#OWS Protesters Plan Direct Actions Thursday To “Take Down Wall Street, Subways, Foley Park, and Times Square”; Unions Plan To Shut Down US Bridges (UPDATED- Will Storm Wall Street in Business Suits)

#Occupy activists on Wall Street are going ahead with the much proclaimed International Day of Action threatening to take down Wall Street, subways, Foley Park, and Times Square. The official OWS site encourages other OWS encampments and groups to take similar action. A breakfast on Wall Street, and a luncheon on various key subway platforms. Sounds lovely. BTW, it’s another peaceful event touted as a celebration. The whole world’s watching.

On Thursday November 17th, the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, we call upon the 99% to participate in a national day of direct action and celebration!
BREAKFAST: Shut Down Wall Street – 7:00 a.m.

Enough of this economy that exploits and divides us. It’s time we put an end to Wall Street’s reign of terror and begin building an economy that works for all. We will gather in Liberty Square at 7:00 a.m., before the ring of the Trading Floor Bell, to prepare to confront Wall Street with the stories of people on the frontlines of economic injustice. There, before the Stock Exchange, we will exchange stories rather than stocks.
LUNCH: Occupy The Subways – 3:00 p.m.

We will start by Occupying Our Blocks! Then throughout the five boroughs, we will gather at 16 central subway hubs and take our own stories to the trains, using the “People’s Mic”.

Fordham Rd
3rd Ave, 138th Street
163rd and Southern Blvd
161st and River – Yankee Stadium
Broadway Junction
Borough Hall
301 Grove Street
St Jose Patron Church,185 Suydam St, Bushwick
Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave.
Jamaica Center/Parsons/Archer
92-10 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights
125th St. A,B,C,D
Union Sq. (Mass student strike)
23rd St and 8th Ave
Staten Island
St. George, Staten Island Ferry Terminal
479 Port Richmond Avenue, Port Richmond

DINNER: Take The Square – 5:00 p.m.

Read More Here from the @OWS Official Site

John E at AoSHQ watched the #occupy “general assembly, last night, and said it was every bit as creepy and bizarre as you’d expect.

The tone on their websites is much more up-twinkly benign occupation talk, but there were multiple calls to “shut down” this or that and to “confront the fascist police forces” in the streets during the assembly (check out the #N17 hash for more). That message appears to be resonating. Like he says, they want to “burn the city to the ground”. When Occupy Wall Street started many on the right were warning Democrats to avoid encouraging or embracing it, not because it was going to end up being a political liability to them, but because it had the potential to spiral out of control. Democrat mayors and politicians are attempting to dial it back, but it may be too late. Within 24 hours, I think we’ll have our answer.


Meanwhile Obama’s union shock troops  are planning a pro-Obama “Bridge Action Day” – Will Shut Down Bridges & Harass US Workers on Thursday.

Hot Air: OWS Day of Action: Storm Wall Street disguised in … business suits:

So this has been the marketing strategy for Mens Wearhouse all along, huh?

The “day of action” is to begin early, with protesters converging on Wall Street camouflaged in business suits hoping to blend in with office workers trooping out of the subway.

“We will rise from beneath. They can’t stop all of us. It’s going to get crazy,” vowed one organizer. “They took the first shot Tuesday night. [Thursday] we return fire. We will be peaceful, but we will resist.”

The city said it was bracing for tens of thousands of people in the streets.

“The protesters are calling for a massive event aimed at disrupting major parts of the city,” said Howard Wolfson, deputy mayor for governmental affairs. “We will be prepared for that.”

  WABC’s live video feed shows police cordoning off the Wall Street area and providing only limited access today, a task for which they are well rehearsed — and thanks to the loose lips in the Occupy movement, well prepared.

Chances are good that this will be another Occu-FAIL.

See Hot Air for more.

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Court Order Allows #OWS Squatters To Return To Park – Bloomberg Plans To Fight It (With Video) UPDATED

This video features one of  America’s favorite #OWS trust fund hippies:

Approximately 70 #OWS squatters were arrested, early this morning as hundreds of police in riot gear raided the Zuccotti park, but hours later, the Marxist National Lawyers Guild obtained a court order allowing the protesters to return with their tents to the park, where they have camped for two months.

Fox News Reports:

The guild said the injunction prevents the city from enforcing park rules on the protesters who are now looking for squatters rights, despite park rules banning camping overnight.

Bloomberg said the city knew about the court order but had not seen it and would go to court to fight it. He said the city wants to protect people’s rights, but if a choice must be made, it will protect public safety.

By 9 a.m., the park was power-washed clean by sanitation workers. Police in riot gear ringed the public space, waiting for orders to reopen it.

The city told protesters they could come back after the cleaning, but under new tougher rules, including no tents, sleeping bags or tarps, which would effectively put an end to the encampment if enforced.

“The law that created Zuccotti Park required that it be open for the public to enjoy for passive recreation 24 hours a day,” Bloomberg said. “Ever since the occupation began, that law has not been complied with, as the park has been taken over by protesters, making it unavailable to anyone else.”

Concerns about health and safety issues at Occupy Wall Street camps around the U.S. have intensified, and protesters have been ordered to take down their shelters, adhere to curfews and relocate so that parks can be cleaned.

