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Via The Other McCain: Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Merchants of Despair:

Whittle throwing out the red meat:

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This would be funny if it wasn’t so chillingly spot on.

Via Townhall: RNC: What Else Will Obama Do If He Wins in 2012?

Charles Krauthammer: Obama Unleashed:

“If etch-a-sketch is a problem for Romney, here’s the President himself saying, I’ll be unleashed – I can govern hard left  – I can do all this reset stuff in the future, unmolested…” By “hard left”, take him to mean “Communist”.

Via Union News: Let’s Start a Riot:

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Al Sharpton to call for civil disobedience and economic sanctions if George zimmerman isn’t arrested

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86-year old Johanna Quaas demonstration on FX – “Turnier Der Meister” Cottbus 2012:

86-year old Johanna Quaas demonstration on PB – “Turnier Der Meister” Cottbus 2012:

Via NRA News: Katie Pavlich with the Latest on Fast and Furious -Issa and Grassley want to talk to Former WH Aide, Kevin O’Reilly:

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Fox News: Internal memo shows ATF rank and file don’t trust the brass:

Vince Cefalu on why ATF employees might not trust the agency’s leadership.

The Collectivist Makes His Case: “You’re On Your Own” Economics Doesn’t Work

The President had quite the impressive schedule today – four fund-raisers in the North East, according to Keith Koffler.

Via RCP, here’s Obama speaking at a fund-raiser at one of his favorite types of venues; a college in Vermont:

“You know, each of us is only here because somebody somewhere felt responsibility, yes to their families, but also to their fellow citizens. Also to our country’s future. That’s the American story. The American story is not just about what we do on our own. Yes, we’re rugged individualists, we expect personally responsibility and everybody out there has got to work hard and carry their weight,” President Obama said at a fundraiser with college students at the University of Vermont.

“We also have always understood that we wouldn’t win the race for new jobs and businesses, and middle class security if we were just applying some ‘you’re on your own economics,'” Obama said.

“It’s been tried in our history and it hasn’t worked,” Obama said. “It didn’t work when we tried it in the decade before the Great Depression. It didn’t work when we tried it in the last decade. We just tried this. What they’re peddling has been tried — it did not work!”

Back in 2008, I directed attention to this December 1995 Chicago Reader interview of then candidate for IL State Senate, Barack Obama. I found his attack on individualism  to be quite alarming. Sadly, when you read his words from 1995 and compare them to what he is saying, today, you find that his collectivist philosophy has remained remarkably consistent over the years.

“In America,” Obama says, “we have this strong bias toward individual action. You know, we idolize the John Wayne hero who comes in to correct things with both guns blazing. But individual actions, individual dreams, are not sufficient. We must unite in collective action, build collective institutions and organizations.”

Out of appreciation for the fact the most Americans have this “bias” for rugged individualism, Obama still pays  lip service to it, today,  to even left-wing college crowds. But the song remains the same - individual actions are not sufficient.

Incidentally, in 1995, the Community organizer in him was interested in politicizing  more black churches:

In an interview after the class, Obama again spoke of the need to organize and mobilize the economic power and moral fervor of black churches. He also argued that as a state senator he might help bring this about faster than as a community organizer or civil rights lawyer.

His opinion of “the bitter clingers” has remained the same:

“The right wing, the Christian right, has done a good job of building these organizations of accountability, much better than the left or progressive forces have. But it’s always easier to organize around intolerance, narrow-mindedness, and false nostalgia. And they also have hijacked the higher moral ground with this language of family values and moral responsibility.

There was much speculation in 2008 over whether or not, Obama went to Louis Farrakhan’s  Million Man March earlier that year.. He did, of course.

Obama took time off from attending campaign coffees to attend October’s Million Man March in Washington, D.C. His experiences there only reinforced his reasons for jumping into politics.

“What I saw was a powerful demonstration of an impulse and need for African-American men to come together to recognize each other and affirm our rightful place in the society,” he said. “There was a profound sense that African-American men were ready to make a commitment to bring about change in our communities and lives.

“But what was lacking among march organizers was a positive agenda, a coherent agenda for change. Without this agenda a lot of this energy is going to dissipate. Just as holding hands and singing ‘We shall overcome’ is not going to do it, exhorting youth to have pride in their race, give up drugs and crime, is not going to do it if we can’t find jobs and futures for the 50 percent of black youth who are unemployed, underemployed, and full of bitterness and rage.

“Exhortations are not enough, nor are the notions that we can create a black economy within America that is hermetically sealed from the rest of the economy and seriously tackle the major issues confronting us,” Obama said.

He did the same thing then that he continues to do today – demonize the “mean, cruel” Republicans:

We must deal with the forces that are depressing wages, lopping off people’s benefits right and left, and creating an earnings gap between CEOs and the lowest-paid worker that has risen in the last 20 years from a ratio of 10 to 1 to one of better than 100 to 1.

“This doesn’t suggest that the need to look inward emphasized by the march isn’t important, and that these African-American tribal affinities aren’t legitimate. These are mean, cruel times, exemplified by a ‘lock ‘em up, take no prisoners’ mentality that dominates the Republican-led Congress. Historically, African-Americans have turned inward and towards black nationalism whenever they have a sense, as we do now, that the mainstream has rebuffed us, and that white Americans couldn’t care less about the profound problems African-Americans are facing.”

A Community Organizer’s job isn’t to unite and solve problems, it is to divide and conquer.


Yes, Obama Had a No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Week – But There’s No Reason To Celebrate, Yet

Lisa Benson cartoon via Townhall

The week of March 25 may go down in history as the worst week of the Obama regime’s first term.

Via Hyscience,  Charles Hurt in The Washington Times sums up the President’s no good, horrible, very bad week.

So, in one week, Mr. Obama got caught whispering promises to our enemy, incited a race war, raised serious questions about his understanding of the Constitution, and then got smacked down over his proposed budget that was so wildly reckless that even Democrats in Congress could not support it.

Add to that  the Dem Senate Voted Down His Attempt To Raise Taxes On Oil Companies. And the White House sponsored Media Matters intimidation campaign  to take down Rush also backfired badly: Rush Limbaugh Ratings Up 60% Since Fluke Controversy. And now the two top Republicans investigating Fast and Furious, Issa and Grassley are demanding that the President make a former aide available for testimony to see how far the scandal reached in the White House, (Uh-oh!)  Oh, he also lost Peggy Noonan, this week.

Ouch. Did anything go right for Captain Oblivious? No. But as Hurt says, you won’t see any trace of embarrassment in the face of Mr. Obama.

He has mastered the high political art of shamelessness, wearing it smugly and cockily. Kind of like a hoodie.

But for those  tempted to bask in Obama’s many failures, Kyle Becker of Conservative News Daily offers a word of caution:

With such a Promethean task set before us, how could a conservative dare to celebrate? Or better yet to ask, why start sniffing cigars? If there is anything we unhinged right-wingers know, it is that the GOP has a talent for botching a sure thing. Our party is the geeky kid in high school who couldn’t get a prom date if he was sexually outnumbered by the gals two-to-one. And forget second base even if he does.

What is pathetic about the state of our country is that we are tempted to celebrate victories that are no more than the losses of our ideological opponents. Such Schadenfreude is par for the course in demented left-wing circles, where the progressive cultists shoot politics and economy through the prism of “you lose, we win.” What makes us depraved right-wingers is we have that ignoble and inhumane spirit that if we work together in a free society, we all win.

That’s the position of Republicans like Paul Ryan, who stick their necks out to do what’s best for the country, even while knowing that their efforts will be savagely demagogued by the collectivist left.

A wise commenter at The Washington Times, left this comment on Charles Hurt’s post.

Before you dance a jig over his political grave, just bear in mind the rationality and intelligence level of the average Obama supporter. For them, objective, quantifiable, sustainable, long term results mean little or nothing in comparison with good intentions, quickie pseudo-fixes, and feelgood platitudes.

Case in point, my wife’s aunt from NY is an avid Obama supporter. You can tell her all day about the coming bankruptcies of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, about Obama running unsustainable $1 trillion deficits every year with no end in sight, about Obama Administration violations of federal law with Fast & Furious & Solyndra; about the crony capitalism, and about Obama’ role in raising energy costs (such as the gas prices of which she complains about a lot) —- and she disputes none of that, throughout it all staring at you blankly like a pig trying to understand a wrist watch, and then merely stating, “Yes, yes, but I just like him, I just do.”

