Screenshots: Alec Baldwin and His Sick, Twisted Followers on Twitter Viciously Attack Michelle Malkin

After conservative blogger, Michelle Malkin, wrote a tweet gently mocking Alec Baldwin , for the spate of unhinged tweets he wrote about the  execution of Troy Davis, Wednesday night, he fired off a series of tweets calling on his followers to attack her:

As a man of the left, Baldwin would have known that a barrage of vile, left-wing sputum would soon follow. Immediately, Malkin was under unrelenting, vicious attack by Baldwin’s rabid followers.


Screenshots via The Right Scoop:

A “Christian” follows these tweets with:

Even more vile  screenshots below the fold:

This is why I have no patience for “the compassionate left”. Someone help me understand how you go from compassionate concern for a cop killer receiving the death penalty to ^ that!^What unholy hypocrites these people are.

Leftists have no compassion for the truly innocent and helpless. They have no true compassion or human decency at all. They’re all about breaking down the pillars of civilization, which is why they always come to the defense of cop-killers.

See also:

Audio: The Right Scoop: Glenn Beck: Michelle Malkin is one of the bravest people I know:

After the onslaught of hate tweets from Alec Baldwin and his minions last night, Glenn Beck not only read a few of the more offensive tweets on the air this morning, but praised Michelle Malkin saying that she is one of the bravest people he knows who isn’t afraid of really taking on the left. Of course, he then went into a few minutes of digging into the mindset of people who would tweet such hateful drivel.

Cross-posted at Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse.

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7 Responses to “Screenshots: Alec Baldwin and His Sick, Twisted Followers on Twitter Viciously Attack Michelle Malkin”

  1. » Screenshots: Alec Baldwin and His Sick and Twisted Followers on Twitter Viciously Attack Michelle Malkin Says:

    […] at Nice Deb Posted in Culture of Death, Just plain disgusting, left-wing mob, Left-Wing Racism, Liberal […]


  2. blogsense-by-barb Says:

    Yes, for al their talk of tolerance and compassion … uh, define it, please! Well, then maybe not!


  3. nicedeb Says:

    Believe it or not, this is just a small sampling of the hate tweets. I hope someone turns them into a video, as was done with the Palin death tweets after the Tucson shooting.

    Lefties have the self-awareness of the average toilet seat.


  4. Matt Ross Says:

    Talk about great moments in civil discourse? This has the “new tone” written all over it!


  5. Carlos Says:

    They have to converse at this level – floaters don’t get any higher.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Does Alec Baldwin actually thinks before he twitters? Evidently not. If any prominent conservative had used such racist rants in their tweets the media would have justifibly been all over them like a cheap suit. But Baldwin will get a pass because if your a left wing liberal racist then your boorish ignorant behavior is acceptable. Mr Baldwin owes every asian american an open apology.


  7. Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere Says:

    ^^^”But first, they will give him a mani-pedi!”

    Sorry. I couldn’t resist.


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