Democrat Socialist, Barbara Lee Says Debt Crisis “Manufactured By House Republicans” Who Are “Attempting To Advance An Extremist Agenda”…

We have 14 trill+ and counting in debt, and Moody’s is getting ready to downgrade our Aaa rating unless we take steps to address the problem. But according to Democrat Socialist, Barbara Lee, our out of control debt problem  is a Republican “manufactured crisis”:

(CNS News) Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) released a statement Monday saying the “debt crisis” has been “manufactured by House Republicans” who are “attempting to advance an extremist agenda.”

“The current, so-called ‘debt crisis’ has been completely manufactured by House Republicans attempting to advance an extremist agenda. This should be a simple vote to allow the US Treasury to fund all of the programs and obligations of the entire federal government that are already in the law,” said Rep. Lee in a statement handed out to reporters before a Democratic press conference on jobs at the Capitol.

You’ll not be surprised to hear that her plan to deal with the debt mirrors our first Democrat Socialist President’s original plan:

Rep. Lee has called for Congress to increase the debt limit with no strings attached like spending cuts.

If Lee’s “current, so-called ‘debt crisis’” appraisal sounds vaguely familiar, think – Congressional Dems, like Maxine Waters, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, 2001-2008 you’ve heard this song, before:

“Mr. Chairman, we do not have a crisis…”

Who keeps electing these people???

In his column at The NY Post, today, Charles Gasparino made the point that the Obami love chaos.

Obama’s crew loves chaos. Remember: These guys rode to victory in 2008 largely because of the financial collapse — and won with promises to lead a moderate economic course that put Americans back to work.

We’ve gotten the stimulus, the car-company takeovers, ObamaCare, tons of regulation and vows to hike taxes on “millionaires” who make $250,000 — and an economy that’s nowhere close to taking off.

But the political formula might work. This president knows how to play the blame game — and how to look moderate while he’s doing it. A situation in which the markets crater this week on fears of a default gives him a handy club. With support from his allies in the media, it might be one big enough to cow Republicans into caving to his demands for higher taxes in a debt deal.


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3 Responses to “Democrat Socialist, Barbara Lee Says Debt Crisis “Manufactured By House Republicans” Who Are “Attempting To Advance An Extremist Agenda”…”

  1. Carlos Says:

    Democratic socialist. Hmmmm. Democratic socialist..

    Isn’t that just the written-out explanation of NAZI?

    Just askin’, of course.

    And BTW, with this Babs Lee is really starting to push Patty Murray as the dumbest rock in Congress, far surpassing the poster child of school social promotions, Chucky Cheesy.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Its not “Democrat socialist” it’s social democrat.

    “Democratic socialist. Hmmmm. Democratic socialist..

    Isn’t that just the written-out explanation of NAZI?”
    SHES A NAZI SHES A NAZI!!!! Are we still doing that really?


  3. nicedeb Says:

    Nope, it’s Democrat Socialist.


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