It’s impossible to employ reason with people whose foundation of thought is based not on reason and accountability, but whose idea of what’s best for the nation is electing whomever can best reach them on an emotional level. If that’s where Obama supporters are coming from, then a bad week like this will just a minor bump on the road for Barack Obama.

In fact, if SCOTUS throws out Obamacare, thereby sparing Obama from trying to implement an unworkable, unsustainable, unpopular health care bill, the Supremes may even have done him a favor, allowing him to harangue stuff like “Yes, we did — yes, we can again! Re-elect me, and we’ll do it ever better next time.” Sounds crazy, but to a lot of Obama voters that’s sweet music.

Yes, the most depressing thing about Obama is his base of supporters. These are people who will allow their emotions to be manipulated by any community organizer. Which is what the President still is to this day.

 According to New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor — in her new book on Obama — Obama still thought of himself as a community organizer when he was senator. He still does today, and, Fund warns, conservatives should be prepared for his Alinsky tactics in the 2012 campaign.

It’s no coincidence that we are currently living through  crisis after manufactured crisis:

…the aftereffects of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, violence on our border with Mexico, the Occupy movement, assaults on religious freedom and free speech by the administration and activists, and the implausible organization and mobilization of fringe malcontents into politically active groups. These developments can all be traced (as I’ve recently indicated) to Obama’s political roots, which are borne out by his policies, his associations and his affinity for such doctrines as Black Liberation Theology and Critical Race Theory.

If  the Supreme Court throws out ObamaCare, I fully expect to see massive Occupy/MoveOn/HealthCareNow/ protests, and agitations –  perhaps degenerating into riots, this summer.

And sitting back, smugly watching his handiwork from on high will be The Community Organizer in Chief.

The fate of the country remains in shadow.

Fast and Furious: Next Up on the Congressional Oversight Hot-Seat, White House Aide, Kevin O’Reilly (Video)

Ed Henry reporting for Fox News:

Two top Republican lawmakers investigating the Fast and Furious controversy are demanding the White House make a former aide available for testimony to see whether the scandal reached the upper echelons of the administration, according to a letter obtained by Fox News.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, fired off the letter Wednesday urging the White House to make available Kevin O’Reilly, a former National Security Council staffer who is currently stationed in Iraq for the State Department.

 The lawmakers are giving White House staffers the deadline of April 4 to respond, with Republican aides privately saying the back-and-forth could provoke a showdown over executive privilege if the administration tries to shield O’Reilly from talking to investigators.

Senator Chuck Grassley today joined Jon Scott on Fox News’ Happening Now to discuss the letter he and Congressman Darrell Issa sent to the White House.

Did you catch this at 3:22?:

Grassley: But that raises an important question for the congressional oversight that I’m involved in – we need to know what the White House knew about Fast and Furious, and there may be some evidence that we can get from Kevin O’Reilly on that matter, and is anyone in the White House implicated in the Fast and Furious operation? – Right now we can only take (it) to the highest levels of the Justice Department.


It sounds like they’re satisfied with what they have on Holder, and are now focusing on the Prez.

Who is Kevin O’Reilly? I’m glad you asked…

Last Fall, Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars called O’Reilly a  “political Rasputin” who just happened to be emailing “Gunwalker Bill” Newell:

Typical, and reinforced by other accounts except on one major point, is this from a source with long government experience:

O’Reilly is a very left-wing operator. Has wide and long contacts with the “CHANGE” gang, Axelrod and Emanuel. . . (He is) a “One World” true believer, who has in the past three years, become close to U.S. Amb. to U.N. Susan Rice. This gives him an entree to the scab-suckers @ U.N.

The fact that he is in the N.S.C. is very troubling. The fact that he has so much juice … is dangerous !

He has John Donilan’s ear… which makes him the political Rasputin who gets to whisper the last thing into The N.S.C. Advisor’s ear before he talks to POTUS. He has some long-standing relations with Fmr. CIA’s John Brennan (Now Counter-terrorism Guru @ N.S.C.) but can’t pin it down to a time and place. May have been during the
election run-up in 2008.

He was a player in forcing Adm. Dennis Blair to resign as Director of National Intelligence, I am told. He made a reputation for himself as a very crafty … and clever. A staffer up on the Hill, who has a lot of Juice with left wing crowd.

(MBV Note: Probably refers to O’Reilly’s time as a Pearson Fellow in the office of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.)

My sources tell me that he was the “MOLE” inside the N.S.C. who pulled the rug out from under the best National Security Advisor we’ve had in a long, long time; Gen. Jim Jones, USMC (Ret). He under-mined the General and was rumored to being the leak
at the White House on some very key matters, such as Troop “Surge” in Afghanistan, the McChrystal mess and the embrace of the Obama-labeled “Arab Spring” bullshit. .


Late Friday WH Fast and Furious Document Drop Shows Extensive Communications Between Phoenix ATF Office and WH

ATF Phoenix Manager shared Fast and Furious Info with White House (With Videos)

The Latest On Gunwalker: Remember the name, Dan Restrepo


Anthony Martin, The Examiner: Gunwalker’s Kevin O’Reilly–the man who knows too much?


Issa was also on Fox, today: White House Ordered Kevin O’Rielly Not To Speak To Oversight about Fast & Furious:

He said investigators want to know who knew about this operation on the political end, but the White House has ordered O’Reilly not to Oversight…

Eric Schultz, the White House Spokesman who was hired to provide disinformation to the media on Fast and Furious, (and is notorious for screaming and swearing at reporters on the phone), sent the Committee what Issa characterized as a “mealy mouthed letter”:

“White House Counsel is reviewing the letter and will respond as appropriate. But broadly speaking, while some personnel in the White House were made aware of ATF’s efforts to combat gun trafficking along the southwest border, including Operation Fast and Furious, there has been no evidence to suggest that anyone at the White House knew about any decision to allow guns to ‘walk’ to Mexico.”

“No evidence?”

We’ll see about that.

Barack Obama – Married to the Mob

In her latest column, Ann Coulter commented on the false narrative that the left wing media nurtured for nearly two weeks in the wake of the tragic Trayvon Martin killing.

On the basis of little else, the media conjured a Hollywood script: A “white” man was “stalking” a little black kid — who could be Obama’s son! — confronted him, beat him senseless as the small black child screamed for help, and finally shot the kid dead, “just because he was black.”

Two weeks of nonstop hysteria later, it turns out that every part of that gripping plot is based on nothing that could be called a reasonable assumption, much less a fact.

In addition to  the numerous angry demonstrations and marches, the non stop hysteria included the  retweeting George Zimmerman’s (incorrect) Home Address, and a million dollar bounty from the New Black Panther party, who are also calling for a militia of 5,000 black volunteers to help capture George Zimmerman. (With still not a peep about this criminal behavior from the DOJ or the White House.)

To understand what is going on, Chairman Ann’s DEMONIC is essential reading: CHAPTER 10: CIVIL RIGHTS AND THE MOB:  GEORGE WALLACE, BULL CONNOR, ORVAL FAUBUS AND OTHER DEMOCRATS:

  It was the Democratic Party that ginned up the racist mob against blacks and it is the Democratic Party ginning every new mob today— ironically, all portraying themselves as the equivalent of the Freedom Riders. With real civil rights secure—try to find a restaurant that won’t serve a black person—modern civil rights laws benefit only the mob, not the victims of the mob, as American blacks had been. Just as fire seeks oxygen, Democrats seek power, which is why they will always be found championing the mob whether the mob consists of Democrats lynching blacks or Democrats slandering the critics of ObamaCare as racists.

Democrats have gone from demagoguing white (trash) voters with claims that Republicans are the party of blacks, to demagoguing black voters telling them Republicans are the party of racists. Any mob in a storm.

The liberal fairy tale that Southern bigots simply switched parties, from Democrat to Republican, is exactly wrong. What happened is: The Democrats switched mobs. Democrats will champion any group of hooligans in order to attain power. As Michael Barone said of the vicious segregationist (and Democrat) George Wallace, he was “a man who really didn’t believe in anything—a political opportunist who used opposition to integration to try and get himself ahead.”

This is why the Democrats are able to transition so seamlessly from defending Bull Connor racists to defending Black Panthers, hippies, yippies, Weathermen, feminists, Bush derangement syndrome liberals,, and every other indignant, angry mob.

Imagine if you will – this scene from To Kill a Mockingbird: It begins with Atticus Finch sitting outside the jailhouse where the black man he is defending from the charge of rape is being held. Emotions are running very high among certain elements in the town. A lynch mob approaches, demanding what could be called, “street justice”, or an “eye for an eye”.

“He in there, Mr. Finch?” a man said.

