized and insulted by the Celebrity Loudmouths of the two Left Coasts, the Jon Stewarts and Keith Olbermanns, the Paul Krugmans and their ilk.

It is the salted wound of the millions who see that ruling Democrats in Congress are not listening to them but are willfully ignoring public opinion and the verdict of recent elections in passing a huge new health care entitlement when the existing entitlements of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are already going broke.

Etc etc etc…..The Democrat Socialists in power have given us so much to be angry about, our cups runneth over.

Most of the angry are not out marching in the streets, waving signs or shouting into bullhorns. And they are not smashing windows or phoning death threats to politicians. They are simply waking up angry in the morning, and going to bed angry at night. And their resentment is multiplied by the media’s efforts to portray them all as dangerous, crazy people, and by the effort of certain Democrats to tar them with brush of violent intent.

They are embittered, too, by the rhetoric of a triumphant president who turns on its head Winston Churchill’s heroic attitude promising defiance in defeat but magnanimity in victory. For a president of a deeply divided country, defiance in victory is not an endearing posture. It has all the persuasive charm of a Chad Ochocinco victory dance in the end zone of the opponent’s stadium.

Exactamundu, and at this point I’m probably violating fair use, so please go read the rest at The American Spectator.

I would add that many of us have had it with the “blame Bush” meme, as well. A Goy and His Blog attempts to set the record straight:

Today we learn from the Wall Street Journal that Personal Income is in decline and Ben Bernanke tells us the future looks “dark“.

It all kinda makes one mindful of the not-so-distant past, when things weren’t nearly so dismal. Not that one would know this by listening to the mindless, chattering Left Wing Media or our Blame Duck President.

There are a few little-regarded truths that have been buried under the relentlessly spewed pile of lies that were used to demonize George W. Bush and the Republican Congress from the day Al Gore failed to carry his own home State in the 2000 Election until… well… it’s still pretty much a leftist pastime.

The horror of “the last 8 years” has become it’s own self-perpetuating meme. The problem is that it’s a meme without meaning. Two of those eight years – now stretched to three out of the last nine – saw fiscal and regulatory policies determined by the Democrat Congressional majority, elected in 2006. Every economic indicator available shows that this is where America’s recent tribulations began.

The real horror – the years since the Democrat Congress rose to absolute power – hasn’t seen much discussion. It’s “all Bush’s fault”, as they say. But as the last ten years recede into the rear view mirror, we can see them in context. And 20/20 hindsight can often be quite revealing.

Here are a few helpful factoids and graphs to help the TEA Party, GOP, RNCC and ALL Republican and Independent candidates beat the living snot out of Socialism every day from now until November.

Read on.


Via Potluck, we find Roger Kimball also expressing the angst so many of us are feeling::

Americans are entering upon untrodden ground here. What just happened? Everyday, it seems, brings some new enormity. ObamaCare is a bludgeon with which Obama beats down capitalist instincts. Spreading the wealth around requires that he spread the pain around, too. Suddenly, anyone with a job is “rich.” Taxes must rise. Regulation must become more onerous. Individual initiative must be stifled. Everything must be more complicated, more subject to oversight by the only part of the economy that’s booming: the public sector, the sector the rest of us pay for with our taxes.

What just happened? It’s untrodden ground in this country, but other countries have not been so fortunate. For decades, the Soviet Union labored under similar contradictions. How was the wheat production this year, comrade? The correct answer is “Absolutely splendid!” The true answer is “Disastrous.” Hunger, of course, is a counter-revolutionary sentiment, as is dissatisfaction with the paradise your masters are preparing for you. Dissent is now unpatriotic. Criticism is a sign of greediness. What just happened? Something glorious, friends. We’ve put ourselves deeper into debt which means we are ever so much more prosperous. We are about to see taxes rise enormously, which means we will become enormously richer. We have just passed a bill that will employ 16,000 new IRS agents, which means we will be freer than ever of government intrusion. We have cut our defense budget, obliterated critical programs, therefore we are more secure. What just happened?

