Election Night Results

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No surprises as of 7:00 pm central time.

Kentucky, SC, Georgia, OK, Miss, WV, TN, AL and Indiana have been called for Romney and Vermont has been called for Obama. Avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders has won his race there, as well.

Obama has also  won MA, NJ, IL, RI, DC, NY.

CAC at The Ace of Spades decision desk is tabulating results and posting them here as soon as he is  confident a state will break one way or another. He’s looking at either from exit poll data and initial returns or the raw data trickling in before he calls the state.

Called states in the Senate and President race will be colored in solid, and their electoral votes will then be allocated to the winner.

What to watch out for:
Two big things.
Ohio’s early vote and absentees are going to go online first, per the Secretary of State. Since this bloc favors Obama tremendously, don’t croak if Obama comes out of the gate in the Buckeye with a large lead. Truth be told, Strickland seemed to be putting on a fight in 2010, but lost narrowly after all the exurban and rural votes came in.

That brings me to the second thing, Pennsylvania. If the state goes to Romney, it won’t be obvious for a very long time. In 2010, Toomey trailed for much of the evening as the Philadelphia and Allegheny numbers flooded in, only to be eaten away by the central and suburban county votes. The same is likely to happen tonight as well.

So far, Virginia is looking good for Romney. North Carolina was leaning Romney but the state has been riddled with Democrat voter shenanigans, and as it stands at 7:20 central – it’s looking good for Obama.

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Fox News Election results, here.

Ohio is giving me a stomach ache.

7:20: CAC has called Missouri for Romney – no surprise, there.

Ace: Romney Wins Tennessee; No Call Yet On Any Of the Tightly Contested States
Karl Rove Thinks FL, VA, and Even OH Look Strong for Romney

7:50: AR called for Romney.

North Carolina’s looking much better for Romney – VA continues to look good.

FL is neck and neck – Obama slightly ahead.

8:00: Romney takes TX, ND, SD, Nebraska, WY and KS called for Romney. Michigan has been called for Obama.

8:15: Heartache – PA called for Obama.

A snapshot of Missouri races as of 8:15 pm central:

President, Vice President (42 of 3394 Precincts Reported)
Barack Obama, Joe Biden Democrat 12,565 37.7%
Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Republican 20,135 60.4%
Gary Johnson, James P. Gray Libertarian 522 1.6%
Virgil Goode, Jim Clymer Constitution 105 0.3%
Total Votes 33,327
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
U. S. Senator (42 of 3387 Precincts Reported)
Claire McCaskill Democrat 16,399 49.9%
Todd Akin Republican 14,318 43.5%
Jonathan Dine Libertarian 2,178 6.6%
William Dean Write-in 0 0.0%
Bernard J. (Spark) Duraski, Jr. Write-in 0 0.0%
Bernie Mowinski Write-in 0 0.0%
Charlie L. Bailey Write-in 0 0.0%
Arnie C. (AC) Dienoff Write-in 0 0.0%
Ted Kimzey Write-in 0 0.0%
Total Votes 32,895
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
Governor (42 of 3380 Precincts Reported)
Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon Democrat 16,798 50.9%
David (Dave) Spence Republican 15,226 46.1%
Jim Higgins Libertarian 1,002 3.0%
Leonard Steinman Write-in 0 0.0%
Ronald E. Levy Write-in 0 0.0%
Total Votes 33,026
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
Lt. Governor (42 of 3380 Precincts Reported)
Susan Montee Democrat 13,976 43.0%
Peter Kinder Republican 17,000 52.2%
Matthew Copple Libertarian 950 2.9%
Cynthia L. Davis Constitution 614 1.9%
Charles R. Jackson Write-in 0 0.0%
Total Votes 32,540
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
Secretary of State (42 of 3380 Precincts Reported)
Jason Kander Democrat 14,165 44.1%
Shane Schoeller Republican 16,638 51.8%
Cisse W. Spragins Libertarian 925 2.9%
Justin Harter Constitution 379 1.2%
Total Votes 32,107
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
Treasurer (42 of 3380 Precincts Reported)
Clint Zweifel Democrat 14,505 45.5%
Cole McNary Republican 15,971 50.1%
Sean O’Toole Libertarian 1,434 4.5%
Total Votes 31,910
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
Attorney General (42 of 3380 Precincts Reported)
Chris Koster Democrat 16,847 52.3%
Ed Martin Republican 14,173 44.0%
Dave Browning Libertarian 1,209 3.8%

U.S. Representative – District 5 (1 of 387 Precincts Reported)
Emanuel Cleaver II Democrat 1,248 52.1%
Jacob Turk Republican 1,084 45.2%
Randall (Randy) Langkraehr Libertarian 65 2.7%
Andrew Thomas Write-in 0 0.0%
Andrew Feagle Write-in 0 0.0%

9:00 pm central:

Ace:Was Wisconsin Called Too Soon?

Both CAC and now Patrick Ruffini are talking about strong numbers for Romney/Ryan there.

Just throwing that out there. The Decision Desk is keeping Wisconsin uncalled.

I was thinking the same thing.

ALSO: Some Good News: Both Romney and Obama Camps Expect Romney to Carry Florida

So, there’s that.

And I think we’ll carry VA and NC, too.

Turk has taken the lead in Dist. 5  MO:

U.S. Representative – District 5 (29 of 387 Precincts Reported)
Emanuel Cleaver II Democrat 12,943 46.3%
Jacob Turk Republican 14,031 50.2%

9:30: Turk still leading 49% – 47%

9:48: a big change- Jackson County must have come in:

Emanuel Cleaver II Democrat 83,554 65.8%
Jacob Turk Republican 39,910 31.4%

Ohio has been called for Obama, but Carl Rove is disputing it.

Still, it looks like Obama has won reelection with a combination of voter fraud, campaign finance fraud, disenfranchisement of the military vote and a hopelessly obtuse electorate.


We really are screwed. We’re going to go straight downhill – Obama has no solutions to our problems. Everything he does makes things worse. He’s hopelessly corrupt – he has no compunction about lying to our faces on a daily bases – we have to put up with another four years of that? The constant lies – the corruption – the wanton destruction of the US economy while they spend exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money on their own expensive vacations? What do we have to look forward to?: A blizzard of new regulations to finish off the coal industry, ObamaCare, taxagedden, the corrupt DOJ, Obama’s next Supreme Court picks, and a continued assault on religious liberties – Oh my God.

Message transmitted to Vladamir: Obama can be “flexible”, now.

God help us.

Does blue state America understand what they have done?

Stanley Kurtz: Get Ready for Obama’s First Term:

The fact that Obama has only very narrowly secured reelection–unusual, since reelected presidents normally expand their initial electoral margins–might seem to contradict this high-conflict scenario. You can certainly argue that a barely-reelected president would be smart to pull in his horns and govern from the middle. Yet that’s not who Barack Obama is, and it’s certainly not the premise upon which he ran his campaign. Obama took the intentionally risky path of alienating half the country with an in-your-face negative campaign because he believed that demographics now allow him to cobble together a leftist majority in support of transformative change. Whether that demographic vision is valid or not, Obama and his advisors believe that it is, and so will govern with relative disregard for opposition, however vocal.

The reelection of a Republican House of Representatives might also seem to have a moderating impact on the president, and to a limited degree it does. Yet Obama has cast aside conventional restraints on executive power with his pre-election orders on welfare reform and immigration. He will thus interpret reelection as a license to rule by executive order–well beyond the traditional limits on executive power. In the absence of intense populist pressure on a Congress facing another Tea Party electoral wave in 2014, it will be impossible to prevent Obama from abusing his executive authority.

Even the conventional post-election honeymoon period may be short-lived. A huge controversy over the fiscal cliff looms in the lame-duck session of Congress. Obama has predicted that in the wake of his reelection, the Republican “fever” will break. Given the stakes, his conduct of this campaign, and Obama’s evident transformative intentions, a bitter showdown is more probable.

The long and short of it is that President Obama has won reelection, but in a way likely to propel national polarization well beyond its current level. By delaying his most controversial policy changes to a second term, laying the basis for (arguably unconstitutional) rule by executive order, and running a negative campaign designed to realign the electorate leftward, Obama has laid the foundation for a high-conflict future. What’s more, he knows it, and he’s ready for it. Obama is willing to pay the price of national division for the sake of making the transformative changes he seeks. So a massive increase in polarization is exactly what we’re likely to get.

To put it another way, because the public has never truly seen the changes he’s enacted put into practice, Obama has an exceedingly tenuous mandate. But he doesn’t care. All Obama wants to do is to squeak by, after which he plans to depend on shifting demographics to cement his sweeping transformation in place. The question is, have Americans really changed as much as Obama thinks, or will the actual arrival of his long-delayed first term agenda in his second term set off a populist movement that brings his plans to a halt?

An important update from Moe Lane at Red State:

“There is a lot of ruin in a country.” And despair is a sin.

