Senator Sessions: Our Immigration Enforcement System Is In ‘A State Of Collapse’ – A Deliberate Plan By POTUS (Video)

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) spoke on the Senate floor Thursday about the dismal state of affairs in our immigration enforcement system.  Citing the LA Times story that shows there has been a 44 percent drop in interior deportations since 2009 and the recent analysis which shows that two-thirds of ICE removals last year were actually border apprehensions, Sessions charged that the system is in a state of collapse, and that it is by design.

Sessions condemned U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Vice President Joe Biden for their appalling pro-amnesty efforts:

“So, you come into the country illegally and the attorney general of the United States declares that these individuals have a civil right to amnesty. How can this possibly be: the chief law enforcement officer in America?

“Vice President Biden recently said, quote: ‘You know, 11million people live in the shadows; I believe they’re already American citizens.’ Eleven million undocumented aliens are already Americans? Goodness. The vice president of the United States would make such a statement. It’s stunning beyond belief.”

“Our law enforcement system is in a state of collapse,” he said. “And it’s a deliberate plan by the president of the United States, and it’s wrong. And, people need to be aware of it and need to stand up to it and I believe the American people are beginning to do so.”

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Sick: DHS Released 68,000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions in 2013

Remember the outrage when it was discovered that DHS was using last year’s sequestration as a pretext to release thousands of illegal immigrants with criminal convictions? Sheriff Babeu of Pinal County, AZ  told Jed Babbin of The American Spectator that he was receiving frantic calls from ICE and Border Patrol agents who were calling him unofficially. Babeu said, “Good people who work for ICE, work for Border Patrol, they call me all the time.…They said, ‘Sheriff, help us. We’re releasing all these criminals. This order just came down from Washington and now they’re all out in the streets.”

Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano called that a “myth.”

“There was a story that ran last week that said ‘we released 2,000 detainees because of sequester’ Napolitano said, mocking the hype inferred by the headline.

“That is really not accurate,” she insisted.

“That was not a Politico story by the way,” Allen responded.

“It was not a Politico story, I will hasten to say, and I won’t say who put it out there,” Napolitano added. “But as in all things immigration it develops its own mythology.

Well, here’s your “myth” and I will hasten to add that it was not the Politico who “put it out there.” It was an internal document from DHS itself:

Via The Hill:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials last year released 68,000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions, undercutting Democratic claims that President Obama has strictly enforced immigration laws.

An internal Department of Homeland Security document compiling statistics on arrests and deportations in 2013 showed that ICE agents encountered 193,357 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions but issued charging documents for only 125,478. More than 67,800 were released.

The data came from an end-of-year “Weekly Departures and Detention Report.”


ICE classifies illegal immigrants as criminal if they have been convicted of a crime, not including traffic offense, Vaughn noted.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (Ala.), the ranking Republican on the Budget Committee, blasted the administration’s record.

“The preponderance of the evidence demonstrates that immigration enforcement in America has collapsed. Even those with criminal convictions are being released. DHS is a department in crisis,” he said in a statement Sunday.

“Secretary Johnson must reject the president’s demands to weaken enforcement further and tell him that his duty, and his officers’ duty, is to enforce the law – not break it,” he added in reference to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

A spokeswoman for ICE did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

So what kind of criminals has ICE been releasing –  68,000 in one year –  into the population?

Last year, while the controversy was raging, Sheriff Babeu explained in terrifying detail just how bad some of these guys are:

 Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu noted that among those released were criminals who had been “convicted not just charged – convicted for weapons violations, drug smuggling, (these are cartel members, these are narcotic traffickers!), drug dealers, these are people who have been in fights,  and aggravated assaults against police officers…. How in the world can you say these are low risk, non criminal detainees?!  These are the worst of the worst. These are people who have been convicted of child molestation! We have people who have been released, I’ve been told by ICE agents, who have been  charged with man-slaughter.”

Where are the whistleblowers?   Babeu told Jeanine Pirro, a year ago that “several memos have been sent out to ICE agents about the prisoner releases, and anyone who talked about it “outside our agency shall be disciplined up to and including termination, creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.”  He said, “these federal agents, who swore an oath to protect our country, are being intimidated from doing the right thing.”

And the beat goes on. We’ve got three more years of this God-awful nightmare to go.