Is NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg actually showing signs of intestinal fortitude?He’s gonna need it. These cockroaches aren’t going to stop infesting the park without a huge fight.


#OWS Becomes A Den Of Thieves

As I’ve been saying, a whole host of left-wing pathologies are on display at the #occupy protests…

This is just one more thing you’ll never experience at a Tea Party.

The New York Post reports:

Occupy Wall Street protesters said yesterday that packs of brazen crooks within their ranks have been robbing their fellow demonstrators blind, making off with pricey cameras, phones and laptops — and even a hefty bundle of donated cash and food.

“Stealing is our biggest problem at the moment,” said Nan Terrie, 18, a kitchen and legal-team volunteer from Fort Lauderdale.

“I had my Mac stolen — that was like $5,500. Every night, something else is gone. Last night, our entire [kitchen] budget for the day was stolen, so the first thing I had to do was . . . get the message out to our supporters that we needed food!”

Crafty cat burglars sneaked into the makeshift kitchen at Zuccotti Park overnight and swiped as much as $2,500 in donated greenbacks from right under the noses of volunteers who’d fallen asleep after a long day whipping up meals for the hundreds of hungry protesters, the volunteers said.

“The worst thing is there’s people sleeping in the kitchen when they come, and they don’t even know about it! There are some really smart and sneaky thieves here,” Terrie said.

“I had umbrellas stolen, a fold-up bed I brought because my back is bad — they took that, too!”

“The people united will never be defeated” -

“This is what Democracy looks like!” -

“Tax the rich” -

“I’m taking your stuff!”

It should surprise no one that a materialistic movement that seeks to “redistribute wealth”, and is characterized by a pathological class envy would have this problem.


Or as Ace puts it:

Wow, it’s almost like some people don’t respect the concept of private personal property, and think — how does it go? — that property should be parceled out from each according to his ability to each according to his need.

Hat tip: Rush, who started his show off, today talking about this.

The Neo-Cannibals, Marxists, Anarchists, Deadbeats, Dopers and Democrats of #OccupyDenver

Neo-cannibals seemed to be everywhere. Above, a sign adorned with a skull with a red anarchist ‘A,’ and bloody knife and fork recall the peak of the psychedelic revolution in 1969, when Charles Manson and his crew of hippy chicks went on a murder spree and bragged about defiling the corpses of their wealthy victims with flatware. President Obama’s friends, infamous terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn, shocked the world by publicly rejoicing and declaring the three-fingered fork sign as a new revolutionary symbol. This guy looks ready to chow down. Via El Marco

The #Occupy movement wants us to believe that they are a mainstream group of people fed up with a Capitalist system that doesn’t work for them. They want jobs,  think the corporations have too much power, and the rich should pay more in taxes. The least radical aspects of their vision closely matches the agenda of the our current President and the Democrat party.  They presumptuously claim to represent 99% of us, although, the least radical among them would only seem to appeal to liberal Democrats, only 29% of the electorate. Another 9%, or those who identify as “very liberal” (Socialist) seem to be over represented at these rallies. I have no idea where the anarchists and neo-cannibals fit in, but they are prominent  fixtures at all of these protests, as well.

No, this is not a reasonable, mainstream group of Americans. Their mob actions in major cities across the nation - provoking the police into violent confrontations, last weekend and in past weekends belie their weak proclamations of being  sweet and innocent, law-abiding, peace-loving activists. Perhaps certain factions of the #occupy movement are more peace-loving than others, but as a whole, they are there to make trouble. As Andrew Breitbart noted upon perusal of the group’s emails, acquired by Big Government:

The true purpose of the Occupy movement appears to be further economic and governmental destabilization, at a time when the world is already facing major financial and political challenges.

#Occupy participants who fail to acknowledge this basic fact about the movement they’re involved with are either useful idiots, or actively trying to fool you.

Photo-journalist, El Marcobrought his camera to the #OccupyDenver protest, this weekend, to give you Exibit #49,938 why the #occupy movement is anything but mainstream.

“Occupy Denver” returned to the streets with a vengeance Saturday after being expelled, having their camp forcibly removed from Veterans’ Park by police at 4 a.m. Friday morning. October 15 was declared International Day of Action, which saw radical socialist/anarchist protests and violence in European and American cities.

The Occupy Denver crowd reached approximately 2000 – 3,000.

The violent Jacobin tendency among socialists was evident in many of the signs carried at this march.

This leather-clad woman brought her own megaphone and spoke in a faux-Russian accent about “extra-terrestrial financing,” and other important topics relevant to the day’s march. She calls herself Mufti.

These people wonder why they don’t have jobs. Well, look at them:

One of the focuses, understandably, of the rally was the desperate need in America for jobs. While the blame for the unemployment situation was placed on the “bankers” for “ruining our economy”, many of the participants appeared to be the authors of their own misfortune. Pop-culture fashion today dictates that women and men put huge tattoos across their chests, arms, legs, backs, hands, and if they are really daring, on their faces. Top that off with a matted mass of mop-like dreadlocks and a few rings and studs piercing nostrils, eyelids, and lips, and you may be out of luck when it comes to finding a job. Add to that habitual drug use, including the chronic lethargy, munchies, and short-term memory loss caused by smoking high potency modern cannabis, and you have created a person that not even the most open-minded liberal will employ. But it’s always easier to blame the bankers than to face the reality of bad choices that ruin a person’s life.