I repeat: despair is a sin.  The worst of them.

Election Day Watch – Dem Shenanigans And Hopeful Signs

Obama Weeps

The word is out that team Obama is going to try to claim victory early today, in an effort to suppress the vote:

Via Ace: Brad Thor: I Have It From A Reliable Source In the Chicago Camp That Obama Plans To Declare Victory Early Tomorrow, In Order to Demoralize Romney Voters

As Romney says: Forewarned.

And spread the word – not a single Romney voter should let anything the Obama media says today dissuade them from voting. Two words, people – BROKEN GLASS.

WatchDogWire will be livestreaming election news starting at noon Eastern and Jim Geraghty  will updating election news at Campaign Spot throughout the day..

Big Journalism: *Live Blog* Election Day News ObamaMedia Ignores:

Because the corrupt media is so breathtakingly corrupt in its push to reelect a failed president, Big Journalism needs a running live blog. Please help us in our quest to capture the breadth and scope of this corruption by forwarding your tips to jnolte@breitbart.com or Twitter me @NolteNC.


Win, lose, or draw, we’re gonna be up late tonight, and the best thing to do is to avoid unnecessary stress. My advice to you is to start drinking heavily. Readers are welcome to provide their own reports, or link to useful information, in the comments.

I’ll be checking in with more news as I find it.

Mental Recession: Poll Worker Tells U.S. Senate Candidate She Has to Vote Democrat All the Way Down the Ballot:

A pretty disturbing report coming out of U.S. Senate candidate, Wendy Long’s campaign.  Apparently, a poll worker reviewed Long’s ballot and told her it would be rejected because she didn’t “fill in every space”.

When Long countered that you can indeed leave some sections of the ballot blank, the poll worker again indicated her ballot would be rejected.

Long correctly informed the worker that forcing a voter to vote in every race, would essentially result in that person being forced to vote for candidates they do not want.

The poll worker even went so far as to suggest Long should mark the Democratic line all the way down.

Outrage: The Hill: GOP senators: Thousands of ballots unlikely to reach military voters in time:

A group of Republican senators said Monday that thousands of voter ballots are unlikely to reach military service members until after Nov. 6.

One day ahead of the election, Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas), Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), John McCain (R-Ariz.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) sent a letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to express their concern over delays in ballots reaching military voters overseas.

Gateway Pundit: Romney Campaign: GOP Turnout Looks Good in Ohio:

A rallying cry from Michael Walsh, NRO: Crush Them:

It’s not enough for the GOP to win tomorrow. It needs to win big, a win so convincing that even the Left won’t be able to explain it away. The definition of victory in war is not a 50.1 percent majority that allows the other side to keep fighting — it’s the battleship Missouri, on whose deck the losing side signs articles of capitulation. The modern Left — the unholy spawn of ’30s gangland and ’60s academic Marxism — must be forced to its knees in surrender.

There’s a honored place in our political system for a leftist party, one that pushes for improvement in areas that need improving, but not one devoted to revolutionary “fundamental change.” A vote for Romney tomorrow is a vote against the socialist elements that seized control of the JFK/Scoop Jackson Democratic party in 1972, and has worked against America’s best interests ever since. A vote for Romney tomorrow is a vote for a restoration of the old Jacksonian — Andrew, that is — Democratic party, a true populist party shorn of its Communist accretions that is every bit as all-American as the other guys. Unless and until this happens, though, the modern donkeys will continue their war on the Constitution, convinced they are on the side of the angels, and taking solace in the late Ted Kennedy’s words, “the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”

It’s up to the electorate tomorrow to show them that the dream is really a nightmare, from which it’s time to awake, that the cause of America always endures, and the work of restoring our founding principles begins anew today.

Ace of Spades predictions:

Now, onto “staff” predictions:

Ace: Romney 348- Obama 190

Me: Romney 277-Obama 261

CAC: Romney 277- Obama 261

RDBrewer: Romney 338- Obama 200

Gabe: Romney 267- Obama 271

Russ: Romney 466- Obama 72

Dave In Texas: “Chaos” (Ohio is the new Florida) also Romney 286- Obama 252

Andy: Romney 316- Obama 222

John E.: Romney 315- Obama 223

50 lashes with a wet noodle to Gabe.

A hopeful sign via Anita Moncrief: Black Ohio resident explain why she is voting for Romney:

Is Donna Brown not the polar opposite of that screechy Obama-phone lady (also from Cleveland?)

Charles B sends a barrage of links showing how Social Conservatives are increasing the anti-Obama turnout in key states:

SFGate: Iowa votes on justice from ’09 gay marriage ruling

MNPLS Star Trib: Evangelicals must stand firm on marriage amendment

Newsmax:  Support for Traditional Marriage Growing in Key States

MN Post: Gay Marriage Ballots Likely to Increase Turnout in Four States: Ballot measures have not been good to gay marriage advocates — they have lost all but one of the 28 that have been voted on since 2004.

Heading out to vote! Check back later – I’ll be updating this post all day.


Big Government: Election Judge Wears Obama Hat in Obama’s Home Ward

Ace of Spades HQ: Nothing At All Out of Line With This Philadelphia Polling Place:

Gateway Pundit: Romney Adviser Ed Gillespie: “Mitt Romney Will Win Decisively” (Video)

Romney adviser Ed Gillespie told FOX and Friends this morning,
“Mitt Romney… will not just win, but win decisively.”

Gateway Pundit: Florida Reports Strong Republican Turnout – Intensity High In PA:

It looks like there’s a strong Republican turnout in Pennsylvania and Florida.

Governor Tom Ridge reports high Republican intensity in Pennsylvania.

PJ Tatler: Two Early Vote Analyses Point to Romney Win in #Ohio (Updated)

John Hayward, Human Events: Early signs and portents on Election Day:

It takes a lot of anecdotes to accumulate into critical mass and become “data,” and in any event we’ll know the election results soon enough.  But an interesting account comes from a correspondent in Wisconsin who proved an invaluable source of information during the Scott Walker recall drama: “Liberal areas of the state are seeing very light turn out, much lighter than for the Walker recall.  Conservative areas are seeing very heavy turnout, far heavier than for the Walker recall.  I think we are seeing a continuation of the “recall” against Gov. Walker, only it is in the form of voting for Romney, only this time, the Dems aren’t showing up.”

Weasel Zippers: UN Election Observers Shocked Americans Don’t Need To Show ID To Vote…

And why should we? Nobody cheats in America.

Via The Cable:

For the head of Libya’s national election commission, the method by which Americans vote is startling in that it depends so much on trust and the good faith of election officials and voters alike.

“It’s an incredible system,” said Nuri K. Elabbar, who traveled to the United States along with election officials from more than 60 countries to observe today’s presidential elections as part of a program run by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). Your humble Cable guy visited polling places with some of the international officials this morning. Most of them agreed that in their countries, such an open voting system simply would not work.

GOP.com: 46 Newspaper Editorial Boards (And Counting) That Endorsed Obama In 2008 Change Their Minds In 2012

Via Project Veritas:

Notice anything strange?

What is a uniformed law enforcement officer doing standing next to a large color photograph of President Obama?

Not enforcing the law, that’s what.

Todd Starnes: Poll Watcher Threatened with Gun, Voter Punched in Detroit:

A legally credentialed poll watcher was threatened with a gun at a polling precinct in Detroit — an incident that state Republican leaders are calling an act of “outlandish” intimidation.


The poll watcher, a lawyer, was confronted by a voter who demanded that he show his credentials. The poll watcher complied with the request –but the voter objected and allegedly brandished a gun and badge and ordered him to leave the precinct.

The GOP observer was reportedly chased away by the unidentified gun-wielding individual.

John Hayward, Human Events: Election Day shenanigans: ballots shredded, voters ferried, Black Panthers return:

It just wouldn’t be a proper Election Day without all sorts of funny business going on at the polls.  The Black Panthers are back in Philadelphia, outside the same polling place where they flagrantly intimidated voters in 2008, to the mild amusement of Eric Holder’s Justice Department.  It looks like this time they’re not packing truncheons, and as long as they obey the rules and maintain the proper distance from voters, they have the same right to be there as anyone else.  They just seem to be the only ones that get away with wearing paramilitary uniforms while they’re “monitoring” elections.

A group called the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC sent the Nevada Secretary of State a letter citing reports accusing “the Culinary Union 226 of knowingly registering illegal immigrants and then pressuring them to vote,” according to a Fox News report.  One illegal immigrant is quoted as saying a union representative ominously warned he would be “in so much trouble” if he didn’t vote.    Somewhat improbably, the head of ALIPAC claimed Senator Harry Reid’s re-election victory in 2010 was due to illegal immigrant votes; and, quite unrealistically, he wants the Clark County voter rolls purged completely of illegal aliens in a single day.

