President Vineyard’s Big Day – Fundraising, ‘Somber ISIS Statement’, And Golf

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After giving a brief,  perfunctory statement on the brutal  beheading of an American citizen by ISIS,  the president hightailed it to the  game golf course with friends, Wednesday, including former professional basketball star Alonzo Mourning.

Obama declared that ISIS has “no place in the 21st century” — which coincidentally is the same thing he says about Republicans who oppose the “Equal Pay Act.” 


Buzzfeed Andrew reported:

“The president walked quietly into the cafeteria of the school, tieless but wearing a blue jacket,” read the latest White House press pool report. “Eric Schultz accompanied him. Obama stepped to a podium and delivered his remarks, then turned quietly and walked out of the room. The room was silent as he did.

“Afterward, the motorcade drove to the Vineyard Golf Club.”

But first things first. Before he faced the cameras to sound off about the ISIS menace, Obama sent out a fundraising appeal.

Via Daniel Halper, the Weekly Standard:

“Nothing has ever been more important than fighting for folks like you. You are my priority,” writes Obama.
“And right now, a focus of that fight has to be getting people who really care about making things better for you elected. The upcoming elections could determine whether or not we have a Congress who will work with me to help you.
“That’s why it’s so important I spend some time helping Democrats campaign and win. I can only tackle the issues that matter to you with some help. Will you help me out, Daniel?”

He asked for $3, $10, $25, $50, $100, or whatever else “folks” would like to donate.

During his address, today, he didn’t mention any specific actions  U.S. forces would take in Iraq moving forward.

Meanwhile, via Bloomberg News, five US  intelligence officials told reporters during a briefing  that ISIS is “attracting recruits and even drawing defections from the leadership of the core al-Qaeda group and some affiliates.”

The U.S. intelligence community thinks the Islamic State has an incentive to conduct a major terrorist strike against U.S. or European targets, in part to further assert itself as the true leader of radical Islam, the officials said. There’s evidence that the group is establishing cells beyond Iraq and Syria, they said.

Brett Baier of Fox News offers his analysis of Obama’s address, today.


If you read one thing today, it should be this by David Horowitz writing at Red State: The Hell That is the Obama White House:

The same desire to overwhelm and permanently suppress the opposition drives the war that Obama and the Democrats have conducted against America’s borders and therefore American sovereignty. Their plan is too flood the country with illegals of whatever stripe who will be grateful enough for the favor to win them elections and create a permanent majority in their favor. The immediate result of these efforts is that we have no secure southern border, and therefore no border; and therefore we have effectively invited criminals and terrorists to come across and do Americans harm.

Which brings us to the deepest level of Obama’s hell, which is his anti-American foreign policy. When Obama was re-elected in 2012, the very first thought I had was this: A lot of people are going to be dead because of this election. How disastrously right I was. Since their assault on George Bush and their sabotage of the war in Iraq, Obama and the Democrats have forged a power vacuum in Europe and even more dramatically in the Middle East, which nasty characters have predictably entered with ominous implications for the future security of all Americans.

Take one aspect of this epic default: Obama’s lack of response to the slaughter of Christians in Palestine, Egypt and Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been slaughtered and driven from their homes in Iraq – over half a million by some counts. This is the oldest Christian community in the world dating back to the time of Christ. What was Obama’s response to this atrocity until a group of Yazvidi along with the Christians were trapped on a mountain side, and politics dictated he had to make some gesture. His response was to do and say nothing. Silence. Even his statement announcing minimal action to save the Yazvidi and the Christians mentioned the Christians once in passing while devoting a paragraph to the obscure Yazvidi.

What this unfeeling and cold response to the slaughter of Christians tells us is that Obama is a pretend Christian just the way he is a pretend American. What he is instead is a world class liar. That is because his real agendas are anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-Jewish, and obviously and consistently pro America’s third world adversaries to whom he is always apologizing and whom he is always appeasing. Obama lies about his intentions and policies because he couldn’t survive politically if he told the truth…

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Kurdish Forces Retake Part of Mosul Dam – 300+ Yazidis Massacred (Video)

In an attempt to help the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters retake the Mosul Dam near the Iraqi city of Irbil, Sunday, the the U.S. military increased its air attacks on ISIS   — launching 14 strikes as part of a joint military effort.

Fox News reports:

Fighter planes and drones have conducted at least 23 air strikes this weekend near the dam, in an urgent effort to recapture the facility from the violent militant group before members either let it fall into disrepair or intentionally open the gates and send a wave of floodwater into the nearby cities of Irbil and Mosul.

Gen. Tawfik Desty, a commander with the Kurdish forces at the dam, said his troops now control the eastern part of the dam and that fighting continues.

U.S. defense sources tell Fox News the fighting is far from over and that a “lengthy, multi-phase operation” will likely be needed to fully retake the dam.

In addition, a senior U.S. official said the effort to retake the damn is mostly a Kurdish Peshmerga operation.

The dam, which supplies water and electricity to northern Iraq, was seized on August 7 by the Islamic State, the militant group formerly known as ISIS.

A high-level Kurdish official in the Mosul area told Fox News that the Peshmerga fighters on Sunday also retook the town of Teleskof, in northern Iraq, and a few other surrounding villages.

The air strikes Sunday also included bomber planes and are part of the larger humanitarian effort to help Americans in Iraq and those being killed by Islamic State militants for their religious beliefs, according to U.S. Central Command.

