More Facts That Don’t Fit The Narrative

The pre-dawn commando operation, which killed nine pro-Palestinian activists, was also sure to strengthen Gaza’s Islamic militant Hamas rulers at the expense of U.S. allies in the region, key among them Hamas’ main rival, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as well as Egypt and Jordan.

“The attack on a humanitarian mission … will only further alienate the international community and isolate Israel while granting added legitimacy to Hamas’ claim to represent the plight of the Palestinian people,” said Scott Atran, an analyst at the University of Michigan.

I have to wonder if Scott, who I am ashamed to say is at my alma mater, actually took the time to find out about the conduct of those peace-loving humanitarians and “pro-Palestinian” activists? Because I’m not convinced the truth reflects the same thing he seems to be talking about in his quote:

Kinda puts a different perspective on the peace-loving pro-Palestinian activists the legacy media have come to know and love, doesn’t it?

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Honoring The Honored Dead

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 31 in 2010). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service.[1] First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War (it is celebrated near the day of reunification after the Civil War), it was expanded after World War I. 


Dead Confederate and Union soldiers lying side by side in a trench.


Sometimes, even in solemn remembrances, origins fade in the passage of years. The honored dead are no more or less sacred based on the time and place in which they fall, but a trip to the beginning can be sobering in the context of current events. I recently was in an exchange with a brother who expressed that he is of a mind to meet intimidation with violence. The roots of this intimidation are firmly planted in the philosophic dichotomy in our current political culture, namely the conflict between those who seek to establish government control or determination of nearly every aspect of our lives, and those of us who refuse to be dispossessed of the notion of a limited government that serves us and not an expansive government that we all serve. The passions on both sides frequently burn stronger than the bounds of restraint might contain, and the actions of those seeking a paternal government often seem calculated to elicit a strong response, if only so they can claim justification for the taking the powers they crave. 

This weekend, many will pause to think of the honored dead. For some it is a father, a mother, a sister or brother. A grandparent, a childhood friend, former neighbor, or a nameless, faceless person from the past to whom a debt of gratitude is owed that can never be personally repaid in full. Every flag-draped coffin and alabaster headstone represents a sacrifice made by someone who did not fail when their country asked. They represent sacrifices freely made in the service of freedoms that do not exist in any other country in the world, and so made, have forever earned the descriptors of “honored” and “sacred”. They still exist as examples to future generations that some ideas are worth fighting for. 

While there were several reasons for the conflict that spawned this holiday, for many, it will ultimately be about the incompatibility of a nation founded on the freedom that God granted to all men, and the state of bondage in which some of its citizens retained thousands of others, and the liberation that came of that conflict was the correct result to dispense with that contradiction. However, the conflict also concerned issues of federalism, and the idea of separation of powers, and unfortunately, too many have acted as if the resolution of that conflict to resolve those issues. It did not, and could not have done so, while allowing this country retain the character which its architects clearly intended

As a result, there is exists a schism today, between those who believe that the federal government has jurisdiction over any matter it chooses to exercise jurisdiction over, and that the individual’s rights, central to the grant of authority set forth in the Declaration of Independence, is subject to the supremacy of collective rights as determined by the nebulous and non-objectably definable “general welfare”, and that this “general welfare” is not even determined by national concerns, but by international (and unelected) consensus. This conflation purports to create ambiguity where in truth none exists.  There is no question who is right; one is either a citizen of this nation, or a citizen of the world. It is not possible to be both without having an inherent conflict of interest between the two, yet this division still exists, and a clash between these beliefs leaves its mark on the actions of politicians and on the effects on our citizens. 

These clashing beliefs have the same potential as the conflict over slavery, because the resolution means no less than defining who we will be as a nation, or even whether we will continue to exist as a nation. These are also ideas that are worth dying for. Some would like that conflict now. Others would like to see if the issue can be resolved without resorting to that cost. It is no shame to fight for the ideals you believe in without taking the life of a countryman. There is no surrender in meeting them point for point in a free and open forum. History and fact are on our side. We all lose when we abandon that field, because should we do so, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins,…Americans…will find themselves divided by the sword. Before any one of us submits to passion and rushes headlong into such a breach, we all need to consider the honored dead, not just from modern conflicts, but those of the War Between the States. Consider their courage, committment, resolve, and sacrifice, and give due consideration to the ideals for which they paid the only price that is solely the individual’s to pay, and whether the ideals for which you burn also honor their sacrifice or make it in vain, and whether you have given your last full measure short of surrendering to a terrible resolve. 

Dead soldiers at Gettysburg. Casualties for both the Union and Confederates after three days of fighting were greater than 50,000.


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If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

…Then Donald Douglas’ Photos of Saturday’s Illegal Immigrant March in Phoenix speaks volumes, and none of it is good.

Of course, if we were relying on the legacy media to inform us that socialists and members of the reconquista movement were so open about their intentions in a major American city, we’d never know about it, and then we might be inclined to believe that those evil racists in Arizona just hate brown people and have legalized profiling and harassment of innocent people who just want to do jobs no American will do, and are tired of living in the shadows because we don’t provide them with citizenship the minute they come across our border.

