Yes, There Was A Kapiolani Maternity And Gynecological Hospital In 1961

I’m seeing a lot of chatter about the name of the hospital on Obama’s newly released birth certificate. Supposedly it’s wrong because the Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital hospital didn’t exist in 1961. Well, I’ve already found evidence that it did, and I don’t even understand the reasoning behind the argument that it didn’t.

I first saw the allegation at The Smoking Gun, in the comments, yesterday, and have been seeing it all over the blogosphere ever since. The argument goes something like this:

Name of the Hospital Obama was supposedly born at should have been Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital until 1978. Then they merged with the Kapi‘olani Maternity Home in 1978 and became Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children.

See for yourself. Here is the link to the hospital website detailing their history… Lets see if they change their history now……fault.aspx

Okay, so the link leads to the Kapi’olani Medical Center For Women And Children info page, which says:

A Century of Care for Hawaii’s Women and Children

This is the story of two hospitals: Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital and Kapi‘olani Maternity Home.

Concerned about the welfare of Hawaii’s mothers, Queen Kapi‘olani held luau and bazaars to raise the $8,000 needed to open Kapi‘olani Maternity Home in 1890. She endowed her legacy with “Kulia i ka nu‘u” or “Strive for the highest.”

In 1908, Albert and Emma Kauikeolani Wilcox donated $50,000 to start a children’s hospital. The community, concerned that two of every seven infants in Hawai‘i did not live to see their first birthday, rallied to match the Wilcox’s gift. A year later, Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital opened.

The two hospitals joined in 1978 to become Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children. Staying true to its mission, the non-profit hospital has played a vital role in the health of Hawaii’s women, children and adolescents. It is staffed with highly skilled, compassionate physicians and nurses, dedicated to providing the finest care for Hawaii’s families:

A lot of people lack basic reading skills if they are taking from that that it was a children’s hospital until 1978. What started out as a maternity home, became The Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in 1958. This is from a PDF from HA Catholic Social Services, which referred unwed mothers to the Kapiolani Maternity Home/Hospital throughout the years:

What more, another Hawaiian birth certificate from a day after Obama was born has been posted online from the same hospital, (Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital):

As you can see, there should be no question whatsoever that there was a Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in 1961. It merged with the Children’s hospital to become The Kapi’olani Medical Center For Women And Children in 1978.

Now, you may see some  differences in the birth certificates. Obama’s is much…uh – newer looking. And the ID # in the top right hand corner is higher even though he was born a day earlier. But I’m sure there will be explanations for these things.

 NRO’s  Nathan Goulding of National Review shot down the “layers” argument I’ve been seeing all over the place:

What’s plausible is that somewhere along the way — from the scanning device to the PDF-creation software, both of which can perform OCR (optical character recognition) — these partial/pseudo-text images were created and saved. What’s not plausible is that the government spent all this time manufacturing Obama’s birth certificate only to commit the laughably rookie mistake of exporting the layers from Photoshop, or whatever photo editing software they are meant to have used. It’s likely that whoever scanned the birth certificate in Hawaii forgot to turn off the OCR setting on the scanner. Let’s leave it at that.

I’ve confirmed that scanning an image, converting it to a PDF, optimizing that PDF, and then opening it up in Illustrator, does in fact create layers similar to what is seen in the birth certificate PDF. You can try it yourself at home.

I think the story here is that Obama was being a big, fat,  petulant jerk for refusing to release the thing until it started hurting him in the polls. That’s it. Time to move on.


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94 Responses to “Yes, There Was A Kapiolani Maternity And Gynecological Hospital In 1961”

  1. SB Smith Says:

    I was thinking ‘Ok…here’s the real one…..the lateness in itself makes this fishy, but what the hell’. I wasn’t obsessing over it.
    My attention was brought to this yesterday,….
    You decide.
    It’s a 10 minute video with a lot of magnification and information about “what’s wrong with this picture ?”….the latest birth certificate version.

    There’s too much there to ignore….but whatever…..obama’s got Other things he’s still hiding.
    I have a little problem with Trump being the one to push these things because he’s assuming conservatives will think he’s one of us….and he is Not. He’s definitely to the left of even being a RINO. I like Trump’s ideas on how to smack down China economically….but other than that…..NO.
    I would Love to see Allen West run for Pres. in 2012, but he is loyal to his constituents and knows a run for pres. would greatly detract from his ability to continue as a representative…..which is the honorable thing to do. That fits his character.
    If he’s not in it for 2012, I’ll vote for Herman Cain in the primary.


  2. Keith Says:

    The name appears in the medical literature as early as the 1930’s, so yes, it was the correct name in 1961.


  3. sworn_defender Says:

    The Certificate of Hawaiian Birth program was established in 1911, by the Hawaiian territorial Government, as to register a person born in Hawaii who was one year old or older and whose birth had not been previously registered in Hawaii.

    The Certificate of Hawaiian Birth Program was terminated in 1972, by the State of Hawaii. As such all births thereafter were issued a “Standard Certificate of Birth” by the Hawaiian State Department of Health.