WHD: Obama Fails to Deport Hundreds of Thousands of Known Illegals:

The Obama administration is deporting only about a quarter of the illegal immigrants it picks up, even though most come to their attention because of proven or alleged criminal behavior, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, a conservative group.

From the CIS report:

In 2013, (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) reported 722,000 encounters with potentially deportable aliens, most of whom came to their attention after incarceration for a local arrest. Yet ICE officials followed through with immigration charges for only 195,000 of these aliens, only about one-fourth . . .

Many of the aliens ignored by ICE were convicted criminals. In 2013, ICE agents released 68,000 aliens with criminal convictions, or 35 percent of all criminal aliens they reported encountering. The criminal alien releases typically occur without formal notice to local law enforcement agencies and victims.

Hat tip: AoSHQ

FL TV Station Exposes Voter Fraud While DOJ Sues State to Stop Purging Rolls + Obama Looking to “Reduce” Deportations (Video)

It’s an election year, so Democrats are scurrying around looking for ways to encourage voter fraud, which they like to tell the weak minded – doesn’t happen.

Judicial Watch reports that while he Obama Justice Department is mounting a legal challenge against Florida for purging ineligible voters from its rolls, a local television news station has aired an eye-opening segment that proves that illegal immigrants regularly vote in the Sunshine state – a third degree felony with which few if any are ever charged.

Can someone give me one good reason why the Regime would oppose clean voter roles other than the fact that they would help prevent voter fraud?

The following investigative piece was recently aired by an NBC affiliate in southwest Florida that actually tracked down and interviewed non U.S. citizens who are registered to vote and have cast ballots in numerous elections. This is something any local news team in America could do if they were actually motivated to do something about voter fraud instead of covering up for it:

The segment focused on Lee County, which has a population of about 620,000 and Collier County with a population of around 322,000. The reporter spent about two months digging around the voter rolls in the two counties and the discoveries are dumbfounding.

In that short time, more than 100 people registered to vote in those two areas were proven to be ineligible by the reporter. A Cape Coral woman, eligible to vote in elections, was tracked down through jury excusal forms that verify she’s not a U.S. citizen. A Naples woman, who is not a U.S. citizen either, voted six times in 11 years without being detected by authorities. A Jamaican man is also registered to vote though he’s not eligible. The reporter obtained his 2007 voter registration form, which shows the Jamaican man claims to be a U.S. citizen. Problem is, no one bothers checking to see if applicants are being truthful.

In an effort to remedy the situation, Florida Governor Rick Scott launched a program a few years ago to purge ineligible voters from registration rolls. The Department of Justice (DOJ) was quick to sue the state to stop the purging because the agency claims it discriminates against minorities. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has colluded with the DOJ in Florida and the head of the group’s local chapter says purging voter rolls disproportionately affects the state’s most vulnerable groups, namely minorities.

Meanwhile, if you can believe this,  Obama is looking to further reduce the already  small percentage of illegal immigrants who are sent home each year.

Obama “has charged his Secretary of Homeland Security… to reduce where they can the levels of deportation,” Janet Murguia, president of the major Latino ethnic lobby group, the National Council of la Raza.

“Our hope and expectation is with that [policy change] would come some reduction in the level of deportations,” she told reporters gathered outside the White House Friday evening.


Those proposals would make it much harder for border or interior immigration agents to block or deport millions of previously deported illegals, if they try to return.

If her recommendations are accepted by Obama, annual deportations would drop by up to 50 percent, she suggested.

The Los Angeles Times reported that officials were considering a halt to deportations, unless an illegal immigrant commits a felony. Officials are also considering whether to end a program which helps federal immigration officials to pick up illegals arrested by state and local police forces.

Politico reported that the review of legal options began months ago, while Obama was urging House Speaker John Boehner to push an immigration-increase through the House.

Obama’s move to help illegal immigrants — many of whom are also living in households with legal immigrants — comes as he’s trying to boost November turnout among Latinos.

In 2012, Obama boosted turnout among naturalized immigrants by awarding work-permits to at least 500,000 younger illegal immigrants, even though Congress had repeatedly voted down similar proposals.

Obama may be using a similar turnout strategy in 2014, by simultaneously boosting hopes among Latinos for an amnesty, and resentment towards GOP legislators who oppose the unpopular amnesty.

As you know, the Regime has claimed for years that Obama deports more illegal immigrants than any other president. As usual they’re lying.