See El Marco’s post at Looking at The Left for lots more pictures from the protest, and his full report.

The Denver Post reported about 49 arrests over the weekend for #OccupyDenver participants:

Justin “Crunchy” Gwin has built four iterations of the camp kitchen — dubbed the Thunderdome. The first he cobbled together with a meat cleaver, duct tape and cardboard. By Thunderdome No. 3, he had graduated to lumber.

But by 6:30 p.m. Saturday, he had erected No. 4, a tent kitchen, and refused to tear it down. Gwin said riot police responded unjustly with pepper spray and force.

That was when Justin Wilson was arrested.

“I had some degree of respect for DPD until last night. They lost my respect,” Wilson said. “We were being peaceful. We were not resisting at all.”

In all, police arrested 49 people Friday and Saturday. All but two have been released on bond that ranged from personal recognizance to $1,000, said Capt. Frank Gale, spokesman for the Denver Sheriff Department.

The two who remain in jail have warrants

Rick Strandlof carries a tent as part of the Occupy Denver protest Sunday in Civic Center. (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post)

against them from other counties, Gale said.

More than 20 lawyers have volunteered to provide pro-bono aid to those arrested, said Catherine Keffer, 29, a member of Occupy Denver’s legal team.

There were over 70 arrested at the #OccupyWallStreet protest in NYC, and 175 arrested at #OccupyChicago.

Ace: OWS Is Almost Entirely Socialist/Marxist:

Kevin D. Williamson finds the same:

I’ve been spending as much time as I can down at Occupy Wall Street, listening to the speeches, reading the literature, talking to the organizers. Here’s something to keep in mind: You’ll hear in a lot of the conservative media that this is some kind of socialist/communist enterprise piggybacking on a populist protest. In reality, it is much worse than even most of the conservative media is reporting.Almost every organization present at OWS is explicitly communist or socialist. Almost every piece of literature being handed out is explicitly communist or socialist. I don’t mean half, and I don’t mean the overwhelming majority — I mean almost all of it. Yes, there are the usual union goons trying to figure out how to get OWS to do the bidding of the AFL-CIO and the Democratic party, and the usual smattering of New Age goo (the “Free Empathy” table) and po-mo Left wackiness (animal-rights nuts), the inevitable Let’s-Eradicate-Israel crowd (“Free Palestine, from the river to the sea!”). But, that being said, almost every organized enterprise and piece of printed material I have encountered has been socialist or communist. It’s been a long time since I saw anybody peddling books by Lenin. It’s been a long time since anybody told me the Ukrainians had it coming.

The media found the one or two racists in the Tea Party and made them the face of the movement; meanwhile, it finds the one or two people who are not avowedly Marxist and makes them the standard-bearer.

White House Dossier’s Keith Koffler weighs in:

President Obama is intensifying his identification with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

This is truly frightening.

It would be one thing for Obama to practice benign neglect, to communicate that everyone has a right to protest without really commenting on the movement itself.

But it must be unprecedented for a president of the United States to suggest an affinity for radical leftists who despise capitalism and seek to upend the economic and political system.

I’ve watched enough video and seen enough commentary out of the Occupy Everything crowd to understand who these people are. They are not average people out of work who want jobs, or mainstream Democratic Party reformers who believe in more regulation and government programs.

These are stereotypical leftists who want wrenching change that cannot be achieved by democratic means and that would require the type of government or third party intervention into the economy and people’s lives that is incompatible with democracy.

But Obama has thrown in with these people, starting with his press conference statement earlier this month that they are expressing “the frustrations that the American people feel.”

I agree completely that by overtly supporting this openly Marxist, and anti-Semitic movement, Obama has given us a very bad omen of things to come. Nothing this President does surprises me, anymore, so when something like this happens, I tend to shrug, now, and say, “Of course”. But a President throwing in with lawless radicals is something that should chill us all to the bone.

November 2012 cannot get here soon enough.

Video: #OccupyAmerica Zombies

Another great video production from MN Majority:

No clear message, no consistent demands, violence, civil disorder, filth, crude behavior… These are the characteristics of the Occupy America movement, mindless minions possessed by the failed economic policies of President Barack Obama.

See also:

An #OWS news round-up:

Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch: OWS Defecates On Cop Cars, Vandalizes Property, Pelosi Says “Bless Them”

Josh Eboch, Freedomworks: Occupy Wall St. and the Tea Party: A Tale of Two Protests

The Daily Mail: A very privileged protest: Wearing $300 jeans and from some of the most exclusive schools, the children of the one per cent out for a good time at Occupy Wall Street

Video: James O’Keefe Posing As Banker Punks #OWS

Via Breitbart TV, it appears at least as far as some protesters are concerned, capitalism is A-okay as long as they’re the ones doing the money grubbing.

