Video: Obama’s Mortifying BET Interview

In an interview with BET Networks that aired Monday America’s first “post racial” president said that racism “is deeply rooted in our culture and deeply rooted in our history” and “bad training” and a “fear of folks who look different” has led to the problems between law enforcement and minority communities.

There’s so much to despise in this interview. First the threat: “We’re going to have more conversations like this over the coming months…”

Please. Really – just no. Stop talking. If you’re not going to address the social problems, gangs and criminality plaguing urban black communities, droning on incessantly about “disparate impact” and “white privilege” and whatnot is just fingernails on a chalkboard. Cease and desist. People have had it with the BS. What these malcontents (white and black) rioting in the streets need, is some tough talk from the nation’s first black president, but that doesn’t suit his agenda – so instead we get this nauseating pablum.

But it gets worse. Much worse.

The nation’s first black president then ventured to suggest “that we have made progress,” brightly adding that “we can’t compare what’s happening now to 50 years ago.” (I’m searching for a sarcastic retort that’s cleverer than “no shit Sherlock”, or “thank-you Captain Obvious”, but I’m coming up empty. Really though. Why are we forced to listen to this jag-off discuss completely obvious things  like they’re deep thoughts? Thanks Obama for explaining that it’s better now than when there was forced segregation. Um – duh? )

He went on to explain, (because we’re having a “teaching moment” here,  you see) that “if you talk to your parents, grandparents, uncles – they’ll tell you that – uh – things are better. Not good - in some cases – but better.”

Not good? The irony of a black president lecturing the citizens of the United States (who voted to put him in office twice), that they need more racial progress – was apparently lost on him.

Then Obama talked about the conversations he’s had with the Ferguson rabble-rousers who he actually invited to the White House. The folks on the ground at these nationwide protests are far left radicals and communists – AKA – fellow travelers. He let slip the radical left’s view of incrementalism as their longstanding M/O in meeting their objectives.

“Typically, progress is in steps,” he said. “It’s in increments.”

He may as well just open up Rules For Radicals to page one and start reciting every time he gets in front of a camera at this point. We should be done with the book by New Years Day.

We haven’t even reached the low point of the interview. Here’s the low point:

“When you’re dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias in any society, you have to have vigilance, and you have to recognize that it’s going to take some time and you just have to be steady so that we don’t give up when we don’t get all the way there.”

Disgusting, insufferable demagoguery. Race wan’t a factor in Ferguson, or in NYC. – and Obama knows it. 

He willfully exacerbates the resentments of a  perpetual black victim class. There will never be enough that white America can do to undo the wrongs of the past. Move on, already. Like untold millions of people have throughout the annals of history. American blacks aren’t the only people in the world who have suffered from man’s inhumanity toward man. The whole history of mankind is fraught with periods of atrocious inhumanity.  White slavery, black slavery, sexual slaves, indentured servitude, mass rapes and murders of conquered peoples. Genocide.  Cultures that hold on to resentments are plagued with conflicts. Old wounds do not heal when people are constantly picking at the scabs – they fester.

But that’s why the left continues their perpetual racial narrative. When a black person fails, the racial agitators can blame it on the deep rooted racism of the white power culture. Democrats fan these flames for votes. Obama has big government “solutions” – none of which will address the real problems – and will in fact exacerbate the problems.

Via the NYDNObama also uncorked this nonsense.

In an attempt to sound fair and reasonable, he said, “the vast majority of law enforcement officers are doing a really tough job, and most of them are doing it well and are trying to do the right thing.” Then this: “but a combination of bad training, in some cases, a combination in some cases of departments that really are not trying to root out biases, or tolerate sloppy police work; a combination in some cases of folks just not knowing any better, and in a lot of cases, subconscious fear of folks who look different — all of this contributes to a national problem that’s going to require a national solution.” Ugh.

People who “look different?” huh?  Gee, do they have “funny names,” too?