The truth is – ICE  has not been deporting illegal immigrants at a record pace. As Chris Crane, ICE Officer and President of the National ICE Council explained  at a press conference on Capitol Hill, last April; “at an alarming rate, deportation numbers have plummeted since 2008 – clear evidence that interior enforcement has in large part been shut down during the last four years. In an attempt to conceal ICE’s plummeting arrest and deportation statistics, massive numbers of border patrol apprehensions are being transferred to ICE to boost ICE’s statistical data.”

The truth is – virtually no one is being deported as it is. The Regime is merely getting ready to codify into law what they’ve already been doing for the past five years.

Because that’s how this Regime rolls.

Video: Ann Coulter’s Controversial Immigration Briefing With #CPAC2014 Bloggers

You may or may not have heard about a controversy sparked by Ann Coulter, last Saturday during CPAC. During a bloggers briefing held by the Eagle Forum on immigration reform, Ann made a rape analogy that caused some outrageous outrage on the left and caused consternation on the right:

“This isn’t natural. You have, especially on places like my favorite network, for humor, is MSNBC — and you know, they’re smearing, ‘Oh, Republicans just have to get used to it, the country is changing.’ No, this isn’t a natural process. It’s like you’re being raped and the guy is telling you, ‘Sorry, my penis is in you. Nothing you can do about it. No, you’re raping me!’”

Conservative blogger Marooned in Marin believes the “obscene comment” overshadowed the briefing. I think he’s right, and wonder if perhaps it was by design. Coulter sometimes cranks her comments up a few amps when she feels like an issue is getting overshadowed by left wing propaganda. She is often outrageously outrageous by design. If you watch all the videos I took at the briefing, you’ll note how frustrated she was that even Fox news often gets the facts wrong,  falling into the default PC liberal narrative. The conservative argument against amnesty is given short shrift by the media. Enter Ann Coulter drawing attention to a conservative argument as only she can.

Besides Coulter, this highly informative immigration briefing featured Steven Camarota of Center for Immigration Studies, Glyn Wright from the Eagle Forum and the group’s founder, legendary conservative powerhouse Phyllis Schlafly.

In the first video, Phyllis Schlafly talks about the many polls that show that recent immigrants are well to the left of the American public.

Coulter’s rape comment comes at the end of this video.

Part two of Coulter’s comments.

 Coulter’s Q & A with the bloggers:

Video: ICE President Chris Crane: Obama Has “A Real Dislike For ICE Agents and Officers”

ICE Council President, Chris Crane has to be the most frustrated man in America. His union represents about 7,600 ICE officers, agents and support staff, and they have been prohibited by the Regime from enforcing the law they took oaths to uphold. And to add insult to injury, he  has been repeatedly shut out of all of the Obama administration’s Immigration reform deliberations. Crane, noting the harsh statements Obama made about ICE back in 2008 when he was running for president, indicated that he believes Obama has “a real dislike” for ICE agents and the mission they perform.

Did you ever think you’d hear a law enforcement officer come to such a devastatingly sad conclusion about their own president?

Crane told Fox News’ Shannon Bream, Monday, that Obama has “effectively told ICE agents that they can no longer enforce immigration law” and he thinks it’s past time the House looked into the administration’s lawlessness on that score.

“We’re prohibited from enforcing immigration law even if it applies to criminals,” the ICE Union head lamented.  He expressed frustration with Congress for holding hearings on Benghazi, the IRS, etc, while neglecting to investigate the president’s lawless activities in regards to immigration. “Something. has. to. be. done,” he declared. “There’s no law that anyone can pass that’s going to work effectively until we address the problem of this president, or future presidents ignoring the laws enacted by congress.”

The Obama administration has claimed that they have to be selective about who they arrest for immigration violations because of limited resources – putting a higher priority on accused criminals, but Crane has claimed that the they have been releasing people who are violent criminals.   Bream noted that that fact fails to square with what the administration has been saying the goal is.

“Nothing that this administration does matches up to what they’re saying publicly,” he answered dryly.

Crane  continued to complain that under the current administration, “you can be in the country illegally, you can have an extensive criminal history, you can have multiple criminal convictions for serious offenses,  and there is nothing we can do to touch you.”

And he explained how the administration has been cooking the books to account for their “record number of deportations.”