“He is,” we heard Atticus answer, “and he’s asleep. Don’t wake him up.”

In obedience to my father, there followed what I later realized was a sickeningly comic aspect of an unfunny situation: the men talked in near-whispers.

“You know what we want,” another man said. “Get aside from the door, Mr. Finch.”

“You can turn around and go home again, Walter,” Atticus said pleasantly.

What if, instead of that, Atticus had said, “you know what boys,  if I had a sister, she’d look like Mayella.” Would that have been helpful? Would it have defused the situation?  No, it would have made the mob even more to determined to get ‘im.

Now imagine the scene with the President sitting in front of  Zimmerman’s safe house.

When the  reporter asked him to comment on the Trayvon Martin shooting, instead playing into the racial narrative with, “you know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”,  the President could have said, “You know –  I understand emotions are raw in the wake of this tragic incident, but there’s no reason to believe at this point that there was a racial component in the altercation that led to Trayvon’s death.   There’s an investigation going on to see if a crime has been committed, but until there are any charges, and a verdict – in America –  a man is still presumed innocent until proven guilty.

What if the President had pleasantly sent this message to all those people who are marching in the streets,  demonstrating,   ransacking stores, terrorizing innocent people, trying to hunt Zimmerman down: “You can turn around and go home again, folks.”

It is possible to defuse an angry mob – but you have to actually want to.


Sultan of Knish on The Bankrupt Race Card

The fortunes of too many black politicians have been tied to white guilt and black rage. The worst sort of black politician channels black rage to score points with black supporters while playing on the guilt of white voters, promising to heal the social conditions that bring about that anger and protect them from its ravages. But never before has that game been played out of the Oval Office.

The last two Democratic presidents were Southern governors, but the current occupant is a veteran of the corrupt urban political machine where there are only two games in town and when the money runs out, this is the one you play. The money is running out, the polls are running down and accordingly we have been treated to an episode of grievance theater, with our beloved leader in the role of healer and inciter.

Obama helped Al Sharpton achieved an unprecedented national profile in order to marshal that part of his base which cares less about jobs, than about finding someone to blame. The Trayvon Martin circus is a bullhorn urging that all of us, black or white, to stop focusing on the economy and start focusing on race.

It’s Community Activism 101 to divide and conquer the electorate by breaking them down and feeding local anxieties, whether it’s about birth control or racial injustice. And it’s a win-win for Obama, who at worst gains a distraction from economic turmoil and a few thousand guilty voters and at best, upends the national dialogue by asserting the dominance of the racial narrative. While his associates wield the bullhorns, he carefully plays healer and if there is violence, then his currency as racial healer increases.

What does it say about America that what was once a form of political theater rising out of the grimy urban blocks of the failed city is now a national art form? Nothing good. A local dysfunction has become a national dysfunction, not because every city has become New York and Chicago, but because the people at the center of power hail from New York and Chicago.

Meanwhile, the burning tensions in the  city of Sanford, FL are like a  “tinderbox” ready to blow.

Hump Day Link-Around

Gary McCoy cartoon via Townhall.

Michelle Malkin: The war on Wisconsin:

Now is the time for all good tea partiers to come to the aid of Wisconsin. Fiscally conservative leaders in the Badger State are under coordinated siege from Big Labor, the White House, the liberal media and the judiciary. The yearlong campaign of union thuggery, family harassment and intimidation of Republican donors and businesses is about to escalate even further. This is the price the Right pays for doing the right thing.

The most visible target is Gov. Scott Walker, who faces recall on June 5 over his tough package of state budget and public employee union reforms. Three state GOP legislators — Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Sen. Van Wanggaard and Sen. Terry Moulton — also face recall. A fourth target, staunch union reformer and Second Amendment advocate Sen. Pam Galloway, announced she was stepping down last week — leaving the legislature deadlocked and Democratic strategists salivating.

Walker and the GOP majority ended the union compulsory dues racket, allowed workers to choose whether to join a union, curtailed costly bargaining rights and enacted pension and health contribution requirements to bring the government in line with private-sector practices. The Walker reform law helped prevent massive layoffs in public education by saving tens of millions of dollars in bloated benefits bills. Ending the state union monopoly on teachers’ health insurance plans allowed dozens of school districts to switch their coverage to more competitive bidders.

The free-market MacIver Institute reports that at least 25 school districts did so, saving the districts more than $200 per student. Hundreds of millions more in savings are in the works as school districts and local governments turn deficits to surpluses. And Walker’s actions have nearly wiped out the nearly $3.6 billion deficit he inherited from his free-spending predecessors.

Another embarrassing defeat for Holder’s rogue DOJ: Judge acquits Hutaree militia members of conspiracy charges:

In a 28-page decision, Roberts wrote, “The evidence is not sufficient … to find that defendants came to a concrete agreement to forcibly oppose the authority of the government of the United States as charged in the indictment.”

Prosecutors said Hutaree members were anti-government rebels prepared for a violent strike against federal law enforcement. There was never an attack, and defense lawyers said the government used members’ offensive remarks about police to build a criminal case.

The FBI had planted an informant and an agent inside the Hutaree militia starting in 2008, and the audio and video evidence the agency collected became the cornerstone of the government’s case.

“The court is aware that protected speech and mere words can be sufficient to show a conspiracy. In this case, however, they do not rise to that level,” the judge said. She said David Stone Sr.’s “diatribes evince nothing more than his own hatred for — perhaps even desire to fight or kill — law enforcement; this is not the same as seditious conspiracy.”

Gina Balaya, spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office, declined to comment.

Maybe the DOJ could look into this injustice, now: Elderly Couple Terrorized Out Of Their Home By Spike Lee  What color are they, though? In ObAmerica, that would be the determining factor in deciding whether or not their rights have been violated.

And how about that New Black Panther Party?  What is it – day 4 or 5 of their illegal bounty to capture a man who hasn’t been charged of any crime in Florida, and not a single peep out of the Obama administration or DOJ. How can this be?

Now, via *Gateway Pundit, New Black Panther Leader Malik Shabazz Threatens to “Burn This City Down” at Detroit City Meeting (Video):

New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz threatened to “burn this city down” at a town hall meeting in Detroit on Monday. About 30-40 people disrupted the meeting Monday.
“And, before we let you take over our city, we will burn it down!”

Have we finally become a Banana Republic?

*Not THE Malik Shabazz who is the leader of the New Black Panther Party – this is another Malik Shabazz who may or may not be affiliated with the New Black Panthers, and who claims the title of “Minister”.

By the way, in case you’re wondering what CNN did to get on Media Matters’ sh*t-list,  occasional honest and hard-hitting interviews like this Anderson Cooper interview of a Black Panther leader answers your question.

During an odd and fiery interview on CNN Monday night,  Anderson Cooper tussled with Mikhail Muhammad of The New Black Panther Party over the group’s reaction to the death of Florida Teen Trayvon Martin. The New Black Panther Party has offered a reward for the capture of Martin’s shooter George Zimmerman, and cited “street people law” during the interview Monday night as justification for charging murder against George Zimmerman while calling for a citizen’s arrest.

“He committed murder, he committed a hate crime,” Muhammad told Cooper of Zimmerman, explaining, “we decided to take it upon ourselves and coalition with other groups, with other black people who have had enough.”

Anderson continued to remind Muhammad that Martin’s father has explicitly rejected the “eye for an eye” rhetoric that some members of The New Black Panther Party have used, but the spokesman appeared to ignore the father’s request.

“We are military, we are here to support Trayvon’s family,” Muhammad argued, adding that the government wasn’t really there for Trayvon Martin and that “they have killed millions of black men and women.”

“You tell our justice department and Eric Holder and our President Obama to get off up their ass and do the work and the rest is done!” Muhammad went on to say. When pressed by Cooper on the legality, he responded that he could make a citizen’s arrest of Zimmerman, who has not yet been charged for anything, because the New Black Panther Party member doesn’t “obey the white man’s law,” but rather the “street people’s law.”

If you don’t know what I mean by “Media Matters Sh*t list”, see Jeffrey Bell’s must-read, The Plot to Get Rush.

Let’s stop here for a moment for a brief bit of historical background — not a detour but a very necessary context.

It is a big mistake — a really big mistake — to dismiss what’s being done to Rush Limbaugh as just some crazy guys at Media Matters.

When we work our way through what Angelo Carusone and his Media Matters comrades and others are doing when they target Rush, or went after Glenn Beck, or plan to do in targeting Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin and who knows who after that (Levin? Laura?) remember: this is the way the Left — the global left throughout history, not simply the American Left today — has always behaved. A fanatical intolerance is part of the leftist DNA.