Black New Yorker Has Had It Up To Here With the Race-Baiting BS – Scorches “White, Liberal Hippie Kids” Protesting the Deaths of “Criminals”

After another weekend of community organized arson, race-riots and loot-fests throughout the nation, I was sitting here at my computer trying to figure out what more can be said about the ongoing lunacy that I haven’t already said. There were riots, arson, and looting in Berkeley (where the morons actually torched the MLK building), and NYC (where “protester kits” are being provided for the special snow-flake protesters.”)

A massive fire that 250 firefighters battled in in Los Angeles, this morning, destroyed an apartment building under construction and damaged two adjacent structures. Arson is suspected.

In a call to the Opie and Anthony Show, last week, a black New Yorker expressed his deep disgust for what’s going on in this country in an epic rant for the ages.

“Ed from Queens” claimed to be bigger than Eric Garner, and noted that he himself has been stopped by the police for various traffic offenses (which he admitted he was guilty of committing) “several dozen times”,  and explained in Chris Rock-like fashion that nothing bad happened to him because he was respectful toward the police.

Via The Blaze: 

Ed angrily bashed “white, liberal hippie kids” who are protesting the deaths of “criminals” and also alleged there’s a racial double standard when it comes to officers killing “white kids.”

“What bothers me more than anything, as a black male, is being represented by pieces of s**t like Al Sharpton, and having white liberal hippie kids trying to shout, ‘black lives matter.’ But the thing about is, they are completely glossing over the fact that these people are criminals,” the caller said.

He continued: “And they never, ever talk about all the white cops that are shooting white kids. Have you even heard of Christopher Roupe?”

Roupe, 17, was fatally shot by a female officer after she mistook the Wii remote in his hand for a firearm. A grand jury later determined that the officer did not use authorized force when she shot the teen.

This man speaks for majority of Americans who are watching this racialist garbage at home, and shaking their heads sadly, (or fuming and swearing up a storm like the caller.)

Listener advisory: Strong language and F-bombs galore. Very cathartic.

Thanks to Ed from Queens for relieving me of the burden of having to address this bullcrap. today.


Jack Cashill, The American Thinker: Sgt. Kizzy Adoni, Meet Sgt. Stacey Koon:

The video shows the massive Garner loudly telling two undercover officers that he does not want to be arrested for selling black market cigarettes. Garner, 43, had been arrested more than thirty times previously on charges including assault and resisting arrest. He had also been arrested several times previously for selling unlicensed cigarettes and was out on bail when arrested.

Knowing this, the officers appear to fence with Garner while they wait for back-up to arrive. They are also well aware that an unfriendly witness is shooting video. Given the edits in the video, it is impossible to tell how long they waited, but it was at least a few minutes. Finally, Pantaleo, an eight-year veteran, attempts to grab Garner’s arm to handcuff him, and Garner throws him off. “Don’t touch me,” he shouts.

At this point, Pantaleo, who is about a half a foot shorter and 200 pounds lighter than Garner, leaps up and puts Garner in a headlock. According to Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch, Pantaleo did “nothing more than take Mr. Garner into custody as instructed.” He did so using “the take-down technique that he learned in the academy.” The classic chokehold, the kind featured in the Spike Lee movie Do the Right Thing, is intended to cause a struggling perp to lose consciousness.

Pantaleo’s goal is to take Garner down, which he does with some success. He keeps him in that hold for about fifteen seconds. Had Garner not health problems — obesity, advanced diabetes, heart disease and asthma — he likely would not have been hurt.  There were 228,000 misdemeanor arrests in New York City in 2013. No others ended in this fashion.

Read more:
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Hat tip: Brian B.

Jeanine Pirro: Why Is It That We Only Hear From Obama When A Death Involves A Black Person?

Now that the meaning of the Michael Brown fiasco has sunk in – a lot of people can no longer deny the truth and are going on the record finally to call out Obama as the racial demagogue he is.

Judge Jeanine Pirro is the latest of many and as usual didn’t mince words in excoriating Emperor Obama of the Community Organized Republic, for fanning the flames of racial hatred and divisiveness.