    The document alleged to be Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Standard “Certificate of Birth” issued by the Hawaiian State
    Department of Health.

    Problem is the Standard “Certificate of Birth” did not exist and therefore could not be issued prior to 1972.

    “Any person to whom a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth has been issued may submit a request to amend an entry, including a legal change of name, on an existing Certificate.”
    ” A request to amend a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth will, however, be considered to be and treated as an application with the Department of Health for registration of a “Late Certificate of Birth” in current use

    1. Because Obama was born prior to 1972 his birth would have been recorded and documented with a with Certificate of Hawaiian Birth

    2. That the Standard Certificate of Birth Issued by the Hawaiian State Department of Health was only Issued to those persons born after 1972 meeting the requirements of proof as established by Hawaiian State Department of Health.

    3. That even if Obama requested a change or orrection of his Certificate of Hawaiian Birth pursuant State Law the
    Hawaiian State Department of Health would Issue a “Late Certificate of Birth” (which is not the same as a Standard
    Certificate of Birth)



  4. another john galt Says:

    from another site:
    notice it’s signed by U K L Lee? – apropos for HI…


  5. nicedeb Says:

    I can’t really say with any degree of confidence that the second and third letters are K and L. And Lee is a fairly common last name.


  6. wayne Says:

    Just curious, the birth certificate issued on August 5, is numbered 10637, and Obama’s on August 4, is 10641. Wouldn’t it seem logical that the day after would be a higher number?


  7. nicedeb Says:

    I made note of that.


  8. Fred Says:

    Kenya became an independent country on 12 December 1963. Before that it was known as the Kenya African National Union or KANU, so why is the father listed from Kenya in 1961… Is this just another mistake by someone … Seems to be a lot mistakes on same document to me.


  9. John Says:

    Wait a minute. Are you bind?!?!?! OBVIOUSLY the certificates are DIFFERENT! You’re an !diot if you cannot see that they are different. The bc that Obama presented is fake. Quit being a complete liberaloxymron.


  10. Jerry Says:

    Maybe it’s not important, but I was wondering how the hospital’s street address could change in one day.


  11. D Williams Says:

    Another mistake is the “race” of the father. “African” is not a race, no more than “American” would be one. I suppose Mr. Lee didn’t know the races of humans.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    What about the city and state: Obama’s Honolulu, Hawaii – first document, Honolulu, Oahu. Would the registrar not be consistent in how they listed the city and state one day apart?


  13. Me Says:

    Fred, Kenya was known as Kenya Colony. (amonst many other refs)

    Jerry, the hospital address didn’t change, section 7a through 7g, that is the residence of the mother.

    D Williams, The registrar just put in what the mother said. In 1961, might a young white woman answer ‘African’ instead of ‘negro’ on a birth certificate?

    Anon, as to the city and state, Obamas is the correct one. Honolulu, Oahu is the city and island, not the city, state that the form asks for.

    So the only issue that hasn’t been explained is why the numbers are off. I see that on both documents, in 18b, the signature of the mother is dated 8-7-1961, the same date, which is a few days later thant he actual births. So they let these records pile up for a few days before actually filling them out. So maybe they worked off the pile from the top to bottom, so the newer births would be first, not last.


  14. Fred Says:

    The Numbers Being Off: Would be interesting to see the list of dates of actually births (by that I mean mother’s indication child’s birthday). If the backlog theory holds up (records stacked up to be stamped later) then, assuming records were put in stack at time of birth “to be stamped later” then the birthday and stamp date should still be consistent for all records, whether top to bottom or bottom to top stamping. In other words, via mother, if someone born immediately before or after should have the next number or preceding number, or at least have consistent numbers…..If they are off, they should be consistently off, not just one birth certificate. Unless they “shuffled the deck”. If that happened, all I’ll say is “what a way to run a hospital”


  15. swann2001 Says:

    It took two and a half years of constant requests and badgering to get Obama to show his supposed birth certificate. He said people would still doubt his BC and he is right to think so. It takes an almost complete suspension of reality for anyone to believe so many inconsistencies and mistakes on just one birth certificate, could be just mere coincidence. It would be interesting to see if so many errors turned up on a sampling of other BC’s about the same time as Obama’s birth. Some of the explanations require quite a bit of faith that this is the one and only true answer to perplexing questions. Of course if you are a liberal and Obama fan then they make perfect sense, if you are not then some answers only lead us to more questions.

    I just had a question as to why Obama’s BC doesn’t look like mine and even a girl’s BC who was born about the same time? And the answer to why there is layer’s in the document the White House released, is pure supposition, yet we are to regard it as truth and puts to rest any more questions. Not so!


  16. David Wendelson Says:

    “I’ve confirmed that scanning an image, converting it to a PDF, optimizing that PDF, and then opening it up in Illustrator, does in fact create layers similar to what is seen in the birth certificate PDF. You can try it yourself at home.”