“The numbers the president has been presenting every year as record numbers of deportations, are actually for the most part, non violent, non criminal illegal aliens apprehended at the border by the Border Patrol. And the administration transfers those numbers over as interior apprehensions. So nothing this president is doing behind the scenes matches what is publicly being done.”

“The president brings a real dislike for ICE Agents and Officers and the mission that we perform, Crane lamented. “I think there’s a real misunderstanding about what we do…and for that reason, he has absolutely refused to let us be a part of any conversation.”

Loophole: Immigrants Being Told to use “Key Words” to Cross Border – Border Patrol Overwhelmed (Video)

This is just swell.

Border Patrol agents are being overwhelmed by a sudden influx of immigrants coming across the Southern border seeking asylum in the United States because they have a  “credible fear” of Mexican Drug Cartels.

At least 200 immigrants came through a Border Crossing near San Diego last week – all using the key words.

“We are being overwhelmed”, one Border Patrol agent said.

Noisy Room’s Teresa Monroe Hamilton calls it Cloward and Piven on the Southern Border:

In a clever plan that was communist in its inception and by its design, the Cloward and Piven Strategy has been used successfully in regards to Amnesty. David Horowitz of Discover the Networks defined it succinctly:

The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.


Meanwhile, using the Dream Act, violent illegal alien criminals are being released from our prisons. They are being set free onto American streets to wreak havoc and reap state benefits, while we foot the bill in more ways than one.

James Simpson, an incredible writer and researcher, has documented the use of communistic plans by the Gang of Eight and the other elitists seeking Amnesty for 20 to 30 million invaders. Another ringing the alarm bells on a permanent Progressive voting majority being built out of the invasion from the South is Trevor Loudon of New Zeal. Simpson has this to say on Trevor’s upcoming book:

The U.S. Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration-reform plan, as well as a strikingly similar plan now being backed by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and a bi-partisan House “Gang,” both offer the “roadmap to citizenship” originally conceived and carefully developed by members of the Communist Party USA working within the Democratic Party and the radical left activist network for the purpose of using amnestied illegals to build a “permanent progressive majority.”

That is the inescapable conclusion readers will draw after reading the forthcoming book by acclaimed researcher and blogger Trevor Loudon, titled “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.” Although not yet published, Loudon agreed to allow WND readers to preview one chapter, titled “Latino Immigrants: Tools to Ensure a ‘Governing Coalition’ for the Left.”

Loudon: Immigration-Reform Movement The Brainchild of American Communists

The House GOP Caucus is meeting tomorrow in closed door session to decide their position on immigration. Word on the street is that Boehner is working with the White House to cram an amnesty bill down our throats. 

Mickey Kaus cited this exchange on Sunday’s Meet the Press that should chill you to the bone:

MR. TODD: …. Let me tell you something else, David. White House, now I have– they had been so confident that they were going to sign immigration reform this year. For the first time I– I am hearing that there is some doubt seeping in, that they think that maybe the House won’t act. What they need is they need an– they need something to sort of force Boehner to like at the last minute bring it to the floor the same way that the fiscal cliff deal happened. The problem is there’s no trigger at the end of this year. There isn’t the end of this Congress. There isn’t this. So I don’t know how this happens by the end of this year and suddenly now the White House doesn’t see a path to how this happens..

GREGORY: Right. Fire is all around them, no real second-term agenda when they have to deal with all these problems.

MS. MITCHELL: And immigration was going to be the one thing that they could have pointed to. And I think that conversation with John Boehner and the president, the president doesn’t have a whole well of trust in Boehner saying, you know, hang with me, I can get this done by the end of the summer. Boehner still doesn’t have the support and you heard what– what Congressman Labrador has been saying, they don’t have a Marco Rubio on the House side who can try to work around the edges… [Emphasis added]

MR. TODD: It was supposed to be Paul Ryan.

MS. MITCHELL: …and bring it together.

MR. TODD: It was supposed to be Paul Ryan…

MS. MITCHELL: And he’s gone silent I think. 

James Simpson reports:

The U.S. Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration-reform plan, as well as a strikingly similar plan now being backed by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and a bi-partisan House “Gang,” both offer the “roadmap to citizenship” originally conceived and carefully developed by members of the Communist Party USA working within the Democratic Party and the radical left activist network for the purpose of using amnestied illegals to build a “permanent progressive majority.”