“Tonight, Americans once hopeful that after electing the first African American president, the issue of race would be a thing of the past, are left with Barack Obama, who stokes the flames of racial hatred, resentment and divisiveness, Pirro began. “A man who instead of healing the nation and overcoming any racial divide, prefers to take sides based not on facts but on color – to prejudge situations based not on sworn testimony and evidence, but conjecture and a one size fits all resentment.”

Pirro then asked a question a lot of white Americans have been silently wondering: “Now every young American who loses his life should be a concern to the man in the White House, but why is it that we only hear from him when the death involves a person of color?”

She continued, “James Foley, an American who never committed a crime and was beheaded is nothing more than a blip in the president’s golf game. Mr. President why do you send white house official to brown’s funeral but no one to James Foley’s memorial service.”

“Mr. President, you say we need trust between police and the African-American community, police need to be sensitive to minority concerns,” Pirro said.  “Well, how about you teach respect for those who put their lives on the line every day, for those who protect us, for those who are the one line of defense against an otherwise barbaric and chaotic society?”

Still addressing Obama she declared,  “you fan the flames of resentment, trumpeting your own investigation that you could have completed by now, only prolonging the anger, suggesting, ‘yes, folks, this is yet another white injustice and I’m going to reverse with a federal civil rights investigation’ when you know there isn’t a smidgen, your word, of evidence to support the claim of that. Weren’t you going to reverse the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case, with a federal investigation what happened to that one? Nothing, absolutely nothing.”

She also slammed Obama for scheming with the moral degenerate Al Sharpton while ignoring massive issues plaguing the black community.

She concluded with a rhetorical question posed to the Community Organizer in Chief;  “Why don’t you act like you’re the president of all of us?

(Answer: Because he never considered himself to be the president of all of us. Some of us he considers his enemies.)


If you need a palette cleanser after Pirro’s first guest (I stopped watching after about a minute), her next guest was Milwaukee’s great Sheriff David Clarke – who has been making clear in recent days his absolute disgust with Eric Holder.


Andrew McCarthy, NRO: What’s Really Going on with Holder’s Civil-Rights Crusade against Police Departments

You may recall that the tide of rampant crime in New York City was turned when, under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the police began cracking down on minor offenses — not untaxed cigarette sales but real violations that had nearly destroyed the city’s quality of life. What ensued was a miraculous transformation, with the Big Apple becoming the safest big city in America.

That policing model is under attack now — just as the NYPD’s extraordinarily successful counterterrorism model has been undermined by Obama’s Homeland Security Advisory Council. As Holder was making his Cleveland splash, Bill de Blasio, New York City’s hard-left mayor, opportunistically — and in the absence of any evidence — pointed to Garner’s death as proof that “the way we go about policing has to change. . . . People need to know that black lives and brown lives matter as much as white lives.”

Holder announced that the Justice Department, which is already monitoring the NYPD, will conduct a civil-rights investigation into Garner’s death. Yes, that’s how it always starts.

Meanwhile, Seattle has been making announcements, too. It seems crime in the Emerald City has been skyrocketing since the Justice Department came in to, er, help. Homicides up 21 percent, car theft up 44 percent, aggravated assaults up 14 percent, and so on.

Welcome to Change: produced and directed by the Obama Justice Department and coming soon to a town near you.

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Obama Does Too Have Tradition Of Running His Mouth Off While Cases Are Being Investigated


We’ve reached a point in Obama’s presidency where he really seems to enjoy mortifying average Americans. He no longer has to face the electorate, and since the midterm shellacking, last month, he’s been on a vengeful rampage, issuing his amnesty edict while promising more, dividing the nation on race, and continuing his never-ending blizzard of lies – knowing full well most of us no longer believe him.. (Some of us never did.) But he doesn’t care. He’s Like Holder and the US Congress. After being held in Contempt of Congress, Holder said he didn’t care because he doesn’t have any respect for Congress, either. Likewise, Obama doesn’t care that a majority of the American people now hold him in contempt because he doesn’t respect us, either. He’s going to do whatever the hell he wants to do and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. He promised to fundamentally transform America, and he’s succeeded. We’re now living in a post-constitutional dictatorship.