More at American Power.


Louis Farrakhan’s “Fruit of Islam” Paramilitary Thugs Skirmish With Obama’s Secret Service Back In The Old Neighborhood

As you’ve no doubt heard, rather than stay in DC and visit Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day,  the President opted to travel to Chicago, back to his house in the old neighborhood:

Byron York covered a minor bruhaha that occurred while the Obama family was enjoying  BBQ at friend and treasurer for Organizing For America, Marty Nesbitt’s house

President Obama’s home is in the same Chicago neighborhood as Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.  On Saturday night, the overlapping of Obama’s and Farrakhan’s worlds made for a strange, and sometimes testy, encounter between the Secret Service, the press corps covering the president, and the paramilitary security force, the Fruit of Islam, surrounding Farrakhan.

The encounter was written up — for distribution to the press, not necessarily for publication — by the New York Times’ Jackie Calmes.  It began a little after 4:00 p.m. when Obama and his family walked to the nearby home of longtime friend Marty Nesbitt for a backyard cookout.  It just so happens that Nesbitt lives across the street from Farrakhan.

After an initial misunderstanding,  one of the Secret Service guys explained to the Fruits of Islam guys that they weren’t interested in what was going on at Farrakhan’s house…

The man is back to pacing and talking on his cell, walkie-talkie in hand.

A co-pooler searched the Internet for the address and found it listed on a Web site called NotForTourists and another called Indeed, another pooler found a county Web site that confirmed this property is tax exempt for being a religious institution.

Reinforcements arrived — three men in T-shirts reading “Wide or Die!” One surly man has been staring daggers at us. Asked if this is Minister Farrakhan’s house, he just stared at your pooler. Asked again, he said, “I don’t have no comment.”

At nearly 8 p.m. local time we are still holding while POTUS and family remain at the Nesbitts.

More time passed.  The men in T-shirts were joined by even more men,  from the Fruit of Islam, Farrakhan’s security force.

Continue reading at The Examiner.

The bizarre standoff finally ended at 10:33 pm.

Gabriel Malor summed it all up quite nicely at AoSHQ:

Paranoia? Check.
Paramilitary? Check.
Religious? Check.
Not paying taxes? Check.

I think the press found Napolitano’s extremists.


Flashback: Obama 1995: (Obama goes to the million man march).

Radicals, Terrorists And Tyrants Of The World Root For Obama

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!

Your Sunday Morning Hymn

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile – a weekly hymn post, offered for your enjoyment. Worship music happens to be one of my favorite types of music, and I think even the non believers amongst you can enjoy the peace and serenity found in these songs. (If not, don’t listen!)

Today is Trinity Sunday in the Catholic Church, so I thought I’d share this lovely rendition of Holy Holy Holy by Sufjan Stevens:

Art Linkletter.
Gary Coleman.
Dennis Hopper.


The Latest On The Sestak Bribe And Cover-Up

Bzzzzzt.  Try again, Bauer.

As a sitting member of Congress, Sestak was not eligible for the job the White House insinuates Clinton offered him.

Not that that’s a problem for this slippery White House, as Captain Ed explains:

This looks more like an ex post facto attempt to shoehorn the known facts into any kind of exonerating framework than the truth.  And the ambiguous statements surrounding this release also sound like an attempt to leave as much wiggle room as possible.  Oh, we didn’t mean the Intel Board, a rebuttal will almost certainly insist.  We had a number of options in mind for Rep. Sestak.  The intel board was just a brainstorming suggestion.


Byron York updates his post with:

A spokesman for Rep. Darrell Issa, who is pursuing the Sestak matter in his role as ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, sends the following reaction:

Are we to believe that Rahm Emanuel, a former Member of Congress himself, dispatched President Clinton to maneuver Admiral Sestak out of the Senate Primary by dispatching him with an unpaid appointment that Congressman Sestak couldn’t even accept if he wanted to? What’s more likely, that two of the most politically sophisticated people in American political history didn’t do their due diligence or that the narrative told by the White House is a not-so-brilliant work of fiction?

The Headline of the Day: Clinton Blows Job Offer

Doug Ross: A timeline of the Sestak Bribe and White House Coverup

So what’s next. Will the MSM pursue this story? Because the Repubs are pretty much powerless to do anything about it unless the media keeps up the pressure. Yesterday, on Fox New’s Special Report, Charles Krauthammer, (after running through a whole host of additional questions that need to be answered ) predicted that after this weekend, the press will cover “Obama’s backside”, and the “story will peter out”.

An aside…I’ve been reading rumors that Admiral Sestak was not at all popular in the Navy. RealClearPolitics in a report that was mostly complimentary of Sestak, noted  last June:

Sestak’s Navy career ended in a less-than-ideal fashion. In July 2005 – within a week of Adm. Michael Mullen’s swearing-in as chief of naval operations – Sestak was dismissed as deputy chief of naval operations due to a “poor command climate,” according to the Navy Times. (Mullen was later named chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, meaning that the two men now periodically face off in Congressional hearing rooms.)The ouster represented a stunning (albeit temporary) reversal of fortune for Sestak. But for the most part, Washington players today don’t hold the ouster against him – if they even know about it in the first place.