See also:

NRO: Alexander: Obama’s ‘Soviet-Style’ Takeover of Student Loans [Robert Costa]

“It changes the kind of country we live in more than it changes American education,” Alexander concludes. “The American system of higher education has become the best in the world because of choice and competition. Unlike K-12, we give money to students and let them choose among schools, having the choice of private lenders or government lenders. That’s been the case for 20 years. Having no choice, and the government running it all, looks more like a Soviet-style, European, and even Asian higher-education model where the government manages everything. In most of those countries, they’ve been falling over themselves to reject their state-controlled authoritarian universities, which are much worse than ours, and move toward the American model which emphasizes choice, competition, and peer-reviewed research. In that sense, we’re now stepping back from our choice-competition culture, which has given us not just some of the best universities in the world, but almost all of them.”

From the Republican House:

Obamacare Flatlines: An Overdose of Layoffs and Job Losses

An Overdose of Job Killing Taxes

Announcing Healthcare 218: Educating the American Public About the Need to Repeal and Replace

Linked by Michelle Malkin, and Doug Ross, thanks.


More On The Emanuel Cleaver Spitting Incident

Jack Cashill, at The American Thinker, having researched the Capital steps tea party controversy of March 20, has come to a conclusion: The William Douglas story in  the liberal McClatchy Newspapers, which broke the alleged racial incidents “seems to meet the standards for libel. It is provably false, preposterously reckless, quite possibly malicious, and has caused real damage to publicly identified Tea Party leaders”.

Since my congresscritter, Emanuel Cleaver was a key player in the libel, I’ve taken special interest in the story, which Cashill dissects, here:

Here is what happened. Rather than use the tunnel from the Cannon Office Building to the Capitol, a contingent from the Black Caucus chose to walk through a crowd of protesters. In none of the videos shot that day, including those by the members of the Caucus themselves, has anyone identified a single audible racial slur.
What the videos show are protesters booing the black congressmen as lustily as they did their white counterparts. The one thing they do scream is the racially neutral “Kill the bill.” The caucus members pass without incident until they reach the Capitol steps. There, an inattentive Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), flanked by a police officer, walks right in front of a man who has been screaming “kill the bill” through cupped hands for at least the last ten seconds.
Cleaver appears to get caught in the vocal spray. Once the videos emerged, Cleaver would tell the Washington Post that the man “allowed saliva to hit my face.” In the immediate aftermath of the incident, however, a visibly angry Cleaver — he poked his finger in the man’s face after being sprayed — spread a much darker story. As Douglas reported in his 4:21 posting, Cleaver’s office claimed in a statement “that [Cleaver] had also been spat upon and that Capitol Police had arrested his assailant.” The Cleaver statement continued, “The man who spat on the congressman was arrested, but the congressman has chosen not to press charges.”
Yael T. Abouhalkah, the editorial page columnist in Cleaver’s hometown Kansas City Star, a McClatchy paper, captured the party line nicely with the claim that “some Tea Party supporter spat on Cleaver Saturday on Capitol Hill because the U.S. congressman is black.” The video evidence belies all this nonsense.
About a minute after the incident, Cleaver returns to the scene of the crime with a Capitol Police officer. The “assailant” is still standing there shouting, unaware that he has committed anything like a crime. Heck, until a year or so ago, he had been led to believe that dissent was patriotic, not racist. More embarrassingly, Cleaver fails to recognize the man even though he is standing right in front of him, and the man is making no effort to hide. There is no arrest, no detention as Cleaver’s office would later claim, no noble decision to not press charges.

“There were no elements of a crime, and the individual wasn’t able to be positively identified,” a spokeswoman for the Capitol Police would tell “[Cleaver] was unable to positively identify.” More troubling, in Douglas’s report, it was only Cleaver who was said to hear the word “nigger.” Even in the later posting, “Tea party protesters call Georgia’s John Lewis ‘nigger,'” Lewis himself does not make this claim.
“They were shouting, sort of harassing,” Lewis told Douglas. What they shouted, Douglas reports, is “kill the bill, kill the bill.” House majority whip James CIyburn, who walked with the contingent, heard no racist remarks, either. “I experienced some of [the anger],” Clyburn told Keith Olbermann on March 22. “I didn`t hear the slurs.“Douglas cites only Cleaver as the person who “distinctly heard ‘nigger.'” It is Douglas himself who inflates that one one word into multiple “protestors” who “scream” it at Lewis. There is no story without that word, and given the lack of video evidence and Cleaver’s willingness to dissemble on the alleged arrest, there is no reason to believe him.

