Saturday Movie Matinee: Breitbart’s Wake

  Breitbart’s Wake: Final Words from Friends:

: Tribute to Andrew Breitbart-Where We Gonna Go From Here-

: Cough Drops-The Mandate:

Remy crashes Sandra Fluke’s Congressional testimony to demand a mandate for his cough drop addiction.

Bill Whittle Afterburner: The Battle of Big Ideas, Part 1: CONSTRAINED vs. UNCONSTRAINED:

‘From There’ MO:

Tell Senator McCaskill: start voting in Washington the way you talk in Missouri…

Game On – Song for Rick Santorum – Super Tuesday Surprise Original By First Love (Band):
This is an original copyrighted song written by First Love
(Camille & Haley Harris & parents: David & Cherri Harris)
We wrote it Sunday night March 4th til 3 in the morning & woke up on March 5th to finish it.
We rushed to the studio about 30 minutes after it was done and recorded it!
Matt Latta videoed this and edited it all night March 5th – 6th for Super Tuesday.
We believe in Santorum’s character and his ability to boldly lead this country in the right direction.

We Love Rick Santorum & His family!

Lee Doren: Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh, Carl Sagan, George Carlin and Boycotts:

Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty: The Fourth Best President™ in American History ~ Barack Obama ~ Compare and Contrast:

Issa on Bloomberg: Car of the Year? Not the Chevy Volt:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, goes on Bloomberg News to discuss GM’s decision to scale back production of the Chevy Volt and the implications of the Obama Administration’s push to sell the Volt to American consumers.

Regulation Nation: Doug’s Story: Tell Us How Government Regulation Hurting Your Business

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released “Regulation Nation: Doug’s Story,” a new video underscoring how regulatory compliance costs are costing California businesses like San Bernardino based Western HiWays. Doug Grove, safety director of Western HiWays, explains how Washington regulators are stampeding California’s highways with insurmountable rules and regulations without first considering the costs.

The Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight, and Government Spending held a hearing on November 30, 2011 investigating how the Department of Transportation’s hours of service regulation will force commercial vehicles operators like Western HiWays to restrict drive times for its drivers. By the Obama Administration’s own estimates, regulatory compliance could exceed $2.31 billion annually.


The Western Center For Journalism: Lou Dobbs: Report Details 21 Legal Violations By Obama Administration

FTR Radio: Snark Factor 172 with Kurt Schlichter       

MRC TV: Daniel Hannan: What happened to Britain?

The Daily Caller: Thomas Sowell warns GOP candidates may ‘end up giving this election to Barack Obama’

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6 Responses to “Saturday Movie Matinee: Breitbart’s Wake”

  1. smitty1e Says:

    I think these clip aggregation post are a cool, original idea.
    Great stuff, Deb!


  2. nicedeb Says:

    Thanks, Smitty!


  3. Breitbart Wake Video: There Lies a Steel Driving Man | Maggie's Notebook Says:

    [...] H/T to Nice Deb who has another tribute with the perfect soundtrack to memorialize Breitbart’s wake, if we must, and unfortunately we must. [...]


  4. TSOB: The Battle Rages On « The Camp Of The Saints Says:

    [...] [tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain]: In the Comments of Stacy’s post, Nice Deb writes [see some more about Andrew here over at her joint]: My word for Andrew would have been, “lionhearted”: “brave, daring, bold, [...]


  5. Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove Says:

    [...] Deb has Saturday Movie Matinee. And your Sunday [...]


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