    FALSE. Proven false here –>

    He does OCR, he does optimize.. see yourself. Obama = perjurer = impeachable.


  17. anonyomous Says:

    ^^^ OCR/optimized does NOT add layers. FALSE. In other words… “pay no attention to the man behind the mirrors”


  18. Gillian Says:

    I downloaded the PDF and put it through photoshop. Could be a forgery, but I’ve tidied up a lot of letters, etc. To send over the Internet, and I could see using the program to improve legibility. So far, through this presidency, I’ve not seen anything to make me think that this man is some kind of supervillian. Seems like a lot of trouble to seize the presidency wrongly and then be a centrist. So far, the worst thing he’s done is to increase the debt by extending the Bush-era tax breaks for the wealthy. It certainly makes me angry, but it doesn’t chill my bones.


  19. Hawaiian Brian Says:

    Howz it Bruddah,

    I own a birth certificate from Kapiolani Hospital dated January 15 1964. It’s a real hospital that was really there in the early 60’s.

    Hang loose


  20. Lukas FyreFury Says:

    I have one question really. All the rest seems iffy to me but i’ll leave that alone such as it was Colony of Kenya and not Kenya as in the Republic of Kenya now. Question is this… Why is the bottom not stamped like the one for Susan Nordyke? You have the Date at the bottom and Director of Health stamped and signed as well as the Registrar General. Obama has none of that… In the end i still think it’s a fake sorry.


  21. nicedeb Says:

    I should probably update this post, because I now defer to the numerous adobe photoshop and document experts who have since come out and proclaimed the thing a fake.


  22. Bill Hartzman Says:

    Look the birth certificate you noted regarding the name again and compare it to Obama’s. The addresses of the hospital are 3.8 miles apart on in Honolulu but you claim the one you note is from the day after he was born.
    That means he was born at 7:24pm and they moved the hospital nearly 4 miles before Susan Elizabeth ??? was born the next day.

    You might also be interested to know there was no such country as Kenya, East Africa in August 1961. It was known as The East Africa Protectorate. It did not become Kenya until independence was declared in December 1964.. three years later. Obama’s father could not possibly have known they would call the country Kenya in 1961. That decision was made by the first president, Kenyatta.


  23. Intruder Says:

    Lucas, requirements for verification of a true and actual document have changed over the years. Certification might now require only one simple stamp, date and signature, whereas when the copy of the Nordyke certificate was made the requirements were much different. I think Obama is guilty of being an ass because of not letting his birth certificate go. Besides, the govt has much more qualified counterfeiters that could have come up with a super realistic certificate instead of Photoshopping.


  24. Anonymous Says:

    Name of the Hospital Obama was supposedly born at should have been Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital until 1978.

    Ok,,now,,why doesn’t BC show the above hospital as birth place and not Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecoloical Hospital ?


  25. INVEST Says:

    The problem here with the hospital in comparing one from another is the simple fact that the street address used by Obama for the hospital is different then the one used by the woman.. Two totally different address for the location of the hospital..

    Wondering minds would like to know that one…


  26. Dave Says:

    Letterman’s top 3 reasons why Obama was so delinquent releasing his “birth certificate”:
    1) Obama is so accustomed to hiding his true agenda that he simply couldn’t tolerate showing it.
    2) Hillary finally found it buried in the Rose Law Firm papers.
    3) Forgeries this good take time . . .


  27. Pam L. Says:

    Ok, first and only…if they wanted to create a fake one…why would there be so many screw ups???? There are so many other things happening in our country that we should be looking at…maybe they did this so we would be busy looking at nonsense instead of our country going to hell in a hand basket….JustSayin.


  28. New Mexico Juan Says:

    The Kenya African National Union (KANU) is the name of the political party founded by Joseph Kenyatta. The official name of Kenya from 1920 to 1963 was Kenya Colony. It was called British East Africa by some.

    I ask the Birthers this: Do you not think that Obama was thoroughly vetted by the Republicans in 2008? If the Republicans had had credible evidence that Obama was not born in the U. S., do you not think they would have used it?


  29. tray Says:


    Got some nifty explanation for Obama’s grandmother saying she witnessed his live birth in Kenya? How about an explanation for Michelle telling the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council in New York in June of 2008 that Kenya was her husband’s “home country”. … Gosh, as his wife you’d think she would know.


  30. Terri Aigner Says:

    Actually I was born in Kapiolani Hospital in 1959 and thats what my birth certificate has on it. Not the older name. So as early as 59 it was indeed called Kapiolani


  31. Marvin W Says:

    Hey, Nice-Deb,
    The reason the birth certificate is important, VERY important, is that our Constitution REQUIRES that the President is a natural born native of America. IF BO is a natural born American then why the problem with the birth certificate and WHY are ALL of his school records sealed? WHAT is he hiding? Ah but that doesn’t seem to matter to him or many other Democrats in power today…they ignore the Constitution in so many places that it’s ridiculous and illegal but they “make up the rules as they go along.” Those are their words…not mine. I don’t want to change this country into a socialist country, it didn’t become the great country it is by being socialist!


