MoveOn Plans Rallies In All 50 States This Saturday – Tea Parties Plan Counter-Rallies

First of all — what is this?

MoveOn Rally to Save the American Dream

A bit melodramatic isn’t it? Since when is the  American Dream all about hosing the taxpayers? Since when is being asked to pay a little more for benefits some kind of dream- shattering travesty?  As for collective bargaining for public workers – why is that even allowed? It should be considered a privilege, not a right - and when the state is out of money, it should be a privilege public workers are willing to give up.

Move On:

In Wisconsin and around our country, the American Dream is under fierce attack. Instead of creating jobs, Republicans are giving tax breaks to corporations and the very rich—and then cutting funding for education, police, emergency response, and vital human services.

On Saturday, February 26, at noon local time, we are organizing rallies in front of every statehouse and in every major city to stand in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin. We demand an end to the attacks on worker’s rights and public services across the country. We demand investment, to create decent jobs for the millions of people who desperately want to work. And we demand that the rich and powerful pay their fair share.

We are all Wisconsin. We are all Americans. (We are all scared that the Dem-enabled gravy train might soon come to a stop).

This Saturday, we will stand together to Save the American Dream. Be sure to wear Wisconsin Badger colors—red and white—to show your solidarity. Sign up today to join in!

Public sector unions are destroying the US economy. What the rank and file don’t seem to realize (because the union bosses won’t tell them) is their generous benefits plans  cannot be paid. Billions of dollars that could go toward shortfalls go to Democrat political campaigns, instead.  This obscene abuse of taxpayer money needs to end.

That’s why tea partiers are planning counter protests to the pro-union protests at State Capitals on Saturday.

You can check to see if any tea parties in your state are planning counter-protests by using the Freedom-connector at Freedomworks, or you can check for your state chapter at Americans For Prosperity.

The Kansas City Tea Party, Political Chips is advertising two counter-protests, one in Jeff City, MO:

Philip Todd is rallying Tea Party groups across the state to counter a union rally by this Saturday.  Here’s what he says:

“At this time we are planning a counter rally on the Capital Steps in Jefferson City. We need to meet about 10:30am to stake our ground. The rally is scheduled to start @ noon. Bring signs, banners, and bottled water/snacks. I have been in contact with people from the St Louis Tea party and several groups who will be bringing numbers. We have to draw the line and stand in the way of intimidation by a very small minority. This is our state.”

Please show up if you can.  Short notice, I know.  But acting quickly and efficiently is the mark of success.

And one in Topeka:

Our Republic is under attack. This Saturday, is planning a rally that is masquerading as a rally for the American worker.  But when you take a closer look at the groups involved and behind the rally you’ll notice that they all have some sort of tie to a socialist/communist/leftist group.

We need to show our support for the actions that are now being undertaken to get our Republic back on the right track. The elections last November were a good start.  Now let’s continue the Restoration of our Republic.

We need to meet in Topeka, KS around 10:30am in order to stake our ground.  The MoveOn rally is set to begin at Noon.  Be sure to bring Bottled water and snacks.  And Dress Warm.  It’s time to take a stand.

I will add more information when I get it.

I know I don’t have to say this, but I’ll say it anyway – Bring your cameras and keep it civil, people. Let the thuggery be all on their side, (and videotape it).


The Move On rally is brought to you by the usual suspects, (but barring openly commie organizations – they’re learning) :


Rasmussen Report Shows Fleebaggers Not Winning Over Public

Image via Business Insider

The Wisconsin Senators’ strategy of cutting and running from the jobs they were elected to do, isn’t going over well with voters, Rasmussen reports, today:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that only 25% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of this tactic, while 67% disapprove. State legislators in Indiana have used the same approach to avoid a vote in their state. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Sizable majorities of Republicans and voters not affiliated with either major party reject such a strategy. Democrats are fairly evenly divided, with 48% approving and 44% disapproving.

I’m pretty sure I heard a Wisconsin Dem on The Greta Van Susteren show, last night say that the fleebaggers were getting lots of encouragement and support from the masses.

Not as much as they would like, apparently.

Meanwhile, Governor Walker is playing hardball: Wisconsin police sent to search for Democratic senators.

(Reuters) – Wisconsin Republicans dispatched police to the homes of absent Democratic senators on Thursday to try to round them up for a vote on a plan to strip public sector unions of most collective bargaining rights.

While the search failed to find the Democrats, it raised the stakes as Gov. Scott Walker’s self-imposed deadline of Friday for approving the proposal neared.

See Also:

The Business Insider: Meet The 14 Democratic Fleebaggers Everyone Is Talking About

Hat tip: Charles B.

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Hey, Maybe It’s Time For a Conservative Counterpart to “Tea Party Tracker”(UPDATE- Name That Website!)

Pic from union astroturf rally in Denver via El Marco.

Remember how late  last Summer, the NAACP partnered with Media Matters, Think Progress and New Left Media to launch the weak and laughable, a website  set up to  publish and monitor “racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement?” Apparently, they had trouble finding material because their last post is dated 10/20/10, and it links to a progressive organization’s “study” of supposed Tea party racism. Where are the damning videos? The one featured on their website merely shows a New Left Media reporter sticking a microphone in the faces of calm and reasonable tea partiers attending Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in DC, last Fall.

When anti-Koch protesters in CA attacked Clarence Thomas with disgusting and blatantly racist comments, not long ago, the same NAACP couldn’t be bothered  to condemn the comments.

