RS McCain Surfaces In LA

I hope he doesn’t mind me spilling the beans, LA is a huge city after all – finding him would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Anyway, I saw this Daily Mail story linked on Drudge: Justin Bieber wanted for questioning after allegedly ‘roughing up’ a photographer during a date with Selena Gomez

Teen idol Justin Bieber is wanted for questioning by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigators –  after a paparazzo complained of being roughed up by the young pop star at a shopping center.

The scuffle allegedly happened when the photographer tried to snap pictures of the 18-year-old and his girlfriend Selena Gomez, after they walked out of a theater at The Commons at Calabasas today.

Sheriff Lt. Robert Wiard says the photographer in question called 911 on Sunday and complained of pain to his chest.

Stacy’s resting comfortably in his hotel room after the traumatic episode.

The Conservatory has covered a few more Stacy sightings. He’s really getting around.

If you feel inclined, please hit the poor slob’s freakin’ tip jar - he’s just getting started as a paparazzo and  has a family to feed.


Drudge Exclusive: NEWT’s EX-WIFE UNLOADS

Photo via Esquire.

This interview is allegedly causing a "civil war" at ABC over the timing of its airing. Drudge has the exclusive:

Marianne Gingrich has said she could end her ex-husband's career with a single interview.

Earlier this week, she sat before ABCNEWS cameras, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

She spoke to ABCNEWS reporter Brian Ross for two hours, and her explosive revelations are set to rock the trail.

But now a “civil war” has erupted inside of the network, an insider claims, on exactly when the confession will air!


ABCNEWS suits determined it would be “unethical” to run the Marianne Gingrich interview so close to the South Carolina Primary, a curious decision, one insider argued, since the network has aggressively been reporting on other candidates.

Dana Loesch speculates over at Big Journalism:

We all know that Newt Gingrich cheated on two of his three wives. He cheated on his wife Jackie, who had cancer, with Marianne Gingrich, the woman who gave an interview to ABC. If the details are simply that he was unkind to her or didn’t treat her right well, surprise! You were the mistress! You helped break up a marriage and thus forfeited your right to be outraged when the next mistress usurped your spot as the new wife. I have no pity for the “other woman.” I guess that’s why I find Marianne Gingrich’s late-to-the-game interview so odd. Could there be any bigger bombshell than they story of their union?

If there’s a civil war going on over at ABC News, it’s about when to air the story so that it does the maximum amount of damage to Newt, the guy who poses the greatest threat to Pharaoh Obama. Should they air it before the NC primary and let him go down in flames now, only to have a Santorum rise out of the ashes, or do they wait until later – perhaps until he wins the nomination, and then destroy him in the general. Or do they just leak rumors about it now, and see if they can put enough doubt in peoples’ minds for Mitt to win decisively in SC, but not enough for Newt to bow out, so the not Romneys continue the death march to Super Tuesday.

These things have to be done very delicately as the Wicked Witch of the West told Dorothy. There are many options before them. All of them helpful to the Master.

What this story does do is follow a familiar pattern of  a certain political camp using smears and/or old family secrets that are nobody’s business to torpedo opponents’ campaigns. I’m not saying anyone in Chicago had anything to do with encouraging Marianne to tell her story. She could have decided to do it on her own accord with no prompting whatsoever. I’m just saying that this follows a very definite pattern.


Here’s what Marianne Gingrich told Esquire in August 2010:

But there was something strange and needy about him. “He was impressed easily by position, status, money,” she says. “He grew up poor and always wanted to be somebody, to make a difference, to prove himself, you know. He has to be historic to justify his life.”

She says she should have seen the red flags. “He asked me to marry him way too early. And he wasn’t divorced yet. I should have known there was a problem.”

Within weeks or months?

“Within weeks.”

That’s flattering.

She looks skeptical. “It’s not so much a compliment to me. It tells you a little bit about him.”

And he did the same thing to her eighteen years later, with Callista Bisek, the young congressional aide who became his third wife. “I know. I asked him. He’d already asked her to marry him before he asked me for a divorce. Before he even asked.”