“Once your title is ‘the Honorable,’ it’s left at the water’s edge,” said Mackenzie Eaglen, a national security specialist at the conservative Heritage Foundation and a former Congressional aide. The ouster “really only comes up in defense circles.”

A much more pointed appraisal of Vice-Admiral Sestak can be found at Military, a site run by Editor and Chief, Glenn MacDonald Maj USAR (Ret):

It took the new Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Mike Mullen, less than 24 hours to dump one of the most disliked officers among the Navy’s top brass.  Vice-Admiral Joe Sestak, an arrogant and obnoxious “bully-boy,” who delighted in being rude and unreasonable and getting away with it, found he was expendable the minute his mentor went out the door.

Rumsfeld “yes-man” and weaselly politician Vern Clark will not be missed by many Navy personnel.  In fact, hopeful messages are flooding the office of that “maybe, somehow,” the Navy has finally gotten a CNO who will “put sailors first” and correct the many mistakes of his predecessor.

It was Clark, a leftover from the Clinton Administration, who promoted Sestak to his third-star and made him deputy chief of naval operations for Warfare Requirements and Programs. Those who dared to complain about Sestak’s abusive “management style” were ignored or punished.

By sacking a previously untouchable top-ranking admiral, Mullen has fired a shot across the bow to others like Sestak that their days are numbered too.

Here’s Military on the Sestak bribe, (written some time before yesterday’s news dump):

we have learned that a high-ranking emissary from the White House, either Rahm Emmanuel, or one of his top staffers, offered Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) the job of Navy Secretary if the abrasive former flag officer would give up his campaign to be elected U.S. Senator from the Keystone State.

At work here, is Sestak’s huge egomania. One of the most despised Navy admirals in modern history, Sestak’s temper tantrums are legend, and the staff turnover in his congressional office, the frequent subject of water-cooler gossip on Capitol Hill. Apparently the highly-conceited congressman thinks he can still brutalize human beings, much as he did in the Navy. His primary claim to fame in those days was “sucking up” to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

This might explain why the White House would have used Clinton to talk to Sestak.


Jack Cashill has the entire nasty, dirty, low-down scoop on the Clinton/Sestak connection in this must read piece at the American Thinker:

The Senator from Sandy Berger

On a Tip from Curmudgeon (NYPD Ret)

Sestak’s Statement Today Does Not Square With His Original Story

Expect A Friday News Dump From White House On Sestak (with updates)

Breaking – Jobgate II: Sestak Not The Only Dem Candidate Bribed By Obama White House?…

The Latest On The Sestak “Jobgate” Scandal: Who’s Going Under The Bus?

An Impeachable Offense (With Updates)

Joe Sestak, the Inartful Dodger

Video: So Who’s Wrong Part 2 – The Sunday Morning After

Video: Joe Sestak Answered Honestly


The Half-Truth…More Politically Expedient Than A Lie

At a presser yesterday, the President once again put St. Alinsky to the test, and decided to not let a crisis go to waste.

Speaking about the Deepwater Horizon oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, he crafted together falsehoods, half-truths, and the images of oil slicks and darkened beaches and sea life to make a cynical statement in support of alternative energy.

“The fact that oil companies now have to go a mile underwater and then drill another three miles below that, in order to hit oil, tells us something about the direction of the oil industry,” he said. “Extraction is more expensive and it is going to be inherently more risky.”

This conveniently ignores the matter of what entity and its increasingly onerous and nonsensical regulations make deepwater drilling necessary. 

“And so that’s part of the reason you never heard me say drill, baby, drill. Because we can’t drill our way out of the problem,” he said.

Because the years of practical experience he has in making energy policy and in oil exploration has made this abundantly clear to him.

The president said that “the easily accessible oil has already been sucked up out of the ground” – which means that “moving forward, the technology gets more complicated, the oil sources are more remote, and that means that there’s probably going to end up being more risk.”

Except that it hasn’t. 

The Minerals Management Service (MMS) estimates the Federal Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) contains between 66.6 and 115.1 billion barrels (10.59×10^9 and 18.30×10^9 m3) of undiscovered technically recoverable crude oil, with a mean estimate of 85.9 billion barrels (13.66×10^9 m3). The Gulf of Mexico OCS ranks first with a mean estimate of 44.9 billion barrels (7.14×10^9 m3), followed by Alaska OCS with 38.8 billion barrels (6.17×10^9 m3). At $80/bbl crude prices, the MMS estimates that 70 billion barrels (11×10^9 m3) are economically recoverable. As of 2008, a total of about 574 million acres (2,320,000 km2) of the OCS are off-limits to leasing and development. The moratoria and presidential withdrawal cover about 85 percent of OCS area offshore the lower 48 states. The MMS estimates that the resources in OCS areas currently off limits to leasing and development total 17.8 billion barrels (2.83×10^9 m3)(mean estimate).[6]

And that’s just offshore.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates undiscovered technically recoverable crude oil onshore in United States to be 48.5 billion barrels (7.71×10^9 m3) [7] [9] The last comprehensive National Assessment was completed in 1995. Since 2000 the USGS has been re-assessing basins of the U.S. that are considered to be priorities for oil and gas resources. Since 2000, the USGS has re-assessed 22 priority basins, and has plans to re-assess 10 more basins. These 32 basins represent about 97% of the discovered and undiscovered oil and gas resources of the United States. The three areas considered to hold the most amount of oil are the coastal plain (1002) area of ANWR, the National Petroleum Reserve of Alaska, and the Bakken Formation.

