Cat Photos Taken at Just the Right Moment

Adorable kitties are de rigueur on YouTube, these days, and now they are starring in their own viral pictorial essays.

This one’s via Socialphy - (Be sure to view to the end)…

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5 Responses to “Cat Photos Taken at Just the Right Moment”

  1. backwardsboy Says:

    Great pics, NiceDeb.

    Henri, Ennui Kitteh, would not care, of course.


  2. fuzislippers Says:

    Some of those are priceless! I so miss my kitties . . . it may just be time to get another one (or two).


  3. Reiuxcat Says:

    Good pictures. thanks Deb. :-)


  4. Nice Deb Says:

    You’re welcome!


  5. passerby Says:

    picture # last…. it explains a lot….


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