  32. ME Says:

    It is really so stupid. I mean the man has been in office and he does not belong there but the elite want him there. This site says that it is a smoking gun but truth is that the birth certificate is a lie,. His father could not have been born in Kenya cause Kenya was no a country when his father was born and neither when Obama was born It came to being in 1963 not 1961. So it matters nothing about the Kapiolani Maternity And Gynecological Hospital. Besides the links that says the truth have already been disabled so you must go in the back door to find the truth! Believe what you will, the man we know as USA president is a big Fraud!


  33. Christopher Brian Eargle Says:

    Kenya was a British colony in 1961, but it was still called Kenya. Don’t believe me, go look at a map of Africa from 1961.


  34. Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate… Again! Says:

    [...] cheap to call.  Apparently they do get asked, because I got the answer pretty quickly.  1931.  Others have been over this, too.  I won’t beat on this issue when others have covered it so [...]


  35. C.B. Says:

    This issue over the number is a little petty- look at the last name of the lady who released her birth certificate- Nordyke. The president’s- Obama. To me, the alphabetical order could easily explain four numbers difference in the certificate numbers. His birth certificate could look like a standard birth certificate because it was a re-release from the agency and would be drawn to look like what is currently issued. I know that when I had to request a copy of my birth certificate from Alabama- we still live there and yet, my mom didn’t know where the original was- it looked nothing like what would have been released on the day I was born in 1973. Yet, I know I am a natural born American citizen.

    The fact remains, if you want to give the Birther argument credibility and believe it, nothing is going to stop you from it. We are almost 4 years in now, REALLY?????


  36. Anonymous Says:

    Why is his father listed as a Kenyan citizen when what we know as Kenya was British East Africa until December 12, 1963? There was no Kenya when this certificate was supposedly written.


  37. Chuck Nixon Says:

    Two comments:
    1. Obama was never officially vetted. Hillary could have and might have – but didn’t. McCain wouldn’t even allow his staff to mention Obama’s middle name. He wasn’t about to vet his opponent, because the ‘press’ wouldn’t like it, and frankly, I’m not sure he even wanted to win

    2. The pdf posted on the White House web site is a Photoshop construct, not a straight forward document scan to to pdf format. There’s no evidence OCR processing because there are no fonts in the file, nor is there any ‘text’ in the file. If it had been optimized, the background would have been fragmented across many of the forty some layers that would have been created. Instead, the background is a single element on a single layer. The pdf in question has 9 layers, whereas an unoptimized document scan has one layer, and an optimized document scan has about 44 layers with random-appearing content on each layer. Furthermore, The seal stamps on the bottom are their own graphic elements indicating that they were inserted by editing. Also, the type-written elements came from multiple typewriters, as would be the case if scanned from multiple documents. The curious thing is not that it’s fake, but that it’s an amateur fake job, instead of a professional job. If this was done by a staffer at the Hawaii Dept of Health, that would explain the amateur hour product.


  38. ram Says:

    I look at the addresses given in the article – and none of them are 6085 Kalanionaole Highway – it says the address was 1611 Bingham….


  39. Jason Says:

    Obama’s birth certificate #10641 was stolen from Virginia Sunahara who survived less than one day after birth.


  40. Common Sense Says:

    Good lord people… the addresses on the certificates are THE HOME ADDRESSES OF THE MOTHER’S not the address of THE HOSPITAL! Try actually researching what you are talking about before you spout off what you believe to be “fact”!


  41. S. Crowe Says:

    Why are the addresses different on the certificate of the child born the day “after” Obama than is on his “certificate?” Did the “Director of Health” lose his job 3 days after Obama was born. Check the bottom of the form. Director of Health’s signature block is on left side, date is on right side. Obama’s is dates on left and NO Director of Health signature on it at all. And, “Common Sense” the Mother’s address is the line below the address of the hospital. You were wrong, look closer.


  42. SRQman Says:

    Who cares about the name of the hospital. Just supply the original that the Registrar signed off on stating that this was a copy of the original in the Hawaii archives. They cant, because it does not exist. If I wanted my birth records all I would have to do is call the Dept of Health or the hospital I was born in if it still existed and pay a small fee and voila my birth certificate comes in the mail. I would be happy to pay the fee for Obama to get his. The real thing I found most interesting however in comparing the Nordyke BC above to Obama’s is not the name of the hospital , but the address of the hospital. If the two babies were born 29 hours apart at the same hospital, why is the address different on the birth certificates that are only a day apart? Can anyone explain that to me?


  43. Anonymous Says:

    I believe that the original birth certificates are all held in a bound book. When someone requests a birth certificate they look up the original and then prepare the certificate that is issued. Some journalists in Hawaii went into the hall of records with a video camera and filmed the big bound book showing the original certificate. In spite of all of this controversy, only 3 people have ever actually requested to see the original in the bound book.


