Earth Day 2012 Fizzles — Badly

In what should be seen as a hopeful sign that global warming/climate change hysteria in the United States has finally, mercifully, all but petered out, none but the most die hard Gaia- worshippers convened on the National Mall, Sunday, for the big Earth Day festivities.  Organizers reportedly had expected “tens of thousands”, but in reality the event attracted only – tens.

Newsbusters reported:

Monday’s Washington Post gave the badly-attended Earth Day rally on Sunday a whitewash on the front page of the Metro section. “Earth Day stands up to the rain,” was the headline, as reporter Tara Bahrampour said rain “didn’t stop the die-hards.” Online, the headline was funnier: “Rains don’t water down Earth Day enthusiasm.” The Post offered no attempts at a numerical estimate.

But at, ‘DC Green Business Examiner” Douglas Canter was more straightforward: “Earth Day Networks, which sponsored the event, expected tens of thousands of people. By midafternoon, about 40 people, including [Frisbee-throwers] Nick, Antonio, and a CNN crew, hovered near the stage awaiting the remainder of a long list of scheduled speakers and bands, including the Reverend Jesse Jackson and R&B singer Ledisi.”

He added: “About 50 yards away, several hundred people walked on the muddy grass and stopped under about 20 partially covered exhibits. Many were operated by companies that promoted their products.”

So let’s review: Earth Day organizers expected “tens of thousands” and drew 40. It received a large color photo (mother with child, avoid the “crowd” shot) and a front-page Metro story. In January, the March for Life turned out tens of thousands and it received two large color photos (one of an opponent) — one of and a front-page Metro story (and avoided a crowd shot). Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton nudged this quote from Post local editor Vernon Loeb: “In retrospect I wish we had given readers a better sense of the overall magnitude of the march. . .it was far larger than 17,000.”

Actually,  it was nearly 500,000.

The March for Life is always massive – and it’s always massively ignored by the MSM.

As Newsbusters reported, CNN barely Covered the March for Life, but hyped the much smaller Earth Day rally…

CNN prides itself on being a serious news network, but it submitted itself to being a simple megaphone for the Earth Day organizers. Correspondent Josh Levs admitted as much after airing a YouTube video that laid out the goals for the Earth Day movement.

“We have really stunning images to help you understand the extent to which the world has changed. So we want you all to know all about this. The kinds of things that they’re calling for on Earth Day, the kinds of things that are going on out there, and what the events are,” said Levs, who also directed the audience to links about the day on Facebook and Twitter.

One of the goals laid out by the movement, that CNN relayed to its cable news audience, was “trying to build a green economy and getting more green policies up there.” Such a goal could be considered a political agenda, but CNN had no problem carrying water for the movement.

“Earth Day 2012 activists want to pressure world leaders to address pressing issues like endangered wildlife, Arctic melting and air pollution,” noted anchor Don Lemon later on during the 6 p.m. hour.

Even with nodding approval and encouragement from the MSM, Earth Day Failed abysmally.

You get the full gist of how badly it failed from the Green-friendly blog, Freetaste: Celebrating Earth Day 2012 in Washington D.C. (photos) where you can view pic after pic of tens ones of people “mobilizing” to “save the earth” by building a “green economy”, etc. etc…

Always popular with environmental types, Captain Planet would have been a “crowd pleaser” if there had been a crowd.

Tents were set up but hardly anyone  was around to check out the Green wares inside.

“The wet weather may have discouraged people to attend,” the blogger speculates.

“A band performs despite the small turn out of audience at the National Mall,” he reports.

“Earth Day celebrants braved the cold and wet weather.”

Okay, ENOUGH. It’s APRIL. How cold can it be? If Pro-lifers can get hundreds of thousands year after year in January, what does it tell you about the excitement and dedication of enviros to their cause, that hardly anyone showed up for what was supposed to be a massive rally, because of a little rain. “April showers” are not wholly unexpected events, you know.

One Saturday, last April, in fact, I had the opportunity to tour DC with my oldest daughter, and guess what – it was raining cats and dogs for the whole day. Did that stop us? No, it did not. We just put on our rain coats and toured the Capitol in the rain – and had fun doing it.

Feb of ’09 saw the birth of a new conservative, grass roots movement in US politics – the Tea Party. It was in its infancy all across America.