A hard and fast rule - every. time. progressives hold a rally, their extreme, hard-left pathologies are on display. And now, with more and more conservative activists covering their events, their moonbattery is increasingly videotaped for everyone to see. Just in the past week, with pro-union rallies occurring in multiple states, we’ve been given reams of incredible material to expose them with:

SATURDAY: Union protester is arrested for attempting to jack with the tea partiers’ sound system at the Madison rally.

TUESDAY: Union protesters accost a gay black tea partier in Denver Colorado. They call him “son,” and ask him if he has any children that he “claims.”

WEDNESDAY: Diminutive Tabitha Hale ventures from the new Freedom Works offices (moved to a more secure location because they received a lot of threats) to get some video of the protesters outside. She is promptly slapped upside the head by a CWA protester.

Videos at Big Journalism.

On top of that, Michelle Malkin has: Video: Rhode Island union supporter to cameraman – “I’ll f**k you in the ass, you faggot”

and Video: Ohio union goon curses Tea Party activists (language warning)

and More Union Civility: Eyewitness to Boston thuggery; Plus: Die, elderly Tea Partiers, die!

Uncoverage: Tea Party Congress Candidate Roughed Up by Union Goons at Mass. Rally

Here’s Breitbart Tv with another: More Hate From Union Thug Protesters: ‘You’re a Bad Jew’

These obvious candidates for the new Az Institute for Civil Discourse need more exposure.

It’s all well and good that we are posting these videos on our own sites, but I think it would be helpful if there was one website that did nothing but tracked these types of episodes. Call it “Thug Watch”, or “Left-Wing Tracker” – I’m sure someone could think of something better.

One thing is for sure – we would have plenty of material to keep it updated.

The Make Believe Media have no interest in covering stories that counter their anti-tea party narrative. Since we have to do it ourselves, we should make it easier for the public to find the truth.


Here are some more examples of left-wing thuggery I listed in a post last August:

As the tea party “edges closer” to violence (not), the left continues its reign of political terror, unabated - firebombing campaign offices, stabbing Muslim cabdrivers, cussing out Holocaust survivors, biting off fingers, SRLC Republican beatdowns, throwing eggs at tea party buses,   etc,   etcetc. (I can go on forever).

Lefty union members, especially, have been the biggest perpetrators of town hall and tea party violence:

Union Thugs Attack Protester In Tampa

SEIU Thugs Attack a Black Conservative Kenneth Gladney Outside Russ Carnahan Townhall

Breaking: Radical Union Organizer-Black Liberation Activist Slugs Tea Party Protester in Face (Video) …Update: YouTube Removes Attack Video

CNA goon assaults cameramen at anti-Whitman rally.

Union Thugs Invade Tea Party Searchlight Nevada – Aggressors Play the Race Card (videos)

Union Thugs Attack Tea Party Member in Fort Lauderdale

Union thugs storm the front yards of banking lobbyists, take over some banks


“Mostly Peaceful” May Day Rally In SF Turns Violent As Pro-Illegal Immigrant Protesters Attack And Injure Minutemen

Video: Extreme Content Warning – (Recording Liberal hate speech)

See what I mean? We need to put all these in one place.


James the Wanderer suggested I hold a contest to come up with a good name for the site:

Ideas so far:

Little Miss Attila: “Dem Thuggery”

Mama AJ: “Beware the Union Label”

James the Wanderer: Hatewatch

My idea was “Thug Watch”.

billiams Says:  How about “Moonbeam Monitor” or “Nutroots on Display

Bildo Says: Thugopolis, DemoThugs, ThugsRUnion, Look for the Thug Lable

Lee has some good ones:


If no one else steps up, I’ll get the website and YouTube channel going, myself.  Hubby has agreed to help me with it. I want to have it ready to go by Sat. night for this weekend’s union protests..

Keep giving me ideas for names.


Check back tomorrow. I’ll have a poll up so people can vote for their favorite name.

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Lefty Donors Coordinating Huge 2012 Propaganda Campaign For Obama

Via Weasel Zippers The WSJ reports:

Wealthy Democratic donors and party activists have met several times in recent months to map out the best way to help Mr. Obama win a second term.

The meetings have included representatives of labor groups such as the AFL-CIO, the National Education Association and the Service Employees International Union; abortion-rights organizations including NARAL Pro-Choice America; the League of Conservation Voters and other environmental groups; and some of the biggest Democratic campaign givers and insiders, such as strategist Harold Ickes.

“There is a general consensus that there needs to be something big on our side to counter what the other side did in the last election,” said Steve Rosenthal, a Democratic strategist who led one recent meeting at Tuscana West, an Italian restaurant in Washington.

“To counter what the other side did…”??? Are we supposed to believe that the Democrats were outspent in the last election? Because they weren’t.

In two-thirds of the House seats that Republicans picked up Tuesday, Democratic candidates had more money behind them than Republicans, according to a Washington Post analysis of data from the Federal Election Commission.

Overall, Democratic candidates in the 63 races that flipped to the GOP had $206.4 million behind them, a tally that includes candidate fundraising and spending by parties and interests. That compares to only $171.7 million for their GOP rivals.

Democrats are mad because they only outspent the Republicans by 34.7 million in 2010. Apparently, in order to win with their toxic policies, and abysmal records, they need to absolutely crush us in fund-raising. Only then, will they finally, finally be able to get their “message” out.

And as John Hinderaker noted in Powerline, yesterday, the biggest donors (unions mostly) already give to Democrats.

Doug Ross says:

It certainly seems reasonable to me that the taxpayers are, in large part, funding Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign through public sector workers’ forced contributions to unions.

