Cleta Mitchell: ‘The IRS Became The Enforcement Arm of the Democratic Party’ (Video)

Megyn Kelly had Washington Attorney Cleta Mitchell on the Kelly File, Monday night to talk about the new IRS emails released by the House Oversight Committee that show Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings’ staff communicating with the IRS on several occasions between 2012 and 2013 about Catherine Engelbrecht’s voter integrity group, True the Vote.

Kelly noted with a degree of disgust that Cummings was on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer, Sunday, where he fielded zero questions about the IRS scandal. Instead they talked about – get this -  equal pay for women! (See, over at CBS – they like to cover the tough issues … just ask Sharyl Attkisson.)

Kelly and Mitchell proceeded to review the latest evidence that Cummings colluded with the IRS to target True the Vote, and lied about it. The evidence is, frankly, overwhelming that Cummings inappropriately coordinated with the IRS to target True the Vote, even though he had no business investigating the group. 

No wonder the Democrat media complex wants to ignore the story and talk about binders full of women.

Mitchell summed up the underlying problem of the entire scandal, saying “Lois Lerner and the top brass at the IRS came to see its role as somehow the enforcement arm of the Democratic party and Democratic members of Congress, and the White House. And they began to carry out these activities – to pursue conservative groups because these politicians were demanding it. And yet all of these people – Lois Lerner – all of them – they have civil service protection. And the only difference between what happened at Watergate, when Richard Nixon asked the IRS to go after his political enemies, was when Richard Nixon asked – the IRS refused. When these Democratic politicians asked the IRS to go after these groups because they’re challenging us and we don’t like what they’re saying about us, the IRS took it upon themselves to do their bidding and to try to silence these groups.”

Because we are dealing with a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party.

Video: Sharyl Attkisson on CBS Bias And White House Harassment

Recently departed CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson appeared on Fox News for an interview with Howard Kurtz about her decision to end her  20-year career at the  network.

Via Hot Air: 


Attkisson told Kurtz that political considerations were at play, but the bigger issue is the “chilling effect” of the Obama administration on journalists, but also “corporate interest” pressure as well, which don’t tend to balance themselves out but add together. 

ATTKISSON: I didn’t run into that same kind of sentiment [at CBS] as I did in the Obama administration when I covered the Bush administration very aggressively, on its secrecy and lack of Freedom of Information responses, and its poor management of the Food and Drug Administration and the national laboratories, the Halliburton-Iraq questions of fraud. I mean, there was one thing after another. The bait-and-switch of TARP, the bank bailout program. All of those stories under Bush were met with a good reception. There were different managers as well, but no one accused me of being a mouthpiece for the liberals at that time.

Attkisson told Kurtz that the White House would pressure her to change or drop her reporting, and when that didn’t work, they worked her bosses instead. Kurtz asked how this differed from the “working the refs” actions that go on all the time in Washington, and Attkisson says that it went too far. “It’s just a lot of obfuscation, accusations, saying things are ‘phony scandals,’ ‘bogus,’ ‘not real,’ giving misinformation and false information. I mean, that’s provably true in some cases.”


 Kurtz will have more from the interview with Attkisson next week, including the question of the still unsolved mystery of who broke into her computer.

Why hasn’t Fox News picked Attkisson up, yet?

MORE Via Keith Koffler, White House Dossier: 

As I’ve written, it’s not just the liberal bias of reporters that has caused the soft coverage of this White House. It is an orchestrated campaign of bullying reporters for writing perfectly legitimate stories the White House doesn’t like. The idea is to either knock down the current piece or get inside the heads of reporters – and their editors or producers – and make them think twice before they write another such story.

White House officials try to portray this as the usual loud argumentation that goes on in Washington. But this not the case.

The bullying by this administration is done with such regularity and such ugly ferocity by the Obama people that normal human beings – even ones who can take a lot of abuse – can’t help but think, even subliminally, about whether they want to deal with getting cursed at, yelled at, and threatened if they write a negative story about Obama.

I believe this is a well organized strategy, and that – given the similarity of some of the attacks I’ve encountered – the Obama people are even trained how to do it.

Ultimately, this is suppression of free speech and an attempt to undermine a free press. It’s consistent with an administration that likes to rule without having to bother with Congress and that villainizes its opponents as racists, women haters, or whatever else they can think of.

And, as Attkisson is pointing out here, it’s also effective.