The strikes Sunday destroyed or damaged a military check point, four armored personnel carriers, seven armed vehicles, two Humvees and an armored vehicle, officials said.

ISIS meanwhile, has continued its killing spree.

Islamic State killed 82 to 90 Yazidi men and abducted their wives and children Saturday, U.S. officials confirmed.

A senior U.S. defense official told Fox News that U.S. surveillance drones saw evidence of the massacre of dozens of Yazidi men. The U.S. military later struck two militant targets, killing some of those involved in the killings, the source said.

The Yazidis, a Kurdish-speaking ethnic and religious group that numbers in the hundreds of thousands in Iraq, has been persecuted in the north by Islamic State militants, with at least 500 killed before this weekend, according to Iraq’s human rights minister.

Fox News notes that “the killings came a day after President Obama said U.S.-led air strikes had broken the siege by the militants against the minorities trapped on a mountain in northern Iraq.”

The Australian reports the carnage over the weekend was worse:  “more than 300 Yazidi men were killed and 1,000 women and children were taken hostage after Islamist militants stormed their village in north-western Iraq.” According to Kurdish officials, ISIS  laid siege to the Yazidi village, Kocho, on Friday.

Video: Syrian Kurdish Fighters Rescue Stranded Yazidis While US Backs Away

It’s not clear exactly how many Yazidis remain on the Mount Sinjar, but thousands have been able to climb down to safety with the help of Syrian Kurdish fighters who battled the ISIS barbarians to carve out an escape route for them.

Via Stars and Stripes:

While the U.S. and Iraqi militaries struggle to aid the starving members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority with supply drops from the air, the Syrian Kurds took it on themselves to rescue them. The move underlined how they – like Iraqi Kurds – are using the region’s conflicts to establish their own rule.

For the past few days, fighters have been rescuing Yazidis from the mountain, transporting them into Syrian territory to give them first aid, food and water, and returning some to Iraq via a pontoon bridge.

The Yazidis, a Kurdish-speaking minority who follow an ancient Mesopotamian faith, started to flee to the Sinjar mountain chain on Aug. 2, when militants from the extremist Islamic State group took over their nearby villages. The militants see them as heretics worthy of death.

“The (Kurdish fighters) opened a path for us. If they had not, we would still be stranded on the mountain,” said Ismail Rashu, 22, in the Newroz camp in the Syrian Kurdish town of Malikiya some 20 miles (30 kilometers) from the Iraqi border. Families had filled the battered, dusty tents here and new arrivals sat in the shade of rocks, sleeping on blue plastic sheets. Camp officials estimated that at least 2,000 families sought shelter there on Sunday evening.

Here’s CBN News coverage of the refuge camp in Syria.

This BBC report shows thousands of Yazidis seeking safety in northern Iraq, after crossing into Syria by foot and walking back into Kurdistan.

Officials for the Kurdish regional government say some 20,000 to 30,000 people managed to cross the Iraqi-Syrian border at the weekend.

Many said they hadn’t eaten for days on the mountain; their lips were cracked from dehydration and heat, their feet swollen and blackened from walking. Some elderly, disabled and young children were left behind. Others were still walking to where Syrian Kurds were rescuing them, they said.

“We are thankful, from our heads to the sky, to the last day on earth,” said Naji Hassan, a Yazidi at the Tigris river border crossing, where thousands of rescued Yazidis were heading back into Iraq on Sunday.

The U.N. estimated around 50,000 Yazidis fled to the mountain. But by Sunday, Kurdish officials said at least 45,000 had crossed through the safe passage, leaving thousands more behind and suggesting the number of stranded was higher.


The U.S. has since assisted the peshmerga fighters with airstrikes, and on Tuesday, a U.S. drone strike destroyed a militant mortar position threatening Kurdish forces defending refugees near the Syrian border. A day earlier, the U.S. said it would provide more weapons directly to Kurdish forces, but it was unclear what materiel was under consideration. Later Tuesday, the Iraqi military said a helicopter delivering aid to the displaced had crashed.

For now, with the peshmerga gone and state aid ineffective, the Yazidis who survived the mountaintop ordeal were counting on the Syrian Kurdish fighters. Covered in dust among crowds at the Tigris crossing, Hassan said without the fighters all would have been lost.

“Were it not for them, no Yazidi would be saved,” he said.

With just a few thousand Yazidis left on the mountain, and the Syrian Kurds doing a great job getting them out, the US Defense Dept is signalling that it is backing out of it’s promise to help with the rescue.

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, filling in for Megyn Kelly had on Seth Jones from the Intl Security and Defense Policy Center at the Rand Corp to talk about the US role in Iraq.

“To pretend that we don’t have a national security interest to this I think is a big mistake,” Jones said.

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Lt Col Ralph Peters On ISIS: “We’re Dealing With a Death Cult” (Video)

 Lt. Col. Ralph Peters appeared on Fox News with Martha MacCallum Wednesday morning to discuss the latest happenings in Iraq and the enemy that we now face in ISIS. In one of his most impressive appearances on Fox, to date,  Peters had a lot to say about the unfolding nightmare in Iraq – and the Obama administration’s anemic response to it.

“This is something that goes beyond radical Islam,” Peters explained. “We’re dealing with a death cult.”

“When you get young men attenuated to these massacres, crucifixions, beheadings,…”   Peters started, his voice trailing off.