Putting aside the concern for Alaskan wildlife (Remember how the pipeline was going to mean the end of the caribou?  Except that it didn’t.)  the Bakken Reserve is worth exploring.  Huge.  Onshore. Reserves.  In the continental U.S.

In April 2008, the USGS released a report giving a new resource assessment of the Bakken Formation underlying portions of Montana and North Dakota. The USGS believes that with new horizontal drilling technology there is somewhere between 3.0 and 4.5 billion barrels (480×10^6 and 720×10^6 m3) of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil in this 200,000 square miles (520,000 km2) formation that was initially discovered in 1951. If accurate, this reassessment would make it the largest “continuous” oil accumulation (The USGS uses “continuous” to describe accumulations requiring extensive artificial fracturing to allow the oil to flow to the borehole) ever discovered in the U.S.[9]

Never one to be deterred by inconvenient facts, the President pressed on to shill for a bill that will generate billions in B.S. tax dollars in the trading of carbon credits that will not lead to energy independence, nor will it affect climate change in any significant fashion, but it will make those who have invested in the carbon trading scam rich beyond the dreams of avarice as it weakens this country, thrashes our economy, and lowers our standard of living.

The president pointed to the Gulf disaster to make the case for the climate and energy bill being considered in Congress.

“More than anything else, this economic and environmental tragedy — and it’s a tragedy — underscores the urgent need for this nation to develop clean, renewable sources of energy,” said the president. “Doing so will not only reduce threats to our environment, we’ll create a new, homegrown American industry that can lead to countless new businesses and new jobs.”

Open and transparent.  From DAY ONE.  Except when he isn’t.

Video: NRSC Web Ad On Obama Oil Spill Response Packs A Powerful Punch

This NRSC web ad kicks Obama right in the nuts, using his own words about George W. Bush against him. To add insult to injury, the ad highlights the fact that it’s left-wingers who have turned on Obama most because of his lackadaisical approach to the BP oil spill:

We dyin’ down hee-ah!

Hat tip to Ruby Slippers who links to a downtrodden Peggy Noonan piece, and sums it all up nicely:

I am not ruling out the media rallying to his defense when the reality of a GOP takeover becomes a little too much for them to contemplate.  The lesson for Noonan and the rest of the media should be obvious, however.  You can’t cheerlead a political lightweight to competence.  Never Again, indeed


The Story Behind the Viral “Don’t Touch Me” Video

In case you haven’t seen it, yet:

After watching that, I had to know the back-story. As someone who also cringes when touched by strangers, I was in total sympathy with that reporter. So I googled up “Marc Slavin Laguna Honda” and found the back-story at Asylum:

The Backstory
Dan Noyes was doing an investigative report on San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital. According to his reporting, the hospital administrators had been using the patient gift fund for extravagances like gourmet meals, barbecues and airline tickets for themselves and staff.

Dan went to Honda Laguna Hospital to confront the administration about the report. Noyes tells Asylum that “in 25 years as an investigative reporter, this is pretty much the strangest reaction I’ve ever had from a public official.”

He notes the viral popularity of the clip, and says that commenters on his blog counted the number of times Slavin touched him, versus the number of times Noyes warned him to stop. “I think the final count was 41 for the pats, and 18 for the times where I said ‘Don’t touch me,’ so it was very odd.”

So, was Slavin ever in danger of having the Noyes brung on him? “Well, as a reporter, and as a professional, you have to act a certain way. Of course, as a guy, I wanted to push him, but I wasn’t going to do that because it really wasn’t personal, it was business to me. It was definitely frustrating, because I told him not to touch me, he kept on doing it, and that’s just wrong.”

Read the rest at Asylum. It’s good stuff, including the links to Noyes’ previous work pwning Gavin Newsom’s former sock puppeteer press secretary.

Hat tip: Hot Air Headlines


What? No longer on YouTube? No Prob, Hot Air has the Liveleak video.

And thanks for the link, Allahpundit.


Okay, I found another YouTube video. We’ll see how long it stays up.


Sestak’s Statement Today Does Not Square With His Original Story

Sestak’s statement today was orchestrated to jibe with the White House’s statement:

Last summer, I received a phone call from President Clinton. During the course of the conversation, he expressed concern over my prospects if I were to enter the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate and the value  of having me stay in the House of Representatives because of my military background. He said that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had spoken with him about my being on a Presidential Board while remaining in the House of Representatives. I said no. I told President Clinton that my only consideration in getting into the Senate race or not was whether it was the right thing to do for Pennsylvania working families and not any offer. The former President said he knew I’d say that, and the conversation moved on to other subjects.