  44. Marvin Says:

    Butey must have a copy they can issue to citizens (long before 2 1/2 years after it should have been shown) and also WHY are ALL of his school records SEALED? Doesn’t it make you wonder …. abou something? Anything? Don’t be an ostrich, get your head out of the sand! Something’s up! Why create all the mystery?


  45. Roger Says:

    Does any one posting here live in Honolulu?
    If so, it would be interesting to see who actuallyresided at
    6085 Kalanianole Highway
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    in Augusy of 1961. This could be determined in most cases by a visit to the town clerks office and looking at the Town/city directory for that year.


  46. Anonymous Says:

    I see many of you have drank the cool-aid; explain this: The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in “Kenya, East Africa”. This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate”.


  47. Slowjim Says:

    To Anonymous
    Can you read? If you could you would find that the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya was established when the former East Africa Protectorate was transformed into a British crown colony in 1920.


  48. Tommy Tomas Says:

    Unbelievable. These people can’t even examine their own false statements before spreading their venom. To the dummies who observe that the addresses are different, that’s correct, becasue IF you were to read the form, the form asks for the address of the mother, not the hospital. Idiots. Bigots. Dumkoffs.


  49. cilike Says:

    Did anyone notice that the baby girl born a day later, Aug. 5, 1961, has a certificate number 4 numbers lower – 61 10637 – than the baby boy born Aug. 4, 1961 – 61 10641? How do you get a higher numbered document a day earlier??

    And in case you think it’s just a bureaucratic mixup, please note that the LOWER number certificate was rubber stamped 3 days later than the HIGHER number certificate. Again, how do you get a higher numbered document THREE days earlier??

    What am I missing here??


  50. tired of the lies Says:

    I was born at Kapiolani Maternity & Gyn Hospital in Honolulu, T.H. (T.H. is the state—Territory of Hawaii, as it was not part of the U.S yet) in 1946, my sister was also born there in 1944. Our birth certificates say “Standard Certificate of Live Birth”. There is no address for the hospital, only the residence address of the parents.
    I still think Obama’s birth certifiate is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. Mine on the other hand is the real deal…


  51. stacey1771 Says:

    The country of his father’s birth is irrelevant, he gets his citizenship from his MOTHER; barring that, he was born in the UNITED STATES (ok, so Hawaii wasn’t a state but it was a part of the US, much like Puerto Rico is a part of the US). I wonder…..McCain was born in PANAMA, yes, the COUNTRY OF PANAMA…why didn’t anyone whine then? Oh that’s right, because McCain was born to two American parents on a US Navy base. But Obama’s birth cert is fake? Whatever….. apparently so is my daughter’s, as she was born in Spain but got her citizenship from ME. And btw, do you really think that all these local gov’ts pay attention to the ‘legal’ name of the country of birth? Nope. Do you call the Cote D’Ivoire the Cote D’Ivoire or Ivory Coast? Which is correct? Are any of you smart enough to realize the correct answer?


  52. Says:

    Hawaii became a state August 21, 1959 (before Pres. Obama’s 1961 birth)

    Both b.c.’s above are “copies of originals”…….Nordyke’s was reprinted in 1966 (five years after her birth) and Obama’s reprinted in 2012……obviously, one would look, uh…..newer?


  53. Nony Says:

    I am not sure what they did in Hawaii, but when I was born, my parents were only given a fancy piece of paper with the birth information, doctor, hospital, time and date. When I recently needed a copy to travel to Canada, I found out this document given to my parents wasn’t an official copy of my birth certificate. I had to go to the registrar’s office and request a copy. It had a serial number that was new, in line with what babies born around the same time had. My ex-husband, who used to work at the recorder’s office states that the workers would be given stacks of birth information. Some worked faster than others so the number on the certificate is not necessarily a reflection of what order the baby was born.
    If it works that way in Hawaii, then it makes total sense why the number does not correlate with his time of birth. And if he got an official copy later on, the number would be way out of sequence.


  54. Shanyn Smith Aldridge Says:

    No the numbers would not be out of sequence, they have them on file, all our numbered at time of birth. I was born at Kapiolani Hospital in 1974, my birth certificate does not say kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital, just Kapiolani Hospital. I was given the fancy one at birth, but when I went to college, my mom sent for the official copy, my number starts with a 74 for the year, then has a 6 digit number, it is a number given at birth, not when birth certificates are requested.


  55. Anonymous Says:

    The Certificate of Hawaiian Birth program was established in 1911, by the Hawaiian territorial Government, as to register a person born in Hawaii who was one year old or older and whose birth had not been previously registered in Hawaii.

    The Certificate of Hawaiian Birth Program was terminated in 1972, by the State of Hawaii. As such all births thereafter were issued a “Standard Certificate of Birth” by the Hawaiian State Department of Health.

    The document alleged to be Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Standard “Certificate of Birth” issued by the Hawaiian State Department of Health. Problem is the Standard “Certificate of Birth” did not exist and therefore could not be issued prior to 1972.

