Krauthammer Explains the 20 New ObamaCare Taxes: ‘How Do You Think Sandra Fluke Gets Her Free Contraceptives?’ (Video)

Charles Krauthammer was on the O’Reilly Factor Thursday night to talk about all the new Obama taxes that are getting ready to drop, next year.

Juan Williams, filling in for Bill O’Reilly, began the segment by asking the question, “can Americans withstand the crushing new costs of ObamaCare in the new year?”

“In all, you’ve got  20 new taxes in ObamaCare- nine that are taking effect this year or next. What are all of these new hidden taxes and fees coming for? What are they going to do for anybody?” Williams asked.

Krauthammer quipped, “well how do you think Sandra Fluke gets her free contraceptives? Remember all the free stuff people are getting? The free mammograms, the free preventative care, the free everything? Nothing is free in this world. What ObamaCare managed to do very cleverly when it was selling itself, was to hide all these taxes. They’re a trillion dollars a year.”

Krauthammer said the “hidden tax” is the fact that millions of people have been dropped from their insurance in the individual market, and later, millions more off the employer market to force them to pay higher premiums for coverage they don’t need — in order to subsidize other people. “The costs people are paying out, is huge,” he said.

“The middle and upper middle class …are being asked to subsidize anybody up to 3 times over the poverty line, Krauthammer continued.. “This is a huge transfer of wealth that was always in the bill, it was never anything that couldn’t have been seen, but the media and most analysts and of course, Democrats were uninterested in looking at it at all.”

“This is a huge tax on the middle class, but Obama posed as a defender of the middle class against the very rich,” he noted.

Krauthammer has been warning for the past week, that Obama plans to bail out the insurance companies to prevent an ObamaCare “death spiral.”

“That’s why the administration is somewhat serene,” he explained. And that’s why Republicans have to get up right now and pass a bill that says, “no bailout” – at least in the House.”

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6 Responses to “Krauthammer Explains the 20 New ObamaCare Taxes: ‘How Do You Think Sandra Fluke Gets Her Free Contraceptives?’ (Video)”

  1. 2014 TAX FREE TEXAS Says:

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    ha ha ha ha


  3. MM Says:

    Bail out? With what? More fairy dust money? Great, another withdrawal from our kid’s future. What an unbelievable cluster*uck. And Obama and his sycophants in the media just smilingly blither on.

    We’ve fallen through The Rabbit Hole.

    We’ll never see a better example then this as the epitome of REgressivism.


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