“Martha – methamphetamine and heroin may be addictive, but there is no substance on earth as addictive as human blood.”

 “It’s a death cult of massive human sacrifices to a bloodthirsty God,” he said.

He compared them to the Aztecs, noting, “but at least they built things.”

“This is the most destructive force I’ve seen in my lifetime. Even the Nazis didn’t film crucifixions and beheadings for public broadcast,” Peters pointed out.

He continued, “the fact that team Obama and all their elite East coast, West coast supporters don’t understand the fundamental brutality in so much of the world – really cripples our response.”

“If we must use the US military in a situation like this – if we must send the military into harms way – the ONLY correct way to use it is like a sledge hammer coming down on a carton of eggs,” Peters contended. “But this bit of dribs and drabs, coming after the previous philosophy of the Obama administration – prememptive retreat in Iraq and elsewhere – is a prescription for – if not long-term failure, a long-term bloodbath.”

“The tumors don’t go away on their own,” he said.

Peters went on to accuse Obama of lying about his reason for withdrawing all of the troops.

“He is not telling the truth when he says he couldn’t get a deal because the Iraqis didn’t want it. The Iraqis – the Kurds, the Sunni Arabs, plenty of Shia – they wanted us to stay. They knew that we were the fig leaf that helped them all cooperate. And he’s also making it up when he says he wasn’t briefed by the intelligence community about the threat posed by the Islamic State…the intelligence community has been trying to warn him about this for well over a year – about the blitzkrieg in Iraq for months – and the White House just shut down. It’s a closed, hermetic administration that doesn’t want to hear bad news and the bad news is crashing through the gates.”


Walid Shoebat: Evidence Mounting That Turkey Is Behind ISIS Recruitment To Establish An Islamic Caliphate:

Several Middle Eastern media broke the news that unrest has sparked in Turkey with demonstrations erupting denouncing Erdogan after Turkish citizens captured ISIS operatives in Turkey in which Turkish security forces released the terrorists and attacked the civilians who turned them in:

Harrowing Footage of Mount Sinjar Rescue

Harrowing footage of a dramatic rescue was  taken by a CNN crew on board a helicopter with members of the Iraqi air force and Kurdish peshmerga, Monday.  They were on a mission to Mount Sinjar where thousands of desperate Yazidis, driven out of their homes by the ISIS horde have been stranded for a week.

The flight took diapers, milk, water and food to the site, hurling out boxes of food and water before approaching the ground. 

“We landed on several short occasions, and that’s where — amid this explosion of dust and chaos — these desperate civilians came racing towards the helicopter, throwing their children on board the aircraft. The crew was just trying to pull up as many people as possible,” CNN’s Ivan Watson said.

Her mouth slightly agape, tears stream down her face as she glances around the inside of a helicopter with confusion in her eyes.

She looks completely exhausted, overcome with emotion. She cries the whole flight to safety.

That’s 15 year old Aziza – the girl in the purple shirt in the video below.

Soon, some of the trapped families — including babies and the elderly — were packed into the flight. A man held a water bottle for a woman trying drink, her head propped up on his shoulder.

Others didn’t make it and were left behind as the helicopter pulled away.

“It was chaotic. It was crazy, but we were able to then lift off with about 20 civilians,” Watson said.

I had seen the pictures on Twitter. Now we have the video. Everyone on the chopper was crying. You’ll cry watching it. 

Oh my God, what hell has been unleashed on these poor people?


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The Obama Administration Finally Agrees To Arm The Kurds (Video)

Charles Krauthammer has been hammering this point for weeks – arm the Kurds, they’re running low on supplies, but they’re fierce fighters and US allies who want to fight ISIS. But the Obama administration only wanted to go through the dysfunctional Iraqi government.

Finally someone in the administration caught a clue.

The Obama administration has begun directly providing weapons to Kurdish forces who have started to make gains against Islamic militants in northern Iraq, senior U.S. officials said Monday.

Previously, the U.S. had insisted on only selling arms to the Iraqi government in Baghdad, but the Kurdish peshmerga fighters had been losing ground to Islamic State militants in recent weeks.

The officials wouldn’t say which U.S. agency is providing the arms or what weapons are being sent, but one official said it isn’t the Pentagon. The CIA has historically done similar quiet arming operations.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the operation publicly.


According to Fox News, the US military is providing heavy weapons.


Patrick Poole, PJ Media: Middle East Meltdown: Here’s What’s Happening

Catholic Online: Chaldean Patriarch calls for ARMED RESPONSE to defend Christians from Genocide

On Sunday, Pope Francis said he held “dismay and disbelief” over what is happening in Iraq.

“The situation is going from bad to worse,” he warned.

Meanwhile, Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako of Baghdad said, “There is a need of international support and a professional, well-equipped army. The situation is going from bad to worse.”

The Conversation: The Time Obama Said He Would Sacrifice All – Sleep, Family Life, Vacations – To Be POTUS

 The Conversation: Obama’s Iraq narratives contradicted by the Pentagon, intelligence community, and Obama

Washington Free Beacon: Bombs Over Erbil – Obama Took Credit for Iraq Troop Withdrawal Before Ducking Responsibility

US Humanitarian Airdrop in Iraq Begins + Obama Authorizes Airstrikes (Video)

Obama is finally acting after reports of the desperate humanitarian disaster looming in Iraq overtook the Israel/Hamas conflict as a top news story.  Ignoring the situation is no longer feasible.

