Why Is The Obama Administration Targeting Gibson Guitars?

How screwed up are the priorities of Obama’s Department of Justice? The same DOJ that thought it was a good idea to arm drug cartels in Mexico with high powered weapons  is for some inexplicable reason going after an American institution, Gibson Guitars?

It defies reason…

They may as well go after baseball, hot-dogs and apple pies, (but I guess not Chevrolets) while they’re at it. What could possibly be their motivation?

Dana Loesch interviewed Gibson CEO, Henry Juskiewicz for her show, Friday afternoon.

video via Breitbart TV

The DOJ doesn’t have anything more important to do than harass a guitar company?

Several hundred workers sent home? A million dollars worth of business lost? And this is an administration pretending to be all about “creating jobs!”

Why are they stalking Gibson –looking for something to “get” them on? Because they’re a non-union shop?

Commenter Tom W. had some ideas at Gateway Pundit:

Gibson is the only guitar company targeted by the Obama DOJ under the
Lacey Act.

Tennessee is a right-to-work state.

Fender, Taylor, Rickenbacker, Danelectro, Carvin, MusicMan, and ESP
are in California;
Spector is in New York;
Martin is in Pennsylvania;
Guild, Ovation, and Hamer are in Connecticut;
Alvarez is in Missouri;
B.C. Rich is in Kentucky;
Heritage is in Michigan;
Washburn is in Illinois.

All are forced-union states.

Peavey is another guitar and electronics company, located in the
right-to-work state of Mississippi.

Since 2009, Peavey has been the target of multiple lawsuits filed by
a competitor, MUSIC Group, which alleges that Peavy products fail to
meet federal safety and emissions standards.

Also, CEO Henry Juszkiewicz donated to Mike Huckabee in 2007.

The implications here are sickening…

The Obama Justice Dept cleared the racist Black Panthers in liberal Dem Philly of clear-cut Voter intimidation…yet is ruthlessly going after an 110 year old all-American business, (which happens to be a non-union shop) in conservative, Republican, Nashville, Tennessee.

We see how it is.


Making light of an egregious situation…

Iowahawk blows the lid off of “Operation Fast and Fretless”: New Scandal at DoJ as Illegal Guitars End Up In Hands of Mexican Drug Lords:

WASHINGTON – Today’s uncovering of secret multi-agency program for shipping illegal Gibson guitars to Mexican drug cartels left red-faced officials of the U.S. Department of Justice scrambling for an explanation amid angry calls for a Congressional investigation.

“I have ordered all agency personnel to fully cooperate in any Congressional inquiries, including all reasonable document request, as soon as we can redact them with Sharpie pens and lighter fluid,” said U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

The secret program came to light early this morning in the border town of Nogales, Arizona, after what was described as a wild battle of the bands between members of the Sinaloa cartel and Los Zetas, two of Mexico’s most notorious violent drug gangs.

“Usually these guys are armed with Mexican Strats and Squires, Epiphones, small caliber stuff like that,” said Pedro Ochoa, 36, an eye witness to the sonic melee. “This time they were packing the heavy firepower.”

The steady barrage of power chords and piercing solo attacks attracted the attention of nearby U.S. Border Patrol agents, who arrived at the scene just as Los Zetas broke into Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song.’ By the time the dust had cleared, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Oscar Jimenez was found in a catatonic state of headbanging. He was later flown to University of Arizona Hospitals, where his condition is listed as seriously rawked.


Via Doug Ross:

The plot thickens, however.

One of Gibson’s leading competitors is C.F. Martin & Company. The C.E.O., Chris Martin IV, is a long-time Democratic supporter, with $35,400 in contributions to Democratic candidates and the DNC over the past couple of election cycles. According to C.F. Martin’s catalog, several of their guitars contain “East Indian Rosewood.” In case you were wondering, that is the exact same wood in at least ten of Gibson’s guitars.


ObamaFailBlog: Update on Obama’s Raid on Gibson Guitar (With Video Transcription)

Video: Chris Christie’s Message To Sun-bathers In Asbury Park: “Get The Hell Off The Beach”

Hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate the barrier islands and away from the shore points  New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie is telling people, the earlier they leave, the better off they will be.

Residents and tourists alike are fleeing the Jersey beach resorts up and down the coast. Many of the evacuees are vacation-goers spending the last week of the season soaking up the summer rays.

