Video: The Worst of MSNBC 2014

Via those incorrigible rascals at Washington Free Beacon who actually seem to enjoy keeping an eye on the basket-cases at PMSNBC (so we don’t have to.)

Megyn Kelly told Jimmy Kimmel the other night that at the White House Christmas Party, there were a couple of other Fox News reporters (Brett Baier and Ed Henry) at the event, but the place was swarming with MSNBCers.

KIMMEL: Is there a separate section for Fox News where there’s no food and dirty forks or something like that?

KELLY: You mean there was something other than outside in the rain, others were, they were inside the building?

KIMMEL: Do you ever feel any kind of discomfort when you go into a situation like that?

KELLY: No, but it was funny because last night, we went in and I mean the White House looked beautiful. It was spectacular. And I was looking for some Fox News colleagues because this is for broadcast news. And I saw a couple, I saw Bret Baier, I saw Ed Henry, our Chief White House Correspondent. And then, boy, oh, boy did I see a lot of MSNBC anchors. I mean you couldn’t take two steps without hitting one.

KIMMEL: Oh really?

KELLY: I think they got a few more invitations than we got.

It only makes sense that the far-left, unpopular, activist network, would be the personal favorite of the far-left, unpopular, activist president.

Speaking of the “activist president…”


Hot Air: White House aides: Obama feels liberated and ready to be the president he always wanted to be

“This certainly has been our most productive year since the Republicans took over,” the Obama aide said, calling it, in the context of what happens in any presidency, “an excellent year.”

His “excellent year” involved every Democratic incumbent in the country running away from him and his low-40s approval rating, only to see them wiped out anyway in a mammoth nationwide anti-Obama backlash. You could understand him feeling liberated if Democrats had run on his policies and outperformed expectations; he would have pointed to that, not unjustifiably, as a mandate. Instead, “liberation” to Obama meant postponing virtually every major initiative until after voters were safely out of the way. He saved net neutrality for the week after the election; he saved executive amnesty for two weeks after; and who knows how soon the Cuba deal could have been struck if Obama wanted it done before November 4th. What he feels liberated from, in other words, is democratic accountability, which is not the sort of thing you want to hear from a guy who’s already blazed new unconstitutional trails in executive lawmaking. If this is what he’s doing in the first flush of “liberation,” what’s he going to be doing in the homestretch of his presidency in 2016, especially if Hillary has a safe-ish lead against her Republican challenger? You trust a man who’s reflected wistfully to his inner circle that it’d be easier to be president of China, don’t you? Especially with a sympathetic media cheering on his dubious, just-try-to-stop-me “winning streak.”

GAWD help us.

Heartache: Pelosi Takes Down Stingy House Members’ Portraits From Lobby of Dem Party’s HQ…

The Democrat party  seems to be imploding right before our eyes thanks to the inept management of the Trifecta of Doom, Reid, Pelosi and Obama, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch. House Harridan Pelosi has taken to removing House members’ portraits from the walls of party HQ because they refuse to fork over their hard earned campaign cash to the DCCC. Cue the world’s tiniest violin…

The Politico dutifully reports:

One by one, the pictures of House members adorning the lobby of Democratic Party headquarters have come down, turning neat rows of framed photos into a disjointed mess — “splattered,” as one aide described it.

The half-dozen or so lawmakers whose mugs have vanished in recent weeks weren’t indicted in court or slapped with an ethics violation.

Wait – no one was  indicted in court or slapped with an ethics violation? Isn’t that  a big improvement for House Dems?

But their transgression is still deadly serious in the eyes of top party leaders: ignoring pleas to kick in cash for Democrats’ increasingly uphill slog to take back the House.

But, but, but — Nancy told ABC’s This Week host, George Stephanopoulos that the Democrats would totally retake the House in November. 

Of course,  that was two whole months ago, before Republicans started out-fundraising the class war-faring party that insists on biting the hands that feed it.

Prying open members’ fists is an election year ritual for leaders of both parties, but Democrats contend this time around has been particularly frustrating. Facing a team of deep-pocketed Republican outside groups poised to swamp them in TV ad spending — and with the party not benefiting from the kind of wave conditions that lifted Republicans two years ago — Democrats say the stinginess of their lawmakers has left them severely weakened as the fall campaign season approaches.

Democrats say they’ve tried just about everything to get their colleagues to open their wallets. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has told members that unless they pay their dues in full, they won’t get to partake in the committee’s Democratic National Convention package, complete with access to much sought-after hotel rooms and parties. And in early June, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tried to shame her members into giving, distributing notes to each of them with a request for cash and asking them if they are part of “the team.”

But now Nancy’s sending out mixed messages. On the one hand, she’s telling them to be part of “the team”. On the other hand, she’s encouraging them to skip the National convention in Charlotte, altogether. Some team.

Instead of running for the lifeboats to escape the debacle unfolding in Charlotte in the next few weeks, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has announced an official “abandon ship“:

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi says that Democratic members should stay home and campaign in their districts rather than go to the party’s national convention in North Carolina.

Which kinda explains why that DCCC Democratic National Convention package inducement fell flat.

Of course, I’m sure there are other “services”  the DCCC would be happy to provide these Dem candidates if only they would open their wallets.



Congessional Cmte Overview
Total Raised Total Spent Cash on Hand

Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte $107,278,189 $74,874,972 $33,208,841
National Republican Congressional Cmte $97,444,151 $59,028,210 $40,954,242

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

Mitt’s a Bada$$ (Video)

Sure, he at times does comes across as a weak, bland milquetoast. For instance, he likes to tell people, “Obama’s a nice guy, he’s just in over his head”,  causing conservatives grit their teeth in frustration. No he’s not!

