Video: Auld Lang Syne

This is the third New Years Eve in a row I’ve used this particular version of Auld Lang Syne, but it’s the only one I can find on YouTube using this unique arrangement, which I heard for the first time several years ago on my O’Reilly Consort Christmas CD (highly recommended!)

I can’t even listen to the more traditional Auld Lang Synes, anymore.

Vocals by Susan McKeown, bass by Lindsey Horner.
Lyrics by Robert Burns.

This is a lovely version, as well: Mairi Campbell And Dave Francis sing Auld Lang Syne:

Happy New Year, everyone.

(Buckle up – I think 2012 is going to be a bumpy one.)

2011…The Year When The Stupid Stupefied.

I suppose it was bound to happen. We’ve been building up to it for years, indoctrinating our youth instead of teaching them to think, and creating a climate where the right not to be offended was more cherished than the right to speak plainly, with the full knowledge that the intended recipients should be ashamed, rather than offended. Still, for me at least, it felt like in 2011, stupid reached critical mass, and started a chain reaction of stupid in everything that it touched. And as I watched, I felt…ennui.

I know that it, and other things kept shouting at my muse this year, until I rarely heard her sweet song, enticing me to tap out far fewer lines than I normally would. I just find it difficult to be either insightful or entertaining when my response to 93% of the headlines is “DUH!” and my response to 5% of the remaining 7% really shouldn’t be repeated in polite company anyway.

It was a year when we saw a key economic partner crippled by earthquakes and tsunamis, giving much fodder but little fact to the anti-nuke hysterics. A story that then faded from our conscience as our news outlets found new stories to hyperventilate about, despite the fact that the real story will continue to unfold for years.

It was yet another year when dissent equaled racism in the eyes of the people who believe their opinions should be our own, and tell us so at every opportunity. It isn’t surprising though. The criticism equals racism meme was getting almost as lonely as it was tired.

It was the year when spoiled entitled youth from across the country mounted a frontal assault on the very same capitalism that made it possible to tweet the “revolution” from their iPhones and blog about it on their Macbooks.

It was the year that the middle east erupted in protests against despotic leaders, so they could replace them with…despotic leaders…and terrorists. And in at least one case, it wasn’t enough for the Duffer-in-Chief to “Bear Witness”…he made sure we helped to replace the devil we knew with the one we didn’t. (Go ahead…call this racist, it won’t make you right or me wrong.)

It was a year in which we saw the Federal Government sue states for trying to enforce the same laws that the Federal Government refused to.  And it was a year in which we learned of the most incompetent plan to track illegal firearms and activies with them EVER…a plan that could only exist to curtail a Constitutional right, not make anyone safer.  Just ask Brian Terry, and scores of Mexican citizens…oh, that’s right…you can’t.  And, as predictable as Grandpa going to the bathroom after breakfast with the newspaper tucked under his arm, calling for the resignation of the Attorney General who appears to have known all about it is….wait for it…RACIST!!!!

It was the year in which we learned that needing an ID to drive, buy booze and cigarettes, apply for credit, get an apartment, and go to college was NOT racist, but requiring it before you let someone cast a ballot, IS. (Thank you, Uncle Facts.)

It was the year when our elected officials received the clearest warning yet given from the financial sector that spending more than it takes in is an invitation to ruin and doom…and their response was to ignore the real issue, point fingers at each other, and keep spending money it doesn’t have on things it has no lawful authority to do. I wish the stupid was confined to the government on this point, but our shame is double, since we keep letting them do this. I can’t think of any other situation where we hire people to perform certain duties for us, for which we pay them sums certain, only to have them decide that they also have to feed everyone in the next state, clothe them, make sure they get medical care, and in order to do it, they take out loans in our name, without our consent, and tell us that it will be fine, because it will actually be our kids and grandkids paying the loans back.

I’d like to live just long enough to see those same little children who were singing the creepy “dear leader-esque” songs to the serial vacationer in the Oval Office shouting his name in anger when they are all in their 40s, living in efficiency apartments and clothed in rags as they service the debt to pay off the Spendulous slush funds and payoffs, furious that he and the Senate that hasn’t passed a budget in years so blatantly stole their futures from them so they could live very comfortably in the now. I am sure that when my own sons are grown adults, Senator Reid’s name will be synonymous with corruption, shortsightedness, and FAIL!

It was the year in which we heard an entire party that at least understands the differences between an America that is strong, prosperous, and exceptional, as opposed to one that is gripped by economic decline and malaise, without focus, vision, or unity, decried as evil, mean people who want blacks hanging from trees, and old people and kids with autism to starve.

It was a year when an athlete who openly practiced his faith became a punchline for people too cowardly or too lazy to find and keep their own. And still, he prays. Thank you for that.

It was another year when those who believed in nothing, and had no standards or goals past living another year, and getting whatever they could continued to mock and critique those who do. It was another year when decency was something uttered with a sneer by people who could not or refused to find it in themselves.

It was another year when truth was there to be found by anyone diligent and humble enough to seek it, and accept it for what it is. It was a year in which I learned even more about the “Why?” relating to the design, and to my sorrow, many of the points of deviation.

It was a year when certain divisions became more pronounced, and certain outcomes began to feel more inevitable. It was sobering, and frustrating when I could see where so many people either sleepwalk through it, quietly accept it, or worst of all, embrace it.

My resolution for 2012? To make myself speak, rather than letting this show stun me in to silence for another year. I’m no different from many of you. I’ll be swept along in the tide of events along with every other average Joe and Jill.

But I’ll be damned if I go quietly.

The Top 10 Stories of the Year at Nice Deb

Just like last year, many of these stories will not be top stories anywhere else. They were big stories for me because for whatever reason, they were retweeted a bunch of times, and/or big blogs linked to them. In some cases, they’re stories in which there is continued interest, so I still receive significant traffic due to  Google searches.

Thanks again to Michelle Malkin,  AoSHQ, Doug Ross, Pirates Cove, Ed Driscoll, Instapundit and a number of other blogs for helping  these posts become my biggest hits of the year.

Without further ado, Nice Deb’s Top 10 posts of 2011:

10. Founder Of The Muslim Canadian Congress Says Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated White House (With Updates) August, 14, 2011:

When Tarek Fatah, moderate Muslim advocate, and political progressive,  told an auditorium filled with thousands of Canadians that Americans need to know that “the religion of Islam was being used as a tool by a fascist force,” and had infiltrated the White House, heads were turned. The speech was given in Toronto at Ideacity, “Canada’s premiere meeting of the minds”, and I posted the explosive video.

The post was heavily retweeted and ended up high in the rankings of Trending Right for quite a while. It was linked by Doug Ross, Pirate’s Cove, adeliemanchot, YourDaddy’s Politics and Daily Pundit.