    Not doubt someone will argue that Obama simply lost his and obtained a copy more recently. Unfortunately Hawaiian State Law states in part:

    “Any person to whom a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth has been issued may submit a request to amend an entry, including a legal change of name, on an existing Certificate.”
    ” A request to amend a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth will, however, be considered to be and treated as an application with the Department of Health for registration of a “Late Certificate of Birth” in current use

    1. Because Obama was born prior to 1972 his birth would have been recorded and
    documented with a with Certificate of Hawaiian Birth pursuant The Certificate of
    Hawaiian Birth Program as set forth by the Hawaiian Territorial Government in 1911.

    2. That the Standard Certificate of Birth Issued by the Hawaiian State Department
    of Health was only Issued to those persons born after 1972 meeting the
    requirements of proof as established by Hawaiian State Department of Health.

    3. That even if Obama requested a change or correction of his Certificate of Hawaiian
    Birth pursuant State Law the Hawaiian State Department of Health would Issue
    a “Late Certificate of Birth” (which is not the same as a Standard Certificate of


  56. Anonymous Says:

    those is the facts and nothing but the facts


  57. Anonymous Says:

    The simple fact is that his father’s birthplace would have been listed as Kenya Colony or the British East Africa Protectorate in 1961 on this birth certificate if it was created back August 4, 1961. The interior part of the country was referred to as Kenya Colony or the Colony of Kenya and the 10 mile part of the country’s coastline was still referred to as the East Africa Protectorate in 1961. The name Kenya didn’t actually come from Kenyatta (first president), but from the region’s highest mountain.


  58. Hawaiian Brian Says:

    Im holding my own Certificate of Live Birth (file number 151; #64 00885) from Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital (address 1909 Kahakai Drive Honolulu HI) dated 01/15/1964.


  59. Anonymous Says:

    Well, for starters, there’s too many things not right. I’m no fan of conspiracy theories, because I wanna know the truth to everything, but let’s face it…..governments cover things up. It’s true. Break it down:

    1. The number confusion of him having a higher number being born a day before than the gal born a day after
    2. In a matter of A DAY, somehow it went from Honolulu, Hawaii to Honolulu, Oahu in box 7c (that just doesn’t happen)
    3. The mysterious numbers marked all throughout the document
    4. Why is 19a’s box scribbled on the M.D. checkbox?
    5. The most telling……go to the Whitehouse website, and use the “+” to zoom in as far as you can on the loaded document. scroll around and look, just look at this document. Top right corner, the “1” is OBVIOUSLY the real mark from a typewriter….no white boxes around it, and it doesn’t look like a xeroxed number….however, the rest of the numbers do. Box 20 & 22 eerily both have the AUG-8 looking the same….distressed exactly the same color….but the rest is different and has white boxes around some of the numbers. It’s easy to try and explain away some of this as a “bad scan” or whatever, but I can assure you, there wouldn’t be that many typeset problems.


  60. SB Says:

    Also note the street addresses of the hospital are different on the either certificate


  61. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sure that there will be explanations (fabricated) for all of these discrepancies.


  62. MJ Says:

    Is illiteracy still that prevalent in America in 2012? 7a. USUAL RESIDENCE OF MOTHER: CITY, TOWN OR RURAL LOCATION 7b. ISLAND 7c. COUNTY AND STATE OR FOREIGN COUNTRY 7d. STREET ADDRESS 7e. IS RESIDENT INSIDE CITY OR TOWN LIMITS? IF NO GIVE JUDICIAL DISTRICT 7f. MOTHER’S MAILING ADDRESS 7g. IS RESIDENT ON A FARM OR PLANTATION? Are you still convinced 7d is the address of the hospital and not the mother’s street address? If you are, you need to go back to elementary school and learn to read and comprehend again.


  63. Alan Says:

    When you look at the two birth certificates from the same period it seems odd that the country and state or foreign country was changed from 4 AUG 61 from Honolulu, Hawaii. to on 5 AUG 61 to Honolulu, Oahu…And of course the race of father would have been Negro at that time, not African. This is an obvious forgery…


  64. Rob Says:

    Note that the dates of the signatures of the mothers on the two documents were written by the same person. Study them, and it is obvious. Perhaps the same hospital staff person filled out the signature block for both mothers? It gives credence to the certificates.


  65. Jimmie Roan Sr. Says:

    so we here all the reasons why pdf and all that crap could create problems with the way the document looks and a thousand other reasons, why not just show a copy of the original certificate, is there any other reader out there that refuses to show his birth certificate, i even had to show mine to get a drivers license in 1957 and to get in college in 2008. why would you not have to show your birth certificate to be a member of congress or president. when something sounds fishy it usually is.


  66. Anonymous Says:

    OK, enough already… Anybody who faces the facts, knows this is a fake. My problem with all this is that nobody is doing a damn thing about it! We have a man, sworn is as President of the United States, who has no Constitutional right to be there!! PERIOD!!!


