Video: Cantor Blasts Bam: “Stop your policies that are wrecking the American economy”

Cantor describes how Obama got “agitated and upset” when he asked that he come off his insistence that we extend the credit limit of the country beyond the election. “What does that have to do with the fiscal health of the country that we’re trying to address?….” Cantor wondered.

That’s when His Highness got snippy and intimidating – brow-beating Cantor with his bizarre “Don’t call my bluff” comment.

Amazingly, Cantor comes right out and says the awful truth about the man who is leading our country to ruin:  “The president doesn’t like people who disagree with him on policy grounds”, and his policies are “wrecking the American economy”:

Via Gateway Pundit



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2 Responses to “Video: Cantor Blasts Bam: “Stop your policies that are wrecking the American economy””

  1. Carlos Says:

    I wonder why it took so long for an elected official to say it. That’s been on everyone else’ mind for a year and a half, and Cantor is the first to be able to say it to him?


  2. d nova Says:

    if that’s a criticism of obama, then cantor must be the opposite, right?

    so he does like people who differ with him on policy grounds.

    he must LOVE obama….


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