In Kansas City, we held our very first tea party in a snow storm. The weather could not have been worse – really. And because we were conservatives, we’d never protested anything in our lives… but we believed in what we were doing.

I’ll never forget this grim faced girl:

History has proven us to be right. The Dems’ massive Stimulus did nothing to improve the economy, Obama’s spending on one boondoggle after another has been a disaster for this country. His “investments” in green energy  have been particularly egregious.

With  increasing numbers of people finally becoming aware of the Malthusian and Socialistic  nature of Climate Change fraud, coupled with Obama’s  massive Green Energy failures (at taxpayer expense),  it’s no wonder even Greenies allowed the rain to give them an excuse not to participate in Earth Day, this year.

Linked by Doug Ross and Maggie’s Farm, thanks!


According to Dem Source, Obama Told Debbie Wasserman Schultz, “Don’t forget you work for me.”

Javier Manjarres has managed to  find a Democrat source who is “a close associate” of Democratic National Committee Chairwoman,  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, an “insider”, if you will.

Wasserman Schultz, who represents the 20thcongressional district in Florida, is known to be one of those most strident,  polarizing and egocentric members of Congress. Apparently, that  has not made her popular with the Narcissist in Chief, who according to this source, once snapped at her, “It’s not about you, it’s about me.” (Oooooh…burn)

Rumors have been swirling around that Wasserman Schultz was not in President Obama’s top tier of candidates to sit at the helm of the Democratic National Committee.

A source within the Democratic Party who is a close associate of Wasserman Schultz has told the Shark Tank the details about the process that took place when the vetting of prospective candidates for the DNC chair.

The source told the Shark Tank that, “she (Wasserman Schultz) was not the first choice,” and that Wasserman Schultz feverishly lobbied her case of being a sitting ‘Jewish’congresswoman in a very safe Democratic district.  According to the source, Obama was pressured into picking Wasserman Schultz because she impressed upon him that he needed her as a loyal foot soldier to run cover him and shore up his dwindling support with the Jewish voters as well as with women.

But while Obama has been able to rely on Wasserman Schultz to carry his water, the President has grown increasingly annoyed with the polarizing manner in which she attacks her political opposition-a style that has galvanized her Republican opponents and chased many of those coveted ‘Independents’ away.

Just recently, Wasserman Schultz defended her former aide and current DNC Jewish Outreach liason for her juvenile misstep of posting pictures of herself on Facebook that referred to her and her fellow Jewish girlfriends as “Jewbags.” President Obama was reported to be so upset with the aide’s publicized antics that he did not allow Wasserman Schultz to introduce him at any of the events during his most recent trip to Florida.

Wasserman Schultz is known to always introduce the President whenever he is in Florida, and he did so during his previous visit to the Sunshine State, a little over a month ago.  Then ‘Jewbag-gate’ broke, and on Obama’s subsequent trip a couple of weeks back, Wasserman Schultz only introduced the President at a couple of events and merely acknowledged her presence at others. Ouch!  But in all fairness, the truth is that Wasserman Schultz’s role in President Obama’s recent trip was already scripted by his campaign.

It seems as if the relationship has soured to the point that according to the source, “He does not want her in the DNC anymore.”

Apparently, President Obama had discussions with the DNC Chairwoman regarding her approach, even telling her, “Don’t forget you work for me.”

It’s not about you, its about me. – attributed to President Barack Obama to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as per our source.

Manjarres opines that this would be an awkward time for Obama to dump her because it would look like the party was in disarray, but “it would be very hard to find someone that is both in lock-step with his agenda and willing to run cover for him as she has done.”

Oh, I don’t know about that – there are plenty of lick-spittles in the Democrat party, (and the MSM, BIRM) who are willing to carry Obama’s water. Most of them come off as insane, but that’s beside the point.

Stay tuned at The Shark Tank for more exciting revelations to come from his new source!


Random BlogConClt Pix and Memories

The Franklin Center and Freedomworks teamed up to put on BlogConClt in Charlotte, NC to help bloggers hone their skills and gear up for the 2012 election. The conference took place over the weekend, with the festivities actually beginning Thursday night with a Blog Bash at a local Irish Pub, which unfortunately, I missed because I didn’t get in until Friday.

The conference was very well attended, which you can’t really appreciate from the picture below because  bloggers were in and out – often congregating in the hall outside of the conference room.