CNN reports

The United States has airdropped meals and water in Iraq, sending aid to minority groups trapped as brutal Islamist fighters advance.

“The mission was conducted by a number of U.S. military aircraft under the direction of U.S. Central Command,” a senior U.S. defense official said. “The aircraft that dropped the humanitarian supplies have now safely exited the immediate airspace over the drop area.”

And U.S. President Barack Obama — scheduled to give a statement on Iraq at 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday — is weighing a key question: Should airstrikes be next?

 Obama also said Thursday he will authorize targeted airstrikes in Iraq to protect American personnel.

“We do whatever is necessary to protect our people. We support our allies when they’re in danger,” Obama said.

Obama also said he’d authorized targeted airstrikes “if necessary” to help forces in Iraq fighting to protect civilians trapped in the mountains as brutal Islamist fighters advance.

“When we have the unique capabilities to help avert a massacre, then I believe the United States of America cannot turn a blind eye,” Obama said.

He might consider arming the Kurds, as well.


Via NBC: Airstrikes Begin:

The United States dropped laser-guided bombs on ISIS artillery in Iraq on Friday, the Pentagon said — the beginning of airstrikes threatened a day earlier by President Barack Obama.

The bombs, 500 pounds each, were dropped by two Navy F-18 fighter jets near Erbil, the strategically important city that serves as the Kurdish capital, and where the United States has a consulate. ISIS was using the artillery to shell Kurdish forces defending Erbil, the Pentagon said.

The fighter jets took off from the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush, in the Persian Gulf. The mission marked a return to U.S. military engagement in Iraq, three years after Obama removed U.S. forces.

Time to start kicking some ISIS ass.

Ralph Peters: Genocide is Looming For Yazidis And Nobody’s Paying Attention (Video) UPDATE: UN Rescue Underway

Lt Col Ralph Peters was on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer,  Monday to talk about the gains being made by the brutal Islamist terrorists ISIS throughout Iraq. Peters criticized the Obama administration for refusing to arm the Kurds – opting instead to back the broken and paralyzed Iraqi government.

“While the whole world – led by the UN is ganging up on Israel – which is trying desperately to prevent civilian deaths, the Islamic State – this emerging caliphate –  is slaughtering not just soldiers, captive Kurds… they’re slaughtering innocent people,” Peters exclaimed.  “And in those villages  – especially in Sinjar, one of the towns up there in the Northwest – the populous is largely Yazidis.”

“It’s a small sect … goes back to Zoroastrian fire worshipers – they’re not Christians, they’re not Muslims, and these Islamic State fanatics butcher them – they’re going to kill them – and there’s tens of thousands – perhaps 200,000 total up there. There’s a looming genocide,” Peters warned, as Hemmer began to cut him off. ” A looming genocide and nobody’s paying attention.”

No, nobody’s paying attention. Why is that? Why is the ObaMedia focusing on demonizing Israel as they win their war against Hamas – while mostly ignoring the genocide of Christians and other minorities in Muslim lands?

Via NRO: 

To date, neither President Obama nor Secretary Kerry has mentioned the epic humanitarian and human-rights catastrophe underway in this large agricultural province that for over a millennium has been home to Christians, Yazidis, and various ethnic Sunnis and Shiites. The U.S. has provided humanitarian aid in the wake of each attack, but the Islamic State’s siege of Nineveh requires immediate additional measures to protect Iraq’s uniquely vulnerable minorities.

Ace knows:

This is a tactic employed by Obama — when he chooses not to do anything about a problem, he completely hushes up about the problem’s existence, hoping that the press will take its cues from him and not mention the problem at all.

Thus keeping the American public in the dark about it.

This tactic has succeeded every single time. If Obama doesn’t want to score political points on an issue, the press follows his lead and embargoes the issue entirely.

The ISIS butchers are posting pictures of the genocide in progress on social media. Don’t click unless you have a strong stomach.

Some in the MSM are dutifully reporting on the Yazidi disaster. They’re just not flooding the zone like they do with stories they know the master wants out there.

“The Islamic State’s takeover of Sinjar is the first major setback for Kurdish forces protecting the country’s north,” the Washington Post dutifully reports.  The United Nations estimates about 200,000 people have fled their homes. “Some 147,000 have arrived in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region, flooding refugee camps.”

 Stranded on a barren mountaintop, thousands of minority Iraqis are faced with a bleak choice: descend and risk slaughter at the hands of the encircled Sunni extremists or sit tight and risk dying of thirst.

Humanitarian agencies said Tuesday that between 10,000 and 40,000 civilians remain trapped on Mount Sinjar since being driven out of surrounding villages and the town of Sinjar two days earlier. But the mountain that had looked like a refuge is becoming a graveyard for their children.

Unable to dig deep into the rocky mountainside, displaced families said they have buried young and elderly victims of the harsh conditions in shallow graves, their bodies covered with stones. Iraqi government planes attempted to airdrop bottled water to the mountain on Monday night but reached few of those marooned.

“There are children dying on the mountain, on the roads,” said Marzio Babille, the Iraq representative for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). “There is no water, there is no vegetation, they are completely cut off and surrounded by Islamic State. It’s a disaster, a total disaster.”

Most of those who fled Sinjar are from the minority Yazidi sect, which melds parts of ancient Zoroastrianism with Christianity and Islam. They are considered by the al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic State to be devil worshippers and apostates.