9. Today’s Compare and Contrast April, 1, 2011:

A black and white photo of an Iranian woman in a bathing suit leaning against a 60’s era car, as seen at  Iran, Before The Chador picture gallery inspired me to compare her to American soldiers reduced to wearing the hijab in Afghanistan, today.

It was linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, and continues to get traffic due to google image searches.

8. Pics From ‘We Stand With Gibson’ Rally October, 8, 2011:

On a lazy Fall Saturday afternoon, after searching the net for news about the Gibson Guitar rally,  I decided to check on Twitter to see if anyone had tweeted about it. There, I found some helpful tweets that led me to some great pictures.

Since no one else seemed to be blogging about it, and the Gibson Guitar story was something I had been following closely, I posted a few pix from The TN Report, and cranked out a report. Retweeted 52 times.

Instapundit,  Ed Driscoll , Scared Monkeys, Conservative Hideout 2.0, Pirate’s Cove, Trizzat, and The Absurd Report linked.

7. It Begins…Democrats Introduce Bill to Seal Obama’s Presidential Records October, 6, 2011:

Based on a Judicial Watch report about the Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2011. That bill would do with Obama’s presidential records what Obama has already done to his personal and collegiate records: Seal them up.

In an obvious effort to protect President Barack Obama, a group of congressional Democrats had introduced legislation to create an official process that would allow the commander-in-chief to keep presidential records secret after he leaves office.

Retweeted 56 times, I remember this being on Trending Right for a long time.  Moral of the story – anything that begins, “It Begins….” is a bonafide traffic magnet. As Jim Hoft would be the first to tell you.

Linked by Doug Ross in Larwyn’s Links.

6. Just One More Situation Room PhotoshopMay, 4, 2011

The infamous “chipmunk in the small chair” situation room photo of Obama (fresh off of the golf course) and the rest of his National Security team  watching the computer screen as Seal Team 6 dispatched Osama Bin Laden, needed my awe-inspiring photoshop skills to complete the “Every Meme Ever” pic.

This one was linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy and continues to get traffic from Google image searches.

5. Video: Obama Announces Osama Bin Laden Dead, May, 1, 2011

This was arguably the biggest story of the year, so it’s not surprising that it is one of my biggest stories.

Linked by Michelle Malkin.

4. An Open Letter To Eric Holder From An ATF Agent in Mexico,December, 12, 2011:

If you’re a blogger who covers Fast and Furious, you should be checking in on the ATF whistleblower site,  Clean-up ATF from time to time. That’s where I saw this incredible cri de coeur posted by an ATF agent in Mexico.

Oddly enough, this one never ranked on Trending Right even though it was retweeted 89 times.

Linked by AoSHQ and Bob Owens, and Gateway Pundit, and Doug Ross, and The Conservatory, and Sipsey Street Irregulars, and several gun forums.

3. Another Liberal Meme Bites The Dust,January, 31, 2011:

On January 31, the conservative blogosphere was still in state of moral outrage after watching Sarah Palin and the Tea Party get blamed for the Tucson massacre.

After a white male was accused of  plotting to blow up a Metro Detroit mosque the usual suspects were at it again. “Anti- Muslim tea-bagger, right? Mission accomplished, Beck, Limbaugh, Palin and Hannity, right? ” I jeered to certain left-wing blogs who were covering the story that way.

Long story short – the guy turned out to be another deranged lefty and possible Muslim convert, emphasis on deranged.

Retweeted 24 times, and linked by Michelle Malkin, and PJ Tatler, and Conservative Wanderer, and Instapundit,and The Dignified Rant, and  Blazing Catfur, and  Red State, and Moe Lane, and Patterico, and Doug Ross, and The Right of the People, and Verum Serum,  and adeliemanchot, and Bizzy Blog.

2. Yes, There Was A Kapiolani Maternity And Gynecological Hospital In 1961, April, 28, 2011:

Here, I had to shoot down a theory about Obama’s newly released birth certificate that I was seeing in various places online. After all of the lies Obama had told about his “nativity story”, and the shoddy way in which he  handled the release of his birth certificate, people can hardly be blamed for being suspicious.

This post was tweeted only once – by me, and was not linked to by any big blogs.  Obama’s birth certificate is a toxic subject, spurned by most conservative bloggers….. But a lot of other people – LOTS of people still want answers.

1. OBL Death Photo a Fake – Will Obama Administration Release The Real Thing?, May, 2, 2011

Remember all of the interest in in seeing the OBL death photo? The fact that the Obama administration refused to release the photo inspired a number of photoshops that appeared online, and I did a little post about it. People still google for that elusive photo.

Michelle Malkin linked and it continues to get Google image traffic.

Video: Newt Gingrich Tears Up Talking About His Mother

As seen on C-SPAN, this morning, Newt Gingrich got a little emotional while talking about his mother. It happened during a Frank Luntz moderated town hall meeting in Des Moines, IA with a group Iowa mothers.

Washington Times: Gingrich chokes up at memory of his mother:

DES MOINES, Iowa — Wiping back tears at the memories, Newt Gingrich said Friday his now-deceased mother’s struggles with bipolar disorder and other ailments of aging helped form much of his public policy during his time in Congress.

Mr. Gingrich was appearing at a discussion hosted by CafeMom, an online website for mothers, and moderated by Frank Luntz, the word guru whose fingerprints can be seen on many of the GOP’s big policy pushes during the last two decades.

Mr. Luntz asked Mr. Gingrich to talk about an important moment with his mother, Kit Gingrich, and the former House speaker first recalled her singing in the choir — and admitted she had gotten him to sing in the choir as a boy, too. He said he still tears up over Christmas carols today.

But Mr. Gingrich then went on to talk about his mother’s health problems as she grew older, and said his work on Alzheimer’s Disease and long-term care developed out of that.

“It’s not a theory, it’s in fact my mother,” he said.

He choked up at the memories at one point, and wiped tears away.

Watch the complete town hall meeting here:


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Friday Free-For-All: Iowa Caucus Edition

Henry Payne Cartoon via Townhall

I caught the tail end of this tender moment as it live streamed on C-Span, earlier this morning.Hopefully, the video will be available by the end of the day.

Washington Times: Gingrich chokes up at memory of his mother:

DES MOINES, Iowa — Wiping back tears at the memories, Newt Gingrich said Friday his now-deceased mother’s struggles with bipolar disorder and other ailments of aging helped form much of his public policy during his time in Congress.

Mr. Gingrich was appearing at a discussion hosted by CafeMom, an online website for mothers, and moderated by Frank Luntz, the word guru whose fingerprints can be seen on many of the GOP’s big policy pushes during the last two decades.