Jewish Center Shooter A Jew-Hating White Nationalist Who Frequently Ran For Office

nazi millerVia The Daily Mail: Nazi: Cross, also known by the surname Miller, was leader of White Patriot Party and is pictured at a training camp in western North Carolina in 1985

On Palm Sunday 2014 and the eve of the beginning of Passover,  a gunman opened fire outside the Jewish Community Center and a senior living facility in Overland Park Kansas, killing three people. Two of the victims  have been named - Dr. William Lewis Corporan, and his 14 year old nephew, Reat Griffin Underwood, both Christians, were there to audition for a show that was being held at the center’s theater.


Via The Daily Mail:  Dr. William Lewis Corporan, left, and his grandson Reat Griffin Underwood, right

Heartbreaking….there’s more at the Daily Mail. He was a Boy Scout with adorable dimples who loved to sing.

 Reat’s mother awed the standing room only vigil crowd that gathered at St Thomas the Apostle, Sunday night, with her words of faith. 

You can hear an audible gasp when she tells the crowd who she is – and then later – sobbing.

Video via KansasCityStarVideo·

Authorities have not yet released the name of a woman who was killed minutes later in an attack at a Jewish retirement community a few blocks away.

The Kansas City Star reported:

People gathered to mourn the victims of the shooting at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom during a vigil Sunday night at St. Thomas The Apostle Episcopal Church in Overland Park. Many of those in attendance were students from Blue Valley High School where Reat Underwood, one of the victims, was a student.

Police arrested Frazier Glenn Cross, a 73-year-old southwest Missouri man with a long history of anti-Semitic and racist statements, Sunday afternoon. He was booked into the Johnson County jail at 8:48 p.m. on suspicion of premediated first-degree murder but was not immediately charged.

Cross smiled and made an anti-Semitic statement when he was arrested outside Valley Park Elementary near the Jewish Community Center.

Police said the shooter used a shotgun in the slayings at the Jewish Community Center. He also had a handgun when he was arrested.

“We are investigating it as a hate crime,” said Overland Park Police Chief, but investigators are not sure of the motive.

Public records show that Cross, who lives in Aurora, Mo., a small town in Lawrence County, southwest of Springfield also uses the name Frazier Glenn Miller.

It is very safe to assume the “hate crime” angle given Miller’s White Supremacist background and the fact that he (according to witnesses) yelled, “heil Hitler” as he was being arrested. His website is

Frazier Glenn Miller is the founder of the White patriot’s Party which was formerly the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and relocated to Aurora, MO in 2002 where he published racist newsletters.. He ran into trouble with the law in the ’80′s for threatening war against blacks, Jews, gays and the Federal government.

The former leader of the White Patriot Party, F. Glenn Miller Jr., was captured along with three other men, identified as Tony Wydra, Robert (Jack) Jackson and Douglas Sheets, said an agent of the Federal Bureau Investigation, Bob Davenport, and a United States Marshal, Lee Koury. 

Mr. Miller, 46 years old, was convicted in North Carolina last year of operating a paramilitary training camp and was freed on bond pending appeal. He was charged in a warrant last week with violating the conditions of his bond and was wanted as a fugitive. 

Last week the United States Attorney in Raleigh, N.C., Sam Currin, said that Mr. Miller had mailed 5,000 letters attacking Jews, blacks, homosexuals, Government officials and ”white race traitors.”

In 1984, Miller ran for Governor of NC as a Democrat, garnering 0% of the vote. In 1986, he ran for the US Senate in NC as a Republican, garnering 0% of the votes. Reportedly, when he ran for US Congress in 2006, both parties refused to accept his filing fee check – so he ran as an Independent in a write – in campaign.. He tried another write in campaign in 2010 for US Senate, again as an Independent.

Miller’s political ads were so outrageously racist, radio stations petitioned the FCC for an exemption from being required to air them.

…the FCC’s Media Bureau responded with informal, oral advice that “on the facts and pleadings submitted by all parties, including Mr. Miller, it would not be unreasonable for Missouri broadcasting stations to determine that Miller is not a bona fide write-in candidate and therefore, Missouri broadcasters may deny him access to their stations.”

Here’s one of his ads.


Law enforcement officials say they have no evidence that the Sunday’s shooting at the Jewish center is related to the KC area highway shootings – but it’s something I imagine they are looking into.



Your Sunday Hymn: What Wondrous Love Is This?

Chelsea Moon with the Franz Brothers performed live this overwhelmingly beautiful rendition of the American folk hymn, “What Wondrous Love is This?” Often reserved for Palm Sunday and/or Good Friday during Holy week, the hymn’s lyrics express awe at the love of God and is inspired by John 3:16.

From the album HYMN PROJECT: VOL. 2.