Gateway Pundit recaps the past several weeks of gut-wrenching carnage in Iraq. For the Iraqi people Armageddon is right here and now.

ISIS is starving the Christians, the Shiites, the Turks, the Yazidis from water in northern Iraq.
It is Genocide.

Yazidi Member of Iraqi Parliament Fiyan Dakheel (of the Kurdistan Alliance) collapsed in tears after calling upon her fellow countrymen to rescue the Yazidis from Genocide.

“Mr. Speaker we are being butchered under the banner of There is no God but Allah. Until now 500 men and boys have been butchered… Please, Mr. Speaker allow me to finish. My family is being butchered… I am speaking here in the name of humanity. Please Save Us! Please Save Us!”

The United States military has the ability to help those people. They could conduct an airlift to save the thousands who are stranded on the mountain.   They could arm the Kurds to fight ISIS. They could bomb the terrorists from the air as they move from town to town. The United States is doing nothing – Obama is squandering all of the US military’s hard fought gains and allowing the Middle East to descend into violent chaos. Evil is winning because good men are standing down. Good men are standing down because we have an evil man in the White House.

Kerry, of course is committed to forcing some kind peace deal between Israel and Hamas to Hamas’ benefit – so he can win a Nobel Peace Prize. He’ll also be focusing like a laser beam on “the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction” –  as big a threat as terrorism, poverty, and WMDs -  that threat being of course –  Global Warming. 

I wonder how concerned those people on that mountaintop are about global warming.



Via NBC: Some of Iraq’s Yazidis Are Rescued After Fleeing ISIS Militants:

No hard numbers, yet – but at least “some of the tens of thousands” of stranded Yazidis  have been rescued, the U.N. said Thursday.

“People over the last 24 hours have been extracted and the U.N. is mobilizing resources to ensure that these people are assisted on arrival,” U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs spokesman David Swanson said Thursday. “This is a tragedy of immense proportions, impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.” Many of the displaced people urgently need water, food, shelter and medicine, Swanson added. Another U.N. official said many of the children on the mountain were suffering from dehydration and at least 40 had died.


Report: Obama Mulling Food and Supply Airdrops to Aid Stranded Yazidi and Airstrikes on ISIS Fighters

More help may be on the way for the tens of thousands of ethnic minorities struggling to survive on Mount Sinjar in Northern Iraq. Many of the children on the mountain are suffering from dehydration and at least 40 have died according to UN officials.

White House Dossier reports that the president is considering airstrikes or food and supply airdrops to aid the mostly Yazidi minorities who are stranded on a mountaintop.

The president, in meetings with his national security team at the White House on Thursday morning, has been weighing a series of options ranging from dropping humanitarian supplies on Mount Sinjar to military strikes on the fighters from ISIS now at the base of the mountain, a senior administration official said.
But the White House is refusing to comment.

Hot Air: Kurdish TV: U.S. bombs ISIS targets in Iraq; Update: Airdrops to stranded Yazidis begin

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Tony Blair Blames Obama and Malaki For the Rise of ISIS

In a 2,800-word ‘essay’ on the “new Middle East conflagration”, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair refused to apologize for joining Bush in fighting the Iraq war, arguing that Obama ordered US troops to leave Iraq too soon.

Via Daily Mail:

Tony Blair last night attacked ‘bizarre’ claims that his decision to go to war with Iraq in 2003 caused the current wave of violence in the country – and blamed everyone but himself for the crisis.

The former Prime Minister insisted he was right to topple Saddam Hussein with the US and said things would have been worse if the dictator had not been ousted from power a decade ago.

Mr Blair ended a week-long silence after mounting claims by diplomats and Labour MPs that his and Mr Bush’s handling of the Iraq War sowed the seeds of the attempt by the Al Qaeda-backed ISIS terror group to conquer Iraq.

Meanwhile, British-born ISIS fghters are vowing to bring jihad back to Britain…


Weasel Zippers: BREAKING: Baghdad International Airport Under Attack

Gateway Pundit:ISIS ADVANCES – BAGHDAD AIRPORT UNDER ASSAULT – Close to US Embassy (Photos)

Gateway Pundit:HORROR! ISIS Executes Truckloads of Iraqis in a Ditch Near Tikrit (PHOTOS)

Gateway Pundit: Shia Muslims Distribute Khomeini Photos in Baghdad – 2,000 al-Quds Forces Sent to Baghdad


Jeanine Pirro: I’m Worried – And You should Be Too

Judge Jeanine Pirro let Obama have it on Saturday night’s installment of Justice for squandering all of the hard fought and won gains in Iraq, and endangering American lives in the process.

“You know me,” Pirro said, “most of the time, I’m fearless. I’ve spent most my life, fighting, investigating, prosecuting and sentencing the worst of the worst. But tonight, I’m worried.”

“Our president has literally replenished the enemy at a time of war,” she said.

She had on Senator John McCain and and retired general Ralph McInerny to discuss Obama’s latest “utter and total  failure”.

Also a guest on Saturday’s show, Ambassador to Iraq under GW Bush, James Jeffrey.