He told you that?

“Yeah, he wanted to — “

But she stops. “Hey, turn off the tape recorder for a second. This is going to go places …”

Back in the 1990s, she told a reporter she could end her husband’s career with a single interview. She held her tongue all through the affair and the divorce and even through the annulment Gingrich requested from the Catholic Church two years later, trying to erase their shared past. Now she sits quietly for a moment, ignoring her eggs, trying to decide how far she wants to go.



Now Politico is reporting that the interview will air Thursday night, coinciding with the final debate before the South Carolina primary on Saturday.

I asked Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond about the interview, and he released a letter to ABC News execs from Gingrich’s daughters, Kathy Lubbers and Jackie Cushman, who have become his biggest surrogates in answering questions about their family. The letter is below:

The failure of a marriage is a terrible and emotional experience for everyone involved.  Anyone who has had that experience understands it is a personal tragedy filled with regrets, and sometimes differing memories of events.We will not say anything negative about our father’s ex-wife.  He has said before, privately and publicly, that he regrets any pain he may have caused in the past to people he loves.

ABC News or other campaigns may want to talk about the past, just days before an important primary election.  But Newt is going to talk to the people of South Carolina about the future– about job creation, lower taxes, and about who can defeat Barack Obama by providing the sharpest contrast to his damaging, extreme liberalism.  We are confident this is the conversation the people of South Carolina are interested in having.Our father is running for President because of his grandchildren – so they can inherit the America he loves.  To do that, President Obama must be defeated.  And as the only candidate in the race, including Obama, who has actually helped balance the national budget, create jobs, reform welfare, and cut taxes and spending, Newt felt compelled to run – to serve his country and safeguard his grandchildren’s future.

Greta Van Susteren weighs in:

 I have no idea what this ABC interview is other than the limited stuff I am reading on DrudgeReport at this hour.  I am flying blind in this posting and my opinion is only based on what little I know now.  

What I DO know is that we are only 2 days out from the South Carolina primary and there is a high risk from the Drudge Report description of an explosive interview of unfair poisoning of those going to the polls.  There simply is not enough time for a candidate to respond to the explosive report and fairness also includes fairness to the candidate.  

OBL Photoshop Contest (Updated with New Entries)

A photoshop contest of sorts has broken out in the blogosphere.

Since Obama is intent on coddling the fragile psyches of Islamic extremists, it’s up to the web’s best photoshoppers to create a close facsimile of what Osama’s last mugshot might have looked like, to satisfy America’s need for closure .

Here’s my submission:

It gets a even more graphic below the fold…

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Video: Pandemonium As WI Assembly passes budget-repair Bill

The vote wasn’t even close, and they had an unprecedented amount of time to debate the bill,   but the Dems still pretend they have the right to be morally outraged.

Ed Morrissey reports:

In the end, the bill that frightened off the entire Democratic caucus in the Wisconsin state Senate passed easily in the lower chamber, 51-17, in what had been a foregone conclusion:

After a bitter, 61-hour debate that was the longest in living memory, the sleep-starved state Assembly voted in just seconds early Friday to approve a watershed proposal repealing most union bargaining rights held by public workers.

Just after 1 a.m., Republicans cut off debate on Gov. Scott Walker’s bill and in pell-mell fashion the body voted 51-17 to pass it. In the confusion, nearly one-third of the body – 28 lawmakers including 25 Democrats, two Republicans and the body’s lone independent – did not vote on the bill at all.

Watch this stunning video of their reaction to the vote.  It sounds like the monkey cage at the zoo after a wolverine has snuck in. I am not kidding – they don’t even sound human:

For more unhinged video reactions, including a woman claiming that the vote means death for her, see The Blaze.


The cacophony reminded me of Art Bell’s, “very disturbing” Sounds from Hell ( 2:00 in):

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, and Weasel Zippers, and Doug Ross, thanks!