But as his opponents in the Republican primaries can tell you – Mitt Romney is a fierce competitor. His primary campaign was  described as “scorched earth” for a reason, and to those of us not on Team Mitt, it was not a fun thing to watch. Many of us  wondered if Romney was capable of employing the same amount of firepower against the President.

I imagine the Obama campaign knows the answer to that question, now.

Of course we all expected the Obama campaign to be scorched earth, take no prisoners, ends justify the means. The 2012 election was predicted to be one of the dirtiest ever because Obama has nothing positive to run on. So when the Obama camp sent his flacks to rally for him at a Romney event, last week,  no one was surprised. Appalled, yes – but not surprised. When I wrote, The Organized Left Now Stalking Romney I figured Romney, like all past Republican candidates, was just going to have to grin and bear their obnoxious tactics all the way until election day.

And when a pro Romney crowd appeared at an Obama event  in Boston, yesterday, essentially turning Axelrod’s cute photo op in Romney’s old stronghold into a debacle, I thought,  “brilliant – what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”  But I figured the Boston crowd sprung up as a result of some grassroots effort like most conservative protests.

No. Apparently not:

“If the president wants to send his supporters to my rally, we’ll show him that we have the same capacity as he does.”

In case you missed it, yesterday, here are Romney’s supporters meeting Obama senior strategist David Axelrod at his anti-Romney event in Massachusetts with chants such as “Five more months! Five more months!”,  “Where are the jobs?” and “So-Lyyyyn-dra, So-Lyyyn-dra!”


As John Hinderaker at Powerline noted; These Aren’t Your Father’s Republicans.

A campaign can resemble a boxing match. Obama thinks he sees an opening and takes a swing at Romney. But before he can do any damage, he realizes he has walked into a counterpunch. Bam! Romney rocks him, and Obama retreats in disarray. Romney has shown himself already to be a top-notch counterpuncher.

His campaign has shown itself to be tough in other ways, too. When reporters pressed Romney to repudiate Donald Trump because he has been a “birther,” Romney flatly refused. (Maybe Obama should be asked to repudiate his literary agent, who also, evidently, is a “birther.”) This is exactly the right course. When Obama apologizes for Bill Maher and urges his SuperPac to return Maher’s million dollars, then Romney can at least consider repudiating someone who supports him–if, that is, he can find anyone remotely as unsavory as Maher.

We saw another manifestation of the Romney campaign’s aggressiveness today when David Axelrod made what was supposed to be a surprise appearance in Boston to attack Romney’s record as governor. Word of the event leaked out, and Romney supporters were out in force, embarrassing and at times drowning out Axelrod. Byron York tells the story in an article titled “Combative Romney team hits Obama coast-to-coast.”

2012 ain’t gonna be Obama vs McCain redux, folks. Mitt has some fight in him, thank God.


Video: Barack Obama Loses the Election & North Korea Goes Into Mourning

Just as I’m wondering what to put on the blog as I begin my day of cookie baking, Granny Jan comes through with another outstanding video!

You see, Jan has looked into the future and it’s not looking too good for America’s Dear Leader. What follows  is her vision of November 7, 2012:

Now if only Republicans would choose the right candidate to make it come true.





Video: Anderson Cooper Skewers MSNBC Blob, Schultz,

Every single second of this epic smack-down of  MSNBC dope, Ed Schultz is golden.

Via Newsbusters:

As NewsBusters previously reported, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz last week actually suggested that CNN’s Anderson Cooper might have had something to do with him being named to GQ’s “The 25 Least Influential People Alive” list.

On Friday’s Anderson Cooper 360, the host nicely put the pathetic Schultz in his proper place – The RidicuList (video follows with transcript and absolutely no additional commentary necessary):

Near perfection.

I especially loved Anderson’s catty, repeated use of ” a guy named Ed Schultz”…and, “Now, let me be honest. I don’t really know who Ed Schultz is. I think I met him once in passing years ago, but I have never actually seen his show. I’m told he yells a lot, and I know he works at MSNBC. And I know he’s moved around a lot in various time slots. That is it.”


It’s enough to make me forgive him for his obscene teabagging joke in May of 2009, for which he did almost immediately apologize, unlike the classless MSNBC trolls who use the slurs to this day.

Bonus video:

While I was searching for the above video on Youtube, I found this….bizarre clip….of Cooper getting into a laughing jag watching Justin Bieber get shot?  What is so funny about this?

My goodness, what brought that on?

Hat tip: Dana Loesch, Big Journalism


Video:BreitbartTV’s Larry O’Connor Awards “Political Turkeys Of The Year”

You’ve got to love the uber-dorkiness of Larry O’Conner, of Breitbart TV, here.  While gnawing on a turkey leg,  Larry provides big yuks even as he forgets who number four was on his own list, in this entertaining Fox and Friends segment.

Speaking of turkeys…..

Even though I’ve never had much luck with this in the past, I’m actually going to attempt to do some Black Friday shopping with my daughters, today.

No, we won’t be doing the early bird thing –  waiting for the doors to open  – we’re way too lazy for that. If we get out before noon, I’ll be surprised. But we will fight the crowds, and try to take advantage of a few sales, this weekend. We’ll probably have lunch at Steak and Shake.