“Get the hell off the beach … and get in your car,” Governor Christie said during a late Friday afternoon news conference. “You’re done, its 4:30, you’ve maximized your tan.”

“We have the possibility of record flooding,” said Governor Christ. “So just by awful luck, this thing it hitting New Jersey at a time when we’re at high tide, so the likelihood of flooding along the coast is overwhelming – and serious flooding along the coast – not just like you’re feet are getting wet.”

You gotta love Chris Christie. The man doesn’t mince words:

Nearly 300,000 people have been ordered to evacuate flood prone areas of NYC, as well:

NEW YORK (AP) — Nearly 300,000 people were ordered Friday to evacuate flood-prone areas and subways, buses and trains prepared to shut down a day later as Hurricane Irene steamed toward New York, the most powerful storm to target the city in decades.

It was the first time the nation’s largest city was evacuated. And never before has the entire mass transit system been shuttered because of a storm. Despite the unknowns of how the city would react, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he was confident people would get out of the storm’s way.

“Waiting until the last minute is not a smart thing to do,” Bloomberg said. “This is life-threatening.”

Hurricane Irene tracking map, here.

Mexican Consulate In Santa Ana, CA Sets Up ID Center on UNITED STATES PUBLIC SCHOOL PROPERTY (Update: OLD)

Isn’t this special? No doubt emboldened by the Obama’s lawless behavior encouraging illegal immigration,  the Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana CA is engaging in its own lawless behavior, essentially granting backdoor amnesty to illegals on public property by issuing them ID cards, while United States citizens, unable to do anything about it, watch helplessly…

Via Noisy Room:


The Santa Ana, CA, Mexican Consulate set up a mobile Mexican Matricula Consular ID center on UNITED STATES PUBLIC SCHOOL PROPERTY – Capistrano School District (one of the most conservative parts of Califormia) at the Adult English Language Development Center located at 31351 Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Mexican Consulate Mobile Matricula Consular Center

Mexican Nationals in the U.S. ILLEGALLY do NOT have a green card and therefore need a Mexican matricula consular identification card – matricula means: of a like group and consular means: from a consulate.

Box of matricula consular application forms on US public school property.

Presence of the Minutemen had a chilling effect on the assembled. The mobile center was shut down – see above photo.

Once Minutemen began to observe and report, documenting and photographing, the Mexican Nationals no longer ventured forth to the center and many, who had been in attendance, left the mobile center.



To our utter amazement, the diplomat started to strike out at the Minutewoman! We were in a state of shock. As she yelled, she struck across the Minutewoman’s lower right jaw and lip, several times.

The Minutewoman above, in her left hand, used her sign as a shield, while pulling her camera back from the assaulting Mexican diplomat.

Ten minutes after the assault, the Minutewoman still had a “stinging” sensation on her lip and jaw area.

Incredibly, the diplomat called the police on the Minutemen, who promptly asked for paperwork giving them permission to use the facility. When she told him she didn’t have it with her, he asked her for her I.D. She didn’t have that, either.

After the officer spoke with the diplomat, he returned to his vehicle and spoke on his cell phone for about 15 to 20 minutes.

After he hung up, he met with us. He said the consulate did not have paperwork, but that he had spoken to the individual who had granted the use of the school. He said that we could continue to assemble on the school property.

He appeared sympathetic about the Minutewoman assault, but said the Mexican Consulate staff had diplomatic immunity.

Noisy Room reports that more than 350 financial institutions accept Matricula Consular cards as proof of identification thereby allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to have access to mainstream U.S. financial services.

Spread the word.

Hat tip: Brian B.


FreedomActionNow sends word that this is a years old story.  Should have known…this stuff has been going on for awhile. Just think: If they were getting away with that three years ago, imagine what they can get away with now.

Mark Levin On Obama’s Back Door Amnesty: “Out and Out Lawlessness!”

Mark Levin wonders – where’s the outrage!

“The President doesn’t have the power to set a policy of non enforcement that is a statute that is an enforcement statute!”

“We have a President who usurps congressional authority, who institutes by fiat a complete change in policy, and dealing with what is in fact citizenship in this country – because that’s what we’re talking about, nobody blinks an eye!”

