Rep. Chaffetz on Extortion 17: The Families Still Need Some Basic Answers (Video)

Rep Jason Chaffetz appeared on Fox News, today to talk about the upcoming oversight subcommittee probe into the August 2011 Chinook helicopter crash that killed 22 SEAL Team Six members.

Chaffetz told Alisyn Camerota that a couple of years after the event, the families still don’t have some basic answers, and “there really are some strange things, here.”

He would like to give the Pentagon a chance to respond to the family’s concerns and hopefully provide them with some satisfying answers.

He noted that they were able to recover the bodies from the crash but not the black box, because it was supposedly washed away in a flash flood.

The bodies were cremated, but based on the autopsy  photo provided by one of the families – that was perhaps not necessary.

And the most disturbing thing he said he’s seen is the video of the local cleric “blessing” the bodies of American servicemen -  apparently calling them infidels in Arabic.

Here’s Michael Savage’s blockbuster interview with Charles Strange, the father of Michael Strange – one of the SEALS killed in the crash, discussing all that and much more.

Chaffetz was also asked about the suspects who are still at large in Benghazi. Reportedly, we know who and where they are, but no one’s made an effort to capture them – certainly not the FBI who have been AWOL. Apparently CNN was able to get an exclusive interview with the leader of Ansar al-Sharia, but after Obama repeatedly promised “he wouldn’t rest” until the terrorists were “hunted down” and “brought to justice”,  the Regime remains out of the loop.

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