True Bromance: Al Gore Gushes Over Olby

Vapors rise as
Fever settles on an acid sea
Neptune’s bones dissolve

Wow, Al Gore…really, really  likes Keith Olbermann according to The Wrap:

Gore had few specifics about the network’s goals for Olbermann — or how it plans to move beyond the 58 million domestic households in which it is now available. He also declined to get into the extent of Current’s profitability, except to say, “We’re very happy.”

But if Olbermann is getting paid in praise from the former vice president, he’s a very rich man.

How will the network grow with Olbermann? How do you see him increasing your viewership, the way he did at MSNBC?

(To fully appreciate Gore’s answer you have to imagine it in his slow, condescending drawl):

Well, he’s a unique talent and he has a magnetic personaltiy and people form a relationship with him because they know that he is brilliant, they know he is speaking from his heart, they know he has passionate beliefs. He cares about them a lot. And he marries that to his formidable intelligence. And I think people appreciate his authenticity and where he’s coming from. They know he’s for real.

I think it’s no more complicated than that. In television … there’s a kind of an X factor that some people have and some people don’t. And whatever label you put on that he has it in spades. And his audience follows him passionately. That’s pretty unique.

Goodness gracious.  I’m going to go take a shower, now.

Hat tip: The Blaze.


Don’t Text And Drive: A Video For The Kiddies

Actually, this is quite graphic – don’t watch if you don’t like blood and gore. But anyone with a teenager will want him/her to see it:

This video is being shown in the UK  and also in a longer-form documentary.

Seems to me – 3 or 4 minutes is plenty enough to get the point across.



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Video: Axelrod Reacts To Obama’s Olympic Failure

Axelrod insinuates that politics  sank Obama’s Olympic effort.

More reactions:

Alarming News has the picture of the day.

Cuffy has the video of the day.

Weasel Zippers: Video Gold: CNN Anchor Can’t Bring Himself to Believe Chicago Wasn’t Picked to Host Olympics….

I didn’t realize Chicago got the LEAST amount of votes. Ouch!

Epic, epic failure!

There was some seriously bad political mojo there in Copenhagen.

Jim Treacher on Twitter:

First Letterman’s humiliation. Now the Olympics just shot-putted Obama in the nuts. I hereby declare October 2, 2009 to be SCHADENFRIDAY.

Dan Riehl: The Obama’s Olympian Defeat: Next Time Send Sarah Palin

Quipster: White House Response To Loss Of Chicago Olympics Bid

Publius at Big Government: So, not only did Chicago lose out in its bid for the Olympics, it lost in the FIRST ROUND. It is kind of like the world community saying to President Obama, “Not only no, but Hell No.”

Rich Lowry at The Corner posts: Top 10 Reasons Chicago Didn’t Get the Olympics

The Anchoress: Did the IOC recognise a weak horse? UPDATES

S.Weasel can. not. be. lieve it!

Ace: Republicans Rooting Against America?

I would never root against America….but I would root against Obama and his corrupt Chicago cronies making out like bandits on the deal. The city of Chicago was evenly split on the Olympics…does that mean half of those people were rooting against America? Glen Thrush is an idiot.






Aww…Glenn Beck Must Be Doing Something Right, He Won Keef Overbite’s Worstest Person In The World Award

Incredibly, his runner up would have been mine, too:

Bathtub boy should really be thanking O’Reilly for going so easy on Obama for the past year and a half. You see, O’Reilly has a really slow learning curve. For instance, he only recently discovered that ACORN is a corrupt organization. He’ll eventually figure out that Obama’s corrupt, too, but he won’t apologize for calling people like me, haters,  for trying to bring that to peoples’ attention.