Must be seen to be believed:

Video:Hitler Discovers #OccupyWallStreet Is A LaughingStock

Sorry, I seem to have abandoned my blogging duties, today. I’ve had a busy Monday, and this took way longer than it should have. (I am so through with Firefox.) There’s one typo, and a couple of words got cut off, but otherwise, not a bad for a first effort, (if I do say so, myself):

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Video: Some Videos For The #OccupyWallstreet Crowd

I’m reaching out to the #occupywallstreet crowd with some videos because some people learn better through imagery.

There is a reason many in the center-right have been ridiculing #occupywallstreet as clueless, incoherent children who don’t seem to have seem to have the slightest idea how detached from reality their  message/argument/vision – whatever is.

LaborUnionReport recently posted a basic synopsis of the current economic crisis which they are wanting to blame on “corporate greed”, instead of the risk aversion created by Barack Obama’s attacks on job creators, and essentially all of  the  leftist policies they support.

…NY Governor Andrew Cuomo gave birth to the subprime mortgage meltdown and the Great Recession.

As the Village Voice stated in 2008:

Andrew Cuomo, the youngest Housing and Urban Development secretary in history, made a series of decisions between 1997 and 2001 that gave birth to the country’s current crisis. He took actions that—in combination with many other factors—helped plunge Fannie and Freddie into the subprime markets without putting in place the means to monitor their increasingly risky investments.

Of course, let us not forget  Barack Obama’s ACORN, and its role in sowing the seeds to the crisis:

THE seeds of today’s financial meltdown lie in the Community Reinvestment Act – a law passed in 1977 and made riskier by unwise amendments and regulatory rulings in later decades.

CRA was meant to encourage banks to make loans to high-risk borrowers, often minorities living in unstable neighborhoods. That has provided an opening to radical groups like ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) to abuse the law by forcing banks to make hundreds of millions of dollars in “subprime” loans to often uncreditworthy poor and minority customers.

However, since most of the neo-Coms camping in Zuccotti Park were still in diapers when Bill Clinton was in office, they are likely too young to remember the Clinton era [Monica, who?]. Moreover, to them, Carter is likely just that cool old dude that likes negotiating with comrades overseas.

Either too young, or they are too indoctrinated in their Marxist ideologies, too lazy to investigate, or just too stupid to care that the ‘corporatism’ they are fighting is, in reality, the result of government interventionism propagated by the same union Leftists they have been clamoring for approval from.

Hear  your compatriots in Congress defend a mortgage program that was doomed to fail:


Here’s a dirty little secret: Corporations are in business to make money. Yep, I said it. There’s no denying that. But here’s the cool thing:  Amazing innovations that contribute to the betterment of society come from the private sector. Like the cell phones you’ve been using, (to use the obvious example) Or like The Esteem Hearing Implant, a product of the eeeevil corporation,  Envoy Medical:

Envoy Medical Corporation was founded – originally as St. Croix Medical – in 1995 to design, manufacture, and bring to market the world’s first, and only, fully implantable hearing restoration device not to use a microphone or speaker. Envoy Medical began its operations in March of 1996 and spent its first several years developing the breakthrough technology that has become Esteem® – The Hearing ImplantTM.

Envoy Medical successfully completed a feasibility study in 2002. After a few improvements to the product design, pivotal clinical trials were initiated in 2004 in both the European Union and the United States. Envoy Medical received its CE Mark approval to market the Esteem® in the European Union in May of 2006.

In August of 2009, Envoy Medical completed its Esteem® premarket approval (“PMA”) application and submitted it to the Food and Drug Administration. On August 27, 2009, the FDA notified Envoy Medical that they had received the Esteem® PMA application and decided to grant the application expedited processing for the following reason:

“We believe that the Esteem Totally Implantable Hearing System represents a breakthrough technology, which provides an alternative to non-implantable and partially implantable hearing aid technology.”

On March 17, 2010, Envoy Medical received the formal premarket approval letter from the FDA granting approval for commercial distribution of the Esteem®.


Do you understand that this amazing breakthrough in technology would never be possible under the onerous taxes and regulations you would see inflicted on corporations, or under a government run bureaucracy? The #occupyWallstreet endorsed  President is already making it more difficult for corporations like Envoy by adding hundreds of more jobs and innovation crushing red tape on their businesses.

How is that good? How does that help the economy? Do you not understand that the more government gets involved in our day to day affairs, the less freedom to innovate and achieve excellence occurs?

I’ll leave you with the brilliant economist, Milton Friedman, who famously addressed the topic of “greed” on the Phil Donahue Show, many years ago:


Confused Coalition of Hippies, Anarchists, Commies and Alinskyites “Occupy” Wall Street For Days of Rage Protest (With Pictures)

Amazing how these grassroots demonstrators all happen to have pre-printed signs

Watch the confusion livestream, at “Global Revolution” – (Language warning, these are leftists, after all.) I’ve been noticing that the screen goes black every time someone or some group gets too weird. That of course, could be a coincidence since the whole thing is pretty weird. One women stated, they are trying to “transform the culture” through the occupation…a Socialist who is interviewed bemoans the fact that we have “two right-wing parties” in America, today. A woman just said that Wall Street is just “one big, terrible Ponzi scheme.”