The PJ Media report Levin referred to, via Newsbusters: Not News? Holder’s Justice Department Stuffed with Leftist Appointees

Hillyer asserts that the Pajamas Media expose finds that every political appointee is very political. (Maybe this shouldn’t be shocking — except the media presented it as a dangerous Christian-right conspiracy when the shoe was on the other foot). They began with the Civil Rights Division:

So far, those five sections in the Civil Rights Division have hired 70 lawyers. According to Pajamas, every single one – has boasted a resume full of ideologically leftist connections.

These people were members of groups like “Queer Resistance Front,” “Intersex Society of North America,” and of course People for the American Way.  Their published essays focused on issues such as “Genital Normalizing Surgery on Intersexed Infants” and on arguing that providing material support for terrorism isn’t a war crime.  They, or those promoted, have histories of extracurricular activities that include getting arrested at a World Bank protest, going on a hunger strike while chaining oneself to an oak tree and doing advocacy work for “the rights of incarcerated native Hawaiians to dance the hula and perform Hawaiian chants and rituals in privately owned prisons in Arizona.” A large number of them have donated significant campaign funds to Barack Obama, and some to other liberal candidates.

Not a single one has a single affiliation with any group seen as right of center. Actually, according to Pajamas, none is even apolitical. Instead, all are definitively liberal.

Hans von Spakovsky goes into detail. For example, Obama appointee Anna Baldwin “served for three years as field coordinator for Equality Florida, where she “coordinated lobbying and state legislative policy work on behalf of Florida’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities.” Meanwhile, in her undergraduate days at Harvard, she was a member of the “Queer Resistance Front” and was frequently covered in the Harvard Crimson for her radical antics.” Her Equality Florida activism was funded in part by the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Caucus.

The difference between Bush appointees like Monica Goodling and Obama appointees like Anna Baldwin is that conservative Christians scare the pants off liberal reporters, and “queer resistance” activists strike them as agreeable advocates for justice. But the average newspaper reader or TV viewer is receiving a grossly distorted picture: Bush appointees were rigidly religious and ideological, and Obama’s appointees are so solid and “normal” that no one’s looking into their backgrounds at all.

When Congress gets back from their August break, they are going to have to deal with this.

And the new administration in 2013 is going to have some major housecleaning to do.


Center For Individual Freedom: Holder Justice: No Conservatives Need Apply:

According to every outlet of the establishment media, it was a near-earthshaking scandal when the Bush Justice Department rejected some applicants for “career” (officially non-political) jobs because the applicants were too liberal. “The entire Justice Department and all Americans were harmed” screamed the Washington Post. The New York Times, in high dudgeon, wrote that “the strength of American democracy depends on our ability to be shocked by abuses like these — and to punish them appropriately.”

We all remember this, right? It was hyped up to be the scandal of the century. It’s all we heard about for about a year.

The Post and the Times were crying crocodile tears. It wasn’t hiring bias to which they objected; it was merely conservative hiring bias that bothered them. Neither they nor any other establishment news organ seems the slightest bit perturbed now that, thanks to Pajamas Media, it is abundantly clear that the Obama Justice Department’s liberal hiring is far more politicized than anything the Bushies even dreamed of.

Despite deliberately weeding out hard leftists for some positions, the Bush Civil Rights Division hired as many as two dozen known liberals for career positions. No such reciprocity has come from the Obama DoJ. When I was at The Washington Times, we broke the story (in this editorial) that a whole slate of 16 new hires or promotions consisted of nothing but liberal activists. Again, if these are “career” slots in which political considerations are not supposed to prevail, it stands to reason that at least a reasonable percentage of the hires would lean right. But not here.

That Washington Times report was the tip of the iceberg. Now Pajamas Media has analyzed the hiring in five – count them, fivedifferentsectionsofDoJ. So far, those five sections in the Civil Rights Division have hired 70 lawyers. According to Pajamas, every single one – every single one, every single one, every single one – has boasted a resume full of ideologically leftist connections.


Obama’s “Pander-Mandate” Creates ‘Office of Diversity and Inclusion’

Oh – yay, we get to add one more ridiculous chapter to this deeply unfunny comedy of horrors known as the Obama administration.