Mr. Luntz asked Mr. Gingrich to talk about an important moment with his mother, Kit Gingrich, and the former House speaker first recalled her singing in the choir — and admitted she had gotten him to sing in the choir as a boy, too. He said he still tears up over Christmas carols today.

But Mr. Gingrich then went on to talk about his mother’s health problems as she grew older, and said his work on Alzheimer’s Disease and long-term care developed out of that.

“It’s not a theory, it’s in fact my mother,” he said.

He choked up at the memories at one point, and wiped tears away.

“I apologize, I did not mean to put you through that,” Mr. Luntz told him.

I don’t see this as a negative for Newt, but a huge positive. The arrogant big brain also has a more human side, making him a more sympathetic character.

UPDATE: Video: Newt Gingrich Tears Up Talking About His Mother

A good round-up of conservative opinions on the Santorim surge at The Week: 2012 GOP race: Could Rick Santorum actually win?

A second major poll has confirmed former Sen. Rick Santorum’s (R-Pa.) timely surge in Iowa, just four days before Hawkeye State Republicans gather for their first-in-the-nation caucuses. With Mitt Romney and Ron Paul jousting for first, Santorum comes in a comfortable third. And data from a rival campaign’s internal tracking poll shows that Santorum’s numbers are probably still rising, feeding expectations that Santorum could stage a shocking come-from-behind victory in Iowa, says Stephen Hayes at The Weekly Standard. If the socially conservative dark horse does win Iowa, could he parlay that into a real run for the GOP nomination?

The Other McCain: Guess Who’s Gonna Be Watching Hawkeye Football Tonight With Rick Santorum?

I don’t know about you, but I’m  stumped – click on the link to find out.

The Other McCain: Rick Santorum to Ann Coulter: ‘I Mean, Ann, Should I Have Voted for Amnesty?’

During his speech Thursday night in Davenport, Iowa, Rick Santorum talked about his record in the Senate and mentioned that Ann Coulter had criticized him in her column for voting against “E-Verify”:

But if Santorum wins, we lose on the second most important issue — illegal immigration — and he’ll be the last Republican ever to win a general election in America. . . .
Kowtowing to business (while pretending to kowtow to Hispanics), Paul, Perry and Santorum oppose E-Verify. As a senator, Rick Santorum voted against even the voluntary use of E-Verify.

Santorum explained to the Iowa folks that he voted against “E-Verify” when it was part of John McCain’s amnesty bill in 2006 — a bill that Coulter and every other American with a shred of honesty, intelligence or patriotism also opposed. And what he said next was Tweet-worthy:

“Tell @AnnCoulter, next time you see her, get her facts straight.”

See Also, Bizzy Blog: Ann Coulter Endorses Rick Santorum (Update: Santorum Ran on E-Verify in 2006)

RedState:Ron Paul: Know Who’s Really Behind Islamic Terrorism? The Jews.

One of the more insane claims in Ron Paul’s newsletters was that the Israelis were behind the WTC bombings in 1993:

Whether [the 1993 World Trade Center bombing] was a setup by the Israeli Mossad, as a Jewish friend of mine suspects, or was truly a retaliation by the Islamic fundamentalists, matters little.

This claim is of course so ridiculous and absurd that even Paul has to protect himself by claiming that “a Jewish friend” told him about it. What a handy rhetorical device! If only Paul had had the foresight to couch all his racist remarks in the newsletters in this way, he wouldn’t have any problems right now! “As a black friend of mine once told me, 95% of all black people in DC are criminal or semi-criminal.” See how effective that is?

Via Doug Ross at Journal, The Chart of The Week – Obama’s Economic Record:

Click on link for larger version.

Gateway Pundit: How’s That Hopey-Changey Stuff Working Out For You?… Just 55.3% of Americans Between 16 & 29 Have Jobs:

In 2012, the youth vote is moving on and throwing those omnipresent “Hope” bumper stickers and t-shirts in garbage bins.

Not because of apathy. Not because another candidate generates more enthusiasm. Not because of his character. Not because they think voting is pointless. The 18-29 vote is up for grabs in 2012 because youth can’t afford cars to put bumper stickers on and those t-shirts are worn out from too many days sitting on the couch unemployed.

The sobering reality: just 55.3 percent of Americans between 16 and 29 have jobs. And earlier this year, Americans’ student loan debt surpassed credit card debt for the first time ever.

Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin: Obama Request for $1.2 Trillion Debt Limit Increase Delayed:

The government needs to borrow another $1.2 trillion so they can continue to protect us from bankruptcy. Predictably, the White House tried to get this done on the Friday afternoon heading into a holiday weekend, but circumstances prevented it from happening:

HONOLULU (AP) — President Barack Obama is delaying his request for another $1.2 trillion increase in the nation’s debt limit at the request of congressional leaders.

It’s basically because of a technicality.

WSJ takes Holder and Obama to the woodshed: Holder’s Racial Politics:

The Voting Rights Act was once needed to counteract the gap between black and white voter registration. By 2009 the gap had narrowed to a few percentage points in some covered states while blacks out-registered whites in others. Yet Justice retains a federal veto on election-law changes no matter how innocuous or racially neutral. Section 5 has become a vehicle not to pursue equal access to the polls but to play the grossest kind of racial politics.

As African-American men at the most exalted reaches of government, Messrs. Obama and Holder are a testament to how much racial progress the country has made. It’s a shame to see them pretending little has changed so they can scare up some votes.

Weasel Zippers: Pompous Diva Olberdouche Already On The Outs With Al Gore’s Current TV…

Via Business Insider

Keith Olbermann, who began his much-publicized tenure at Al Gore’s Current TV this summer is apparently already on the outs with management there.

So much so, he is reportedly being left out of upcoming election coverage specials.

Brian Stelter at the New York Times writes that Olbermann will be notably absent from Current’s upcoming two hours specials on the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary.

Pirate’s Cove: New Hampshire “Scientists” Urge GOP Contenders To Embrace Climate Change Hoax:

The Warmists just won’t give up their cultish beliefs, and The Hill is there to run with the story without any fact checking.

Fifty New Hampshire scientists Thursday called on the Republican presidential candidates to accept the “overwhelming” scientific evidence behind climate change.

The scientists issued the joint statement just weeks before the Jan. 10 New Hampshire primary, a key early test for the GOP White House hopefuls.

PotLuck Bloggers: Corporate Responsibility, Personal Responsibility, Nike, and Michael Jordan:

We have all heard the stories of the near riots that occurred when Nike released a new version of Air Jordan sneakers several days before Christmas.  There were arrests, damage to stores, toddlers left in cars, and pepper spray all brought out while the frenzy to be one of the lucky ones who got a pair.  Sneakers that are now on sale on Ebay for almost double the original cost.