Sorry, but that ship has sailed.  That’s why vote fraud defenders are so fiercely determined to block photo ID laws.  Very little can be done once Election Day rolls around, and it’s extremely unlikely that any subsequent test of ballot integrity would lead to overturning an election, particularly a presidential election.  The odds of fraudulent voters facing any sort of real consequences are slim, and even verbally reminding them of the potential penalties has been declared an act of racist voter suppression.  Election Day is the finish line for the voter-fraud crowd.

Gateway Pundit: Joe Biden Flies to Cleveland For Final Campaign Stop… At Greek Restaurant With a Few Dozen Customers

Joe Biden made a mad dash to campaign in Cleveland today.
At a Greek Restaurant with a few dozen customers.

Matthew Boyle, The Daily Caller: Wisconsin conservative radio host: Local and federal taxpayer-funded vehicles were used to transport Dem voters to polls:

Wisconsin radio host Vicki McKenna tweeted Tuesday that government vehicles are being used to transport Democratic voters to the polls in Milwaukee, Wisc.

Both local and federal taxpayer resources were used to carryout the mobilization efforts of Barack Obama to get Democratic voters to the polls, said McKenna.

“MILWAUKEE CITY DPW van doing GOTV [get out the vote] at polls today,” McKenna– a conservative media fixture in Milwaukee and Madison– tweeted earlier today.

“DOWNTOWN milwaukee pollwatcher reports CITY PUBLIC WORKS vehicles dropping off voters at the polls,” McKenna tweeted afterwards.

McKenna also tweeted that federal government resources are being used to get Democrats to Wisconsin polls.

According to the KCMO reporter at the last news break during the Sean Hannity Show, Obama was sounding “magnanimous” toward Romney and was kind enough to “congratulate ” him on his “hard fought race.”

U.S. President Barack Obama congratulated Republican rival Mitt Romney on Tuesday (November 06) for running a hard-fought race for the White House and expressed confidence he would win re-election during a stop at a local campaign office to thank volunteers.

Ben Howe, Red State: GOP Poll Observers Being Blocked in North Carolina:

Reports are coming in that Lenoir County North Carolina has not allowed GOP Poll Watchers into the polls all day because, they claim, something was wrong with a draft of the paperwork submitted with the poll watchers names.

Gateway Pundit: MASSIVE TURNOUT In Red States Louisiana and Missouri:

Claire McCaskill said to be worried…


Sunshine State Sarah: Ignore the exit polls. Here’s why.

You should completely ignore any results coming from exit polls. Here is why:

First of all, the traditional arrangement between the media outlets to gather exit polling data was significantly altered this year. They are not gathering data from a significant number of states, states which almost all lean right [insert your favorite conspiracy theory here].

Besides the limited data coming from this year’s exit polls, the information gathered from individual states is also not trustworthy. The 2004 exit polls predicted a John Kerry win, and many of the networks reported that, only to have to revoke their announcements later that night.

Linked by AoSHQ, thanks!

New ObamaMedia Meme: Mitt Romney Committing Gaaaaffes By Helping People In Wake of Hurricane Sandy – And They’re Worried He’ll Politicize the Disaster (Like *Before*)

MSNBC Ridicules Romney for Collecting Food and Supplies for Sandy Victims

After introducing his Obama-supporting guests Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Lehigh professor James Peterson, host Martin Bashir played a clip of the President speaking at the Red Cross headquarters in Washington Tuesday.

When the clip concluded, Bashir said, “Mayor Reed, so the Red Cross knows what it’s doing. Did he, did you detect perhaps a subtle dig there on Mr. Romney who spent today going against the guidelines established by the Red Cross and holding a campaign rally in Ohio that was dressed up like a charity drive collecting food and other supplies when the Red Cross expressly asked people not to do that?”

Imagine that. A presidential candidate who gives millions of dollars a year to charity does a storm relief event in Ohio, and an MSNBC anchor is disgusted by it because the Red Cross would prefer people donating cash.

I wonder what this official would have said if Romney sent out a fundraising email during the middle of the storm, or asked people to phone bank as the hurricane approached their area?

Via WaPo:

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern on Tuesday accused Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of politicizing Hurricane Sandy with a Dayton event that was billed as storm relief but also had characteristics of a campaign rally.

Romney spoke only briefly at the event, to encourage donations to storm victims, and volunteers collected canned goods to send to those suffering in New Jersey. But Romney’s biographical video, routinely played at campaign rallies, was used to introduce the event, as was his routine rally music.

MSNBC Anchor Criticizes Romney’s Storm Volunteerism: Red Cross Doesn’t Want or Need Your Non-Monetary Donations:

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday questioned the sincerity of a “storm relief” event organized by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Ohio, arguing that the Red Cross apparently has no need for donated clothes or canned goods.

“You’ve got the image of Mitt Romney doing what, they say, is not a campaign event in the same space they were going to hold a campaign event. They say they’re making collections for hurricane and storm relief,” the MSNBC anchor said during a Tuesday broadcast of “Mitchell Reports.”

“We checked with the Red Cross. The Red Cross said, while they’re always grateful for donations, that this is not what they need or want. They always tell people, ‘please donate money, because we have our own packagers, wholesalers’ — they have their own distribution system,” she continued.

Yes, with major weather events like Superstorm Sandy, the Red Cross does put an emphasis on monetary donations. That’s probably why, along with tables “piled high with flashlights, batteries, diapers, toothbrushes, mini-deodorants, fleece blankets, cereal, toilet paper and canned goods,” the Romney event also featured two large TV screens encouraging supporters to text “REDCROSS” to 90999 and “make a $10 donation.”

As the Democrat Media Complex pounded Romney relentlessly today for violating the Red Cross’s apparently sacred preferences, and holding what they considered a campaign event, some also  fretted that Romney (Romney!?) might take the occasion to “Politicize” the disaster. Because politicizing disasters is the lefts’ area of expertise (See Hurricane Katrina) and I guess they want to protect their territory.

While most White House  reporters traveling aboard Air Force One, this weekend,  questioned the White House Press staff about the president’s hurricane preparations, one reporter wanted to know if they were prepared for Mitt Romney.

Charlie Spiering of Beltway Confidential:

“Are you worried about the possible politicization of the storm response?” the reporter asked. “We’re a week out from the election.  Governor Romney might say something about how you guys are responding to it or going to rallies and that stuff.”

“Well, I don’t want to predict what Governor Romney may or may not say,” Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest answered. “He certainly does have an interesting track record on this.”

Ooooh – zing. Because Romney correctly criticized the Obama administration for its weak apologetic stance after the 9/11 demonstrations in Cairo and violence in Benghazi. And that was the worst week of Romney’s campaign because  the ObamaMedia pounded him relentlessly for “politicizing a disaster” before all the facts were out and when Americans should have been “coming together” (at least according to the White House talking points.)


Good Grief… Obama Electioneers During Hurricane Press Conference – Tells Team to “Lean Forward” in Their Response (Video)

and the White House released a Propaganda Pic Showing Obama Dealing With Hurricane Sandy In the Situation Room…

Here’s a question no one in ObamaMedia will ask: Where are the photos from the situation room on 9/11?

Oh shush – that would be politicizing a disaster.

Gallup: Romney +7 in Early Voting

I honestly thought that Democrats had the edge on early voting since they’ve been pushing it so hard.

But according to Gallup’s polling, Romney’s up 7:

Romney Leads Among Early Voters, Similar to His Likely Voter Lead

Thus far, early voters do not seem to be swaying the election toward either candidate.

Romney currently leads Obama 52% to 45% among voters who say they have already cast their ballots. However, that is comparable to Romney’s 51% to 46% lead among all likely voters in Gallup’s Oct. 22-28 tracking polling. At the same time, the race is tied at 49% among those who have not yet voted but still intend to vote early, suggesting these voters could cause the race to tighten. However, Romney leads 51% to 45% among the much larger group of voters who plan to vote on Election Day, Nov. 6.

In Pennsylvania, early voting is going very well for Romney, and by “very well” I mean, it’s a rout.

Via GOP.com:

In 2008 the GOP edged the Democrats by just 2% in absentee returns. As of today the GOP’s lead is 18.8% — a 16.9% bump in a state Obama won by 10% in 2008. Republicans have turned in 55.2% of the absentee ballots to date while the Democrats have returned just 36.4%.

The Romney Victory team has been on the ground in Pennsylvania for months with over 60 staff and dozens of offices. We have made over 5 million volunteer voter contacts including over 1 million volunteer door knocks across Pennsylvania. That voter contact is paying off in the absentee ballot returns and clearly the President’s campaign sees it in their numbers. That’s why they are playing defense in the Keystone state as Governor Romney’s momentum allows us to expand the map.


Party 2008 AB Votes Cast 2012 AB Votes Cast Change
DEM 132,170 44.70% 42,013 36.42% -8.28%
REP 137,850 46.62% 63,717 55.24% +8.62%
TOTAL 295,659 +1.92% 115,346 +18.82% +16.90%

The Weekly Standard reported:

The bipartisan Battleground Poll, in its “vote election model,” is projecting that Mitt Romney will defeat President Obama 52 percent to 47 percent.  The poll also found that Romney has an even greater advantage among middle class voters, 52 percent to 45 percent.