Dems have a nice little racket going for themselves, don’t they?

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Boot Camps For Radicals? Obama Recruiting an Army Of Community Organizers

Remember Investors Business Daily’s chilling article, Boot Camps For Radicals in September of ’08? — How we had hoped and prayed that it was just overblown Republican scare-mongering?:

Big Brother had nothing on the Obamas. They plan to herd American youth into government-funded reeducation camps where they’ll be brainwashed into thinking America is a racist, oppressive place in need of “social change.”

The pitch Public Allies makes on its Web site doesn’t seem all that radical. It promises to place young adults (18-30) in paid one-year “community leadership” positions with nonprofit or government agencies. They’ll also be required to attend weekly training workshops and three retreats.

In exchange, they’ll get a monthly stipend of up to $1,800, plus paid health and child care. They also get a post-service education award of $4,725 that can be used to pay off past student loans or fund future education.

But its real mission is to radicalize American youth and use them to bring about “social change” through threats, pressure, tension and confrontation — the tactics used by the father of community organizing, Saul “The Red” Alinsky.

“Our alumni are more than twice as likely as 18-34 year olds to  engage in protest activities,” Public Allies boasts in a document found with its tax filings. It has already deployed an army of 2,200 community organizers like Obama to agitate for “justice” and “equality” in his hometown of Chicago and other U.S. cities, including Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Washington. “I get to practice being an activist,” and get paid for it, gushed Cincinnati recruit Amy Vincent.

Fast forward to Feb/2011.

Image via The Blaze

Andrew Malcolm writes in the LA Times:

The community organizer who became president has launched a massive pre-reelection year campaign to assemble and train an army of new community organizers to carry Obama’s “movement forward for years to come.”


The message about what it calls the “Summer Organizing Fellowship” adds: “Effective organizing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes commitment, time, and hard work to build a movement around a cause.” It does not specify what the “cause” is, other than promoting Obama and his agenda.News of the community organizer drive went out in an e-mail to millions of supporters and past donors Tuesday night by the ongoing arm of the Obama campaign, Organizing for America.

It appealed for workers of all ages to volunteer to undergo professional organizational training this summer for stationing in communities all over the nation to drive President Obama’s social and political agenda.

The cadres “will be assigned to a specific community,” the message informs, “where they’ll work to organize supporters street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood.”

Their job will involve recruiting additional Obama workers, running Obama-related events, knocking on doors to talk of Obama “and lay new groundwork to carry this movement forward for years to come.”


The appeal cites as one role model Nikki Giancola who underwent the training, then quit her middle school teacher’s job to become a regional Obama field director and the satisfaction she felt “in helping millions of people.”

Read the whole thing, here.

Are we as  citizens supposed to be okay with this? Because I find it very troubling and improper that the President of the United States is community organizing the country. Where is the money coming from?


The OFA website says “All summer organizer positions are volunteer and unpaid”, but obviously, money goes into training, and resources. And according to the report, the volunteer positions can lead to full time careers working for the Obama agenda.

From their FAQ Page:

Can I do work from home?

Working side by side with people is essential to organizing, so your time will be spent out in communities with other organizers, OFA staff, community members and OFA volunteers.

If I travel to another state, will housing be provided?

While housing is not guaranteed, state staff will do the best they can to provide free housing with a local supporter for the duration of the program.


Summer Organizer Materials


Unions, Pro-Abortion Groups, Leftist Donors Coordinating Huge 2012 Propaganda Campaign on Obama’s Behalf…

See also:

The Blaze: ObamaCamp! Organizing for America Will Deploy Young Cadres on ‘Summer Organizing Fellowships’

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Left-Wing Reporter Posing As David Koch, Prank Calls Gov Walker

In what is being described by the left as one of the greatest gonzo pranks of all-time, Buffalo Beast editor Ian Murphy called up Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, pretending to be billionaire, and latest  bete noir of lefty progs, David Koch.

I’m sure this isn’t the big scoop and expose he was hoping it would be. The Governor is the same guy off camera as he is on camera.  Sure he gives away his entire negotiating strategy, but if your negotiating strategy is you’re not negotiating – I don’t think that’s a huge deal.

He believes his cause is a just cause, and one supported by the majority in his state.

“If they think I’m caving, they’ve been asleep for the last eight years, because I’ve taken on every major battle in Milwaukee County, and won in a county even where I’m overwhelmingly overpowered politically. And it’s because we don’t budge. If you’re doing the right thing, you stay firm.”

That is a big deal.

I’m surprised they released the videos because Walker comes of quite well, actually, Murphy, eh- not so much – his Koch is a buffoonish caricature of what a lefty would imagine a Koch brother to be like. The polite Walker finds himself changing the subject a lot.

It’s a 20 minute conversation in two parts:

Part One:

Watch part two, here.

The left is making hay of the fact that the Governor didn’t react to some of the fictitious Koch’s more outrageous statements, like “we sent Breitbart down there” (to Madison), and “Gotta crush those unions”…

Phillip Klein at the American Spectator doesn’t see a problem:

“Throughout the call, fake Koch makes a series of bizarre and over-the-top comments such as ‘gotta crush that union,’ but Walker generally either changes the subject or treats the remarks politely without cosigning them, as a host or guest would do with a crazy caller on talk radio or C-SPAN.”

Pretty funny on the second video – after Walker says, “let them protest all they want…sooner or later the media stops finding it interesting”, Murphy says, “But not those bastards at MSNBC”, and Walker replies, “Yeah, but who watches that?”   LOL.