In his remarks Wednesday on the non-indictment of the white New York police officer accused of killing Eric Garner with an apparent choke-hold during what should have been a routine arrest,  Obama laughably claimed that he does not involve himself in these controversies. “My tradition is not to remark on cases where there may still be an investigation,” he said.

Of course, the opposite is true. His tradition is to butt in whenever there is a racial component to an incident involving the police. “Rubbing raw the resentments” of minorities to push a divisive racialist agenda is what an Alinsky-trained community organizer does, after all. It is his nature.

Whether it was Skip Gates, Trayvon Martin, or Michael Brown, the Community Organizer in Chief  very inappropriately weighed in while the investigation was ongoing. The only appropriate response would have been to ask citizens to calm down, respect our laws, respect the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line for us, and respect our judicial system. Instead, he and his race-mongering partners on the ground, threw fuel on the flames.

There are hundreds of incidents involving the police that end tragically every year.   But Obama has only commented on cases that involved blacks deaths. He’s not interested in addressing white victims of police shootings or the epidemics of black on black crimes and black on white crimes. Those victims aren’t helpful to his radical racial agenda.

Obama needs black “victims” to help him push his race-based political agenda which involves “police reforms” but no reforms or self examination in the urban communities that have the high crime rates. Nothing good will come of Obama and Holder’s police reforms unless you think the crime rates in Detroit or pre-Giuliani New York City are something to aspire to.

Read J. Christian Adam’s Injustice Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department  to understand what they’ve been doing to the criminal justice system for the past six years.

Adams recounts the shocking story of how a once-storied federal agency, the DOJ’s Civil Rights division has degenerated into a politicized fiefdom for far-left militants, where the enforcement of the law depends on the race of the victim.

In Injustice, Adams reveals:

  • The inside story of how the Obama DOJ spiked the voter intimidation lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party—and the Panthers’ little-known public appearance with Obama
  • How the Obama administration changed DOJ hiring policy to ensure radical leftists would dominate the Civil Rights Division
  • The Obama DOJ’s bizarre agenda, from insisting on kids’ rights to attend school dressed as transvestites, to litigating for teachers’ rights to take paid vacations to Mecca
  • How the DOJ has repeatedly sided with political bosses who flagrantly disenfranchise entire communities of white voters
  • Why the DOJ’s fixation on racial grievance threatens the integrity of the 2012 elections

If you thought the federal government was dedicated to race-neutral equal protection, Injustice will set you straight. This searing indictment of government malfeasance unveils the astonishing political extremism and outright lawlessness that now infects on of the government’s most powerful agencies.

Are you getting the picture?


John Perazzo, FrontPageMagazine: Saul Alinsky Lives in Ferguson

In his quest to cultivate the type of chaos that would spark social revolution against America’s capitalist system, Alinsky exhorted activists to constantly “rub raw the resentments of the people” and “fan the latent hostilities to the point of overt expression”—but to do this in measured tones, so as not to “scare off” middle-class Americans.

Thus did Obama dutifully and blandly call for “unity” and calm in the immediate aftermath of Michael Brown’s “heartbreaking and tragic” death, even as he repeatedly reminded us that: “police should not be bullying or arresting” anyone without cause; “in too many communities, too many young men of color are left behind and left as objects to fear”; “there is no excuse for excessive force by police”; “the justice gap” between whites and nonwhites is unacceptable; “the criminal-justice system doesn’t treat people of all races equally”; and “too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement, guilty of walking while black, or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness.” And when the grand jury in Ferguson subsequently chose not to indict Darren Wilson because the officer obviously had shot Michael Brown in self-defense, Obama pronounced the black community’s indignation to be “an understandable reaction.”

Obama’s carefully chosen words—all delivered in the type of nonthreatening tenor advocated by Saul Alinsky—clearly communicated a single, foundational theme to African Americans: In the racist cesspool known as the United States, black people are routinely treated like second-class citizens, if not subhumans. Oh, and by the way, please remain calm. Wink, wink.