That is the inescapable conclusion readers will draw after reading the forthcoming book by acclaimed researcher and blogger Trevor Loudon, titled “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.” Although not yet published, Loudon agreed to allow WND readers to preview one chapter, titled “Latino Immigrants: Tools to Ensure a ‘Governing Coalition’ for the Left.”

In the book, Loudon exhaustively documents the Left’s longtime agenda regarding illegal aliens and how its activists have gone about implementing it. He provides irrefutable proof that the entire immigration-reform movement was the brainchild of American communists and that their goal has long been to establish unchallengeable political supremacy.

According to Loudon, the Communist Party USA has influenced U.S. policy toward illegals since at least the 1960s. He traces the history, showing how communists and communist-founded organizations slowly built the movement from the ground up. While other groups certainly joined the effort, the communists were always at the center.

Keep reading and spread the word. Republicans need to see this. What are they even thinking? There are much better things they could be doing with their time.

Cruz: Gang of 8 Bill Is “A Mess That Will Make The Problem Worse” (Video)

In an appearance on Fox News, today, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) explained on why he opposes the immigration bill and the Corker-Hoeven amendment. He told the host, Eric Bolling, “This current bill is a mess.”

 Partial transcript:

 “This current bill is a mess. It is repeating the same failed pattern we saw in 1986. In 1986 Congress came to the American people and said we’re going to grant amnesty to some three million people here illegally, and in exchange we’ll secure the borders and the immigration problem will go away. What happened was the people got amnesty but the borders never got secured and the problem got worse and worse. Today instead of three million people we’re dealing with 11 million people here illegally, and what congress is saying is the exact same deal, which is, legalization first, and then they’re promising maybe someday in the future the border will be secured.

“What an overwhelming majority of Americans want to see is the border secured first, fix the problem, stop illegal immigration, and then improve legal immigration to welcome legal immigrants to America.

“The current Gang of Eight bill all depends upon Janet Napolitano submitting a plan to secure the border. That plan will never materialize. And then this week the big news is a couple of Republicans have joined with Chuck Schumer and President Obama in supporting an amendment that they’re going to say secures the border, but critically, just like the Gang of Eight, this new amendment allows legalization first, and then it promises, possibly, border security in the future, and we have seen before the border security will never work.

“You see women and children dying in the desert, being sexually assaulted, nobody who supported rule of law, who supported a humane outcome, would want a system that encourages more illegal immigration, and that is what this bill does.

“And don’t support this Gang of Eight bill because it is a mess that will make the problem worse.”

Jim Hoft has more More from the inteview: Ted Cruz: “It Is VERY HARD to Trust This Obama Administration” (Video)

Video: Immigration Lawyer Argues With Kris Kobach About Protest At His Home: “They Knew You Weren’t There”

Sec of State, Kris Kobach, (R-KS) debated  pro-illegal immigration attorney, Francisco Hernandez on last night’s Hannity.

Kobach expressed his horror that a the pro-illegal immigration mob descended on his private property, in an attempt to intimidate him into changing his position on a policy issue. He noted  that his four young girls would have been “scarred for life” seeing an angry mob in their front yard yelling at their daddy through a bull horn. Hernandez countered that it wasn’t an attempt to intimidate Kobach because they already knew he wasn’t home.

But only a few people knew what Kris Kobach’s plans were that weekend, and it certainly wasn’t the pro amnesty crowd. Unless the NSA tipped them off, Kobach joked. Hernandez kept insisting throughout the interview, however, that the protesters somehow knew the Kobachs weren’t there. “Why were they shouting Kris Kobach  come on out if they knew I wasn’t there? Kobach asked.

“It’s a play, it’s an act!” simpered the attorney.

Hernandez also laughably tried to suggest that the pro-amnesty mob was a “church group”.

The protest was in fact spearheaded by National People’s Action, a George Soros-funded group of social justice operatives, transnationalists and La Raza militants based out of Chicago.

Michelle Malkin has the scoop on them:

NPA’s past shakedowns have involved busing in protesters and schoolchildren (using public school buses) to invade the private property of their victims and intimidate their families. They relish their brass knuckles with this anthem:

Who’s on your hit list NPA?

Who’s on your hit list for today?

Take no prisoner, take no names.

Kick ‘em in the (a–) when they play their games.

As I first reported in 2004, NPA is funded by the Tides Foundation, the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, and the MacArthur, Ford and Rockefeller foundations. It’s also funded by your tax dollars. My research found that the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Education had all given tens of thousands of dollars in grants to NPA members for left-wing activism, identity politics and illegal alien benefits.