After the first day of the conference, bloggers were treated to free drinks and h’orderves in the hotel.

Freedomworks’ Matt Kibbe speaks before a captive audience.

Lorie Byrd and Duane Lester, All American Blogger

Stephen Kruiser, Lady Liberty, and Tony Katz

Later on at the Karaoke bar, things got a little crazy…

April Gregory, and Pamela Geller

And later on at the Kruiser Kabana, things got crazier still….

Steven Kruiser and Pam Geller -– IN BED!

Things got a teensy bit loud in there, and the Kanbana was warned several times to keep it down. Finally, management had had enough and things – uh – escalated. Kruiser was evicted from his room.

But because Stephen Kruiser is a lover, not a fighter, he was able to sweet talk his way back into his room.

Kruiser and bloggers outside the hotel, Friday night.

All’s well that ends well!

The (very nice) Security Guy, Stephen Kruiser, MRCTV’s Joe Schoffstall

Tabatha Hale put on an awesome conference as usual. The snack table, Saturday afternoon featured candy-coated apples –  delicious!

Instapundit once told Little Miss Attila, “Blogging stars are like bowling stars. Outside our world, no one cares.” Saturday night at the blogger bowling bash, the lines between the two worlds blurred –  bloggers were bowlers  (and still no one cared.)

The rest of the pix are from my iphone, and it was dark – so not the best quality.

Left to right, Doug Ross, Marathon Pundit, Tony Katz, Kira Davis

Oklahoma blogger, Michael Bates of Batesline beat me by two points in the first game.

Michael Bates and Peter Ingemi, DaTechGuy

Then VodkaPundit, Jerome Hudson, and el Sharko showed up, and it was all over – they’re all bowling sharkos, these guys.

Javier Manjarres aka El Sharko, Steve Green aka VodkaPundit

Alexa Shrugged, Kristen Hawley, Teri Christoph, Kat McKinley aka TexasSparkle

Power Bloggers, John Hawkins, RWN and Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit.

Melody from Perfection Under a Red Umbrella, and Cheryl Prater

The next few pix are very dark – we were outside at Fitzgerald’s following the bowling bash. It was very nice outside, until the wind shifted and it suddenly got cold…

Kruiser Kabana was in the hotel lounge, which they kept open after hours, just for us.

Heading back to our rooms at around 3:00 a.m., DaTechGuy and I took pictures of each other in the elevator:

My plane to Kansas City left at 6:50 Sunday morning, so…..yeah — ouch.

Kudos again to Tabatha Hale for organizing yet another spectacularly successful blog  conference. I picked up some great tips from the panels, but the most valuable aspect of it for me  was the opportunity to touch bases with all of my precious blog buddies.

One person I always look forward to seeing at these things was sadly missing at BlogConClt…

But he was there in spirit…

Andrew Breitbart in his own words…was created by Anthropocon

We miss him so much.


John Hawkins: BlogCon 2012: Charlotte (37 Pics)

Batesline: Live from BlogConCLT

Doug Ross: The Dirty Little Secret of #BlogConCLT (He deserved every punch he got.)

All American Blogger: #BlogConCLT is Underway (Video)

Lady Liberty 1885: #BlogConCLT – Back and Fired Up!

DaTechGuy’s Blog:

Blogcon Caption contest win a Breitbart is Here T-Shirt

Blogcon Pizza Bowl photo gallery

Katie Pavlich on her New Book: Fast and Furious Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up

To those who think Bloggers of the right are getting rich on Koch money

DaTechGuy’s field guide to bloggers Lady Liberty 1885


Contempt Charges For Holder Imminent – “Weeks Away” According to Issa

Shortly after the blogger bowling bash at Blogcon, last night, while Blogconners were sipping cocktails at Fitzgerald’s Irish Pub,  none other than The Daily Caller’s, Matthew Boyle pointed me to this important story on Fast and Furious that I somehow  managed to miss, last week. I figure if I missed it, some of you did too….

Kerry Picket at the Washington Times Water Cooler reported this, last Wednesday:

Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican and Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has yet to charge Attorney General Eric Holder for contempt of Congress for failing to supply Mr. Issa’s committee with thousands of pieces of documentation relating to the Justice Department’s gun walking operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

Rep. Issa told me on Tuesday night to expect movement on the contempt charge towards A.G. Holder very soon.

