Classy Cleveland Woman Explains Why She’s Voting for Obama (Video)

I know you’ve probably seen this video, by now, Drudge linked to it, and Rush played it on his show a little while ago, but DAYUM! I’m posting this, anyway because it must be seen to be believed…

Talk about a poignant validation of Romney’s 47% makers vs takers remark. This woman should be a spokeswoman for the Romney campaign:

If I didn’t know any better I’d say that that video is a spoof of how liberals think conservatives view Obama voters: ignorant, ridiculous, uneducated sponges – how racist of us!- Perhaps an attempt by the  left to save face after being punked so badly, yesterday on Romney/Ryan stench hoax.

But unfortunately….it’s all too real, and we’ve seen glimpses of this pathetic entitlement mentality before.

FLASHBACK to 10/2009:

FLASHBACK to 10/2008:

Do I think all Obama voters are like this? Of course not. But Obama has encouraged the entitlement mentality with his policies, not discouraged it.


Another utterly moronic and vile Obama voter weighs in on the Libyan Embassy attack: Obamavoter –Assassinated Libya Ambassador “had it coming”.

This guy has union goon written all over him:

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5 Responses to “Classy Cleveland Woman Explains Why She’s Voting for Obama (Video)”

  1. alanstorm Says:

    Sounds like a typical liberal to me…it’s just that some are able to dress it up in fancier language.


  2. Obama Has My Vote – He Gives Us Free Phones (Video) – Red Alexandria Says:

    […] Classy Cleveland Woman Explains Why She’s Voting for Obama (Video) ( […]


  3. Nuda Waya Says:

    Perhaps instead of voter I.D. Laws voter I.Q. Laws? Just a suggestion.


  4. Video: Obama Supporters Paid $11 an Hour by SEIU to Protest Romney Rally in PA « Nice Deb Says:

    […] this is the same protest near Cleveland Ohio, where those  two Mensa recipients were caught on tape gushing about Obama’s free phones, and saying that our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens […]


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