Nuns in Habits For Obama? Yeah Right!

Father Z saw these Obama buttons in the Washington Post, yesterday,  and got a little sick to his stomach:


It’s not that there aren’t plenty of Catholics – even nuns who wouldn’t sell out their faith to support an enemy of the Church. We know all too well that there are.

But those nuns tend to look like more this.


Note that they’re all older women with short cropped hair in ugly pant suits. Liberal nuns do not wear habits. They just don’t.

The nuns pictured above are “the nuns on the bus” who toured the country, last year, to  protest Paul Ryan’s reasonable and responsible budget cuts. They wouldn’t wear veils to save their lives.

Via the Janesville Gazette:

The Nuns on the Bus is a tour traveling to nine states to protest the budget that Ryan wrote and the House passed May 10.

The tour began in Iowa on Sunday. It stopped in Ryan’s hometown Tuesday.

The nuns object to the Ryan budget’s cuts in social services.

“We cannot stand by silently when the U.S. Congress considers further enriching the wealthiest Americans at the expense of struggling, impoverished families,” the nuns say on their website.

A crowd of about 140 people jammed the Main Street sidewalk in front of Ryan’s office and cheered long and loudly as four nuns disembarked from their tour bus and crossed the street.

A couple of dissenting nuns watched the spectacle with disapproval:

“We’re kind of embarrassed that they’re sisters, because so are we,” said Sister Joselda Kuhle.

The bus nuns don’t talk about issues such as abortion or that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, said the other nun, Sister Rosalia Bauer.

Bauer supported Ryan’s approach to the national budget.

“Jesus didn’t say give out handouts, give out handouts, give out handouts,” Bauer said. “He said, ‘Work!’ We can’t keep giving out handouts because we’ll run out of money.”

I wish the Gazette had taken a picture of those two nuns. I suspect they would look like the one on the Obama button.

Like these gentle souls who stood up for religious freedom and against Obama’s HHS mandate, in Kansas City, last Spring:


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2 Responses to “Nuns in Habits For Obama? Yeah Right!”

  1. Geo Says:

    The Nuns on the Bus are a left over collection of 60′s radicals. Their leader in Pennsylvania was very active during the healthcare debate, actively promoting and pushing it, while completely supporting “dear leader” [and I don't mean the Pope]. When HHS announced that there would be no exemptions for the Church when it came to contraceptives or abortions in Catholic Hospitals. . . . . they weren’t so amused.

    The Pope issued a edict that they should get back to their “teachings” and give up their activism. Their response to the Pope was “they’d be willing to sit down and negotiate with him”. The U.S. Bishops and Cardinals need to tighten their jock straps and get these whack jobs under control. If there are any left out there, willing to lead and give up their activism, that is.

    It was about that moment [questioning a order of the Pope] that my beloved Grandmother, was heard spinning in her grave.


  2. nicedeb Says:

    When HHS announced that there would be no exemptions for the Church when it came to contraceptives or abortions in Catholic Hospitals. . . . . they weren’t so amused.
    Yet they went on a tour to lambast Dear Leader’s political opponents in MAY of last year. The HHS Mandate came down in January.


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