  67. Jimmie Roan Sr. Says:

    i know this is redundant, but why all the rhetoric about all these reasons this one looks like this and that one looked like that, just make a copy of his birth certificate and publish it. we are all required to have a birth certificate for many reasons why shouldn’t he? kind of makes me think about the old saying, if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, confuse them with your bullshit, or something like that. and we seem to be getting a lot of it lately.


  68. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure if it was a practice in older Hawaii – but Hawaii did issue certificate of Hawaiian Birth to Dr. Sun Yat-sen when it is well documented that he was born in China… just wonder.


  69. Jimmie Roan Sr. Says:

    obama does not care if we believe this or not, he shows his lack of respect every time he opens his mouth or refuses to respect our flag or our country. if he cared what we thought and he was truly a citizen all he has to do is hold up his birth certificate on live tv and let us decide. am i the only one on this site that has had to produce a birth certicicate when getting a drivers license, starting school, going to college, going in the military, getting va benefits, i’m sure i missed something but do you get the gist of this. why doesn’t he have to show us his.


  70. bejohn85 Says:

    Since 1876, when Hawaii became a territory, all babies, except military, born on the island of Oahu, were delivered at Kapiolani Hospital. It was a hospital for women only. Imagine, so far back, a hospital that took care of women. It was the only place where we the people of Hawaii were born, all my brothers and sisters were born at the same hospital. My oldest brother in 1945 and I 1948 where delivered at Kapiolani Hospital.
    It has been said for years, that the mormons controlled the Hawaii Islands, if you were not a mormon, you could not get a job, the people of Hawaii were treated worse than a dog in the streets by the mormons. After all, it is also said that the Mormons own 40% of the Hawaiian Islands and they had a hand in overthrowing the Queen of Hawaii, locking her in her home, keeping her a prisoner, taking control of the island for religion and greed. What a stellar imagine of their religion.
    The question about the President not being a United States Citizen must mean that the people born prior to Aug 1959 must not be citizens either, after all we were just a speck in the ocean, another country, according to the people of the Mainland, but yet he is born the same month they signed the documents to make Hawaii the 50th state. Go figure


  71. Jimmie Roan Sr. Says:

    i’m just a little confused, what does any of what you said have to do with this. are you a citizen, is your brother a citizen, would you be a citizen if it wasn’t a state, what the hell are you talking about. would a person be a citizen if he were born before the united states was founded. if you were mormon were you a citizen, is obama a mormon.


  72. Anonymous Says:

    How do you explain this; The birth certificate for Obama, born on 8/4, has a file number ending in 641, and the person born a day later has a file number ending in 637? Reverse numbering.


  73. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve read every comment from the start. One would think others would do similarly before opening their mouths and making fools of themselves. Elections are around the corner….get out and vote!


  74. Anonymous Says:

    Hello. The street address of the hospital on the birth certificate comparison to the bc Obama released are different, I doubt that the hospital moved in a day and just in time for Obama’s birth. This to me is HIGHLY SUSPECT!


  75. Nuda Waya Says:

    You make the most sense. I sent a request to Adobe for the encoded tags any of their imagry software attaches to documents as a fraud protection wall. Basically the progarm used should have tagged it and it should be traceable to the registered owner of that particular copy of what ever Adobe software they used. If it was registered. I’m suprised no one had attempted thios route yet, go figure.


  76. Anonymous Says:

    It’s very interesting that the day after Obama was born the address of the hospital changed and Susan Nordyke was born in a different location. Did anybody else catch that?


  77. Mike Says:

    Why are the hospital street addresses (from the real example to the one Barack provided) different if It’s only a day apart? The reg. general names are different as well.


  78. JOHN Says:

    To all you morons who can’t read the address is not the Hospitals but the Mother’s address.


  79. You Stupid People Says:

    You people are compete morons!! He’s the President of The United States so get the hell over it!! Nothign you can do or say is going to prevent this!! He was re-elected and all you dim wits haven’t figured out that no one gives a crap about your stupid a$$ theories!! Don’t you people have a life to live? I guess not if this is what your life has come down to. Your fighting a loosing battle so give it up!! And by the way Kenya was created in 1920 from British East Africa Protectorate and named after its main mountain. It was granted independence by Britain on Dec. 12,1963! Get your facts straight before you open your mouth and insert your foot or in this case your feet because there are also court documents from the 1920’s and 1930’s stating that the Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital was in litigation sometime during those years. Don’t depend on wickpidea cause there have been several things they have reported that weren’t true.
    My advice to you people is get a life, and move on he’s our President and there isn’t a damn thing you people can do about it!!


  80. You Stupid People Says:

    Oh and by the way the street addresses don’t mean crap either.
    I use to live at RR1 Box 10250 Baxter, TN,.but the state was doing changes to addresses and the very next day we recived a notice that our address had changed and we now had the address of 16594 Nashville Hwy. Baxter, Tn If we were to go by the recent box numbers for addresses then my address is now 9 miles from where I lived the day before so that always don’t mean anything. You people are just looking for something use up the time you have, well I have an idea why don’t you go spend it with your kids or grand kids, or go volunteer with the local Youth Center. People like you guys is what’s the matter with this world. Oh and by the way if you don’t like whos running this country of ours, then pack your shit and get the hell out cause we don’t want people like you living here either!!