Anyway, it’s funny how Overbite mocks both Beck and O’Reilly,  who happen to be shellacking him in the ratings. By funny, I mean sad pathetic:

The Scoreboard: Monday, August 24

25-54 demographic: (L +SD)

Total day: FNC: 450 | CNN: 163 | MSNBC: 136 | HLN: 146

Prime: FNC: 809 | CNN: 229 | MSNBC: 248 | HLN: 233

5p: 6p: 7p: 8p: 9p: 10p: 11p:
FNC Beck: Baier: Shep: O’Reilly: Hannity: Greta: O’Reilly:
776 518 485 916 801 710 553
CNN Blitzer: Blitzer: Dobbs: Brown: King: Cooper: Cooper:
114 139 182 166 250 270 225
MSNBC Matthews: EdShow: Matthews: Olbermann: Maddow: Olbermann: Maddow:
158 183 211 323 209 214 169
HLN Prime: Prime: Issues: Grace: Issues: Grace: Showbiz:
141 215 216 325 143 242 188

For a palette cleanser, courtesy of Olbermann watch, I offer you Mark Levin, reacting to another of round of Olbermann’s inanities:

“Watching Overbite is like having poison ivy on your genitalia”.


Uh oh.  It looks like O’Reilly is gunning for that top spot on Olbermann’s list;

Bombshell!… Bill O’Reilly Announces Obamacare is Unconstitutional (Video)


Another bombshell! Olbermann announces that his is the highest rated prime time cable news show, oh  yes, you heard me right:

KEITH OLBERMANN: I hate to intrude with the facts but ours is the highest rated cable news program viewers 35 and younger and the highest rated cable news program for all viewers not on Fixed News. And since Fixed News has since now migrated completely over to serving propaganda to tin foil hatters, conspiracy theorists, paranoids and racists it is not a news organization making this show the highest rated cable news program, period.

Video at Newsbusters.

Video:What If Restaurants Were Run By The Government

You didn’t want that salad, anyway, right?

Attorney Found Sleeping In Neighbor’s Trashcan

I’ve heard of dumpster diving, but this is ridiculous:


What a dump.

Police found an attorney from Jeffersonville, IN,  sleeping peacefully in his neighbor’s overturned city garbage can Wednesday morning, after neighbors woke to find the disturbing sight among strewn trash on the ground.

Jeffersonville Police Chief Tim Deeringer said Wilder was cooperative when police arrived at the home on Elk Pointe Boulevard and was able to walk back to his home — next door.

No arrest was made because no laws were broken…although it looks to me like they could have gotten him on littering.

Councilman Nathan Samuel lives in Wilder’s neighborhood, Elk Pointe, and had not heard any commotion the night before the incident.

“It seems like very unusual behavior. I definitely haven’t seen him like that personally.”

Yeah, it does seem a little unusual…

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

ObamAcorn America



I wish I could say this is one of Michelle Malkin’s cute ACORN photoshops, but noooo, I found this disturbing image at ACORN’s own website where they announce their latest efforts to bully companies into complying with Obama’s plan to prevent foreclosures:

In the first effort of its kind, ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) surveyed all major mortgage servicing companies in the nation, and has found that at least 76% of outstanding mortgage loans are serviced by companies who have committed to implementing the Obama plan. ACORN expects further progress in the coming weeks as the Obama Administration releases the contracts mortgage servicing companies will sign to participate in the program. ACORN will continue to encourage all mortgage servicers to join the program, with plans to target those outlier companies that refuse to engage in sensible foreclosure prevention.

Other ACORN actions include:

Tell Your Senator to Support President Obama’s 2010 Budget!

Call on Homeland Sec. to Suspend Sheriff Arpaio’s 287g Agreement

Be a Home Defender

Tell Your Senator to Support the Job and Economic Recovery Bill

Stop Foreclosures for Real Economic Recovery

Urge Your Representative to Make Bankruptcy Laws Fair to Protect Homeownership

Needless to say, patriotic Americans should do the exact opposite of what ACORN suggests. Tell your Senator to not support Obama’s budget. Tell Your Senator to not support Obama’s ruinous bills. Support Sheriff Joe Arpaio. If you see any “home defenders” in your neighborhood, call the cops, etc.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs.



More than half the voter registrations turned in by ACORN canvassers during the last election were not valid, according to testimony to be presented before a House Judiciary subcommittee.

Anyone surprised?

If a canvasser was caught committing fraud, ACORN threw the individual “under the bus,” MonCrief said. ACORN employees were briefed on how to deny that voter registration fraud existed, she said.