The late Austrian free-market economist Ludwig von Mises described the leftist method of operation as “fanatical and intolerant.” It works, he said, this way:

Socialism… works on the emotions…to stifle the voice of reason by awakening primitive instincts.

Primitive instincts.

And that most primitive of human instincts? You got it.


The skillful, clever use of fear (not to mention hate) is the defining trait of leftists throughout history. Fear is the primitive emotion the left feeds on like a junkie needs drugs. It is a trait repeatedly manifested in history by the use of intimidation or bully-boy tactics to assert raw power. It is the vividly identifiable scarlet thread of intolerance that has shown itself in one leftist movement after another on down through the centuries, regardless of nationality.

Read the whole thing, 9 pages long in all, but well worth your time.

And one more thing.

What is it Angelo Carusone is quoted as doing in that 2010 Raw Story interview? A story that was in fact focused on Glenn Beck?

Here’s the verbatim.

…Carusone is mounting similar campaigns targeting Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and CNN.

Beck is now off Fox’s air.

The Rush campaign is now in progress — but in spite of all this, in fact precisely because of all this, his audience is sticking — not to mention getting pretty damn mad.

CNN? What did these poor struggling media mushies do? No idea. But they have somehow offended the sensibilities of Commissar Carusone.

CNN sometimes strays from the left-wing narrative – that is not to be tolerated!

Doug Ross: Top 10 Reasons Obamacare IS Constitutional…

 I can assure you, despite all of the hullabaloo from the hoi polloi, that Obama is entirely, 100% Constitutional, no if’s and’s or but’s.

Seton Motley: ‘The Constitution is the Ultimate Pre-Existing Condition’:

Less Government President Seton Motley’s remarks at Tuesday’s Tea Party Patriots Road to Repeal ObamaCare rally (though he sometimes goes extemporaneous):

“Are these mics hot?

“First, we are very pleased the Supreme Court decided not to wait to hear this case until after the election – when they would have more flexibility.

“Because there is plenty of unConstitutionality on which to rule right now – that cannot wait until more convenient times for ObamaCare proponents.

“The Constitution is the ultimate pre-existing condition.

“The Constitution ascribes the federal government limited, enumerated powers.  Mandating that everyone purchase health insurance is, quite simply, not one of them.

“Neither is a virtual takeover of 1/6th of the economy – the entire health care sector.  Which is what ObamaCare, in its essence, is.

Thousands of patriots rallied in Washington DC, and Jefferson City, at the AFP held Hands off my Healthcare rallies, yesterday.

LifeNews: Obama HHS Mandate Wasn’t Just About Contraception:

An ancient example of resistance to a tyrant’s attempt to coerce violations of religious conscience provides an interesting perspective on resistance to the Obama administration’s recent healthcare coverage mandate.

“Contraception” is not exactly the right term. The HHS mandate implementing Obamacare requires insurance plans of religious employers to provide not just contraception but also sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs–”morning-after” (and even “week-after”) pills designed to cause the death of a conceived human embryo rather than prevent conception. The technical term for such drugs is abortifacient, though they often are called, euphemistically, “emergency contraception.”

“Cram-down”is a perfect term for HHS’s policy, however. The whole point, it seems, is to override religious objections to such a policy to the maximum extent politically possible, out of an intense ideological commitment to contraception and abortion as “preventive health care.” It is vital, the ideologues say, to prevail over religious objections precisely in order to advance, and permanently entrench, this particular ideology and, further, to vindicate the power of government to impose such policies on everyone. Religious objections must be overcome, in part for the sake of overcoming religious objections.

Read on as the author recalls the biblical example from Maccabees: How Eleazar and an entire family of brothers were victims of a tyrannical ruler, and who were tortured to death because of  their refusal to violate their consciences.

But the story of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, and Eleazar, remains a remarkable two-thousand-year-old parable about tyranny and conscience, about cram-downs, accommodations, deception, and adherence to principle. There are relatively few instances in recorded modern western history when government has insisted on vindicating its authority and overriding religious conscience for its own sake–purely for the symbolism of power prevailing over conscience.

I’ll be happy when justice is finally served in this case: Atlas Shrugs Free Michael Behenna: Scapegoating a Hero rotting in Leavenworth Date for Oral Arguments Set and a New Fund

The Circle of Moms blog is hosting a contest – Top 25 Political Moms – 2012

I’m not going to tell you how to vote, but Lonely Conservative has the best chance of beating the top vote getter, a far-left mommy blog. The contest goes on for about another week, and you can vote once a day.

Weasel Zippers: Poll: 68% Disapprove of Obama’s Job Handling Spike In Gas Prices…

Ouch, I guess no one was fooled by his phoney, face-saving photo-ops, last week.

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Video: Trayvon Martin Anti-Violence Protester Beats Up Girlfriend, Goes To Jail

Video: Florida Dems Paying People To Protest Allen West


From the desk of the Speaker of the House: Speaker Boehner Seeks Answers on President Obama’s “Flexibility” on Missile Defense:

Washington (Mar 28)

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today sent a letter to President Obama requesting answers about his comments to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev concerning America’s missile defense program. In October, Speaker Boehner delivered an address on the president’s “reset” policy with the Russian government in which he urged the administration not to make any unilateral concessions to the Russians that would diminish America’s missile defense capabilities. A PDF of the letter sent today can be found here.

Neutralize the left’s callus and evil death wishes for Dick Cheney and wish him a speedy and full recovery: GET WELL SOON MR. VICE PRESIDENT!

In a very scary and cynical interview that sounded more like a “Death Panel” under Obamacare, NBC’s Matt Lauer said “[Cheney's] case has re-opened debate on whether rules should be changed to favor younger patients”

NBC’s medical editor Nancy Snyderman said Cheney’s operation “…raised a lot of ethical questions, moral questions, about whether the Vice President, in fact, should have received his heart…”

Even more hateful were the comments posted on Democratic Underground, a website well-known for it’s extreme left slant. The follow are all quotes from their website!> “I hope he dies a slow death”
> “Cheney is a murderer”
> “I hope dick is in pain and drowning in his own fluids”
> “I’m not going to feel anything but intense gratitude… [when he dies]“

Is this kind of sick demented talk even worthy of our attention? The answer is yes.



Fausta: Cuba: The Pope’s shameful trip:


Benedict turned a deaf ear to the people clamoring for freedom – in the video above you can hear the chant of “libertad, libertad” (freedom, freedom).

The Catholic Church remains silent on arrest of protestor and hundreds of dissidents in Cuba, yet,

Unofficial reports also seem to confirm the future saint Fidel’s first miracle: the instantaneous disappearance from the island of the Ladies in White and all dissidents.

The hand of God lets go of Cuba and Cubans?

RNC Releases Audio Of Obama Lawyer Embarrassing Himself Before Supreme Court – UPDATE: Toobin Today: Now it’s a “Plane Wreck”

According to just about everybody, yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing really was a train wreck for the Obama administration.

Via The Washington Free Beacon, the Morning Joe Crew had a little fun at the administration’s expense:






Watch that video at the Beacon.

Now, via Freedom’s Lighthouse, here’s  the RNC’s video, “ObamaCare: It’s a Tough Sell:

Many on the Left are horrified at the job Verrilli did yesterday, choosing to focus on him rather than obvious reality that ObamaCare is unconstitutional. It’s just hard to defend, a “tough sell,” which is the point of this ad.


Erick Erickson, Red State: Sinners In the Hands of Anthony Kennedy The left cries foul as the right uses the federal courts to do as the left has done for years.

As the clock approached 11, Kennedy spoke again, sending shockwaves through the legal community. He stated matter of factly,

the reason this is concerning, is because it requires the individual to do an affirmative act. In the law of torts our tradition, our law, has been that you don’t have the duty to rescue someone if that person is in danger. The blind man is walking in front of a car and you do not have a duty to stop him absent some relation between you. And there is some severe moral criticisms of that rule, but that’s generally the rule.

And here the government is saying that the Federal Government has a duty to tell the individual citizen that it must act, and that is different from what we have in previous cases and that changes the relationship of the Federal Government to the individual in the very fundamental way.

It was the quote heard round the world. It is what the tea party movement, libertarians, conservatives, and so many private citizens have been saying. It was an expression of what every legal scholar on television has pooh-poohed as the troglodyte rhetoric of plebeians not educated enough to understand their own founding compact.