As Kobach said on his KCMO  radio talk show, Sunday, it was like Chicago thug politics had come to Kansas, or  something you’d see in a third-world dictatorship.

Video: Marco Rubio on Immigration Reform: “It’s Not Amnesty”

Senator Marco Rubio (FL-R) was scheduled to appear on seven talk shows, “This Week,” “Face the Nation,” “Meet the Press,” “FOX News Sunday,” CNN’s “State of the Union,” Univision’s “Al Punto” and Telemundo’s “Enfoque” on Sunday, prompting John Nolte of Big Government to call the gambit “the full Rubio.” 

Via Mediaite, here is his ABC appearance with Jonathan Karl.

Karl pressed him on whether this proposal is actually “legalization first” over “enforcement first” and said that because somebody could gain citizenship within six months it actually is “legalization first.” “The problem is what do you do in the meantime? While you’re doing all these enforcement mechanisms what do you do with the millions of people that are undocumented,” he said.

“What I want is to freeze the problem in place so it doesn’t get worse,” he said.

Rubio deflected Karl’s question on how the fight over immigration could impact the long term health of the Republican Party.

Rubio faced many of the same questions on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

Again, via Mediaite:

Senator Marco Rubio took another beating for his support for immigration reform legislation in the Senate this morning, this time from Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Rubio defended his position on the legislation saying that what he supports is not amnesty.

On Face the Nation, Senators Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Charles Schumer (D-NY) debated the issue.

Sessions was not convinced the bill will be anything short of another amnesty bill, saying it will give people of form of amnesty now, with a promise of enforcement in the future. “Even if you pass laws today that appear to be effective, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be enforced,” he said, with possibly the 1986 Amnesty legislation in mind.

Here is a trip down memory lane to the year 1986 where we find that many of the arguments that were made by the likes of Leon Panetta and Chuckie Schumer back then, are the same ones being made by Marco Rubio, today in support for immigration reform.


Michelle Malkin:  Object Lesson: “Temporary” Amnesty Never Dies:

The U.S. allows illegal aliens from TPS-designated countries to live here, work here, be protected from detention or deportation, and travel freely. It’s essentially a bad-weather pass into the U.S. Whenever a natural disaster strikes, we allow legions of foreigners who entered illegally — mostly from Latin America — to stay here while their homelands recover.

In the meantime, TPS winners can apply for a panoply of other immigration benefits and protections and file for “adjustment of status” to pave the way to permanent legalization. In fact, the official draft application for Obamacare lists “Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Applicant for Temporary Protected Status (TPS)” as an “eligible immigration status.”

Yep, that means you don’t even have to be a legit, approved TPS designee to qualify for Obamacare. If you merely filed paperwork to be an “applicant” for TPS, you’re in like Flynn! DHS documents are now officially pimping Obamacare to foreigners. And GOP Senate Budget Committee staffers estimate that covering illegal aliens could raise the cost of Obamacare by$120 billion to $200 billion in its first decade.

In theory, TPS beneficiaries are supposed to go home after their native countries improve. In practice, there is nothing temporary about these “temporary” reprieves for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from around the world.

Last week, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that TPS had been extended for at least 70,000 Hondurans and Nicaraguans “for an additional 18 months, beginning July 6, 2013, and ending Jan. 5, 2015.” Thanks to American generosity, these TPS winners have been here since 1998 — when Hurricane Mitch hit their homeland.

That was 15 years ago.

Doug Ross:  WHO NEEDS AMNESTY? Millions of Illegal Aliens Ripping Taxpayers Off for $20 Billion a Year in “Tax Credits”:

As the White House shuts down tours and air traffic control towers go dark thanks to the budget sequester, millions of illegal aliens will collect as much as $20 billion in cash from the taxpayers thanks to a widespread scam facilitated by the Obama administration. Ed Rubenstein, president of ESR Research and former chief economist for the Grace Commission on Waste in Government, has issued a new report entitledDefrauding the American Taxpayer: The Earned Income and Additional Child Tax Credits [PDF].

Rubenstein states that, “the IRS knowingly allows illegal aliens claiming children to get Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) cash payments of up to $5,891.”

Schumer: Our Bill Has Legalization First, ‘Then We’ll Make Sure Border Is Secure’ (Video)

What a trainwreck.