If we wanted to be generous, we could say it may well be that Cleaver thought he heard the ‘n’ word amongst all the shouting, (although none of the tapes picked it up), but there’s no doubt in my mind that he was caught trying to smear the tea partiers with his initial story about being spat upon. There is a big difference between accidental spray, and being “spat upon”.

That’s disappointing because although I always knew single payer proponent, Cleaver was a man of the left, I thought he was an honest one. Apparently not.

Luckily for MO district 5, there is an alternative this November:

Meet Jacob Turk, 5th district candidate for Congress interviewed here by a RedState reporter at CPAC:


Ace: Palin: Let’s Elect Veterans to Congress

Did I mention that Turk is a Marine veteran?


Lefty Blogger Uses Photo Of Sarah Palin Effigy Being Hanged As Example Of Right-Wing Hate

How does she he! manage to do that, you ask? By using a wide shot, and saying that it’s Nancy Pelosi:

Conservatives remember very well that the hanging Sarah Palin effigy was done as a Halloween prank during the ’08 election as the media reluctantly cluck clucked, Sarah Palin effigy: a Halloween trick gone too far? Ya think?

He also uses pictures of the Fred Phelps clan (Democrats),

and a few semi-over the line tea party signs as examples of right wing hate. Weak tea compared to Bush era protest signs.

The koolaid must be strong for this one.

The name of his blog, ironically enough is The Conservative Lie. You can go tell him hey, but don’t count on your comment appearing. Mine didn’t.


The Conservative Lie blog has been shamed into taking the pic down, citing, “a mistake”.

Yes, it’s understandable in this current right-wing Kristallnacht we’re living through, to mistake a  a very real Palin effigy, for a non-existent, completely made-up Pelosi one. It happens!


It looks like our hero, who’s working so feverishly to expose conservative hate has replaced the bogus Palin pic with yet another bogus pic. Remember this sweetheart?

The Tea Party movement in Houston has been on to “tea party founder” Dale Robertson since February of last year. Pajama’s Media reported:

He has been described as a fake, a con artist, and worse by frustrated tea party groups across the land. Houston’s, in particular, is so upset at being associated with the man that they sent out the following press release:

1. He is NOT a member of our Leadership team.

2. He owns a website with which we have never been affiliated.

3. He has never been a part of organizing any of the Tea Party rallies in the Houston area, or any other area that we can find.

4. We addressed some issues involving him back in April. Here it is on our website, where Mr. Robertson himself comments:

5. We do not choose to associate with people that use his type of disgusting language.

Robertson and his publicist encourage the MSM to consider it a mere squabble between various factions involved in the tea party movement. But quick research on the internet shows that no one in the actual tea party movement wants anything to do with the man.

Needless to say, left-wing sites have been repeatedly drawing attention to him as an example of racism in the tea party.

From the post linked to above:

Something Fishy

Friday, April 17, 2009

One Dale Robertson has purchased DBA names for, among other things, Houston Tea Party, Texas Tea Party, Houston, TX Tea Party, and on and on.  But what really interests me is the next page:

He’s also purchased Houston 912 Project, The 912 Project, We Surround You Houston, We Surround Them Houston, and on and on.

A pattern begins to emerge, one of a man bent on either controlling the names available for current movements in Harris County, or on extorting money from the leaders of these grassroots movements.  Apparently we irritated him when we registered the name Houston Tea Party SOCIETY, because he didn’t think to get that one.  I hear he is offering to sell the rights to the names to leaders of these movements.So, purportedly a self-described member of a movement that’s against sleazy opportunistic politicians is presenting himself as a sleazy opportunistic non-politician?

Personally, I think that’s a great capitalist idea, and I wish him luck with that.

Dang that koolaid must taste good!


More fishiness:

The Mudville Gazette is on the case of  the lone gunmen. Who are these miscreants?

The photographer of the offending sign above, Greyhawk was able to discover, is a man named Cameron Brenchley:

Cameron isn’t as mysterious as the subjects of his photos. A quick Google search reveals he’s a New Media Specialist for the U.S. House of Representatives, meaning that – among other things – he conducts blog outreach on behalf of the good folks who were inside the Capitol debating that bill. That’s excellent news – even though he declared via his Twitter Feed that a different sign was the “Best tea-bag sign of day,” any employee of the House of Representatives (and former US Air Force Staff Sergeant) will certainly recognize their responsibility to expose (and neutralize) the threat conveyed in those signs beyond the blogosphere – so that’s no doubt been taken care of.