Police barricade the Wall Street Bull, and stand guard to protect it from the “peaceful” demonstrators.

Michelle Malkin notes, they’re not even sure what they’re there for.

What do they want? They’re not really sure.

When do they want it? For a couple of months, or until the weather gets too cold, anyway.

A bunch of adrift Alinskyites and disorganized organizers from a group called “Adbusters” are converging in New York City for some reason or other. They’re bringing tents, sleeping bags, yoga instructors, face paint — and at some point, they’ll get around to deciding what their “one demand” is:

On Saturday thousands of us will occupy Wall Street. We will wave our signs, unfurl our banners, beat our drums, chant our slogans … and then we’ll get down to business and hold several people’s assemblies to decide what our “one demand” will be.

Shall we demand that President Obama reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act; outlaw flash trading; impose a 1% tax on all financial transactions?

These are good ideas but not very energizing.

How about we demand the revocation of corporate personhood?

Feels a bit too abstract. Many Americans don’t fully grasp what’s at stake with this one. And besides, even if he wants to, President Obama cannot deliver this immediately. In the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling, a reform project like this requires a constitutional amendment that would take a few years and a whole movement to achieve.

We could…..

He goes on to spit-ball some more ideas. They’ll come up with a reason why they’re there, any day now. Whatever i turns out to be, it is sure to involve other people paying more in taxes.

Here are some of the sentiments from the Occupy Wall Street participants:

Malkin continues:

The Left’s slumber party protesters say they’ll stayat least a few months until they get their way, whatever it is! Occupy Wall Street!:

On September 17, we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat our one simple demand until Barack Obama capitulates.

Hey, someone notify Attttaaaaack Waaaaaatch!

Here are the Days of Rage Yoga brigades symbolically demonstrating for the world “healing and not destruction and corporate greed” or something….

photo via The Blaze

The Blaze is also covering the demonstration with their own cameras, here.


Due to excellent police work, the bull remains safe:

pic via @SufficiencyMAF

I hear the Marines are looking for a few good men…

pic via @roxie_hartless

Follow on Twitter using #occupywallstreet  #takewallstreet or #usdor

There’s lots of TCOT snarking  on #takewallstreet.


LaborUnionReport at Big Government: #OccupyWallStreet Just a Stroll In The Park.

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry…”

What started out as a beautiful, sunny Saturday in New York turned cloudy by mid-afternoon and, while the weather was still mild by 3:15, it became clear by a quick ride through the streets surrounding Wall Street that, despite a warm up event back in August, protesters would not be fulfilling their goal of occupation this weekend.

The NYPD had a sea of blue uniformed officers, as well as police in plain clothes swarming the financial district. Empty police vans, cops with bunbles of zip ties (to be used as handcuffs) on their belts. Streets were closed off with both barricades and a literal solid wall of NYPD officers were blocking the entrances to Wall Street. There would be no occupation.

In fact, were it not for the help from one of New York’s finest giving direction to the new site of #OccupyWallSt, one might have never found the thousand (plus or minus) people occupying Zuccotti Park.

Urban Infidel: Day of Rage: Occupy Wall Street:

Lots more to come! Video, Pics! You name it!

Including this pic:


Here is the gallery view.Or click here for the slide show.More videos on the way and updates!
UPDATE – Sunday, September 18. The Ragers are still camped out and intend to stay on through the opening of the stock market tomorrow morning.

September 17 was supposed to be the Day of Rage, the starting point of an anti-capitalist revolution that (in theory) was going to sweep the country coast-to-coast. As I noted yesterday, “The plan is to protest in state capitals and major cities across the nation, but the focus of the revolution will be in New York, where a hoped-for 20,000 anti-capitalists will ‘occupy’ Wall Street.”

I dutifully sent my operatives out to cover what were to be three of the largest Day of Rage protests — in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles — so humanity would have a full record of this pivotal moment in history.

Really, I should have learned my lesson by now: The bigger the build-up to a protest, and the more grandiose the promises, the louder the sound of the bellyflop onto the dustbin of irrelevancy.

In other words: “Day of Rage” was a massive FAIL.

This photo essay includes photos from all three protest sites (NY, SF and LA) integrated together, to give you the feel of the fizzled revolution as a whole.

Hit the link to see Zombies many amazing pix.


The anti-capitalist organizers announced that they would march to a nearby Wells Fargo branch, invade and occupy!

But, you see, they didn’t count on me throwing a monkey wrench in the works. I skittered ahead, and got to the Wells Fargo about two minutes before the protesters did. I stepped inside and told the security guard that a group of political activists were about to take over the bank.

Then I slipped out the other door and came around front. By the time the protesters finally arrived for their “sneak attack” …

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When You’re losing, “Shut Up” Is All You Have Left

Via The MacIver Institute:

From using Nazi references to adorning the American Flag with political bumper stickers and using it as a poncho, the full extremism of the left was on display in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend.

Rejecting any attempts at conveying a ‘New Tone,’ pro-labor union activists attempt to drown out speakers at the tea party rally at the State Capitol on April 16, 2011.

Rally speakers included John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, conservative media maven Andrew Breitbart and former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. However, the protesters did their best to prevent those in attendance from hearing any of them.