My respect and admiration for the Governor  just skyrocketed.

Exit question: If the Governor is a Koch puppet, why did he have to explain everything he’s doing  in Wisconsin to the fake David Koch?


John Hinderaker at Powerline is thinking what I’ve been thinking:

Almost overnight, Koch Enterprises went from being one of the most successful and respected companies in America to the focus of a concentrated campaign of hate, the likes of which we haven’t seen in quite a while. Maybe someday history will record where the meeting was held, what rationale was advanced for trying to demonize the Koch brothers, and what the vote was on the motion. Maybe someday we will find out who sent the memo to left-wing news outlets like the New York Times, giving them their new assignment. For now, we can only observe that the Left’s campaign against the Kochs is suddenly a top priority.

Yeah, no kidding. Could they make it any more obvious that they’re employing Rule #13, here?

Be sure to check out the chart Hinderaker posts from Open Secrets on who the big political donors are. (Hint: Only one out of the top 20 gives primarily to Repubs 67%, Koch’s aren’t even close to being in the top 20, unions dominate, giving overwhelmingly to Dems).

Aren’t progressives cute?

They still think people don’t notice their ham-handed Alinsky tactics.

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Video: 1 Trail + 21 Days + 0 Border Control Agents = 63 Suspected Illegal Aliens Crossing Border In FEB 2011

Someone alert Janet (U.S.- Mexico Border ‘As Secure Now As It Has Ever Been’) Napolitano. She might want to see this:

During a speech at the University of Texas just a few weeks ago, Napolitano proudly touted DHS efforts in curbing border violence, and preventing drugs and illegals from crossing the border:

“The Obama administration has engaged in an unprecedented effort to bring focus and intensity to Southwest border security, coupled with a reinvigorated, smart and effective approach to enforcing immigration laws in the interior of our country,” Napolitano said during the speech. “Almost two years into the Southwest Border Initiative and the verdict is in: our approach is working–illegal immigration is decreasing, deportations are increasing and crime rates have gone down.”

If the video above, taken this month, represents a decrease in illegal border crossings, what in the heck did it look like before?

Hat tip: Infidel Joe.


According To AFL-CIO’s Trumka, He and White House Are Pretty Darn Tight

Richard Trumka, Madison, WI, Feb 18, 2011.

The Blaze headline screams,Shocking Level of Influence Exposed”, and shocking it is, that  according to Trumka, he visits the White House 2-3 times a week, and talks to someone from the White House every day.

In the Greenroom, John Sexton makes the point that if Trumka’s assertions are true, this should be a major news story. But one of the many ways the Make-Believe-Media protects The Emperor is to suppress stories like this one.

They understand how an unsavory character like Richard Trumka might turn off the average Joe:

Shortly after coming to power, Trumka, Sweeney and Chavez-Thompson rescinded a founding AFL-CIO rule that banned Communist Party members and loyalists from leadership positions within the Federation and its unions. The “New Voice” triumvirate welcomed Communist Party delegates to positions of power in the Federation. And the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) declared itself “in complete accord” with the troika’s new AFL-CIO program. “The radical shift in both leadership and policy is a very positive, even historic change,” wrote CPUSA National Chairman Gus Hall in 1996 about the Trumka/Sweeney/Chavez-Thompson takeover.

One condition of the AFL-CIO merger of 1955 was that outright Communists be purged from CIO unions. The AFL-CIO in 1957 instituted a rule that required any union official invoking his Fifth Amendment right (to avoid incriminating himself before a congressional committee) to be removed from his position. But when Richard Trumka twice invoked his Fifth Amendment right in a case involving a corruption and money-laundering scandal during the late 1990s, the response by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney was to purge the rule instead of the rule-breaker Trumka.


In September 2010, Trumka explained his reasons for getting involved in the labor movement:

“I got into the labor movement not because I wanted to negotiate wages. I got into the labor movement because I saw it as a vehicle to do massive social change to include lots of people. That’s why I got into the labor movement…. In our central councils to reach out and start building permanent coalitions with young workers groups, with student groups, with religious groups, anybody that’s a progressive group, to bring them in, actually make them part of the structure so that we have representatives on our executive boards now.”

This broadcast features members of the Communist Party USA analyzing the recent Mid Term election results, and was produced by and the Progressive Podcast Network. It shows the coordination between self avowed Communists and America’s progressives.

CPUSA Labor Commission Chairman, Scott Marshall emphasized their working relationship with the AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, in what he calls their continuing efforts of “independent” union organizations operating in, or for political campaigns.  This occurs beginning at the 12:05 mark of the 11/8/2010 video, “CPUSA analysis of the  Mid Term Elections,” presented below.

Last October,  Doug Ross reported:

They’re not even trying to hide it any longer.

The Communist Party USA is openly and actively collaborating with the Democrat National Committee, Obama’s personal campaign (Organizing for America),, Rock the Vote and the AFL-CIO.

All of this is right out in the open for anyone with eyes to see.

When Patrick Gaspard, Obama’s radical, Acorn/SEIU “Go-To Man” moved to the DNC, last month,  DNC Chairman, Tim Kaine wrote this January 20 email to the Democratic Party faithful:

Patrick Gaspard is a great person. He is a key Assistant to President Obama, having served as the Political Director of the White House for the last two years and before that as Political Director to President Obama’s campaign. He understands the importance of grassroots politics and team building. He is someone with whom I have worked closely and I look forward to working with him even more closely at the DNC.

