(Audio) Mark Levin tells Story of a Man Murdered While Trying to Save His Daughter

Mark Levin told the sad story of Maurice Harris of Miami, who was murdered after two heavily armed intruders invaded his house.  He was shot while fighting to keep them from entering his eleven year old daughter’s room.

As the family was unarmed and as Levin noted, there isn’t a single gun control law being discussed that would have done anything to keep these animals from getting the weapons they had.

“The idea for instance, that these two heavily armed rabid dogs would submit to a background check, and fill out a form, and send it in to the government….it’s so absurd. It’s preposterous,” Levin proclaimed.

All of the gun proposals being considered by Democrats would have only applied to Maurice.

For crime stories with happier endings, go here and here.

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One Response to “(Audio) Mark Levin tells Story of a Man Murdered While Trying to Save His Daughter”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    if it were not for rush in 88 and lavine in13 i would have
    burned my self on the white house steps with a sighn,its time for a military coupe! 66 through94 veteran mr1jeter us navy ret.where do i sign up?


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