While Obama can close the gap with a strong voter turnout effort, “reports from the field would indicate that not to be the case, and Mitt Romney may well be heading to a decisive victory,” says pollster Ed Goeas.

Should Romney win by 5 percentage points, it would increase Republican chances of gaining control of the Senate.  His coattails would help elect GOP Senate candidates in Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  “Republicans are now certain to hold the House,” Goeas said, “regardless of how the presidential race turns out.”

Our long, national nightmare is almost over.


John Nolte, Big Government: GALLUP: Romney Up 52-45% Among Early Voters:

Romney’s early voting lead in Gallup may not jive with the CorruptMedia narrative, but it does with actual early vote totals that have been released and show Romney’s early vote totals either beating Obama in swing states such as Colorado and Florida or chipping away at the President’s advantage in the others. For example, here’s what we know about Ohio’s early voting numbers, thus far:

But here is what we do know: 220,000 fewer Democrats have voted early in Ohio compared with 2008. And 30,000 more Republicans have cast their ballots compared with four years ago. That is a 250,000-vote net increase for a state Obama won by 260,000 votes in 2008.


Hat tip: Charles B.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!

The Des Moines Register Endorses Romney

Moe Lane says he totally didn’t see this coming, but when I saw ^ that ^ extremely telling front page picture  in the Des Moines Register,  earlier this week, this girl saw the writing on the wall – The Register endorsement: Mitt Romney offers a fresh economic vision:

American voters are deeply divided about this race. The Register’s editorial board, as it should, had a vigorous debate over this endorsement. Our discussion repeatedly circled back to the nation’s single most important challenge: pulling the economy out of the doldrums, getting more Americans back in the workforce in meaningful jobs with promising futures, and getting the federal government on a track to balance the budget in a bipartisan manner that the country demands.

Which candidate could forge the compromises in Congress to achieve these goals? When the question is framed in those terms, Mitt Romney emerges the stronger candidate.

The former governor and business executive has a strong record of achievement in both the private and the public sectors. He was an accomplished governor in a liberal state. He founded and ran a successful business that turned around failing companies. He successfully managed the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Romney has made rebuilding the economy his No. 1 campaign priority — and rightly so.

Keep reading.

Romney is the first Republican they’ve endorsed since Nixon in 1972!

You know what they say – when you lose the Des Moines Register….

New Romney Ad: Apology Tour

This ad highlights his best line of the night – and perhaps this whole election cycle: “Mr. President, America doesn’t dictate to other nations; we have freed other nations from dictators.”

Via Gateway Pundit:


Get used to hearing the words, “President Romney.”


PJ Media: Romney Comes Out of Final Debate with New Poll Lead and an Arsenal of New Ads (Update: New Gallup Numbers Added)

Charles Krauthammer: It’s Unequivocal – Romney Won Debate (Video) + Blog Re-Ax

Wow, Charles Krauthammer really liked Mitt Romney’s performance in tonight’s debate.

I thought it left a little bit to be desired, but Krauthammer makes the point that Romney’s job wasn’t to win political news junkies like me. It was to win over the middle of the roaders. And that – Charles asserted, he did both “tactically and strategically.”

Romney went large, Obama went very very small – shockingly small, he maintained.

Krauthammer said that he would have gone after Obama on Libya with a baseball bat, but that’s why Romney has won elections, and he hasn’t even contested them.

The Hammer said that the high point of the debate for Romney was when “he devastatingly leveled the charge that Obama went around the world on an apology tour. Obama’s answer was ask any reporter and they will tell you it isn’t so – that’s about as weak an answer as you can get. Krauthammer added that Romney’s response was “to QUOTE Obama saying we dictate to other nations, and Romney said we do not dictate to other nations, we liberate them from dictators.”

video via RightSightings

The high point of the debate via The Washington Free Beacon’s  excellent Beastmode:

That is one angry bear.

Another good video via Weasel Zippers: Romney To Obama: I’m Not Going To Tell Putin He’ll Have More Flexibility…


The Lonely Conservative: Final Debate Wrap Up – Romney Wins

I think Mitt Romney won tonight’s foreign policy debate. President Obama looked peeved and angry when he wasn’t laughing. He interrupted Romney numerous times. Romney seemed calm, cool and unflappable. He certainly didn’t come off as some sort of warmonger the Democrats want you to believe he is.

AoSHQ: Romney Wins The War, Again:

Obama’s whole campaign — and his debate strategy — has been to “win the newscycle” and lob a bunch of small-bore attacks and micro-appeals. He keeps doing that and doing that.

I’ve been saying this for a while: You can win every newscycle and still lose. Because people don’t vote on whatever dumb story you pushed into the newscycle. They’re voting the the future, and the country, and their children.

A lot bigger stuff that binders full of Big Bird.

Krauthammer called it an “unequivocal” win for Romney.

Obama had successfully used ads and media allies to paint Romney has a heartless vampire, a soulless robot, a bloodthirsty warmonger.

The story of the debates has been Romney using completely free media to undo all that Narrative, and all that money spent.

I think that Obama was only up because he had gone negative on Romney so hard, as part of the “Kill Romney” strategy they announced 8, 9 months ago.

People do not like the way things are. They do not like the economy and are sick of Obama’s excuses.

The Other McCain: FINAL 2012 DEBATE: ‘FOREIGNERS’:

Sundries Shack: Mr. President, Let Me Introduce You to the Men Who Fought the Taliban from Horseback

As it happens, horses played a pretty important role in recent military history as well. Just ten years ago, our invasion of Afghanistan began on horseback. Members of a group called Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 595, part of a larger force named Task Force Dagger, which consisted of Green Berets, airmen from the Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and combat controllers from the US Air Force. ODA-595  fought alongside members of the Northern Alliance, horseback, in the first-ever battle against the Taliban.

In fact, that battle, the Battle of Bishqab, featured a cavalry charge.

Jim Geraghty, The Campaign Spot: Focus-Grouped Romney Edges Disdainful Obama:

I suppose the Obama gameplan was to portray Romney as another George W. Bush, and Romney defused that by declaring, “we can’t kill our way out of this problem.” Not the argument you’re used to seeing from a Republican against a Democrat.

Obama’s near-explosion — “bayonets and horses… this isn’t Battleship” will stand out. Boy, was president Obama snippy and sneering  during that answer. Obama couldn’t contain his disdain and contempt for Romney in any of these debates, and it really flared tonight.

Obama’s not a “people person”…

There’s that laser-like focus: Obama ‘death stare’ is the new Biden smirk”:

After a sleepy performance in the first presidential debate, Barack Obama seems to have taken some coaching from his vice president. While the president certainly doesn’t have the teeth to pull off the dreaded “Biden smirk,” his coaches seem to have asked “What else you got?” and found the equivalent in the Obama “death stare.” But will it have a more unnerving effect on Mitt Romney or on the viewing audience?

Everybody noticed it. It was the first thing my husband commented on – “Look at him lean forward and stare – what’s with that?”

So weird…

Look, there are ways of playing  mind games where you don’t come off looking like a jackass. Team Romney knows how to do it – these Chicago Alinskyites are trying too hard.

There’s a reason Obama’s personal approval numbers are falling since these debates. There are many Americans who are seeing Obama’s true character for the first time.

Yuval Levin, NRO: The Final Debate:

If you knew nothing about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney except what you saw in their final debate, you would have assumed that Romney was the incumbent president, that Obama was the challenger trying to unseat him, that Romney was clearly leading in the polls going in and that he remained there going out. You wouldn’t necessarily think Romney won the debate, but you would think he was winning the race.

It was absolutely clear that both candidates understood that this debate was entirely about Mitt Romney. Romney’s only goal was to seem presidential, and Obama’s only goal was to make Romney seem not presidential. By that measure, Romney clearly achieved his aim and Obama clearly did not. Romney did this by treating this debate very differently than the other two. He didn’t really try to score points, and he wasn’t afraid to express agreement with Obama, which he did remarkably often. His goal was to answer every question with a calm, responsible attitude and convey sobriety and level-headedness.  The calculation must have been pretty simple: voters are not greatly concerned with foreign policy this year, but they wouldn’t elect someone they don’t trust on foreign policy. So having clearly conveyed his differences with Obama on domestic issues and his own domestic agenda, Romney merely needed to be a plausible commander in chief—to convey deep knowledge and the right attitude, to avoid getting rattled, to deny Obama the chance to label him a war monger or an amateur, and to waive off attacks on himself by returning to his core domestic message and reminding voters that the president is running on nothing.

Jim Geraghty, Campaign Spot: FactCheck.org to PolitiFact: YOU LIE!

this debate kerfuffle comes down to a distinction between biggest “foe” and biggest “threat.” Obama said Romney called Russia “the biggest geopolitical threat facing America … not al Qaeda.” Romney called Russia “our No. 1 geopolitical foe.” And Romney is correct that he quickly noted in the same interview that “the greatest threat that the world faces is a nuclear Iran.”