Activists in the Houston area have asked the Michael Jordan and Nike take responsibility for the violence that occurred when they went on sale and the violence that has occurred to those who have a pair.

“It is the responsibility of Michael Jordan and Nike to stand up and be part of the solution. Right now it’s a public safety issue with children wearing those sneakers,”

“The people that can least afford these shoes are buying them, and what happens as a result of that? Well there’s more crime,”

So, it is Nike and Michael Jordan who are responsible for the violence?

Keep reading…

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!

Video: 15 Year Old Girl Scout Whistle-Blower Tells Her Story On Fox and Friends

The Blaze  broke Girl Scouts/Media Matters story on Tuesday, and follows up with a post about 15 yr old Sydney Volanski, the Girl Scout whistleblower who first noticed the Media Matters reference last year and left the organization over it.

Sydney joined the crew of “Fox & Friends” on Thursday morning to explain what she found and also to talk about her website, Speak Now: Girl Scouts Website,” which she co-edits and that was set up to expose other liberal bias within the Scouts.

“My sister and I started a website to help inform families of the more leftward leanings of Girl Scouts because they promise to be neutral politically and about certain social issues,” she explained, “but when you examine the women that they promote and the websites and books that they refer girls to, there is a clear liberal ideology, like with the Media Matters site.”

“With Speak Now: Girl Scouts we’re just trying to spread awareness to families because we were so deceived,” she added. “For eight years we were in Girl Scouts and we didn’t realize that Girl Scouts was promoting such a liberal ideology.”

Sydney went on to claim the Scouts have promoted Planned Parenthood and abortion advocacy groups in the past, using that as example of more liberal bias in the organization.

On a side note, Girl Scouts spokesperson Michelle Tompkins — who did not answer any of our follow-up inquiries — did give a statement to Fox saying that the organization’s material is regularly reviewed and updated and that upcoming versions of the book will not include references to Media Matters. That’s similar to what we were told. However, there are still plenty more questions we asked, such as how Media Matters came to be placed in the book, who wrote the page that the reference appears on and what group, if any, will replace Media Matters once the new publications are released.

Watch Sydney’s  interview with Fox, below:

Be sure to check out Sydney’s website, Speak Now: Girl Scouts.

Another good Girl Scout Whistle-blower site I discovered while researching my post, yesterday is HonestGirlScouts.Com.

As Sydney noted, there are still many unresolved “issues” with the Girl Scouts.

Speaking of hapless Media Mutters…

Big Government isn’t through smacking them around.

Dana Loesch delivers another one-two punch with:Media Matters Attacked Palin For Clothing Costs, Defend Michelle Obama

The Soros and SEIU-funded Media Matters is smarting over three losses these past two weeks. First there was the Simon Wiesenthal Center slamming Media Matters for America for its anti-Israel screeds, the second was Politico calling the propaganda site a “core institution” of the Democrat party, and the third was the Girls Scouts backing away from linking to the site in its brochures. Because of this stellar track record Media Matters decides to throw another noodle at the wall and reverse its position on “class warfare” by defending the $2k dresses (to say nothing of the shoes and handbags) worn by the First Lady.


Jan 2009: Iranian Press TV Interviews Iran’s Favorite US Congressman Who Bashes Israel and Defends Hamas (Video)

Stop with the lies and misinformation, Paulbots sneer –Ron Paul has nothing against Israel, in fact, he really loves Israel.

– Except when he’s saying things like, “the Palestinians have been ripped off and all of the blame is on Israel”.

In this incredible interview he gave to the Iranian state owned English language propaganda channel, Press TV in January of 2009, he said that, and much more. Paul said he favored ending the United States’ special relationship with Israel because if Israel has a problem it should have to deal with by itself, and it shouldn’t be any of our business.

“If I personally favor one side over the other side, it’s really pretty academic, because politically I don’t want to be involved.”

Paul called Gaza essentially a “concentration camp” where they (read Hamas) defend themselves with homemade bombs, “like they’re the aggressors?”

“If I say the Palestinians have been ripped off and all of the blame is on Israel, then I’ve sort of stepped in a little more than I want to…”

He  stepped in it, all right.


Morris: Ron Paul is ‘the most liberal, radical, left-wing person to run for president’

Bolton: If You’re Thinking Of Voting For Ron Paul, ‘Think Again’

Hat tip: Brian B.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, and Doug Ross in Larwyn’s Links, thanks!


Media Matters Botches Fast And Furious Story/ Girl Scouts of America Botches “Fact-Checking”

Of course, Media Mutters botches most stories, so this is barely newsworthy. Still, I thought I’d tie it to the Girl Scout/Media Matters story because I wanted to have a word or two about that.

At Big Government, Mary Chastain sounds like she’s about at her wits end with the hapless propaganda outfit because they’re constantly botching their Fast and Furious stories by claiming that it was a “botched ATF operation”:

Mr. Brown wrote about the NRA’s “conspiracy theories” and, of course, one of them was about Operation Fast and Furious. Mr. Brown titles this part, “What the … Botched ATF Operation Initiated To Promote Gun Control?” First of all, Fast and Furious was NOT botched. This is how it was suppose to work. Secondly, this isn’t a “ridiculous claim” because it’s true. I already had to point out to Mr. Brown that Sharyl Attkisson at CBS News has documents proving the ATF was using Fast and Furious as a way to implement tougher gun control laws.

Mr. Brown says, “What’s truly breathtaking is LaPierre’s willingness to push such wild conjecture absent any evidence.” No, Mr. Brown it’s truly breath taking that no matter how much evidence is presented you and MMfA keep on the rose colored glasses. Again, look at the documents Ms. Attkisson provided in her report. There is evidence the ATF was using Operation Fast and Furious to promote tougher gun control.

David Codrea at Gun Rights Examiner has a few choice words for snotty Obama water carriers who like to ridicule the purveyors of these outrageous “conspiracy theories”….

But that’s the talking point those still foisting the “botched gun sting” myth (that would be pretty much all of the establishment media, the administration and all the Democrats in both houses of Congress) want spread.  So much so that regressive attack dog sites like TPMMuckraker and Media Matters routinely insult those who point to growing evidence that the government was looking for walked weapons to be found at crime scenes and traced back to U.S. gun stores as “insane paranoid[s]” and purveyors of “far-fetched conspiracies.”

The problem for them is, and they should be called on it every time they purposefully lie to cover crimes resulting in the brutal murders of U.S. law enforcement agents and untold hundreds of Mexican nationals, is that the allegation did not originate with “right wing bloggers” or Republicans, or the NRA.

Do you know where it started?