Exactly, exactly exactly. It’s time to swallow hard and face the ugly truth. Those revolutionaries  out on the street looting, burning, and throwing molotov cocktails at the police are this president’s foot soldiers – just like they were in Sanford Florida, and just like they were during the Occupy “protests.”

In NYC as in Ferguson, Obama fellow travelers were on the ground leading chants and handing out Communist propaganda. In New York, a Communist group equated the NYPD With KKK.

Lest anyone think there might be a way to bridge the gap between civil society and the revolutionaries in the vanguard of the current Gentle Giant Brigades, a dose of reality is in order: Alinsky emphasized that the overarching objective of any crusade is never to promote peace or reconciliation, but rather to be unwaveringly “dedicated to an eternal war” in which “there are no rules of fair play” and “no compromise” whatsoever; to mercilessly “pulverize” people with “fear”; and ultimately to “force their capitulation.”

Now that Obama has demonstrated a clear pattern of fanning the flames of racial discord, he’s signaling to his media toadies the counter-narrative he wants them to Gruber America with. That’s right. Obama has a long “tradition of not remarking on cases where there still may be an investigation.”

That has certainly been the tradition of presidents in recent American history. But not this current one.

Mark Levin was on the same wavelength Thursday: Eric Holder Is Al Sharpton With A Law Degree

A lot of light bulbs are going on at the same time.

Check out Ramirez’s latest: 



This is on Obama/Holder/Sharpton’s heads:

Conservative Treehouse: Denver Police Officer Crushed by Vehicle During School “Mike Brown Walkout” – Students Cheered, Yelling: “Hit Him Again, Hit Him Again”….

Liberal Indoctrination generates gleeful exhibition of hatred – A police officer remains in critical condition as a result of a Denver High School student #Ferguson protest walkout. Four officers responded to students marching down the street, as the officers tried to protect the students from traffic a motorist slammed into the police.

One officer was horrifically injured as his body was run over and dragged by a vehicle. Details now surface of the protesting students cheering the injury and chanting “hit him again, hit him again” while marching around the fallen officers. (video included below)


Ferguson Follies Continued: ‘What Is Wrong With This Country?!’


For the second day in a row, an incensed Joe Scarborough excoriated left-wing race-baiters for using the ‘hands up’ gesture to protest the Grand Jury decision on the Michael Brown shooting.  On the Tuesday broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the frustrated host said, “that’s cool to suggest that St. Louis police officers in the town – probably a lot who go to the games and watch the games  – that’s cool for them to suggest that St. Louis cops shoot young black men who had their hands up in the air, when we know that that was a lie?” It’s a lie. And what was that gesture on Capitol Hill? More people like going, ‘It doesn’t matter whether it’s the truth or not, I’m going to suggest cops shoot people with their hands up in the air.’ What is wrong with this country? What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with these elected officials? They know it’s a lie. They know the cops didn’t shoot him with his hands in the air. They know it’s a lie and they are doing this on that Capitol floor?”

Scarborough took heat from the left for his rant, yesterday, via Twitchy:  Tweeters angry at MSNBC’s ‘stupida*s’ Joe Scarobrough over ‘racist rant’ at Ferguson protesters, media 

Get the popcorn. On yesterday’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough went off on Michael Brown supporters and the media covering the protests declaring, “I have sat here quietly and listened to BS being spewed all over this network and all over other networks. I can’t take it anymore.”

But it’s this quote from his segment, via Business Insider, that’s the most interesting as Scarborough is accusing his guests of hypocrisy by saying one thing about the protests, ruling on air and another in private:

“You know what pisses me off too is I have people around this set all the time. They let me say what I say on set and they sit and stare at me, slack-jawed,” he said. “They’re afraid to say anything on the air, even though they know it’s BS. People [are] saying one thing when the camera’s on and then saying something completely different when the camera gets turned off, because they’re somehow afraid they’ll be called racist if they tell the truth.”