Sister Toldjah called out PolitiFact on this. Disappointing to see that organization botch their one mission, which is get the facts right.

It’s hard to be disappointed with an outfit that you already know is ridiculously biased.

A view from across the pond, The Telegraph: Romney won the presidential debate by looking presidential. Obama had a painful case of Biden’s smile:

Romney won the third presidential debate – and how he did it was encapsulated in a single exchange. The candidates were discussing military spending and Romney had just accused Obama of making harmful cutbacks. The President wheeled out what must have seemed like a great, pre-planned zinger: “I think Governor Romney maybe hasn’t spent enough time looking at how our military works. You mentioned the navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military’s changed.” The audience laughed, Obama laughed, I laughed. It was funny.

Reaction to the US presidential debate: live

But here’s why it was also a vote loser. For a start, Twitter immediately lit up with examples of how the US Army does still use horses and bayonets (horses were used during the invasion of Afghanistan). More importantly, this was one example of many in which the President insulted, patronised and mocked his opponent rather than put across a constructive argument. His performance was rude and unpresidential. Obama seemed to have a touch of the Bidens, wriggling about in his chair, waving his hands dismissively and always – always – smirking in Romney’s direction. By contrast, Romney sucked up the abuse and retained a rigid poker face all night. He looked like a Commander in Chief; Obama looked like a lawyer. Who would you rather vote for?

Seton Motley, Newsbusters: Media Debate Fail: Obama, the Auto Bailout and China:

In their third Presidential debate analysis, the Jurassic Press Media last night and thus far this morning have failed utterly in their role as fact checker and record-corrector – at least when it comes to what President Barack Obama had to say.

As but one glaring example, there were the President’s absurd assertions regarding the auto bailout and China.

Here in large part is what the President last night had to say on the subject:

“If we had taken your advice Governor Romney about our auto industry, we’d be buying cars from China instead of selling cars to China.

“If we take your advice with respect to how we change our tax codes so that companies that earn profits overseas don’t pay U.S. taxes compared to companies here that are paying taxes. Now that’s estimated to create 800,000 jobs, the problem is they won’t be here, they’ll be in places like China.”

This is not the first time the President has made these claims.  It is not the first time the Press has taken him – utterly unexamined – at his word.

We won’t.  Let’s go piece by Presidential piece, and see what we find.

“If we had taken your advice Governor Romney about our auto industry, we’d be buying cars from China instead of selling cars to China.

There is so much wrong-ness packed into this one sentence.

Romney Making a Serious Play For PA – Paul Ryan Stumps In Moon Township – John Bolton to Hold Townhall in Pittsburgh – RNC Sending in Reinforcements (Video)

Lake Fong/Post-Gazette

The Washington Post reported that Ryan spoke before about 800 supporters, many of whom didn’t even know about the event until Friday night. His speech focused, naturally on Obama’s “war on coal”:

MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Stoking speculation about whether Republicans may seek to make an 11th-hour play in this long-Democratic state, GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan on Saturday headlined a brief, hastily scheduled rally in an airport hangar here on his way to an event in eastern Ohio.

Addressing an enthusiastic group of about 800 supporters, many of whom got word of the rally only on Friday night, Ryan told the crowd that President Obama is waging a “war on coal” and cast the decision facing the country as one that will have consequences beyond the next four years.

“This is not just a paycheck election,” said Ryan, who wore a red-and-black jacket. “This is not just an election about growing the economy or about giving our kids a debt-free nation. This is about the meaning of America.”

The stop is only Ryan’s second in Pennsylvania since he became Mitt Romney’s running mate in August. His last visit to the Keystone State was on Aug. 21, when he held rallies in Carnegie and West Chester and raised campaign cash in Philadelphia.

Via ABC News:

“If he’s reelected we know exactly what the next four years will look like,” Ryan said. “We’ll have more of the same failed policies. More taxes, more spending, more debts, and four more years of these disastrous energy policies. Look, gas prices are more than double what they were four years ago, who knows what they’re going to be if he got four more years.”
Ryan often hits his Democratic opponents on their energy policy, but his remarks Saturday were more pointed, accusing the president of employing policies that would both prevent getting “people back to work and lower(ing) our energy prices.”
“He’ll keep his war on coal going,” Ryan said of Obama. “Over a hundred coal plants are scheduled to close costing us thousands of jobs…not only do these policies cost us jobs, not only do they mean that American energy dollars go to the Middle East they are keeping us from having a boon, they are keeping us from having jobs, they are keeping us from making our pay checks stretch farther.
He ended the attack by assuring the enthusiastic group of supporters his ticket would be victorious, noting Pennsylvania would help them get there.
“The good news is none of that’s going to happen because we’re going to win this election and we’re going to turn back on American energy,” Ryan said.

Battleground Watch reports: Mitt Romney’s Campaign, RNC Have 60+ Staffers In Pennsyvania, Planning More:

Now the official reinforcements are getting sent in:

The Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee are planning to send more than 60 staffers to Pennsylvania for the closing two weeks of the presidential election, a RNC official told The Huffington Post. The move is the clearest sign to date that Republicans view the Keystone State as in play this November, though it’s not entirely clear whether the staffing is being done as a head-fake for Democrats or out of general electoral optimism. GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign had previously moved its Pennsylvania communications director to Virginia. That communications director was recently caught tweeting from Virginia even as vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was appearing at a Pittsburgh-area rally.

Addendum: This move supplements the Old Line Staters (that’s Maryland for you out-of-towners) who are there already:

“In my opinion, any active Republican not currently working on a local campaign should be heading to Virginia or Pennsylvania,” said Chris Cavey, a longtime GOP leader in Maryland who is vice chair of Romney’s state campaign. “When it’s within the margin of error, you can’t say which door or set of doors … or which phone call it was that made the difference.” Both campaigns are exporting hundreds of Maryland volunteers to neighboring states each weekend. They travel on buses or carpool into critical precincts. They knock on doors, hand out campaign literature and staff telephone banks. Sometimes they are waved off by voters weary of the attention that living in a political battleground brings. Occasionally, initial encounters between strangers spark conversations that continue for weeks. With 16 days to go before the Nov. 6 election, such scenes are playing out across the country. In Alabama — where voters last chose a Democratic candidate for president in 1976 — the state Republican Party is organizing bus trips to Ohio and Florida, a spokeswoman said.

Also - Romney Campaign Town Hall Town Hall Event with John Bolton in Pittsburgh Tuesday (Oct 23) 8pm:

First Paul Ryan, now Conservative hero John Bolton? Something’s happening in Pennsylvania

You’re Invited to a Town Hall Event with Ambassador John Bolton, Former US Ambassador to the United Nations

When: Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Doors Open 7:00 PM | Event Begins 8:00 PM

Where: Rashid Auditorium, 4th Floor, Hillman Center for Future-Generation Technologies, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Americans For Prosperity comes through with more reinforcements: AFP plans to send five busloads of conservatives from New Jersey, New York and Maryland to fortify its ground game in Pennsylvania.

ROLL Call: Conservative Nonprofit Dispatches Volunteers to Canvass Battleground States:

This weekend, the powerful nonprofit, founded and funded by billionaire David Koch, is sending 160 Oklahoma activists to help mobilize voters in Colorado. Meanwhile, 180 canvassers from Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Oregon and California will converge on Nevada, another key swing state in the presidential race.

The deployments mark the final stage of a $30 million effort to oust President Barack Obama and Democratic Senators, relying almost exclusively on issue advocacy advertisements, direct mail and other get-out-the-vote efforts.

Two weeks from now, AFP plans to send five busloads of conservatives from New Jersey, New York and Maryland to fortify its ground game in Pennsylvania. The group’s Georgia chapter has a crew of 200 lined up for Florida. Maryland also will send a team of 40 activists to neighboring Virginia during two separate weekend bus-ins. The weekend before the elections, the Arkansas state chapter expects to send two buses to the crucial battleground of Ohio.

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Friday Free-for-All: Obama’s Falling Through His Own Benghazi Trap

“Please proceed Governor.”

Before this subject gets stale – and the Benghazi debate debacle has not for some of us female bloggers, I offer you Maggie Thorton, of Maggie’s Notebook:

Something that caught my attention is the look on Mitt Romney’s face as this exchange (seen at the very beginning of the video) is going forward. It’s a strange moment and Mitt’s face and body language shows that 1) he is astounded and appalled at the untruth he’s hearing, and 2) he will get to the bottom of it, if not in this debate then in the next, or on another day. Just after this exchange is when “Candy and Eye Candy” loaded the trap (that dialog is below also), which along with time restrictions kept Romney from pursuing what so many of us knew to be true.

So glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that Romney was walking into a trap, there.