From one of several insider sources who have proven consistently reliable throughout investigations by this  correspondent and Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars, who informed us back in early January:

Coming next will be more info on what the agents refer to as the Phoenix ATF office ‘walking across’ ARs and AKs to pad their statistics.

You might want to ask the snotty regressives out there busily spreading their lies if the people who have brought information to light and risked retaliation from the like of the “innocent” Mr. Melson are insane paranoids prone to far-fetched conspiracies.  You might also want to ask them how many insider sources they have when they come up with their attack pieces designed to shield their political champions and subvert the truth, and ultimately the attainment of justice.

And by that I mean actual whistleblowers, not administration talking point dispensers relying on leftist media shills.

So yeah, the clowns at Media Mutters are obviously running interference for Dear Leader, and it’s these naked propagandists that the Girl Scouts of America turn to get “the facts?”

This doesn’t surprise me, but it does sadden me and it also frankly disgusts me.

Via Dana Loesch of Big Journalism:

Think twice before buying Girl Scout cookies next year. Fox and Friends discussed how the Girl Scouts of America is now promoting Media Matters, in addition to its affiliation with Planned Parenthood (more).

The ongoing moral decline of the Girl Scouts has caused an exodus within its ranks and a decline in its formerly popular cookie sales. The absence of such a group has sparked the creation of others to take its place, most notable among them: the American Heritage Girls and the Frontier Girls.

Next year, when the green sashes come by your home and ask you to buy cookies to help support their organization, know why your answer will be “no, thanks.”

*UPDATE: Girl Scouts says it will stop linking to Media Matters:

In a statement to The Daily Caller, Girl Scouts of the USA confirmed on Wednesday that its literature will no longer refer scouts to Media Matters For America as a source of information to balance bias in news reporting.

“Girl Scouts constantly reviews our materials based on feedback and suggestions we receive from our members and we update our materials on a regular basis,” said the statement. “As a result of this process, upcoming reprints of journeys materials will not include links to Media Matters.”

They knew what they were doing, though. Watch the Fox News video at the link. The Blaze contacted Girl Scouts of America and talked to a representative who acknowledged that she knew that Media Matters was a left-wing organization.

It’s not exactly news that the Girl Scouts have become a left-leaning organization. I saw it for myself when my oldest daughter (now 20) was a Brownie. In one of the most absurd cases of political correctness I’d ever encountered, we were invited to a “Positive Male Role Model/Scout Dance” when she was in kindergarten. That was their lame euphemism for Father/Daughter Dance. See? They were being sensitive to girls who don’t have fathers. We almost quit right then and there.

We finally did quit after 3rd grade because frankly it was a huge waste of our time. There just was not  a whole lot going on with the Girl Scouts. Certainly no actual  scouting.  I never bothered signing any of my other daughters up, either, because whatever once had made the Girl Scouts a  positive experience for young girls, the magic was long gone by the time my girls were old enough for it.

The long march through that institution had already neared completion.


Not Counting Out Santorum UPDATE: Santorum Surges to 3rd Place!

The one thing I disagree with Zombie about is his contention that any one of the candidates in the current field would lose against Obama. I don’t feel that way, at all. Maybe I’m an eternal optimist, but I think, even with the MSM totally in the tank for him, Obama is going to be limping through 2012 as the slow drip-drip-drip of Fast and Furious, Solyndra, and other scandals fall on his forehead like Chinese water torture.  If he hasn’t been driven half insane by the end of next year, Issa isn’t doing his job.

But I do want a dependable conservative at the helm in 2012. Obviously, that excludes part-time conservatives like Mitt Romney who took a break from conventional conservatism to a  big government statist/socialist form of conservatism when he passed RomneyCare in Massachusetts. Same for Newt with his not- so conventionally conservative support of an  individual health care mandate and his Nancy Pelosi inspired AGW flirtation.  Not to mention his Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac work. Good grief. What next? We find out that he was also an enthusiastic supporter of parts of Porkulus? Oh.

There is still one consistent and principled conservative left in this race: Rick Santorum:

With 45 percent of Iowa Republican voters undecided and a roller-coaster ride about to come to a screeching stop next Tuesday with the GOP caucuses, it may be Rick Santorum’s turn to take the final ascent and surprise the political class by … doing better than expected?

Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator, has been touted as the sleeper candidate by none other than 2008 Iowa caucuses winner Mike Huckabee. He has relentlessly campaigned in the state, hitting all 99 counties and moving his family out there. He has held 350 campaign events in the past year.

He has received key endorsements from well-known social conservatives in the state, and has had solid performances at each of the debates. And he’s running an old-school style campaign that Iowa voters expect in the retail-style politics of the Hawkeye State.

The man whose at the back of the polling pack — despite recent buzz giving him a late boost — is taking nothing for granted but has nothing to lose.

Santorum has also caught Dick Morris’s attention:SANTORUM COMES ON STRONG! DICK MORRIS TV.
In his Monday post, Morris notes that Santorum’s moving up in Iowa from the back of the pack, like a late finisher in the Iowa Derby.

Red, White and Blue Fund is responsible for the following ad:

Stacy McCain , who thinks he’s in the running for the Ambassadorship of Xanadu, or something if Santorum wins: The Santorum Surge: Mainstream Media Finally Beginning to See Omens in Iowa.
 You can donate to Santorum’s “Iowa Surprise” moneybomb, here.

Rick Santorum, who has essentially lived in Iowa for much of the last year, may finally be taking off in the Hawkeye State.

A CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday indicates Santorum is now in third place among likely Iowa caucus-goers, with 16 percent support. That’s an 11-point jump from just one week ago, and a sign that his campaign may have picked up serious momentum with less than a week to go before the caucuses.

This is a very good time to be surging…

Wolf Blitzer interviewed Santorum for CNN:

Oh, look who’s doing the happy dance: SANTORUM SURGE: Finally, the Polls in Iowa Are Catching Up With … Me


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Zombie Poll: Vote For Your Favorite Republican Presidential Candidate

This particular poll excludes Ron Paul.

And Mitt Romney….

And Newt Gingrich….

Actually, it excludes, ALL of them.

Which is a good thing.

Since Herman Cain bowed out, I’ve had little to say about the Republican candidates because I’ve been so full of despair over the situation. Damnit! How did we end up with such a weak field?

I want a do-over.

Zombie expresses almost exactly what I’ve been thinking for the past month or so:

Newt Gingrich? Newt Gingrich????? The guy peaked nearly 20 years ago. Compromised, corrupt, amoral. He has about as much chance of winning the general election as do Calvin Coolidge’s decomposing remains.

Ron F-ing PAUL?????????????? The most charitable thing I can say about him is: Joke candidate. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If he gets the Republican nomination, I would actually stay home on election day, as would most voters forced to choose between a communist and a madman.