One of those people might be Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, who wouldn’t admit that Michael Brown didn’t have his arms up no matter how hard Scarborough tried to pry the truth out of him.

Mediaite: MSNBC ‘Hands Up’ Segment with Eugene Robinson Gets Awkward:

“I don’t believe there’s anything in the record, certainly not in the forensic evidence, that precludes the possibility that he had his hands up at some point when he was approaching the officer,” Robinson said.

“That’s an awfully low standard,” cohost Joe Scarborough replied. “There’s also no evidence that doesn’t suggest a flying saucer from Venus swooped over all of them. There’s no evidence that it’s precluded, Gene. I’m not being difficult. I’m just saying the truth actually does matter.”

Gateway Pundit: Update: 20,000 Support Boycott Rams Page After ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Stunt:

On Monday a Boycott the Rams Facebook page was launched.
The page now has 20,000 supporters.

The Missouri Torch: Nixon’s Failure to Lead a “Deep, Deep Disgrace”:

Inquiring minds want to know: why were the National Guard not deployed to Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the Grand Jury decision not to indict Officer Wilson? Where was Governor Nixon while the town burned? There are no good answers.

Moral of the story: Democrats can not be trusted to handle any crisis competently.

Gateway Pundit: Local Officials Are Investigating if Mike Brown’s Step-Father Incited Riot:

At least 18 businesses were torched to the ground and several more were looting and vandalized.

Now authorities are investigating whether to indict Louis Head for inciting a riot.
CNN reported:

Authorities are investigating whether Michael Brown’s stepfather intended to incite a riot last week when he urged a crowd in Ferguson, Missouri, to “Burn this bitch down” after the grand jury’s decision was announced, the city’s police chief said Tuesday.

No charges have been filed against Louis Head in the incident, but police have interviewed people who know Head and who were with him November 24, the day a prosecutor announced that Officer Darren Wilson (who has since resigned) would not be indicted in the August 9 shooting of Michael Brown, Police Chief Tom Jackson said.

The Conversation: Eyewitness: Before St. Louis Hammer Attack, ‘Black People’ Ran Up And Down Street Yelling, ‘Kill The White People’

At the beginning of the one minute video, the woman who recorded the scene, expressed her profound and at times profane disgust with what had just happened in her neighborhood.

“Arrest them all,” she sneered. “F*ck this sh*t.”

At the 45-second mark, she said, “And, of course, it’s a white kid, right after black people running up and down the street saying, ‘Eff the white people, kill the white people.’ This is what we have.”

Conservative Treehouse: Saint Louis Officials Blame Victim Zemir Begic For His Own Brutal Murder: “We think it was wrong place, wrong time”…

In response to the attack, a spokesperson for the Saint Louis police department released the following statement:

“We think it was wrong place, wrong time,” police spokeswoman Schron Jackson said.

Whoa, apparently, there are rules for safe transit in Saint Louis which both victims, Mr Dzananovic and Mr. Begic, violated.  Hence, they subjected themselves to the “wrong place, wrong time” murder justification explanation.

The RightScoop: Newt on Ferguson: “Obama should be saying to people, ‘don’t rob stores and don’t disobey police'”:

Newt told Wolf Blitzer today that Obama shouldn’t go meet with the Michael Brown family and that he’s not being honest about what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson. He says that what Obama should be telling people is not to rob stores, not to push around store clerks have your size and not to disobey police.

Minister’s Explosive Video On Ferguson Resurface Amid Latest Protests:

It’s disgusting, the Minister told Neil Cavuto. “What we’re doing is glorifying ignorance.”



Obama And Holder Release Messages For Ferguson Mob And Law Enforcement

Ahead of the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, both outgoing (finally!)Attorney General Eric Holder and Emperor Obama released messages warning law enforcement to behave themselves.

“The Justice Department encourages law enforcement officials, in every jurisdiction, to work with the communities they serve to minimize needless confrontation,” Holder said.