There are many important challenges facing Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. I intend to remain focused on those issues and continue my fight on behalf of working families.

PA working families 1 Obama administration 0.

(What about families that are out of work due to “challenges facing PA”? Doesn’t he fight for them, too?)

Neither here, nor there. How does any of that square with what he originally said on  Larry Kane’s radio show February 18:

(Kane): During the taping of my Comcast Network Voice of Reason show, which airs Sunday night at 9:30, I asked Congressman Joe Sestak: “Is it true that you were offered a high ranking job in the administration in a bid to get you to drop out of the primary against Arlen Specter?”

Sestak looked a little surprised by the question. He said, “Yes.”

I asked him if the job was Navy Secretary. He said, “I can’t comment on that.” In the next few seconds, he admitted that it was a “high up’ job, that it came from the White House, and that he didn’t accept the offering. He proceeded to say that nothing will stop him from completing the race against Specter for the Democratic nomination.

Was I surprised?  A little. After all, I was just probing.

Two hours later, I called the White House press office. I played the tape, and asked for a reaction. They never called back. That didn’t surprise me. If it did happen, and if they did try to get Sestak out of the race, how could they deny it?

Who would call an unpaid position on an advisory board a ” high ranking” “high up” job?

And this may be splitting hairs, but  he reportedly told Kane the offer came from the White House…not from an intermediary speaking on behalf of the White House.

Anyone buying this whitewash? Besides the MSM, that is?


Dick Morris says the whitewash won’t be enough to keep the WH out of legal trouble:

But these evasions will not blunt the force of the law. If Clinton acted at Emanuel’s request, he was Rahm’s agent and the Chief of Staff is still on the hook. And, an unpaid position is still “something of value” within the meaning of the bribery statute which prohibits the offering of something of value in return for a vote.

And, remember why they wanted Sestak out of the race. The White House needed Specter’s vote to kill filibusters and could only get it if he would switch parties, a move he conditioned on getting Sestak to drop out and assure him a clear field for the nomination of his new party. So the bribe offer to Sestak was made by an agent of a government employee, it involved something of value, and it was to procure a vote in the Senate — all the elements needed for a felony to have taken place.


Expect A Friday News Dump From White House On Sestak (with updates)

Breaking – Jobgate II: Sestak Not The Only Dem Candidate Bribed By Obama White House?…

The Latest On The Sestak “Jobgate” Scandal: Who’s Going Under The Bus?

An Impeachable Offense (With Updates)

Joe Sestak, the Inartful Dodger

Video: So Who’s Wrong Part 2 – The Sunday Morning After

Video: Joe Sestak Answered Honestly


Expect A Friday News Dump From White House On Sestak (with updates)

Byron York spoke to Darrell Issa, the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, who had this to say about Obama’s curt answer to Major Garrett’s Sestak question, yesterday:

The way Issa sees it, the White House has to thread the needle when it finally responds to Sestak’s charges. A retired Navy admiral, Sestak is now the Democratic candidate for Senate from Pennsylvania, and the White House wants all the Democratic senators it can get. So they can’t come out and call Sestak a liar or a hack. On the other hand, they can’t admit that what Sestak is saying is true, because that would be, in the words of top White House adviser David Axelrod, a “serious breach of the law.”

So what can the White House do? “They can say we’re sorry, that the job offer was not intended to be a quid pro quo,” Issa says. “They can say that we offered a job to a person who was in the process of running for a Senate seat but who we felt he was better suited to be secretary of the Navy, and we never intended for it to be a quid pro quo but rather to fill our Cabinet with good people. That’s the only thread-the-needle that I see.”

“Everybody is going to ask [Emanuel], Did you talk to the president about this?” Issa says. “What happened when [Sestak] turned you down? Did you believe he would get out of the race for this job? Did you talk to Arlen Specter about this? All those questions are inevitable.”

All seven Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder on Wed. to ask for a special prosecutor to be appointed.

I fully expect the White House and Justice Dept. to continue to stonewall unless a media firestorm erupts over the matter. And we can be sure that certain media outlets, like Time Magazine, for example, won’t be joining a firestorm anytime soon:

Newsbusters picked up on this droll moment from Morning Joe, yesterday:

There was a classic moment on Morning Joe today when Mika Brzezinski asked Time editor Rick Stengel whether the magazine’s current issue contains anything about the allegations that the Obama admin offered Joe Sestak a top federal job in return for getting out of the Senate primary against Arlen Specter.  Hat tip NB reader sarainitaly.

A flat-footed Stengel seemed totally stumped.  He stammered and stumbled until Mika gently explained she was talking about “the Sestak controversy.  Joe Sestak.”  Finally the penny appeared to drop: “oh, Sestak. No. No.  There is not. There is not.”

Here’s how Time online covered the story: A Sestak Offer? Criminally Stupid, Not Criminal

If it’s true that the White House offered Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak a job to try to clear the Democratic Senate primary for incumbent Arlen Specter, that’s disturbing.