Michele Bachmann’s vaccine conspiracies have doomed her as a viable mainstream nominee, unfortunately, even though she is the most likeable of all the candidates and I would have gladly voted for her, “crazy eyes” notwithstanding.

Rick Perry has already made far too many unforced errors, and his extreme social conservative activism has turned off many Constitutionally-minded voters like myself who worry that if he wins he’ll use his power not to shrink government but to meddle in Americans’ private lives. No thank you.

Herman Cain: Toast.

Rick Santorum: If we were all in hell, I’d put my money on the snowball.

Huntsman, Johnson and the rest: Who?

Which leaves us only with Mitt Romney. He’s the sole Republican in the current field who even has a ghost of a chance at beating Obama, but as many have noted, he’s an old-school-checked-pant-double-talking-insider-flip-flopping pseudo-Republican who looks, talks and acts like a phony. I’d still vote for him over Obama, but only out of desperation; I’d rather have a president with magic underwear than an emperor with no clothes. But the growing tide of anti-Mormon bigotry in this country means that I fear few would join me in this protest vote.

Which of the undeclared Republican presidential candidates are your favorites? (Choose up to three.) Vote here.

  • Allen West (46%, 145 Votes)
  • Paul Ryan (42%, 133 Votes)
  • Marco Rubio (42%, 132 Votes)
  • Sarah Palin (31%, 98 Votes)
  • Chris Christie (31%, 97 Votes)
  • Bobby Jindal (24%, 74 Votes)
  • Other (name your choice in the comments section below) (4%, 14 Votes)
  • None; I prefer one of the existing Republican candidates (2%, 6 Votes)
  • They’re all stinkers; I plan to vote for Obama (0%, 1 Votes)

Zombie’s dead serious. His post is titled, Barack Obama Will Still Be President on January 19, 2017 which he believes will be the case unless something drastic happens:

I might seem lighthearted about all this, but I am actually deadly serious. A lame-duck Obama will have four years of not worrying about re-election to complete his conscious destruction of American capitalism and constitutionalism. It’s too hideous to even contemplate. And, aside from a long-shot chance by the slightly-better-than-a-crash-test-dummy Romney, none of the current candidates has any chance whatsoever to defeat Obama.

I know the public is waiting for an end to the unfunny charade known as the 2012 Republican Party nomination, so the real battle — between, for example, West, Palin and Rubio — can begin.

Let’s make it happen. You and I. Stop sitting on our hands waiting for a miracle.

Choose your favorite(s) from the six (temporarily) non-candidates above, and join the popular uprising to get some or all of them to change their minds.

Next: On the next page are a few resources to get you involved in the various groundswell campaigns to draft potential nominees. Send emails to your preferred candidates containing the Absolution Coupon above (download the jpeg here) and a link to this post — contact info given on the next page:

I voted for Human Events Conservative of the Year, Paul Ryan.

Judge Rules That Tucson Ethnic-Studies Program Violates Arizona Law

—Ross D. Franklin/AP-File

The LA Times reports the good news:

The Tucson school district’s Mexican American studies program violates state law, an Arizona administrative law judge ruled Tuesday, paving the way for the possible demise of the program.

The judge affirmed a prior decision by the state’s schools chief that the Tucson Unified School District’s program violates a law that aims to outlaw divisive ethnic studies classes.

In June, John Huppenthal, the state superintendent of public instruction, had deemed the program to be in violation of the law. That law, among other things, bans classes primarily designed for a particular ethnic group or that “promote resentment toward a race or class of people.”

The school district appealed the ruling, and testimony before the administrative law judge concluded in October.

The decision by the judge, Lewis D. Kowal, is merely a recommendation to Huppenthal, who can now take action against the program if it does not come into compliance with the law.

Should the program not come into compliance — as Huppenthal sees it — the district could lose about $15 million in state aid.

According to “Save ethnic Studies”, the  program started as a grass roots effort in the late 1990s “to reverse some disturbing educational trends among minority students in TUSD” and  “blossomed into a highly successful national model documented over and over in educational peer review literature.”

Other “educational peers” who reviewed the the program came to a very different conclusion:

In October of this year,the “Freedom Socialist Party” huffed:

Over the summer, the ongoing battle over ethnic studies in Arizona royally exposed the grimy politics and tactics of the right wing.

Arizona HB 2281 became effective Jan. 1, aimed at the popular and successful Mexican American studies program (also known as MAS or La Raza studies) of the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). The bill outlaws courses that “promote the overthrow” of the government, “promote resentment toward a race or class of people,” are “designed primarily for people of a particular ethnic group, or “advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treatment of pupils as individuals.”

The bill’s author was Tom Horne, who is famously opposed to La Raza education because it is critical of the U.S. government’s relationship with Latin America and treatment of Latinos. As the state superintendent of schools, Horne conveniently was able to find the Tucson ethnic studies program in violation of the new law immediately before leaving that position to become the state’s attorney general.

Last May, a woman had engaged in “grimy politics” by reading  excerpts from a book in the Tucson Ethnic Studies program at a school board meeting. These outrageous and toxic books were teaching kids that the United States is an institutionally racist  system filled with “bloodsucking capitalists” and Anglos who “rape Hispanic culture”.

“Hard drugs and drug culture is an invention of the gringo because he has no culture.”

“We have to destroy capitalism and we have to help 5/6 of the world to destroy capitalism in order to equal all peoples’ lives.

“The Declaration of Independence states that we the people have the right to revolution…the right to overrule the government…”

“Any country based on capitalism is based on greed…”

The woman had to be warned to watch her language as she read from the text (written for kids as young as 10 years old) because they were in a public forum where children were present.

One shudders to think how many Hispanic kids’ minds were polluted with this toxic swill, knowing that the program started in the ’90’s.

Hat tip: Brian B.

Cross-posted at Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse


Top 25 Celebrity Occupy Wall Street Supporters Have Combined Net Worth Over $4 Billion…

You have to love the delicious irony of these greedy 1 percenters supporting an anti-capitalist movement:

Newsbusters reports:

Occupy Wall Street attacks income inequality and the richest 1 percent, adopting as its slogan ”we are the 99 percent.” In October, its protesters staged a ”millionaires march’ ‘in New York City, parading to the homes of wealthy citizens such as Rupert Murdoch and David Koch. But only some riches bother the Occupiers, who have ignored the massive wealth of celebrities in their own ranks.

The top 25 richest celebrities supporting Occupy Wall Street, according to the website Celebrity Net Worth, possess a combined net worth just over $4 billion.

While JP Morgan and Chase banker Jamie Dimon (worth $200 million) was one of the targets of the ”millionaires march,” he has a net worth less than five of the celebrities supporting OWS.