“Over the past few months, we’ve seen demonstrations and protests that have sought to bring attention to real and significant underlying issues involving police practices, implicit bias, and pervasive community distrust.  And in most cases, these demonstrations have been both meaningful and responsible, and have brought vital issues to the attention of the public at large,” the Holder said in a video.

(That’s a fascinating take since the shooting sparked months of  violent protests, property destruction and looting in Ferguson, and law enforcement officials there have been bracing for more violence  after the decision is announced.)

“I know, from first-hand experience, that demonstrations like these have the potential to spark a sustained and positive national dialogue, to provide momentum to a necessary conversation, and to bring about critical reform.”

Full transcript, here.

What does he mean by “implicit bias?” Stopping a suspect who fits the description of a person who just robbed a convenience store? Should the police just stop doing their jobs so as not to show “implicit bias”?

And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that this “national dialogue” Holder wants to inflict on the nation isn’t the pro-law and order dialogue you and I would prefer. The cringe-inducing term “critical reform” applies to law enforcement - not law breakers. 

NYC is slowly becoming the crime-infested sewer it was in the 70s and 80s because Communist Mayor Bill De Blasio is undoing  all the good policing practices instilled by former Mayor Giuliani. Holder and Obama would like to see those  policies duplicated in all of our cities, God help us.

Barack Obama

In Emperor Obama’s message  to the people of Ferguson, Missouri, he at least pretended that he wanted his minions out there on the street to “keep protests peaceful.”

“I think first and foremost, keep protests peaceful,” Obama said in the interview, which was taped in Las Vegas after he delivered a speech about immigration.

“This is a country that allows everybody to express their views, allows them to peacefully assemble, to protest actions that they think are unjust,” Obama said. “But using any event as an excuse for violence is contrary to rule of law, contrary to who we are.”

Why isn’t the president telling these people to go home and stop rabble-rousing, since he knows that the evidence exonerates Officer Wilson?  The fact that the Grand Jury has been examining all of the evidence and is making an informed decision –  means justice is being done in Ferguson? What on earth is there to protest? Why isn’t he trying to correct mistaken impressions instead of  trying to excuse them? Because oh – in the end – all this turmoil that he and Holder seem to be welcoming – will lead to “critical reforms.”

Lest we forget, the Emperor was once a Community Organizer, himself – and it shows.


Some Obama allies in the New Black Panthers have been indicted on weapons charges in Ferguson.

Via Gateway Pundit: 

On Friday Olajuwon Ali and Brandon Muhammad were indicted in federal court for illegal firearms purchase — in a bomb plot.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported:

Two men have been indicted on weapons charges in federal court here for allegedly making straw purchases of two handguns at the Cabela’s sporting goods store in Hazelwood.

The indictment was handed up Wednesday and unsealed Friday accusing Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Davis of making false statements to obtain firearms. The defendants’ ages and addresses were not made public.

According to local News 4 the two men were arrested in connection with a plot to explode pipe bombs during protests.

As you may remember, the New Black Panthers are the Militant group that Holder refused to prosecute back in 2009 after some members engaged in what one prominent civil rights activist described as “the most blatant form of voter intimidation” that he had seen, including the voting rights crisis in Mississippi a half-century ago.

Again, in 2012, the Holder Justice Department looked the other way when the New Black Panthers in Sanford Florida,  put a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head and distributed  wanted dead or alive fliers. The Zimmermans had to live in fear in Sanford, just as Officer Wilson has gone into hiding in Ferguson – with a bounty also put on his head.

This is not how Justice works in a free country.


Excuse my French, but you have got to be shitting me. I did not just see this via the Independent Sentinel: 


It’s a joke, right?


Via Got News, another disgraceful example of the pressure the Grand Jury is under to indict Officer Wilson – which is the only reason this is taking so long.

In an audio interview with WUNC, the new leader of the Congressional Black Caucus called for Darren Wilson to be indicted and prejudiced the Ferguson grand jury.

Former judge and new leader of the Congressional Black Caucus G. K. Butterfield called for the grand jury to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown and warned that there would be consequences if the jury “turn their back on justice.”