That Justice Kennedy expressed something so obvious to so many Americans that so many well educated legal analysts have mocked for two years as an outmoded view of the constitution put forward only by hicks, rubes, and the racist middle class tea partiers not cool enough to defecate on police cars like the Occupy Wall Street hipsters should deeply, deeply trouble every radio station, newspaper, and television news network along with the American people.

Just how out of touch are the people the news media relies on as legal experts used to help form both their and their audiences’ opinions? More so, is it not abundantly obvious that legal experts let their own partisanship shape their opinions?


Great news! Today’s arguments faring no better for the administration – Liberal legal experts still gobsmacked!:

RCP: Toobin: Hard To Imagine How Things Could Be Going Worse For Obama Administration:

NN Senior Legal Analyst Jeff Toobin: “This still looks like a train wreck for the Obama Administration, and it may also be a plane wreck. This entire law is now in serious trouble. It also seems that the individual mandate is doomed. I mean, Anthony Kennedy spent much of this morning talking about if we strike down the individual mandate, how should we handle the rest of the law? Now, it is less clear that they are going to strike down the whole law. There does seem to be some controversy in the court about that. Certainly there are some members of the court, Antonin Scalia, Justice Alito, who want to strike down the entire law, but it seemed almost a foregone conclusion today that they were going to strike down the individual mandate, and the only question is does the whole law go out the window with it?”

Whitfield: “Oh, my goodness. Okay, so I have got about 20 seconds or so left. How might this impact arguments later on this afternoon, Jeff?”

Toobin: “Well, it’s hard to imagine how things could be going much worse for the Obama Administration, but now they’re going to be dealing with the Medicaid portion, and they may decide to get rid of that as well.”

Watch the video at RCP.

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

Hat tip: Brian B.


Former Navy Seal: Obama Using “Classic Soviet Style Tactics” To Put America In “The Throes Of a Cold Civil War”

Very early on in Obama’s term, March 18, 2009,I wrote a post entitled, Outrage After Outrage After Outrage in an attempt to convey my shock and awe at the dizzying rate in which Obama was enacting his destructive agenda.

How can I take a break from politics, and write about  light hearted and interesting stories in the news, if virtually everything the man does is an embarrassment and/or God-awful violation of everything patriotic Americans hold dear?

Well it’s been outrage after outrage after outrage for the past three years, as Obama’s Chicago machine hs usurped congressional and constitutional authority and ineffectual Republicans have done little to stop it.

Via Radio Patriot,  here’s a hard hitting essay from  former Navy Seal, Benjamin Smith, now, a writer, speaker, political strategist and ardent Constitutionalist.  Benjamin is a regular contributor to several news outlets including Breitbart and Fox News.

It is his opinion that everything is coming to a head.

On the heels of NDAA, ObamaCare, Stimulus, Son of Stimulus, Patriot Act, takeover of auto, energy, media and movie industries, and the relentless implementation of Agenda 21… the Obama regime running our country into the ground has issued an updated Executive Order which suggests the probability of impending MARTIAL LAW.

We are left to scratch our heads and ask……… Why now?

America is in fact, right now, in the vicious throes of a Cold Civil War.

Cold as in non-violent and Civil as in nationwide; an attempt to force a new government-controlled ideology upon an unwilling public.

And the forces implementing this agenda are relentless.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order is nothing more than a blatant attempt to stir trouble of the highest intensity. The regime is looking to see who jumps and to see the movement that happens amongst the most vocal defenders of our rights, (you and me). They are poking us to see if we will go over the edge and do something so stupid that there will be a crisis… it will be our fault… and if any of our number are provoked enough to rise to the proverbial bait — they will finally lower the hammer… all in the name of “national security and public safety.”

These are classic Soviet style tactics designed and implemented in an effort to make us react, get us to either flinch and shut up, or overreact and get suppressed. It is also an exercise so they can gather intel on who is who and who has pull.

Many of us are trained. We know this game.


Keep preparing for rough times ahead. Stock your pantry in preparation for lean days, even as the regime attempts to make such things illegal. Focus your mind on liberty, that it should never die.

I cannot tell you exactly what is coming but I know, as do you, that something unprecedented in American history, perhaps even all human history, is coming soon.

This is the common theme in most of all the conversations that I hear… there is something coming, no one really knows what it is; they just know that whatever it is, it will be momentous.

Read the whole thing. There’s quite a bit more.

Also from Radio Patriot, a tea party video from 2011: More from Ben Smith, former US Navy SEAL:


Smith appeared on Fox News, last May in the wake of Seal Team 6’s Bin Laden operation,  to talk about Defcon3, with K.T. McFarland


Obama Poised to Betray America Through 4 UN Treaties (Video)

Dick Morris: Obama Has Assumed Dictatorial Powers!

Why Won’t Republicans Stop Obama’s Arrogant, Paternalistic,Totalitarian Overreach?

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The Left’s Trayvon Martin Narrative Falling Apart at the Seams But Obama May Still Get His Race War

The left’s chosen narrative about Obama’s would be son, Trayvon Martin, originally portrayed in the media as a skittles wielding innocent,  who was provoked into a confrontation by an  stalking,   white, white Hispanic, Hispanic, racist, vigilante killer, has taken a few hits, these last few days.

Let’s review, in case you’re not up to speed on it all.

No, Seriously, Zimmerman Said “Punks”

Police: Trayvon Martin Slammed Zimmerman’s Head Into Sidewalk Several Times

“I heard screaming and crying for help,” he said. “I heard, ‘Help me.’ “

Family: pot linked to Trayvon Martin suspension (in February)

 Trayvon Martin Suspended In October For Graffiti; But A Search Turned Up A Dozen Pieces Jewelry, Mostly Women’s, and A “Burglary Tool”

Was Trayvon Martin a drug dealer?

Correspondence with Martin on Twitter before he died alludes to an incident with a bus driver. “Yu ain’t tell me you swung on a bus driver,” Martin’s cousin wrote to him on Feb. 21.

Meet The Real Trayvon Martin: Evidence Emerges He Was A Drug Dealer And Gang Banger

And this just in: Narrative Fail: George Zimmerman A Registered Democrat, Self-Identified Hispanic… (Doh!)

Registered Democrat George Zimmerman Says Trayvon Martin Tried to Take His Gun

The reporter who has been working the case, and one of Zimmerman’s friends appeared on Hannity, last night to discuss the case. You’ll quickly see how the racial narrative takes another hit, here:

When the story first came out, I declined to publish an opinion about it because at first I didn’t have a solid opinion other than, “what a terrible thing!” I wasn’t willing to make the leap that Zimmerman was motivated by racism, anymore than I was willing to make the leap that Martin was in the neighborhood for nefarious purposes. There were plenty of things about the case to be troubled about, and there still are – but there just wasn’t enough information to know. Since everyone else was talking about it, I clammed up.

Not that I wasn’t tempted to comment on the oh-so predictable,  emotion-based hysterics of the racialist left, complete with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan sticking their race-baiting noses into the fray. Al Sharpton, of all people should know from past experience to be more reserved – his rhetoric has inspired violent mobs in the past.

In addition to libeling innocent men in the Tawana Brawley hoax, ginning up angry mobs outside the Central Park jogger’s rapists’ trial, whipping up mobs after a car accident in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood killed a black child and a rabbinical student was stabbed to death, Sharpton famously incited an anti-Semitic pogrom against a Jewish-owned clothing store in Harlem, saying, “We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.”

Someone who was listening to Sharpton later decided to storm the store and start shooting, wounding several employees, and setting a fire that killed seven people.

And here he is whipping up the  mob, once again:

“We are tired of going to jail for nothing and others going home for something. Zimmerman should have been arrested that night … you cannot defend yourself against a pack of Skittles and iced tea. Don’t talk to us like we’re stupid! Don’t talk to us like we’re ignorant! We love our children like you love yours. Lock him up!”

Um, no. Based on all of the information we now have, the police had no reason to arrest Zimmerman that night, and it’s disgusting that Al Sharpton – who should know better! – would get in front of an emotional crowd, and say something like that.

Now we have celebrities retweeting George Zimmerman’s Home Address, and a million dollar bounty from the New Black Panther party, who are also calling for a militia of 5,000 black volunteers to help capture George Zimmerman.

Has the President of the United States used his bully pulpit to calm the waters and condemn any of this dangerous incitement?

No, shockingly enough, he fanned the flames by focusing on the color of Martin’s skin: “But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin: If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon. And I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are gonna take this with the seriousness it deserves and that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

As always with the Community Organizer, the crisis is used to divide Americans.