But not because anyone is “participating in the cover-up of a possible crime.” This doesn’t sound like a “potentially devastating accusation of political corruption,” much less an “impeachable offense,” no matter what nonsense Michael Steele or Sean Hannity are peddling. Republicans may be calling for a special prosecutor, and even Democratic Senator Dick Durbin wants to know what happened. But it’s called politics, and it’s not uncommon. News flash: Sometimes the politics of political appointments and political races can get political.

No mention in the entire article about the federal laws that may have been broken….no mention that even David Axelrod acknowledged that if White House officials offered a job to Joe Sestak to keep him  from challenging incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter, that would “constitute a serious breach of the law.”

The article could have been written by one of the hacks at Media Matters. Pathetic. No wonder no one reads Time Magazine, anymore.


NRO: You Know What this Sestak Thing Could Use?

Oh, I know! How about a fine dusting of William Jefferson Clinton:

Senior White House advisers asked former President Bill Clinton to talk to Joe Sestak about whether he was serious about running for Senate, and to feel out whether he’d be open to other alternatives, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Read the rest at NRO. This is apparently what the WH will release later, today.


Michelle Malkin: Why did the White House contact Joe Sestak’s brother?

Is Bob “The Silencer” Bauer hard at work fixing the Sestak scandal for Boss Obama?


Roll Call reports that somebody at the White House dialed up Joe Sestak’s brother and campaign manager, Richard, yesterday in preparation for the “official statement” that the president promised would be released soon

See also:

Just One Minute: Sestak – The Cover-Up Is Coming Together

Hot Air: The Silence of the Sestak: The Big Me involved?; Update: WH memo released

Update II: What kind of unpaid position would be attractive enough to get Sestak out of the Senate primary?  That’s a darned good question, and I’ll bet the Obama White House is scrambling to make up find an answer.  If Sestak challenges this spin, though, I’d be very surprised.  I think he’s looking for an exit from this scandal at least as hard as Obama and his staff.

Update III: Marc Ambinder has the White House memo.  Shouldn’t this have been released at 5 pm or so?  And the memo itself seems to be evidence of potential wrongdoing, rather than an exoneration:

Read it at Hot Air.

I’m not buying the “unpaid advisory” line at all. Bullcrap. Quit a Senate race  for some unpaid bs position with the WH? I don’t think so. This is how they avoid looking like they crossed a legal line. But no doubt they’ve got all their ducks in a row — all their stories are going to match up very neatly.

Time for them to start working on the Romanoff case, now..


Byron York is so on this story: GOP: White House Sestak story not believable

In a statement, Rep. Darrell Issa, who has been pursuing the Sestak issue in his role as ranking Republican on the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, said the Bauer memo just doesn’t match up with Sestak’s public statements.  “After more than ten weeks of outstanding questions, the White House has offered a version of events that has important differences from what Congressman Sestak has been saying for months – that he was offered a ‘job’ by ’someone in the White House’ in exchange for leaving the Pennsylvania Senate race,” Issa said.

“I’m very concerned that in the rush to put together this report, the White House has done everything but explain its own actions and has instead worked to craft a story behind closed doors and coordinate with those involved,” Issa continued.

Pretty much a nicer way of saying what I just said, above: “bullcrap”.

In addition, the brief White House statement — it doesn’t quite fill a page and a half — leaves many questions unanswered.  “This doesn’t give a full accounting of what Rahm Emanuel’s role in this was, what [deputy White House chief of staff] Jim Messina’s role was, or whether any of the techniques used in the Romanoff matter were used here,” says the investigator.  (That is a reference to reports that the White House offered another candidate, Colorado’s Andrew Romanoff, a job if he would not challenge Democratic incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet.)  Also, the investigator notes, the offering of uncompensated advisory positions would still violate laws prohibiting exchanging jobs for political acts.

Cool, Issa’s on the Romanoff case, now too. Good to hear.

Michelle Malkin has Issa’s full statement on the WH memo.


Michelle now has Sestak’s statement up, as well.

He writes that  Clinton “said that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had spoken with him about my being on a Presidential Board while remaining in the House of Representatives. I said no”.

Who would call an unpaid spot on a “Presidential Board”, a job?

Doesn’t add up.

Ace has some thoughts on that Sec. of Navy job that some are saying couldn’t have been the job bribe –   This is why AoSHQ is considered a “smart military blog” (scroll down):

But It Could Have Been the SecNavy Job

The claim about it being impossible to be the Secretary of Navy job relies on timing — the job wasn’t open at the moment, therefore it couldn’t have been offered.

But that assumes a direct, explicit immediate quid pro quo — don’t jump into the race and we appoint you Secretary of the Navy.

That’s not how this would have been done — everyone knows that that is illegal on its face.

Keep reading at Ace’s.


Breaking – Jobgate II: Sestak Not The Only Dem Candidate Bribed By Obama White House?…

The Latest On The Sestak “Jobgate” Scandal: Who’s Going Under The Bus?