Here’s the list of the 25 richest celebrities supporting #OWS:

1. Yoko Ono – $500 million

2. Jay-Z – $450 million

3. David Letterman – $400 million

(tie) Stephen King – $400 million

5. Russell Simmons – $325 million

6. Sean Lennon – $200 million

7. Mike Myers – $175 million

8. George Clooney – $160 million

9. Brad Pitt – $150 million

(tie) Don King – $150 million

11. Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) – $145 million

12. Jane Fonda – $120 million

(tie) Miley Cyrus – 120 million

14. Al Gore – $100 million

15. Roseanne Barr – $80 million

(tie) Deepak Chopra – $80 million

17. Kanye West – $70 million

(tie) Dan Rather – $70 million

19. Alec Baldwin – $65 million

(tie) Matt Damon – $65 million

21. Tom Morello – $60 million

(tie) Mia Farrow – $60 million

23. Katy Perry – $55 million

24. Michael Moore – $50 million

(tie) Susan Sarandon – $50 million

Total: $4.1 billion

It makes you wonder how many of these one percenters have put their money where their mouths are  by donating to “the cause”. Because a great many of these occupations are rat-infested sh*tholes where occupiers subsist in disease-ridden squalor. And now that winter is upon us, occupiers could use donated funds to warm their tents.
A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed a KC occupier who was pan-handling in the cold for money to buy kerosine. When I asked her what she was trying to accomplish by being there, she answered that she would like to see the minimum wage increased.
She then told me that she had lost two jobs because they couldn’t afford the labor, prompting me to ask: “How do you think increasing the minimum wage will help with jobs if employers are letting people go because they can’t afford the labor?”
No I didn’t donate any money because I don’t support the cause in any way, shape or form.
But those #OWS-supporting celebrity fat cats sure could.
Hat tip: Trending Right where the Newsbusters story is currently the #1.

Was Christmas Day Santa Claus Massacre An Honor Killing?

This story was so horrible I refused to read beyond the headlines when I first saw it.

Here’s how MSNBC covered the story: Santa Claus killings: Financially strapped dad planned family massacre, Texas police say

Police confirm what family friends said Monday, that Azizolah “Bob” Yazdanpanah, 56, fired the fatal shots in the murder-suicide.

Grapevine police identified the victims as his wife, Fatemah “Nasrin” Rahmati, 55; their daughter, Nargis “Nona” Yazdanpanah, 19; and their son, Ali Yazdanpanah, 14. Nasrin’s sister, Zohreh Rahmati, 58; her husband, Mohamad Hossein Zarei, 59; and their daughter, Sahra Fatemah Zarei, 22; were also killed, police confirmed.

See video, read the original story at

Police received a 911 call from an apartment in the 2500 block of Hall Johnson Road on Christmas morning. When officers arrived, they found the door locked from the inside, and the worst crime in Grapevine history.

Police recovered two weapons on the scene — a Smith and Wesson 915 model 9 mm pistol with a 15-round magazine, and a Glock 23 .40-caliber pistol with a 10-round clip, according to Eberling.

Both guns were used in the murder-suicide, but Eberling would not say how many shots were fired; only saying that there were still bullets in both guns.

Last year, a bank foreclosed on Bob Yazdanpanah’s house, and he separated from his wife in the March.

Robert Spencer flagged some additional details from this Dallas Morning News story:

Yazdanpanah said he bought a gun after expressing concern that his daughter’s boyfriend was stalking him. He also insisted on picking up his daughter from her job at a phone kiosk inside Sam’s Club in Grapevine because of concerns about the alleged stalker.

The boyfriend has not been publicly identified.


…a more ominous portrait emerged of Yazdanpanah in interviews with some of his daughter’s other classmates.

“She would come to school crying and telling us her dad was crazy,” said Lacie Reed, 18. “He wouldn’t let her wear certain things. He was always taking her phone away, checking her call history and checking her text messages.”

Friends said Nona’s father had installed cameras all around the home so he could watch the family’s comings and goings. Others said he nailed her bedroom window shut so she could not sneak out at night and see her boyfriend.

“She couldn’t date at all until she was a certain age, but when he was going to let her date she couldn’t date anyone outside of their race or religion,” Reed said.

Yiselle Alvarenga, 18, said Nona’s mother and brother seemed to come to her aid when her father punished her.

Looks like Atlas Shrugs may need to update her Honor Killing: Islam’s Gruesome Gallery.

See also:

Atlas Shrugs: Force the Media to Tell the Truth

There was mass slaughter of Christians on Christmas Day, with churches burned by Muslims in Nigeria. Obama called it “senseless” and the media completely ignored the motive, the reason for the jihad. Across the world very active jihads are ignored, underreported or worse — completely obfuscated, with the ideology again ignored and the jihadis termed “militants,” “insurgents” or “youths.”

There was a good discussion about the latest Islamic violence on Fox News between Mark Steyn and Charles Krauthammer – watch here.

In Texas, a mass murder took place that was an Islamic honor killing. A man killed his family in a rage over his daughter’s non-Muslim boyfriend. It is no accident or coincidence that Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. Islamic law specifies that there is no penalty for a father who kills his child, and in many Muslim countries, honor murders are only lightly punished — with Islamic clerics resisting the strengthening of those punishments. Today there should be editorials in every newspaper in the country about the Islamic tenets that justify honor killing. Headlines should be screaming from every front page in the country against the ideology that commanded, inspired and justified those mass murders.

Instead, we had to wait two days to learn the truth.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!

Holiday Crime Stories

The feel good crime story everyone is linking to today is the Clerk who Punched Out Would-Be Stick-Up Robber, Then Made Him Clean Up His Own Blood While Awaiting Police, which admittedly, is pretty awesome.

But there’s also the thief in Santa Cruz who made off with a big ol’ bag of dog poop after he mugged a 62 year old woman who was walking her dog.

A would-be mugger made off with something more malodorous than money Thursday morning, police said.

An unknown man approached a 62-year-old woman as she was walking her dog just before 10 a.m. on the 100 block of Dakota. The man demanded the woman she give him everything she had, and he said that if she didn’t, he would kick her dog.

The woman handed him a bag and the suspect fled. Unbeknownst to the suspect, the bag she gave him contained her dog’s feces.

The suspect is still on the loose.

Then there’s the thief who chose poorly when he decided to shoplift from Walmart on “Shop with a Cop Night”.

A shoplifting suspect who picked Wednesday night to try and steal a DVD player didn’t realize it was also Shop With A Cop Night at the Gretna, NE. Walmart.

More than 24 Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department deputies were in the store at the time.

Some of the deputies taking 75 underprivileged children holiday shopping noticed a man running from the Walmart with electronics in hand.