Gaspard’s move also signals the almost complete acceptance of hard-left and labor union influence in the upper reaches of the Democratic Party. In embracing Gaspard, the D.N.C. has surrendered its “commanding heights” to the Party’s almost completely dominant far left.

And after coming out so forcefully against the “anti-union” bill, Obama wants us now to believe that the White House  and DNC had nothing to do with the pro-union protests in Wisconsin, and elsewhere? Uh huh.

Anyone who still believes a single word that comes out of Obama’s mouth, raise your hand.


Trevor Loudon: Communists Backing Wisconsin Solidarity Protests

The Communist Party USA is promoting widespread protests across the United States in support of leftist and labor protesters in Wisconsin.

Reports Ohio Communist Party leader Rick Naginreported from Columbus;Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, the state AFL-CIO and its affiliates have called for a massive turnout for a rally Tuesday at the Statehouse in Columbus to protest a Republican bill to repeal collective bargaining for public employees.


Then there are the brain dead drones involved in the movement….

Video at Blaze: Clueless In Wisconsin: Socialists March by Liberals Ridiculing Beck for Pointing Out Socialists Are Involved

Hot Air: Dem Congressman tells unions that they “need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody”


Awesome: Trumka Decries Tea Party Extremism, Then Urges The Left to “Take Control Over Private Corporations “

Video: Trumka Praises Pelosi For Helping Drive ObamaCare “Down the Republicans Throats, Out Their Backsides”…

Ed Schultz “Accepts challenge” – Announces Big Labor March On Washington October 2

AFL-CIO Chief Trumka: Sarah Palin Terrorizing Union Thugs Or Something

Video: AFL-CIO Boss Says We Don’t Have Any Deficit Problem


Cowardly Dems Flee Indiana; Cowardly Governor Signals To Repubs To Drop Right-To-Work Bill


Image via Doug Ross

Earlier today, reported:

Seats on one side of the Indiana House were nearly empty today as House Democrats departed the the state rather than vote on anti-union legislation.

A source tells the Indianapolis Star that Democrats are headed to Illinois, though it was possible some also might go to Kentucky. They need to go to a state with a Democratic governor to avoid being taken into police custody and returned to Indiana.

The House came into session twice this morning, with only three of the 40 Democrats present. Those were needed to make a motion, and a seconding motion, for any procedural steps Democrats would want to take to ensure Republicans don’t do anything official without quorum.

With only 58 legislators present, there was no quorum present to do business. The House needs 67 of its members to be present.

Ed Morrissey asked:

At what point does the decision to hold democracy hostage transform from a localized example of petulance to a national strategy?

To which I would  add, ” and how would Dems respond if Republicans employed this strategy every time they disagreed with a bill?  Can liberals really be such short sighted, cowardly fools, or could the risk of upsetting the gravy train that’s kept them going for so many years, be causing  them to jump the shark?

But never fear, just when momentum and public opinion seems to be  going against the Dems,  there’s always some unprincipled, craven Republican around to enable their bad behavior – in this case, the Governor of Indiana, and Presidential contender, Mitch Daniels.

3:40 PM — Governor says time to dump labor bill

Gov. Mitch Daniels signaled this afternoon that Republicans should to drop the right-to-work bill that has brought the Indiana House to a standstill for two days and imperiled other measures.

Daniels told reporters this afternoon that he expects House Democrats will return to work if the bill dies. It would be unfortunate if other bills are caught up in the turmoil, he said.

He will not send out state police to corral the Democrats, the Republican governor said.


Looks like Daniels is calling a friggin’ truce on fiscal issues, too – and not serious about running for President.




It gets worse…

Daniels Says, Legislators Running Away Is A “Perfectly Legitimate Part Of The Process”

After reading spirited NRO defense of Daniels, Fritzworth at AoSHQ asks: Mitch Daniels: Caving In or Ahead of the Game?

Sorry this fight fell on his lap when he has so much on his plate, already – but it did, and the correct response is to fight back – not placate  and excuse dishonorable Dems

Answer: Caving.

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UPDATE: Daniels Says, Legislators Running Away Is A “Perfectly Legitimate Part Of The Process”

Tuesday Must-Reads

The signs below crystallize the difference between liberal and conservative thinking: Libs celebrate cowardice, while conservatives hold it in contempt. Images via Doug Ross, and Joseph Storkson.

I’m having one of those mornings. I’ve spent hours reading other great blogs, but I haven’t posted a thing, myself. How about I link to the stuff I’ve been reading? Because I’ve got nothing.

But that’s what happens when I start off the day reading Doug Ross’ Larwyn’s Links, which pointed me to many excellent pieces, including Ross’ own Brief , Illustrated History of The Public Sector Unions, That, Together With The Democrat Party Are Waging War Against Taxpayers.

And because it has been exceedingly hard to fight public sector unions, the salaries and benefits of public employees have skyrocketed in recent years. Since the election of Barack Obama, the number of federal employees making over $150,000 a year has more than doubled to over 10,000.

In 2009 government salaries jumped 2.4%, approximately twice the increase earned by private sector employees. In fact, the average salary of a federal worker is now $71,000, about $22,000 more than the average private sector employee.

More required reading on the union battle is Betsy Newmark’s: How to think about the political battle in Wisconsin:

Collective bargaining by public employee unions is just a method by which the unions can extract generous benefits from compliant politicians whom the unions then use government mandated dues to put back in power so that the unions can be granted more benefits the next round of negotiating. It’s a corrupt cycle every bit as much as in the 19th century when wealthy businessmen bought compliant senators to grant them business benefits.