See Also:

Report: Hundreds of American Civilians Besieged by Terrorists at Air Force Base in Iraq:

 the Al Qaeda aligned ISIS jihadists roll on towards Baghdad, there are reports that at least 200 Americans were trapped and surrounded at the Balad Force Air Base. An anonymous contractor claiming to be among the besieged U.S. citizens posted this call for help on CNN’s “IReport” website yesterday:

I am writing from ballad Iraq as a employee of sallyport, ksillc..there are approx 500 US citizens on balad air base north of Baghdad trapped..we are part of a little known F16 iraq support mission here…The company has reportedly for the last 3 days to fly us out, we are now all herded into a central location on base..and being told nothing..The clint lockheed martin, DoS and most women have already been evacuated days ago but we are all still here.  I hope this message is received by someone that can break this as headline news to bring attention to the situation for us..we are all worried and in dire straight as last security Intel reports Isis elements around us..

This message on the front page of the contracting company seems to verifythat there are still employees in Iraq, though in “safe sites” in the region.

Double Amputee Veteran Has Compelling Message About America’s Relationship and Role In Iraq:

 Retired Staff Sergeant Johnny “Joey” Jones served in Iraq from 2007 to 2008. In 2010, he deployed to Afghanistan to help disarm the Taliban’s IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). However, when Jones stepped on an IED his tour was cut short. He had lost both of his legs in the incident.

On Friday, Jones was a guest on Fox News’ The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson to discuss the recent turmoil in Iraq. Carlson began by asking him if he thought that the sacrifices Iraq War veterans made were in vain. Jones responded:

“When we were in Iraq, and I had the opportunity to tell the president this, every town that I was in, we liberated people, we empowered them, we didn’t conquer or destroy them. And we have to have the commitment there to finish the job.”…


“Baghdad is a symbol of freedom for our country as much as Iraq. We literally spent over a decade there liberating people from a tyrannical government. This Commander-In-Chief has an opportunity to have the courage to honor a commitment that we made when we turned their world upside down by taking out Saddam and their regime.”

Meanwhile in a different universe, two dimwits trying to pass themselves off as intellectuals, fret about “gender equity” issues in the Middle East and military industrial complex wanting to be in a “perpetual state of war.”

ISIS Attempting To Encircle Baghdad Before Laying Siege To The City…

Via Long War Journal:

The lightning advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham and its allies from Mosul to the outskirts of Samarra, as well as its capture of several towns in eastern Diyala, all over the course of several days, appears to be part of a greater strategy to surround the capital of Baghdad before laying siege to it. This plan, to take over the “belt” region outside of Baghdad and cut off the capital, appears to be the same strategy used by the ISIS’ predecessor back in 2006.

The 2006 plan, which was drawn up by the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), the forerunner of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS), was discovered after the US found a crude map on the body of Abu Musab al Zarqawi, al Qaeda in Iraq’s leader who was killed by US forces in Baqubah in June 2006. The “Baghdad belts” map was released by Multinational Forces-Iraq during its offensive to liberate vast areas under al Qaeda/ISI control in 2007 and 2008.

Meanwhile in a different universe, two dimwits trying to pass themselves off as intellectuals, worry about “gender equity” issues in the Middle East and the military industrial complex and Republicans wanting to be in a “perpetual state of war.”

Via Washington Free Beacon, I swear  this is not a parody:

“We don’t want to be nasty and vicious here, but are the Republicans interested in a perpetual state of war?” he asked. “Because it seems like they are always, with this chest-pumping, patriarchal character, trying to thrust us [into one.]“

Peterson said earlier in the segment there was “gender equity” work, among other areas, that needed to be done in the Middle East that went beyond military intervention.

Christmas Day Attacks in Both Iraq and Afghanistan (Video)

In Iraq, the attacks were targeted against Christians.

Fox News reported:

At least 37 were killed in Iraq after militants targeted Christians in two separate bomb attacks on Wednesday, according to officials.

In one attack, a car bomb went off near a church during Christmas Mass in the capital’s southern Dora neighborhood, killing at least 26 people and wounding 38, a police officer said.

A little bit earlier, a bomb ripped through an outdoor market in the nearby Christian section of Athorien, killing 11 people and wounding 21, the officer added.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks, but Iraq’s dwindling Christian community, which is estimated to number about 400,000 to 600,000 people, has often been targeted by al-Qaida and other insurgents who see the Christians as unbelievers.

In Kabul, the Taliban attacked the US Embassy:

The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan says its compound was hit by indirect fire just before dawn on Christmas Day. It says no Americans were injured.

An embassy official, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with regulations, says the attack happened at around 6:40 a.m. Wednesday, when “two rounds of indirect fire impacted the U.S. Embassy compound.” Indirect fire can refer to either mortars or rockets.

The Taliban claimed they fired four rockets at the embassy on Wednesday and inflicted heavy casualties. But the insurgents often exaggerate their claims.

Meanwhile, a roadside bombing in eastern Kabul wounded three Afghan policemen Wednesday.


Walid Showbat: Muslims Kill Christians, Bottle Their Blood, And Sell It For $100,000 A Piece To Saudis:

A nun in Germany has recently done a presentation in a conference of an independent investigation she conducted of the treatment of Christians in Syria under the hands of Muslim fundamentalists. She revealed that Muslims are butchering Christians, draining their blood in bottles, and selling each bottle for $100,000 to Muslims in Saudi Arabia who take it to wash their hands in Christian blood, with the belief that it atones for their sins.

