Reid: Why Would We Want To Pass A Bill To Help Children With Cancer? (Video)

More stunningly bad optics for the Dems. When asked by Dana Bash at CNN why he isn’t willing to help even one child who has cancer, Reid responded “Why would we want to do that?”

BASH: But if you can help one child with cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?

REID: Why would we want to do that? I have 1100 people at Nellis Air Force Base sitting home. They have problems of their own.

Reid then attacked Bash’s intelligence, “For someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing is irresponsible.”

Video via NRSC Blog:


We need more of this. We need more Obama, Reid, and Pelosi in front of the cameras showing us who they really are. They are our best weapon right now.



NRSC: Are All Memorials Closed To Veterans?

Via The Daily Caller: 

Appearing before the memorial, hours after World War II veterans passed through the Park Service’s barricade, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus announced that the committee has put aside enough money to hire 5 full-time security personnel for the next 30 days to keep the memorial open.

“Make no mistake, it was the Obama administration’s choice to barricade this memorial and it was their choice to lock out veterans across this country,” Preibus said.

Jim Geraghty, Campaign Spot: How the Park Service Is Enforcing the Shutdown on the Mall Today

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4 Responses to “Reid: Why Would We Want To Pass A Bill To Help Children With Cancer? (Video)”

  1. gds44 Says:

    Reblogged this on Gds44's Blog.


  2. rmnixondeceased Says:

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society and commented:
    May G-d damn your soul to the eternal lake of fire Harry Reid!


  3. Geo Says:

    {not so} Great Moments in American dimoCrap Party History.

    “I did not have sexual relations. . . . with that woman, Ms Lewinsky”. – The Squirter in Chief

    “We have to pass the Bill, so we can find out what’s in it.” – Nanny Piglosi

    “If you like your current Health Care Plan, you can keep it.” Barry Hussein

    “What difference, at this point, does it make”. – Hillary a.k.a. Mrs Stainmaster

    “‘Why Would We Want To’ Help One Kid With Cancer”? – Harri Weed


  4. nicedeb Says:

    Great compilation.


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