Newt Gingrich aptly noted in a recent radio interview, “We should all be horrified no matter what the ethnic background. Is the president suggesting that if it had been a white who had been shot that would be ok because it didn’t look like him?”

He went added that it’s “just nonsense dividing this country up. It is a tragedy this young man was shot. It would have been a tragedy if he had been Puerto Rican or Cuban or if he had been white or if he had been Asian American of if he’d been a Native American. At some point we ought to talk about being Americans. When things go wrong to an American. It is sad for all Americans.”

A conservative black blogger points out the double standard:

If the Klu Klux Klan or the Aryan Brotherhood came out and openly stated that they were going to issue a bounty and form a posse for the capture of a black man, how long do you think it would be before those involved would be arrested for racial intimation, conspiracy to commit a hate crime etc? Of course, it would be almost instant and rightfully so in that case. So how is it possible that the NBPP is able to stand out in the open and issue a bounty on a citizen who hasn’t been charged by the government with a crime?

A New Black Panther Leader was arrested on Monday on a weapons charge unrelated to the issuing of the bounty.

Meanwhile, we wait in vain for the President to do the right thing and condemn the overheated rhetoric that has caused  Zimmerman to be in hiding since the story hit the news.

After all, the storyline was almost made to order for his election year race-card strategy: black victim/ white, white Hispanic, Hispanic guilt – facts be damned.


Police: Trayvon protesters ransack store – North Miami Beach Walgreens incident caught on video:

Minutes after walking out of their school Friday, a large group of students walked through the streets of North Miami Beach. Along the way, they stopped at a Walgreens at 163rd Street and 15th Avenue at about 10:40 a.m.

Surveillance video shows dozens of teenagers running through the store. Police said about 80 to 100 students stormed in, ransacking the shelves, before the school’s vice principal ordered everyone outside.

North Miami Beach police said students damaged items worth about $150. Local 10’s John Turchin reported some merchandise also was stolen.

The school’s Vice Principal was a part of it?!

Via The American Thinker: George Zimmerman ‘withdrawn’ from college:

SSC officials released a statement saying, “Due to the highly charged and high-profile controversy involving this student, Seminole State has taken the unusual but necessary step this week to withdraw Mr. Zimmerman from enrollment. This decision is based solely on our responsibility to provide for the safety of our students on campus as well as for Mr. Zimmerman.”

Will there now be mass media gimmick demonstrations demanding his reinstatement, claiming discrimination? Hmmm, I think not.

ObamAmerica is turning into a European Socialist state in more ways than one. Guilty before proven innocent would appear to be  the new order.
See Also:
The Smoking Gun: Obama’s other son.

…we’ve just come off this period where the left goes on the attack against Rush Limbaugh for making a comment about a woman that he apologizes for. They want to drive him off air, go after his advertisers. And meanwhile, you have these people who show up at these rallies who are basically calling for unlawful attacks or killings or capture of an individual who has not yet been charged with anything and there is a collective yawn from the left. Imagine if a white radical group asked for a bounty on the head of a black man who hadn’t been accused of a crime. What do you think Jesse Jackson and Al Sharptonwould be saying then?”Rev. Jackson recently advocated for a measured, non-violent response to the Martin case, telling a Fox affiliate in Orlando that people “would do well to remain disciplined, focused and non-violent. Any diversion from that takes attention away from Zimmerman and Trayvon and the family. I hope we remain in the face of all these provocations, focused and non-violent. We need to keep the focus on Trayvon, and who killed him and how that killing will be processed.”

“Why does the left remain utterly silent,” Ingraham continued, “when a man has not been accused of anything, yet, and not been charged with anything basically has his own life put in jeopardy by a radical organization that feels free to show up at these rallies and also menace people at the polls?”

“Eric Holder is not going to investigate the Black Panthers,” she concluded.

Do the Obama administration racialists think we don’t notice the double standard?

Video: Obama Lawyer Laughed at In Supreme Court

Via Fox News,   two justices, Alito and Breyer, needled a top Obama lawyer for simultaneously calling the fine that will be paid under the law for not purchasing insurance a “penalty” and a “tax.”

The confusion arises because of the administration’s argument that the power to enforce the individual mandate is rooted in Congress’ taxing power — but that the mechanism itself is designed to be a penalty, not a revenue-generating policy.

The narrow but important distinction created a communication challenge for the lawyer representing the Obama administration.

U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli used the phrase “tax penalty” multiple times to describe the individual mandate’s backstop. He portrayed the fee as a penalty by design, but one that functions as a tax because it’s collected through the tax code.

“General Verrilli, today you are arguing that the penalty is not a tax. Tomorrow you are going to be back and you will be arguing that the penalty is a tax,” said Justice Samuel Alito, in one of the few laugh lines throughout the 90 minutes of argument Monday.

The remark underscores the fine line the White House is walking in its argument. On one hand, it says the backstop is not a tax, because that could subject it to the Anti-Injunction Act — the focal point of Monday’s arguments — and delay a ruling to at least 2015. On the other, they claim that the power to impose a penalty derives from Congress’ broad taxing power. That’s in part because calling it a tax makes defending the mandate easier — Congress’ power to levy taxes is less in question than its power to require people to do things.

Justice Elena Kagan asked whether refusing to buy insurance would constitute breaking the law, to which Verrilli responded that if people “pay the tax, then they are in compliance with the law.” That caught the attention of Justice Stephen Breyer.

“Why do you keep saying tax?” Breyer interjected, to more laughs.



Via The Corner, Charles Krauthammer’s take on the first day of  Supreme Court arguments in the legal challenge to ObamaCare:

The fact that the court has taken this and the fact that it’s allocating three days, which I think is the most for any case in half a century, [shows] they understand it represents a crossroads. And the argument of those against the bill is that if you can compel a citizen — under the individual mandate — to enter into a private contract with a private company, then there are no limits to what government can make a citizen do under the Commerce Clause.

And then there is a fundamental change in the nature of our social contract. It used to be — or at least we imagined ourselves [to be] — under a government of enumerated powers. Congress is allowed to do “x,” “y,” “z.” Everything outside of that is in the free area of the individual and the states. [But] if you allow this unlimited expansion of the Commerce Clause, then Congress and the president, the federal government, is all powerful. And then what is left is for the individual and for elements of civil society to carve out areas of autonomy.

That is a huge change in the nature of the social contract.

On how the Supreme Court will decide:

Like all the other issues in American life, it will depend on what side of the bed Justice Anthony Kennedy arises on that morning. He is the ultimate in swing votes.

Or, you could say: king.

A Gallup poll published Monday found that Americans overwhelmingly believe the  “individual mandate” is unconstitutional.

They said so by a margin of 72% to 20% in a Gallup poll conducted Feb. 20-21, 2012. Americans on average are not lawyers, of course, but their views give an indication of the public’s general view on the case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court this week.

TSA Oversight Hearing Today at 130 PM EST: Effective Security or Security Theater? UPDATE: Video Added

Today, The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is holding a joint hearing with the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on the TSA. Live-stream, here.

The work of our two Committees has documented a recurring pattern of mismanagement and waste at the Transportation Security Administration.  Add to this an unending string of video clips, photographs and news reports about inappropriate, clumsy and even illogical searches and screenings by TSA agents.  Americans are right to demand answers from TSA about the return on investment of their tax dollars.

Monday’s joint Committee hearing represents yet another opportunity for TSA to try to explain why Americans are subjected to procedures that sometimes appear to defy logic and why the agency continues on a security system procurement binge.  The committee will be asking questions about the effectiveness of five major security initiatives that together represent billions dollars of government spending.  Understanding the cost for security programs as well as their benefits will help address the question: is it security theater or effective security.

I’ve been doing a slow burn since the invasive screening policies were enacted. I’m glad Republicans are finally looking at this, and asking Americans to tell their horror stories.

On Facebook, Oversight has been running a social media campaign for taxpayers to submit their “TSA Experiences” for Oversight members to ask the TSA bosses about.

Here are some of the submissions:

Michael Raymond Burns: Could you please explain TSA’s ridiculous policy in regard to this: As the Chalk Leader for my flight home from Afghanistan, I witnessed the following:

When we were on our way back from Afghanistan, we flew out of Baghram Air Field. We went through customs at BAF, full body scanners (no groping), had all of our bags searched, the whole nine yards. Our first stop was Shannon, Ireland to refuel. After that, we had to stop at Indianapolis, Indiana to drop off about 100 folks from the Indiana National Guard. That’s where the stupid started.
First, everyone was forced to get off the plane-even though the plane wasn’t refueling again. All 330 people got off that plane, rather than let the 100 people from the ING get off. We were filed from the plane to a holding area. No vending machines, no means of escape. Only a male/female latrine.