  81. geoff Says:

    I guess we didn’t bring our Indoor Voice today.

    Nor grammar, spelling, logic, facts, decency, and the ability to read the post.


  82. Jimmie Roan Sr. Says:

    you do realize no one cares what you think, you are not only stupid but a coward too from all appearances. my ancestors fought and died for my right to say what I want about our leaders, or so called leaders. you and morons like you make us all realize why this country is in the shape it’s in. nothing you said made any sense, do you even read before you post? i’m almost embarrassed to even respond to you and I will probably regret it later.


  83. Ray Says:


    Agreed – he/she didn’t bring his/her indoor voice but he/she did a fine job of bringing his/her lack of research, and his/her bipolar, and his/her ass which he/she blatantly displayed for all to see.


  84. Personal Injury Attorney Macon GA Says:

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  86. Vance Robinson Says:

    Okay, Both these “copies” blah. blah. Get Geraldo(a lib) to do a special. What is in the secret Hawaiian vault. Videotape going into the record room. Pulling the book down from the shelf. And showing the bound copy. Have forensic people from obummer and Sheriff Joe. Both right there LIVE can verify if it is an original in the book. Or if it was inserted. Or copied over a real citizens. Now that We had a chuckle. The real reason this will not happen, just like Capone’s vault; it is empty.


  87. John4637 Says:

    I agree a hospital did exist there in 1961 but it was named “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital and “Kapi’olani Maternity Home”! Was the person who typed the information on Obama’s able to see into the future or did that person have access to a remarkable crystal ball. It is a matter of record that the hospital was not named “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital” until 1978, 17 years after the birth of Obama. To list any incorrect or “imaginary” information on a birth certificate would void the certificate and done intentionally could lead to criminal charges of fraud, etc.! So Keep the stories coming they are interesting and if the right people get a chance to take action on this matter the imposter may wind up in a federal prison.


  88. dkr1020 Says:

    I would love to see a whole bunch of actual birth certificates from the hospital in August of 1961 and see if any of them really stand out in comparison to the others. I find it really strange that one kind of paper was used on August 8th and another kind of paper was used on August 11th. But maybe the Obama certificate is a copy of an original and the other one is an original. The only other thing I find really strange is Obama did lie on this Occidental College records to obtain financing as a foreign exchange student and nobody seems to care about that. Occidental should go after him for the money for his college education.


  89. Obama Busted: Birth Certificate Contains Words/Places That Did Not Exist In 1961! Says:

    […] }); Re "no hospital by that name existed until 1978:" Yes, There Was A Kapiolani Maternity And Gynecological Hospital In 1961 | Nice Deb I'm starting to wonder if obsessive delusionals should be disqualified from owning […]


  90. Rob Says:

    Wow there Is a lot people on here who have major concerns, over this Birth certificate. I’ll be honest I have no clue as to what Is REAL an what is FAKE, especially when it comes from our elected officials. I am not a smart man especially when it comes political maneuvering. In my heart I want to believe this is a fake document, also I want to believe that all the side stepping the president has done since he has been in office will come back upon him. But the reality of it all is I am extremely proud of each an everyone of you who has posted here an on all the other sites on the internet. Whether your thoughts were well formed an stated clearly or for those who blather aimlessly an even the ones who just vent spitefully your exercising our ability an right to express yourselves openly an freely. The politicians may forge ahead and encircle us with a endless fog of deceit an half truths, but as long as we are all talking or writing an expressing our beliefs an thoughts no matter what the subject YOU ALL should feel pride an kinsmen ship at the fact we all can agree an disagree as Americans.
    As I read through all the comments each of you brought a smile to my face an I ask all of you to PLEASE keep it up, your thoughts do matter, it may not seem that way in the big picture (BUT DOES MATTER!!!!!) Thank you all.


  91. journey Says:

    curious barack was born on 8/4 and his birth was recorded on 8/8 now this other person was born 8/5 and thier birth was recorded on 8/11 in the local register since when do file numbers go down?? baracks 10641 the other 10637


  92. Carl Says:

    Nice Deb, if I were hiring a book-keeper and needed to verify eligibility for employment, I may just assume there were some minor mistakes made, and “let it go at that”. However, we’re talking about the President of the United States. I would have expected a little more scrutiny and a little less flippancy over something as potentially serious as a fraudulent birth certificate. As to your comment about how somebody possibly committing a “…laughably rookie mistake…” I consider that entirely plausible, considering how damned near everything the Obama administration touches is rife with “rookie mistakes”. This would simply be par for the course. We have come to expect “rookie mistakes” from this amateur and community organizer who had absolutely zero experience coming into arguably the most important executive position in the free world.
    [I expect once the NSA has reviewed this post, the IRS will immediately begin my audit...bring it!]


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