As you may already know…

In a hapless bid to mollify minority politicians and criminal flash mobs of jobless hooligans in their districts across the country, the White House last week issued an executive order “establishing a coordinated government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce.” Apparently, as record numbers of people collect food stamps and unemployment benefits, what’s really eating at them isn’t their hopeless dependency. It’s the skin color, national origin and gender breakdown of the Nanny State drones doling out their public benefits.

Did you also know that a new “Office of Diversity and Inclusion”has been created , making this yet another expensive expansion of government through Executive Order, at a time when our economy in tatters? (Take gander at how inclusive this new office is, btw. Out of 12 people, 4 are white.)

According to Judicial Watch, the Obama administration’s goal is to:

“Eliminate demographic group imbalances in targeted occupations and improve workforce diversity. To attain this, special initiatives have been created targeting specific groups, including Hispanics, African Americans, American Indians, women and gays and lesbians.”


This new bureaucratic arm of the White House will apparently work in addition to the already staffed Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which investigates and enforces federal discrimination laws.

Hey, just what the doctor ordered, right? This should do wonders for our beleaguered economy……well yes, of course! —

The investment is worth it because a commitment to equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion is critical for the federal government as an employer, according to the commander-in-chief.

Well, I’m excited. How about you?

Hat tip: The Blaze


The End Of A Fairy-Tale

Have you heard? The era of hope and change is officially ovah. It ended sometime between the passing of the monster 2009 stimulus (that didn’t work) and the promise of another stimulus to be announced (that won’t pass). A lot of the Obamazombies who voted for “the One” in 2008 have come off their hope and change sugar highs and are wondering just what the hell happened. Although we can’t expect people who don’t pay attention to news to actually notice things like the fact that every statement Obama makes comes with an expiration date, he has members of the  Muslim Brotherhood advising him in the White House,  his foreign policy has caused chaos the world over,  he’s joined at the hip with Big Labor, his wife has spent $10 million or taxpayer money on vacations this year alone, his administration armed drug cartels with high powered weapons to kill innocent people with etc etc etc…

No, they’re looking at a devastated US economy that should have rebounded by now, and they’re feeling the pain.

I think many of the hope and changers of 2008 are scratching their heads and saying W.T.F, man? I’m talking about the low info- hipster crowd, the folks who jumped on the Obama bandwagon because it was THE cool, trendy thing to do:

Kimberly Salib, the proprietor of Art Gotham in Soho, asked 300 artists to make a 12-inch-by-12-inch work of art inspired by the election, and auctioned the pieces off in the fall of 2008. She is not planning on trying again either.

“I kind of lost my passion for it all, to be honest with you,” she said. Since the election, she has been audited, and a shaky economy and lack of support for galleries like hers “has made me totally uninterested. I am no longer excited about doing these things.”

She was audited after helping Obama get elected? Wow…way to say thank-you, big government.

Even the residents of deep-blue enclaves like Martha’s Vineyard, no longer have the fever:

“We all wanted a happy ending to this fairy tale,’’ said Goodrich, owner of Mary Jo Goodrich Island Properties in Vineyard Haven. “But I don’t think there’s going to be one. I just don’t see a turnaround in the near future.’’

Fairy tale? If I remember right, a wise, respected political sage once called Obama’s candidacy a “fairy tale” and got excoriated for it. In fact, I believe it inspired the first of many, many, many, (many, many) more applications of the race card in the campaign and afterward until it finally expired. Now people just watch in disgust as it’s deployed again and again (and again) by members of the CBC, and other party hacks and  flacks on MSNBC.

Rumor has it, (well, no – actually, recent events show) that the race card is going to be a major part of Obama’s 2012 campaign strategy. All I can say is – good luck with that –  because most Americans don’t think themselves as racists and they’re not going to be tricked into voting for a profoundly defective candidate a second time to prove that they’re not.

Many of Obama’s disenchanted voters come from the far-left flank, and they whine despairingly that Obama hasn’t been forceful enough in dealing with the T-baggers. “Tax the rich, already!” is their rallying cry. They may whine, now, but they will vote (at least once) for Obama in 2012. Their votes are safe. But most Americans don’t identify with that crowd.  Most have come to  realize that more “hope and change” ain’t gonna make things right.

Now that the fairy tale has ended, deployment of the long expired race card by Obama’s proxies just looks kinda sad and desperate.


