Video: Andrew Breitbart Explains To Cop The Egg Throwing Incident Outside Of Searchlight

Here’s an astonished Andrew Breitbart explaining to an officer what happened outside of Searchlight, after Harry Reid’s  astroturfers called the police claiming he (not them!) threw eggs on the Tea Party bus.

Video via Ryan P Dixon:

Heh, Breitbart sure loves to talk!


Keep talking Andrew – whether or not you threw the eggs -the NYTs has got you pegged as a modern day Bill Ayers: NYT Ponders: Weather Underground, Tea Party Movement Just ‘Varying Degrees of Rage’?

Still MORE:

Hot Air has video of the actual egg throwing, and Andrew Breitbart’s reaction to it.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


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21 Responses to “Video: Andrew Breitbart Explains To Cop The Egg Throwing Incident Outside Of Searchlight”

  1. Another reason I am not too keen on Democrats anymore | Political Byline Says:

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  2. rosehips Says:

    Breitbart is a complete ass. See my posts for more where this comes from. lol


  3. nicedeb Says:

    Yeah, I’m sure ll of my conservative readers are just dying to hear what you have to say about him…


  4. rosehips Says:

    haha, oh they will love it for sure. just listen to them seeth…hahahaha


  5. geoff Says:

    That’s “seethe,” child, “seethe.” And so far the verdict is:

    Proven Asses ==> Rosehips!! For trolling on a conservative blog.


  6. rosehips Says:

    lol, love to be corrected. you won’t have to do that much unless you call me on my grammar and colloquialisms. Did I spell that right? haha don’t really care. My mom was an english major and taught me right. I take liberties with the language because I my skills are above par. I don’t get offended by corrections; I am known to offer them sometimes too. But I generally let them slide, unless I like you that is. lol

    rosehips a proven ass? lol is that a fact? haha

    I respect you deb for allowing me here. I’ve been moderated and banned by some of lesser integrity than you. ;)


  7. geoff Says:

    My mom was an english major and taught me right.

    More properly, that would be “taught me correctly.”

    I take liberties with the language because I my skills are above par.

    We obviously have no independent corroboration of that statement. You’re making it awfully difficult for us to detect your above-par skills.

    I’ve been moderated and banned by some of lesser integrity than you.

    Feel free to make a decent argument at any time. Much more of this “Breitbart is an ass” type of incendiary, unsupported statement will earn you modding and banning here, too.


  8. rosehips Says:

    lol, you funny geoffy. yes, as I said I take liberties. my mom taught me good english so I feel justifed to massacre the language. also I’m a tad lazy sumtimes….

    you can corroborate my claims by going to my blogsite. I don’t get overly anal about my blogs since I’d don’t get paid for making ‘em and I don’t get many visitors of any consequence either.

    I am very good at making arguments. My posts about Breitbart stand for themselves. I would love for you to show me how this guy is anything but a self-aggrandizing, self-promoting, pompous egotist. I think I made a very good case to prove that he is.


  9. rosehips Says:

    and in case you are of the tea bag persuasion, I’ve got a tea party vid you should not miss.


  10. geoff Says:

    you can corroborate my claims by going to my blogsite

    Sorry, make your arguments here or they won’t be addressed – I don’t want to encourage blog-whoring. You should thank me for that.

    and in case you are of the tea bag persuasion

    This may come as a surprise to you, but Tea Partiers find the term “tea bag” objectionable, and would prefer it not be used. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

    I am very good at making arguments.

    Feel free to start.

    My posts about Breitbart stand for themselves.

    And they’ll stand lonely and unread at this rate.


  11. rosehips Says:

    oh oh geoff, I do like your spunk. okay. just look at the video here?

    He might have sounded credible up until the cop respectfully offered to get him out of the danger he was purporting and all of a sudden, his true self became apparent. Do you see this?


  12. rosehips Says:

    and in the end when he asked for protection if he needed it, even though he hoped he wouldn’t need it, although he had already said he didn’t need it? what a joke!


  13. rosehips Says:

    and I do apologize for the tea bag slip. It was at first unintentional, but then I left it be. I don’t usually use the term, nor tea baggers. I actually have made some favorable video of tea party members, both at a tea party and at a Sarah Palin book signing. Can commenters post video here?


  14. rosehips Says:

    and lol @ blog whore. I’ve been called worse. hahaha

    gotta go take a hike. talk to you later!


  15. Anonymous Says:


    Breitbart may actually have needed protection against those that are from the left. Those Climate Conference arrests for being disorderly and destroying private property are a case in point. However, when Nancy Pelosi carrying that cartoon sized gavel and walking right through the tea partiers with other members of her progressive group, they did not need protection from the police.

    The tea partiers don’t pose a threat to anyone. The police were unfazed by any of the theatrics of the progressive congressional members. BTW, no one spit on the congressman. I have seen the video and it didn’t happen. Oh, if a person is actually spit upon, the natural defense is to immediately wipe it off. He didn’t do so. Why? Because it didn’t happen….Pure theatrics.

    I understand your anger, because it is very difficult to defend a losing argument. I hope you do make an argument, because when you are countered with the facts, you will lose as do all progressives.


  16. rosehips Says:

    lol anon, @ your understanding. by the nature of you being anonymous? you are disqualified. hahhaha get it?


  17. Anonymous Says:

    I rest my case.

    I provided facts and you have no counter argument. Instead, as a typical progressive, you go after the person.

    You are an empty vessel. Have a nice night.


  18. rosehips Says:

    typical progressive? oh really? based on whut exactly?

    you have no case and no credibility. so sorry for you!


  19. AFL-CIO Chief Trumka: Sarah Palin Terrorizing Union Thugs Or Something « Nice Deb Says:

    […] Muslim cabdrivers, cussing out Holocaust survivors, biting off fingers, SRLC Republican beatdowns, throwing eggs at tea party buses, […]


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  21. larry kuyper Says:

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