How about a country version? Here’s Blue Highway in Bristol singing it a Capella, God, love them:

A choral version sung by the Thomas Aquinas College 2012 Summer Program Choir – this is how I’m used to hearing it and singing it.


Background and Lyrics

Read the rest of this entry »

William La Jeunesse: BLM Retreated in the Face of Armed Confrontation With Citizens Militia Video)

The Bundy ranch stand-off in Nevada ended peacefully, today - unexpectedly according to Fox News reporter William La Jeunesse who reported live from the scene, earlier in the day, and was on Justice with  Judge Jeanine Pirro, Saturday night to talk about it.  La Jeunesse said he was in a conference call with officials from the BLM, Friday, and it sounded like up until that morning, the cattle seizing operation was still a go.

“They were going strong – they were seizing his cattle – about 400, they had knocked down corrals, they had knocked down fences, taken down water tanks, and this morning at 9:00 a.m., as people gathered behind me, the BLM abruptly said they were stopping operations – they were pulling out. That was unexpected. They said they were doing it for the safety of their own employees as well as the public.”

La Jeunesse said there were armed militia there, so the BLM backed off, but didn’t offer to return the cattle. Clive Bundy said he would give them one hour, and if the BLM didn’t return the cattle, they would go down to the corral, and get them, themselves. La Jeunesse said, “there was a huge confrontation on interstate 15. Two to three hundred protesters stopping traffic, Southbound, and then the highway patrol shows up, local police show up, and there is literally a confrontation – I would say an armed confrontation, because some in law enforcement had their guns out, and the private militia or citizens militia had their guns out as well. We have pictures of guys in the sniper position looking through their sights. I’m not making it up, okay?”

Pirro interviewed Scott Hagman, a Bundy family friend, who told her, “we were literally staring down assault rifles. And we moved forward on them, and pressed them in order to make them come to a different conclusion.”

Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama Admin is Dismantling the Rule of Law

Trey Gowdy • Obama Admin Dismantling Rule of Law • Kelly File:

April 11th 2014 • Congressman Trey Gowdy reacts to the Obama administration’s continuous efforts to disregard the ‘rule of law’, selectively refusing to enforce laws in an effort to garner electoral success.

Truth Revolt: Sharyl Attkisson: When I’d Begin Getting Under Surface of an Obama Scandal, CBS Would Pull Me Off:

“There is unprecedented, I believe, influence on the media, not just the news, but the images you see everywhere. By well-orchestrated and financed campaign of special interests, political interests and corporations. I think all of that comes into play.”

PJ Media: Disarming the Warriors:

We are defanging our military. What’s more, is that we are taking away their basic human rights to defend themselves, their Second Amendment rights to bear arms in their own self-defense, while asking them to volunteer to defend us. Moreover, we are choosing time and time again to deny them the mental health and veterans’ benefits, while giving more money to entitlements for other communities. Meanwhile, shootings on bases have occurred now multiple times, and 22 people in our armed services commit suicide daily. This is unacceptable–hear why in this Afterburner with Bill Whittle.

WHD:  Bush on Libraries: Size Matters:

Project Veritas: Sen. Mike Ellis (R-WI) Caught on Tape Plotting Potential Felony:

Breaking: Wisconsin State Senate President Mike Ellis (R-19) was caught on tape potentially coordinating how to disguise attack ads against Assemblywoman Penny B. Schaber by arranging his own allegedly independent Political Action Committee (Independent Expenditure), which could be a felony according to Wisconsin State election law. Ellis was also caught on hidden camera intimating that fellow Republican Gov. Scott Walker is working only for himself, and agreeing that the John Doe Probe was “Blessing in…Disguise”.

O’Keefe gets results…. Fox News 11: Ellis won’t run for re-election:

Republican state Senate President Mike Ellis abruptly announced Friday that he would no longer seek re-election.

Notice how they don’t mention James O’Keefe or Project Veritas by name.

Megyn Kelly: Brandeis Univ Pulling Honor For Women’s Advocate – ‘The Kelly File’:

In a compelling segment, FNC’s Megyn Kelly interviews CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper as he attempts to explain why Ayann Hirsi Ali was denied her honorary degree from Brandeis University.