Israeli Columnist Shreds “Disaster Called Obama” In Oped

Graphic via The Astute Bloggers

I think it’s safe to say that Ynet journalist, Yigal Walt, is not a fan of our Dear Leader, saying he is leading the world into the abyss.

He doesn’t say anything, we, in the conservative blogosphere haven’t already said, but this is a pretty decent rant, deserving of your attention:

Barack Obama is solidifying his status as the worst president in American history. The leader who promised us a bright future of peace and fraternity is leading the American empire – and the rest of the world with it – into a dark abyss. Ever since he settled into the Oval Office, Obama has been hopping from one disaster to the next, making every possible mistake, boosting enemies and disregarding allies while ruining everything he touches in the process. To our regret, the heaviest price – for the time being at least – is being paid by residents of the Middle East.

When the masses hit Iran’s street and threatened to topple the Ayatollah regime, Obama was silent. Why should he support a struggle waged by freedom-hungry citizens against a radical Islamic dictatorship and chronic human rights violator? And so, a rare opportunity to change the face of a state that today constitutes the gravest threat to world and regional peace slipped away.

Instead of supporting the brave Iranian protestors, Obama chose to nurture his relationship with a new buddy, Bashar Assad, while portraying him as a US ally. When the same Assad started to heartily butcher his own people, while ignoring his “American friends,” Obama again chose silence, until finally breaking it with meaningless, vain declarations. For the time being Obama keeps muttering, Assad keeps murdering, and the world keeps watching and doing nothing.

So when did Obama act? Mubarak! The Egyptian ruler, possibly the wisest, most moderate Mideastern leader safeguarded the peace treaty with Israel, hunted down Islamic radicals, counter-balanced the Shiite Iran, steadfastly maintained his ties with the US and turned our crazed region into a slightly saner place. He was no angel, certainly not towards his own people, but was or is there a better realistic option?

Yet there of all places, Obama the brilliant diplomat opted to intervene aggressively, openly humiliated Mubarak and ultimately presented him with an explicit threat while the latter was struggling to maintain his rule. When the president’s “security experts” declared that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “moderate movement” and admitted they need more time to ascertain its attitude to Israel, we knew we were in for trouble.

Keep reading.

And here, via Atlas Shrugs, is a recent headline coming out of the region: Footage of Egyptians Demonstrating opposite Israeli Embassy in Cairo Showing Sign with Swastika Saying “The Gas Chambers Are Ready” Al-Jazeera TV

More of the putrid, fetid blossoms of the Obama supported Islamic spring. Of course, we knew this. Atlas called it as soon as the Muslim Brotherhood revolution began to unfold began in January. The Islamic supremacists and their leftwing useful idiots couldn’t wait to oust the first (and only) Muslim country to sign a peace accord with Israel. Mubarak, America’s most reliable Muslim ally for 30 years, was thrown under the bus by the Muslim Brotherhood stooge in the White House. Has the leftwing media who propagandized this horror as all sweetness and light corrected the record? Are they capable of picking up a bucket of water and making even so much as a feeble attempt to help put the fire that they helped start and spread? These moral cowards are incapable of humanity.

Ahmadinejad remained in power as Obama sanctioned his mass massacres in the first, real people’s revolution.
Assad, Iran’s vassal, stays in power as Obama stood by.
But Obama got tough with ……Qadafi.

Whether he is completely incompetent, or this is all by design, I’m not sure this country can survive another year and a half of this “disaster called Obama”.

Hat tip: WND

Video: Racist T-Bagger Says Adding $4 Trillion to Debt is “Unpatriotic” ….

No, wait….

So there you go. If adding $4 trillion to the debt over eight years is unpatriotic, just think how much more unpatriotic it is to add $4 trillion over only two and a half years.

Townhall’s Guy Benson adds:

…President Obama submitted a 2012 budget that would have piled nearly $10 Trillion of new red ink atop the already towering national debt over the next decade — despite its $2 Trillion in proposed tax increases.  If it hadn’t been unanimously rejected by the Senate, Obama’s fiscal blueprint would have more than doubled the national debt compared to the day he took office.  If 2008’s Barack Obama indignantly declared President Bush’s $4 trillion debt increase over two full terms (accrued at an annual deficit clip of roughly $300 Billion per year) “unpatriotic,”  one wonders what pejorative he might have employed to describe his own policies less than three years later.  Instead, as body-snatcher Obama is wont to do, he’ll ignore it.