Neo-NeoCon analyzed Obama’s Rose Garden speech and determined that  Obama characterized the Benghazi violence ten separate times.

Each time, he might have chosen to have said “terrorist attacks” or “terrorists” or “terrorism,” but each time he chose not to do so. Instead, he used the words “attack” or “attackers” seven times, the word “act” twice, and the word “violence” once. He’s not shy about employing adjectives to modify those words, either: he calls them “senseless,” “brutal,” “terrible,”outrageous,” and “shocking.”

Note, however, that the word “terrorist” is never used as an adjective to modify Obama’s descriptions of what happened in Benghazi, nor is it used as a noun to describe the perpetrators. There is no question that the omission was intentional on Obama’s part, because if Obama had wanted to call it a terrorist attack it would have been natural to actually, like, you know, do so.

The only mention of terrorist acts by Obama comes, as I wrote yesterday, in his generic statement of resolve after mentioning both the 9/11 attacks and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (9/11 being an unequivocal act of terrorism, and both wars being part of what used to be called the “War on Terror”).

Obama’s Rose Garden speech was carefully written to make sure the President sounded as though he may have been hinting at quite a few things that he’s not really saying, in order to keep all his options open later.

Speaking of options—watch the tape of the moment in the debate when Obama makes the claim. The words I’m talking about occur right at the beginning where Obama says [emphasis mine], “The day after the attack, Governor, I stood in the Rose Garden, and I told the American people and the world that we were going to find out exactly what happened, that this was an act of terror, and I also said that we were going to hunt down those who committed this crime.”

You can watch the tape again at Neo-NeoCon:

To me it appears that Obama feels that he is putting down some extremely tempting bait for Romney, hoping his opponent will bite.
He has rehearsed this approach in preparation for a Libya/Benghazi question; he believes it to be his trump card, and he knows Crowley will cover for him—or, if she fails to do so, that the MSM will do it for her.

It’s also possible that Obama (or his surrogates) have worked this out ahead of time with Crowley. I don’t know; it’s certainly possible, because her waving those papers around when asked to look at the transcript of the speech (are they actually a transcript? Or something else?) is rather odd. Whichever it is, pre-arranged or no, Obama seems especially delighted at what Crowley says, asking her to repeat it and setting up a nice round of forbidden applause (led by Michelle–preplanned as well?) from the audience. Gotcha!

Note also Obama’s affect when Romney questions him as to whether he really means to assert that he called it an act of terror the day after the attack. The camera zooms in on Obama as the president says to Romney “Please proceed, Governor,” and then cuts away just after the fleeting ghost of a faint smile crosses Obama’s face (mostly in his eyes; it occurs at about 1:22). It is at that point that Obama summarily orders Crowley to “check the transcript” (no “please” for Obama), and she immediately answers that Obama did say it that way. Not only do we know that assertion is false, but she didn’t even seem to have time to check any transcript between Obama’s request and her answer.

I’ve had the very same suspicions, but never took the time to lay them all out, as Maggie Thorton and Neo-NeoCon so brilliantly have. The problem for Obama is – the American people aren’t as stupid, or as easily led as he seems to think. The ones who have been following the news, know what they heard for two weeks following the attack, and Obama’s parsing of words do nothing but provoke more suspicion.

Also, Candy Crowley absurdly biased intervention may have unintentionally benefited Mitt Romney:

Taken all together, CNN’s Candy Crowley, in her zeal to intrude on the presidential debate and save President Obama from himself, may just have provided the televised moment that finally sparks a revolt against the four years of fawning coverage of President Obama.


The idea that the liberal media is deliberately trying to fix the 2012 election for Obama is now rampant, spreading across America faster than the flu in February.

And sitting at that debate moderator’s desk in such a highly visible moment in American history, Candy Crowley’s action in putting her thumb on the scale with the lights and cameras on and running in front of millions — may finally have been something wildly unintended.

The tipping point for the liberal media.

A tipping point that makes Mitt Romney the 45th President of the United States.

His poll numbers have fallen since that debate.

The Americans who don’t follow the news – well, let’s not talk about them…

By the way, we already know that the State Department has already said that the explanation linking the violence to protests over the anti-Muslim video was not their conclusion  – a question for “others” to answer.

Some “others” weighed in, today: CIA found militant links a day after Libya attack:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The CIA station chief in Libya reported to Washington within 24 hours of last month’s deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate that there was evidence it was carried out by militants, not a spontaneous mob upset about an American-made video ridiculing Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, U.S. officials have told The Associated Press.

It is unclear who, if anyone, saw the cable outside the CIA at that point and how high up in the agency the information went. The Obama administration maintained publicly for a week (two weeks – ed) that the attack on the diplomatic mission in Benghazi that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans was a result of the mobs that staged less-deadly protests across the Muslim world around the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks on the U.S.

Gosh….so it wasn’t the State Sept, or the “intelligence community” pushing the anti-Muslim video story – who does that leave? Oh –  the White House, just as we suspected all along.

The story was hatched in order to preserve the Obama campaign narrative that President “Gutsy” defeated al Qaeda. It’s hard to maintain a narrative like that in the face of an al Qaeda linked terrorist attack on an American Consulate that killed four of our citizens. As Charles Krauthamer so dryly noted on Special Report the other day, Obama had no reason to think the MSM wouldn’t carry his water on this.

“It contradicted their story: bin Laden dead, GM alive, and all that spiking of the football in Charlotte,” he said. “But there was another factor here. How could they have thought they would get away with it? They already knew by Sunday, in other words when Susan Rice went on the air, they knew right away it was a terror attack and they had real-time following of the events in Benghazi, real-time access to what was happening on the night it happened at the State Department in Washington. So they knew there was no riot, there wasn’t a mob, there wasn’t a demonstration.”

“Why did they think they could get away with that?” Krauthammer asked again, this time setting his sights on the media.

“They thought that the media would not work on it. And look at the way [the media] handled it. They went after Romney’s statement on Cairo for three days — ambassador killed for the first time in 30 years and that was the whole media analysis for three days.”

Krauthammer went on to say that the Obama administration thought the they could “ride this out” until after the election.

Meanwhile on the question of blame, yes, Obama made a half-hearted admission of culpability during the debate. Edward Klein at the Daily Caller noted:

After all, said the president, the secretary of state “works for me,” and as the top person in the administration’s chain of command, the buck stopped at him.

What’s more, in making his acknowledgement of fault, he couched his admission in such a way that the weight of blame still fell squarely on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton, not him.Thus, several questions were left unanswered by the debate:

  • Are Hillary and the president working in tandem?
  • Did Hillary take a bullet for Obama as a way of helping his campaign for re-election?
  • Or did Hillary have or the another motive, which has yet to be revealed to the public?

According to a member of Hillary’s inner circle to whom I have spoken, she and Bill Clinton assembled a team of legal experts a couple of weeks ago to determine how to handle the Benghazi debacle. The members of this team engaged in a lively debate over the best legal and political courses for her to take.

Their chief goal was to avoid allowing Benghazi to become a permanent stain on Hillary’s reputation and hurt her chances to run for president in 2016.

As they debated amongst themselves, it became clear to the Clintons and their advisers that the White House intended to throw Hillary under the bus. This conclusion became inescapable when David Axelrod went on Fox News Channel and cast all the blame for Benghazi on the State Department.


After the Clinton legal team had a chance to review the State Department cable traffic between Benghazi and Washington, the experts came to the conclusion that the cables proved that Hillary had in fact given specific instructions to beef up security in Libya, and that if those orders had been carried out — which they weren’t — they could conceivably have avoided the tragedy.

Clearly, someone in the Obama administration dropped the ball — and the president was still insisting that it was not his fault.

In the end, then, Hillary decided to assume responsibility to show that she was acting more presidential than the president.

I am told by my sources that she firmly believes that when the State Department cable traffic is made public, either through leaks to the press or during formal House committee hearings, it will exonerate her and shift the blame for the entire mess onto the president.

Of course, those cables won’t be made public until after the election.
Instapundit: NOT OPTIMAL.
David Catron, The American Spectator: What If Crowley and Her Accomplices Succeed?
Jack Cashill, The American Thinker: How Much of a Set-Up Was Crowley’s Libya Question?

“Who denied enhanced security and why?”The question went to President Barack Obama, and he launched into a well-rehearsed set piece about how he was handling the issue.  Mitt Romney responded much as one would expect him to respond, criticizing the White House response to the attack, especially Obama’s Las Vegas trip a day afterwards, and Obama’s Mideast policy in general.It was at this point that the debate, certainly from appearances, took a turn for the prearranged.  It was now 70 minutes on.  Crowley conceded a shortage of time and an excess of audience questions.  Nevertheless, instead of moving on to that next question, Crowley asked a question of her own.  Even before she began to ask, however, Obama was strolling confidently towards Crowley as though he knew what was going to happen next.The question involved Secretary of State Clinton’s taking responsibility for embassy security.  Asked Crowley, “Does the buck stop with the secretary of state?”  Obama was more than ready for this one.  “Secretary Clinton has done an extraordinary job, but she works for me,” said he forcefully.  “I’m the president, and I’m always responsible.”