Via Gregory of Yardsdale, here’s The NEA’s General Council basically telling a room full of teachers  “it’s not about the children” – it’s about the power their dues give the union:

At Questions and Observations, Bruce McQuain answers the question, Who is winning the public relations fight in Wisconsin?

Don’t be fooled – this isn’t just about “benefits”.  It is about power, politics and money.  The mix of those three have given public sector unions a synergy that has allowed them, in many places, to hand pick Democratic representatives, have them elected and then have them do the union’s business.  It is a pernicious and non-competitive arrangement that is finally, because of the financial downturn, coming to light.

But the unions have a problem.  They haven’t been able to sell the emotional argument (benefits) and they certainly aren’t about to try to explain the real reason they’re fighting this (power and money).

And via Hot Air Headlines, Byron York reports: In Wisconsin, the gap widens between GOP and Dems:

“They’ve painted themselves in a corner,” Wisconsin Republican state senator Randy Hopper says of his Democratic colleagues. “There’s no way for them to get out of it.”

Democratic senators last week fled Wisconsin rather than allow a vote on Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s new budget bill, with its curtailments of some public-sector unions’ right to bargain collectively. The bill surely would have passed given the Republicans’ 19 to 14 advantage in the Senate. So Democrats, deeply dependent on union money and support, ran away to avoid a vote.


For the lawmakers themselves, at least Republicans, this whole controversy has led to a surpassingly weird impasse. A number of them have known their Democratic counterparts for years. Republican Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald speaks by phone with the hiding Democratic Minority Leader Mark Miller. And Hopper has been on the phone with Democratic Sen. Lena Taylor, a colleague from Milwaukee. “I offered to give her a ride to work,” Hopper says, “but she said no.”

Hopper says he reminded Taylor that Republicans were out of power not too long ago, when Democrats controlled the state Assembly, Senate and governor’s office. “There were bills I was adamantly opposed to,” Hopper says, “and we didn’t run away.”

At the heart of all this, Republicans and Democrats are realizing there might be a gap between them that is bigger than they realized. To Republicans, the budget fight has involved the widespread shirking of responsibilities: teachers walking out on students, legislators running away from their offices, even doctors abandoning medical standards to make excuses for perfectly healthy teacher/protesters. To Democrats, the fight has touched a core issue; anything is justified to preserve union benefits.

Must watch video at The Blaze: Fox News Reporter Confronts Wis. Doctor Writing ‘Sick’ Notes.

The woman needs a doctor’s note because  current events are causing her mental anguish…”who could say when I could crack…”

They say work can be therapeutic…just sayin’…

Andrew Breitbart thinks this video helps explain why the local media has covered the union battle in Wisconsin the way it has: FLASHBACK: SEIU Brags About Local Media’s Help to Smear Then-Candidate Scott Walker:

John-david Morgan, a lobbyist and spokesman for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1, was caught on tape bragging about how his union works with local news outlets to push stories that make Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker look bad.

Morgan had no idea that the person he was talking to outside a Milwaukee bar was a Walker campaign aide with an iPhone voice recorder app.

On to other subjects….

John Hinderaker generally avoids responding to these unsavory characters, but breaks  habit to weigh in on the latest mental droppings from the nincompoops at Think Progress: Think Stupidity:

Mr. Fang poses as a muckraker exposing a nefarious web of high finance. What is bizarre about this is that he himself lives on the largesse of billionaire liberals. According to SourceWatch (linked above), CAP took in over $28 million in donations from rich liberals (and companies like Wal-Mart) in 2008. These figures dwarf the paltry sums about which Fang pretends to be indignant–$20,000! $300,000! That is no coincidence. The big money in politics these days, especially the big money from the rich, is on the left. If the Bradley Foundation is a “honey pot,” then what sort of pot is paying Fang’s salary?

From here, Fang goes on to spin more conspiracy theories. He relates the history of Harry and Lynde Bradley, as filtered through far-left eyes, and exults over the fact that Harry Bradley was on the board of the John Birch Society. (Remember the title of his post?) Harry Bradley died in 1965. But once Fang is on to the John Birch Society, he doesn’t want to let go:

He joined candy manufacturer Robert Welch to be one of the charter members of the John Birch Society (along with JBS board member Fred Koch, the father of Koch Industries executives Charles and David Koch), and financed other right-wing firebrands.

You may wonder, why the gratuitous Koch brothers reference? After all, Fred Koch died in 1967. No reason, except that Think Progress has recently been on a vendetta against Charles and David Koch and their company, one of the most respected in America. This is just a casual smear that he threw in, apropos of nothing in particular. Whatever you think of the John Birch Society, it had nothing at all to do with this week’s events in Wisconsin. Fang concludes:

Gov. Scott Walker’s current fight to crush labor rights in Wisconsin is the fulfillment of Harry Bradley’s John Birch Society dream.

There is definitely some dream-fulfillment going on here, but it isn’t Harry Bradley’s. What is the sum and substance of Think Progress’s expose? Governor Walker’s position is endorsed by a majority of Wisconsin voters, as well as several conservative groups, some of which have gotten modest amounts of support from conservative philanthropists. In what world is that some kind of scandal?