“We’re going through a process,” said Congressman Issa. “That process is going to take weeks but not months more.”

This comes after a year of  threats made by Chairman Issa  to hold officials of the Obama Justice Department in contempt for their obstruction of justice surrounding the Fast and Furious scandal, unless they cooperated  more fully..

Townhall’s, Katie Pavlich (also at BlogCon) documented the DOJ’s systematic and egregious stonewalling cover-up in her hot new bestseller, Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Coverup.

Pavlich asks: “will perjury charges follow charges of contempt? After all, Holder has changed his testimony about what he knew and when he knew about Fast and Furious multiple times, under oath in front of Congress.”

Another question to ask – will enough Democrats join Republicans on holding Holder’s feet to the fire, to shake the MSM loose from their ennui on the Fast and Furious scandal?  – And could a vote of “no confidence” also be looming?

Final question: Will Attorney General Eric Holder become such a drag on the Obama administration that he’ll be asked to step down before the election, or will he brazen it out to the bitter end?


Doug Ross (also at Blog Con):Breaking: New Letterhead Unveiled for the Department of Justice:

In light of reports that the Department of Justice now refers reporters to Media Matters — the George Soros-funded propaganda arm of the hard Left — I felt it imperative to introduce brand new letterhead for the DOJ.

The Department of Justice is using the liberal “watchdog” group Media Matters for America to deflect questions about the Fast and Furious scandal, including those regarding a gun that might have been used in the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

The Washington Free Beacon: DOJ using the liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America to deflect questions about the Fast & Furious scandal:

A new book raises questions as to whether the FBI hid the existence of a weapon recovered at the scene of murdered U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Conservative commentator and author Katie Pavlich lays out evidence she says points to a FBI cover-up to protect a confidential informant in her recently released book, Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-up,

In response to an inquiry from the Free Beacon, a Justice Department spokeswoman said in an email that she “was told to direct your questions to the FBI, and also to provide you with a link to this story:”

The link was to a story at the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America supposedly refuting many of Pavlich’s claims. Media Matters is a partisan organization whose founder, David Brock, is also running a pro-Obama super PAC.

Linked by Doug Ross and iOWNTHEWORLD,and Daily Pundit thanks!


Video: “If I Wanted America To Fail”

In honor of Earth Day, via Free Market America:

The environmental agenda has been infected by extremism—it’s become an economic suicide pact.

Powerful stuff.


The Objective Standard Blog: On April 22, Celebrate Exploit-the-Earth Day:

ALEC: EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck


Video: Neal Boortz on the The History of Barack Obama

Via MRCTV, twelve plus minutes, unfiltered and unPC commentary on Obama’s Marxist growing up years.

Boortz somber conclusion:

“That’s the guy you have in the White House — who is working steadfastly for the destruction of Capitalism, the destruction of free enterprise, the elevation of government in the lives of all people. That’s the guy who tells you, “sometimes you have to recognize  you’ve made enough money,  “we’ve got to spread the wealth around”, “the government will tell you when it’s okay to make a profit, and when it’s not okay to make a profit…”

“And this guy must be defeated, this year, and if he is not, it will be the end of this republic.”

Truer words were never spoken. Worth listening to in full…

I thought this country scraped the bottom of the barrel with the shameless, and debauched Bill Clinton – but at least he was  an Eagle Scout, once, you know?

Via Conservative videos and commentaries at


The American Thinker: Obama Suckering America into Loving Russia

Hat tip: Brian B.


Sunday Hymn: Canticle of the Turning

A personal favorite, Canticle of the Turning, by Rory Cooney.


Read the rest of this entry »

Video: Charles Krauthammer Shreds Obama’s “Fairness Doctrine”

Saturday Morning Thoughts

With Deb away, I guess its up to Geoff and I to make sure that there is something for Deb’s readers to consider on this day, and since Geoff doesn’t really post anything, it appears that it falls to me.

So this morning, I read about a  new translation of the Bible, that is “easier to comprehend”. 

Professor David Capes says the Bible “is probably the most owned and least read book out there. That’s because, for many, it’s too difficult to understand.”

The “own it but haven’t read it” demographic is his target market, says Capes, who teaches the New Testament at Houston Baptist University and was part of a team that compiled “The Voice,” a new translation of the King James Bible. Capes told CNN that the motivation behind the translation, seven years in the making, was to emphasize the meaning behind the words.