From there Obama launched into a pitch-perfect, if thoroughly dishonest, defense of his own role in the affair…


Sensing an opening, Romney moved in for the kill over Crowley’s protestations that he respond “quickly.”  Romney looked straight at Obama, raised his eyebrows quizzically, and asked, “You said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack it was an act of terror?  It was not a spontaneous demonstration, is that what you are saying.”

Now back on his stool, Obama answered uncomfortably, “Please proceed.  Please proceed, governor.”  Romney turned back to Crowley and said that he just wanted to get Obama’s response on record.  With the camera still on Romney, the TV audience heard Obama say off-camera, “Get the transcript.”

The camera then moved to a wide-shot and showed Crowley waving a piece of paper.  Several of my correspondents — and, I am sure, many others — believed that to be the transcript and wondered how Crowley just happened to have it.

“He did in fact, sir, call…” said Crowley hesitantly to Romney, “so let me call it an act of terror.”

“Can you say that a little louder, Candy?” said a suddenly revived Obama while the Obama fans in the audience, Michelle included, cheered in violation of the rules.

“He did call it an act of terror,” said Crowley, consummating the most egregious act of real-time media malpractice in recent memory.  She then stumbled through a temporizing bit of nonsense about the two weeks it took for the “whole idea” to be revealed.

Frank Gaffney, President of the Center for Secutity Policy, told MRCTV’s Joe Schoffstall that the Obama Administration is not just ‘covering up’ the Benghazi attacks that Hillary Clinton took responsibility for, but also embracing the Muslim Brotherhood.

Gaffney goes on to say he believes President Obama will retaliate by attacking Libya before the elections.

QUESTION: On Libya, there are now reports that the CIA station chief in Libya sent a cable 24 hours after the attack in Benghazi saying that it wasn’t carried out – that it was carried out by militants. Did that cable ever cross over and reach the State Department, do you know?

MS. NULAND: Well, I think you know, Catherine, that we never talk about intelligence issues from this podium at all. So I’m not in a position to comment on that here today.

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Buzz Bissinger Decribes the Blizzard of Unhinged Angst and Vitriol that Came His Way After He Endorsed Romney

When the lifelong Democrat and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist became the most recent public figure to jump off the careening Obama bandwagon and endorse Mitt Romney in a Daily Beast article, last week,  considerable angst and gnashing of teeth ensued on the left. He spoke with Howard Kurtz on CNN’s Reliable Sources about the reaction to his endorsement, which he says was about “6 to 1,”  hateful, profanity-laced insults.

“Giant dumba$$”, “idiot”, “f*cking moron”, “whiny little sh*t”, “complete waste of skin”, and  “a f*cking rich guy” are just a small sample of the insults hurled his way in the wake of his endorsement.

Via The Blaze, he explained:

“I would say between the Daily Beast comments, Twitter comments, Facebook comments– roughly…4,000 comments– I ran about 6-1 against.  And it wasn’t just, you know, ‘I disagree with you.’  It was the f-word, it was ‘you’re a baby killer.’

“It was even friends, [but] among friends it wasn’t as vitriolic. There was this sense of, ‘How dare you, you’re traitor.  You’re a writer.  You’re a journalist. How can you possibly come out in favor of this man?’”

“…You could feel the anguish, you could feel the sense of perhaps traitorship.  I am a lifelong Democrat…”

I imagine Piers Morgan is experiencing something very similar now that he’s publicly endorsed Mitt Romney: Piers Morgan: “Mitt Romney might just save America”

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Obama Camp Politicizes Big Bird in Over the Top Ad, PBS Says Knock it Off – Obama Staffer Says They’re “Reviewing Their Concerns”

The real news today is the pummeling Obama is taking in the polls — see Ace’s thunderdome for all the latest in  poll carnage that has ensued since last week’s debate, (which we now hear, Obama initially thought he won?!)..

Oh, and the election finance scandal now being picked up by the MSM, is another thing the Obama camp doesn’t want to talk about, as well as the Benghazi attack cover-up, not to mention  the pathetic news that the plant in Holland, MI that got $150M in taxpayer money to make Volt batteries has furloughed workers after failing to produce a single battery. The plant employed 200 workers who are now being placed on furlough. Two years after the ribbon cutting ceremony that Obama himself attended, (proclaiming how he was “putting GM back to work, and “saving Michigan”) the battery manufacturing is being shipped offshore to an LG plant in South Korea.

No, the big news today,  according to the Obama campaign is Mitt’s “War on Big Bird”. (Tee hee.)
This will come as a shock to Democrats, I’m sure – but there are more than a few of us out here, who have no use for Big Bird, or any of his muppet ilk, and never did. Yeah, I said it. I didn’t watch Sesame Street as a kid, and none of my six kids did, either. It wouldn’t bother any of us in the least to see Big Bird or his left-wing muppet gang go the way of the dodo. I also suspect that there are more than a few Sesame Street fans out there who have no problem with PBS being defunded. “Big Bird” is a 1 percenter – he’s part of a multi-million dollar industry and should be able to stand on his own without taxpayer help.
Surprisingly enough, while Team Obama pummels Romney for threatening to defund PBS, PBS isn’t playing along.

Via Michelle Fields, Sesame Street has asked that the video be taken down:

Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns. We have approved no campaign ads, and as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down.

And via Sooper Mexican,  an Obama campaign staffer tweeted out this response:

It’s merely under consideration….because their pro-Big Bird stance is such a winner for them (and such an effective distraction from Obama’s colossal failures) they are willing to go against the wishes of the people they are ostensibly trying to defend.

It’s all part of Team Obama’s never-ending quest to secure the STUPID vote. That’s why President “Eye Candy” has gone out of his way to appear on Entertainment Tonight, The View, Letterman, etc…and now Nickelodeon, too.

(Mediaite) Nickelodeon’s news outfit Nick News is reportedly “disappointed” that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has declined to appear in the channel’s “Kids Pick the President” election special, which airs several weeks before the election.

“After numerous attempts by ‘Nick News’ to get former Governor Mitt Romney to participate in the special, his camp declined saying he was unable to fit it into his schedule,” Nickelodeon said in a press statement.

Last time I checked, “kids” can’t vote.

President Barack Obama will appear, however, having pre-taped his answers to kids’ questions at the White House. As a stand-in for official Romney responses to the kids’ queries, the channel will use archive video clips of the GOP candidate answering similar questions.

Kids can’t vote, but their parents can. And many of them will be watching with their kids.

His wife, for some reason, has practically become a permanent fixture over there – (“hey, mom! Michelle Obama’s on Nickelodeon, again!”) – just one more  reason to kick these shameless charlatans to the curb on Nov. 6.

(And Nickelodeon, too, unless they clean up their act.)


The Right Scoop: Romney ZINGS Obama: You have to scratch your head when he spends the last week talking about saving Big Bird


Twitchy: Side-splitting desperation: Obama runs attack ad starring Big Bird; Update: Axelrod beclowns himself

Linked by The Daley Gator, thanks!

Video: Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy Address

Mitt Romney took on Obama’s record on foreign policy during a foreign policy speech at Virginia Military Institute, Monday morning.

Some highlights of the speech via Ace of Spades HQ:

Key quotes: I know the president hopes for peace, and I do too, but “hope is not a strategy.”

On Afghanistan: “I will affirm that my duty is not to my political prospects, but to the security of the nation.”

Overall, he did not announce any surprise new commitment or policy. He instead asserted what could be called classic Reaganite principles — moral clarity in our thinking, verbal clarity in our words. Military clarity in our resolve, should it come to that.

The thrust was that Obama’s policy was ambiguous; our allies are undermined, our enemies emboldened.

He stressed free trade. Although he did not directly state this, he implicitly argued that free trade acts as a sort of evangelist for other freedoms, for openness, for prosperity, for friendship.

Full transcript, here.


Weasel Zippers: Obama Campaign’s Response To Romney Foreign Policy Speech: “Bring It On”…

Team O knows who the real enemy is.


WHD: Romney: Here’s my Foreign Policy. Like It

Gov. Mitt Romney today cut through some of the haziness that had enveloped his foreign policy plans, touting his ACTUAL SPECIFICS PLANS to replace the emptiness of earlier, gauzy platitudes.

It’s the latest example of a new Romney strategy that has given a sense of direction to his campaign and probably helped bump up his poll numbers. On domestic policy too, particularly in last Wednesday’s debate, Romney has also more clearly spotlighted the steps he would take as president.

Yes, it’s all truly groundbreaking. The Romney campaign has decided to respect voters enough to actually give them a choice, and not just smack President Obama around.

Romney is finally succeeding in setting himself apart from Obama and giving voters a sense of something to look forward to with a Romney presidency.