Also arguing with idiots is Patrick O’Hannigan who strives to understand the left’s arguments, and gives up at The American Spectator: Egypt and the Death of Argument

I know a man who thinks almost anyone with a critique for the progressive agenda must be “hate-filled” or “brain-dead.” Were you to mention to him that Rush Limbaugh sometimes calls himself a “lovable fuzzball,” he would snort in disbelief. He fancies himself a “live and let live” kind of guy, but entertains friends with pointers to what they MUST READ (all caps his). In his free time, he lards anti-conservative screeds with descriptions of Republican lawmakers like Michele Bachmann and Paul Ryan as “hideous,” “horrible,” and “insane.” Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter drive him bonkers, but they’re not the only ones who do. By his lights, there are so many Republican and right-wing outrages taking place that it’s impossible to catalog them all. I’ve slowly come to realize that this invective points to something more serious than lack of perspective, namely, the death of competent argument among self-described progressives.


Zombie pens a long and moving essay about end of life care: Death Channels:

Advance Health Care Directive

If the extension of my life would result in an existence devoid of cognitive function, with no reasonable hope for normal functioning, then I do not desire any form of life-sustaining procedures, including nutrition and hydration, unless necessary for my comfort or alleviation of pain.

My agent shall consent to and arrange for the administration of any type of pain relief, even though its use may lead to permanent damage, addiction or even hasten the moment of, but not intentionally cause, my death…

That’s the document my Uncle Larry signed fifteen years ago when he first got his HIV diagnosis. He had always seemed like a devil-may-care sort of guy who planned to live fast and die young. Linger for months, attached to tubes and machines? No way! “Just shoot me now” was his signature expression, often used to express sarcastic disapproval of anything unfashionable, but taken literally in the case of his “Advance Health Care Directive.”

I actually knew very little about my uncle (whom I’ll dub “Larry” here to maintain his privacy) until he collapsed in public a little over a month ago. He never got along with his brother (that is, my father), and he lived 3,000 miles away on the East Coast, so he rarely showed up at family events. But on those rare occasions he did, he fawned over me, called me his “favorite,” and once I had grown up he told me that I was the only relative he could stand to be around.

As a gay man, Uncle Larry never had any children of his own, nor did he (as far as I could tell) ever have a long-term romantic relationship; so I shouldn’t have been surprised that when the time came for him to name an “emergency contact” on various health-care forms, he wrote my name down.

Read it all.


All I can say aabout this next one, is, “yikes”:

Rusty Weiss: Media Fails to Note Muslim Group’s Controversial History:

One of the largest Muslim organizations in North America is considering plans to build a summer camp on 114 acres of land in the Adirondacks.  Via the Albany Times Union:

“The Islamic Circle of North America, a Muslim advocacy group based in New York City, hopes to raise money to develop a camp for children and families of all religions on land donated to it last year.”

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), based in Queens, New York, is not devoid of controversy in a history that spans over 40 years, yet there is scant mention of these controversies by the media.  The Times Union article states that, “U.S. law enforcement agencies have investigated, but never prosecuted, ICNA for terrorist connections.”  And there is coverage of a fundraiser involving speakers having made anti-American statements in the past, which is quickly justified by saying, “the meeting raised money for homeless women.”

But the ICNA has so much more to offer in the way of newsworthiness, including an event involving radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, as well as a link to the presently relevant Muslim Brotherhood.

Keep reading at link…

Fritz at AoSHQ has noticed a precipitous drop in Obama’s approval numbers following his pro-public union public comments, and the reported OFA involvement,  last week. Apparently, so has Obama, because the White House is now backpeddling furiously: Profiles in Courage: Obama and Wisconsin

If you look at the recent history of the Rasmussen Approval Index (Strongly Approve – Strongly Disapprove), you’ll see that Pres. Obama wasn’t doing too badly — for an 11-day stretch there (2/7 to 2/17), his rating fluctuated between -11 and -7. But it was on Thursday, Feb 17th, that Obama spoke out again Governor Walker and in support of the protesting unions. Let’s look at how his score changes:

2/17: -9 (Obama criticizes Walker and the Wisconsin Pubs)
2/18: -14
2/19: -15
2/20: -18
2/21: -18
2/22: -20 (White House denies involvement in Wisconsin protests)

A new conservative book by one of our more outstanding Republican House members:

Seize Freedom!

American Truths and Renewal in a Chaotic Age

By Thaddeus G. McCotter

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!


Video: Allen West To Koran-Wielding CAIR Scold, “Don’t Try To Blow Sunshine Up My Butt…”

Allen West knows his Muslim-world history, and he’s not interested in whitewashing it for anyone. If  Nezar Hamze, Executive Director of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) thought he could some trick or intimidate the battle tested West with his ridiculous question at a townhall meeting, Monday evening in Pompano Beach, he had another thing coming.

Sharky, (2011’s CPAC Blogger of the Year)  took the outstanding video:

More at The Shark Tank.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, and Doug Ross, and adeliemanchot, thanks!


RIP Bernard Nathanson Dead at 84

Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson was an early advocate of abortion on demand, co-founded the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (now called NARAL ProChoice America), and once operated what he referred to as ” the nation’s busiest abortion business”, overseeing the performance of about 75,000 abortions.

Years later, he would  ruefully admit, “I am one of those who helped usher in this barbaric age.”

Dr. Nathanson died in his home today, at the age of 84, after a long battle with cancer.

The National Catholic Register wtites:

After performing his last abortion in 1979 and declaring himself to be pro-life, Nathanson produced the 1985 film The Silent Scream, which shows sonogram images of a child in the womb shrinking from an abortionist’s instruments, and the documentary film Eclipse of Reason, which displays and explains various abortion procedures in graphic detail. Both films had a significant impact on the abortion debate, solidified his credentials among pro-life advocates and earned him the scorn of his former pro-abortion friends and colleagues.