It’s probably important to mention that we were ALL carrying weapons. Everyone was carrying an M4 Carbine (rifle) and some, like me, were also carrying an M9 pistol. Oh, and our gunners had M-240B machine guns. Of course, the weapons weren’t loaded. And we had been cleared of all ammo well before we even got to customs at Baghram, then AGAIN at customs.

The TSA personnel at the airport seriously considered making us unload all of the baggage from the SECURE cargo hold to have it re-inspected. Keep in mind, this cargo had been unpacked, inspected piece by piece by U.S. Customs officials, resealed and had bomb-sniffing dogs give it a one-hour run through. After two hours of sitting in this holding area, the TSA decided not to re-inspect our Cargo-just to inspect us again: Soldiers on the way home from war, who had already been inspected, re-inspected and kept in a SECURE holding area for 2 hours. Ok, whatever. So we lined up to go through security AGAIN.

This is probably another good time to remind you all that all of us were carrying actual assault rifles, and some of us were also carrying pistols.

So we’re in line, going through one at a time. One of our Soldiers had his Gerber multi-tool. TSA confiscated it. Kind of ridiculous, but it gets better. A few minutes later, a guy empties his pockets and has a pair of nail clippers. Nail clippers. TSA informs the Soldier that they’re going to confiscate his nail clippers.

The conversation went something like this:
TSA Guy: You can’t take those on the plane.
Soldier: What? I’ve had them since we left country.
TSA Guy: You’re not suppose to have them.
Soldier: Why?
TSA Guy: They can be used as a weapon.
Soldier: [touches butt stock of the rifle] But this actually is a weapon. And I’m allowed to take it on.
TSA Guy: Yeah but you can’t use it to take over the plane. You don’t have bullets.
Soldier: And I can take over the plane with nail clippers?
TSA Guy: [awkward silence]
Me: Dude, just give him your F**K**G nail clippers so we can get the F**K out of here. I’ll buy you a new set.
Soldier: [hands nail clippers to TSA guy, makes it through security]

To top it off, the TSA demanded we all be swabbed for “explosive residue” detection. Everyone failed, [go figure, we just came home from a war zone], because we tested positive for “Gun Powder Residue”. Who the Hell is hiring these people?

This might be a good time to remind everyone that approximately 233 people re-boarded that plane with assault rifles, pistols, and machine guns-but nothing that could have been used as a weapon.

Can someone please tell me What the hell happened to OUR country while we were gone?
Sgt. Mad Dog Tracy

Maggi Cook ‎:‎#TSA – traveling from Dayton OH to Seattle TSA tried to direct my 3&5 yr old children to separate line, as I was selected for a more thorough screening; traveling from Seattle back to Dayton Sea-Tac TSA demanded that my son, active duty Sgt 3-days from depolyment, under go full screening – including confiscating a small piece of required equipment in his pocket – in order for him to accompany his children to gate. My son was in uniform at that time – I mean SERIOUSLY.

Lisa Carley Dale Nashville Airport BNA, a few months ago…I agreed to go thru the “nudey scan” as I like to call it, and they still groped my breasts and back area. I’m a size 4, so I cannot begin to fathom what they THOUGHT I was trying to conceal. Since I’m going to be groped either way, I’m no longer going through the “nudey scan” anymore.

Edward Gibson I no longer travel because of TSA intrusions.

Roland Murphy ‎2 years ago I had a 0530 flight out of Detroit coming back to Phoenix. I was detained for “enhanced screening”. My laptop, all my papers and every item on my person were reviewed by the two dimwits handling my “interrogation,” as they referred to it. They questioned the fact that I had my water bill in my bag and that the account was in my wife’s name, rather than mine, why I was carrying a passport if I wasn’t traveling out of the country, why I used a car service rather than renting a car, etc. etc. I have to say the review of everything in my laptop bag and question after question after question felt even more invasive than the overly enthusiastic pat down that preceded the grilling.

Bill C. Tudor I refuse to fly AT ALL as long as the corrupt TSA is in airports harrassing American citizens and wasting my hard earned tax dollars.


During Oversight’s joint TSA hearing with the Transportation Committee, Chairman Darrell Issa highlighted four stories submitted to the committee on its Facebook page.

 There were close to 350 individual submissions and all will be placed into the record.


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Hot Mic Picks Up Obama Telling Russian President Medvedev, “After My Election I Have More Flexibility” (to Sell Out America)

Reason number 68,986,756 to boot  this quisling out of office in November.

Via Weasel Zippers,

SEOUL – President Barack Obama offered a private request Monday to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for some “space” on missile defense ahead of November’s elections.

“On all these issues, particularly on missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space,” Obama said, referring to incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a TV pool reporter who heard audio recorded by a Russian reporter who was in the room moments before the two leaders spoke to reporters after their 90-minute meeting.

“Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you,” Medvedev responded.

A U.S. pool video camera in the room caught part of the audio, but not the piece about missile defense.

“This is my last election,” Obama said in audio that could be heard on the TV pool’s recording and that POLITICO listened to. “After my election I have more flexibility.”

Medvedev told Obama he understood and “will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Just last week, Dick Morris was alerting people to the Obama administration’s scheme to  strip America of vital defense capabilities through a web of international treaties and agreements.

Already, Clinton is negotiating a code of conduct in outer space that would effectively ban our capacity to destroy satellites and put interceptor missiles in space.

Last week, the president announced that he was going to provide the Russians with detailed technical information about the anti-missile systems he plans to base in Eastern Europe, in the hopes of lessening Russian opposition to their deployment. He is exacting no reciprocal sharing of intelligence, nor can he be sure that Vladimir Putin will not just turn around and forward the gift package to North Korea or Iran.

Reuters noted that “the Obama administration is leaving open the possibility of giving Moscow certain secret data on U.S. interceptor missiles due to help protect Europe from any Iranian missile strike. A deal is being sought by Washington that could include classified data exchange because it is in the U.S. interest to enlist Russia and its radar stations in the missile-defense effort, a Pentagon spokeswoman said Tuesday.”

Defense advocates are especially fearful that these negotiations could lead to a side agreement to limit the velocity of our missile interceptors or place other limits on our anti-missile capability. In the 1990s, the Clinton administration agreed to limit velocity to 3 kilometers per second.

Hank Cooper, who was President Reagan’s ambassador in charge of defending the Strategic Defense Initiative in the Geneva Defense and Space Talks with the Soviet Union and later served as director of the SDI program, said he is worried that “these negotiations might turn into some ‘executive’ agreement that limits the velocity of future improvements to the SM-3 — or other missile defense interceptors.”

He said this would be a “very bad idea — as was demonstrated by the Clinton administration’s side agreement on the margins of the U.N. that limited the velocity of our theater missile defense interceptors. … We got rid of this [agreement] as a byproduct of withdrawing from the ABM Treaty in 2002 — it would be a very bad idea to bring it back in any form.”

Cooper and others argue that Russia already knows our missile velocity from having observed our tests, and that Moscow is seeking these negotiations to tie our hands by prohibiting improvements in our anti-missile technology.

WHD’s Keith Koffler reports that Russia is claiming to be “exasperated” over the  plan for an anti-missile shield in Europe, which is meant to to defend against Iran.

But Eastern Europe views the plan as a way to help ensure its defense against Russia. Obama presumably would not want to anger sizable Eastern European voting blocs in key presidential battleground states in the Midwest by making drastic changes to the program before the election. Nor would he want to open himself to the charge from his Republican adversary that he’s weak on defense.

A White House official sought to explain the remarks by saying “there is a lot of rhetoric around this issue.”

It would appear that there are a lot of cynical political calculations  surrounding the issue, too, which we can add to the  short list of Obama policies influenced by Obama’s election calendar, as tabulated by Charles Krauthammer, last Fall:

the Canadian oil pipeline that would have produced thousands of truly shovel-ready jobs. Sure, delay could forfeit to China a supremely important strategic asset — a nearby, highly reliable source of energy. But approval was calculated to be a political loss for the president. Easy choice.

Obama’s decision to wind down the Afghan surge in September 2012 is militarily inexplicable. It comes during the fighting season. It was recommended by none of his own military commanders. It is explicable only as a talking point for the final days of his reelection campaign.

At the height of the debt-ceiling debate last July, Obama pledged to veto any agreement that was not long term. Definition of long term? By another amazing coincidence, any deal large enough to get him past Election Day (and thus avoid another such crisis next year).