A Good and Relevant Observation


In the wake of Sec. of Defense nominee, Chuck Hagel’s less than stellar performance at his confirmation hearing, last Thursday,  some in the left-wing media have lashed out at the mean old Republican hecklers on the Armed Services Committee. One left wing outlet (that shall remain nameless) accused Republicans of using “quote cropping tactics” to distort Hagel’s words.  Ted Cruz stands accused this nefarious tactic in his airing of  an exchange between Hagel and a talk show host on al Jazeera in 2009.  On the program, Hagel  had been asked to respond to the following email:

Can the rest of the world be persuaded to give up their arsenal when the image of the U.S. is that of the world’s bully? Don’t we indeed need to change the perception and the reality before asking folks to lay down their arms (nuclear or otherwise)?

Never mind that most lefties would agree with that view, and are only pretending that Hagel didn’t agree with it, himself.  Granting the left their disingenuous argument that Hagel was merely agreeing that America had an image problem, (because of the evil Bush),  Hagel’s answer still left much to be desired.

He responded, “Well, her observation is a good one, and it’s relevant. Yes to her question.”

That’s yes,  the US has an “image” as the world’s bully, and  yes, that’s the “reality.”

Another American was once challenged in a similar manner at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In response to a question by the former Archbishop of Canterbury as to whether the US had given due consideration to the use of “soft power” vs “hard power” against the regime of Saddam Hussein, he answered:

“I don’t think I have anything to be ashamed of or apologize for with respect to what America has done for the world.

We have gone forth from our shores repeatedly over the last hundred years and we’ve done this as recently as the last year in Afghanistan and put wonderful young men and women at risk, many of whom have lost their lives, and we have asked for nothing except enough ground to bury them in, and otherwise we have returned home to seek our own, you know, to seek our own lives in peace, to live our own lives in peace.

But there comes a time when soft power or talking with evil will not work where, unfortunately, hard power is the only thing that works.”

General Colin Powell, January 26, 2003.

Never mind what you think of him, today – that was one stellar answer  and he did his country proud, that day. Americans should always remember it and appreciate him for that.

He could have answered the former Archbishop, “Well, your observation is a good one, and it’s relevant. Yes to your question.”


A Desert Storm vet explains His decision to leave Air Force after 22 years

I’ve often wondered what active military folks  must think when the American electorate elect and re-elect anti-military leftists into positions of power.  Do they take it personally, I wonder, or do these warriors just shrug it off?

Well, for lieutenant colonel Mike Banzet, the foolishness got to be too much. He explains why he quit the Air Force after 22 years in a letter to the editor of Montana’s Dailer Inter-Lake:

I had chosen, freely, to place my life between those that would do harm to the U.S. and those whom I would protect: her citizens. I had always believed in the best of America and the people of her lands; that despite occasional missteps there was a general “rightness” to our way. I lived that belief for 22 years, leading and following warriors into combat. I’m certainly no war hero; my brothers in arms have seen far more combat, more intense and personal than I. But I have become acquainted with death in a way that I hope you never do. My last tour, on the ground in Iraq was where my heart started to be hardened towards you, the electorate, and culminated in this letter, written two days before our elections. And here’s why.

You’ve elected officials who, for partisan points, spoke openly that the “…war is lost.” I happened to be in a dining facility in Baghdad that day, filled with the (mostly) young faces of (mostly) Army men and women. CNN was on the TVs, and things got very quiet when this elected official continued on, railing that the mission that some of these very people were here to do, had “…failed.” Yet, they would be donning their body armor, strapping on med kits and weapons, mounting HMMVs or MRAPs and heading outside the wire, ensuring that the newborn democracy in Iraq, purchased with so many lives, would be safe another night. The newly re-invigorated insurgents would be waiting, teeth bared back in a hateful smile, gripping the IED detonator, the RPG launcher, or the AK-47s to ply their trade with new energy, because the Senate Majority Leader had said they were winning.

You elected officials who continually defame and berate military members, whether it is the observation that if you’re not too bright, you’ll get “…stuck in Iraq” (this from a guy who has two Purple Hearts for self-inflicted wounds, and known for throwing someone else’s medals away in protest), or the calling of combat Marines cold-blooded killers (in a war; before trial).

You’ve elected officials in the role of commander-in-chief who “loathe” the military, while using ROTC deferments and special treatment to avoid military service that the less “connected” take as a responsibility.

On the basis of “change,” you elected someone who had close, ongoing associations with people who were part of an organization that tried to kill us [U.S. military] on our own soil.

You elected officials that promised to take property from some Americans, and give it to you, merely because they had more than you did. Those Americans that these officials have labeled as the “rich” are your neighbors, who provide jobs and pay far more in taxes than you ever will. That means they are already subsidizing your lifestyle choices; you just want more of their property without the responsibility of risking your wealth and labor to get it. You would rather hire someone to take it from them. And you have.

Yet these same officials from this same party are the wealthiest group of people in both the House and Senate. They have offshore accounts, forbid unions in their businesses and use every tax loophole they can find with their armies of accountants. But you keep sending them back to those jobs, because they promise to steal from some Americans and give to you.

Keep reading, as he’s just getting started.

Hat tip: Lucianne


Video: Mark Levin Says Bush Should Have Given Iraq Speech – Dems Wanted Us To Lose

Levin notes, with no small amount of bitterness, that it was Bush’s policies that brought the war to a close, not teh Won’s.  Obama and his “comrades” objected strenuously to the war, and did everything they could to obstruct victory, once they had approved of sending other people’s kids over there. Then they hoped for defeat in order to gain the “political brownie points” they’d get from a loss.