Last weekend, we saw the left out in full force – not only in Madison, but Portland, Phoenix, Boston, and elsewhere, trying to drown out the tea party. Not content to respectfully counter protest by displaying their own messages, they aimed to disrupt, and shut down stronger voices.

After losing big in November, and in union reform budget battles  all across the nation, their desperation is clearly showing. Their clanging cowbells sound like a death rattle to me.

See Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse for more on the counter protests, last weekend. Start at the top and scroll down.


Pro-Union Demonstrators Allowed To Re-Enter Capitol (Video Added)

JS Online is reporting:

Madison – A group of perhaps one hundred protesters has entered the previously restricted and quiet Capitol and is now chanting, “Our house, our house.”

David Noyce of Madison said that he entered the building with the demonstrators after someone let them in and that a policeman flashed him a thumbs up as he entered. The protesters entered just as Gov. Scott Walker was about to start a news conference in a separate room of the building.


The protesters have been stopped by phalanx of police on the ground floor of the west wing and prevented from reaching the rotunda and joining the separate group of protesters who have been spending the night in the Capitol.


Ann Althouse reports that a Dane County judge is planning to order everyone cleared out of the Capitol.


More at  Gateway Pundit.


Noted Gazillionaire Calls For Global One Child Policy To Save Gaia

Sacrilegious though this may sound, democracy is no longer
well suited for the tasks ahead. The complexity and the technical
nature of many of today’s problems do not always allow elected
representatives to make competent decisions at the right time.

- Club of Rome

We’re talking about media mogul, Ted Turner, a member of the Club of Rome, a group of highly influential,  Neo-Malthusian, global elitists who want to impose some sort of new world order on civilization.

Tell me if this man’s ideas aren’t just a little scary.

Climate change and population control can make for a politically explosive mix, as media mogul Ted Turner demonstrated Sunday when he urged world leaders to institute a global one-child policy to save the Earth’s environment.

Mr. Turner spoke at a luncheon where economist Brian O’Neill from the U.S.’s National Center for Atmospheric Research unveiled his study on the impact of demographic trends on future greenhouse gas emission, a little-discussed subject given its political sensitivity.


Mr. Turner – a long-time advocate of population control – said the environmental stress on the Earth requires radical solutions, suggesting countries should follow China’s lead in instituting a one-child policy to reduce global population over time. He added that fertility rights could be sold so that poor people could profit from their decision not to reproduce.

“If we’re going to be here [as a species] 5,000 years from now, we’re not going to do it with seven billion people,” Mr. Turner said.

Former Irish president Mary Robinson warned that radical prescriptions for population control would backfire, ensuring that the subject will remain off the agenda of international climate talks.

“If we do it the wrong way, we can divide the world,” Ms. Robinson said. “A lot of people in the climate world could communicate this very badly.”

Mary Robinson is a member of the Gaia -worshiping Club of Rome, as well, as is Al Gore, George Soros, Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, (notice any trends?), Tony Blair, Deepak Chopra, Henry Kissinger, and Obama’s Science Czar, John Holdren, the absent minded Professor, who along with his mentor, Paul Ehrich, has a 100% record of being wrong on every catastrophic prediction he’s ever made. For example,  he outrageously predicted that one billion people would die by 2020 due to “some form of eco-catastrophe”. That’s about one in seven of us dead in ten years. The only way that’s gonna happen is if Holdren’s insane prescriptions to reduce world population, (forced abortions, mass sterilizations) are  implemented, or if perhaps the earth gets hit by an asteroid.

Yet, Holdren is the smartest man in any room, and anyone who disagrees with him is an anti-science troglodyte, just ask Julian Simon,(1932-98), who for years was Holdren and Ehrlich arch-rival. Simon, a Professor of Business Administration from the University of Maryland, wrote scholarly papers and articles skeptical of their dire predictions.

In 1990 Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren, and John Harte lost a nationally publicized monetary wager with Simon regarding the future of natural resource prices. Simon bet that such prices would fall in real terms over time. Ehrlich et al. bet they would rise—and lost on all five commodities they chose.

Even so, Ehrlich likened Simon to “an imbecile,” a “flat earther,” and a “fringe character.”

As late as 1991 Paul and Anne Ehrlich belittled Simon as “an economist specializing in mail-order marketing.”

Holdren, when asked to critically review an essay evaluating his 2003 criticism of Bjorn Lomborg, “The Heated Energy Debate.” told Robert Bradley one of the writers of the website,  Master Resource:

What exactly entitles you to the evidently self-applied label of ‘energy expert’?  …. You are of course entitled to (verbally) attack me in any legal way you like, but please don’t then pretend in personal notes to me that we are colleagues, each doing our best to get at the truth…. [Y]ou appear to be … lacking both discernible qualifications in the real world and the ability to tell a good argument from a bad one. I want nothing further to do with you.

Read Bradley’s bio and tell me if his 40 years of experience in the energy industry doesn’t  qualify him as an “expert”.

The Climategate emails showed how contemporary warmists like Holdren, bullied their adversaries, but as the Simon story demonstrates, it’s been going on for a very long time.