Marine Times: Military Times Poll: Romney bests Obama, 2-1

Crowd of 10,000 Rallies for Romney in Fisherville, Virginia (Video)

Battleground Watch reported Thursday night  that the Romney campaign estimated the crowd at about 10 thousand post-debate, euphoric people.

Obama also drew 10,000 at his rally in Denver, Thursday.

 The nature of his personality and his incumbent status will likely mean his crowds will almost certainly exceed Romney’s.  The key won’t be to beat Obama’s crowd sizes, but to “mind the gap” and show your troops have near equal enthusiasm. The problem for Obama is his core supporters are rabid in their loyalty, but he lacks that softer layer of support that would put him comfortably over 50%.  This is why he can draw such amazing crowds but can’t translate that in the polls.  Tonight’s rally will be a good test to see how well Romney is closing that gap. For what it’s worth Joe Biden drew 300 in Iowa today…:

See Battleground Watch for more pix.

Another great photo of the Romney crowd, here.

Trace Adkins introduced Wayne La Pierre of the NRA who endorsed R/R at Thursday’s rally:

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Next Media (Taiwanese) Animation: Mitt Clobbers Obama + More of Today’s Best Videos

I just heard Kirsten Powers say on Fox News’ Special Report that Obama likes to come back from behind…because he has some kind of psychological affinity for it, but I don’t believe for one second he’s enjoying the ridicule he’s having to endure today.

Here’s just one example – the latest in a deadly narrative an incumbent does not want to see metastasizing all over the place.

Deadly – but funnier than hell…

Via Ace of Spades HQ (who has been on fire all day – did he even go to bed, last night???)

Another good one from the GOP.com, “Smirk”:

And I’m pretty sure this has been done before – a compilation of all of Obama’s “uhs”…this time from the debate, via Weasel Zippers, compiled by BuzzFeed.

This next ad by  should get you in the mood for the next few debates – Paul Ryan’s, and Romney’s remaining two – because they’ll all be dealing with foreign policy which could (should!) be very problematic for Obama:

Liberal Spin: Romney Bullied Moderator, Dominated the Time – The Truth: Obama Talked 4 Minutes Longer

Image via Mediaite

The liberal spin on Twitter and in the left-wing media is that NPR gave the overly aggressive Mitt Romney too much time, tonight.

The ObamaMedia Blamed Lehrer for Obama’s drubbing:

CNN’s Roland Smith:

I can already tell when this debate is over I’m going to go off on Jim Lehrer and these questions! #EssenceDebate

Bill Maher:

Hey Lehrer, you’re the fcking ref, stop letting the Mittbot bully you – he can’t fire YOU

A frustrated and unhinged Chris Matthews began his “epic meltdown” after the debate by saying:

“I don’t know what he was doing out there. He had his head down. He was enduring the debate rather than fighting it. Romney, on the other hand  came in with a campaign.   He had a plan..he was going to dominate the time, he was going to be aggressive, he was going to push the moderator around, which he did effectively….

Mitt Romney was so effective at pushing the moderator around, he succeeded in cutting Obama’s speaking time down to only 4 minutes longer than his own – pretty impressive given how much Obama likes to filibuster his answers.

Bloomberg reported:

The most surprising fact about tonight’s debate is that President Obama spoke for four minutes longer than Mitt Romney did. It certainly didn’t feel like that watching the debate, in which Romney seemed to have far more to say than Obama.

The two biggest knocks on Romney as a candidate are that he is wooden and that he is allergic to policy specifics. Yet on the opening question, about how to create jobs, Romney offered an answer that was both more heartfelt and more specific than the president’s. Romney was the stronger debater throughout the night, but especially in the first 20 minutes, he completely dominated.

I think it must seem to libs that Romney got an unfair amount of time because they’re so used to seeing their Messiah drone on and on uninterrupted, and unchallenged. Obama was hoping to dominate the time, filibustering his answers and running out the clock. But Romney didn’t let him.

Mitt Romney won this debate tonight and won it decisively because he had command of the facts and the facts won.  If it had been close, the MSM would have tipped the scales in Obama’s favor and declared him the winner. Alas for them – it was a rout. That what happens when A. Your debate coach is John Kerry, and B. You don’t have the facts on your side.

As John Nolte at Big Journalism noted, “tonight, Romney’s win was such a knockout the media simply couldn’t spin this one.”

Some tried to blame moderator Jim Lehrer and other such nonsense, but for the most part even the left-wing lunatics at MSNBC had to concede Obama’s loss.

It was a good night all the way around.


JWF has a must-see: Bizarre DNC Rapid Response Video: Romney Was Too Mean to Mr. Spine of Steel

It’s the best they could do and it’s PATHETIC.


DaTechGuy: Demoralized as Hell: Why Mitt Romney Won tonight:

In every poll even the ones so skewed that it you would guess they were taken at the SEIU vs NAACP charity softball game the Right Track/Wrong Track Numbers are upside down for the President.

The American People want an excuse to replace this president, Mitt Romney needed do to one basic thing, show the American People that he is an acceptable and competent alternative.

That’s a very low threshold and he didn’t just clear it, he pole vaulted over it having numbers and details at his fingertips, as befits his nature.

Krauthammer’s take: Romney Won and Won Big. He Won by Two Touchdowns !!!

The Right Scoop: Frank Luntz’s focus group of undecided voters went overwhelmingly for Romney tonight

Hot Air: Romney wins; Update: CBS insta-poll shows decisive Romney victory; Update: Romney crushes Obama in CNN insta-poll

Michelle Malkin: Denver debate: Romney took control

Dan Riehl: Mark Levin on tonight’s debate:

Love this>>>”Obama was predictable, became increasingly irritated, and by the end of the debate looked tired and defeated.”

My 14 year old daughter texted this message to me when the debate was almost over (I was at a debate party):

“LOL Obama looks so defeated whenever Romney talks”

Hahaha…great minds think alike.

Joel Pollak, Big Government: Romney Wins Big in First Debate

Gabe Malor, NY Post: Mitt’s night

Gateway Pundit: Top Obama PAC Donor Bill Maher: “Obama Looks Like He DOES Need a Teleprompter”

Yid with Lid: If The Pres. Debate Was a T-Ball Game Jim Lehrer Would Have Invoked The Slaughter Rule

RS McCain, The American Spectator: Mitt’s Biggest Turnaround Yet

Michelle Malkin: Yesterday was National Empty Podium Day

John Hinderaker, Powerline: It’s Over:

Through the evening, Romney came across as the competent executive, in command and optimistic. Obama was the defeated, out of ammo failure whose ideas have been tried and found wanting. I don’t know how the Democrats will try to spin this one, but it just doesn’t matter. There was only one credible leader on the stage tonight, and it wasn’t our failed president. This was a huge night for the cause of freedom, one from which, one hopes, Obama can’t recover. The pitiful figure that we saw tonight was the real Obama, the loser behind the curtain who is finally revealed as an utter hoax.

Charles Hurt, Washington Times: Obama the debater: Making Jimmy Carter look awesome:

Bewildered and lost without his teleprompter, President Obama flailed all around the debate stage last night. He was stuttering, nervous and petulant. It was like he had been called in front of the principal after goofing around for four years and blowing off all his homework.

Not since Jimmy Carter faced Ronald Reagan has the U.S. presidency been so embarrassingly represented in public. Actually, that’s an insult to Jimmy Carter.

The split screen was most devastating. Mitt Romney spoke forthrightly, with carefully studied facts and details at the ready. He looked right at the president and accused him of being miles out of his depth.

Mr. Obama? His eyes were glued to his lectern, looking guilty and angry and impatient with all the vagaries of Democracy. This debate was seriously chafing him.

Roger L Simon: October 3, 2012 — The Night Liberalism Died:

The fuddy-duddy liberal choir of the mainstream media looked shell-shocked. But secretly some of them may actually be relieved. Anyone with an IQ in triple digits knows that Romney would be a better president than Obama with the country and the world in the situation they are. And that probably includes Obama himself, considering the level at which he debated.

 If Romney is elected, dad would be back and they (the media) would get to be kids again, living la vida loca while protesting until blue in their collective faces everything Romney does in the coming years. They get to be “against the man” once more. They don’t have to defend the man, such as he is.
Linking to me,  Ace says:

Blame the Moderator! The big liberal line is that Romney beat up both Obama and poor Jim Lehrer. The wanted Jim Lehrer to do what journalists do most of the time, protect Dear Leader from criticism.

Of course Obama actually spoke for four more minutes than Romney.

However, this argument is about juicing the refs for the next game — because they know Biden is weak, and now know Obama needs some special TLC, they’re trying to get the moderators to dog Ryan and Romney. They know their candidates aren’t up to it, so they want the press, as usual, to ride to their rescue.

This will intensify all this week– the calls will be for moderators to vigorously challenge the Republicans in order to aid Obama and Biden.

At least NBC isn’t hosting any of the debates.
Debate schedule, here.
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