“‘The Voice’ considers the narrative links that help us to understand the drama and passion of story that is present in the original languages,” according to the website for the book. “The tone of the writing, the format of the page, and the directness of the dialog allows the tradition of passing down the biblical narrative to come through in ‘The Voice.’”

I really have mixed feelings about this.  While there are several translations of the Bible that are the result of years of translation from original greek texts, that have allowed for a deeper, richer understanding.  This still requires an effort from the reader, and it is precisely the difficulty in understanding certain portions that causes me to read from these translations in the first place. 

But what makes this different is the fact that it is someone re-writing a King James Version because it is too difficult to understand.  This smacks of the same thinking in which people denigrate the Constitution, because it is too hard to understand, or refuse to read the Federalist Papers because they are difficult, or CS Lewis’ apologetics, or…well, you get the point.  It isn’t the average person who benefits when such books are “dumbed down”, and it empowers the ones doing the dumbing down.  You don’t value what you don’t pay for, and when this version has abandoned the use of “angel”, “Christ”, and “apostle”, I don’t get a sense that it ends well.  It smacks a little too much of the continual “redefinition” of all things being forced upon us in other parts of culture and society.

Video: New, Extended Occupy Unmasked Trailer

At BlogCon in Charlote, NC, this weekend, the new, extended, Occupy Unmasked trailer was debuted,

It was very well received:

Occupy Unmasked is slated to be released this Spring.

En Route to BlogCon, Charlotte

The conservative action conference put on through FreedomWorks and  Franklin House, started bright and early this morning in Charlotte, NC at 8:00 am.  

I opted for a Friday morning flight with a layover in Atlanta, getting me there in the early afternoon.

As I sit here in the Atlanta Airport, I see that a graphic picture of George Zimmerman’s profusely bleeding head has appeared online, giving credence to his claim that Trayvon was bashing his head against the cement.

Doug Ross has that story, which means he’s blogging instead of paying attention at BlogCon.

My plane to Charlotte is boarding, so I have to cut this short, I’ll have more later.

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Video: Nancy Pelosi Wants To Amend the First Amendment

This is sure to excite the Occupy crowd Pelosi so admires…

Via Terence P. Jeffrey of CNS News reports:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday endorsed a movement announced by other congressional Democrats on Wednesday to ratify an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would allow Congress to regulate political speech when it is engaged in by corporations as opposed to individuals.

The First Amendment says in part: “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”

Television networks, newspapers, publishing houses, movie studios and think tanks, as well as political action committees, are usually organized as, or elements of, corporations.

Pelosi said the Democrats’ effort to amend the Constitution is part of a three-pronged strategy that also includes promoting the DISCLOSE Act, which would increase disclosure requirements for organizations running political ads, and “reducing the roll of money in campaigns” (which some Democrats have said can be done through taxpayer funding of campaigns).

The constitutional amendment the Democrats seek would reverse the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In that decision the court said that the First Amendment protects a right of free speech for corporations as well as for individuals, and that corporations (including those that produce newspapers, films and books) have a right to speak about politicians and their records just as individuals do.

Read the full report at CNS News.

God Help Us: Obama Tells Supporters – “It’s Time To Double Down on Clean Energy…” (Video)

It’s “never been more promising!”

Yes, he said that — and people CLAPPED.


At Michelle Malkin, Doug Powers says “hold on to your wallet”, and quips, ” with great examples like this and this and this and this and this and this and these, how could anybody not get caught up in the promise?”

Video: Allen West Spars With Soledad O’Brien on Commies in Congress – Doesn’t Back Down

Rep West went into hostile territory, last night, when he sparred with Soledad O’Brian on CNN, and he didn’t give an inch.  Soledad, as Greg Hengler of Townhall puts it, “is notorious for her more artificial than Katie Couric perky exterior while underneath it all she is seething disdain and contempt for her Republican guests.”

She started out by informing him that  the public doesn’t want him for Romney’s VP choice, and asked him to comment on that. From there, she wanted him to comment on whether of not the Romney campaign “went far enough” in condemning Ted Nugent’s recent controversial statements that got him in trouble with the Secret Service, as if it’s Allen West’s job to comment upon every move the Romney campaign does or doesn’t make. Finally she moved on to his own comments regarding the 78-81 members of Congress whom he recently stated were Communists, conveniently cutting off the part of the clip where he explained he was talking about the Progressive Caucus – a neat trick a lot of libs in the media have been playing.