Megyn Kelly Ibrahim Hooper Kelly File PART 2. Kelly Hooper Cair Spokesman HEATED DEBATE:

Megyn Kelly Ibrahim Hooper Kelly File. Kelly Hooper Cair Spokesman HEATED DEBATE video Megyn Kelly Ibrahim Hooper Kelly File. Kelly Hooper Cair Spokesman HEATED DEBATE Megyn Kelly Ibrahim Hooper Kelly File. Kelly Hooper Cair Spokesman HEATED DEBATE

Is The IRS Scandal The Most Dangerous In U.S. History? – Stuart Varney:

MSNBC dim bulb Alex Wagner says “Darrell Issa channels the ghost of Joe McCarthy.”   I want the Democrats to run on this “IRS is the victim” narrative, this year. I’m sure that will work out well for them.

Speaking of “McCarthyism”…. 134 Times Harry Reid’s Railed Against the Koch Brothers:

More mind-blowing stupidity: Greta Van Susteren Takes on Democratic Candidate Mike Dickinson Declaring ‘War’ on Fox News:

Sheriff Mack Responds Federal Assault at Bundy Ranch:

Rancher Standoff – Protesters Beg Las Vegas Police To Intervene – Hannity:

UPDATE: The Right Scoop: BREAKING: Armed Standoff Between BLM and Bundy Ranch Over As Feds RETREAT! – Update: Crowd Cheers!

Former Navy SEAL Chris Heben – full interview:

Former Navy SEAL Chris Heben talks about getting shot in the stomach and plugging the wound with his own finger, whether he thinks women and gays should be in the military, and how the U.S. is vulnerable to attack.


Catherine Engelbrecht Slams “Lying” Elijah Cummings, Says “The Weaponization of Government is in Play” (Video)

Megyn Kelly had True the Votes’  Catherine Engelbrecht on her show, Thursday night to talk about the newly discovered emails that show collusion between the IRS and Elijah Cummings and his staff.

Kelly noted that the new information shows it’s clear that Elijah Cummings and Democrats wanted information on Engelbrecht,  yet he appeared to have denied that in the February Oversight hearing.

Engelbrecht answered, “I think I would go beyond, ‘he appears to be’ – he LIED.  He impugned me and the work of my organization and he did so with such brazenness that I think we have to call it what it is. He’s lying.

Kelly noted that the coordination between Cummings’ office and the IRS was happening while the targeting was going on.

“This is the worst of your fears confirmed,” Engelbrecht replied, choosing her words carefully. “That in fact, the weaponization of government is in play. We see the coordination between branches of government to single out citizens who are exercising their constitutional rights. Nothing more and nothing less than that – it’s outrageous.”

Megyn noted how Cummings had “initially expressed dismay” at what the IRS did to conservative groups, but not long into the investigation, he was quick to dismiss it.” She showed a clip from June 2013 when Cummings was interviewed by CNN’s Candy Crowley (who shouldn’t still have a job after Oct 2012 but whatever.) At that point, you may remember, Cummings had declared the case “solved” (as Crowley nodded her head in approval) and called it a “witch hunt.”   (I always thought there was a “thou dost protest too much” aspect to that.) Infuriated, Oversight Chair Darrell Issa had immediately released a statement calling the comments “extreme and reckless”  – a signal that “his true motivation was stopping needed Congressional oversight” and he had “no genuine interest in working, on a bipartisan basis, to expose the full truth.”

It was even worse than that. “He had something to hide!” Megyn Kelly exclaimed.

“Absolutely,” Engelbrecht agreed. “He had every reason to want to shut the investigation down before those emails that he knew existed, were revealed.  He failed in that attempt, and now the truth is coming to light, and mind you Megyn – we haven’t seen all the emails yet. We are just beginning to recognize the tip of a very ugly iceberg.”

Megyn asked, Cummings’ lie aside, what was wrong with his office requesting publicly available information on her group? Engelbrecht revealed that the emails she has seen have been heavily redacted, indicating that more than just “public information” had been disclosed. She sagely noted, “if he’s so confident that his actions were appropriate, why lie about it?”

Engelbrecht went on to say that thousands of Americans had been unjustly targeted by the government, and vowed to continue to point it out with everything she has. “This used to be a country where citizens were lauded for being engaged. And now they’re targeted,” she concluded.


CBS News Washington DC: Cruz: Holder Should Be Impeached For ‘Defying Congress And The Rule Of Law’ In IRS Scandal:

Sen. Ted Cruz said Attorney General Eric Holder should be impeached if he doesn’t indict former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner, who is linked to the agency’s targeting of conservative groups.

Speaking on Sean Hannity’s radio program Thursday, the Texas Republican labeled Holder the “most partisan attorney general the country has ever had,” and added that Holder should be impeached for “defying Congress and the rule of law.” Cruz cited the attorney general’s refusal to indict anyone in the months since the inspector general found that conservative and Tea Party groups were singled out for tax purposes.

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