According to MonCrief, the Obama presidential campaign called her in October 2007 asking for coordination in soliciting donations from people who had already made the maximum contribution to Obama allowed by election laws. MonCrief testified that she was given a massive database of Obama donors who had already reached the limit. Her task was to cull it for potential donors who would then donate to Project Vote, an ACORN affiliate which targets individuals and entities to solicit donations.

If true, MonCrief’s allegations constitute violations of the Internal Revenue Code, federal campaign finance laws, and laws against voter registration fraud, according to a memo by Cleta Mitchell, co-chairman of the Republican National Lawyers Association.

I expect Republicans to act on this immediately…3…2..1…..HELLO?

Nobody’s home.

Hey! Is there anyway we can give this group more money? What? Obama’s already taken care of that?


DIP: $1 Billion in Stimulus: “For an additional amount for `Community Development Fund’ $1,000,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2010 to carry out the community development block grant program under title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C. 5301 et seq.)” (H.R.1, Enrolled As Agreed To By Both House And Senate)

RE-DIP: $3.9 Billion in Omnibus: “The bill provides $3,900,000,000 for the Community Development Fund…” (“Division I – Transportation, Housing And Urban Development, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2009; Joint Explanatory Statement” Rules Committee, U.S. House Of Representatives, Pg. 106)


Disturbing Mugshot


As a result of her most recent mugshot, this poor, demented woman has been nicknamed, “Cousin Itt”:

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office arrested 50-year-old Carol Ann McCaleb this week on charges of simple battery. According to an incident report, McCaleb was harassing a person at the Travelodge hotel in Port Richey on Saturday when a hotel clerk asked her to leave. McCaleb became irate, claimed to be God’s wife and spit in the clerk’s face.

If I were God, I’d ask for a divorce.

There’s no picture posted for that arrest. Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kevin Doll said McCaleb was so violent when she was being booked that deputies just put her in a cell. In a booking photo taken in November, however, McCaleb’s mouth and the tip of her nose are exposed — but the rest of her face is obscured by her hair. No eyes, no forehead, no cheeks, just a cascade of blond locks.

She’s been arrested eight times since 2006.

Anyone care to take a stab at her preferred drug of choice?  I have no idea, myself. The article offered no clues…but I’m guessing  she’s on…something.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

Mark Levin Schools O’Reilly

One of “the folks” from “right wing talk radio” bites back:


Hat tip: Lucianne

Hey Guess What? Obama’s A Liar!

And he has a lot of shady friends:

Hat tip: My favorite curmudgeon.

Giant Penis Penetrates Graduation Ceremony

Meet 19 year old Calvin Morett whose sole motive was, “he thought it would be funny”:

(Yes, that’s silly string he’s spraying at the orchestra.)

Saratoga Springs Police Sgt. Sean Briscoe said:

Morett allegedly interrupted the Saratoga Springs High School graduation by marching across SPAC’s stage in an inflatable 6-foot penis costume while diplomas were being given out.

Allegedly??? Come on, it looks like a clear cut case of a guy dressed as a giant penis disrupting a graduation ceremony, to me. Of course, as James Hart at Crime Scene KC noted, “if you’re dressed as a penis, you’re going to be disruptive no matter where you go”.

Morett was ticketed for disorderly conduct, a violation, and will face the charges in City Court on Tuesday, Briscoe said.

Morett graduated from Saratoga Springs High School last year. He tried to streak away from law enforcement, but could not.

“Once I stopped laughing, he was pretty easy to catch because he was tripping on the lower portion of the costume,” said Briscoe, who made the arrest.

I imagine there were some pretty upset grandparents in the audience who were not laughing.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

Picture by John Carl D’Annibale / Times Union

UPDATE: (July 17):

The “giant dork” has been ordered by a judge to write an apology to the city:

The judge has also ordered Morett to pay to have the apology published in a local newspaper, pay court fees and perform 24 hours of community service.

UPDATE (July 18):

The long awaited video, right here.

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