Donna Brazile Searching For Answers: Why Did Her Health Care Premiums Go Up? They Were Supposed to Go Down by 3000%!

As recently as last March, Brazile was enthusiastically promoting Obamacare on Twitter.

Now this:

This one’s a toughie because as you may remember, Obama made extremely optimistic predictions regarding healthcare premiums under Obamacare, and we all know this president would never lie:

Yeah, who was hoodwinking who, there?

See Jim Geraghty at The Campaign spot for The ‘Good Answer’ on Rising Health Insurance Premiums:

I guess it depends upon your definition of a “good” answer. Once Obamacare requires insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions, kids under 26, birth control pills and so on, the companies will cover those costs by… raising premiums for all customers.

So that’s a “good answer” in the sense of explaining the situation. But I guess if you’re a fan of Obamacare, it’s not really a good answer.

Who would have ever guessed such a crazy thing!

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4 Responses to “Donna Brazile Searching For Answers: Why Did Her Health Care Premiums Go Up? They Were Supposed to Go Down by 3000%!”

  1. gds44 Says:

    Reblogged this on Gds44's Blog.


  2. Truth2013 Says:

    The insurance companies were in on the ground floor of Obamacare. After seeing how the prescription drug plan paid off for the drug companies under Bush they wanted their slice of the pie. They now have a captive audience with citizens forced to buy their product. Of course they’ll raise the price.


  3. 00micahstone00 Says:

    IQ Range Classification
    70-80 Borderline deficiency
    50-69 Moron
    20-49 Imbecile
    Below 20 Idiot
    Below 0 Donna Brazile


  4. Donna Brazile Runs Into ObamaCare Reality: Denies it - Conservative Hideout 2.0 Says:

    […] I really love it when a liberal runs face first into reality, and has no clue that their policies created that reality.  The latest victim of this cognitive dissonance is Donna Brazile, the current DNC vice- Chair.  Nice Deb has info on Ms. Brazile’s recent brush with reality… […]


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