  It was revealed that last year the administration pressured Solyndra, as it was failing, to delay its planned October 28 announcement of layoffs until November 3 — the day after the midterm election.

Has there ever been a more cynical or corrupt administration in American history?


Ace: Obama Caught On Open Mike: Hey, Comrade, If You Just Give Me More “Space” Right Now, I’ll Have More “Flexibility” After The Election To Cut ABM Defense

Who’s this son-of-a-bitch working for?

Sister Toldjah: And just what does President Obama need “space” for?

Let this serve as a reminder that, no matter how unsatisfying the Republican candidates may be, the overriding goal is to defeat Obama in November.

And God bless open mics.

RELATED READING: If you want to understand the “strategic vision” of the liberal internationalists now running our foreign affairs, start with Krauthammer’s “Decline is a Choice.”

LINKS: Ed at Hot Air thinks Obama has promised a total cave-in on missile defense. Pirate’s Cove is “grateful.” Joel Pollak calls it a promise of surrender.

UPDATE: The head of the House Armed Services Committee wants answers.

HotAir: Congressman to Obama: You’d better not be trading away our missile defense, champ;Update: A hint on Obama’s “flexibility” from Putin? Update: McCain calls Obama “a real Etch-a-Sketch leader”:

That’s not fooling Rep. Michael Turner, who chairs the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, which has direct oversight on missile-defense issues.  Turner sent a letter to the White House this morning, demanding answers from Obama on whether he’s planning on defying Congress and trading away missile defense.

Sarah Palin on her Facebook page: The Audacity of Obama’s Intentions Revealed:

Let’s consider what this “flexibility” might mean. We know that he has repeatedly conceded to foreign demands and backed down on missile defense. I pointed this out as Governor of Alaska when he proposed reducing Alaska’s missile defense system capabilities. I explained then that the President’s proposed military cuts would diminish Alaska’s opportunity to defend the union with our strategic location’s defense infrastructure. We also know that in 2009, as part of his “reset” with Russia, President Obama turned his back on our Eastern European allies by abandoning past promises for a missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic.

We can’t know for certain what this newly revealed “flexibility” means, but considering President Obama’s past actions, be sure it won’t involve a position of strength for America and our allies. Russia has been thwarting us on one issue after another, including the rushed-through New START Treaty that many of us questioned after Obama insisted America ratify it first, then allow Russia to sit on it – unratified on their end – until it suited that foreign power’s needs.

Meanwhile, North Korea is planning another long-range missile launch, and the United States and our allies are still vulnerable to the threat of ballistic missiles. Our president has done nothing to alleviate this vulnerability; in fact, he’s done just the opposite. He has consistently taken a position of weakness and naïve trust in Putin’s Russia. Consider that one-sided New START Treaty as an example of this. Or consider those cuts to Alaska’s missile defense system, which leaves us much more vulnerable in the face of a nuclear North Korea. Now consider the state of our national defense under a President who whispers to a foreign power that he needs even “more flexibility” to weaken us further.

Schumer Calls For Congressional Hearings and DOJ Probe of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

Via The Hill:

Sen. Chuck Schumer, appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation, Sunday morning, told Nora O’Donnell that he  is asking the Justice Department to expand its investigation of the Trayvon Martin shooting to examine controversial “stand your ground” laws in Florida and other states.

“I am sending a letter to the Justice Department to ask them to expand their investigation into the general application of these ‘stand your ground’ laws, whether they actually increase, rather than decrease, violence, and whether they actually prevent law enforcement from prosecuting cases where a real crime has been committed,” said Schumer, a senior Democrat who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Gosh — I wonder where Holder is going to come down on this one? Do you think he’ll be willing to expand the Justice Department’s investigation into the case to look into these liberalized self-defense laws known as “stand your ground”? The suspense is killing me.

Schumer said:

“This ‘stand your ground’ law is a whole new concept in our jurisprudence. It basically says if you fear great physical harm, you can shoot. Some people call it ‘shoot first, ask questions later.”

Asked whether he would like to see Capitol Hill hearings on the laws, he replied: “I hope so. I think that we should examine these laws. They are all new. They have passed very, very quickly and I think the states who passed them, if they find out the real facts, may decide to repeal them.”

Well, since Schumer’s in the mood to hold hearings,  can we expect a Senate hearing on  the ATF’s disastrous gun-walking operations that have led to the deaths of over 300 Mexicans and two U.S. federal agents?

I thought so.


Gingrich: Stand Your Ground Law Doesn’t Apply in Trayvon Martin Case

Your Sunday Hymn: The Prayer

A slight deviation from my usual Sunday Hymn fare, The Prayer is a contemporary Christian hymn beautifully  sung in duet by the amazing, young singing sensation, Jackie Evancho and classical opera singer, Josh Page.


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How I Missed The Jackson County MO Caucus, March 24, 2012: Update: Even Worse than Expected – Paul wins major­ity of del­e­gates: 80% to Romney 20%

The line to get in at approx 10:05 a.m.

Missouri Republicans are meeting in Jackson County and St. Louis, today in the state’s complicated GOP caucuses.

Most Missouri counties caucused last weekend, but Jackson County and St. Louis decided to move their caucuses to Saturday. One reason is both communities put on popular St. Patrick’s Day parades.

It turns out that I was supposed to be in that line, pictured above,  by 10:00 a.m. sharp, in order to get in. I was on schedule to get there on time, but a pick-up truck cut in front of me, and decided to just putter slowly along near an intersection on the way to the venue, and you guessed it – the green light I should have made turned red. So.

And then there was the unfortunate parking situation. (No spaces left!)  Diagonal lines in a parking lot mean no parking except in desperate circumstances, right? Coppers everywhere + me parking in a dicey spot + me with an upset stomach and no bathrooms  around = me not sticking around too long.

According to blogger Lorien Johnson, (a Paulite), there were approx 300 people in line by 8:10 a.m.
By 9:19 a.m. they were up to 640 atten­dees.
You know who gets there two hours early to wait in line that long for these things? Fanatics. The place was swarming with Ron Paul supporters. I mentioned to a couple of other Santorum supporters, who were also too late to get in, it looked to me like Ron Paul was being over-represented at this caucus. I don’t look forward to hearing the results of this thing, at all.
Anyway, for those who are interested, Johnson, ahem –  ” lib­er­tar­ian con­sti­tu­tion­al­ist influ­enced by Hayek and Burke” who  “thinks as an anar­chist guided by the bib­li­cal prin­ci­ples of lib­erty” is live-blogging the Caucus from inside.

01:56 PM CST — @TracyWardForKC says: “Now vot­ing on pro­por­tional slates out win­ner take all. This crowd is get­ting antsy.”

01:55 PM CST — Sounds like all of the cam­paigns are angling at the moment. No sub­stan­tive news.

01:35 PM CST — Analysis from a Platte County res­i­dent and cau­cus orga­nizer, Darrel Drumright: Each dis­trict has it’s own con­ven­tion. If you live in the 5th dis­trict you would be nom­i­nated for del­e­gate to the 5th dis­trict con­ven­tion. If you lived in the 6th dis­trict you would vote for del­e­gates to the 6th dis­trict con­ven­tion. They should make a motion to vote on the stage con­ven­tion del­e­gates first and then divide by dis­trict. The cau­cus today votes for del­e­gates for three dif­fer­ent con­ven­tions. The 5th dis­trict con­ven­tion, the 6th dis­trict con­ven­tion and the MO state con­ven­tion. All three send del­e­gates to national.

01:29 PM CST — Some peo­ple are so angry that del­e­gates might be divided that they are leaving.

01:21 PM CST — Mark Seitman (sp?) motions to amend rules to divide into 5th and 6th dis­tricts instead of vot­ing as county.

01:15 PM CST — Rules Committee now reporting.

01:13 PM CST — All singing God Bless America while wait­ing for Rules Cmte.

01:08 PM CST — Motion made and passed to sus­pend the read­ing of the call to con­ven­tion to save time.

01:05 PM CST — Munyan elected Secretary, 587 to Finch’s 281. Munyan is a GOP Committeeman and local attor­ney. Very hon­or­able rep­u­ta­tion, and I have met him and heard him speak. Good choice.


According to Lorien Johnson:


Paul wins major­ity of del­e­gates in Jackson County, Missouri. Paul 80% Romney 20%!

I could tell that Paulbots had flooded the zone. It was a lost cause.

Who’s the genius who decided Missouri needed to go to a Caucus?


Ron Paul supporters dominated in St. Louis, as well.

Linked by Daily Pundit thanks!

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