Tell me again how “meaningful and responsible” these protests are?….

Gateway Pundit: Breaking: #Ferguson Protesters Cause Car to Smash Into Pole (Video)

Ferguson protesters were out en masse Friday night chanting and walking in the middle of the street.

A group of protesters were chanting when they forced a car off the road into a pole.
The car did not seem to slow down when it smashed into the pole.

The weather is turning nicer in Missouri – which doesn’t work in civilization’s favor.

Ferguson Cop’s Wife: DOJ Agents In Town Are “Not There to Guide, They’re There to Harm.”


According to a local report, police in Ferguson, Missouri are not happy at all with the “DOJ representatives” from the Civil Rights Division who have poured into their town in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting.

The report reveals just how upset cops and their family members are at these butt-in-skis who have been in Ferguson for months, stirring the pot and making life more difficult for them. One officer’s wife is of the opinion that  they are “not there to guide, they’re there to harm.”

KTVI Fox 2 reporter Chris Hayes didn’t name his sources for this story likely out of fear that they would be retaliated against – not only by the more violent protesters out on the street – but by the Obama/Holder Justice Department.

Activists often complain about officers without name tags. Department of Justice representative Christy Lopez jumped on the issue in a recent public meeting saying, “That’s a problem.  We need to fix that.”  A police wife told us that officers agree they should not be anonymous, but said they`ve lately faced extreme circumstances that have caused some to remove their name tags at times.

The police wife said officers have been, “screamed at by protestors, “we`re going to go to your house. We`re going to rape your wives then we`re going to kill them and we`re going to kill your children” and this is being screamed at them in the presence of Department of Justice agents.”

Those agents said a name tag is non-negotiable, regardless of the threat.

At a public meeting Christy Lopez said, “Especially when it’s tense.”

The police wife said DOJ agents are “not there to guide, they’re there to harm.”

She says a DOJ rep. criticized an officer who said he was afraid for his family.  The police wife explained, “The person was told, by the Department of Justice agent, if they`re afraid of the citizens of Ferguson, they shouldn`t be police.”

Yet Federal Agents appeared to be afraid when they called Ferguson police for help. An incident report, obtained by Fox 2, reveals a series of tense moments on September 25th. DOJ was meeting inside a business when a 911 call revealed subjects “stopping at (that business).” Then another 911 call describes “DOJ inside coffee house, requesting escort out of building.”

The wife of a Ferguson officer described another case in which a DOJ rep who was riding with a Ferguson police officer, had a chance to ride along with the officer as he responded to shots fired and looting that was going on at one of the beauty supply stores.  Rather than see how the officer reacted to the lawless situation,  the DOJ officer said “take me back to the station.” The officer wanted to respond because “that`s where his men were. They needed help.  The citizens needed help” but the  DOJ rep said “No. Take me back to the police department.”

The police wife continued, “There would’ve been a perfect opportunity for him to witness these guys in a situation, a tough situation and how did they handle it?  He opted instead to distance himself from it entirely.”

KTVI reporter Chris Hayes asked the officer’s wife, “Who are these guys (with the DOJ)?”

She responded, “We don`t know.”

Because THEY don’t have to wear name tags.

Hayes goes on to report that the Ferguson officers have been trying to get the names of these shadowy operators from the DOJ who have been organizing the protesters in their town, but they are being stonewalled. Hayes himself tried to  get a list of names from a DOJ spokesman for his report, but was met with a stone wall and an attempt to pry information out of him.

So I asked for a list of names, last Thursday. A DOJ spokesperson in Washington D.C. said, “I will have to check to see if that information is publicly available.” Yesterday, I asked again and I also asked for a response to the specific allegations you heard in this report.  The spokesman responded, “Do you know the name of the (Ferguson officer) who sent the letter?” and “Can you tell me more about your story?”

According to the officer’s wife, “the only people that have been given voice are the people who will support what appears to be their desired outcome.”

It doesn’t look like they’re going to get “their desired outcome” but an announcement is expected any minute now.


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