An Impeachable Offense (With Updates)

Joe Sestak, the Inartful Dodger

Video: So Who’s Wrong Part 2 – The Sunday Morning After

Video: Joe Sestak Answered Honestly


JCCC Student Discovers Campus “Discomfort Doctrine” Only Applies To Conservatives

Kansas Meadowlark is covering this disturbing story which illustrates the dishonest left-wing agenda behind campus speech codes:

Johnson County Community College former adult student Kathy Brown took her “Discomfort Doctrine” complaint to the Board of Trustees.

She told them at a meeting last week she did not get equal process because she is a conservative.

Brown’s complaint alleges suppression of speech and suppression of the right to free assembly through the college’s “discomfort doctrine.” She has been working through the college’s complaint process for 15 months.

Brown, an attorney and a nurse, enrolled in the LPN to RPN bridge program for nurses.

Last month Brown described her early JCCC experiences as an adult student:

… I was only here a few weeks before I had an astonishing experience. I was in a human anatomy and physiology class under Professor John Clark. I was having a private conversation with another student after the class was finished. As we filed out of the lab the professor overheard our conversation, and upon overhearing it, leaned over the desk, stuck his finger in my face, and said, ‘Stop. You cannot ask those questions here. You cannot have this discussion here.’

Both myself and the young man with whom I was speaking were astonished. And we inquired as to why. When we did so, the professor stated it looks as if the person you’re talking to is becoming ‘uncomfortable’. …

Brown told about a private meeting with Dean of Sciences, Csilla Duneczky, who informed her of the college’s “discomfort doctrine,” which attempted to regulate speech so no one was ever “uncomfortable.” But Brown said this doctrine applied to her, not to everyone.

Brown said the discomfort doctrine “only applied to certain groups of people” and “they will tear you up” if you disagree with the diversity list, or the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

According to Brown, “the only people that ever got shut down were — you guessed it — conservatives, Catholics, people who didn’t agree with gay marriage. People who identified themselves as traditionalists.”

“I joined the diversity list. I was incomparably stupid. I had no knowledge — had not stepped on a college campus in 15 years. I had no clue that was ‘code’ for you’d better be sure you’re not a conservative, you’re not a Catholic, you don’t belong to what [Diversity Fellow] Kami Day called a “conforming religion. … you better be sure you don’t voice that you don’t agree with gay marriage.” …

“I voiced my dissent. I was savaged in every particular. Leading the charge was Carmaletta Williams, the head of the ODEI …”

“I referred the complaint to Dennis Day, who did everything in the last year to obstruct it, including violating your policy, which calls for two officers to investigate it. … He obstructed the complaint. …”

Read the rest and watch video of Brown’s complaint against JCCC at Kansas Meadowlark.


RedState is also covering this story.

You can listen in tonight at 6 p.m. on 980 AM radio, as Darla Jaye interviews  Kathy Brown.  Click here to listen live at KMBZ’s Web site.


New Black Panther Party Prepares For War Against Tea Partiers

Those poor aggrieved black radicals. Even though their fellow travelers in the White House and the Dept of Justice are  stonewalling their voter intimidation case, nasty, tea-bagging racist forces are still pressing the issue. This calls for war!

New Black Panther Party, Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz, persists despite controversy.

The New Black Panther Party has been embroiled in a battle between Republican Congressmen and the U.S. Department Of Justice battle over a ”voter intimidation” scandal for the last 18 months. During these 18 months right wing and Republican Newspaper and Electronic media have gone to exhaustive lengths to discredit and slander the New Black Panther Party and its Chairman and Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz.

Despite the controversy the New Black Panther Party continues to grow and expand. The National Black Power Conventions impressive lineup of guests and organizations is a testimony that the New Black Panthers Leadership has support in wide circles in the Black Community, particularly amongst grassroots organizers and entertainers.

“With the rise of the Tea Party, the white-right and other racist forces. With gun sales nationwide at an all time high amongst whites, with a mood that is more anti-Black than any time recent, it is imperative that we organize our forces, pool our resources and prepare for war!” Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. Convention Convener and Party Chairman.

They mean that figuratively speaking, right? right????

“This Years Convention will be better than ever because of the quality of presenters and the depth of the workshops and speakers.” Minister Hashim Nzinga, Convention Co-Convener and Party Chief of Staff.

Keynote speakers will be Malik Zulu Shabazz and Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

See Also:

Guess whose name appeared on the WH visitor’s list, released last November?

Racist Black Panther Radical in the White House… Arugula, Anyone?

Surprised? No. Disgusted? Yes.

Hat tip: Freddie Freddoso (This story gave me warm fuzzies, too), via JWF.


Have you ever wondered why it’s always the right who get smeared with epithets like racists, and haters? Patrick O’Hannigan explores the phenomenon in his latest post: The perjoratives of choice.


Black Panther Malik Z. Shabazz Hits Back At Republican Critics

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Breaking – Jobgate II: Sestak Not The Only Dem Candidate Bribed By Obama White House?…

Just as in Jobgate I, the  Obama White House  denied it ever happened, and the candidate has clammed up:

The Denver Post reported this last September:

Not long after news leaked last month that Andrew Romanoff was determined to make a Democratic primary run against Sen. Michael Bennet, Romanoff received an unexpected communication from one of the most powerful men in Washington.

Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s deputy chief of staff and a storied fixer in the White House political shop, suggested a place for Romanoff might be found in the administration and offered specific suggestions, according to several sources who described the communication to The Denver Post.

Romanoff turned down the overture, which included mention of a job at USAID, the foreign aid agency, sources said.

Then, the day after Romanoff formally announced his Senate bid, Obama endorsed Bennet.

The Post got the information from “several” anonymous sources who were afraid to go public for obvious reasons:

The White House said that no job was ever offered to Romanoff and that it would be wrong to suggest administration officials tried to buy him out of the contest.

“Mr. Romanoff was never offered a position within the administration,” said White House spokesman Adam Abrams.

Yet several top Colorado Democrats described Messina’s outreach to Romanoff to The Post, including the discussion of specific jobs in the administration. They asked for anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.

Romanoff declined to discuss any such communication and said the only job he’s focused on is “representing the people of Colorado in the United States Senate.”

Newsmax notes: “Romanoff trounced Bennet at last weekend’s Colorado Democratic assembly, winning the top line on the August primary ballot”.

Byron York reports that  GOP Senators on the Judiciary Committee are calling for a Special Prosecutor to look into the Sestak case, but with Democrats holding all levels of power, there’s a fat chance that will ever happen…..unless there’s a media firestorm, (as there was in the Plame affair).

Now we hear of another corrupt bribe coming out of this White House…and who knows how many others?

How about it MSM?

Tom Maguire thinks he has the over/under on that:

How many Sestak questions will be asked at Obama’s press conference today?  I’ll bet none – waltzing with Gibbs is part of the job, but actually embarrassing Obama on national television imperils valuable access and possible book deals.


Michelle Malkin: The White House/New Black Panther Party stonewall

The Sestak scandal is just one piece of the Democratic culture of corruption puzzle — and the White House denials are just more thick pieces of the Great Stone Wall of Obama.

Case in point: I’ve covered DOJ/AG Eric Holder’s obstructionism in the New Black Panther Party case since June 2009. The indefatigable Judicial Watch continues to press for information. After repeated attempts to acquire documents through stymied FOIA requests, Judicial Watch is taking DOJ to court


LA Times Top of the Ticket: Karl Rove: Joe Sestak’s lying or he’s protecting a felon in Barack Obama’s White House


Hats off to Major Garrett for asking about Sestak at the press conference.

Of course, Obama dodged.  He said nothing improper happened, and a statement will be coming within days – not weeks or months. They must be still working on the cover-up.


Of course:

Newsbusters: Denver Post Goes Silent on Senate Candidate Job Offer Scandal

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!


Anita MonCrief on Obama, ACORN and Stealth Socialism

MonCrief at SRLC bloggers bash

I met this charming lady while I was in New Orleans, back in April  attending the SRLC . I remember introducing her to my husband as, “ACORN whistle-blower, Anita MonCrief”. And a whistle-blower she certainly is – Anita’s a rare bird who has been inside the belly of the beast – an enthusiastic participant inside a stealth movement, which she slowly but  surely came to understand was a stealth Socialist movement. She eventually became disenchanted, and left.

Now she wants the whole world to understand what we’re dealing with.

Her latest post Obama, ACORN and Stealth Socialism: Dire Domestic Threat is long, but worth reading in full.

Here’s a taste:

Defining stealth socialism

Graham L. Strachan explained the “stealth socialism” path this way:

“Why did the Western media persist in calling the social system in the Communist bloc ‘Communism’ instead of Socialism? They did it to manufacture a false reality: to protect the reputation of another form of Socialism which existed in the West….so-called ‘Democratic Socialism’, socialism by stealth, socialism achieved through the ‘permeation’ of existing political institutions by members of organisation such as the Fabian Society, in order to influence the policies adopted by those institutions towards socialism.

“Democratic Socialism itself was based on a lie: that Socialism could be implemented peacefully through the ballot box. The implication was that if the voters didn’t like it they could vote it out again. That was a hoax. Since Socialism does not permit private ownership of property, it cannot be ‘democratic’ in the sense of allowing a choice of political Parties. This is not a matter of ideology, but of logistics. It would be impossible to have a two Party system of genuine democracy, for example, under which the state nationalised all property including business when the Socialists were voted into power, then sold it all back to the people again when they were voted out. The intention of Democratic Socialism was (and still is) to be democratic just long enough to gain power. Then it will declare the ‘end of history’ and entrench itself forever, enforcing its politically correct speech and thought on everybody, and being just as tyrannical as its Marxist revolutionary counterparts.”

How to make a socialist the ACORN way

As an ACORN insider my indoctrination as a socialist was a slow but steady progression from radical liberalism to embracing the stealth socialist methods that had made ACORN a powerful force in American electoral politics. Two years ago, in the mist of a heated presidential election year, I noticed a Facebook page of Socialism 2008. The graffiti-like picture beckoned young Socialists to Chicago, Illinois on June 19th, 2008.  I RSVPed for the event on Facebook without fully understanding what had just taken place. The line between radical, liberal Democrat and socialist was almost invisible at this point.

Read it all.

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