The guys a joke – a disgrace  – a complete…..(what’s the word I’m looking for?)….CONTENT WARNING!

Hat tip: @MelissaTweets on Twitter.


The Free Enterprise System v.s. The Welfare State (w/videos)

Marco Rubio spoke  at the Reagan library, Tuesday night on “the proper role of government,” making the point that “poverty does not create our social problems, our social problems create our poverty.”

‘The free enterprise system has lifted more people out of poverty than all the government anti-poverty programs combined,” he said.

via Kathryn Jean Lopez, The Corner

The only hope there is for America is for its citizens to embrace this version of the proper role of government.

Standing in stark contrast is the left’s version of the proper role of government: a  welfare state that actually encourages dependency as epitomized by the Obama administration’s policies.

For example, Obama’s free lunch program as John T. Bennett of The American Thinker reported: Obama Baits the Dependency Trap:

The Obama administration is busy expanding the exact type of vicious, ungrateful underclass which recently exploded in London.  An administration program will expand free school meal coverage to millions of young people who are not even supposed to be eligible.

A stated goal of the program is to eliminate the stigma of getting a free lunch.  But that stigma is one of the only things separating dignified free people from wretched government dependants.  There is a lot of gray in between, but the Obama program would take students from a young age and nudge them in the wrong direction.

Here’s how the program works: if 40% of students at a school qualify for public assistance, then every student in the school will get free food.  That’s free breakfast, lunch, and a snack.  If that sounds like arbitrary welfare waste, it is.  Sixty percent of the student body could be above the poverty line, ineligible for welfare, or even upper-class — it doesn’t matter.  Every student magically becomes entitled.

This welfare trap is named the Community Eligibility Option, part of President Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.  Three states will be involved in a pilot program starting now, and more states will be phased in over time.  By 2014-15, the option will be available in all states, if this law is kept on the books.

Any student at a school with 40% of the student body on welfare is going to get his free lunch, whether he needs it or not.  That 40% can be made up of students already eligible for programs like Food Stamps or welfare (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).  Interestingly, the category of eligibility also includes “migrant youth.”  So illegals can get in on the boondoggle as well.  If 5% of students are “migrant youth, and an additional 35% of students are on some form of welfare, the remaining 60% are automatically entitled if their school opts in.

Entire school districts, like Detroit’s, will receive free food for every single student in all grades, K-12.  The policy is coming into effect right as we learn that Michigan, for instance, recently kicked thirty thousand college students off food stamps for abusing the system.

At a time when we should be cutting spending, these programs are being expanded.  And when people  live their lives from cradle to grave depending on the government for their subsistence what we end up with is a lot of people with a feeble “entitlement mentality”

 If you receive what you’re entitled to, there is nothing to be grateful for because you’re entitled to it.  Or, if you haven’t received an entitlement, then you’re resentful because you haven’t received what you feel you are entitled to.  A few disgusting examples of this attitude can be seen in news interviews with government dependents in Clayton County, GA that have to be seen to be believed.

And here’s a disgusting example of the pernicious nature of  welfare dependency: Florida Woman Has Husband Try And Impregnate 12-Year-Old Girl So They Can Claim More Welfare Benefits…

Star Parker is the founder and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal   Education, a 501(c)(3) non-profit think tank which promotes market based public policy to fight poverty.

Here she is on Fox Business  talking about how welfare dependency destroys black families:


Powerline has  video of the question/answer session after Rubio’s speech.

He’s nixing the idea that he will be the Republican VP nominee (at the moment)…

Linked by Hyscience, thanks!

Shocking Video Proof Of Tea Party Terrorism in Waco, Texas

Accuracy In Media’s Benjamin Johnson infiltrated a Tea Party terrorist training convention in Waco, Texas, and was stunned and amazed to find that many of the terrorists were elderly women.

This is an AIM exclusive!:

Ben Johnson at Big Government writes:

With elected officials scrambling for a cross to hang their economic failure upon, the Obama administration has declared open season on the Tea Party.  This is our generation’s form of McCarthyism.   Witch-hunting at its finest.  Attack, blame and demonize the Tea Party for all of America’s troubles.  Never mind the fact that the TP has never acted violently and is packed with veterans who served our country and sweet old ladies who love America.  The administration is enthusiastically joined by a chorus of vitriol and hate by the likes of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) and every on camera personality at MSNBC.