He also published a number of influential books, including Aborting America, written in 1979 with Richard Ostling, then a religion reporter for Time magazine, in which he exposed the deceptive and dishonest beginnings of the pro-abortion movement and undermined the argument that abortion is safe for women.

He often admitted that he and other abortion advocates in the 1960s lied about the number of women who died from illegal abortions at that time, inflating the figure from a few hundred to 10,000 to gain sympathy for their cause.

In his 1996 autobiography The Hand of God, he told the story of his journey from pro-abortion to pro-life, saying that viewing images from the new ultrasound technology in the 1970s convinced him of the humanity of the unborn baby. Outlining the enormous challenge of restoring a pro-life ethic, he wrote, “Abortion is now a monster so unimaginably gargantuan that even to think of stuffing it back into its cage … is ludicrous beyond words. Yet that is our charge — a herculean endeavor.”

The Hand of God: A Journey from Death to Life by the Abortion Doctor Who Changed His Mind

In an epilogue to the second edition of The Hand of God, Father McCloskey called the book “one of the more important autobiographies of the twentieth century,” which documents “man’s inhumanity both to humanity and to his personal self, and the possibility of redemption.”


For more than a decade after he became pro-life, Nathanson described himself as a Jewish atheist, but in December of 1996 he was baptized a Catholic by Cardinal John O’Connor in a private Mass with a group of friends in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He also received confirmation and first Communion from the cardinal.

About his baptism, he said, “I was in a real whirlpool of emotion, and then there was this healing, cooling water on me, and soft voices, and an inexpressible sense of peace. I had found a safe place.”

Among those concelebrating the Mass was Father C. John McCloskey, an Opus Dei priest who had instructed Nathanson in the faith over a number of years.

“He was a pro-life prophet,” Father McCloskey said in a recent Register interview. “He saw the whole culture of death coming, and knew that abortion was just the tip of the iceberg.”

Keep reading at the link.

William Grimes wrote a nice obit for The New York Times:

In a widely reported 1974 article in The New England Journal of Medicine, “Deeper into Abortion,” Dr. Nathanson described his growing moral and medical qualms about abortion. “I am deeply troubled by my own increasing certainty that I had in fact presided over 60,000 deaths.”

His unease was intensified by the images made available by the new technologies of fetoscopy and ultrasound.

“For the first time, we could really see the human fetus, measure it, observe it, watch it, and indeed bond with it and love it,” he later wrote in “The Hand of God: A Journey from Death to Life by the Abortion Doctor Who Changed His Mind” (Regnery Publishing, 1996). “I began to do that.”

Despite his misgivings, and his conviction that abortion on demand was wrong, he continued to perform abortions for reasons he deemed medically necessary.

“On a gut, emotional level, I still favored abortion,” he told New York magazine in 1987. “It represented all the things we had fought for and won. It seemed eminently more civilized than the carnage that had gone on before.”

But, he added, “it was making less and less sense to me intellectually.”

Read the whole thing.

Dr. Nathanson’s life story is one of repentance, redemption and forgiveness – a conversion story that recalls St. Paul’s conversion from a tormentor of Christians to Christianity’s greatest evangelist. It’s a story that reminds us that nobody is ever too far gone to find redemption and peace with God.

Rest in peace Dr. Nathanson.

Hat tip: Leah


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Video: Wisconsin Union Protests – Myths v.s. Facts

Getting sick of left-wing fallacies about the union protests in Wisconsin?  Based on what I’ve been hearing, these union protesters seem a little….confused. As a public service, The Heritage Foundation created this video to explain the fiscal situaltion in Wisconsin, and what is being asked of Unions:

Listen up, Maddow, Politifact is getting tired of correcting you:

Via Breitbart TV.



Civility Watch: More Pictures From Saturday’s Protest In Madison

Madison resident, Joseph Storkson called into the Bill Cunningham Show, last night, and described what he saw at the protests on Saturday. He took 200 photos of both sides and posted them on Facebook. Here are a few pictures you won’t see in the Make-Believe media:

Cute. And these folks are “for the children”, right?

Free Speech for me but not for thee .

Read the rest of this entry »

Republican Wins LA State Senate Seat In Special Election Giving Republican Party the Majority in Both houses of the Legislature For the First Time Since Reconstruction

Photo via LA Family Forum

This is great news for Republicans in Louisiana!

A Republican candidate late Saturday won a special election for a Louisiana state Senate seat, according to unofficial returns, a result that if certified would give the GOP control of the Senate for the first time since Reconstruction.

The Louisiana Secretary of State’s office reported on its website that Republican state Rep. Jonathan Perry narrowly defeated Democrat Nathan Granger in the race to fill a vacant state Senate seat. Unofficial returns show Perry receiving 52 percent of the vote to Granger’s 48 percent, with all 106 precincts reporting.

The contest was closely watched because the state Senate is currently split, with 19 Republicans and 19 Democrats. After a number of party switches, Republicans recently took control of the state House. Republican Bobby Jindal is the governor.

A Louisiana elections official said the state Senate results still must be certified and can be contested until Feb. 28.

New Orleans’ News Talk WWL reported:

“Just to put it in some perspective, in 1976, Democrats held a 38-to-1 advantage in the state senate. So, this has been a long time coming. It marks Louisiana becoming a fully Republican state,” says University of Louisiana Political Science Professor Pearson Cross.

How unpopular is Obama in Louisiana?

According to John Maginnis of LA Politics Weekly - not very:

The decisive factor could have been charges raised by the state Republican Party in the final week that Granger’s campaign employed an former organizer for President Obama.

Hat tip: Charles B.

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