This is NY Senator Chuckie Schumer on Meet The Press last weekend, saying  that the Gang of Eight had come to a “basic agreement”

“We’ve come to a basic agreement, which is that first, people will be legalized. In other words, not citizens, but they’ll be allowed to work, come out of the shadows, travel. Then, we will make sure the border is secure. And we have specific metrics that are in the bill. I’m not going to get into what they are…”

Senator Jeff Sessions supplied the video:

But just as the immigration deal was being considered a  fait accompli by Democrats,Marco Rubio slammed on breaks:

“[A]rriving at a final product will require it to be properly submitted for the American people’s consideration, through the other 92 senators from 43 states that weren’t part of this initial drafting process,” Rubio said . “In order to succeed,” Rubio added, “this process cannot be rushed or done in secret.
“A reasonable approach”, but now Liberals are angry with Marco Rubio for refusing to rush immigration reform Matt Lewis reports at The Daily Caller.

The only trouble was, Rubio had stepped on the meme. It turns out that some advocates of immigration reform think the best way to pass something is to rush it through Congress — to never let a crisis go to waste.

In fact, that’s probably the best way to guarantee a). a bad bill, and b). legislation that won’t pass the House.


Drew at AoSHQ: Report: House “Gang Of 8″ Immigration Plan Has 3 Paths To Citizenship/Legalization:

Note that the prize here isn’t simply “a path to citizenship”, it’s automatic legalization. GOP amnesty leaders like Marco Rubio, say “border security must come first” but that means before citizenship. Legalization comes right away. I’m sure some, maybe most, illegals care about citizenship but that’s just a cherry on top of being able to live and work here legally.

Speaking of Marco Rubio he said he’d walk away from any deal that didn’t include the faux “trigger”. Well, the Obama administration said no to them. Rubio also wanted extensive hearings on any legislation, Senate Democrats said no to that too.

Anyone think there’s anything Democrats could do to make Rubio walk away?

His final political calculation will be fascinating. Mickey Kaus has a theory…Rubio will walk for show but support in the end.

Video: Jeanine Pirro and Chairman of House Judiciary Committee, Bob Goodlatte Discuss ICE Chief’s Testimony

Jeanine Pirro also had on Va Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, on her Fox Show,  Justice With Judge Jeanine to discuss his hearings last week on ICE’s decision to release criminal immigrant detainees.

Video via Massteaparty.

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

Rand Paul Hits Back at Limbaugh and Coulter: “Newsflash – What We’ve Got Now Is Defacto Amnesty” (Video)

Today on Fox News, Senator Rand Paul discussed his immigration reform proposal, and hit back at critics like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh who say he supports ‘amnesty’.

Via The Daily Caller:

“I’ve got a news flash for those who want to call people names on amnesty: What we have now is de facto amnesty,” Paul replied. “We have 11 million people here that have been here — some of them for a decade or more. No one is telling them to go home. … So I would say if you want to work, we’ll find a place for you. But that doesn’t mean you get special privileges. It just means we’ll get you a work visa.”

He went on to say that not only is his proposal, the right thing to do, but “it’s a way to expand the Republican Party to where people will listen to us, because they say it’s a reasonable position.”


Video: Illegal Immigrants “Dreaming” of Free Healthcare

Are they kidding me? Is this a bad joke? Because it isn’t funny…

Via Gateway Pundit:

Stand With Arizona reported on this latest movement:

A new ad campaign has been launched to extend medical coverage to illegal aliens in the state of California.

The California Endowment, a private foundation that advocates for affordable healthcare, wants county-run Medicaid expansion programs called Low-Income Health Programs to be “retooled” to provide insurance for this population – well over 1 million people!

Just what the people of California need, right? First they cut tuition assistance for citizen students by $1.2 billion.

Then they made illegal aliens eligible for in-state tuition and financial aid, with AB131 – signed by Gov. Jerry Brown.


Check out this collectivist drivel:

California should not be a place that says some young people deserve healthcare and some don’t. Access to screenings and checkups helps people prevent problems before they start. When healthcare includes everyone, and we mean everyone, that keeps us all healthy. We’re in this together.

Check out #Health4all and help us spread the word that California’s health depends on everyone. Everyone. Learn more about us at

It would never occur to me to move to another country illegally, and then demand free benefits. That’s takes a certain amount of brass cojones I simply do not possess.