The striped shirt guy does bare a minor resemblance to Dale Robertson, but I’ve decided upon closer inspection that they’re not the same guy. Commenters at the Mudville Gazette noted a “union thug” look to the guys. Whomever they are, their sign constitutes a threat, and they should be persona non gratae at any tea party.


Searchlight vs. L.A.: Rival Rallies Reveal Stark Right/Left Divide By Zombie

A compare and contrast our right wing hate finding sleuth might want to check out totally ignore. After all, he  won’t link to NSFW pics, so that pretty much excludes most left wing rallies.


Video: Andrew Breitbart Explains To Cop The Egg Throwing Incident Outside Of Searchlight

Here’s an astonished Andrew Breitbart explaining to an officer what happened outside of Searchlight, after Harry Reid’s  astroturfers called the police claiming he (not them!) threw eggs on the Tea Party bus.

Video via Ryan P Dixon:

Heh, Breitbart sure loves to talk!


Keep talking Andrew – whether or not you threw the eggs -the NYTs has got you pegged as a modern day Bill Ayers: NYT Ponders: Weather Underground, Tea Party Movement Just ‘Varying Degrees of Rage’?

Still MORE:

Hot Air has video of the actual egg throwing, and Andrew Breitbart’s reaction to it.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


Video:Aerial View Of Traffic Going Into The Searchlight Tea Party

Video: Harry Reid On Searchlight Tea Party – “That’s What America Is All About!”

Andrew Breitbart Gets Waylaid By Egg-Throwing Moonbats On The Way To Searchlight

CNN Anchor: “At Least Dozens Of People” At Tea Party Event In Searchlight

Showdown in Searchlight Tea Party

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Obama Administration Not Through Messing With Honduras

Hugo Llorens with BFF Zelaya

I thought their long, national nightmare was over, but Mary O’Grady, who has been reporting on the Honduran crisis since the very beginning, says the Obama administration continues to meddle in Honduran affairs, and  align itself with the region’s Chavistas.

Last year, the U.S. tried to force the reinstatement of deposed president Manuel Zelaya. When that failed and Team Obama was looking like the Keystone Cops, it sent a delegation to Tegucigalpa to negotiate a compromise.

Participants in those talks say Dan Restrepo, senior director for Western Hemisphere affairs at the National Security Council, let slip that the U.S. interest had to do with American politics. The Republicans, he said, were using the administration’s support for Mr. Zelaya, an ally of Venezuelan Hugo Chávez, against the Democrats. It’s not going to work, Mr. Restrepo is said to have informed the other negotiators, because “we have the power” and would be keeping it for a long time.

Um? Could the Obama administration really be so petty as to punish an entire nation because the Republicans had taken up their cause?

It can’t have been comforting for Hondurans to learn that while their country was living a monumental crisis, fueled by U.S. policy, Mr. Restrepo’s concern was his party’s power. For the record, an NSC spokesman says “Mr. Restrepo didn’t say that.” But my sources are more plausible considering what has transpired since.

Four months after a presidential election, reports from Honduras suggest the Obama administration remains obsessed with repairing its foreign-policy image by regaining the upper hand. The display of raw colonialist hubris is so pronounced that locals now refer to U.S. ambassador Hugo Llorens as “the proconsul.”

Washington’s bullying is two-pronged. First is a maniacal determination to punish those involved in removing Mr. Zelaya. Second is an attempt to force Honduras to allow Mr. Zelaya, who now lives in the Dominican Republic, to return without facing any repercussions for the illegal actions that provoked his removal. Both goals are damaging the bilateral relationship, polarizing the nation and raising the risk of a resurgence of political violence.

I’ve already excerpted too much – Read the entire report at the WSJ. O’Grady concludes:

It’s hard to imagine what the U.S. thinks it achieves with a policy that divides Hondurans while strengthening the hand of a chavista. Revenge and power come to mind. Whatever it is, it can’t be good for U.S. national security interests.

Everything this administration does is mortifying and ruinous. I agree with what Drew said over at AoSHQ:

I was disgusted by Obama’s sting of apologies to foreign nations last year but the fact is the next president is going to have issue quite a few apologies for the behavior of this disgusting administration.

On a related note:

US ‘may not veto UN resolution on Jerusalem’

Doug Ross asks:

Can anyone tell me why this administration treats dictators, thugs and tyrants better than our allies?