Sorry, I kinda strayed from the original topic- but the Turner story reminded me of The Club of Rome,  Holdren and Ehrlich, and Climategate…Good grief, these Gaia worshiping freaks drive me nuts.

See also:

Ed Driscoll: Memo to Turner for Turner’s crazy new spin on ObamaCare.

Chris Horner, The Daily Caller: Obama goes rogue in Cancun, putting U.S. interests at risk


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Saturday Evening Cinema

Via Breitbart TV, I bring you, Climate Bureaucrats Gone Wild, produced by those Gaia haters at Americans For Prosperity!:

Here’s a cute Charles Krauthammer mash-up, “Charles is Right!”:

In case you missed it, yesterday, Allahpundit posted part one of this uproarious KWHL interview with Bristol Palin.  The radio hosts have fun flaming Keith (what-a-dick) Olbermann, while Bristol laughs along . Part 2, via Barbaric Thoughts, features  John Zigler, who calls in to lob some additional bombs.

Every conversation you’ve ever had with a lib, summed up, here: Meet The Liberal Elite, via iOWNTHEWORLD:

What is this—-WHY is this?

Part 2 is at Hot Air, for you masochists out there. Allahpundit should be shunned from polite society for inflicting that on the rightwing blogosphere – who’s with me?


No, One Nation Was Not “Hijacked” By Extremists (Updated)

Photo courtesy of El Marco:There were dozens of communist groups represented. The International Socialist Organization did good business selling books and signing up new members.”

It is with a heavy heart that I have to take issue with a post of Ed Morrissey’s at Hot Air, because he is spot on correct at least 99% of the time in his analyses. But I strongly disagree with some of the points he made  about the One Nation rally: The eternal, futile, and dangerous demand for “unity”

I believe he was wrong to criticize Daily Beast writer, John Avlon for being “obsessed with the fringe” in his takedown of the rally:

Avlon then proceeds to give his readers a rundown of the nuttier signs and slogans touted at the rally as a means of discrediting the entire event.  And don’t get me wrong; any event that requires unions to provide buses to get people to attend has plenty of room for criticism as a “grassroots” rally.  But these events take place in public venues, which means that anyone can show up with idiotic signs, either as a deliberate attempt to discredit the others who attend in good faith or just to exploit the media attention for their own purposes.  International ANSWER, a neo-Stalinist group that Avlon uses as a prime example of his thesis in this piece, organizes its own events and also shows up at others where attention actually gets paid.

Ed.  Visit their website.

ANSWER, and other Communist/Socialist/Marxist groups  were not just fringe groups that “showed up” uninvited, either to discredit the rally, or exploit it. Communists were explicitly welcomed to participate in the march.

The One Nation website proudly displayed “endorsing organizations” on their website for weeks before the event.

A partial list of some of the fringier elements proudly displayed on their website:

  • La Raza
  • Code Pink
  • Communist Party USA
  • Democrat Socialists of America
  • Gray Panthers
  • Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition
  • Solidarity, a socialist, feminist, anti-racist organization
  • Green for All
  • Queers for Economic Justice
  • American Muslim Association of North America
  • War Resistors League
  • Rainbow Push Coalition
  • Peace Action
  • ANSWER (anti-war)
  • I posted the entire list, here, in case, One Nation decided to scrub some of  the more radical groups from the list.

    It’s a cheap shot when people use the LaRouchians and bigots who hijack Tea Party events to carry their lonely signs as emblematic of the movement, and it’s equally cheap in this instance.  The speakers and organizers are fair game, of course, but these rallies don’t take place in private venues.  There are no tickets and security at gates to ensure that the freak shows stay on the outside.

    It’s a cheap shot when people use the LaRouchians to smear the tea party because they really are party crashers. It is NOT a cheap shot to point out the far-left fringe nature of a far-left fringe event. How can you not see this? And it’s not a cheap shot to note that prominent Democrats, like Howard Dean and Kirstin Gillibrand and Obama’s OFA went out of their way to endorse the radical One Nation rally.

    In a sense, we want the nutcases to carry signs and show up at public rallies, at least to some extent.  If people feel free to air their views in the public marketplace of ideas, they’re less likely to find other ways to be heard, or to impose their radical views on everyone else without their consent.  Perhaps more importantly, it identifies the lunatics so we know who they are.

    Are we really to believe that the far left, who have been marching through our institutions for decades, and now finally have fellow travelers in the White House, and Congress, somehow got their radicalism out of their systems by demonstrating in Washington, Saturday? Please.

    These people are letting us know who they are.

    From the Left’s point of view, they are now completely, unabashedly out in the open. There’s no more hiding behind bromides and phony feel-good names, the Left has now unmasked itself. Socialists, Communists, labor unions, liberals, progressives and other assorted riff-raff…why, they are all, undisputedly, one big, incestuously happy family now.

    And, for them, there is no going back into the closet, no turning back: We’re socialists and we’re proud.

    We don’t do ourselves any favors when we refuse to countenance what a significant number of our countrymen have become.

    Their smiles don’t disguise the loathing they feel for what America is, but they do reflect their joy at what they hope she becomes.

