Obama’s “Not a Smidgen of Corruption” Line Looking Pretty Nixonian

Of course, comparing Barack Obama to Richard Nixon is a huge insult to Richard Nixon. Via The Independent Journal, this Ben Howe video  contrasts Obama’s words with testimony from last week’s House Oversight hearing.

As Steve Huntley at the Chicago Sun Times noted, “it is unimaginable that IRS special scrutiny of liberal groups during a Republican administration would be written off as bureaucratic bungling. To many conservatives, Obama’s assertion of “not even a smidgen of corruption” sounds a lot like another White House’s claim that Watergate was ‘a third-rate burglary.’”

Exit question, now that some liberals are getting tired of defending Obama on ObamaCare - will they also tire of defending him on the IRS scandal? (Not to mention the Benghazi, NSA, DOJ spying, Fast and Furious and the rest of the scandals.)

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7 Responses to “Obama’s “Not a Smidgen of Corruption” Line Looking Pretty Nixonian”

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased) Says:

    Thanks, I was never as big a liar as Obama!


  2. Geo Says:

    ^^^^Now that there is funny, I don’t care who you are.
    Speaking from the grave.


  3. nicedeb Says:

    Seriously, RMN – you didn’t even come close.


  4. Geo Says:

    Professor Jonathan Turley on The Kelly File tonight regarding obama’s “abuse of executive power”.


  5. nicedeb Says:

    Got it. I’ve been watching the Olympics, so missed it. I’ll find the YouTube.


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