Via Cold Fury, Michael Barone struggles to answer that question in his latest piece: Friend of the Enemy, where he sums up Obama’s foreign policy, as: attack America’s friends and kowtow to our enemies:

Examples run from Britain to Israel. Early in his administration, Obama returned a bust of Churchill that the British government had loaned the White House after 9/11. Then Obama gave Prime Minister Gordon Brown a set of DVDs that don’t work on British machines and that Brown, who has impaired vision, would have trouble watching anyway.

More recently, Obama summoned Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House, permitted no photographs, laid down nonnegotiable demands, and went off to dinner.


Perhaps like Barack Obama Sr., he regards the British as evil colonialists. Or perhaps like his preacher for 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, he regards Israel as an evil oppressor.

But the list of American friends Obama has slighted is long. It includes Poland and the Czech Republic (anti-missile program canceled), Honduras (backing the constitutionally ousted president), Georgia (no support against Russia), and Colombia and South Korea (no action on pending free-trade agreements).

In the meantime, Obama sends yearly greetings to (as he puts it) the Islamic Republic of Iran, exchanges friendly greetings with Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, caves to Russian demands on arms control, and sends a new ambassador to Syria.

What we’re seeing, I think, is a president who shares a view, long held by some on the American left, that the real danger to America often comes from America’s allies.

Cross posted at Potluck Bloggers

Hat tip: Drew


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Video:Aerial View Of Traffic Going Into The Searchlight Tea Party

As you can see – at least “dozens of people” were flowing into the small town, many having to get out and walk for miles to get there:

Video sent by Infidel Joe:

This video shows traffic flowing south on Nevada State Route 95 leading from Las Vegas to Searchlight. Some of the backup is due to the traffic trying to enter the rally site, but a lot of it consists of people trying to get to the site.

We got one report that a group from Bullhead City, Arizona had to walk 4.5 miles from where their bus had to park. Many probably chose to pass on by realizing there was no place to park.

There is no question that this rally would have been much, much larger had sufficient parking been available.

Video by American Border Patrol

MORE from Searchlight:

El Marco was there, taking lots of pictures:

You can see El Marco’s full report and many, many more pictures at Looking at the Left.


Video: Harry Reid On Searchlight Tea Party – “That’s What America Is All About!”

I am genuinely touched. Last year,  Harry Reid called anti-Obamacare protesters;  “evil-mongers”.

But now, look:

What happened to cause this amazing turn around?  Did Harry Reid have a change of heart? Does he feel bad about his past behavior and comments? Or is he perhaps trying to be magnanimous in victory (of Obamacare)…

Or….wait….is this an election year?

Yeah, that’s would be it.


Andrew Breitbart Gets Waylaid By Egg-Throwing Moonbats On The Way To Searchlight

High drama seems to follow Andrew Breitbart wherever he goes. It’s a good thing the cameras were rolling.

I’m told that Breitbart wants this story out on all the blogs since the MSM will ignore it. Like they ignore all other instances of left wing violence, because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Well, it’s time to start hitting them back.

Glenn Reynolds is on the right track with this:

I hope that those Democratic politicians and media figures who have incited this sort of violence against the tea parties with their extremist rhetoric will try to rein in their violent followers before their violent rhetoric produces still more political violence.

And as I mentioned in an earlier post - Friendly media types, like any of the anchors on Fox (with the exception of Geraldo, I guess) need to challenge these reports of tea party racism, and violence, instead of assuming there must be some truth to it. No there must not be any truth to it. Alinsky Democrats have no respect for the truth, and the sooner decent people understand  that, the better.

Victor Davis Hanson hit the nail on the head when he described the leader of the Alinsky Dems,  thus:

All politicians fudge on their promises. But this president manages to transcend the normal political exaggeration and dissimulation. Whereas past executives shaded the truth, Barack Obama trumps that: on almost every key issue, what Obama says he will do, and what he says is true, is a clear guide to what he will not do, and what is not true. It is as if “truth” is a mere problem of lesser mortals.

That’s how they all feel, but most aren’t as brazen as dear leader is about it.

See also:

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Friday’s Gregalogue: Anger is a Right

Must read. It’s brilliant and it will make you laughand if you disagree, you’re probably a racist,  homophobic, cannibal, too.

VDS again: Chicago Does Socialism

Connect the dots of Obama’s first year in office, and an ugly picture emerges.

