Pat Condell: Bad Faith At Ground Zero

Condell has been following the GZ mosque controversy closely, and as you can imagine, has plenty to say about it:

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs


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3 Responses to “Pat Condell: Bad Faith At Ground Zero”

  1. Mal Says:

    Congratulations on posting the rantings of a committed atheist Islamophobe in support of your bigotry. Anything for the cause, eh?


  2. geoff Says:

    Oh that Malky. Promised to stay away, but just can’t help herself. And you can tell that between visits she hasn’t been doing much reading or studying – just keeps spouting knee-jerk gibberish.

    Must be lonely again.


  3. nicedeb Says:

    Good grief.

    I used to give Malky credit for at least a modicum of intelligence, but now I wonder just how dim a wit we’re dealing with, here.


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