Do you mean “card carrying Communists?” she asked, barely containing her seething disdain and contempt. Without contesting anything he said in his answer, she attempted to shame him by  challenging him to “name names”:

I wish his last answer had better addressed the laughable statement she cited from the Vice Chairman of the National Communist Party, who condemned West for using “guilt by association”. How sincere can he be when he calls association with his group, “guilt”. Yeah, that guy knows Communism! All Marxists know how to lie and obfuscate and cover for fellow travelers.

They know it’s not safe to come out of the closet, yet.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

Ralph Peters on Photos of U.S. Soldiers With Maimed Suicide Bombers: Stop Blaming the Troops – Blame The Generals, Cowardly White House, and Establishment Media

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters joined Megyn Kelly on FOX News, yesterday,  to discuss the publication of photos of U.S. soldiers posing with the bodies of suicide bombers. His reaction was one of outrage – but not at the soldiers, he was fuming at “the generals whose strategy has failed, the cowardly, cowardly White House just trying to kick the can down the road to November, and blame the establishment media that really loves, loves to trash our soldiers and Marines.”

Peters: My take on this is that there’s a terrible scandal here Megyn, but it has nothing to do with our troops in combat. Those troops escaped a suicide bomber, bad judgment, took some dumb pictures, and no terrorists were harmed in the taking of those snapshots. The real scandal is that the LA Times, desperate to survive, creates a scandal, publishes the pictures over the Pentagon’s objections. The real scandal is that the establishment media leaps on another chance to trash our troops. The worst of the scandal is that our leaders, in and out of uniform, rush to condemn our troops. No explanation, no context. And I suggest that White House Spokesman Jay Carney join the military and see what it’s like himself before he condemns our troops.

I’m especially appalled that those in uniform, Gen. Allen, our commander in Afghanistan, just jump to trash our troops. Look, he needs to put it in context. Megyn, the “greatest generation” sent Japanese skulls home to their girlfriends. I’m not condoning it, but I’m trying to make the point that our soldiers out on the front line, and our Marines, are under tremendous stresses. War is not a ladies auxiliary tea party, and it’s all too easy for people comfortable in Los Angeles or New York or the White House to condemn the troops without context. Those troops should be given company level letters of reprimand and moved on.

And, by the way, if our strategy and doctrine is so pathetically weak that it can be derailed, destroyed, shattered by a few burning Korans or a few photographs — the dead body parts of terrorists — well that’s not much of a strategy or a doctrine. So, I’m furious, not at the troops who did something dumb, but I’m furious at the moral cowardice of military leaders who never stick up for our troops but protect their own careers. Do I sound angry? As a 22-year-old former Army enlisted man and officer, I’m angry as can be because Gen. Allen needs to get it through his head that a leader is responsible for everything his troops do or fail to do. That’s the military code. Don’t blame the troops out doing the tough work. Blame the generals whose strategy has failed, the cowardly, cowardly White House just trying to kick the can down the road to November, and blame the establishment media that really loves, loves to trash our soldiers and Marines.

Watch the video at RCP.

This picture, taken by AFP photographer Massoud Hossaini, 30, won the prestigious US journalism prize for his “heartbreaking image of a girl crying in fear after a suicide bomber’s attack at a crowded shrine in Kabul.”

Pic, via Jawa Report

Tarana still cries sometimes when she remembers that day, but she managed an occasional shy smile in an interview with AFP at her modest home on Tuesday, as she cuddled her sisters, who were both wounded in the blast.

That her picture has been featured on newspaper front pages around the world means little to her, she says, with a small shrug and a fleeting smile.

The soldiers seen in the unfortunate pictures the Obama administration is apologizing for, had just narrowly avoided a similar fate.

Please tell me that the  apologies are not directed toward the Taliban, who also, by the way, recently poisoned 150 school girls for having the temerity to go to school.

Please tell me, that just because we’re actually “negotiating” with those animals, and we’re “better than them” (NO KIDDING), we don’t feel the need to actually apologize to the Taliban when our soldiers celebrate not being blown up by them. Let’s hope and pray that the apologies are simply a matter of  obligatory diplomacy toward the Afghan people as a whole, and not meant to appease savages who will never be appeased.

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