Hat tip: Moonbattery


The People’s Commissar, Henry Waxman Set To Bully Companies

What do they expect to gain from this? Do they think they’ll look like they’re standing up to big business to protect “the little guy”? The Dem Socialists’ policies are ruinous to everyone.

This past week several big companies, including Caterpillar, Verizon, and AT&T, announced that ObamaCare would cost them millions of dollars this year. To pay for it they variously suggested layoffs and benefits reductions. Analysts suggest that the total first-quarter hit to S&P 500 firms will be $4.5 billion.

Democrats can’t stand to have their precious economy-destroying healthcare program criticized in its very first week, so they’ve announced an “investigation” into the claims. Late yesterday, the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation sent letters to the CEOs of AT&T, Caterpillar, Deere & Co, and Verizon asking them to appear for a hearing on their claims. In the letters, Waxman and Stupak ask for company documents including accounting analyses and the internal emails of all “senior company officials” related to the projected costs of ObamaCare. How serious are they? The letter actually defines “senior company officials.”

Andrew McCarthy noted:

People’s Commissar Henry Waxman is now planning to haul the companies before his committee because their disclosures fail to play along with the our Leftist rulers’ script that

Obamacare “will expand coverage and bring down costs.”

As the Journal’s editors observe:

“Black-letter financial accounting rules require that corporations immediately restate their earnings to reflect the present value of their long-term health liabilities, including a higher tax burden. Should these companies have played chicken with the Securities and Exchange Commission to avoid this politically inconvenient reality? Democrats don’t like what their bill is doing in the real world, so they now want to intimidate CEOs into keeping quiet.”

If we are now under a system where disclosure gets you a public whipping and other threats by the Powers That Be while nondisclosure promises the ruinous expenses of defending against criminal investigations and civil enforcement, this is no longer anything but a thugocracy.

”Thugocracy” is putting it nicely.

Photoshop inspired by Mike Noel at Cold Fury:

Herr Vaxman: “You VILL report to zee Ministry of Truth…at VUNCE!”

Herr Vaxman’s Ministry of Truth (Part Zwei)


Some snarkage from Dan Riehl:

Waxman To Call For Hearings On Florida Citizens

I don’t know how much of the state they’ll be able to get into the hearing room. But as the citizens of Florida clearly strayed from the Leftist talking points on ObamaCare in this new poll, I think only a Congressional investigation can get to the bottom of this conspiracy!


AoSHQ: Get In Their Faces: Administration Lashes Out at John Deere, Caterpillar For Accurately Reporting Their Finances

On Friday White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett were calling the CEOs and Washington office heads of the companies that took the financial hits and attacked them for doing so. One Washington office head said that the White House calls were accusatory and “downright rude.”

Ace correctly notes:

A year ago, Obama threatened to call out executives who kicked up a fuss over his policies. But he had a hell of a lot more political juice, then. I don’t think CEOs are particularly frightened now at being called out by an unpopular president.

Remember this from May ’09, when an Obama surrogate, Steven Rattner threatened Chrysler non-Tarp investment companies?

Confronting the head of a non-TARP fund holding Chrysler debt and unwilling to release it for any sum less than that to which it was legally entitled without compelling cause, this country’s “Car Czar” berated the manager of said fund with an outburst of prose substantially resembling this:

Who the f*** do you think you’re dealing with? We’ll have the IRS audit your fund. Every one of your employees. Your investors. Then we will have the Securities and Exchange Commission rip through your books looking for anything and everything and nothing we find to destroy you with.

You think anything like that is going on with these CEOS?

Linked by Michelle Malkin, Cold Fury and Gay Patriot, thanks!


CNN Anchor: “At Least Dozens Of People” At Tea Party Event In Searchlight

What made her say that? She wasn’t even close:

Here was the traffic jam on the way into town:

Newsbusters caught this:

CNN’s Fredericka Whitfield wasn’t quite prepared to give the rally credit it was due as far as participation. She estimated that hundreds, but if not, “at least dozens of people” were in attendance.

“Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin there in Searchlight, Nev., was the backyard of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but today it’s the backdrop of this Tea Party Express – making a stop here,” Whitfield said. “Hundreds of people, at least dozens of people – we haven’t gotten a count of how many people turned out there. We heard Sarah Palin talk about everything about the campaign, to unseat Sen. Reid to what she calls ObamaCare, on the heels of that health care vote and even talking about her definition of her love of America.”