He also comments on Obama’s “spokesidiot’s” blatant lie about Obama’s past opposition to the surge, as caught by Gretchen Carlson, on Fox and Friends, yesterday.


I didn’t listen to the speech, last night, as it was being delivered. I was busy giving my 15 year old a driving lesson *shudder!*

But even if I were home, I’m not sure I could have stomached it. I can’t stand listening to him for more than a few moments at a time, so I’ve been listening to excerpts in small doses.

Jonah Goldberg was uncharacteristically harsh in his appraisal of Obama’s speech, last night.

3. And so at this moment, as we wind down the war in Iraq, we must tackle those challenges at home with as much energy, and grit, and sense of common purpose as our men and women in uniform who have served abroad. They have met every test that they faced. Now, it is our turn. Now, it is our responsibility to honor them by coming together, all of us, and working to secure the dream that so many generations have fought for –the dream that a better life awaits anyone who is willing to work for it and reach for it.

Our most urgent task is to restore our economy, and put the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs back to work. To strengthen our middle class, we must give all our children the education they deserve, and all our workers the skills that they need to compete in a global economy. We must jumpstart industries that create jobs, and end our dependence on foreign oil. We must unleash the innovation that allows new products to roll off our assembly lines, and nurture the ideas that spring from our entrepreneurs. This will be difficult. But in the days to come, it must be our central mission as a people, and my central responsibility as President.

This is what really disgusted me. If you read this closely, what Obama is saying is that not only do we owe it to the troops to rally around his discredited and partisan economic agenda (“It’s our turn”), not only is it a test of our patriotism to sign on with his environmental and industrial planning schemes, but that doing so “must be our central mission as a people.”

I find everything about that offensive.

See his post for 1. and 2.

The guys at Powerline called it A classless, limp and boring speech.

In sum, Obama tried to give the appearance of graciousness without actually being gracious. Among his many other faults, the man has no class.

As predicted.

The NRO Editors had this to say:

In its failure to credit explicitly Bush’s surge for turning around the war, the speech was graceless; in its cursory treatment of Iraq, it lacked strategic vision; and in its attempt to hijack the troops for Obama’s domestic priorities (“we must tackle . . . challenges at home with as much energy and grit, and sense of common purpose, as our men and women in uniform”), it was shameless. Altogether a poor performance.


GZ Mosque Imam: For True Peace, Israel Must “become one more Arab country, with a Jewish minority”

The WSJ has uncovered two letters to the editor from the late seventies, written by GZ Mosque Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf. The letters were written to the NYTs, yet it’s the WSJ publishing excerpts from them, today.

They offer yet another glimpse into this so-called “moderate” Imam’s mind, as he makes his way back home from his State-sponsored trip to to the Middle East:

Much has already been made of the imam’s comments on “60 Minutes” following 9/11, when he called America an “accessory to the crime” and announced that “Osama bin Laden is made in the USA.” He has also refused to call Hamas a terrorist organization. We’ve now come across two letters to the New York Times that reveal more about the imam’s worldview.

In a letter published on November 27, 1977, Mr. Rauf commented on Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s historic trip to Israel and encouraged his fellow Muslims to “give peace a chance.” That John Lennon lyric sounds good. But he added: “For my fellow Arabs I have the following special message: Learn from the example of the Prophet Mohammed, your greatest historical personality. After a state of war with the Meccan unbelievers that lasted for many years, he acceded, in the Treaty of Hudaybiyah, to demands that his closest companions considered utterly humiliating. Yet peace turned out to be a most effective weapon against the unbelievers.”

He’s referring to a treaty in the year 628 that established a 10-year truce between the Prophet Muhammad and Meccan leaders and was viewed by Muslims at the time as a defeat. But Muhammad used that period to consolidate his ranks and re-arm, eventually leading to his conquest of Mecca. Imam Rauf seems to be saying that Muslims should understand Sadat’s olive branch in the same way, as a short-term respite leading to ultimate conquest.

To drive that point home, he added in the same letter that “In a true peace it is impossible that a purely Jewish state of Palestine can endure. . . . In a true peace, Israel will, in our lifetimes, become one more Arab country, with a Jewish minority.”

So, while making the peace sign, he calls for the end  of  the Jewish State of Israel. Rauf has been playing this game for decades. He advocates for the most repellent things, but as long as he holds up that peace sign, he knows a certain percentage of useful idiots (in both parties) will swoon.

Two years later, the imam weighed in on the Iranian revolution. In a February 27, 1979 letter, in which he scores Americans for failing to apologize to Iran for past misdeeds, he wrote, “The revolution in Iran was inspired by the very principles of individual rights and freedom that Americans ardently believe in.”

The WSJ contacted Rauf for comment – here’s his sneering reply:

“It is amusing that journalists are combing through letters-to-the-editor that I wrote more than 30 years ago, when I was a young man, for clues to my evolution. As I re-read those letters now, I see that they express the same concerns-a desire for peaceful solutions in Israel, and for a humane understanding of Iran-that I have maintained, and worked hard on, in the years since those letters were published.”

In other words, he disavows none of it.

There’s nothing amusing about that.

John, of Verum Serum shares his thoughts: Imam Rauf: Peace as a Weapon Against Unbelievers

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.


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