As pictures were being snapped with the children, deputies and Santa, 49-year-old David Sherman headed for the parking lot.

Several officers caught up to him hiding in a car.

“It really set the tone for the weekend coming up for us, for Christmas and what Christmas is supposed to be about,” said Sarpy County Lt. Kevin Griger.

Sherman was booked on felony shoplifting charges.

Moonbattracker posted some holiday crime stories from this past week, but you wouldn’t exactly call them, “feel-good”:

Vomiting DC Occupier Assaults Woman In Tent, Kicks Officer In Groin While Resisting Arrest

Evicted Albany Occupiers Suspected Of Vandalizing City’s Christmas Light Display Resulting in $25,000 in Damage (Video)

Eugene Occupiers Camp Out On City Councilor’s Lawn – 4 Arrested

Video: Occupier Beaten And Choked To Death In Eugene, OR Encampment

Video: Nashville Occu-Bimbos Brawl On Christmas

Actually, most occupy stories are crime stories, these days.

This is pretty despicable, via Gateway Pundit: Shopper Punches 70 Year-Old Walmart Greeter For Asking for Receipt – Fractures Face

I do not get the allure of these over-priced sneakers. First the violent mall stampedes as the new line of Air Jordans were launched in stores, now they’re being stolen right off of people’s feet. WTH?

Woman’s Face Slashed, Man Beaten and Robbed of Air Jordans

Also this:

Mall of America melee may have started over rumors of Drake and Lil Wayne visit:

Rumors that rap superstars Drake and Lil Wayne were visiting Minnesota’s Mall of America may have sparked Monday’s massive brawl at the giant retail center, a local TV station said.

Nine people were arrested as dozens of shoppers fought on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, according to local media reports.

The melee began in the food court and swiftly moved to other parts of the complex. Shoppers were knocked to the floor and sent scurrying away, and a number of stores closed early.

What is the matter with people?

No crime here – just a holiday feel good story: Colorado man finds $10K in Vegas, returns to owner:

That’s $10,000 in cash found by good Samaritan, Mitch Gilbert, in two unmarked Caesar’s Palace envelopes.

Gilbert had a winning weekend in Las Vegas in early December, but he came upon some really big money at the airport as he was about to catch a flight home.


“There was $5,000 in each envelope. I just about fell over, I couldn’t believe it,” Gilbert said.

He discovered the cash when he opened the envelopes at his home in Greenwood Village.

“If it happened to me I sure would want that back,” Gilbert said.

Some may have thought they hit the jackpot, but Gilbert knew he had to return the money.

“I wanted to show my kids the right thing to do. It would have been a lot easier keeping it to be honest with you. But I felt like I had to get it back to the right person,” Gilbert said.

He called the airport in Las Vegas, but they would not even take down his name.

“They didn’t do that. It was against the rules. I just said, ‘Well, I’ll keep calling back and I’ll give it 30 days,'” Gilbert said.

Gilbert kept his word to continue calling the airport. More than two weeks later, the operator told him a man in El Paso, Texas reported losing two Caesar’s Palace envelopes full of cash.

“She goes, ‘Well, this is breaking the rules, but you’re trying to do the right thing,'” Gilbert said.

9NEWS reached Ignacio Marquez by telephone from his home in El Paso. Marquez says he won the money gambling and dropped it as he was running to catch a flight.

“Relief is an understatement. Cash money is very difficult to get back. I’m very appreciative to Mitch and his family. You do not find people like this,” Marquez said.

Marquez knew the odds of someone actually returning $10,000 were pretty slim.

Video here.

Kinda restores your faith in humanity, doesn’t it?


Non-Republican Mischief Voters Pushing Ron Paul To The Head Of The Pack

Yeah, I’m sure you’ve been wondering about this, too. The idea that this anti-Israel, racist newsletter-writing, extreme isolationist, 9/11 truther would be leading in some Iowa polls had me questioning the sanity of the Iowa GOP. Can this possibly be?

In short – it can’t. Byron York, upon perusing the latest polls, reports that much of his support is coming from non-Republicans:

The Texas congressman is leading some polls in Iowa and is in a tie for second in New Hampshire. A candidacy once dismissed as sideshow is now being taken very seriously; the front page of Monday’s Des Moines Register featured a huge spread under the headline “COULD RON PAUL WIN?”

Given Paul’s views on the Fed, the gold standard and social issues, not to mention his isolationist foreign policy, the polls have left some politicos wondering whether Republican voters have somehow swerved off the rails. But there’s another question that should be asked first: Who are Ron Paul’s supporters? Are they, in fact, Republicans?

In an analysis accompanying his most recent survey in Iowa, pollster Scott Rasmussen noted, “Romney leads, with Gingrich in second, among those who consider themselves Republicans. Paul has a wide lead among non-Republicans who are likely to participate in the caucus.”

The same is true in New Hampshire. A poll released Monday by the Boston Globe and the University of New Hampshire shows Paul leading among Democrats and independents who plan to vote in the January 10 primary. But among Republicans, Paul is a distant third — 33 points behind leader Mitt Romney.

York spoke with Andrew Smith, head of the University of New Hampshire poll, who indicated that many of these Paul voters are engaging in election mischief…

 In New Hampshire, Paul is the choice of just 13 percent of Republicans, according to the new poll, while he is the favorite of 36 percent of independents and 26 percent of Democrats who intend to vote in the primary. Paul leads in both non-Republican categories.

“Paul is doing the best job of getting those people who aren’t really Republicans but say they’re going to vote in the Republican primary,” explains Smith. Among that group are libertarians, dissatisfied independents and Democrats who are “trying to throw a monkey wrench in the campaign by voting for someone who is more philosophically extreme,” says Smith.

Paul tops the field when pollsters ask Republicans which candidate they are certain not to support. “When you ask people which candidate they are least likely to vote for, Ron Paul is pretty high, because most Republicans here really don’t want to vote for him,” says Smith. “His support is not coming, by and large, from Republican voters.”

Why are non Republicans even allowed to vote in some Republican primaries and caucuses?  Isn’t that how we ended up with John McCain in 2008? This needs to stop.


Ace has the latest fun fact revealed about Ron Paul:

Ron Paul on Video: The Bildersbergers Are Plotting To Control The Banking System And Our Natural Resources:

Remember, we’re fighting a “phony war” against Al Qaeda, and it’s all ginned-up neocon nonsense that Iran is cooking up a nuclear bomb, and Hamas was created by Israel.

But the thing we’ve got to really keep our eyes on is the Bildersbergers and Trilateral Commissioners.


The Right Scoop: Bolton: If you’re thinking about Ron Paul, think again!

Doug Ross: 10 Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Ron Paul

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!

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