RINO Alert: MA Republican Candidate Marty Lamb Donated To Liberal Dems???

This guy is supposedly a “tea party candidate”? He has a history of giving to liberal Democrats like “Red Ed Markey” before his “conversion” to conservatism. You can almost smell the flop sweat as he struggles to explain his donations on The Howie Carr Show:

“There were things that were done…”

HOLLISTON, MA Political Contributions by Individuals:

Lamb, Martin A Mr. (Lamb and Browne P.C./Attorney), (Zip code: 01746) $500 to MARTIN FROST CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE on 05/27/04
Lamb, Martin A (Lamb and Brown P.C./Attorney), (Zip code: 01746) $500 to MARKEY COMMITTEE, THE on 08/01/04

2005 / 2006 Contributions:

MARTIN LAMB (LAMB & BROWNE PC), (Zip code: 01746) $500 to FRIENDS OF JOE LIEBERMAN on 05/18/05

Lieberman, who remains a registered Democrat,  ran as an Independent in the general election in 2006, well after this donation was made. He also  admits to contributing to Tom Daschle.

There is too much at stake in these upcoming elections to trust recent converts to the conservative cause with our votes.

There is an alternative to Marty Lamb in MA District 3…his name is Mike Stopa, a bonafide conservative, and rising star in the Republican party.


Saturday Political Matinee

Introducing Mike Stopa (R-MA) For Congress


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15 Responses to “RINO Alert: MA Republican Candidate Marty Lamb Donated To Liberal Dems???”

  1. Tweets that mention RINO Alert: MA Republican Candidate Marty Lamb Donated To Liberal Dems??? « Nice Deb -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Nice Deb, Walter Levin. Walter Levin said: Web: RINO Alert: MA Republican Candidate Marty Lamb Donates To Liberal … http://bit.ly/bLeGzJ […]


  2. RightKlik Says:

    Scott Brown won that district with almost 60% of the vote. I think RINOs need not apply.


    Stopa’s cool.


  3. Blazer Says:

    The cool thing about Barry slinging all those people under the bus is, he won’t have to jack it up anymore when he needs to change the tires .


  4. ZZMike Says:

    What’s going on in the Republican Party? Mitt Romney – who brought Obamacare to Massachusetts before Obama brought it to the country – is considered the “best shot at beating Obama”:


    “The Zogby poll of 8,487 likely voters showed Obama slightly besting Romney 45 to 43 percent. Romney has yet to say if he’s running again but the venture capitalist has been traveling the country raising money for Republicans and handing out endorsements in state races.”

    Had enough?
    Vote Conservative.


  5. nicedeb Says:

    How can Obama be beating anyone at this point…that’s what I don’t get.


  6. geoff Says:

    How can Obama be beating anyone at this point…that’s what I don’t get.

    …but that was true in the Presidential primaries as well.


  7. Ten Buck Fridays Poll: August 1 – 6 « Nice Deb Says:

    […] Mike Stopa, the bright and personable candidate running in MA-3. One of his competitors is a self described recent convert to conservatism whose made political contributions  to liberal Democrats in recent […]


  8. Karen Smith Says:

    Mike Stopa, ask him about FEC investigation. We don’t need more corrupt law breakers.


  9. Shredderofmass Says:

    Now Now Karen, you know that is a complete fabrication. Can you provide any evidence? No, you can’t.


  10. Shredderofmass Says:

    From the Worcester Telegram

    “After days of trading press releases and newspaper quotes attacking each other, Republican ballot hopefuls in the 3rd congressional race Marty Lamb and Brian Herr have both lauded themselves for their “grassroots” campaigns and fundraising, but a quick look over their quarterly Federal Elections Commission reports shows more of the Astroturf variety. Herr leads his five other Republican and independent challengers in terms of cash raised with $66,502 so far in the campaign, but over half – $39,176 – has come from out of the district, with considerable sums (over $1,000) from places as far away as Jacksonville, FL, Houston, TX and Erie, PA. As for Lamb, $27,200 of his $42,221 came from personal loans or loans from family members, including $2,400 from his teenage daughter. Both candidates have also used the same signature collecting firms. Freedom Petition Management received $3,500 from the Herr campaign and $4,000 from Lamb’s, while Spoonworks, Inc. took in $5,200 from Herr and $5,000 from Lamb. Nothing says “grassroots” like paying a company to collect signatures for you…They may want to start turning their attention towards Mike Stopa. While Lamb and Herr bicker back and forth, Stopa has become the media darling of the race, appearing as a panelist on Fox News’ “Hannity” and on the Howie Carr Show within the past two weeks. ”



  11. RINO Alert: Republican Marty Lamb’s Conversion to the GOP Last Fall « Daily News Says:

    […] At Nice Deb’s, listen to Lamb talk about his past when he voted for a very liberal – candidate “red Ed Markey – one of the most “radical idiotic members of Congress,” according to Lamb’s interviewer. Lamb left the Democrat party and registered as a Republican only last Fall. Nice Deb has a suggestion for a replacement to Marty Lamb. Read it here. […]


  12. LiberalsSpeakOut.com Says:

    The Real Sharron Angle…

    I found your entry interesting so I’ve added a Trackback to it on my blog…


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    […] Asks Suspected Fake R Candidate, Marty Lamb To Step Down August, 16, 2010 — nicedeb A couple of weeks ago, I alerted readers to a suspected fake ” tea-party” candidate, Marty Lamb  in […]


  14. Video: MA-3 Candidate Mike Stopa on Term Limits « Nice Deb Says:

    […] I’ve previously shed light on Stopa’s main competition in the primary, Marty Lamb, who has in recent years, donated to Democrats, Tom Daschle and Ed Markey. […]


  15. You’ve got to be kidding me « Da Techguy's Blog Says:

    […] Yes he was once a democrat, don’t forget, so was I, so was he and so was this […]


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