I guess innocent American citizens are an easy a target for Washington when policies fail.

One thing: McCarthy went after commies because they were infiltrating the government and the culture – he didn’t do it to smear his political enemies because his own party’s policies were such abject failures. There’s a little bit of a difference there. McCarthy shouldn’t be compared to these latter day party hacks.

Hat tip: Kicking Over My Traces

Linked by The Sundries Shack, thanks!


Photoshop: Earthquake Hits East Coast While Obama Is Golfing, Devastating Economy

A 5.8 earthquake hit the East Coast, Tuesday afternoon, alarming people from South Carolina to Maine, and causing not much damage.

Frightened office workers spilled into the streets in New York, and parts of the White House, Capitol and Pentagon were evacuated.

There were no immediate reports of deaths, but fire officials in Washington said there were at least some injuries.

Obama was on the golf course at Martha’s Vineyard when it happened, and  Oh My: Obama Took Conference Call About DC Earthquake… While Remaining Resolutely On Golf Course

When more bad economic news comes in the months to come, no doubt we can count on Obama to blame the great DC earthquake, (among many other natural disasters and favorite right-wing bugaboos) for our fiscal woes.

Beltway Confidential posted some of the best twitter jokes about the quake.

R.S. McCain interviewed one of the young victims of the quake (who happens to bear a striking resemblance to McCain) and instituted  the Earthquake Victims Relief Fund (which bears a striking resemblance to his…. tip jar).

Another earthquake photoshop at iOWNTHEWORLD: Washington D.C. Earthquake – Bush’s Fault-line.

Also devastated while the President golfs:Obama’s Approval Rating Drops to 38%

More earthquake blogging:

Camp of the Saints: Earthquake Hits East Coast: Obama Blames TEA Party [Updated Below]

The Conservatory: Devastating 5.9 Earthquake Rocks NoVa: Children Hardest Hit

Gateway Pundit: Earthquake Rattles Washington DC – Obama Goes Biking (on a girls bike, btw)

See also:

This shocking image of earthquake devastation via Instapundit


Scene Stealing Squirrel and Dramatic Chipmunk Join Biden In China

After witnessing several days worth of cringe-worthy gaffes and missteps by Joe Biden in China, some comic relief may be in order.

Daniel Foster at the Corner found an interesting pic of Biden in China, and decided he had to have a caption and photoshop contest. He wasn’t taking no for an answer:

Cornerites, you must submit your captions in the comments below or e-mail me your photoshop job. You must do one or both — but under no circumstances neither — as soon as is humanly possible. I’ll update the post with selected captions, and winning photoshop(s) will go on the homepage.

Again, kindly do this immediately.

Naturally, he got submissions right away. (I’m going to have to be that firm next time I have a photoshop contest.)

Of course, this was a good excuse to dust off the scene stealing squirrel, and his furry pal, dramatic chipmunk:

Via Ace of Spades HQ, where a caption contest has also been waged. CONTENT WARNING IF YOU GO THERE.

Boehner On Biden’s Tacit Approval of China’s One-Child Forced Abortion Policy: “I Hope and Trust a Correction or Clarification From the White House Will Be Forthcoming”

Good for Speaker Boehner for issuing a strong response to the egregious statement our Vice President made in China giving tacit approval to their brutal forced abortion policy.

Within the blink of an eye, our  leaders have gone from full-throated, unambiguous condemnation of China’s inhumane one child policy to “fully understanding”,  ” not second-guessing” it.

Via Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO:

The Speaker of the House responds to Joe Biden’s apparent empathy for China’s one-child policy: “I’m deeply troubled by the comments reportedly made by the Vice President yesterday regarding China’s reprehensible one-child policy, which has resulted in forced sterilizations and coerced abortions and should not be condoned by any American official. No government on Earth has the authority to place quotas on the value of innocent human life, or to treat life as an economic commodity that can be regulated and taken away on a whim by the state. I hope and trust that the Vice President didn’t actually say what has been reported, and that a correction or clarification from the White House will be forthcoming. The Obama administration should be focusing on jobs for the American people, not encouraging foreign governments to utilize abortion as a means of population and deficit control.”

Some walk-back will almost certainly be forthcoming but I strongly doubt that this particular administration with its neo-Malthusian bent really has a problem with the policy.


Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


Death By Amnesty: Illegal Alien On Bail Kills Four In Drunk Driving Accident

In a sane world, the driver would have been deported after the first drunk driving charge. But we’re a more compassionate nation than that.

The Brenham Banner-Press reported Monday, August 22:

A man charged with four counts of intoxication manslaughter is an illegal alien who only a few weeks ago was arrested on another alcohol-related charge, officials say.

Roberto Castillo, 19, remained in the Washington County jail this morning under $2 million bond after authorities say he slammed into another vehicle at the intersection of Highway 36 South and FM 109 about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

Authorities said Castillo’s pickup truck struck a 1998 Mustang carrying four people, who all died from injuries they suffered in the crash. Their identities had not yet been released this morning.

Authorities were carefully piecing together information, including reconstruction of the accident.

“There’s a lot of questions we need answers to,” said District Attorney Bill Parham. “This will be done thoroughly.”

Castillo had been arrested on July 30 for driving under the influence, but ICE was not contacted because it was only  Class C misdemeanor.

The stated goal of the Obama administration is to focus on deporting only the worst and most hardened criminals.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Obama’s new immigration rules  could mean release for many of the 300,000 people currently facing deportation in the US.

Which means we’re going to see many more stories like this one down the road.



Unsafe Streets: Child Killed in California Crosswalk by Illegal Alien

A little four-year-old boy was struck by a car in a Santa Rosa crosswalk Thursday afternoon as he walked to soccer practice with his mom and two sisters, one of whom was his twin. He died the next morning in the hospital.

Christopher “Buddy” Rowe (pictured) was hit by a man driving a Honda Accord who then sped off. Fortunately a local resident, Leroy Flach, heard about the hit-and-run on his police scanner and spotted the car, whose driver switched off into a Volvo driven by a woman. Flach got the license number and the driver was quickly arrested, due to the attention of a concerned citizen.

The driver turned out to be an illegal alien, Marcos Lopez Garcia, who had two prior arrests for driving without a license. The most recent arrest was just five days before the hit-and-run; at that time Garcia was merely told not to drive until his court appearance in October — rather than be deported.

Why should any illegal alien be left in this country to endanger public safety when he has shown himself to have no respect for American law or sovereignty? Why do we even have police if they no longer enforce one law for all?

See also via Teddy Kennedy’s SEARCH+RESCUE :

The Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial


Hat tip: Infidel Joe


Video: Kevin Jackson At Liberty Loyalists Event: “We Are Soldiers In a Civil War Against The Left”

Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere, traveled to the sleepy little town of Adrian, Mo, about an hour and a half south of KC, to help the The Liberty Loyalists launch their “movement to Save America.” His speech, about the battle we’re in with the left was well received:

The Liberty Loyalists call themselves a “movement to Save America.”

We’re hard working Americans who are sick and tired of how our legislators have run this Great Nation into the ground. We’re your friends, your neighbors, your brothers, your sisters, your parents and your children. We are the unrepresented and the disenfranchised. We are people who love freedom, liberty and the ideals this nation was founded on. We are the people who love this land and have vowed to protect it.

Their mission statement is:

Less Government
Less Regulation
Less Taxes


Working to restore sanity and sanctity to government and to make Missouri the safest place to live, raise a family and to start a business or relocate an industry. We want Missouri to be a shining  example of the American Dream; Liberty and Justice for all.

Their goals:

 1. Education

2. Recruitment

3. Voter Registration

4. Elect limited Government and a Conservative minded President

5. Repeal of Obama-Care by January 31st, 2013.

The Liberty Loyalists’ inaugural meeting and recruitment drive also featured syndicated radio host, Rusty Humphries  and Mo State Rep. Paul Curtman (R-105).

I’m not sure if a lot of people realize this yet, but the tea party movement is moving into its second phase – conservative activism. The first phase involved getting off our butts to protest  big government  – those were the tea-party rallies of 2009 and 2010. Now we are organizing so that activists can find each other, strategize and mobilize in this war against the left.

One good tool to find like minded conservatives in your area is FreedomConnector. Check it out. You will be amazed at what this absolutely free resource, provided by Freedomworks, can do.


Video: Rusty Humphries Helps Liberty Loyalists Launch In Mo


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