By the time Sarah Palin had spoken, the crowd had swollen to the size you see in the pictures. This woman is either grossly incompetent at estimating crowds, or was being blatantly dishonest.

The Tea Party Express emailed this media alert:

Crowd Estimates Range from 9,000 – 30,000 People for “Showdown in Searchlight”

Crowd estimates from 9,000 – 30,000+ people for today’s Tea Party Express “Showdown in Searchlight” event featuring Governor Palin.

Members of the press corps estimated the crowd size between 9,000 – 14,000 but the security and crowd control firm working the event estimated 30,000+.

Representatives from the security firm indicated they would be happy to confirm their estimates with interested members of the press, and based their estimates on their history of crowd control for other such public events.

Then there’s Fredricka Whitfield: “At least dozens”.

Hat tip: Da Tech Guy


Showdown in Searchlight Tea Party


Showdown in Searchlight Tea Party

The red bus makes a scouting trip to Vegas.

The long awaited  Tea Party Express rally in Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight is finally happening.  Thousands of people have been streaming into town all morning.

PJTV is covering the rally, here. Fox News Livestreaming, here.

LVTSG is also covering the rally, live:

*Crowd Size Projections Rise to Well-Above 10,000+ Supporters

Throughout the night the staff of the Tea Party Express has been on-location at the site of today’s “Showdown in Searchlight” mega tea party rally.  The staff is dispatched in teams from the entrance point back through the giant 160-acre parcel of land the rally is being held on to guide supporters who have been arriving in RV’s and cars all throughout the night.

With hundreds of RV’s and cars already arriving, organizers at the Tea Party Express are revising the projected crowd size for the rally higher – and expect more than 10,000 supporters to attend this historic event.

Supporters are coming in from every county in Nevada and every state in the nation.

You can also follow events on Twitter with the #searchlight hashtag.

Love this tweet :@GaryWhitney: Will Scott Ashjian (Reids #Teaparty plant) dare show up at #Searchlight? Probably not. Too busy dodging his felony charges. #cot

Some great pictures are already being posted:

Looks like someone bought his “Easy to use” Tar and Feather kit. Posted on Twitpic by PJTV

I’ll continue to update throughout the day.

Here’s another pic via Marooned in Marin, who’s also covering the rally:

Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker, along with SNL’s Victoria Jackson,  Melanie Morgan, Mark Williams, Joe the Plumber, Roger Hedgecock and many others.

Also in Searchlight - R.S McCain, who’ll be providing live coverage as well.

Here’s another pic via YellinCNN on Twitter.


Traffic is reportedly backed up for  miles on US 95 heading into Searchlight, with thousands of people stranded.

What do you know…Ace is heading for searchlight, too. I hope he’s not stuck in that traffic jam.


Ha: On the same day the Dem Socialists at the DNC are appealing to the RNC to sign a “joint statement on civility”, Harry Reid supporters are pelting the tea party express bus with eggs.


Btw, the Republican response to the DNC?:Pound Sand, You Losers!

MORE drama involving Andrew Breitbart: Harry Reid Supporters Threaten Violence Against Breitbart at Tea Party Protest


See The Patriot Room for video of  Sarah Palin’s keynote speech.

MORE on the egg throwing incident:

About 35 Reid supporters had lined Highway 95 in front of the Nugget Casino in Searchlight where they were attempting a counter-demonstration the tens of thousands of tea party supporters who are gathering for the “Showdown in Searchlight.”

35 supporters…Reid has quite a following there in Searchlight, doesn’t he?

Here’s a good picture of the crowd via Our Country Deserves Better on Facebook :


The Tea Party Express sent me this media alert:

Crowd Estimates Range from 9,000 – 30,000 People for “Showdown in Searchlight”

Crowd estimates from 9,000 – 30,000+ people for today’s Tea Party Express “Showdown in Searchlight” event featuring Governor Palin.

Members of the press corps estimated the crowd size between 9,000 – 14,000 but the security and crowd control firm working the event estimated 30,000+.

Representatives from the security firm indicated they would be happy to confirm their estimates with interested members of the press, and based their estimates on their history of crowd control for other such public events.


CNN Anchor: “At Least Dozens Of People” At Tea Party Event In Searchlight

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!

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