    Unfortunately for these useful idiots, malevolent fools and active seditionists, many of us remember the old USSR and what it looked like and what it smelled like. We’ve been hearing this same propaganda for decades; the only difference now is that they’re out and proud.

    Read this from the CPUSA website: Why we march and vote.

    Corporate America is also using anti-communism and red baiting to confuse and divide the people’s movement, charging Obama and the movement that elected him is “socialist.” They seek to revive the “red scare” of the 1950s when McCarthyism disfigured the national discourse, undermined democracy and free speech, effectively divided the labor and people’s movements, and setback progress for a generation.

    Got that? We’re  “red-baiting” when we accuse self proclaimed Communists of being Communists.

    But this is a different time. People have learned the bitter lessons of history millions are coming forward to counter fear and hate with unity and hope, and to protect the democratic majorities in Congress. The Communist Party USA and Young Communist League stand with them.

    While thousands are rallying in Washington for jobs, hundreds of thousands of other patriotic Americans who can’t make it will be there in spirit. They will spend their day canvassing door to door, phone banking, registering new voters and talking to their neighbors and co-workers about the issues.

    This activism will ensure millions will also march united to the polls on Nov. 2. to guard the change they voted for in 2008.

    These people are not going to stop now, when they’ve come so far.


    And here, I had thought I was just one lonely voice…

    Dan Riehl already forcefully took Ed to task on Sunday. (I had read Ed’s piece Sunday night, but was too tired and annoyed to deal with it, then).

    If one wants to characterize today’s political disagreements as run of the mill, fine. But it seems to me that to do that, one is either willfully turning a blind eye, or genuinely ignorant of what’s really at stake. The Left today, which Obama epitomizes, stands for an effectively all but demilitarized America, one in which the government mandates the state of health care, while dictating the vast majority of choices any American citizen can make, from what you eat, to what one can earn dollar-wise, let alone fork over to the state.

    We’ve already reached a point in America today where our genuine liberties and our rights to them are being constrained at every turn, either by the judiciary, or both the executive and legislative branches of government – much of it empowered by the same protesters at this One Nation event in very general terms. It isn’t simply the fringe groups, as Ed would assert.

    Perhaps it’s just Ed’s search for comity that drives his thinking and analysis. I know him to be a very good guy. Unfortunately, this is not the time for good guys on the Right today. Through accommodation and compromise, a once free and ruggedly individualistic America is already on the brink of becoming a European-like quasi-, if not, socialist state. That is nothing close to the America our Founders envisioned. So, like it, or not, it is voices on the Right who recognize and are willing to engage the fight today that most need to be heard. This can’t we all get along nonsense has done nothing but undermine conservatism over the last twenty, or more years. And more of the same is only going to make things worse.

    My thoughts exactly.

    Anarchist Killer Unicorns And Aztecs Featured In Denver’s May Day Parade

    Photojournalist, El Marco was there to record the weirdness in all its glory:

    The International Workers’ Day march in Denver brought some colorful characters to Colorado’s Capital Building Saturday. A diverse group of Anarchists, Marxists, and Revolutionary Zapatistas joined forces to protest Arizona’s new immigration law. White skinned people dressed up as tourist trap “Aztecs” burned incense and performed a new age ritual to sanctify the march. They blessed the 4 winds, blew a conch shell and lifted a dried hawks wing skyward. There were about 100 marchers including children.

    “Mostly peaceful”

    Go to Looking at the Left for many more pictures from El Marco’s photo-essay.

    See also:

    Michelle Malkin: May Day/Che Day: Reconquista returns

    LA Times:LAPD estimate crowd at immigrant rights rally is about half of what was expected [Updated] This one was “mostly peaceful”, too.

    Well, my stars, Greece had a mostly peaceful May Day rally, too:

    may day may day!

    A protester uses molotov cocktails against riot police during May Day protests on May 1, 2010 in Athens, Greece. Thousands of protesters gathered in Athens and other Greek cities to participate in May Day rallies, angered by the harsh austerity measures demanded by the EU. Reports suggest that the 45 billion euros ($60 billion) already pledged by the International Monetary Fund and European Union will be insufficient to tackle Greece’s mounting debt crisis. (Milos Bicanski /Getty Images)

    Those riot police got off easy. At least they didn’t have to work the dreaded Quincy Tea Party beat.


    Uncoverage.net: Pro-Immigration Protestors Attack Tea Party/Minutemen at San Francisco Rally

    At least 1,500 pro-amnesty protestors rallied in downtown San Francisco Saturday.

    Local tea party members, and the Golden Gate Minutemen, approximately 40 of them,  staged a counterprotest.  Three of the Patriots  group were chased,  beaten and injured by the pro-immigration thugs.  Arrests were made…developing….

    See video at Uncoverage. I kid you not…the reporter actually says, “for the most part the event was peaceful, but…”

    Gateway Pundit: Immigrants Carry “Death to US Imperial-Fascists” At NYC May Day Rally… Media Silent


    VIOLENT LEFTISTS WIELDING TORCHES Riot, Smash Windows & Burn a Coffee House After Immigration Protest… Media Silent


    In the interest of fairness and full disclosure…I was able to find an example of tea party violence on this website:

    Read the rest of this entry »

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