Backlash: Obama Regime’s Decision to Release Illegal Immigrant Prisoners Infuriates Republican Lawmakers


Via Bakersfield Now

The Regime’s decision to release illegal immigrants who were in detention awaiting deportation, has spawned a “furious backlash” from some members of Congress, the Washington Times reports:

Department officials have described the move as a cost-savings measure required by the budget sequesters, but two years ago one top official testified to Congress that detaining immigrants is usually cheaper than releasing them.

As the questions build, so does pressure on Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano, who has not yet answered the requests, signed by dozens of Senate and House members, to detail who exactly has been released, why they were being held in the first place, and who gave final approval.

“It is frankly irresponsible that your agency chose releasing detained immigrants as its first effort to control spending,” a group of 37 House Republicans, led by Reps. Matt Salmon of Arizona and Duncan Hunter of California, said in a letter Friday.

On Monday, Sen. Daniel Coats, the ranking Republican on the Senate Appropriations Committee that oversees immigration, took to the Senate floor to say the department cannot duck his questions. He speculated that the release has already spurred a new wave of illegal immigration.

“I can see the traffickers pitching this to tens or hundreds of thousands of people, taking their money, getting them across the border, breaching the fence or tunneling under the fence or climbing over the fence,” Mr. Coats said.

An internal ICE memo obtained and released last week by the HouseJudiciary Committee found that the agency contemplated releasing 1,000 immigrants a week — far more than the several hundred it said it released.

On Fox News, Saturday, Congressman Steven King (R-IA) said that he would like to get ICE Chief, John Morton to appear before the House Judiciary  committee to explain the prison releases.


(Photo: CBS 2)

 A memo, sent by Morton to field office directors and all special agents last December, provides guidance on when they should issue detainers against illegal immigrants charged with crimes. Although Regime officials have been saying that the released detainees were only guilty of minor infractions, this memo gives you a good idea of how dangerous the 10 percent of illegals who are  incarcerated while awaiting their deportation hearings, are.
The list of persons subject to ICE holds includes:

  • persons charged with felonies
  • persons with three or more prior misdemeanor convictions
  • persons charged with assault, DWI, unlawful flight from the scene of an accident
  • drug distribution or trafficking
  • sexual abuse or exploitation

Illegals are not detained if they’ve only been charged with minor misdemeanors or traffic violations.

A person charged with misdemeanor drug possession, with no allegation of distribution or trafficking, is also not subject to an ICE detainer.

On Fox News’  Justice with Jeanine, last Saturday, Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu noted that among those released were criminals who had been “convicted not just charged – convicted for weapons violations, drug smuggling, (these are cartel members, these are narcotic traffickers!), drug dealers, these are people who have been in fights,  and aggravated assaults against police officers…. How in the world can you say these are low risk, non criminal detainees?!  These are the worst of the worst. These are people who have been convicted of child molestation! We have people who have been released, I’ve been told by ICE agents, who have been  charged with man-slaughter.”

Pirro brought up the whistleblowers who want to come forward and expose what’s going on. But Babeu said several memos have been sent out to ICE agents about the prisoner releases -  anyone who talks about it “outside our agency shall be disciplined up to and including termination, creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.”  He said, “these federal agents, who swore an oath to protect our country, are being intimidated from doing the right thing.”


Below is the correct audio for the incredible first hour of the Kris Kobach Show on KCMO, March 3, that I wanted to post, last week.. 

I had instructed my dear husband to grab the first eleven minutes of the first hour, so I could post it. (I can’t do it on Windows Movie-Maker) and he took the entire second hour – (which I didn’t even listen to, so I don’t even know what was on there). So I told him when I noticed it the next DAY, that I need the first eleven minutes of the first hour, and he immediately leaped into action (not). A week later, here it is. Stale news, I know. Oh, it’s the entire hour, instead of eleven minutes, again, too.

Most of the first hour was spent talking about ICE’s shocking and “bizarre” decision to release illegal immigrant prisoners:

Scaring us by releasing illegal immigrant criminals — “REALLY, Mr. President? Really?!” Kobach thundered.“This is a brazen abuse of power”, he said. “They crossed the line.”

“This is impeachment stuff!”

“You do not release dangerous criminals to make a point…”

Keep in mind, as you hear the air raid sirens,  that the sequester had just gone into effect a few days, before.

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